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  • My Caffeine Withdrawal is a podcast about coffee and what motivates and inspires artists to create. Each episode begins with coffee - whether it is a favorite blend, a preferred tool, or a particular style, everyone has a ritual. With their coffee’s in hand, they sit down and talk for about inspirations, processes, and anything else that stimulates creativity. With coffee, talking, and the occasional song, My Caffeine Withdrawal will get right to the heart of why artists do what they do and how they do it.

  • /// CZ: Hodinový po?ad o nové tane?ní hudb? vysílaný v premié?e každý pátek od 19:00 a v repríze v pond?lí ve 21:00 a ve st?edu od 20:00 na Color Music Rádiu FM.
    ?ESKÁ REPUBLIKA: KARLOVY VARY 98.6 FM | PRAHA 90.7 FM | BRNO 99.4 FM | OPAVA 90.1 FM | ZNOJMO 92,4FM,nebo p?es web a APP radiocolor.cz | APP iOS & ANDROID
    ?Uslyšíte novinky z HOUSE / DEEP HOUSE / TECH-HOUSE.

    /// EN: An hourly show of new dance music broadcast in the premiere every Friday at 7 pm and in the rehearsal on Monday at 9 pm and Wednesday at 8 pm on FM Radio Music Radio.
    CZECH REPUBLIC: KARLOVY VARY 98.6 FM | PRAGUE 90.7 FM | BRNO 99.4 FM | OPAVA 90.1 FM | ZNOJMO 92,4FM, or through the web and APP radiocolor.cz | APP iOS & ANDROID

  • Pep's Show Boys
    Pep’s Show Boys offer the most elegant mix of swing music with electronic beats.
    This big trend, already working good nowadays in North Europe, at last is coming in Spain towards many brands ads on TV, radio, and many soundtracks.
    Catching rhythm and vintage melodies, a perfect recipe to create the best of the shows!
    Charisma and freshness united to an authentic music selection. That’s what makes the audience go crazy enjoying the perfect combination between art and entertainment.
    A live show planned for exclusive parties, peculiar events and first class clubs.
    Here below some of the best brands, festivals and clubs in the Electro Swing scene where they played:
    Boomtown (Uk-2016), Hutball (G-2015-16), Manrusionica (Spn-2015), Cross Club (RC-2015), La Boite (SP-2014), Hilton, Superdry, Havana Silken, Own Experiences, Ahoi, Axel Hotels, La Vella Farga.
    Pep's Show Boys ofrecen la más elegante mezcla de música Swing con aires electrónicos.
    Toda una tendencia que suena fuerte en el norte de Europa y est llegando a España musicalizando spots publicitarios.
    Ritmos pegadizos y melodías oldie perfectas para crear el mejor de los espect culos.
    Carisma y frescura junto a una selección de auténtica música, son los valores para que el público, cada vez m s exigente, disfrute de la perfecta combinación entre arte y ocio.
    Un live show pensado para exclusivas fiestas privadas, eventos con personalidad o salas de primer nivel.
    Estos chicos han actuado en los festivales y Clubs m s prestigiosos de la escena, Boomtown (Uk-2016), Hut- ball (G-2015-16), Manrusionica (Spn-2015), Cross Club (RC-2015), La Boîte (SP-2014) y musicalizando eventos de marcas como Hilton, Superdry, Hoteles Silken, Own Experiences, Ahoi Axel Hotels, La Vella Farga.

  • Ostrý podcast o české i zahraniční hudební scéně. Komentujeme novinky a do hloubky rozebíráme vše kolem hudby. Jak to chodí v klubech a na festivalech, jaké zajímavé kapely jste minuli a co si myslíme o... No, vlastně o všem. Pusť to!

  • Dj POWER (Леликов Валерий) - начаналось все в далеком 2008 году, познакомился с DJ DЯGILEV собственно он меня ко всему и привёл,сейчас успешно работаю в известных клубах столицы и подмосковья.
    Выступления Dj Power - это всегда самая лучшая клубная музыка в эксклюзивных ремиксах. Каждое выступление - это грамотный подход к сведению и работе с публикой. Обладает отличной техникой сведения таких как Mash Upp,...

  • Con questo show ascolti musica natalizia che faccia caldo o fredd, che sia dicembre o agosto, con noi ascolti musica natalizia tutto l'anno

  • Thee official live Lolipop Records podcast where we talk to fellow artists, creatives, musicians, business owners, friends, writers, etc!

  • Unsigned Hip Hop is a new podcast brought to you by Mateo Meira and Dan Gilman. Every other week we will play exclusive tracks that you cant hear anywhere else. If you have some original tracks that you want on the show send them to Mateo at mateo@echopodmedia.com

  • Urbanite.
    DJ / Producer / A Bunch Of Things
    Underground, House x Garage, Drum & Bass, and more.

    Founder / Label Manager of @12InchesDeep - Hot Dime Recordings

    Releases on:

    Inquiries: urbanite@12inchesdeep.co

  • Regionálne rádio pokrývajúce lokality Martin 99,6 MHz, Žilinu 88,6 MHz, Dolný Kubín 89,0 MHz, Ružomberok 99,8 MHz.
    E-mail: studio@rebeca.sk
    Web : http://rebeca.sk

  • Historie i současnost černého i bílého blues. Muzika akustická i elektrická, domácí i zahraniční, tradiční i experimentální v podání bluesového experta, hudebního publicisty a dramaturga šumperského festivalu Blues Alive Ondřeje Bezra.

  • TEMMY - international DJ & producer
    - based in Hannover, Germany
    - one of the most popular Club-Artists in Germany and Netherlands
    - playing his sets in the best European clubs
    - A resident of Russian Lovers Label, Amsterdam, Netherlands
    - Radio rotations in Germany, Netherland, Belgium, UK, France, Russia and Ukraine


    Label Releases for:
    Black Star (Russia)
    Future House Music Records (Spain)
    Radio Record (Russia)
    Kiez Beats (Germany)
    & many releases for famous European & Russian Artists

    Universal Hits Collection 2018

    -iTunes Russia 12 place Dance Charts, 2017
    -Beatport 8 Place Dance Charts, 2017
    -iTunes Germany 21 place Dance Charts, 2017
    -Spinnin Records TP 2 times 1st and 1 time 2 place, 2017-2018
    -Top 10 Radio Rotation:
    Big FM Germany
    Radio 543 Netherlands
    Radio Record Russia
    DFM Russia
    Kiss Fm Ukraine
    BBC UK


    VIP Room (Paris, France)
    Escape (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    John Doe (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    Supper Club (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
    Birdy (Brussels, Belgium)
    IKON (Antwerp, Belgium)
    Felix (Berlin, Germany)
    Fashion Bar (Tel Aviv, Israel)
    Fashion Club (Prague, Czech-Republic)
    Rush Hour (Dortmund, Germany)
    The Room (Hamburg, Germany)
    Ufer 8 (Düsseldorf, Germany)
    Bliss Beach Club (Den Hague, Netherlands)
    Kempinski Hotels (Jochberg, Berlin & Hamburg)...
    ...and many more

  • In Besef de podcast hoor je elke aflevering het verhaal van iemand uit de (Belgische) muziekindustrie.
    De talkshow hoopt het gebrek aan informatie over heel wat talenten weg te werken, door hen via dit kanaal, een platform aan te bieden voor hun verhalen.

  • Homer821 si volá na vychillovany rozhovor hostí zo street komunity :)

  • Music Lovers looking to hear funny, sad, and flat out weird stories and commentary around music. Mix tapes, boom boxes, and singing in the shower! Join the conversation!