• The old paradigm of "mean girls," competition, jealousy and back-stabbing is ending. Covid has kind of made it non-negotiable to take our friendships to the next level or let them go entirely, but most women haven't actually been taught HOW to do this. Until now (drum roll) . . .

    In this episode, I'm interviewing a very close friend of mine who not only teaches a new paradigm of trusting our bodies and intuition but also models this paradigm in our personal friendship.

    For the past 8 years, Stephanie Burg has provided women with the spaces and tools to liberate themselves from trauma, past conditioning, old storylines, and everything the world tells them they “should” or “shouldn’t” be. She is a trauma-informed, Certified Integrative Health & Transformational Life Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, Somatic Healing & Embodiment Guide, international retreat & Sacred Circle facilitator, and steward to plant medicines.

    In this episode, we dive deep into . . .

    The very real lineage of the separation and isolation of women that leads us to project our jealousies, insecurities, judgments, etc onto other women How being in community with other women “doing the work” does NOT make us immune to our old triggers coming out What a “wound” or trigger actually looks like in the real world and why we are wounded in the first place How to repair a relationship when you have reacted from a trigger How to change the way we RESPOND to other women and how this can teach us what we believe about OURSELVES. The dirty deets on our ONE FIGHT and how we faced it and fixed it The most profound (and EASY!) act of love you can do for an introvert friend Boundaries How to reframe a friendships that isn’t working anymore How to BE the paradigm shift and cultivate next level relationships How to use your body and intuition to navigate next-level relationships

    Follow Stephanie on Instagram: @stephaniemburg

    Work with Stephanie: www.stephanieburgcoaching.com

    Are you a paradigm shifter? The Femme Paradigm is a 6-month coaching container for women who are hell YES ready for a NEW way of womanhood. The women in this mastermind and online group will get my TOTAL support in fully aligning with and trusting their untapped femme wisdom.

    We start March 8th, and you can choose the level of mentorship and peer-to-peer support that best suits your desires, below.

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  • If you want to close the gap between who you’re being and who you desire to become, you’re going to have to make some new choices. We change the choices that we make by changing our beliefs.

    Remember, you have old, dusty ass beliefs you created or adopted when you were a child that you have been using to make your choices for decades. You can choose to upgrade those.

    Most people don’t know how to do the work on their beliefs, and we’re not meant to do this work without guidance! So here is a real life example from one of the women on our first group call inside my program, Becoming: Her male colleagues have repeatedly dismissed her and passed her over for the job of Director, harnessing the lie she unconsciously bought into decades ago - that being a mother in the workplace makes you less capable than your male colleagues.

    Give this episode a listen and I’ll show you HOW we do the work on our thoughts and beliefs in my coaching programs and why that changes the trajectory of your entire life.

    In this episode I cover:

    How my clients become more confident How to rewrite core beliefs that feel powerful and true, so you no longer have to fake it til you make it. You own it, embody it and BECOME IT. Why it’s transformational to connect to the energy and intention of a group of women upleveling

    Doors officially officially close to Becoming this Wednesday, January 20th, before our second group call at 12pm. If you are ready to become a mama who feels the joy of the juggle with littles and is in full control of her beliefs and choices, join us!

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  • Jay Ell Alexander lives in Richmond, Va. with her husband, Chris, 15-month-old son, Chris, Jr. and their pup, Luna. She is the Founder and CEO of The Vaughn Strategy, a public relations strategy consulting firm and the owner and CEO of Black Girls RUN!

    I brushed shoulders with Jay two-ish years ago at RebelleCon, and I know you will find her to be as authentic, lovely and magnetic as I did back then. It was very cool to have a conversation with her on the other side of motherhood about ALL the surprises this “hood” had in store for her and all the ways it changed her. Her 15mo tries to break down the door to get to her during this interview, so it feels appropriate that much of the convo was like a juicy first-time mom tell-all. Jay is ambitious and juggling two different businesses while also making her own health a priority, so this one is super relatable if you like the new mom real talk or want to hear about the hustle of the juggle.

    In this episode, G and Jay talk about:

    -Rites of passage of first-time moms & the mental prep of cookie baking with kids

    -Her (intense) pandemic schedule mommying and full-time entrepreneuring

    -Her experience with postpartum depression and her “bounce back” expectations

    -Why me and Jay should actually be the ones hosting the childbirth classes

    -The nastygram she sent her mom friends after becoming a mom

    -Why Jay’s husband is convinced Jesus Christ was a woman

    -Lightning crotch

    -How she healed her PPD with running

    -The ups and downs of Black Girls Run and the magical story of how angel investors made it possible for her to acquire it

    -How she successfully pivoted BGR - a company based on races/events - during a pandemic

    Keep in touch with Jay Ell on IG at @jayellalexander

    visiting her website at jayellalexander.com

    Buy her book on Amazon here.

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  • This week I recorded a special mini coaching episode to help you coast through the holidays!

