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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • Welcome to "Dogopedia" where we dive deep into the world of our four-legged friends.

  • Nishy Acsell shares her stories of being racially ambiguous, marrying into a white family and hopes everyone else is the problem. She's every brown girl who gets asked: What are you? Irreverent, witty, and a misfit, she remains fresh. And now that her mixed baby got thrown into the mix, she's even more tired and cranky. Grew up in a war zone (not black Friday at Ross) and is ready to tell it all. Mom-hood, racial identity and cultural missteps...

  • Henry, our hero, loves to read and explore the world around him with his pet friends, Dogbear, Curry and Birdie. With a special feather bookmark that magically brings books to life, they use books to help find answers to questions and learn about interesting topics. Join us for Henry and his friends’ adventures and the magic they find in reading books.

  • The Stories We Forgot is the history podcast for non-historians. Join husband and wife team, AJ and Pearl Hurst, as they tell stories from history ranging from the obscure to the unheard of. AJ and Pearl Hurst have been married since 2004 and are currently raising 4 amazing children in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Having grown up in the Pacific Northwest, they have lived in Virginia since 2017. AJ and Pearl's hobbies include, feeding their children (again), trying to homeschool their kids, pretending to be farmers, spending time with friends, and waiting for the kids to go to bed so they can Netflix and chill. The Stories We Forgot podcast started originally because Pearl thought it sounded like a cool name for a podcast and was hoping that someone would start one like it. After a month or two of simultaneously wishing someone would make that podcast and wishing she was hosting her own podcast so she could pretend to be a radio host like Frasier Crane, Pearl asked her amazing and accommodating husband to host the show with her. All her favorite podcasts have two hosts and she felt like the conversation and banter would be interesting between two nerds who have been married a decent amount of time. The Stories We Forgot is a weekly podcast featuring true stories from history that we...forgot. AJ and Pearl will cover the lives of people from history and events from history because even though they love history, they aren't history professors and feel like most people only have a basic grasp on all of history at best. The Stories We Forgot will primarily focus on stories from American history (since that's where it was founded). However, other stories from world history will pop up from time to time. AJ and Pearl will cover stories mostly from the last two hundred plus years of history but occasionally will sprinkle in older stories because those tend to be even more...forgotten. AJ and Pearl make no claims at accuracy. You have a smart phone. If you're curious about a story, feel free to look it up yourself because we all have access to the same internet. They'll be pulling from google search results to give you the "broad strokes" about a story. Sometimes google is wrong, you know? Also, there are so many interpretations to any event in history. It's very possible that you won't agree with our interpretation of an event. Feel free to hit us up on Twitter (@TSWF_Podcast) with all your thoughts. If they're entertaining enough, AJ and Pearl will even talk about them on the podcast.

  • For kids by kids, Nyla and winter discuss the news, sports, tell jokes, and share stories written by them and their elementary school friends.

  • This podcast offers a helping hand to families in which a teen or college-aged kid is learning to manage OCD. OCD impacts families; it can hold all family members hostage. Sometimes it feels like OCD is the family boss running the show. The goal of this podcast is to help people managing OCD, their parents and other OCD champions get in the driver's seat of their lives so they are in charge--not OCD. Come as you are and create the life you want.--even when OCD is part of the picture. Learn how to get and stay connected to the person with OCD doing the hard work of managing their minds.

  • Podcast for new moms who are interested in natural health and natural skincare for themselves and baby.

  • Let's be real. Being a working mama is pretty damn hard. Add fighting for the survival of the planet in the middle of a climate crisis, and it just got that much harder. On this podcast, working climate mama and host Sarah Spengeman interviews the mothers who are out front, taking on powerful fossil fuel interests by day while trying not to drown in the laundry that never seems to stop at night. Grab a glass of wine or cup of tea and hear from hot mamas across the country who share their very real struggles, but also what inspires them to wake up and do it all over again, every single day. Music courtesy of Doubletron. The track "Easy Street" and the full album "Going Nowhere" are available wherever you stream your music. And white people, let's educate ourselves and commit to being anti-racist:

  • Have you ever wanted to sit down with parents a step ahead of you and learn what worked and didn't work for them in a certain season of parenting? The Hindsight Podcast is a series of interviews with parents where we sit down and learn from a specific season in their life, in Hindsight. As they reflect back, we learn key insights into what they would share with someone about to go through the same season, what would they do more of, what would they do less.

  • The best podcast on pregnancy and birth where first time moms are informed and empowered WITHOUT feeling overwhelmed.

    Join Laila on the Learning To Mom Podcast each week as she asks amazing guests in the field of prenatal health the answers to our gazillion first time mom questions:

    -  What does a contraction feel like? 
    - What's the difference between a doula and a midwife? 
    - What questions should I ask my OBGYN in my prenatal appointments? 
    - How should I prepare our dog to meet our newborn?
    - Do I have prenatal depression?
    - What should I include on our baby registry?
    - Can I keep exercising during pregnancy?
    - How much kicking should I feel?

    AND MORE!!

    Join the Learning To Mom's community on instagram at @learningtomom.podcast

    Let's dive in, mom friends!

  • We are Gen and Claire.

