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  • Feeling scattered and overwhelmed? Feel like your mind is running with 50 tabs open leaving you mentally exhausted and feeling inadequate? Maybe you have so many passions and ideas that you find it difficult to be truly present, opening the door of mom guilt? You don’t know where to start so you disengage all together and it leaves you feeling depleted. If that is you then this is the place for you to fill that cup sister friend! Welcome to Multipassionate Mompreneur. Here, we free ourselves from the chaos and embrace our strengths through self discovery (enneagram etc) to move toward the compelled business women we were meant to be.It’s time to finally take our power back and gain that follow through that we’ve been desperately needing, while also learning to leave the swirl behind. Hi, I’m Angel McElhaney and after losing my mom when she was just 48 I realized that time was fleeting and that it was time to start living and do more of what you love.

  • World-leading experts teach you how to build scalable, personalisation-ready, omnichannel strategies and solutions on the OmnichannelX podcast.

  • Find your psychology of the voice story, learn speak your truth, touch our emotions and command the room.

  • Ukentlig Podcast med Instagram tips og triks for å få din bedrift til å lykkes med Instagram markedsføringen din. Levert av Thomas Skavhellen. Få gratis Instagram mini kurs ved å gå til:

  • This is planet leadership, the podcast that enables leaders of associations and nonprofits to grow their organization and achieve their missions. In the episodes of this podcast, your host Eric Thurston will interview leaders in associations and nonprofits about leadership.

    In his role as a CEO of a midsize, dynamic software company, Eric has access to just some amazing leaders with some amazing stories. He works closely with associations and nonprofits and the unique challenges they face as organizations. The podcast is called Planet Leadership because we are going to talk to people that are literally trying to change the planet.

    When you look at associations and how they are advocating for their members, they face many challenges, some being budget, people, resources, public scrutiny, and public accountability. Why do some of them do it better than others? That's what this podcast will talk about. How do you build a great culture? How do you build a great team to scale an organization to potentially change the world?

    How do leaders transition from other industries to associations and nonprofits? Go to to learn more about how you can grow your association or nonprofit. Please subscribe, rate and review planet leadership, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

  • Every Wednesday, 17-year-old entrepreneur Campbell Baron has conversations with world class entrepreneurs, leaders, creators and innovators.

  • Hvordan sikres sensitiv data? Og hva skal til for å lykkes med digitalisering? Dette er bare noen av spørsmålene som taes opp i denne podcasten hvor du blir bedre kjent med Buypass - Norges fremste teknologiselskap innenfor cybersikkerhet 

  • Dette er podcasten om å lek, fine tak i kjernen i din business og vokse derfra

    Alle mennesker har et fullkomment potensiale. De fleste av oss er bare kjent med en liten bit av det.

    Når vi forstår hvor robuste vi faktisk er, blir gründerlivet mer uanstrengt. Å skape solide bedrifter blir en lek. Våre feiltrinn og nedturer gjør oss ikke motløse

    Når vi ser hvilken styrke det bor i oss mennesker får vi en helt ny stayerevne. Vi kan reise oss og skinne igjen med ny læring og visdom

    Husk at det bor mye mer i deg også - enn du tror! 🌹


    Foto: Line Berre

  • The CMO Suite Podcast features Chief Marketing Officers and Executives from national and international brands and agencies.

    Tune in to hear some of the most renowned names in the industry contribute their insights, experiences, and perspectives toward marketing strategies and the technology we have access to today.

    Sean Halter – Host:
    Sean is a 30 year veteran of the industry with a background in both radio and sales. He works as a consultant for global marketers and is a partner of Connectivity Holdings, which encompasses his 4 companies in the media, data science, marketing, and creative landscapes: Connectivity Media Strategy, YouConnex Digital Media, Sparx Search and Social, and Creativity Multimedia.

    D.J. Hamilton – Co-Host:
    DJ “theDJ” started in radio in the mid 90s in Orlando where he became a fixture in the local music scene for his support of local bands and hosting events downtown, many of them for Sean. He worked as an Account Manager for Connectivity Media Strategy for 7 years. Recently, he and a partner opened South Tampa Auto Boutique, a luxury and exotic car dealership, where he currently serves as General Manager.

    Samantha Pick – Co-Host:
    As an Account Manager for YouConnex Digital Media and a millennial, Samantha provides a unique perspective to the show by combining her experience on both the ad ops and sales sides with a keen expertise of the digital space.

  • Stadig flere arbeidsgivere ser seg nødt til å permittere sine ansatte som et resultat av pandemien Covid-19. NAV har rekordhøye tall på antall arbeidsledige i Norge. Men hvordan skal man takle den nye hverdagen som permittert? Hva bør man tenke på? Hvor lenge kan det vare? Som nypermittert tar Hans Petter dere gjennom hans tanker om det som foregår.

  • enerWE Live er lyden fra våre redaksjonelle livesendinger.

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  • En interaktiv podcast av innovatører for innovatører. Hver uke et nytt ekspertpanel moderert av Salvador Baille og som byttes ut hver fjerde uke svarer på spørsmål om innovasjon og teknologi som lytterne kan stille enten via eller på FB gruppen S.O.S. Innovasjon.

  • Velkommen til Anfopodden.

    For, av og med fagfolk. Det blir dypdykk i interessante temaer, trender, nyheter og intervjuer av kjente og kjære bransjeprofiler.

    Tusen takk til våre samarbeidspartnere: Publicis Groupe, Dagens Næringsliv, Capa, Aller, Penetrace, Impact, Kobler, Adform, Los & Co, Bisnode, Bauer Media Group, RedAnt og SAS Institute.

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  • Hver uke inviterer Innovasjon Norge gjester for å diskutere nyskaping og samfunnsutvikling.

    Programleder: Arne Vatnøy

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  • The Copy Closer Podcast with Carlos Redlich and Tiffany Alford shows you proven marketing, sales and copywriting strategies for multiplying your income - guaranteed.

    They’ve worked with all levels of entrepreneurs... From 6 figure start-ups to 10-figure mammoths.

    As they travel the world and learn about new cultures, Carlos Redlich and Tiffany Alford’s primary mission is to deliver as much value as possible to their fellow marketers, sales professionals and copywriters... in an authentic and straightforward manner.

    By tuning into The Copy Closer Podcast, you’ll get the inside scoop on what’s working RIGHT NOW in business from experts who are in the trenches day-in and day-out.

  • Can you keep a secret?! Four business owners with over 30 years collective experience under their belts
    share the capers and triumphs of running a small business and how they now avoid perilous customer chaos and pitfalls.
    #chitchat #business #fun

  • Digitalsmart är en podd som gör dig till ninja av det digitala på jobbet. Se det som en MBA i miniformat.

  • Assistants Together is a podcast designed to bring Assistants together. The shared experience and understanding of one another's roles is obvious and the ability to listen to one another and connect about topics and situations is really powerful.