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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins...and a man who once had to eat his friends. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • School friends Morgana and Alfie are looking into a notorious cold case: the mysterious disappearance of local eccentric Odd Colin from their Lancashire town in 1972.

    As Morgana and Alfie doggedly pursue their investigation they’ll encounter pirates, vampires, aliens and secret agents, and interrogate them all in order to get to the truth!

    Truthdiggers is a Bafflegab Production in association with Fun Kids, and is supported by the Audio Content Fund


    Written by Eddie Robson

    Tillie Amartey as Morgana 
    Mack Keith-Roach as Alfie 
    Alix Dunmore as Victoria, Lily and Lucy 
    Kathryn Drysdale as Rhiannon, Bella and Sarah 
    Helen Goldwyn as Mary and Tiffany 
    Jayne Griffiths as Agnes 
    Simon Kane as as the Duke, Alfie’s Dad, Lewis, Old Man and Will 
    Jack Lane as Alien, Blacksmith and Jake 
    David Reed as Gregory, Uncle Paul, Lopez and Hotel Manager 
    Richard Reed as the Captain, Mr McGuigan and Tony Swan 
    Dan Starkey as Odd Colin, William and Richie   
    Becky Wright as Jane and Harriet 

  • We love UK sailing and want to encourage more families to take the plunge!
    Tales of family adventures at sea. We are a sailing family from the UK, not sailing around the world and loving it!
    In each episode, we have a chat about aspects of cruising a sailing boat in the UK with the kids.

  • From celebrity parents to experts on pregnancy, host Naomi Williams asks guests the questions you’re desperate to get the answers to! The iCandy Duo-Podcast is brought to you by iCandy World, makers of beautifully British pushchairs for parents across the globe.

  • Tizzie Hall has gained an International reputation as The Baby Whisperer. From an early age, Tizzie discovered how to read babies body language, cries and cues, and from that auspicious beginning she has developed a series of books that have provided parents and babies with a good night's sleep the world over. Save Our Sleep is the podcast parents asked Tizzie to create.Tizzie and the Save Our Sleep team support families in Australia, Ireland and all around the world to get better sleep – and consistently more of it. Tizzies books, bedding and online support, give you the understanding, tools, and confidence to help your little one sleep longer and settle on their own – in their cot, co-sleeping and when you’re out on the go. She helps you understand the why behind your baby’s sleep patterns and behaviour so you can adapt their sleep, feeding pattern (including routine and demand feeding) and nutrition to suit their age. Her approach is holistic, balancing your baby’s developmental, physical, emotional and nutritional needs. It’s baby science, backed by over 3 decades of experience, straight from the heart of Tizzie. This show will include a myriad of information that compliments the books, explaining the stories and evidence behind the theories and practices advised. Not to mention, a bit of craic (aka fun and lighthearted banter). A must listen for parents and carers alike!

  • Healthcare and parenting chat with Irish Pharmacist and mum Sheena Mitchell.
    Designed to support parents along their parenting journey. This is a one stop shop for family health info with a few guests and giggles along the way!

  • Welcome to my podcast Parenting with Pam. Join me, Pamela Quiery, certified Hand in Hand Parenting Instructor, as I share with you five simple tools for a more peaceful, playful home. If you’re ready to enjoy raising your children by creating a peaceful home where kids want to cooperate and you keep your cool, you’re in the right place.

    You’ll be inspired to create a peaceful and playful home without resorting to threats or bribes so that you can create life-long, connected relationships with your kids and support them to be happy, confident and peaceful.

  • Welcome to Raise Her Up, the Girls’ Day School Trust new podcast.

    With 25 schools, 19,000 students, and the largest women’s alumnae network of its kind, the GDST are experts in girls’ education and everything that goes with it.

    Each fortnight on Raise Her Up, the GDST’s Cathy Walker interviews experts for practical advice on the most significant subjects affecting girls in the modern world as they grow into empowered women.

    Covering topics from wellbeing to womanhood, communication to creativity, self-image to sexism, as well as mental health, careers, and relationships to name just a few, Raise Her Up from the GDST gives you the tools to help your girls flourish.

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  • Tune in to our Sassy Mama Unfiltered Podcast where we talk all things family and parenting with cool mamas and dads in Singapore.

  • A Parenting Podcast for anyone from Pony Patters to Horse Owners and even Professional Equestrians who need to know; as Parents in the Horse World, that they are not alone and that they can do this!

