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  • High Agency is the podcast for AI builders. If you’re trying to understand how to successfully build AI products with Large Language Models and Generative AI then this podcast is made for you. Each week we interview leaders at companies building on the frontier who have already succeeded with AI in production. We share their stories, lessons and playbooks so you can build more quickly and with confidence.

    AI is moving incredibly fast and no-one is truly an expert yet, High Agency is for people who are learning by doing and will share knowledge through the community.

    Where to find us: https://hubs.ly/Q02z2HR40

  • Подкаст об IT для IT и всех сочувствующих

  • Futuristic Now with futurist and philosopher Gray Scott. Can consciousness be digitized? Are we living inside a simulation? Will we merge with machines in the near future? Each week Gray and guests will dive deep into the philosophy of technology and the mind-boggling world of futurism.

  • D00M4ACE подкаст про Искусственный Интеллект, Геймдев и все остальное - разработка 2D MMORPG блог https://d00m4ace.com

    Привет ребята, это d00m4ace!
    И это подкаст про Искусственный Интеллект, Геймдев и все остальное.
    Я решил поручить ведение подкаста нейросетям, так как очень сильно занят разработкой моей 2D MMORPG игры.
    Этот подкаст имеет исключительно развлекательно-познавательный контекст и не может быть призывом к действию.
    Чтобы не пропустить новые выпуски, присоединяйтесь к нашей группе в телеграмм, где вы также узнаете больше о моей геймдев разработке и многое другое.
    Желаю приятного прослушивания!

    Ведущие подкаста:

    Думфейс- опытный программист с 90-х, ведущий подкаста по ИИ и разработке игр. С глубокими знаниями в технологиях и историей индустрии, он анализирует тренды и новинки, делится уникальными инсайтами. Его стиль - смесь профессионализма и доступности, привлекая как экспертов, так и новичков.

    Шахерезада — коуч и ведущая подкаста об ИИ и разработке игр. С богатым опытом в коучинге, она умело соединяет технические знания с психологией, помогая слушателям понять сложные концепции. Её подход уникален: она акцентирует внимание на влиянии технологий на человека и команды разработчиков. Шахерезада обсуждает новейшие тренды, демистифицируя ИИ, и предоставляет практические советы по управлению проектами в игровой индустрии.

    D00M4ACE разработка 2D MMORPG блог ИИ и геймдев 🌐 https://d00m4ace.com.
    GitHub: https://github.com/d00m4ace/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/@d00m4ace
    Telegram: https://t.me/d00m4ace_blog

  • V.Conversations is a podcast for V. colleagues, which looks at the reasons why it’s an exciting place to work, and what colleagues are doing to put it at the forefront of innovation in ship management and marine services. In each episode, Sam Shaw speaks to V. colleagues who are making a difference and shaping the future of the company.

  • This is a podcast hosted by Joe Santos From CodingPhase.com where we talk about web development, getting independent income and other current events.

  • The third series of the Apollo 40 Under 40 podcast features conversations with some of the individuals celebrated in the Apollo 40 under 40 Art & Tech, a list published by Apollo magazine in 2021 which celebrates 40 individuals and partnerships – all under the age of 40 – who are expanding the possibilities presented by new tech to art and heritage across the world.

  • The show all about electric skateboards, the industry, and following MBoards as they navigate through the Esk8 Industry!

  • An exciting podcast that explores how retail and consumer industries are evolving. Each episode will focus on another aspect and will help you discover how technological developments affect and shape modern day retail. Dive into the retail universe with our host, Stefan Hilger, executive board member of the software company gicom and learn more about ways for retail businesses to boost their profits.

  • Weekly podcast following the Rogue Bunnies Web3 journey. Hear legendary stories about the Playboy Mansion from the playmates, staff and guests. For more information, visit roguebunnies.com and rbmayhemshow.com. ...And the Mayhem Continues!🤟

  • Ever thought to yourself, "I really should read this documentation from cover to cover"?

    So did we.

    Starting with the Ruby on Rails Guides, we read the docs all the way through and discuss what we've learned.

