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  • Join Dr. Chris Motley, Courtney Bursich, and Dr. Josh Axe as they explore nutrition, natural health, fitness, and more with renowned special guests in the health and wellness industry on the Ancient Health Podcast. Tune in every Tuesday and Friday for new episodes and make sure to subscribe and leave a review!

  • Boost your energy, balance hormones naturally, and heal holistically all without uprooting your entire life! Learn the secrets to balancing your hormones at:

    Have you ever tried to Google your symptoms only to slam the laptop shut in frustration? Do you want natural, holistic solutions that actually work? Are you tired of being told that everything is normal, when you know it’s not? Are you ready to take back your health to live your best life?

    In this podcast, you’ll discover why your cycle is so important to your everyday health and how you can use nutrition to help support the rise and fall of your hormones and finally feel truly amazing. We dig deep to understand and heal the root causes of your symptoms so you can achieve lasting results that allow you to live a healthy and balanced life without a life-long pharmaceutical prescription.

    If you're ready to reclaim your energy, learn how to listen to your body, and holistically improve your overall health, you're in the right place! I’ll be sharing my tried and true methods for blood sugar balance, improved sleep quality, weight loss, and increased energy levels so you can live your healthiest life all without unreasonable lifestyle shifts, like restrictive dieting or excessive supplementing.

    I’m Leah Brueggemann, a Functional Diagnostic Nutritional® Practitioner and Hormone Health Coach, helping you balance your hormones in effective and realistic ways so you can live a healthier, happier life.

    Five years ago, I found out I had fibroadenomas (benign breast tumors), which 90% of the time return after surgical removal. I decided not to undergo the operation and instead found a way to heal the underlying cause. After years of extreme pain, irregular cycles, and ovarian cysts, I finally learned how to balance my hormones which healed my fibroadenomas and led me to regular, pain-free periods.

    I learned how to make lifestyle shifts, remove toxins from my environment, and give my body what it actually needs to function optimally and heal on a cellular level. After my experience, I became a Functional Diagnostic Nutritional® Practitioner so that I can empower women in their own holistic health journey.

    Even if you’ve been told your labs are normal or that your symptoms aren’t a cause for concern - YOU are the expert of your body and your experience. You deserve to feel AMAZING, not just “normal”. I’m here to help you achieve optimal overall health through simple, straightforward lifestyle changes that you can start to implement today.

    Balancing Hormones Naturally isn’t just the name of the podcast, it’s the way forward to a happier, healthier life and I can’t wait to join you on the journey!

    Connect with Leah:

    📧 Email: [email protected]

    🌐 Website:

    📷 IG: @leah_brueg and @balancinghormonesnaturally

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  • Dipsea is where storytelling meets sexual wellness. Created by women, for women, Dipsea’s sexy audio stories, wellness sessions, and sleep scenes set the mood and erase the stress of the day, empowering you to find joy and confidence in and out of the bedroom.

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  • ll mondo della genitorialità non ha più segreti per Diletta Leotta: ha imparato tutto quello che c’è da sapere nelle prime due stagioni di “Mamma Dilettante” e ora non ha più nessun dubbio! Beh insomma…
    Nella terza stagione di Mamma Dilettante, la galleria di ospiti di Diletta si allarga con altri punti di vista e curiosità. Ed in più c’è un nuovo tema: l’organizzazione del matrimonio perfetto, quello che Diletta sogna di fare con il suo Loris.
    Nella terza stagione di “Mamma Dilettante”, il podcast dedicato alla maternità e alla paternità, Diletta Leotta approfondirà in compagnia di tanti amici tutti i dettagli legati al meraviglioso universo che lega genitori e figli. E perchè no? Si parlerà anche di romanticismo e amore di coppia!

    Produzione Dopcast

  • Start your day in a happier way. The New Happy Podcast gives you the daily tools, science, and support that you need to live a happier life — in five minutes or less.

    The New Happy is a science-backed philosophy of happiness with a community of over 900,000 people around the world. In this daily podcast, Stephanie Harrison, the founder of The New Happy and an expert in the science of happiness, will guide you through small shifts that have a huge impact on your happiness and the world around you.

  • Learn about Personal Construct Psychology (PCP)and how to use it in your work with Heather Moran, educational and clinical psychologist. Heather has worked with young people and professionals in a variety of roles over the past 40 years and has developed techniques for use in therapy, counselling and coaching sessions. She is trying to bring PCP to people who might not have come across it before, as well as to support the development of those who want to hone their skills with children, young people and adults. You can find out more about her work at

  • Do you feel stuck in a cycle of never-ending diets, trying to “be good” with food, only to end up back in the kitchen, binge eating peanut butter straight from the jar every night? You’ve come to the right place.

    Welcome to The Food Freedom Lab™ Podcast with Ryann Nicole where we talk about FINALLY finding food freedom from binge eating and emotional eating.

    Your host, Ryann Nicole, is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), Certified Nutritionist who considers herself your “not-so-average” food freedom therapist & coach. Why? Because she’s been where you are: caught up in binge eating, food obsession, and body hate, but has since recovered and is now ready to spill the tea!

