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  • A true crime and mystery podcast with stories based in New Mexico and the American desert Southwest.

  • The dark side of a paradise island.

    On the 10th January 2011, whilst on honeymoon with her new husband John, Michela McAreavey was murdered in her hotel room. Two hotel employees would be charged with her murder and later acquitted by a Mauritian jury in 2012.

    To this day, justice for Michaela has still not been delivered. This podcast details with the harrowing events of her murder together with the shambolic court proceedings during her murder trial in 2012, as told by John McAreavey and two of the family members who would accompany John as he returned to Mauritius in 2012 to give evidence, Claire McAreavey and Mark Harte.

  • Just two girls who like to talk about murder.

  • Criminal Prints is a weekly true crime podcast with an emphasis on evidence, or as we call it, the criminal prints.

  • Obsessed with true crime? Then you’re in the right place! Each week I (your solo host, Kira) will delve deep into true crimes, from disappearances to murders and everything in between, mainly based in the UK.

  • How does it change your life when a person you love goes missing? How do you survive when someone you love is murdered? 'Person of Interest' - a podcast by the Courier Mail - about Queensland's most compelling crimes as you've never heard them told.

  • We discuss true crime, mysteries and the paranormal, everything that makes this world not right!

  • This podcast covers true crime both past and present, bizarre and humorous. We discuss what makes a person capable of doing unthinkable things while the majority of us would never think of it. Come join the True Crime Squad (Awen Rees from Toxis Bliss and Paul from Reporting Live from my Sofa) while we dish and solve the world's issues from the comfort of the sofa.

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  • A true crime podcast hosted by husband and wife duo with a interesting psychological twist

  • Host Rainbow Valentine discovers her artist mom and 'businessman' dad were deeply involved in the illegal drug trade and unknowingly spent her childhood among a massive pot distribution operation. As she talks with her father in intimate interviews, Rainbow Valentine uncovers a history of her childhood that causes her to reassess everything — and gives us a unique personal window into the infamous counter-culture of Marin County in the 70s and 80s -- from Ken Kesey's acid tests and the birth of the Grateful Dead to a drug culture that hardened and became more dangerous in response to the War On Drugs.

  • A True Crime Comedy Podcast hosted by two best friends discussing non-fiction True Crime novels and all things unearthly.

  • Where we research and comment on murders committed by black offenders.โ€ข We will be exploring the serial murderers that barely get any attention. Because of this, they are able to accumulate significant amounts of victims & go long periods of times without being caught. โ€ขWe will also be discussing missing African American victims, unsolved cases, as well as solved disappearances. โ€ข DISCLAIMER: THIS PODCAST IS NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART. *LISTENER DISCRETION IS ABSOLUTELY ADVISED* Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/blacktruecrimepodcast/support

  • American Jihadi is the incredible story of a secret friendship between journalist Christof Putzel and Omar Hammami, the American-born Christian who became one of the FBI’s most wanted Islamic extremists. Follow the evolution of their risky relationship, dodging government surveillance to confide in one other—until it all came to an abrupt end.

    American Jihadi is hosted and Executive Produced by Christof Putzel in partnership with Endeavor Audio. Executive Produced by Adam Levine, Josh Gummersall, and Adam Harrison at 222 Productions.

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  • You’re listening to the Murder Speaks podcast. The show that spills the tea about true crime.

  • This is the true story of two highly-decorated NYPD detectives, Louie Eppolito and Stephen Caracappa, who were falsely accused of leaking confidential information to Lucchese crime boss Anthony “Gas Pipe” Casso, and acting as his hitmen. They were never indicted with actual murder charges because incredibly, the prosecution admitted there was no evidence. Instead, they were charged with RICO — the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act — which allows prosecution for acts committed as part of an ongoing criminal conspiracy.This story is far more sinister and runs much deeper than the attempt to frame three honest cops (one of whom was found not guilty and the other two sentenced to life without parole), however. In setting free the FBI agent accused of being the real source of information for the mob, this incident affected the lives of every person in America, because if we pull long and hard enough on one thread of this story, it leads us all the way to 9/11.

  • What should happen to people who commit criminal offences?

    Crime and Consequence aims to answer this question with the viewpoints of fifteen people who have differing expertise in criminal justice issues.

    Crime and Consequence is curated by Clinks and the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance, and is supported by the Monument Fellowship.

    It's produced by the Prison Radio Association.


    You can buy the Crime and Consequence book from www.koestlerarts.org.uk

  • We discuss different crimes. The infamous to not so well known.

  • Guest hosting gigs, guesting on other shows, and other sh*t you may have missed...