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  • Performance Art Presents is a podcast about the future of advertising and the issues facing the industry. Produced by your friends at the Performance Art agency, it features stories, insights, and case examples from our work and staff.

  • The Creative Entrepreneur is a podcast for creatives and entrepreneurs.

    I’m your host Valerie Rocio, a multi-faceted creative with years of experience in photography, videography, and marketing!

    In 2018 I founded Lumos Creative, a full-service marketing agency based in Dallas, Texas. We work with established women-owned businesses to organically grow and enhance their online presence. In less than 4 years we have scaled to the six-figure agency with a team of female creatives all over the nation.

    Whether you’re a freelancer, solopreneur or business owner - this podcast is for you. I’m sharing my personal expertise, lessons, and insights in addition to interviewing experts and business owners who have walked the walk. We will talk about all things creative from marketing to social media, and let’s not forget the contracts and the money, honey.

  • "Most Businesses Fail in the First 5 Minutes, it just takes them 3-5 years to Realize it" Position Yourself to Win or Die.

    Ignore Positioning at your extreme peril! This is truly the only thing that matters and which no one is talking about. Listen to the Podcast and discover the secrets of Positioning.

  • Welcome to DXTalk: Navigating the Digital Experience Industry - your guide to understanding the dynamic landscape of the digital experience industry. In this podcast, we delve into the world of Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), Content Management Systems (CMS), and more, with the goal of uncovering valuable insights from an industry perspective.

    We decided to create this podcast due to our own professional curiosity, and, most importantly, because we truly think there is a need for it - a space to find inspiration and enlightenment for listeners navigating the industry.

    Through this podcast series, we invite guests who have industry expertise and differing vantage points to illuminate different topics in an open discussion format. We believe in openness, inclusivity, and transparency, and we aim to invite guests with a variety of perspectives and opinions to learn as much as possible about the industry.

    In the discussions, we place a strong emphasis on trends in the industry through the perspective of our guests. We hope to bring focus to emerging technologies, changing consumer behaviors and needs, and the latest trends shaping and evolving the digital experience landscape.

    Some of the topics we will be discussing:
    - Trends within the industry
    - The Future of CMS and DXP
    - Looking at the digital experience industry from outside
    - Understanding new markets
    - Consumer behavior, requirements, and needs
    - Competitors' view on open-source CMS’s
    - And much more

    Join us on this journey as we explore the industry and uncover new insights.

    Your hosts of this podcast:
    Lasse Fredslund, Product Owner CMS, Umbraco
    Jonas Poulsen, Tech Partner Manager DXP, Umbraco
    Bolette Kern, Product Owner, Umbraco

  • If a masters degree for b2b SaaS existed, it'd look like this. GTM Live is a weekly show for members that focus on driving revenue growth at B2B SaaS companies. If you're a revenue leader, CRO or RevOps pro - this is for you.

  • A Step Ahead is a podcast for those who make change happen. You might be a manager or leader, HR or a consultant, or even an individual person working in an international or virtual setting. Find hints and benchmarks on staying ahead with your team, your company, and even in your own life.

    We are discussing here everything related to
    - intercultural communication, cooperation and management
    - Virtual and hybrid teams
    - being a leader for your people and leading your own life

    Find more benchmarks and content on

    Join the other listeners and stay a step ahead!
    Monika Chutnik

  • Want to learn immediately applicable, and super practical, tips and tricks to be seen, heard, and noticed at work? You’re in the right place. This season on the LION 40 Podcast, we are talking to creative superstars who stand out from the crowd in more ways than you might expect. Allow us to help you lead better, manage better, and build stronger teams by building on a unique leadership brand that is driven by your unique past. I’m your host, Dr. Natasha Ganem, Founder and Director of Lion Leadership. Subscribe and let’s get started.

  • Welcome to the PodCast: IT Changes - bringing you one case at a time on how businesses and people are navigating in the jungle of digital transformations.

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  • The Thoughts On Selling™ podcast explores the issues in building and managing effective sales enablement practices and programs. Join us to learn best practices and things to avoid, with the goal of maximizing the account penetration, customer share of wallet, customer satisfaction and sales productivity of your organization.

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  • Jeg er nok ikke den typiske Fru Olsen - mere den moderne udgave, med et twist.

