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  • Inspiring personal family conversations & also interviews with Prana Boosters™ featured on who are Awakened With Purpose & Raising the Vibration of the World through their life's work. Conscious/Mindful Families, Mindful Living, Personal Transformation, Relationships/Marriage & Parenting, Emotional Intelligence, Nonviolence. Have you ever wondered what The Prana Boost Lifestyle™ really looks like? Join me & my amazing husband, soulmate, business partner, spiritual partner, best friend for an intimate discussion on The Prana Boost Show™ to learn about our mindful lifestyle & our new partnership parenting paradigm that we are pioneering together. Here is your chance to hear from both of us to learn more about it from each of our perspectives. For a bit more about us you can read this:

  • Welcome to the TeacherCast Podcasting Network. Join host Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) and the worlds finest educators and educational technology creators as we discuss the latest in educational tech and pedagogy. Our goal is to help you find and use the right educational technology for your classroom. Subscribe today to this podcast feed to receive all of our shows in one single location.

  • A new podcast by comedian, former radio host and Mum-Sarah Levett. Designed for the interested and invested parent, and inspired by all our children. Interviews each week with professionals, celebrities, parents and even kids. The aim is to become more informed, connected and feel more supported! To have a laugh and honest chat about what parenting is really like. Thanks for tuning in!

  • Lullabies are far cooler and more important than you may realise. The most important thing is that they are sung by YOU.  Think you can’t sing? Don’t know what to sing? Don’t know why it is important you DO sing? Then Lullaby: The First Steps is the podcast for you.

    Lullabies have been part of all human cultures for centuries, and  babies want to hear YOUR voice, not a recording. Babies don’t care if can’t sing in tune. Your voice is familiar and that is enough.

    Lullaby: The First Steps will gently guide you through how to sing lullabies from all over the world while you learn about the benefits that come from this for both you and the baby in your life.

  • Jeff & Simon is a family-friendly actual play podcast using the Suited RPG system by Escape Box Games. It's a story about a mouse named Jeff and a Pigeon named Simon who go on a gigantic adventure together in a strange new realm. Based on characters created in the Fate of Isen podcast.

  • Original short stories for children.Written and narrated by Julian Davila Support this podcast:

  • Best Day Yet is an affirmation podcast for adventure-loving kids. Our mission is to provide an accessible, fun tool to teach growth mindset, positive thinking, and mental hygiene skills to kids while in the car or on the go.

  • Ray FitzGerald takes his years of experience in teaching gifted elementary students and examines what sets these high-achieving children apart from their peers so that, together, we can help your child become legendary in everything he or she does.

    Topics discussed include building confidence, creating positive routines and learning the best leadership skills for students.

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  • Welcome to the Enlightened by Dogs podcast…where training and behavior meet Heart and Soul for an inspirational and educational journey. Each week, we’ll take a dive deep into the human-dog connection and explore strategies that will inspire you to create legendary, enlightened partnership with your dog.

    Kathy Kawalec has always had a deep resounding connection with dogs and she has devoted her life to being their voice in a world where not many are TRULY listening.

    This passion is fueled by her traumatic childhood experience of being voiceless in the face of abuse … and her painful oppression as a woman.

    Her lifelong journey led Kathy to become an expert in dog behavior, positive training, holistic healing, the human-dog bond, the mind-body-spirit connection, and intuitively communicating heart-to-heart.

    Kathy Kawalec is an author, writer, the founder of Dancing Hearts Cognitive Dog Training and creator of the Brilliant Partners Academy, The Foundation Formula, Herding Partners Academy, and Creative Alchemy Passion Plan.

    Whether your relationship with your dog heals old wounds, inspires new beginnings, or ignites a long extinguished spark for true connection ... this show is tailor-made for you!!

  • Christian animated audio theater leading kids to Jesus through Bible stories, parodies, memory verse commercials and more. Written by Ron & Carrie Webb

  • This podcast is for the Guardians of the Internet Generation—the teachers, school leaders, and parents who are raising youth in a society filled with technology. We’ve got to get this right—our future depends on it.

    I’m your host, Heather Clayton Staker, co-author of the book Blended: Using Disruptive Innovation to Improve Schools. I'm founder and president of Ready to Blend, based in Austin, TX. I write, speak, and train on how to use technology in schools.

    In this podcast we'll discuss the whys and hows of introducing technological innovation into our children's lives.

  • Life with your dog is a podcast that is focused on dog training concepts and ideas that can be applied in a practical way to enrich the life you live with your dog.

  • 什么是PTE? PTE学术英语考试(PTE Academic) 是一种新型的、以计算机为依托的国际学术英语考试。 考试对象是需要证 明自己学术英语水平的非英语母语考生,该考试能够准确地评估考生的听、说、读、写等语言技能。 PTE与雅思? 与雅思一样,PTE是被官方认可的语言考试,PTE的成绩可以被很多国家的学校接受,比如说澳大利亚新西兰等。比起雅思繁多的学习材料、考官改卷人为因素,PTE是机器改卷,本身出现时间较短,所以在准备考试阶段相对比较容易,在写作和口语上的优势可见一斑。

  • Along For The Ride With Andrea Fappani are conversations in excellence. Andrea Fappani - National Reining Horse Association “NRHA” 5.7 Million Dollar Rider was born and raised in Italy and followed his dream of moving to the USA and becoming one of the all-time leading trainers in the Performance Horse industry. His focus, drive and passion for excellence not only made him the youngest NRHA million Dollar Rider, along the way he has been recognized for his ability to teach and advocate exceptional horsemanship. Andrea has understood from a young age the excellence comes from hard work, focus and a plan that leads you to your ultimate goal. In the journey of becoming one of the NRHA’s leading trainers Andrea recognizes the importance of teamwork, mentors and a strong support program. This podcast is an opportunity for Andrea to share conversation with those mentors, competitors, breeders, owners, ferriers, veterinarians, judges, trainers, non-pro’s, and people that have provided the support to the Fappani Performance Horse program over the years. Mostly Andrea is interested in listening and learning how others approach excellence and mastery in whatever that interest, business or passion is, so join us in “Along For The Ride With Andrea Fappani”

  • 今個夏天,Harry哥哥帶着芝蔴踏上尋找快樂之旅,走遍印度、台灣、緬甸、日本。到各名勝景點遊玩固然令人歡樂,認識當地文化、擴濶視野也是一種快樂;Harry哥哥更會走訪鄉村、社區,探訪當地學校、家庭,看看各地的小朋友、大朋友的快樂生活是怎樣的。

  • Are you ready for a homeschooling experience you can enjoy? One with less stress and more fun? Are you ready to think differently about homeschool? Join Maren and Angela every Monday as we encourage each other, laugh, and get real about homeschool.

  • On the Disney Magic of Storytelling Podcast, our talented ABC11 cast members perform beloved Disney children's stories for all to enjoy. Spark imagination and entertainment whether you're on the go or in the comfort of your own home.

    All content is rated G and appropriate for children.

  • Tips, tricks & topics of discussion for parents all around the UK.
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