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  • Õnn on maailma kõige ägedam emotsioon, aga kuidas seda rohkem kogeda? Ajakirjanik Marii Karell küsib inspireerivatelt Eesti inimestelt, kuidas nemad endal tuju hea ja füüsilise ning vaimse tervise korras hoiavad. Podcasti toetab Eesti Loto. NB! Uus episood igal kolmapäeval.

  • Pearaadios räägime vaimsest tervisest ja selle hoidmisest.
    Saatejuhtideks on Eestis tuntud inimesed (enamjaolt mõnes teises valdkonnas kui vaimne tervis). Külalisteks on vaimse tervise spetsialistid ja koolitajad.
    Räägime lihtsalt ja ausalt erinevatest vaimse tervisega seotud muredest ja väljakutsetest ning sellest, kuidas toetada iseennast ja oma lähedasi vaimse tervise murede korral, mis on vaimse tervise esmaabi ja mida saab igaüks meist oma vaimse tervise toetamiseks teha? Räägime depressioonist, ärevushäiretest, liigsest stressist ja läbipõlemisest, sõltuvustest, söömishäiretest ja paljust muust. Uuri vaimse tervise kohta ka:

  • Jess, lapsed! Ja täiskasvanud - ja kõik need, kes ei tunne end ei täiskasvanu ega lapsena, kes on või ei ole lapsevanemad! Võtame siin taskuhäälingus ette kõiksugu kasvamise ja kasvatamisega seotud teemasid, näpistame neid pisut, kaasame erinevaid hääli ja mõttekäike, anname just kui niidiotsa kätte - ja jätame sind siis mõtisklema.

    Kui soovid “Jess, lapsed!” taskuhäälingut ja kontot toetada - ootab sind avasüli! Patroonidele on saadaval ka iga taskuhäälingu osa täispikkuses loetavana ning vaimse tervise ja teadveloleva vanemluse ampsud. Lisaks muidugi ka südamerahu vanemahariduse edendamisest! Aitäh sulle!

  • Millist trenni rasedana teha võib? Mida rasedana süüa ei tohi? Millal kõhutita süda lööma hakkab? Kõikidele nendele ja veel sadadele teistele küsimustele, mis lapseootel naisi ja nende kaaslaseid vaevata võivad, saab vastused Pere ja Kodu uuest podcastide sarjast „9 kuud“

  • Join Victoria Welsby, TEDx speaker, best-selling author and certified Fierce Fatty as she teaches you how to love your fat body without going on yet another ever again. 95-99% of diets fail, it’s not your fault you’ve never succeeded at losing weight! Wear the damn bikini, rock that crop top, embrace that curvy body. Break down limiting negative self-beliefs and root out the reasons why you think your plus-size body is not ok. Episodes topics include - fatphobia, diet culture, intuitive eating, how to be confident, dating while plus-size, health at every size, overcoming stigma and shame and taking over the world one fatty at a time!

  • As a registered dietitian I bring you cutting-edge, practical advice and de-bunk myths to help you re-wire your gut health.

  • This show is about spirituality. My partner uses hypnosis to bring me into a healing Theta state where I can connect with my higher self. What ensues is an incredible conversation about higher realms, energy work, and ancient wisdom, as well as a slew of advice from celestial beings and practical meditations.

  • Kiropraktik Martin Heinmets, personaaltreener Raiko Kokmann ja füsioterapeut Taavi Metsma arutavad kõike, mis seotud tervishoiu, tervislike eluviiside ja harjumustega. Kuulamiseks nii tervishoiutöötajale, kui ka treeninguhuvilisele.

  • We’re sorry you’re here, but we’re glad you’re here, too! If you’re lucky enough to call yourself an athlete, chances are you’ve been injured. One of the biggest challenges of injury is facing recovery alone. Now, you don’t have to. Mental skills coach Carrie Jackson Cheadle and journalist Cindy Kuzma interview athletes, researchers, clinicians, and others in the field about how to cope with sports injuries and the mental side of the rehab and recovery process. And, Carrie shares some of the mental skills and drills she teaches injured athletes—tools you can use to stay positive and resilient during your recovery. Not only can these strategies help you bounce back stronger from injury, you can use them to rebound from any setback in your sport—or in life.