  • A family show for my family. That's Hills and Beans, Phillips and Duttons, Fitzmaurices and Minns, Jensen's and Burgesses and Falks and Merediths and ... cousins and 2nd cousins and 3rd cousins and aunties and uncles and mums n dads and grandparents and nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters in blood and in law. Send me your news to [email protected] and I'll put together another one in due course. Lot's of love, Richard.

  • Giving birth is one of the most sacred experiences a woman can have and yet this time is often filled with anxiety and fear. Fear of the unknown and the known. How can we as women transform this experience and take back the arena of pregnancy and childbirth that has become constricted and heavily medicalized in many places? This podcast is a series of my reflections and insights about pregnancy, birth, and beyond, as well as other things pertaining to being a woman. It is based on my experiences, the experiences of women I have supported as a doula, and books written by midwives, doulas, and doctors who believe in a woman's right to birth her way. My aim is to inspire and challenge the way we are being socialized to give birth and to remind us that the power lies within us. To challenge us as women to take back our power by informing and educating ourselves so we understand the processes of pregnancy and childbirth. To awaken us to the possibility of having an empowered birth experience. To remind us that our bodies are ours and should be treated with reverence and respect. Podcast artwork: Photo by Kumaran Pondicherry Photography; Styling by Become

  • This podcast shines a light on this beautiful no-school life choice and is here to encourage you on your home ed journey. So whether you’re new to home educating, thinking about it or you’re already forging your own unschooling path this podcast is for you.

  • A podcast for Parents of Black Special Needs Children in the UK and those who love them.

  • Join Special Needs Jungle's Renata Blower, Tania Tirraoro and team, in conversations about current issues and interesting aspects around special educational needs and disabilities. The team will be chatting with a variety of voices from the world of SEND, explaining, exploring and educating on everything you need to know. The programme is also available in vision on YouTube.
    Theme credit: Luca Tirraoro

  • We are Bibado, the makers of the award-winning Bibado Coverall. Join us as we ask our very special guest experts everything you wanted to know about all things weaning and beyond.
    So grab a cuppa and let us feed your curiosity.

  • Dr's Nick (vet and nutritionist), Brendan (vet and nutritionist) and Conor (doctorate in behaviour and nutritionist) are the Raw Pet Medics.

    We're driven to help you give your pets the very best of health. 

    Via our weekly podcast, we bring you specialist knowledge on all things dog health, and have a bit of fun while doing it!

    Each show we catch up on the week, cover a different topic and give our best health nutritional advice to get your dog out of the said situation.

    We have great ambitions for RPM to be a powerhouse of holistic nutrition advice and optimal health for those most important family members.

    Each episode is taken from our weekly Tuesday night live streams which you can check out over on our Facebook page by clicking here.

    If you would like to subscribe to this podcast you can do so by visiting our Patreon page here, where you can gain access to all of our exciting bonus content.

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  • Baby Gaga is an independent business started in lockdown 2020 by single mum of two Rachael Setareh. After having concerns for her own toddlers' socialisation and development during the first lockdown, Rae started a live channel online, interacting daily with parents and children to help motivate and inspire them through singing, performance and speech games. Rae knew there was a demand for up to date baby classes that focused on sensory development and especially within their own setting. She decided to take on a premises and create sensory studios to hold her classes in; opening in January 2021, Rae created the concept of "Interactive Sensory Theater" and now hosts over 130 sessions a week over two venues in Greater Manchester, UK. Rae is passionate about the magic created at Baby Gaga Studios and wanted to bring the story, the value and the growing community into the Podcast world to continue sharing Baby Gaga magic. With a different topic each week and various special guests, we aim to bring something new and exciting to the podcast parenting world!

  • Join writer Emily Farris and her mom friends every Tuesday as they get real about motherhood. From diversifying our social circles and managing our mental health to bra shopping after breastfeeding and peeing in private, no topic is off limits. Guests include writers, doctors, and other experts, as well as a handful of mothers who may not have a huge platform but whose voices are equally important as we all try to navigate this "new normal" — whatever the hell that means.

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  • The Skies We’re Under is a podcast by and for parents of people with complex disabilities. We talk about how the weather is not always what we predicted or want. Author of The Skies I’m Under and nurse Rachel Wright has authentic, funny and sometimes sweary conversations with fellow parents about a different kind of parenthood. The podcast is for anyone trying to get from one end of the week to the other, whilst bridging the gap between the life we expected and the one we are living.

  • Join us as we unleash the latest innovations in science and tech to showcase engineering that is saving our planet and helping communities across the globe. From shark detection technology and artificial reefs bringing back marine wildlife, to the latest real-life cyber crime, nano materials and smart watches are saving lives, you can get thinking about what will be next. Kick start your way to making a difference and engineering a better world.  

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