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  • Unusual Whales covers financial topics and market news. We help navigate various topics in finance, from options, to equities, and get some of the experts in the field to help you follow the flow. 🐳

  • Atsakymai į klausimus, užduotus gyvo eterio metu ir mūsų puslapyje

  • 1 Minute Motivation is a One Stop Destination for High Quality Motivational Podcast.

    We make Podcast to Instigate and Impact Your Souls to Push Forward.

    Our Aim is to Create a Positive Mentality in Your Minds in Just 1 Minute

    Watch our Videos to Get Motivated and Become Relentless.

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  • This unit provides you with a set of ideas for developing your approach to managing your own work – what we might call ‘self-management’. In order to do this, we will examine some of the key processes of management decision making – allocating time, staff, physical and financial resources: prioritising and problem solving and monitoring performance. This study unit is just one of many that can be found on LearningSpace, part of OpenLearn, a collection of open educational resources from The Open University. Published in ePub 2.0.1 format, some feature such as audio, video and linked PDF are not supported by all ePub readers.

  • Startup Recruitment Failures is about challenges and failures faced when hiring people. Every startup founder has a story or two on how they were burned by a hire who went sour. Listening to these stories, you will not only find relief (in case you are going through similar situations), but also get insights on how to improve hiring practices and reduce your share of recruitment failures.

  • On The Feminine Millionaire podcast, Success Coach & Intuitive Healer Polly Alexandre takes YOU with her on the journey to creating a 7 figure business, in an aligned & feminine way.

    Be inspired, educated & uplifted as you learn the mindset, energy, spiritual and business actions Polly takes on her path to more impact & more money.

    Understand how to overcome your past, bring your soul's greatest gifts to the world & uplevel your income, impact, joy & happiness... all in a beautiful & feminine way.

  • Anche se le statistiche europee ci vedono ancora indietro, l’avvicinamento delle nostre Pmi alle tecnologie digitali prosegue e anno dopo anno l’Italia riesce a guadagnare posizioni. Una digitalizzazione che coinvolge ovviamente un indotto “nativo” , aziende che offrono servizi innovativi, software e applicazioni a chi si vuole avvicinare a questo mondo. Ma anche realtà manifatturiere, che inseriscono le nuove tecnologie all’interno dei propri processi o prodotti. In questa serie di podcast, “Imprese digitali”, proviamo a raccontarvi alcune di queste storie.

  • What is anything? Good question.

    Thoughts from your favorite floating rock.

    From 2 lifelong inhabitants—Matt Loberstein and Sam Feldman.

    Topics include business, philosophy, health, technology, self-awareness, and more.

    Available for download on any side of the rock.

    "A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving”

  • Tikrasis spindesys aplanko tada, kai darome tai, ką iš tiesų mylime.

    She Is Glowing podcast'e verslininkė, verslių moterų bendruomenės ir privataus She Is Glowing Klubo įkūrėja Dovilė Urbanaitė kalbina ambicingas, veiklias ir raktą į savo spindesį jau atradusias moteris, kurios savo žiniomis bei patirtimi nekantrauja pasidalinti ir su Tavimi.

    Tai atviri pokalbiai apie savęs atradimą, idėjų įgyvendinimą, pakilimų ir nuosmukių pilną verslo kūrimo kasdienybę bei kelią savirealizacijos link.

    Jei ir Tu svajoji apie nuosavą verslą, nori atrasti savo karjeros kryptį ar paprasčiausiai svajoji praplėsti savo žinių ir įgūdžių akiratį motyvuojančioje aplinkoje, būtinai užsuk į ir susipažink didžiausią veržlių moterų būrį vienijančiu Klubu Lietuvoje.

    She Is Glowing Klubas tai narystės pagrindu paremta mokymų platforma moterims, kurioje rasi viską savo svajonių idėjos įgyvendinimui: online kursus, mokymų ir seminarų įrašus, privačius renginius, ekspertų pagalbą, verslo pažintis ir begales kitų galimybių. Prisijunk!

  • Why does anything we do matter? What can we do to increase our impact, change our perspective, and make a difference in our worlds? Why IT Matters is a series of conversations hosted by Tracy Kronzak and Tim Lockie of Now IT Matters, about change, especially as experienced by nonprofits, technology experts, and the worlds that are served by the impact economy. What are we willing to do to change the course of our work, and who are the leaders, executives, and everyday heroes offering ideas and actions? We invite you to listen to conversations that begin with nonprofit technologists and continue to encompass philanthropy, faith, business leadership, and systemic racism. This podcast is about not being defined, and our conversations evolve and grow, accordingly.

  • Brian Friel and the Phantom team highlight the founders, developers, and designers who are pushing Web3 forward. Join the conversation as we delve into the unique challenges and innovations happening in crypto.

  • حديث حول أهم المهارات التي تطرقنا اليها في كتاب زبدة الموضوع

  • Ideas on science, technology, finance and the human condition.

    By Lux Capital

  • Helping ambitious young professionals navigate entrepreneurship, careers, and investing.

  • Technically Speaking is a show dedicated to helping thought-leaders master the business of speaking. Co-hosted by the 2 bearded dudes who founded SpeakerFlow, a software and coaching company for thought-leaders, Technically Speaking is the first of it's kind, featuring the best and brightest in the events, speaking, and meetings industry.
    We're on a mission to help thought-leaders make the extraordinary possible in their businesses.
    So what do you say? Subscribe and join us every Tuesday morning for some crazy stories, (un)structured rants, and a whole lot of fun - all while getting the best advice the industry has to offer about growing your thought-leadership business.
    See you there!
    - Taylorr and Austin

  • This podcast has been created to help shed light on some of the many misconceptions about the Human Resources profession. To show you who we are at our core and what we are passionate about, which is championing for the people in our organizations. You will learn of our struggles and our fears. You will see our human side and I hope that it makes us as real to you as you are to us.

  • Matt Mochary, Author of The Great CEO Within and coach to high-profile tech investors and CEOs, hosts the Mochary Method. Where each episode he interviews high-profile tech investors and CEOs, getting to the root of how they successfully run their companies.

  • Stocks and the City is your weekly download on everything finance. What is inflation? How do shares work? And what the heck is an NFT? Join the Vivid Money team as they explain this and so many other financial concepts to you every Sunday.

  • Weekly episodes dedicated to primitive habits for a digital world. Uncage yourself from the war on your attention, and rediscover the practical instincts to help you connect, inspire, and create meaning for others. Let's get back to the basics of great presentations.

    Subscribe for insights on how you can win the war against the digital side effects plaguing your presentations.

  • On the Surfacing Podcast, digital governance expert Lisa Welchman and design leader Andy Vitale take a deep dive into the world of the digital maker community. Join them as they talk to the designers, technologists, and business leaders responsible for building the experiences that make up our world.