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  • Blues, Gospel, Negro Spirituals, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues, Soul, Funk, Rap, Reggae, Rock’n’Roll… l’actualité de la musique fait rejaillir des instants d’histoire vécus par la communauté noire au fil des siècles. Des moments cruciaux qui ont déterminé la place du peuple noir dans notre inconscient collectif, une place prépondérante, essentielle, universelle ! Chaque semaine, L’épopée des musiques noires réhabilite l’une des formes d’expression les plus vibrantes et sincères du 20ème siècle : La Black Music ! À partir d’archives sonores, d’interviews d’artistes, de producteurs, de musicologues, Joe Farmer donne des couleurs aux musiques d’hier et d’aujourd’hui.

  • Your blind, passioned EDM Artist: DJ Artin
    Liability is out now on DJ Artin Records

    Over the last few years I developed my skills to a professional DJ and musician.
    A few weeks ago, the German version of DJ Mag interviewed me about my story as a blind DJ.
    Also I cooperated with:
    Armin van Buuren
    Nicky Romero
    Mike Williams
    Martin Garrix
    ... and many more on my Blind Dance Radio show

  • Want to know how I've sold over $1,000,000 of beats online without relying on tons of subscribers or social media followers? The Midi Money Podcast is going to pull back the curtain and share how you can do the same. --> Learn more at https://midimoney.com/go

  • Veteran music journalist Prezident Bejda brings you nothing but underground music from around the globe. Join Prez each week with interviews with Legends, Pioneers and Underground Talent. Check out one of the Original Hip hop Podcasts!

  • https://linktr.ee/gagarinproject Live Love Create ! Magic people, welcome to my music space on SC , music is my life and passion. You will find here my mixes, original tracks and remixes. If you wish, you can support my art:
    SUBSCRIBE PATREON => http://bit.ly/gagarin-patreon
    DONATE PAYPAL => https://bit.ly/gagarin-paypal
    VISIT NEXT EVENTS => http://bit.ly/gagarin-events

    live love create - let's enjoy every moment of our life and let's be kind to each other - we are one

    booking : gagarin _at_ gagarinproject.org
    media project : www.PSYBIENT.org - https://soundcloud.com/psybient-org

    also visit and subscribe to my side projects:
    https://soundcloud.com/acousticsubstance (ambient / dub )
    https://soundcloud.com/acidfriends (techno / deep / psy )
    https://soundcloud.com/gagarinbeats (techno / house / progressive)

    Gagarin Project is a collective of conscious artists, music producers, dancers and DJ's. We explore the realms of mind expanding music, psychedelic grooves for body and soul. Our music are not limited to a certain genre, juggling between ambient, modern psychedelic & bass music, psytrance and techno. Gagarin Project is the international collaboration that has evolved from the ideas of conscious living, kindness and love to other humans, our brothers and sisters. Moreover it’s activity is greatly inspired by the values and traditions of ancient civilizations, universal principles of love, natural and healthy lifestyle. Gagarin Project collective have performed at the biggest festivals all over the Europe, USA, Brazil and Asia.

    Apart from performing as the collective of artists, Gagarin Project is highly involved into development of www.psybient.org project, a web media dedicated to promotion of quality downtempo / midtempo music and events.
    Reality is a creation of our mind. We change our-self – we change the world around us. Live Love Create !

    more info:


    visit our media project:

    #electronic dance music project

    current location:
    Planet Earth

    love & light,
    gagarin project

  • Conversations with Wesley Eisold and Mark Lanegan."That people's memories are maybe the fuel they burn to stay alive. Whether those memories have any actual importance or not, it doesn't matter as far as the maintenance of life is concerned. They're all just fuel. To the fire, they're nothing but scraps of paper. It's the exact same thing. Important memories, not-so-important memories, totally useless memories: there's no distinction--they're all just fuel.”― Haruki Murakami, After DarkProduced by Amy Lee. Mastered by Wyatt Oberholzer. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/afterdarkwithwesandmark/support

  • LRT OPUS laida „Po koncerto“

    Šioje laidoje kalbiname muzikos pasaulio atstovus ir aiškinamės, ką jie veikia, kai mikrofonai tyli, būgnų komplektai supakuoti, o gitaros ramiausiai stovi pakampėse. Kitaip tariant, ką muzikos žmonės veikia, kai nekoncertuoja, kokių turi pomėgių, aistrų ir įkvėpimo šaltinių.

    Kiekvieną antradienį 14 val.

    Laidos ved. Richardas Jonaitis

  • Go 𝗲𝗮𝘀𝘆 𝗼𝗻 𝗺𝗲 and 𝗳𝗲𝗲𝗹 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱 𝗮𝗿𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱 𝘆𝗼𝘂 while you listen to our latest collab on this 🔥track.

  • Привет! В рамках данного подкаста мы: Евгения (31 год) и Мария (26 лет) выступаем в качестве обывателей и исследователей такого яркого и интересного культурного явления как ВОГ. Лишь недавно соприкоснувшись с этим необычным, ярким, но в тоже время глубоким миром, за недостатком информации в русскоязычном формате.

  • Up - @dunkdnb & VoicemC - City of God EP on Formation Records -

    Stop Asking - @Wrecklessdnb & VoicemC - WATCH - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lond7T57g9Y

    No More - VoicemC feat. @Spookasonic

    Word on the Beat - 1st Thursday of the month 7-9pm on www.aajamusic.com @aajaradio

    Jungle Drum and Bass is why I started buying tapes and listening to pirate radio since 1993, buying records since 1995, writing rhymes since 1996 as MC Flexa (until 2010) working with DJ Prospect since 1998, on Origin 2000-2017 and grateful to be playing with artists from the underground to the most influential in our music ever since.

  • Истории создания известных песен с комментариями автора передачи о музыкантах [ПО СТУДИЯМ] - Дмитрия Гуменного (DJ DimixeR).

  • Ne visiems garsams – šviesa, ne visiems – diena, ne visiems – vieta joje. Bet, žiū, jau temsta. LRT OPUS studijoje būriuotis ima atskalūnai. Neurofunko pjūviai, future garage dūžiai, keistuolis IDM. „Sutemos“ – valanda, kurioje tilps ne visi. Tilps tie, kurie netilpo kitur. Valanda gilios, miglotos, mįslingos muzikos ir pokalbių su jos autoriais. Ved. Kristupas Naraškevičius.

  • An entertainment podcast on all things music, philosophy, fitness, and life.

    We talk about the journey of our guests, exploring and taking a deep dive into how they became musicians, we ask the difficult questions and tell you their story.

  • Atviras žvilgsnis į šiuolaikinės muzikos tikrovę. Šarūno Nako ir Mindaugo Urbaičio laida šeštadieniais 22.07 val. per LRT KLASIKĄ.

  • „Radiocentro“ laidą „Vakarop su Vyteniu“ klausyk šiokiadieniais nuo 16 val., o geriausius epizodus rasi mūsų podcaste „Vakarop su Vyteniu“.

  • Special mixes and live recordings of Partyzanai label artists
    performances at clubs, venues, radio stations and other events. Check out
    www.partyzanai.com for more info.

  • In this podcast, Sean, Chris, and Andrew talk about different aspects of the music industry in the past and the present alike. Highlighting the beauty of casual conversation, this podcast has something for everyone to appreciate.

  • I’m gonna be posting music that I made myself so I hope you all like it and enjoy.