    Som en af de første navne på diverse platforme i Danmark, har jeg i løbet af årene talt om mange ting, også svære emner og ting, som ingen andre snakkede om endnu. Dette har skabt et skønt community, der har fulgt med hos mig i over 10 år nu – og min nye podcast, Fru Olsen, er det næste skridt!

    Med en blanding af glam, familieliv og aktivisme tager jeg jer med ind i min hverdag og har ærlige samtaler om livets op- og nedture. Nogle ting har jeg svar på, mens andre ting stadig undrer mig… måske bliver jeg klogere undervejs.

    Min podcast udgives hver anden torsdag og byder på samtaler med særlige gæster, eksperter og inspirerende personer i mit netværk og selvfølgelig også solo afsnit med "yours truly" Fru Olsen. Det bliver en podcast, Danmark ikke har hørt endnu...

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Megatrends are changing our world. We’ve seen the internet and smartphones transform our lives and, more recently, have seen artificial intelligence touted as ‘the next big thing’, with the emergence of software like ChatGPT. So, what’s next?

  • Vi lever i en tid, hvor menneskers forhold til naturen er under hastig forandring. 

    Habitats udfordrer vores måde at forstå os selv som mennesker, når vi skal bygge en vildere verden til den fremtid, der venter os.  

    Habitats lever af at rådgive om biodiversitet og inviterer forskere, filosoffer, praktikere, kunstnere og politikere til at gøre os klogere på, hvordan vi sammen får en vildere verden til at virke.

  • Spirekassens Podcast
    Tag os med i haven og lyt dig til god inspiration. Vi forsøger så vidt som det er muligt at udgivet et ugentlig podcastafsnit om alt lige fra plantedyrkning til menneskesyn. Alt i alt handler det om livet på SpirekasseGården. Alle vores podcastafsnit er samlet her på siden, men de vil også været placeret relevante steder på Spirekassens hjemmeside.

  • Er du leder, underviser, facilitator, sælger eller coach, så har NLP fantastiske anvendelses-muligheder.

    En NLP-coach kan omsætte sine evner for at skabe forandringer, med både enkeltpersoner, grupper eller virksomheder eller endda globale organisationer. Som en metode har NLP et fantastisk ry for, at skabe hurtig og effektiv ændring i enkeltpersoner og grupper.

    I Podcasten sætter jeg fokus på, hvordan studiet i NLP er et fantastisk redskab til, at hjælpe sig selv med, og blive mere effektive på mange områder i livet og karrieren.

    Redskaberne kan anvendes på tværs over et bredt anvendelsesområde, der spænder fra forskellige områder som uddannelse, teambuilding, salg, marketing, personlig udvikling, ledelse og coaching.

  • The Coffee Pod is the official podcast for employees at DTU Compute. In it the host Søren Bjørn-Hansen speaks with different employees every month - about life, the universe and everything.

  • Two bootstrappers building SaaS apps on Shopify, sharing their experiences along the way. TBX is a weekly podcast by Jack Kowalski of NeatShift and Bjorn Forsberg of FORSBERG+two.

  • Digital transformation has changed the way businesses buy. But the direct marketing and sales playbooks that are decades old are still in use.

    On Unlearn, Asher Mathew and Kelly Sarabyn talk to leaders who are unlearning old motions and innovating in how they Go-To-Market. We take a deep dive into community, partnerships and ecosystems, dark social, customer centricity, market incentives, and new tactics none of us have heard of yet but are already working.

  • Milliardærklubben er flyttet til ny kanal - men vi er stadig podcasten om alt det banken ikke fortæller dig! 

    Hver mandag og fredag giver vi dig vores uafhængige og hårdtslående meninger om finans og geopolitik.

    Værter: Andreas Steno Larsen og Mikkel Rosenvold

  • Aarhus Festuge præsenterer i samarbejde med alle de optrædende fra Podcastfestivalen i Kuplen her på kanalen.

  • I denne podcast inviteres ESG-eksperter ind til en snak om ret og bæredygtighed sammen med advokat Caroline Glyager. Sammen drøfter vi, hvilke udfordringer der er ved ESG og ESG compliance, samt hvilke løsninger der er. Derudover vil vi forsøge at gøre det komplekse og abstrakte emne, mere håndgribeligt.