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  • Welcome to the Mastering Mondays podcast, presented by No More Bad Mondays. Join us as we explore the world of Microsoft, offering insights and tips for businesses, educators, and individuals looking to maximise their use of Microsoft applications. Each week, we feature an expert guest who shares their experiences and valuable knowledge. Whether you're aiming to enhance efficiency, increase profitability, master the Microsoft product suite, or gain wisdom from top Microsoft expert users, this podcast is your go-to resource. Tune in and transform your Mondays with us!

  • Introducing "Data Roll," the ultimate podcast for iGaming professionals! 🎲🎰

    Dive into the world of data analytics and insights tailored specifically for the iGaming industry. Whether you're an operator, game provider, or involved in payments, legal/compliance, or responsible gaming, "Data Roll" is your go-to resource for mastering the art of data-driven decision-making.

    Our episodes cover everything from player acquisition and retention to marketing strategies, platform optimization, and ensuring legal compliance. We'll help you build trust and loyalty with your players while providing expert guidance on leveraging data to enhance your online casino operations.

    Join us on "Data Roll" as we explore the latest in iGaming analytics and share insider tips and tricks to excel in your field. Don't miss out on the invaluable insights into sports betting and innovative payment solutions we'll be discussing!

    Stay ahead of the game with "Data Roll" - subscribe now! 🚀📈

  • Decoding Leadership - where we break down the intersection of effective and humane leadership, especially in software product development (engineering, product, and design).

  • It's the app that helps you dream the way you want to dream...
    Fascinated by nightmares, journalist Jessica Suzuki pursues the truth behind a popular vivid dreaming app. Lucidity allows users to experience their wildest dreams and beyond, but Jessica discovers that for some users, it's just the beginning of their worst nightmare.

  • Social media marketing is probably the number one method of marketing for businesses today, and Twitter is a major player in that. In fact it’s one of the best social media platforms you can use to market your business.

  • Introducing Modern Revenue: The SaaS Sales Podcast for the Forward-Thinking

    Are you tired of the same old, outdated sales playbooks? Do you crave a fresh perspective on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of SaaS? Then you need Modern Revenue, the podcast that's shaking up the sales world.

    Hosted by Udit Goenka, a seasoned entrepreneur and sales leader, Modern Revenue goes beyond the basics. It tackles the complex challenges facing today's SaaS businesses, from building a rock-solid sales pipeline to crafting narratives that resonate with modern buyers.

    Who is Modern Revenue For?

    SaaS Founders & CXOs: Discover strategies to fuel sustainable growth, build winning sales teams, and unlock the full potential of your product.Sales Professionals: Sharpen your skills, refine your pitch, and learn to close deals with confidence.Marketers: Understand how to deeply align your messaging with sales for maximum impact.SDRs & BDRs: Get proven tactics to break into the industry or level up your prospecting game.

    What You'll Gain:

    Actionable Insights: Each episode is packed with practical strategies you can implement immediately to boost revenue and streamline your sales processes.Data-Driven Guidance: We cut through the fluff, backing our advice with the latest industry research and real-world success stories.Thought Leadership: Udit challenges conventional wisdom, sparking new ideas and pushing you to think outside the box.Global Perspective: With a diverse audience across India, the United States, and beyond, Modern Revenue offers a truly international take on SaaS sales.

    Why Modern Revenue is Different

    Real Talk, Zero Fluff: We ditch the buzzwords and deliver straightforward, jargon-free advice.Customer-Centric Focus: It's about understanding your buyer's pain points and positioning your solution as the ultimate answer.Deep Dives, Not Surface Skimming: We go beyond quick tips, exploring complex concepts in a way that's both informative and engaging.

    Ready to Transform Your Sales Strategy?

    Join the Modern Revenue revolution! Subscribe to the podcast on your favorite platform and visit for exclusive resources, show notes, and the chance to connect with a community of like-minded SaaS leaders.

    Udit Goenka: Your Host & Guide

    Udit isn't just another talking head. He's a genuine sales practitioner with a proven track record of success. From building sales orgs from the ground up to closing top enterprise deals, his experience translates into tangible strategies for your own SaaS journey.

    The Future of SaaS Sales Starts Here

    The world of sales is constantly evolving, and Modern Revenue is your key to staying ahead of the curve. Get ready to transform your sales approach, achieve exponential growth, and build a SaaS business that stands the test of time.

