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  • El desarrollo personal y la mejora continua es parte muy íntima de cada uno de nosotros, de ti, incluso aunque nunca te lo hayas planteado. Todo eso que nos hace personas más hábiles, más capaces, mejor preparadas, profesionalmente pero sobre todo personalmente. Las prácticas que nos ayudan a conocernos mejor y conocer mejor a los que nos rodean para poder avanzar en nuestra vida y sentirnos realizados. A través de los siguientes artículos quiero mostrarte mi forma de ver la vida y mis acciones y actitudes para la mejora continua.

  • En Metrópolis entrevistamos a los principales inversores inmobiliarios de España. Para saber qué hacen, cómo gestionan y quién hay detrás del capital de sus proyectos. También hablamos de sostenibilidad (ESG) en la inversión inmobiliaria, urbanización y la tendencia imparable de migración a las ciudades. Inmohistoria es la sección de Jorge Benítez que añade la nota cultural al programa.

  • Toda la información y recursos que necesitas para mejorar tu vida personal y profesional. Entrevistas, reseñas, recomendaciones y contenido de valor para ayudar al emprendedor, ejecutivo o freelancer a establecer y alcanzar sus objetivos de manera sostenida y saludable.

  • El programa de Capital Radio donde los líderes expresan las claves del management y de la influencia empresarial. Dirigido por Jose Antonio Vizner se acercará en los distintos capítulos de este podcast a las personas que hay detrás de los grandes líderes del momento. Desde el punto de vista empresarial, pero sin dejar a un lado a los influencers sociales del momento.

  • A Daily Podcast Designed to get your day started. Willie Morris is a NYC based entrepreneur and business owner, and he's on the phone with YouTuber Cody Wanner. Every morning at 6:15am. Let's get this thing.

  • Welcome to the Confessions of a Serial Salesman The Podcast hosted by Author, Entrepreneur, Serial Salesman, Keynote Speaker, Sales Trainer and Social Selling Expert Steve Nudelberg. On this podcast you will find a mix of interviews which I have hosted with entrepreneurs, authors, and athletes.

  • This podcast is dedicated to helping people solve problems in business and life; because the outcome in business is directly related to the people in it and the quality of one's life is directly related to the amount of money one has available.

    No Separation! It's all connected. Let's get real and live an amazing life.

    For the last 30 plus years, Paul has been a sales executive, sales strategy consultant, business mentor, speaker, an author, a spiritual healer and a teacher of meditation and self-awareness.

    His work is anchored in practical psychology, linguistics, economics, business strategy, love, spiritual awareness and reality.

    Paul likes keeping things real and is committed to helping you live a good life. Send him questions related to areas of your life and business where you might be stuck and if time permits, he will address your concerns or mastermind solutions with you on his podcast.

    Paul is also creating a Conscious Community of people who want to live a life of truth, happiness and joy. He sees this community of people paying it forward and helping others do the same. If this resonates with you please go to his website and opt-in -

  • Are you sick and tired of working your corporate 9 to 5?
    Want to take a leap into entrepreneurship? On H for Hustle podcast that’s exactly what we discuss weekly. We sit down with entrepreneurs that have taken the leap from working 9 to 5 to going full-time entrepreneur. We talk about tactics they’ve used, the lessons they’ve learned and how they got there.

    Our host, Jerome Fenton, is a serial entrepreneur and has made this leap multiple times.

  • Michael Quarles is here to help you succeed in real estate investing. Whether you want to learn passive or massive investing, we will cover topics like Lease Options, Subject To, Seller Financing, Negotiation, Rehabbing, Marketing, Presentation, Shortsales, Rent to Own, and Owning Rentals. This show will offer solid information from seasoned investors that you need to succeed. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to the real estate investment business or are a seasoned investor our podcasts will help you gain the information to be successful. Full show notes for all episodes are available at

  • SalesTuners is an interview where I talk with great sales leaders and high performing individual salespeople about the Behaviors, Attitudes, and Techniques that have made them great. Learn more at

  • The Well Kept Wallet Podcast with Deacon Hayes is all about getting you from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to your career, money and lifestyle. In this podcast, Deacon will interview people from all different types of careers who love what they do for a living. The goal is to help you in your search to find a job that you love. Check out for more tips on how to achieve your goals in life when it comes to your career, money and lifestyle.