    If 2020 has you:

    Deep in overwhelm Comparing yourself to what I call the “Father Christmas Mothers” of social media Feeling guilt or shame b/c you “should” be more grateful or “should” be doing more/better as a mom Or if you can only see evidence of what you lack instead of what you have

    I got you! In this episode I teach:

    How to easily and reliably shift out of overwhelm, burnout, negative self-talk and victimhood How we GET things all the time, which we don’t RECEIVE, and why that blocks our flow of abundance and feeling good The subtle difference between gratitude and receiving An easy DIY coaching exercise you can do to practice receiving at the level necessary to shift out of a spiral The role visualization plays in priming your brain How hypnosis ties into this practice

    My first digital course, Becoming, begins January 11th. Designed to serve a mama with any number of littles and delivered via 6 modules, this course walks you through lessons and coaching exercises designed to help you BECOME on the other side of motherhood. It is structured around the 6 pillars a mama needs to understand and embody for her own rite of passage into upleveling.

    The six pillars I’ll teach on are: Intuition, Identity, Self-love, Relationships, Ambition & Mindset. Each week we’ll dive into a pillar to unpack what keeps women stuck, and DIY coaching exercises to break free. There’s even 5 VIP slots for women looking for more 1:1 support from me during the 6-week program to integrate more fully and dive into questions, specific challenges and goal setting.

    Head on over to www.gervasekolmos.com/coaching to learn more about that program and join us. And as always feel free to shoot me a msg on IG @gervasekolmos with any specific questions you have about the program.

  • Erin is a mom of 3 who’s lived 9 lives, She’s been a full-time SAHM, a full-time working mom, a part-time working mom, and an entrepreneur.

    She worked for other people for 5 years before she took a leap of faith in her own vision to create her company, Totum.

    Totum means whole in Latine - they are devoted to helping modern mothers feel whole in motherhood - body, mind, relationships to ambition, my relationships themselves.

    In this episode, G and Erin talk about:

    -How to discern between striving and trusting

    -We talk about the show Mrs. America and how the women’s movement really hasn’t gotten very far - the next frontier of feminism will happen within the corporate structure

    -feeling like an imposter when younger women tell you your an inspiration

    -Erin’s unstructured structure as a mom of 3 and entrepreneur in 2020

    -The mental load of women in 2020 and how each of us quickly and easily gets unblocked in life and businesses

    -Erin’s next-level definition of how to feel WHOLE i.e. “Totum” as a working mom

    -Both of our strong arguments for trading productivity for feeling WHOLE

    -Doing it all vs having it all / giving ourselves permission to stop

    -The “myths” Erin holds inside about what it means to do it all vs have it all

    -Echoing Eve Rodsky, “Time is time; time is not money”

    -Mom guilt, the endless responsibilities we put on OURSELVES as mothers and the mindfuckery of it all

    -G talks about how she’s okay going first in airing her dirty laundry to create vulnerability, community and permission to have it all, but not have it all together.

    -Erin’s final piece of advice is vital for any preggos who are ABOUT to push out a baby

    Keep in touch with Erin and support her work in the world for all the mamas by following her on IG at @totumwomen and visiting her website at www.totumwomen.com

    Gervase’s new digital course for new mamas, Becoming, is open for enrollment til January 5th.

    Let’s do this.

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  • Kennae Miller is the owner of Transformation Yoga, South Carolina’s only Black, Veteran and woman-owned yoga studio. Transformation Yoga provides the tools of yoga and meditation to people in underserved, underrepresented and marginalized communities from an anti-racism, anti-oppression and trauma-informed framework.

    Kennae is also the co-founder of Enough, which bridges yoga, racial and social justice together to provide funding and awareness to local issues and grassroots organizations owned and led by BIPOC.

    Kennae is one of the most fascinating and whole-hearted humans I am in community with, and turns out even at 9pm on a school night, we had no issue getting right into so many of her personal life experiences (particularly as a black yoga teacher and leader) that will enlighten, inspire, empower and just open your mind to where you may also be in need of giving or seeking liberation.

    In this episode, we dive into:

    Her personal experience as a police officer’s daughter AND her experience as an officer herself, in the south, for several years, unfortunately witnessing corruption and injustice How she started being asked to dim her personality in the yoga world Diving into that time Kennae called G out(in? whatever) on the ‘gram Why she committed to NOT watching cartoons at age 7 How she parents her son who moves through the world as if he’s been here before The question she challenges herself with whenever she wants to not take care of herself and how everything is in the name of her liberation How she’s balancing two sides of an identity partly formed from watching her mother’s successes and mistakes re: self-care, celebration, and more When “no” is a full sentence How we can all honor our own culture without appropriating other people’s culture

    This one packs a punch, so buckle up.

    Make sure you follow Transformation Yoga on Insta @transformationyogasc and support Kennae’s deeply important work in the world at transformationyogasc.com.