  • Welcome to "Dive into Excellence with Swim Smooth," the ultimate podcast for swimmers of all levels who are eager to enhance their swimming performance and technique. Whether you're a beginner dipping your toes into the world of swimming or an experienced athlete striving for mastery, this podcast is your compass to navigate the vast sea of swimming knowledge. I'm your host Paul Newsome, and together, we'll embark on a journey to unlock the secrets of efficient and graceful swimming.

  • Do you wear custom contact lenses such as sclerals, gas permeables, or custom soft lenses? Do you have so many questions about your eyes as you navigate this new world? Tune in to discuss all the FAQs presented by Dr. Morrison and friends!

  • Become a Paid Subscriber: Lovelies, and welcome to the podcast! This is a podcast designed to help all authors at every level write and publish their books. Find the transcript for this episode by going to:

  • DER BÜCHER PODCAST - Der Podcast von @der.buecherschrank auf Instagram

    In meinem Bücher Podcast stelle ich euch mal alleine, mal mit anderen Gästen, Bücher vor. Ich lese es, bewerte es und droppe euch dann hier meine Meinung dazu. So könnt ihr weiterhin faul sein, Wissen abstauben und/oder euch überlegen ob es sich für euch lohnt das ein oder andere Buch zuzulegen.

    Freut euch auf chillige, witzige, informative und unterhaltsame Folgen! Peace!

  • The Modern Housewife is a podcast that equips the modern women of faith with the tools to pursue purpose in and outside of the home . Who said you had to chose between motherhood and your dreams ? Hang out with us today and be encouraged,renewed, and refreshed !

  • Kaks eestlannat, kes elavad Pariisis, kellele meeldib valge vein ja sumedad õhtud, räägivad eestlastest Pariisis ning jagavad oma mõtteid ja elamusi igapäevasest elust Pariisis ja Prantsusmaal.

  • Comedians Deb Lastowka and Andrew Orvedahl tackle life without booze in their weekly podcast, Dry Wit. The show features conversations on every aspect of living without alcohol, as well as special guests bringing their own unique stories and perspectives. Subscribe if you enjoy the show and check out our non-alcoholic beverage reviews on our YouTube channel.
    Theme song is "Staying In Is The New Going Out" by SPELLS. Thanks to consulting producer Ron Doyle.

  • Suhtemudijas lahkan kõiki suhtealaseid teemasid psühholoogi pilgu läbi. Külla tulevad põnevad ja erakordselt vinged külalised. Küsimustega ma ka tagasi ei hoia ning räägin külalistega kõigest, mis on vähegi köitev. Kuula nüüd ;)

  • Saade on eetris suvel esmaspäeval kell 23:00. Saadet saab järele kuulata ja alla laadida 365 päeva.Legendaarne R2'e hip-hopi saade. Kozy teeb uut ja vana.Saatejuht Kaarel KoseSaade on eetris suvel esmaspäeval kell 23:00.Raadio 2 sotsiaalmeedias  R2 @ Facebook ja R2 @ InstagramKirjuta meile saatesse r2[ät]*Saadet saab järele kuulata ja alla laadida 365 päeva.

  • "Luup" podcast-is on teemadeks äri, pangandus, majandus, seadusandlus, kaubandus, tarbimine jne. Saates saavad sõna oma ala tippude tipud, kes räägivad kuulajatele lihtsas keeles, mis antud hetkel aktuaalset oma valdkonna sektoris toimub.

  • Centred around the very two words that make up the title. Through my ability to speak, I find it immensely therapeutic to discuss certain topics that are imperative to bring to life on a bigger stage.

  • "Graceland" is a three-part podcast series exploring the iconic mansion that became a symbol of rock 'n' roll legend Elvis Presley. In the first episode, we delve into the origins and history of Graceland, detailing its acquisition, transformation, and the vibrant life Elvis led there. The second episode examines Graceland's profound cultural impact, its role as a pilgrimage site for fans, and its enduring legacy in popular culture. In the final episode, we look at Graceland today, its significance as a major tourist attraction, and the efforts to preserve and enhance this historic landmark for future generations. Join us as we uncover the rich stories and lasting influence of Graceland, the heart of Elvis Presley's world.