  • Sales is a thinking process. The Catalyst Sale Podcast is a weekly podcast with Catalyst Sale founder Mike Simmons and host Jody Maberry. We discuss real stories with practical application, in the context of B2B Sales. Other topics discussed include - Sales Strategy, Revenue Operations, Training, Onboarding, Sales Enablement, Organization Enablement, Workforce Development, and Execution.

  • Procurement Zen is the podcast for anyone interested in negotiation and procurement. I share valuable tools, negotiation approaches, book reviews and interviews with seasoned negotiation pros. You will discover new findings and discuss ideas and new approaches to the world of negotiation. Kick your career to the next level with insights that help you win approaches that will help you achieve your desired negotiation results.

  • Supply Chain Revolution explores provocative points of view that challenge paradigms for progress. Join our hosts the SupplyChainQueen, Sheri Hinish, and the Circular Nomad, Deborah Dull, to discuss business, supply chain, sustainability, circular economy, and supply chain technology. We evangelize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and cool advances in sustainable technology happening in the world we share. We also highlight awesome conferences, events, content, leaders and Rebels in supply chain around the world doing epic stuff!

    Are you ready to disrupt the status quo? Join us! We don't follow the standard. We set it. This is the supply chain podcast for supply chain leaders, thinkers, dreamers, doers, learners, builders, and supply chain professionals who want to change the world using sustainability, diversity and inclusion, technology, new-school strategy, and camaraderie to create new ways of working in the supply chain revolution and transition toward a circular economy.

    If you are in business management, supply chain consulting, or are considering a career in supply chain then this is the podcast for you.

  • You’re gonna love this daily entrepreneur show. We cover a wide range of topics – From jumping into franchise mode to working with your spouse to topics that our guests are thought leaders in.

    You’re going to hear real stories from real people all in 15-30 minutes time - perfect for your commute.

    On this podcast, your host, Josh Elledge encourages entrepreneurs to share not only their expertise but their stories and their hearts.

    We believe that every person has a unique message which can positively impact the world. Even YOU! If you’d like to be featured on The Thoughtful Entrepreneur, apply here:

    Are you interested in increasing your influence and authority? Attend our next live webinar where I’ll reveal the 3 secrets to increasing your visibility for more profits.

  • A podcast for salespeople by salespeople. We interview top sales leaders and salespeople to understand their path to success and how they overcame the obstacles along the way. Join us and learn how to smash your quota and advance your sales career!

  • I have become a Top 1% Income Earner as a Sales Leader by coaching Sales Executives into becoming Top 1% Income Earners in a $20 Billion industry. We have sold the largest contracts to the biggest companies and smartest people in the world. Join me on my journey and let me show you what it takes to create the wealth and life you deserve.

  • Are you in sales? Then you know what it's like to deal with the anxiety, stress, and frustration, that comes when you try to sell and close the deal. You know how discouraging it is to give a great presentation, handle all of the objections, and still hear "Maybe" or "I need to think about it."
    Sound familiar? You need to learn the Easier Way to Sell.
    For 25 years communications and sales innovator, and developer of the Easier Way to Sell, Ike Krieger, offered sales training that's helped thousands of clients increase business by 20 to 50%. When you use this time-tested system your prospects give YOU the sales presentation – willingly - and then close themselves.
    As backwards as this sounds, it really works. This selling system is easy to use and provide you with more than sales tips.
    If you're ready to reduce your sales anxiety... and strengthen existing sales skills then you're ready to learn the Easier Way to Sell.
    It's the perfect time to learn how to Close the Deal Without Selling.

  • Featuring co-hosts, Keith Washo from Research Triangle Park, and Vijay Damojipurapu from Silicon Valley! Both published authors and experience working with leading tech brands.

    In every episode, you enjoy great humor, stories, and lessons around marketing and sales success from startups to large enterprises.

    Our promise: you get great insights and knowledge to apply at work or business for better results and wins!

    Vijay believes that successful marketing & sales leaders operate as strong partners. Keith's take is sales & marketing sync up like two wings of a dove to fly high for success