  • Lucy Cuneo is an OG; she was a panelist for one of the earliest in-person events with The Champagne Society, and she is one of Harper Bazaar’s best photographers in the world. Like many of us during these times, she's trying to navigate her balance of career, children, her conscience, and bringing her whole (political) self to her platforms.

    In this conversation, we dive right into it and discuss the following:

    Why having two babies is different than one

    Why her integrity meter started going off in 2018

    How we're both trying to transition from a “white girl business” to a business with heart, soul and purpose

    Sloppy action being better than inaction

    Lucy uses the word "ether," a lot

    Why she feels there is something naturally selfish about blogging

    The quandary of bringing more of yourself to your business and social media

    Why you should never judge the way another mother balances her mental health re: the news

    Why she became political on social media this year and her regrets about it

    And so much more

    Final note and warning: This is an open conversation between two democrats two weeks before the presidential election, which we now have the outcome for. This is not only a space for democrats, but this is only a space for women who can handle hard, honest conversations and big feelings. You belong here, if you decide you do.

    Let’s do this.

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  • Brittny Irvin is many, many things.

    During the day, she’s a teacher at a high school in the Charlotte, NC area.

    After work, she’s helping her super-cool daughter Bean develop a social presence based on making a difference, sharing your individuality and just being yourself (shout out to @thesweetlifeofbean).

    All day, every day, she’s a Mama x3, a woman of color, and an all around bad-ass. Oh, and there was that time she was a panelist at one of our favorite events with The Champagne Society.

    Brittny is an inspiration to us all, especially as a high school teacher during a global pandemic.

    In this conversation, she dives DEEP discussing the following:

    What it's like being a teacher during a pandemic Her experience with a COVID, "geriatric" pregnancy Managing being over-extended as a black mother, friend, and educator during the BLM revolution Pacing herself for waves of anti-racism Social media induced mom guilt Knowing what it feels like to be the only minority in a classroom And so much more

    Final note: We are not shaming you if you took your kids to the pumpkin patch this year. I kinda wanted to make it to one, but just didn’t get to it.

    Let’s do this.

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  • Episode 1 felt like it needed to be you + me getting to know each other—skipping the surface level nonsense.

    In this episode I get super honest about my "FFTs" with this podcast and the permanence of it compared to riffing at live events, plus my long history of putting pressure on myself to be shiny and happy all the time.

    I share my experience as a new mama, as a coach, the growth and the massive authority I've amassed in this field. I've been working on myself for 15 years, been a mindset coach for 6 and ALMOST certified as a hypnotherapist. I've interviewed almost 100 women, I've birthed three babies and I'm just getting started. As long as I keep showing up authentically, even when it’s a little uncomfortable, this podcast can be something of value to absolutely every woman who comes across it.

    Here's what you can expect in my first solo episode:

    A little history about my first brand “Shiny. Happy. Human.” and how I've outgrown that name Truth-bombs about the identity changing experience that comes along with having babies—and not just your first. Abandoning the blueprint of “The Plan” Transparency about how I handled PPD My invitation to mothers around the world The significance of your thoughts, beliefs and choices Along with what I think mothers need and deserve more of and how I promise to deliver it with this podcast.

    Let’s do this.

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  • Welcome to The Champagne Society. I’m Gervase Kolmos - Certified Coach for mamas and your host for our NEW PODCAST! The Champagne Society started 3ish years ago before in-person fun was cancelled. And man it was magical. It was a glorious kid-free, judgment-free space for moms of littles. But then the entire world changed...

    This podcast was born out of love, excitement and a hope to create something that felt as good as it looked. For months, I kept thinking, “What would be the same if nothing changed?” Every woman needs to have some FREAKIN’ FUN. Pandemic or not. We’re never the only ones experiencing human moments; ups and downs. No one has their -ish together all the time and we’re tired of pretending that we do.

    Our community was built in small local venues with 30-100 women sitting shoulder to shoulder, snapping for solidarity, laughing (sometimes crying) and giving each other permission to make it “motherhood and” instead of “motherhood, or."

    Our goal? Is to bring our famous Unfiltered Conversations normalizing the struggle of the juggle and challenging each other to do better can still continue. Each week I’m interviewing some of the most powerful and inspiring moms I know to hear their hard-earned lessons learned on what it really takes to have it all as a woman, a mother, an entrepreneur and a multi-faceted human. We’ll go deep and we’ll go there, so be ready.

    We’re Going DEEP on the real issues that affect all humans and especially entrepreneurial mamas with littles.

    Grab a drink and wear whatever the F you want, and carve out some mama time to hear me say the things everyone else is thinking but scared to admit, and remind you, along with our guests, that yes, you do need to show up for yourself, and no, you’re not the only one who’s having trouble doing so. Expect “me, toos” and real talk plus actual answers to your main questions re: HOW - How do you juggle motherhood with your entrepreneurial ambitions, relationships, self-care and limited time? Well, listen to find out, b/c we’re gonna talk about it, with curse words, because sometimes you just need em.

    Raising a glass to you, mama. Let’s do this.

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