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  • A weekly look at the problems and pleasures facing journalists around the world and the power and responsibilities of news media. 

  • Earlier this year David Murray, an investigative journalist at The Courier-Mail and author of The Murder of Allison Baden-Clay, was contacted by the family of Rachel Antonio – a teenage girl who went missing in Queensland 18 years ago. She has never been found and her family is still desperate for answers. Murray gained access to material few others had seen and spoke to key people in the town the day Rachel disappeared that could hold the key to finally discovering the truth.

  • At 11.52pm on August 10, 2002, unassuming rugby fan David Breckenridge called his best friend from a phone box and told him he was on his way over to watch an international match on TV. Eight minutes later he was dead. The person, or persons, who stabbed and bashed the Sydney man to death the night after his 28th birthday remain at large. Investigative reporter Nicole Hogan's five-part true crime podcast series on the perplexing and brutal, unsolved murder of an ordinary guy.

  • Two mothers, Denise Govendir and Eva Webel, both murdered in their homes 15 years apart. Both crimes appeared to be robberies gone wrong. Both cases remain unsolved. Now a Sunday Telegraph* investigation by Yoni Bashan and Claire Harvey has found the links and coincidences between the bashing deaths go even deeper. The women lived a short walk from each other, were both trying to finalise a divorce and in the quiet, peaceful suburb of Dover Heights they are the only murders ever to occur there . Even more strangely Denise and Eva's husbands had been friends for almost 13 years - and one provided the other with an alibi on the day his wife was murdered.

    * The Alibi podcast series was first published by The Sunday Telegraph in July 2015.

  • An outback town, a missing man and 11 people who mostly hate each other. Kylie Stevenson
    and Caroline Graham get Lost in Larrimah.

  • Dead Wrong is the explosive untold story of the bizarre shooting of Jeffrey Brooks, where everything pointed to murder but family, friends and crime experts say a botched police investigation let a cold-blooded killer slip away. This is a special investigation by The Courier-Mail’s Kate Kyriacou and Peter Hall.

  • The Daily and Sunday Telegraph looked at the William Tyrrell investigation on the first anniversary of his disappearance and conducted the most detailed media interviews at the time or since with the missing boy's foster parents. Neither parent can be named and at the time we couldn't even say they were foster parents ( a ruling overturned last month by the Supreme Court). Three years after William vanished from his home in Kendall police are just as baffled about what happened to him. We are re-running the original podcasts, which remain as relevant today as at the time.

  • In our world, there is a layer of official myth-making that obscures the truth. When you get past that you learn how things really are, the secrets that are being defended and the half-truths being peddled. This is the UnderState you don't get to see. A place where justice is sometimes elusive.

  • Former detective Ron Iddles speaks to the Geelong Advertiser's Greg Dundas about the 1995 murder of Ricky Balcombe in Market Square and the trial of Karl Hague

  • A 9-year-old girl is attacked on a busy road as she walks home from school. Her murder stuns a community, but it also reveals a horrifying secret: a serial killer has been stalking our streets.

    The Morning Bulletin’s Michelle Gately tells the forgotten story of Queensland’s first convicted serial killer through interviews with those closest to the case, including a victim’s mother and the prison informant who became an unlikely hero.

  • Depuis janvier 2016, RFI est partenaire des MFP, les Médias Francophones Publics. Notre radio rejoint ainsi une organisation qui regroupe Radio France, la RTBF Belge, la RTS Suisse et Radio Canada. Ce cadre donne lieu à une mise en commun et des échanges d’un certain nombre des contenus de chacun des partenaires. A partir du 5 novembre 2016, RFI va donc diffuser une émission dédiée à l’actualité francophone, comme le font ses 4 partenaires, depuis plusieurs années. Regards croisés, portraits, ce rendez-vous de 12 minutes est présenté par Eric Delvaux de France Inter, et chaque radio participe au contenu général. RFI y apporte, sous la houlette de Laurent Correau et Anne Cantener, les problématiques de la francophonie du Sud – notamment africaine.

  • ChangeMakers Podcast tells stories of people trying the change the world. Each week, host Amanda Tattersall travels the globe, talking to the people involved in extraordinary campaigns, finding out what works - and what doesn't. Hopes, fears and regrets are revealed. Story by story, the lessons of how to change the world are teased out. Over ten episodes ChangeMakers looks at twenty campaigns, in 14 countries across the globe. From anti-Putin activists in Moscow, to democracy advocates in Hong Kong, to environmental farmers in northern NSW, ChangeMakers shows change is possible.

  • Internationally acclaimed journalist and filmmaker Jon Ronson (Adventures with Extremists, The Men Who Stare At Goats and New York Times Bestseller The Psychopath Test) turns his attentions to the Internet. Specifically, those people who try to control it -- for good or bad. Escape and Control: Stories About People Trying To Control The Internet It can sometimes feel like we're creating a new kind of democracy online, where we control and regulate each other instead of being told how to behave by those in authority. But there are people out there who don't like this idea at all. So they want to come up with ways to control it. Sometimes maybe even secret ways... With searing interviews, unravelling mysteries and some great fun along the way, Jon Ronson sets off on an adventure that may mean you'll never look at your mouse in the same way again.

  • En Sverigeguide för alla oss förvirrade utlänningar. I varje avsnitt träffar vi nya svenskar som behöver tips och råd för att kunna navigera fram i landet lagom. Programledaren Marika är mentorn som inte tvekar inför att ta sig an alla typer av problem.
    Ansvarig utgivare: Cajsa Lindberg

  • Walkley award winning journalist Ben Fordhamn presents Sydney Live on 2GB

  • Commentaries by the award-winning journalist and activist Mumia Abu-Jamal

  • When talking about our economy, nightly newscasts only seem to report on the stock market and the unemployment rate. But that doesn’t tell us much about how millions of Americans are getting by. From prison phone rates to the high cost of diapers, Congressman Keith Ellison looks at how the people outside of the billionaire and millionaire class (you know, most of us) engage the economy.

  • Toronto Star podcasts include Anti-hit list, humour columns from Linwood Barclay, Norris McDonald on auto racing and Direct Access for the disabled.