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  • Bible365 (Bible 365) is a daily reading of God's Word (The Bible) to edify you and keep you focused on the Lord every day!

  • Desde mi otro canal o podcast, 'Religión y moral', he venido subiendo en los últimos meses diversos audios monográficos sobre el gran escritor danés Søren Aabye Kierkegaard. Sin embargo, dado el carácter polifacético del autor, y la necesidad de avanzar sobre sus distintos textos sin monopolizar aquel otro canal, he decidido abrir éste para desde él proceder con una mayor integridad en torno a toda su obra. Empezaré subiendo aquellos audios allí recogidos, que rondan la decena, para luego ir añadiendo otros nuevos sin mayores límites, no obstante reconocer que el tema kierkegaardiano por excelencia es la fe como pasión de infinitud y verdad subjetiva. Además este nuevo canal abre las puertas a los estudios de otros autores sobre los textos de Kierkegaard, y en especial, a los de aquellos que lo han confrontado directamente (que, por algo será, no son muchos). "El soberbio legado de Kierkegaard siempre será seguro refugio en su vigencia para el pensamiento cristiano hoy gravemente invadido, apartado o cuando menos violentado".

  • Welcome to Free Bible Teaching from LifeWay Groups Ministry. Here you’ll find audio teaching from some of our most popular authors and Bible studies. Just click and listen to find teaching to help you grow closer to Jesus. Or you can use these sessions to help your busy Bible study group prepare by listening to the teaching before you gather. For each study, there is a Bible Study Book that can be purchased to help you or your group have a deeper discipleship experience and get more out of this free teaching content. For more information on the Bible Study Books, go to

  • Come and Reason Ministries conducts a Bible study class, taught by Dr. Tim Jennings, discussing topical subjects of the Bible and the true character of God.

  • Being a mother is one thing, and being a creative mother is another. Each week, join Jillian Anderson, Writer + Mentor to ambitious women, as she interviews guests who are insightful, inspiring, and informative. If you’re a woman who wants to do work, money, and motherhood differently than the women who came before her, this is the podcast for you.

  • Survive the Jive podcast is about history, ancient religions and nature. I'm a qualified historian, a credited journalist, and documentary film maker. I focus mainly on Indo-European cultures and most specifically on Germanic/Norse paganism but I also make videos on other subjects too.

    Since 2007, StJ has been an alternative media source; promoting anti-consumerist and anti-materialist perspectives. The channel promotes traditional cultures as a way to oppose globalisation. The channel takes a holistic approach to programming of all sorts that inform, educate and improve us. It sometimes covers scientific topics but is philosophically anti-materialist.

  • Zeitgemäß und ansprechend geht es uns um die beste Botschaft, die es überhaupt gibt: das Evangelium von Jesus Christus. Ein Dienst von Bruderhand-Medien.

  • C View Quantum Network

    We serve the Holistic, Metaphysical and Alternative Medicine community by providing the platform to broadcast their "niche of expertise" into the Internet.

    A global Quantum Network of thought leaders, psychics, readers, medical intuitives, holistic practitioners, visionaries, and change agents who are directly collaborating as spiritual "1st responders" bringing the light of consciousness into all areas of the collective.

    If you are reading this, we know you are ready to join our group of podcasters who are making a positive difference in the world.

    Visit our website or write to Claudia Pureco

  • Weekly messages and testimonies from Celebrate Recovery, Big Valley Grace Community Church in Modesto, CA. For more information about our church and what we believe, visit us on the web at

  • What does it look like to follow Jesus and have friends who are non-believers? Is it possible to have healthy, intimate relationships with those who are fundamentally different than we are? Comedian Jaron Myers sits down with his friends to discuss how Christians have done this and what we can do to better engage those around us!

  • The Badass Lightworker Podcast is for the badass ambitious lightworker & spiritual entrepreneur who is ready to own their purpose and shine their light in the world massively. Get all the spirituality, manifestation, mindset and business tools to create your most soul-aligned life and business.

  • Discover Inner Peace and Spiritual Growth by tuning into this Guided Meditation & Spirituality podcast by Dhyanse.

    Dhyanse brings his 10000+ hours of silent meditation experience together with the essence of wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra and Zen in these podcasts recorded live in Switzerland.

    Session Format: 20 min Meditation Talk, 30 min Guided Meditation, Q&A.
    More Meditation Tools:

  • Life is complex – but the ‘Good News’ is simple, and so is the goal of Real Answers. Each day in a straight forward, practical manner Biblical wisdom is delivered in a language relevant to this generation. Steve Russo uses sports, pop culture, history, engaging stories and personal experiences to communicate God’s Word in a timely, non-threatening way. This program points listeners to the true source of real answers in life.

  • Receiving from God with Pastor Jim Kibler is a daily podcast that will increase your faith and quicken your spirit. Pastor Jim is known nationwide as the “How To Preacher” because he teaches people how to RECEIVE the promises of God. His anointed prayer ministry helps people receive miracles! Receive healing and God’s truths today!

  • Prayer is a very important aspect of Christian growth, it is not only needed for asking God to bless us, it is also needed for us to have fellowship and steady relationship with Him. This podcast is all about prayers, ranging from what prayer is to how to pray and much more.

  • We are all heading somewhere. En Route is a podcast that will inspire you to keep climbing as you navigate your own life's journey. Hosted by a twenty-something year old lawyer, who is living life one day at a time, and trying to figure it all out. On this podcast, she shares her testimony of faith, hope, personal growth, motivation, and inspiration, along with advice. This podcast is for believers, young and old, looking for everyday encouragement and wisdom and to see their value. Subscribe to hear more and visit to check out the blog! #podcast #faith #lifestyle #personalgrowth #personal development #blogger #selfhelp

  • You and The Laws of Attraction is an interactive, informational podcast that demonstrates to you, how to effectively use the Laws of Attraction, every time, to manifest what you want! You will get clarity and understanding on what the individual Laws are and what they can do for you. You will see the power of your spoken word and how you maybe setting into motion things that you don't want to happen in your life. This podcast is for people who are, serious, about creating the life they want to live. Each show, provides the fundamental elements, which are the keys that unlock the mystery, of how to consciously manifest what you want, on demand. The secret of the law of attraction is understanding the Universal Laws and using them accurately. Join me, Dr. Wendy Dearborne every Wednesday @ 1:00pm PST.

  • Truth be Told is a Podcast dedicated to opening my heart to you, through storytelling, singing and music, sharing poetry and personal philosophy. I tell stories from my life that thread together subjects like Attachment vs authenticity, Courage, How to thrive being empathic, intuition vs paranoia and more. My goal is to share a possible pathway to finding healing from your own traumas and letting your stories pave the way to your empowerment and self-trust.

  • Celebrate Universal Love and inspired Angel Messages. I see, feel and hear Angels and Ascended Masters. I provide Angel Messages directly without human filters. I become a conduit for their pure loving energies I and live in the light of divine love .This show is for those who have a loving heart. I am not the appropriate person for those who have huge financial issues, heavy drama, physical ailments, alcohol or drug addictions or criminal cases.
    We meditate to connect to Universal Love I share inspirational articles I wrote, messages to expand into greater love vibrations and periodically have guests.

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    About Angelica: Angel Messages, Angel Love Coach, Certified Hypnotist, Author, Minister of LOVE, Energy Love Frequency Sessions, Meditation Classes, International radio broadcaster.