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  • GOOD VIBES, agence Luxembourgeoise spécialisée en communication événementielle vous fait découvrir l’univers de l’event management de l’intérieur. Oubliez les idées reçues; le métier d’event-manager ne consiste pas à boire des cocktails accoudés à un bar avec une bande de VIP. Chaque premier et 3ème mardi du mois un invité nous racontera son parcours pour vous aider à voir de plus près ce qui se passe avant que le rideau se lève.

  • HR Podkāsts ir iespēja cilvēkresursu vadības ekspertiem dzirdēt dažādu HR ekspertu un praktiķu viedokļus un pieredzes, kā arī uzzināt jaunākos rīkus, kādus lietot, lai vēl labāk izmantotu savu kompetenci un sniegtu stratēģisku atbalstu biznesam. Autors: Ilze Medne, atbalsta CakeHR

  • The "Investing Flavor" podcast, hosted by Andre Albritton, offers weekly episodes focused on investing & earning money.
    The podcast airs every Tuesday, giving you a regular dose of candid and unvarnished talk about investing, in a real-world way.

  • The Indian Silicon Valley Podcast is a masterclass podcast series, which takes one startup, one episode at a time. I interview top Entrepreneurs building the Indian Silicon Valley, asking them questions pertinent to a particular problem.

    This series hopes to give a comprehensive taste of the Indian Startup Ecosystem. All of your questions about the space get answered here!

    Stay tuned for a great journey across the world of Indian Entrepreneurship along with your Host Jivraj Singh Sachar!

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  • Fixed Income in 15 is a fifteen minute conversation between a senior buy-side investor and S&P Global Ratings on topics that are important for the investment community. Hosted by Joe Cass, subjects can include monetary policy, sector trends and ESG, followed by a set of personal questions on hobbies, sport and working life.

  • Arendt offers specialist advice, covering all legal, regulatory, taxation and advisory aspects of doing business in Luxembourg. We are driven by what our clients need and are committed to supporting their success. This has led to the formation of our Services, Regulatory and Consulting and Advisory businesses as well as comprehensive training support.

  • A podcast for rebellious brand leaders ready to get to work, do the work and create the future we want. Hosted by Raphael Bemporad, founding partner of the branding and social impact agency BBMG, the podcast takes on topics like human connection, racial justice, capitalism, climate change and the truth and big tech with perspectives that are borne from lived experience and lessons that can guide our way forward.

  • Pathways to business success podcasts feature real-life insights & knowledge across the whole spectrum of business development to share with the community. We will flood your brain with motivation, ideas & inspirations from experts and professors from different industries and backgrounds that will take you through their journey and pathway in the field of an entrepreneur, career, mentoring, coaching, retail, supply chain and many more.

    Join us and be part of that journey and let your voice be heard. Please subscribe and come find out more on

  • Are you a woman or femme of color entrepreneur who’s ready to have a business that impacts millions, allows you to thrive, and that doesn’t re-create systems of oppression? Welcome home, honey. This podcasts features conversations and gems of wisdom from revolutionary women and femme of color entrepreneurs who have built thriving businesses, and have done it their way.

  • V podcaste "Prečo práve oni?" predstavujeme príbehy úspešných slovenských podnikateľov zo súťaže EY Podnikateľ roka. Podcast vychádza každú stredu a moderuje ho Adela Vinczeová. Prihláste sa alebo nominujte príbeh podnikateľa zo svojho okolia do 15-teho ročníka súťaže EY Podnikateľ roka na stránke

  • 30 minute conversations based around one question: How do you become the #1 coach or consultant in your space?

    Hint - It's not taking 15 selfies a day for social media (thank God).

    The secret is to become MicroFamous - Famously influential to the right people. It means people in your market think of you first.

    In these behind the scenes conversations, you'll hear from those who have become MicroFamous, and how they are expanding or breaking into new markets.

    I'd rather matter to a thousand than be irrelevant to a billion. If you feel the same way, you'll love these conversations.

    Hosted by Matt Johnson, agency founder and author of MicroFamous.

  • It IS possible to become free from debt, financial worry, your boss, and your zip code. Join Becky and her guests to learn how you can find financial freedom and start living your ideal life.

    This podcast shares the stories of women who have become debt-free, achieved financial independence, quit their jobs, started their own businesses, traveled the world, and defined freedom for themselves.

    Becky also shares her own financial freedom story and teaches actionable lessons on what she’s learned along her journey from drowning in debt to financially independent, from day job to digital nomad, and from dreaming to traveling the world.

    Host: Becky Blake from, Millennial Money Expert & Lifestyle Design Coach

  • Strategies and Stories to inspire and educate. Learn how to make your Dream Life your Real & create YOUR Legacy of ABUNDANCE NOW!

  • Questions about the future of business? Introducing our Road to New Reality podcast series. Tune in as CEOs give insights into a post Covid-19 reality.

  • Allen & Overy is one of the leading international law firms in Luxembourg – offering advanced solutions to respond to increased client expectations and the provision of seamless legal services. In this series of podcasts, our lawyers share their perspectives on today’s most significant legal, regulatory and business issues. Disclaimer: podcasts are not legal advice. Laws may have changed since a podcast was recorded.

  • Der Podcast für Unternehmer - mit viel Input für Deine treffsichere Positionierung, aber auch mit dem Blick auf alles, was dazugehört - von der richtigen Strategie bis zur richtigen Umsetzung im Marketing

  • Executive Commute is a bite-sized podcast addressing common leadership challenges and how to navigate the inherent turbulence that comes with leading in today’s volatile and complex business world. We cover topics like the science behind high-performance, designing a culture of innovation, unique feedback that changes behavior quickly, and using game mechanics to improve your leadership effectiveness.

  • In diesem Podcast spricht Michael Mertinat zu unterschiedlichen Marketing Themen, mit dem Schwerpunkt Online Marketing. Ziel ist es, die Informationen möglichst einfach und verständlich weiterzugeben. Michael Mertinat ist Coach und Dozent für Online Marketing.

  • Average Money follows the Personal Finance Journey of two average guys, Brad Finn and JJ Buckner. Join us as we navigate our way through the world of Personal Finance discussing living debt free, investing, real estate, entrepreneurship, fatherhood, cold beer, and a whole lot more.

  • Welcome to The Groundswell Marketing Podcast hosted by marketing entrepreneur, author, and strategist Scott Martin. On this podcast you’ll hear from a vibrant blend of people who have a unique approach to sustainable growth marketing and business. From interviews to insights about current marketing and business trends that are shaping the future state of audience engagement, attention and trust.