    DISCLAIMER: This content is for educational & informational use only and & does not constitute medical advice. Do not disregard, avoid or delay obtaining medical or health related advice from your health-care professional because of something you may have heard in an episode of this podcast. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please consult with a qualified medical professional for proper evaluation & treatment. Guests who speak on this podcast express their own opinions, experiences, and conclusions, and The Injured Athletes Club podcast hosts nor any company providing financial support endorses or opposes any particular treatment option discussed in the episodes of this podcast and are not responsible for any actions or inactions of listeners based on the information presented. The use of any information provided is solely at your own risk.

  • Welcome to the Wealth in Wellness Podcast. This third series is focused on helping you learn to thrive.
    It is our innate nature and right to all feel well. Through my own journey I have discovered sometimes it is the more unconventional ways that have the greatest impact.
    So in this series, I share the more unconventional tools and ways that you too can learn to thrive in your everyday life.

  • „Tervisejutud“ saadetega soovime tuua inimesteni võimalikult laia spektri erinevaid terviseteemalisi arutelusid ja põhjalikumalt avada mitmeid teemasid, mille kohta ringleb ehk kõige rohkem müüte ja eksiarvamusi. Igas saates on külas omaala spetsialistid, kes kõikvõimalikud huvitavad teemad aitavad kuulajateni tuua.
    Head kuulamist!

  • Tervist! - tegemist on tervisesaatega, mida iseloomustavad märksõnad „tõenduspõhine“ ja „praktiline“. Saadet juhib arstiharidusega ajakirjanik – Maalehe tervisetoimetaja Aive Mõttus. Saade on suunatud kõigile, kes oma tervisest hoolivad ning ise selle heaks panustada soovivad, teismeealistest kuni eakateni.

  • As a former Professional Footballer tipped for the top, Drewe, 42, admits his career was dogged and undermined by soul searching and Fear. After a 17 year playing career and nearly 600 professional matches representing a host of clubs in the EFL, It culminated in the big centre-forward going into rehab for addictions and an emotional breakdown after retiring in 2011.

    Drewe uses his vast experiences coupled with an exceptionally high natural emotional intelligence and sensitivity, to educate, guide and lead a host of professional players on how to cope with the daily pressures of the Industry but, most importantly to fulfil their potential. His Heard earned wisdom and ability to nurture players has helped Drewe build a portfolio of clients including PGA Tour golfers, as well as international and Premier League stars.

    Articulate Drewe has also become a go-to person for media to interview as more players start to publicly admit to mental health problems. Appearing on Sky Sports to features on his work in The New York Times, Drewe believes it is the tip of an epidemic in the game, which chews up and spits out talent and is still woefully lacking in coach education leaving so many leaders in the dark.

    He has strong opinions he will share after more than a decade guiding some of the nation’s best footballers.

    He entered the corporate world in 2016 mentoring CEOs and senior management on how they can master that inner battle to win on the outside. He found that the leaders who were contacting him all had the same traits. That strong moral compass, sensitive yet fiercely driven, traits Drewe hugely relates to having to battle that himself for so many years.

    Many of his lessons in his book’s ( ‘And Then What?’ ) chapters on self-belief, ego, winning and vulnerability are as applicable to life and to business as they are football.

    Today Drewe combines his athlete mentoring work with coaching in corporations in the city of London, and motivational speaking, which has taken him around the world. He is also an ambassador for mental health charity The Kaleidoscope plus group.

  • Sharing the true stories behind athletes and other high-level performers.

  • This show is to educate men and women about their health. And try to live a better life. Support this podcast:

  • Attraction & dating advice for intelligent men.Coaching. Courses. Workshops.Join our Facebook group for high quality advice and

  • The quote "All Therapists Are Jerks" from Marsha Linehan, creator of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), refers to the fallibility agreement within consult groups. The mission of the podcast is to help educate on the use of DBT skills and philosophy and to make them more accessible to the average listener and in particular those with loved ones who struggle with emotion regulation difficulties.

  • 1 More Mile is a lifestyle brand devoted to advancing the ideal that every individual can go 1 More Mile. The podcast brings science-based health, nutrition, & fitness advice, as well as compelling guest interviews from sports scientists, athletes, and industry leaders.

  • Elu on pidevas muutumises ning seetõttu pole midagi hullu tundes, et kõik on kokku jooksnud ning enam edasi minna ei oska. Naistelehe podcast Mõttekoht püüab aidata neist olukordadest võitjana välja tulla. Igal nädalal pakume võimaluse võtta hetke mõtlemiseks keskendudes siin mõnele olulisele päevakajalisele teemale, mille aitab lahti harutada oma valdkonna spetsialist.