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  • #askHRlah Podcast adalah obrolan dr @monicanggar yg merasa begitu menarik nya dunia HRD secara luas. Dengan segala cerita seputar HRD yg akan di alami oleh Jobseeker (pencari kerja) atau curhatan Karyawan Korporat. Semua akan dibahas di podcast ini. Semoga bermanfaat. 💛

  • Thanks for checking out the Awarepreneurs podcast! My name is Paul Zelizer and I am passionate - you could say obsessed - about the intersection of 3 things: a) conscious business, b) social impact and c) awareness practices. I believe these 3 movements are some of the most dynamic and hopeful movements on our beautiful planet at this time.

    Around the world. people are discovering how to lead with awareness, have massive positive impact and create businesses that truly are a force for good. Each week, I do a deep dive interview with a thought leader in this intersection. Someone who has an enterprise that is market tested and already transforming many lives. I ask the gritty and sometimes challenging questions - like how they earn their money, how many people they help and what some of their biggest failures are.

    Lastly, one unique aspect of the Awarepreneurs conscious business podcast is an opportunity for dynamic community colearning. Every Tuesday, I post a new episode. And, I post an invitation to dialogue - including with the host - in the Awarepreneurs Facebook group. There are thousands of smart, funny and experienced social enterprise leaders in the group. This opportunity for colearning is a unique aspect of Awarepreneurs.

    My goal for this show is to help you grow your businesses, enhance your well being and increase your social impact.

  • The Backbone explores the journey inside finance at high-growth technology startups. Our host Shubham Datta interviews finance leaders at various stages of emerging technology companies to find out their story, key financial and operating metrics they track, how they measure them and what their biggest challenges are. Hear directly from finance leaders at tech startups who are in there day in and day out, serving as the backbone of their company. For more information, check out the Support this podcast:

  • Spreading a broad range of insights about business, technology, and entrepreneurship.

    This podcast is presented by Suitmedia. More info:

  • Two young mother with their problems and their passion with cooking

  • Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) bersama rakyat memberantas korupsi.

  • kita memasuki era dimana televisi mulai ditinggalkan karena media digital jauh lebih impressif khusus nya bagi kalangan Millenial, salah satu nya adalah Podcast.
    Indonesia juga sudah terlalu banyak diberikan informasi yang akurasi nya tidak tepat alias Hoax, untuk itu Podcast BAper! (Banyak Percakapan) hadir untuk mengisi ruang cacat tersebut.
    dengan konten yang gue buat secara flexible, so kalian bisa dapet informasi yang demokratis dari sayap kehidupan yang fantastis.
    Stay tune and Start to be BAper Listeners!

  • Membahas Internet Marketing khususnya Facebook & Instagram Advertising yang dibawakan dari sudut pandang Iqbal Maulana CEO Advertisa digital agency. Episode baru tiap minggu.

  • Podcast 4.30 adalah Podcast-nya Anak Muda Indonesia. Cocoknya sih didengerin di mobil, atau pas makan siang sama temen2.

    Podcast ini akan dibawakan oleh JM @jonathanmarcelius secara monolog dengan menceritakan pengalaman pribadi, pemikiran, dan juga opini2 (yang lu ga harus setuju).

    Kalo Rame, Hopefully gua bakalan ngundang Anak Muda Indonesia yang sukses di bidangnya masing2, atau lagi menjalani proses menuju idealis/passion mereka.

    Kalo dapet manfaat, Support Podcast ini dengan share apa yang kalian dapetin di IG Story Kalian, jangan lupa tag gua @jonathanmarcelius biar di repost :)

  • Our occasional podcast shares stories of moments when our sense of time is changed, life becomes more vivid, and we see the world differently.

    Just when we think life is stuck and predictable, something happens that shows us otherwise. And it could be that one of these moments is at hand, more of the time than we think.

    Each episode features a different storyteller. The stories range from the everyday to the life-changing.

  • Hosted by Bloomberg TV's Betty Liu, Radiate provides you with exclusive, unfiltered access to the world's most accomplished people in business, politics and society. Known for her insightful interviews on television, Betty brings those same dynamics into conversations with luminaries such as billionaire Steve Schwarzman, Charlie Rose, Wall Street pioneer Sallie Krawcheck, Andrea Jung and Trevor Burgess. What does it take to become a wildly successful entrepreneur or CEO? What is the path to success? What mistakes did people make and how did they overcome them? Betty and her guests answer all these questions and much more.

  • Om Ben, @ombenben, adalah pekerja kreatif yang sudah menjalani hampir 20 tahun karirnya di Industri Kreatif.
    Jatuh bangun di dunia bisnis membuatnya santai menghadapi hidup, karena tahu bahwa: bila jatuh --toh tinggal bangun kembali.
    Sekarang dia adalah CEO dari --salah satu brand lokal dengan pertumbuhan yg sangat tinggi di Indonesia.
    Tapi di luar bisnis, Om Ben punya hobby mempelajari hidup, dengan mencari hikmah dari pengalaman hidupnya sendiri.
    Kata orang, kalau dia bercerita --enak dengerinnya :) Mari disimak!

  • Kate believes that transformation is possible for everyone. She helps clients identify their unique opportunities—and what may be standing in the way—so that they can become the leaders they were meant to be. Kate believes that reactive management styles are ineffective and that vulnerability-based leadership creates stronger relationships, more authentic connections and better results. Through online 360s, Kate dives deep with clients. Her skill-based approach helps leaders cultivate the communication skills and values that drive success across the organization.

    Since 2003, Kate has worked with both corporate and nonprofit clients, including Mozilla, Pinterest, Adobe, DaVita, CBS Interactive, United Way of America, RW Baird, Leo Burnett, Ogilvy and Mather and The Colorado Education Initiative. Her work has been focused on being a part of a deep cultural shift in organizations, where she has helped leaders examine their values, accountability and what it means to be a contributing member of the organization. This has resulted in big shifts—within the organizations themselves, as well as within their shared language, leadership development and understanding of what it means to be a leader.

    Kate began her career at Ogilvy & Mather where she eventually rose in the ranks to become Strategic Planner, Senior Director. Her primary focus was on strategic development for such Fortune 500 companies as Ponds, Dove, United Way and Kodak. Kate also served on the faculty of the Coaches Training Institute for nearly eight years where she delivered training throughout North America, Canada, England and South Africa.


  • Dalam podcast ini, saya Andy Suanda akan berbagi berbagai pengamalan saya selama lebih dari 15 tahun di bidang property. Semoga bisa bermanfaat bagi anda para pendengar.

  • diskusi reguler dari Mohan Hazian, Fiyan, Rico Lubis, untutk membahasa hal - hal ter update dan menarik untuk di bahas, dengan tujuan menghibur juga edukasi

  • A podcast about, well, quitting your job. And all of the anxiety and fear that build up before quitting your job. And all of the outcomes — good and bad — after quitting your job.

  • بودكاست داخلي مقدم من الهيئة السعودية للملكية الفكرية