    We’re two best friends with ADHD and we both have kids, and we’re here to share our experiences, with an aim to crush the isolation of social stigma that surrounds our struggles. We have both had our own diagnosis journeys, involving a lot of research and self-education, and we will continue this in our podcast, sharing what we find with you!

    As friends, we are really honest, and we share the highs and lows of parenting with our ADHD brains. We both have ever-changing family routines and challenges, with neurodivergent kids, and homes to run. We struggle with executive dysfunction, clutter and chaos, overstimulation and Mum guilt, but we also ride our hyperactive highs together. There is a lot of laughter, and celebrating of even the tiniest wins.

    We’ve all heard that saying about it taking a village to raise a child but most of us don’t have access to that any more. As single mums we are lucky to consider each other chosen family, and we are intent on creating a vibrant community and support network for mums like us.

    We are both AFAB people and we’re biological mums, but all mums are welcome here. In fact all parents, all people with ADHD, all people interested in ADHD...
    Actually all humans are welcome. And not to be speciesist; your pets can listen too!

    Trigger warning though - we will be discussing sensitive issues and we will use bad language, so the podcast won’t be suitable for all listeners. Please check the show notes for specific triggers. 

    Lately you might have noticed there’s a been quite a bit of ableist and stigamitising rhetoric in the media about people with ADHD. Well we want to come out loud and proud about who we are and help end that stigma for us and for you. 

    We’re not faking, we’re not lazy, we’re not lesser, we’re not going to suddenly become neurotypical by buying a planner, folding our clothes in a new way or just trying harder! 

    We are hoping that in turn we can learn from you. We’ll be asking you to share your stories, experiences and tips about any of the topics that we cover. Let’s face it if anybody has found any ADHD Mum hacks we all want to know about them. 

    In each episode we’ll take a closer look at a different specific area of ADHD, from our unique perspective as Mums. We aren't claiming to be experts, we just speak from our own lived experience, beliefs and opinions, and we'd love you to join us for the ride!

    Raise a fist and say it with us: SISTERS IN CHAOS!!!

  • SLCSE Snailcast is a student podcast that covers a variety of topics, ranging from sports to Dungeons and Dragons and everything in-between. New episodes every Wednesday!

  • Tune in to get fresh with Jenn at Pet Grocer! Jenn talks about fresh foods for pets, holistic wellness for pets and more. See the blog posts at

  • We're your sassy hosts, Dr. Amy L. Pike and Dr. Amy Learn, A.K.A...THE AMYS! As Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorists, we understand the challenges of pet guardianship. Every day we diagnose and treat behavior problems. And, every day we help pets and their people navigate the sea of confusing, misleading, and downright false information swirling around on the internet and social media.

    We provide clinical insight into underlying causes of behavior problems, make cynical sense of nonsense, disprove myths, and promote positive, trusting human/animal relationships. 

    We're dedicated to modern, science-based intervention without the use of pain, fear, force, or intimidation. It is our mission to drive comprehensive pet wellness to the forefront of veterinary medicine and mainstream pet culture. JOIN US and the HIVE MIND, to set the record straight on the hottest and most controversial topics we encounter as clinicians, educators, and guardians.

  • Let's Talk with Sanctuary is a podcast for women, specifically women in ministry. It's our firm belief at Sanctuary that isolation is the Number One tool that the enemy is using to take down women in leadership. Through this platform it is Sanctuary's endeavor to open the conversation with off-limits topics, share some love, laughter, and encouragement, and inspire more authentic conversation among ministry wives. ​Let's talk.

  • This is a podcast for both Spirit-filled parents and children’s ministry leaders who are interested in raising a generation of boys and girls to walk in the supernatural power of God.

  • We're just two brothers wanting to share our stories and challenges about being dads. Hopefully helping men on their journey as fathers and husbands.

  • John & Hanna, the proud parents of seven children, are on a mission to create STRONG & HAPPY families. Don't miss The Art Of Familing podcast – it's for everyone serious about family.

  • VOTC is a place for the youth of today to have their voice heard on various topics ranging from tech, politics, relationships, apps, Money, brokenness, & religion.

  • Il était une fois, une petite sirène. Comme toutes les sirènes, elle rêvait d’amour. Et comme toutes les sirènes, elle se sentait bien seule. Mais cette petite sirène n’avait pas la plus belle voix des océans et elle ne rêvait pas du prince charmant. Oh non, elle, ce qu’elle voulait vraiment, c’était se sentir libre. Libre d’être qui elle était au plus profond de son cœur. Libre de se détacher des certitudes et peurs.

    D’aventures en aventures, sa quête croisera celles de créatures marines, animales et humaines, aussi mystérieuses que déroutantes, aussi décalées qu’attachantes. À travers elles, une part de secret sur le sens des choses, une douce fable murmurée dans le creux d’un coquillage : la simplicité d’accepter le monde tel qu’il est, et de se souvenir de sa beauté, comme de son horreur, pour être enfin libre, libre d’aimer, à la bonne heure.

    Écrit par :
    Camélia Guedah

    Réalisé par :
    Camélia Guedah

    Avec :
    Camélia Guedah, Luc de Villards, Stéphanie Matard, Audrey Le Meur, Mike Gunther, Luc de Villards

    Montage :
    Romain Perez

    Musique :

    Illustration :
    Instagram: @artofnahrin