    So if you’re guilty of putting your life on hold until you get your “dream body” or until you have “control over your binge eating/emotional eating,” that stops here, my friend. We are getting you back to your life NOW. Week after week, Ryann brings you the best of the best in binge eating/emotional eating recovery tips, therapeutic strategies, life hacks, and inspirational stories that can help YOU have that food freedom lifestyle she found!

    What do you say? Are you in? Are you ready to end the binge eating, the emotional eating, and get back to your life? Great - let’s start talking!

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    Show Notes:

  • Welcome to the For What, For Who? Podcast hosted by Courtney Croucher. This weekly podcast will cover everything revolving around living intentionally through balancing relationships, self love, professional career, health, wellness, and so much more.

    This podcast is for anyone who wants to exude main character energy, live their life unapologetically on their terms and go after their wildest dreams. Every episode includes actionable takeaways to upgrade your mindset and life to encourage you to be in the driver’s seat of your life.

    If you're looking to upgrade your life in any way, you're in the right place. Subscribe to hear new episodes from Courtney & special guests every Monday on all streaming platforms.

  • This show teaches YOU how to get lean by turning body fat into better focus so that you can live a long, healthy life.

    We all want a lean, muscular physique that performs as well as it looks, but we're BUSY.

    No one has time for marathon workouts and endless tracking of calories with kids, sports, work meetings, and all the building and creating we do in our own lives.

    But what if it was easier than we thought?

    What if we could get back into the best shape of our lives without spending every weekend meal prepping gross tilapia and broccoli.

    That's the question that this podcast will answer. Albeit somewhat irreverently.

    Jump in, and lets get lean together.

  • Fit Through Science je podcast koji dijeli edukacijski sadržaj o treningu, prehrani, oporavku i drugim usko povezanim temama. Sve je bazirano na znanosti.

    U ovom podcastu imati ćete prilike slušati trenere, nutricioniste, natjecatelje itd... kako razbijaju razne mitove u vezi treninga i prehrane, te kako optimizirati trening i prehranu za najbolje rezultate.

    Savršen podcast za nekog tko želi postati Fit preko znanosti.

  • There is so much great and life-changing information about sex and intimacy, but let’s face it, it can be dry as hell! Intimacy expert and sexologist Shan Boodram takes a deep dive into anything and everything about sex, relationships, and the science of attachment every week with expert guests and friends who will tell all. It’s everything The Talk should be.

  • Ovo nije intervju ovo je razgovor koji će vas potaknuti, preispitati, provocirati ali i educirati. Možda se nećemo u svemu složiti, ali ćemo Vas sigurno potaknuti na razmišljanje.

  • The Stillpoints Podcast with Scott Johnson brings insightful, inspiring and moving conversation into how contemplative practice has evolved in our modern culture. Scott talks to the many people, yoga/dharma teachers, practitioners, authors and creatives who have inspired him, as director of Stillpoint Yoga London, to see how their practices have landed in the world.

  • Victor Costa Motivation is an Inspirational and Motivational Podcast to help you find Peace, Health and Wellness. Victor Costa is an internationally recognized health and fitness personality, author, motivational speaker, coach and human potential expert.

  • An erotic short story podcast based on real life experiences.
    New steamy episodes released weekly!

    Do you have a kinky confession? Submit your confession anonymously at and we may just feature yours in our next short story and podcast episode narrated by a professional steamy voice actor.

  • In these episodes we dive deep into the challenging aspects of the human experience, in the pursuit of making some sense of this thing we call life. Our concept is to have an open discussion with the public that offers a variety of viewpoints and approaches to any topic we delve into. It also allows us to hear questions and experiences from every day walk of life from our listeners and we then share them live on the show.

    Since work tends to be about a third of our time working and then allowing work to occupy our minds for a substantial portion beyond that, it is only natural that business and the workplace are topics we cover as well.

    On occasion we will have guests with specific knowledge join in by invitation to widen our topics. You will also find that we will treat more metaphysical and esoteric subjects as well as the ones more towards mindfulness.

    We strive to help our listeners to live their lives as the optimal versions of themselves, that is our calling and our mission. Enjoy! To learn more about us please visit


  • Разговариваем с теми, кто делает косметику в России прямо сейчас — несмотря ни на что. Истории успехов, поражений и нереальных свершений.

    Продюсер и ведущая: Стася Соколова
    Звукорежиссер: Ильдар Фаттахов
    Фото на обложке: Катя Правда thundergirl_xtal

  • Kako da živite srećnije? Podcast sa Miom Popić i Ivom Branković, psihoterapeutkinjama, u produkciji Velikih priča. Autorka i voditeljka Ana Mitić, urednica i novinarka 

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  • This podcast tackles all aspects of fitness with the clear objective of trying to explain them in the most simplistic way possible. I am a very strong believer that all aspects of fitness are extremely over complicated so hopefully these episodes will help you see how easy it really is.