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  • Award-winning ex-BBC journalist Andrew Gold interviews fascinating minds & quirky outsiders, from a Westboro Baptist Church defector and a female Mormon psychopath to Amanda Knox and Richard Dawkins. New eps Mon & Thu.

  • The Criminal Connection Podcast delivers a unique insight into the nefarious underworld hosted by true crime actor-producer, Terry Stone.

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  • Did one man’s friendship with a dolphin go way – way – too far? It’s 1987 and the British seaside town of Amble has seen much better days. So when a wild bottlenose dolphin nicknamed Freddie appears in the harbour, it feels like a miracle. Everyone wants to swim with him. But Freddie chooses one person above all others: Alan Cooper, a dedicated animal rights activist committed to freeing captive dolphins. Then Alan’s friendship with Freddie is turned against him and a devastating accusation spirals out of control.

  • Unsolved mysteries, creepy folklore, conspiracy theories, UFOs, classic ghost stories, and maybe a sprinkling of bizarre true crime. 
    So cut yourself an oversized piece of cherry pie, pour yourself a large mug of coffee and let's get into it...

  • What makes a great detective? A razor-sharp mind? Amazing powers of deduction? Unique observational skills? Or simple perseverance? Each week on Scotland Yard Confidential, we enter the minds of some of the greatest detectives in history — real-life sleuths who would give Sherlock Holmes a run for his money. We'll follow in their footsteps as they hunt down suspects and crack seemingly impossible cases. Scotland Yard Confidential is a Spotify Original from Parcast, produced in partnership with Noiser. New episodes Thursdays! 

  • Full series out now

    Three doors down: a murder, a mother and a thirty year investigation

    In May 2023 David Boyd was found guilty of the brutal murder in 1992 of seven year-old Nikki Allan. Sharon Henderson, Nikki’s mother, called for a public inquiry into why it had taken the police so long to find and convict her daughter’s murderer. 

    When Nikki was murdered, Sharon was a single mother of four living in Wear Garth, a rundown housing estate in Sunderland. David Boyd lived a few floors above Sharon in the same block. He was known to the police. He was the kind of offender who should have been caught. 

    Three doors down tells the astonishing story of Sharon Henderson’s thirty year campaign to get justice for her daughter’s killing. It shines a light on police behaviour and their treatment of working class women. It’s a personal tale of trauma and resilience in the face of systemic police failure, that couldn’t be more timely. 

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  • A Murder Without End is the story of how the death of Joshua Hayes in Jacksonville, Florida, led to a tragedy in Scotland, to one of the longest extradition battles in British legal history, and how one mother fought for justice beyond anyone’s expectations. Award-winning journalist Tristan Stewart-Robertson takes you on a journey across decades and continents, and brings to light how the act of murder doesn't just kill the victim.

  • We are a podcast which discusses the books of Agatha Christie but also use this to branch out into wider discussions. We look at true crime cases and murder mysteries.

  • The inside story of one of the biggest child abuse scandals in sport, and the legal battle to get justice for the victims.

    Peter Henderson speaks to people at the heart of the story, from the victims who want to share their stories, the campaigners, the lawyers and the journalists who brought the story to the public.

    We'll have extended interviews with the key people involved and exclusive, never before heard, details of the story of how child abuse continued for decades at Celtic Boys Club.

    The podcast has been in the Top 5 in the UK true crime chart on Spotify, as well as in the Top 100 across all categories.

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    And thank you to all the brave individuals whose came forward to share their story.


    I am Peter Henderson, a former producer at the BBC and a press and media communications consultant. This podcast is the product of my personal research and is not attributable to any organisation I have or continue to work with with in my capacity as a communications consultant.

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  • The death of brilliant scientist Dr Brenda Page remained a mystery for more than 40 years - becoming one of Britain's longest-running unsolved murders.

    The young and talented 32-year-old was bludgeoned to death in her flat in Aberdeen - the Scottish city famous for its granite buildings and oil industry.

    On July 13, 1978, Brenda - originally from Ipswich, England - left her laboratory at the University of Aberdeen where she headed up the genetics department, and joined two rich businessmen for dinner at a plush hotel in the city.

    The following day, worried colleagues went to check on her after she failed to turn up for work - and made the grim discovery of her body. Brenda had been beaten to death in a violent and frenzied attack with a blunt instrument. When it was revealed that she'd been living a double life, rumours spread about the identity of her killer.

    In this seven-part series, award-winning journalist Ruth Warrander explores three theories as to who could have killed Brenda, before she reveals the shocking truth. 

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  • Join Newsquest Group Investigations Editor Mark Williams-Thomas as he delves into the mysterious case of Nicola Payne, a young mother who went missing in Coventry in 1991 and has never been found.

    After four years of investigation, Williams-Thomas has uncovered significant new evidence Including an alleged confession by a key suspect.

    Follow along as he explores the story behind the case and sheds light on the wall of silence that has kept her killer or killers protected for over 30 years.

  • From the creators of the #1 Award Winning Investigative True Crime podcast GUILT.

    Sometimes when investigating cases for GUILT, things don't always go to plan and cases don't get pursued. GUILT - Untold Stories is where these stories will go, you can expect the same high quality you're used to, only this time with a more raw, real style.

    These cases are not full investigations, but each five part series will examine in detail one of Australasia's most well known, or unknown, cases, and will include more information than has ever been heard.