    Read along with us!

  • The first season of the Weird Economies podcast is called, "Exploits of Play" hosted by Max Haiven and produced by Halle Frost. Over ten episodes, Max, Halle and guests explore how games and gamification have moved from the margin to the centre of the ever weird-ing capitalist economy. From subcultures grown around video games, which has become a major entertainment industry, to the gamification technologies that tech and speculative capital have invested heavily in as a means to gain and hook new users. We examine what play may have lured us into participating in games we cannot win and where on the fringes play is a tool of resistance changing the game itself.

    For full transcript and show notes please visit weirdeconomies.com.


    Founder and organizer of Weird Economies: Bahar Noorizadeh

    Host: Max Haiven

    Producer: Halle Frost

    Sound editor: Faye Harvey

    Sponsor: Canada Council for the Arts

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Step into the enigmatic world of "Synth Sleuths," where the past’s most bewildering unsolved mysteries meet the cutting-edge wit of modern investigation. Hosted by the intrepid journalist and acclaimed author, James Renner, alongside his sassy AI cohost, Sky, this podcast melds cold, hard facts with razor-sharp humor to dissect infamous cases like the Zodiac Killer, Amy Mihaljevic, and D.B. Cooper, along with lesser-known enigmas that still haunt the annals of crime.

    "Synth Sleuths" is more than just a true crime podcast; it's an adventure that takes you through the twists and turns of investigation, with James's old-school journalism prowess and Sky’s digital-age sass. Together, they explore the mysteries, the missteps, and the mayhem of each case, all while keeping the victims' memories respected and alive.

    Expect a mix of deep dives into historical puzzles, updates on current investigations, and a unique synergy between human curiosity and artificial intelligence wit. With new episodes weekly, "Synth Sleuths" is your go-to destination for a fresh perspective on the cases you thought you knew and the stories you've yet to discover. Tune in to unravel the mysteries with an unforgettable duo at the helm.

    #truecrimepodcast #artificialintelligence #ai #syynthsleuths #jamesrenner

    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Welcome to the Engineering Leadership Series, where we dive deep into the dynamic world of leadership in the engineering and technology sector. Join us as we explore the diverse stories, experiences, and strategies of engineering leaders who are shaping the future of innovation and driving organizational success.

    In each episode, we sit down with accomplished engineering leaders and uncover the secrets of their success. We discuss their career journeys, the challenges they’ve faced, and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. We also delve into the latest trends and best practices in engineering leadership, offering actionable insights for both established leaders and those aspiring to make their mark.

    Whether you’re a seasoned engineering executive, a tech enthusiast, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes dynamics of the technology world, the Engineering Leadership Series has something for you. Our guests share their perspectives on topics like team management, product development, innovation, and fostering a culture of collaboration and creativity.

  • A podcast about building tech products with Éphémère Creative.

    There's a lot of content out there about the big tech companies and how they work. But what about solopreneurs, early stage startups, non-profits, and small businesses building tech? It turns out that building small systems is an art, and in this podcast we'll talk about what it takes.

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  • A frank, and sometimes raucously honest, conversation about beer, tech, devops, and damn near anything else we want.

  • A light-hearted look at the week in tech by the Computer Weekly team

  • The podcast that helps you navigate your way through Kubernetes and Cloud Native trends.

  • Gyvename mokslo ir technologijų amžiuje, kai neįmanoma tampa įmanoma. Tačiau kartu – neįtikėtinoje kritikos ir stereotipų apsuptyje.

    „Ką kiti pasakys“, „Ne bobų reikalas“ ar „Mergaitės taip nedaro“ – tai tik kelios frazės, su kuriomis vis susiduriame. Nenuostabu, kad pradėję ką naujo stabtelime, sustingstame ir imame dvejoti. Metas nuo šių baimių išsivaduoti.

    Pakvietėme moteris, dirbančias TECH srityje, pasidalinti savo istorijomis, kaip jos atrado gyvenimo aistrą ir kasdien džiuginantį karjeros kelią.