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  • This podcast is for kids aged 3-10. Learn big words, rhythms, and solve math problems with Marky Monday every Monday morning!

  • Strange superpowers start emerging among a group of pre-teens from Quadropolis, and they’re going to have to figure out how to use them to save the city. It starts as a simple effort to become the sidekick of the local superhero, but these kids discover a role that goes far beyond sidekick. Listen as they uncover villains, find creative ways to use their powers, and realize that titles “hero” and “villain” are more complicated than they first seem.

  • Welcome to Motherhood Simplified, where we declutter our homes to simplify our life.
    Each episode is recorded live and in real time on my social media platforms so that you can have the experience of hanging with mom friends who get you, and are there for you while you embark on this living with less journey!

  • A dog culture podcast to accompany the articles at

  • Living. Loving. Growing.
    Nothing great happens by accident but through daily acts of intentionality.

    We are a young couple, determined to build an intentional life and marriage together. Sometimes, we win and other times, well... life happens.

    The Intentional Show is more than a conversation, it is the "bare-it-all-no-holds-barred" place for dating or married couples to learn tangible and practical tips for deliberate and conscious living, but especially Loving!

    Hosted by Tope and Kayode Oyewole

  • The Savvy Senior is hosted by Christian Bullas Owner-Director of  Senior Homecare By Angels.

    Every Saturday at 8:30am The Savvy Senior Show explores the myriad of services available to seniors and their children in the London area.

    As the name suggests if you are not yet a savvy senior after listening to our show you will soon become one. Each week Christian will interview a guest who is involved in an industry that helps and serves seniors. Topics will range from health care to financial issues, recreation social issues and much more.

    So if you are a savvy senior or want to become one please join us.

  • Major League Eventing (MLE) is an independent marketing and promotional organization dedicated to creating an international platform for the exciting sport of eventing and providing eventers with increased exposure to fans and sponsors. With this goal in mind, the MLE podcast hosts eventing professionals from various sectors and levels of the sport in engaging conversations aimed at entertaining existing fans and cultivating new supporters for the greatest sport on four legs.

  • This is a podcast about Mom. It explores motherhood in all its shapes and sizes. Whether it's life as a working mom or a stay-at-home mom, we dissect the challenges, search for the solutions, embrace the crazy moments, and collect the treasures we find along the way. So grab a glass and come along for the nutty yet rewarding ride. “We’re Momming Today!”

  • Just a dad reading books so that his kids can listen to them whenever they want ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Practical and tactical tools for your life and fatherhood. Hosted by Best-Selling author of Daddy Saturday, Justin Batt, the Daddy Saturday podcast is a series of brilliant conversations with strong fathers, innovative parents and personal development leaders that equips the listener with life-changing applications for fatherhood.

  • Small talks about homeschooling with a Charlotte Mason education.

  • This podcast is dedicated to all things related to conscious parenting and self-love. We will explore how we can feel our happiest as mothers and unique people.

  • This is a collection of ten short, entertaining, informative picture-book biographies of famous composers. Each book tells about the childhood and great achievements of a composer, and includes a short musical example.

  • Hi I’m Gage. I’m Amanda. And Baby Makes 3 Join us every other week as we start the greatest adventure of our life. Parenthood. We’ll be talking about the best moments, the worst moments and most importantly, the true moments of raising our son.

  • Strengthening families with quality information and support to meet the many challenges they face. Family life is both rewarding and frustrating. Make your marriage stronger and better than ever. Get valuable parenting tips for a happy, orderly home. Learn how to make your family a team, supporting each other through obstacles and setbacks. Help your children overcome negative habits and replace them with cooperative behavior. Gain valuable skills to assist you in managing oppositional behavior, melt downs, fears and avoidance behavior. Get the support you need in raising children with special needs. Imagine selecting the school with the best fit for your child’s unique needs, creating a synergistic team with school personnel, communicating clearly and effectively, focusing on your child’s best interest, and providing the education for your child that will help them reach their goals and succeed in all areas of their life. Benefit from the experience of parents who have been through the same trials you are experiencing.

  • Modest clothing designer, Brigitte Shamy and her husband Jason share their recipes for success in family, business, and marriage. They have built a multi-million dollar business from their basement that has become one of the top preforming roadshows of all time in Costco. They have been married for 17 years and have 4 daughters... You learn, laugh and cry, and cry laughing as this dynamic duo becomes your new favorite part of the day.

  • Practical Tips to help your relationship, by the time you finish your first cup–with Relationship Mentors, Jay and Lori Pyatt

  • Everywhere you turn, the world is saying that you don't have what it takes to be a parent. That you’re going to mess them up. That you’re not “qualified” enough. At PK4L, we beg to differ.

    Our mission is to remind parents that they're already the number one expert on their own children. All they need is the right mindset. Let us show you how.

    Parenting is truly the toughest job you’ll ever love…but it’s also a journey. And without the right map, it’s easy to get lost. So, just think of us as your personal outfitters, guides, and allies for the road ahead. Your journey awaits!