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  • All ages are invited to listen as Miss Allison reads a few chapters a week from an elementary level book. For the fifth and final season the selection is Harriet the Spy by Louise Fitzhugh. Previous seasons include: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll (Season 1), The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Season 2), the second book in the Wizard of Oz series The Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum (Season 3), and The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett (Season 4).

  • Put in the ear buds, grab a pen and paper, and get ready to trade societal norms for more connection and trust between you and your child. Join Kaili Zeiher, rooted in faith and fueled by dr. Zevia for this workshop-style podcast specifically designed to help the mom who feels exhausted, weary and overwhelmed with the behaviors she is encountering on the daily (ok maybe even multiple times a day). she is a pediatric occupational therapist, trained in hand in hand parenting and a momma to 2 energetic boys with a passion to help empower mommas in the trenches to see the heart underneath the behavior, increase awareness and understanding of childhood development and create more peace in your home.

    Each week you will leave the show feeling encouraged and inspired to incorporate simple and tangible strategies that will begin transforming the chaos to get you and your child more connected!

    Let’s do this together!

  • In this podcast, I talk to my family and relatives about their life, memories and different stages of life. The podcast is held in my native language - Lithuanian. | Šiame podcast'e, lietuviškai tinklalaidėje, aš atveriu jums duris į mano šeimos istoriją.Šie įrašai yra mano bandymai prakalbinti tuos, kurie su prisiminimais gyvena jau 9-tą dešimtį. Norėjimas pateikti jų mintis tokias, kokios jos yra - papasakotas su lengvu kasdieniu tarmišku dialektu, emocijomis, šypsena ar nostalgija.

  • No matter what it looks like or who lives there, home is a place where we should feel safe and loved. Where we talk about God, learn about God’s story and discover how we can play our part in it to impact the world around us. Making our home for faith — a place where God is present, loved, and celebrated — takes practice. Every prayer, every moment of quiet gratitude, and every kind word strengthens our faith, our hearts, and our home.
    This season on Making Our Home For Faith, the podcast, we’re working the spiritual practice of Compline, prayers we say at bedtime. Each episode features a different family sharing the peace and beauty of this ancient practice with you.
    Listen to it around the table when you’re coloring or playing with LEGOs. Or pile together in your pajamas in the bed. It doesn’t matter how or where you do it, as long as you open your hearts and homes to this family’s prayers.
    So, grab your Book of Common Prayer, turn to page 127 to follow along, or go to the Cathedral
    website and use the "Making Our Home for Faith" button on the homepage.
    May your home be blessed and strengthened this evening as we Make Our Home For Faith together.

  • Подкаст о том, как по-настоящему выглядит родительство и с чем сталкиваются мамы и папы в первые годы жизни ребёнка. Здесь мы обсуждаем свои вопросы, тревоги, страхи, безумную любовь и все прелести быть родителем.

  • Interviews with Brooklyn Boatworks students, alumni, and instructors, with a focus on how to be resilient and creative when things are changing. Climb aboard!

  • This podcast will help you to teach your baby and toddler to sleep better at night and have better naps so you can enjoy parenting while keeping your sanity.

  • Father daughter combo, Jordy and "Baba Ben", are two peas in a pod.

    These short episodes capture the funny "isms", silly conversations and Jordy's insanely cute three year old voice in a timeless way.

  • Hola, amigos! Привет, друзья! Вы готовы начать урок испанского языка? Тогда вперед! Тем более, что нас ждет увлекательный рассказ о вкусной паэлье, огненном танце фламенко и фантастических достопримечательностях Барселоны! Учим испанский, а заодно узнаем о культуре и истории Пиренейского полуострова.

    А для тех, кто учит английский - есть подкаст «Английский для детей», в котором Дэнни вместе с мамой изучают язык Шекспира и рассказывают невероятное количество интересных историй! Если вы хотите узнать, почему в Лондоне идет дождь из кошек и собак и каких необычных питомцев держат мальчишники и девчонки в Австралии - присоединяйтесь!

    И это еще не всё! На Детском радио также есть подкасты «Французский для детей», «Немецкий для детей» и «Итальянский для детей». Давайте учить иностранные языки вместе!


  • The Where Parents Talk podcast hosted by Lianne Castelino strives to inspire confidence in moms and dads so that they can parent with relentless optimism to raise happy, thriving children. It is where informed parents find the best answers.

  • Tinklalaidė, skirta visiems vestuvininkams, bet labiausiai žmonėms, kurie gal nueina į bažnyčią per Kalėdas ar dar rečiau, bet kuriems vis tiek svarbus Santuokos sakramentas Bažnyčioje (ir kartais jie net patys nemoka paaiškinti kodėl).

  • In these story is telling us about love,that love is all important and allows us to truly see to the heart an beauty of all things

  • A peek through the door into our busy lives with our extraordinary autistic children. Honest conversation, guests, autism myth busting and more.

  • Real stories of motherhood. Regardless of the descriptor used: absentee mother, amazing mother, adoptive mother, or even abusive mother, each woman comes to motherhood through her own story. This podcast shares those stories while also providing professional insight on the topics that come up.

  • Короткие сказки, придуманные "на ходу" для дочки и сыночка. Добрые аудиосказки

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed and defeated by the clutter in your home? Have you lost yourself in motherhood, putting everyone else’s needs ahead of your own? Does meal planning, grocery shopping, and keeping up with dishes, laundry, and housework have you feeling defeated and down? Is your home in a constant state of disarray leaving you feeling guilty and disappointed with all that’s still left to do at the end of the day? Are you so busy focusing on what others need and taking care of everyone else that you go days without showering? Do you feel like you never have the right things to wear, so you just wear whatever is easy and still fits even if you know it’s not flattering on your mom-bod? Do you have a closet full of clothes you never wear, because you don’t know how to dress yourself for mom life, so you let your kids dress better than you do? Are your kids (or your hubby) wearing clothes that are ripped, stained, or just don’t fit, because there’s no system for removing items that no longer work making it impossible to keep up with the laundry?

    Well, I am here to help! As a mom of 4, I realize how quickly things can get out of control, and how important it is to have systems in place so that when life gets busy, we don’t let it overwhelm us. Let’s dig through the clutter and make space for the things that are really important! It’s time to let go of the things that are holding you back and keeping you from being the mom you’ve always wanted to be!

    After conquering the clutter and finding freedom from the chaos in my own life, I started helping friends and family, and have since become a professional organizer and capsule wardrobe stylist, functional home designer, and clutter coach! And I am here to teach you everything I know about how to create beauty from the chaos in your mama life!

    Inside this podcast, I teach you how to simplify, organize, and optimize your home, wardrobe and workload. I will teach you how to make simple changes that have a big impact on how your home functions and how it makes you feel! Share tips and tricks on how to style yourself and your home, get organized with simple systems, and manage the sometimes overwhelming stresses a mama has in her every day life. Getting organized is about decluttering the things that are inessential, finding ways to simplify the process, and making space for the things you really value. You can be stylish, your home environment can be serene, and you won’t have to scream. ❤️

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  • Mes, mamos Miglė ir Austėja, sertifikuotos Montessori metodo praktikės dalinamės savo patirtimis bei įžvalgomis, kad gyvenimas vaiko ritmu būtų paprastas, prasmingas ir auginantis vaiko pasitikėjimą - sąmoningai, natūraliai ir ritmingai. Iš mokslo, iš praktikos, iš širdies - pirmiausia mūsų, o dabar jau ir jūsų vaikams!