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  • Ed Stetzer Live helps you live out the truth of the gospel in a rapidly changing world. Drawing on years of research and ministry experience, Ed leads special guests and caller interaction in an engaging discussion of today’s cultural trends. Discover new ways to show and share the love of Jesus to a broken and hurting world. Airs Saturdays from 11 a.m. to noon CT on Moody Radio.

  • In a rugged corner of West Texas, billionaire wildcatters and roughnecks are fueling an oil boom so big it’s reshaping our climate, our economy, and our geopolitics.

    This modern-day gold rush has sent both big oil companies and scrappy start-ups scrambling to secure a piece of the action. Texas Monthly’s Christian Wallace follows characters along every rung of the oil field ladder, from the executive cutting billion-dollar deals to the itinerant pipeline worker risking life and limb, and from the traveling exotic dancer following the trail of money to those who worry that our planet is on a path to destruction. Meet the people cashing in and those just trying to get by as the world around them is turned upside down.

    Boomtown is a 10-part podcast series, with new episodes publishing every Tuesday starting December 10, 2019.

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  • Are you hungering for a philosophy of life that embraces ALL of what God desires for you? Then this podcast is your answer!

    Hosted by Dr. Peter Howard, Treasure in Clay engages the culture head-on and goes right to the heart of the its desires, challenges and errors of our times. Drawing from the wisdom of Fulton Sheen and 2000 years of Church history, Treasure in Clay offers a voice of common sense, truth and hope to help society discover a total vision of man according to God's design and purpose that brings authentic happiness to a deeply wounded and misguided world.

    The time to wake up and shake off the lies of the world is NOW!

    Join Dr. Howard for inspiring and informative podcasts that will help make you grateful for every moment of the unique, unrepeatable and irreplaceable life that God has given you. Your life, like that of Fulton Sheen, is a treasure in clay. Let's mold it together the way God intended, so that we can have life to the full!

  • A podcast dedicated to bringing you all things health, wellness, girl talk, and life but with none of the sugarcoated B.S. that you’re used to getting.. Nothing is off limits we’re talking about anything and everything. Because let’s face it, adulting is really hard and it’s even harder when you factor in trying to balance a career, a social life, relationships, and being healthy (whatever that means).

  • Willkommen zum Podcast des Dezentrum - Welcome to Dezentrum's Podcast.

    Dieser Podcast deckt ein breites Themenspektrum rund um die Dezentralisierung und ihre Auswirkungen auf die Gesellschaft ab. Dezentralisierung ist nicht nur Blockchain und Bitcoin, sondern viel mehr. Die Sprache ist je nach Gast Deutsch oder Englisch.

    This podcast covers a broad range of topics related to decentralization and its impacts on society. Decentralization is not only blockchain and bitcoin, it’s much more. The podcast's main language depends on the guest, either english or german.

  • Welcome to the 3D Parent Podcast! I’m Beaven Walters, your host and guide on this crazy and fulfilling journey as a parent.

    As a certified parent coach, parent educator and mom of 4 children, I am passionate about helping parents navigate the tough stuff while maintaining dignity, direction and deep connection in your family relationships. I have spent over 10 years teaching in a variety of educational settings with multiple age groups, and now I am delighted to bring those experiences to you at home. Throughout this podcast, we will cover topics such as tantrums, sibling conflict, screen time overload and transitioning into the teenage years.

    My goal is to provide you with tools that help inform, empower and boost your confidence as a parent so you can make the best decisions possible for you and your family. Parenting is challenging, but you don’t have to do it alone.

    I am here to guide you through the 3D Parent approach to parenting, so you can stop struggling and start celebrating all of the time you have with your children.

  • A weekly show all about audiobooks recorded at the RNIB Talking Book studios.
    We talk to your favourite authors and narrators, along with reviews and news about new audiobooks.
    Presented by Red Szell in Camden and produced by Robert Kirkwood in Glasgow, you'll find a new episode here every Friday at 1pm plus bonus content such as longer uncut interviews and episodes of our occasional extra show, The Book Group.
    Talking Books is a free service from RNIB giving access to over 30,000 fiction and non fiction books for adults and children. Find out more by searching for RNIB Library.
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  • Striking conversations: 5’s Editor-in-Chief (and open-minded Baby Boomer) Karen and 5’s Podcast Editor (and token millennial) Johanna Kinnock discuss exciting projects from around the world and speak to some of the impressive profiles behind them. 5 Media is a publishing foundation rooted in the vision of supporting and promoting feminine values.

  • Alfie and Kokee bring you up to date news and information for the Filipino community and also showcase the vibrant music and culture

  • A weekly podcast featuring short, surprising stories about the internet.

  • Too many Americans live in neighborhoods stuck in intergenerational poverty - but the American Dream is in the hearts of Americans in every zip code.

    Purpose Built Communities, a network of nonprofits leveraging a holistic model for transformational neighborhood revitalization, shows how to break the cycles of poverty and create vibrant communities where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

  • The Mirror of Antiquity features portraits of classical scholars that blend storytelling and academic research. Guests explore how their work on ancient Greece and Rome helps them understand the contemporary world and their own lives. Produced by Curtis Dozier with support from the Vassar College Department of Greek and Roman Studies.

  • Drink Beer, Think Beer is a weekly conversation with brewers, growers, and other brewing industry professionals that explores the art, culture, and business of beer. Hosted by John Holl and recorded on location, this podcast gets to the bottom of every pint and offers insight into the dynamic world of beer.

  • The Key 3 is a series of discussions with great cooks (not just professional chefs) about the three recipes or techniques they think everyone should know. These are master classes for all of us and quite revealing about the cooks themselves.

  • Five Degrees of Change is the new energy and environment podcast series from the Business Post. Host Daniel Murray will explore how we can all make the necessary changes to reduce our impact on the environment at this critical time. He’ll be asking some of the most influential experts in politics, business and academia to propose three big environmental policy changes they would make if they had the opportunity, and to let us in on two small personal changes they have made to contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

  • A podcast drawing on the wisdom of those who have gone before to help younger women achieve career success.

  • Office Horror Stories is the Podcast where YOU can tell YOUR office horror story or workplace nightmare. This is a show about horrible bosses, crazy co-workers, and workplaces that are the definition of hell. This is a podcast where YOU CAN LET IT ALL OUT. Whether its your current workplace or an office in the past, we want to hear your Office Horror Story! We do not take names, we do not track numbers. We do not call you back. This is an anonymous outlet to share your office horror stories and laugh at the crazy experiences of others!
    To share your office horror story call toll free 1-833-HATE-JOB or write in at

  • My podcast about everything in my life! Politics, Indigenous issues, social issues, LGBTQ2+ and so much more.