    Expect genuine 'on the ground' investigation, live in person interviews and detailed analysis in every case.

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  • A true crime podcast focused of Derbyshire and the Peak District.

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  • Hunting Mr X is a true crime podcast that reveals the unbelievable story behind the biggest drugs importation in Scottish history - and the man who masterminded it all, Julian Chisholm, aka Mr X.

    In 1990, the former North Sea diver, along with a group of unlikely Scots, made a deal with the Cali Cartel to import £100 million of uncut cocaine into the north-west of Scotland.

    In this new five-part series we take you inside Julian Chisholm’s criminal enterprise that spanned the globe. The series also hears from those involved in the huge law enforcement operation to bring him to justice and reveals how Chisholm formed links with one of Europe’s most feared gangsters while in jail before mounting a daring prison escape. 

    Hunting Mr X is a podcast produced by DC Thomson newspaper titles The Press and Journal and The Courier.

  • Worst Case Scenario is the podcast where comedians and good friends Abi Clarke and Julia Stenton tell the survival stories of those who found themselves in the worst case scenario and lived to tell the tale. It’s your grisly fix but with a happy ending. They’re underqualified, underprepared and would face certain doom in any emergency situation, but together they’re building their own Worst Case Scenario survival kit. This podcast is for recovering true crime addicts who want to hear extraordinary true stories of life-changing events from the perspective of the heroes instead of the villains.

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  • Advocacy insights and tips from the best in the business. The stuff they don’t teach in law school or publish in textbooks. The Trial Advocate’s Playbook seeks to teach, inspire, and delight anyone interested in winning trials.“An eloquence of mentors”What separates the good from the great and how to take your own advocacy to the next level. Highly entertaining stories, anecdotes, and tips from the best of the best.

  • MPUnleashed is a podcast that brings the paranormal to normal. Mediums Sara Reeves, DeeDee Hawk, and psychics Jax Wolf, AJ Sanchez walk you from the  mystical into the practical.

  • There aren’t many people who can say that they’ve had a Banksy statue in their back garden, but Andy Link is one of them. In 2004, he kidnapped one of Banksy’s pieces of art in broad daylight from the middle of central London, and held it to ransom. The fact that someone would kidnap a Banksy statue is pretty absurd already, but the story of why it happened, how the statue vanished again after it was kidnapped, and how it was mysteriously put up for auction over 10 years later is even wilder. It all comes down to 1 man, and a 2 decade long vendetta. The story will take us on a journey through UK’s most subversive sub-cultures: from art heists and art terrorists, to 80s football hooliganism, the 90s illegal rave scene, even fetish parties. While all the while, we try to track down one of the most elusive anonymous artists in the world. All to discover…who robs a Banksy??

    From Podimo and Message Heard

  • This is a true story but what kind of story is it? A murder cold case, a conspiracy involving the police or a paranormal happening?

    Two old friends, a TV scriptwriter, Graham Mitchell (Silent Witness) and an ex-BBC investigative journalist, Ian Muir-Cochrane (BBC File on 4) are in deepest Cornwall to find a remote cottage. It was here, that by all accounts, a ritual was conducted by a notorious satanist where a woman died. Although this happened decades ago, the cottage today is firmly on the map as a destination for paranormal investigators. What brings them from all over the country to this lonely and windswept moor?

    Graham was born and grew up in Cornwall and the mystery of what happened that night fascinates him. He has persuaded Ian to come down and help him investigate. As they begin to piece together who was there that night at the cottage, they discover an astonishing group of characters that influenced both artistic and political life in Britain. What brought them there and what were the events that led to a death and the creation of a modern-day myth?

    Although they have known each other for years, Graham and Ian have very different ways of getting to the truth which leads to tensions in their investigation. They also have to contend with Graham’s own personal tragedy which literally haunts him to this day. He still clings to the hope that it may be possible to make contact with the dead.

    Over six episodes they begin to peel back the layers of fact and fiction and what begins to emerge is a story of horror, tragedy, love and the afterlife.

    Join Graham and Ian on their journey into the darker side of Cornwall. Episodes of ONE DARK NIGHT are released each week.

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  • A rapist. A survivor. A rape. These are the elements of a rape story. But this is not a rape story. This is a story of broken systems.

    Less Than 2% of reported rape cases lead to a conviction in the UK. And the system keeps doing everything wrong. This is a story about those who help survivors. And those who don’t. Those who make it all the more worse.

    For many, what happens after the rape haunts them for a long time. How the police didn’t help, how the university didn’t take them seriously, how the court blamed them, how people reacted poorly, and how some of them even ended up in jail.

    In this award-winning podcast series, Hera Hussain, the CEO and Founder of Chayn is joined by journalists, Jeevan Ravindran and Emma Guy. In three episodes, they walk with survivors of sexual violence, who seek justice from the legal system and help from the third sector. These are their voices and their experiences, sometimes narrated in our words and sometimes in their own. And at every turn, we find that the system fails.

    Less than 2% is the winner of five Lovie Awards: a Gold and People's Choice Award for Public Service and Activism, a Gold and People's Choice Award for Best Co-Hosts, and a Silver Award for Crime and Justice Episode.

  • Comedian & former criminal Andrew Hamilton interviews people about times when their lives went pear shaped.