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    Natural do sul do Brasil, a jornada de Andre começou em 2014. Movido pela curiosidade e conexão, encontrou na produção musical um hobby, tornando-se DJ um ano depois. Hoje é indiscutivelmente um dos nomes que integra o grupo de DJ/produtores brasileiros com prestígio e reconhecimento internacional.

    André ja acumula um vasto número de apresentações em clubes no Brasil como The Week (São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro), Victoria Haus (Brasilia), The Pub (Goiânia), Factory (Belo Horizonte) e San Sebastian (Salvador) assim como sua passagem por festas e selos como R:Evolution (Rio de Janeiro, RJ), Bigger (São Paulo), Fresh (São Paulo), XXXtreme (Porto Alegre), Ejoy (Florianopolis), Bear Cave (Curitiba) e Brave (Brasília). Sua presença internacional é marcada por apresentações como headliner em países como Chile (Santiago e Viña Del Mar), Estados Unidos (San Francisco, Chicago e Miami), Taiwan e frequentemente desde 2017 pelo México incluindo cidades como Guadalajara, Monterrey, Queretaro e Cidade do México.

    Sempre antenado e empenhado em transmitir um equilíbrio entre técnica e criatividade, suas apresentações trazem surpresas sonoras e momentos marcantes. Como consequência do seu treinamento clássico em música e um ouvido apurado e perspicaz, seu trabalho como DJ e produtor é distinto e executado com harmonia, demonstrando versatilidade em mesclar o melhor do house progressivo, tribal e tech em uma experiência única, inspiradora e emocionante.

    Originally from southern Brazil, Andre's journey in music started out as a self-taught producer back in 2014, and a year later kicking off as a DJ. Today, he undoubtedly integrates the select group of renowned Brazilian DJ/producers with international prestige, securing stellar recognition globally throughout his career.

    Andre has amassed a wide number of performances throughout clubs in Brazil such as The Week (São Paulo/Rio de Janeiro), Victoria Haus (Brasilia), The Pub (Goiânia), Factory (Belo Horizonte) and San Sebastian (Salvador) as well as labels and seasonal parties including R:Evolution (Rio de Janeiro), Bigger (São Paulo), Fresh (São Paulo), XXXtreme (Porto Alegre), Ejoy (Florianopolis), Bear Cave (Curitiba) and Brave (Brasília). During his career, he has also headlined events in Chile at Divino Club (Santiago) and Zion (Viña Del Mar), United States at Overdrive (San Francisco), Market Days (Chicago) and RUFF (Miami), Taiwan (Formosa Pride) as well as performing frequently in Mexico since 2017 in cities including Guadalajara, Monterrey, Queretaro and Mexico City.

    Always striving to showcase a prodigious mix of technique and creativity, his performances do not fall short of musical surprises. As a classically trained musician with a keen and sharp ear, his mixes and music are distinctively harmonic and well orchestrated, demonstrating tremendous versatility while managing to bring the best of progressive, tribal and tech house blending it all into a unique experience that is both uplifting and energetic.

  • Each week, we come up with a musical theme on Instagram at @unomagazineguam. You his us back by DM'ing us your best tracks! It's that simple. BOOM.

  • The Radical is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Nick Terzo reverse-engineering the creative process and pathways to success. In this show, we will take a deep dive into the skills, tactics and experiences of world-class innovators (Music, Film, Architecture, LGBTQ) who have scaled that wall of resistance. If you are stuck creatively or cannot get out of your comfort zone my guests resilience and ingenuity will inspire.

  • Warning: State of pop turns Code Red. Commencing in Pop Emergency—the newest pop culture podcast by Alwyn and Adrian.

  • DisKovery With A K is a Podcast in which we talk about our favorite artist in the Korean Music Industry from their beginnings to our favorite songs.

    Make sure to check it out and be ready for some random talk!

  • We listen to Crazy Town's hit song Butterfly and break it down line by line. Start at the beginning.

  • Muni-Muni Stories is a love letter to the heritage of Filipino music. This series of podcast episodes highlights the songs and artists in the Himig Collection or in the OPM Archive. Born from a partnership between Filipinas Heritage Library and the OPM Archive, fandom here meets song-making to enrich the inner life of listening. 
    Parts of each episode may be in Filipino. All content produced in this podcast is solely for educational purposes. No copyright infringement intended.

    For episode upload schedules, follow Filipinas Heritage Library and the OPM Archive on Facebook.

  • The Dub Series Offerings is a weekly electronic and afro house music show hosted by Phehh Minakho. It has been running consistently for over 3 years.

    A platform created to showcase not only his astonishing track selection, remarkable scene sequencing, exceptional storytelling and his appreciation for electronic and afro house music, but to also introduce the people that listen to his show to producers and DJs that they have never heard or heard of before. Those who have been following his show from season one understand how far he’s come and how much he’s grown as a content producer, DJ, host, podcaster, broadcaster and how much The Dub Series Offerings has also grown.

    In its 5th season, the show doubled its weekly number of downloads & streams and has been getting really good reviews and feedback from its listeners.

    On the show, we've featured guest mixes from the likes of Quett, Dj Bonus, Fredrox, Enoo Napa, De Cave Man & TonicVolts, Kususa, Soulholic & 7Options, House Assassins, Kaargo, Klement Bonelli (France), ReQuest M, Robzdeejay, Mr Joe, Deep Narratives, Kasper Stub (Denmark), Horisani De Healer, Wonderbrothers_CPT, Candy Man, Kreative Nativez, Dj Nqobzin, Obstical Deep and Oliver Osborne (London).

    The Dub Series Offerings is currently on its 6th season and growing stronger each week.

  • Greetings all! Dub Thomas hailing up from Cyprus and sharing to each and every one my love for reggae music. Being a selector, radio host, dj and founder of Dubophonic Records, reggae music has been keeping me company for many years and is giving me the strength and energy to cope with Babylon! Blessed love! I hope you enjoy my selections.

  • The hottest & latest exclusive mixes, interviews from one of Canada's Best DJs - SMARTIEZ!

  • Willkommen zu einer neuen Folge, die über das Leben einiger Sängern spricht. Heute wird sein... Shawn Mendes

  • DJ Mateo has made the world his home with stops around Asia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the Caribbean. He is proud to be from New York City.

    Getting his start in the business by working in nightclubs as a promoter. DJ Mateo discovered his passion for the industry. He realized that it is possible to turn a love for music into a career. He lives by the mantra "There is no life without music" and this pushed him to keep pursuing his dream.

    Once leaving the nightclub promotion scene. DJ Mateo was discovered by Princess Cruise Line and ultimately signed on as their resident DJ. This was ultimately the starting point for all the travel he would do in the coming years.

    A New Zealand newcomer, DJ Mateo has already made his mark in Oceania after just a year in Melbourne, Australia. DJ Mateo was continually featured on one of Melbourne's top radio stations syndicated in over 12 countries. When he's not interviewing artists who share his love of music and the industry he is paying homage to his love for the hospitality industry by DJ-ing for Crown Casinos.

    Beyond top 40, Edm, Hip hop and R&B, his favorite genre is Latin Music. DJ Mateo can adapt to entertain clients from all walks of life and from every corner of the world.

  • A weekly mixshow by open-format Dallas based DJ Dom Nagella. Taking his signature style and fusing it into today’s top hits, classic throwbacks and party remixes creating a fresh new flavor. // Connect on Social: @DomNagella

  • ONETHANG talks with local Vallejo & Sacramento area rappers and others about: Current Events, Relationships, Music, Business, Finance, Music Videos and more!