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  • Margaret Burgess presents a mixture of Christian music and comment for an hour on Monday evenings, which is repeated the following evening.

    Apart from programmes especially for the Christian festivals of Easter, Christmas and Pentecost, she comments on topical issues from a Christian perspective each week and presents 'Signs of the Times' featuring prophecy and unfolding events in the news, as well as 'Healthy Living' and the 'Good News Bulletin' which gives notice of Christian events around the district. As well as all this, often there's a book review and occasionally an interview.

  • This speaker series aims to bring better understanding of our context from multiple perspectives so we can play our part in remembering and redefining our role on Earth.

    How can we take authentic, awakened action, individually and collectively? Join us on our inquiry into this question.

  • The name of the podcast says it all. You want a place to hang out with a passionate Christian mother who puts the Word of God first, lives outside of culture, is passionate about natural living, natural medicine, homeschooling, and serving her husband and children? Add in some gardening, prepping, and guns, and you have the Prepper Mama Jesus Freak podcast.

  • The Harvest Now team, inspiring today's generation to find their purpose and find freedom in Christ.

  • Welcome to the Weaving the Wild podcast! In this space we are reclaiming and remembering the wildish wisdom and knowledge that lies deep within our bones.

    Rachel is passionate about awakening and embodying the Feminine and is ready to dive into every nook of this mysterious and (sometimes) taboo area in our culture. From awakening our collective wildness, dropping back into our bodies and honouring our cyclical rhythms, to connecting to our roots and embracing our intuitive nature.

    This podcast brings you home to your heart and soul.

  • A warm and loving welcome to you.

    I am Jared Bennett. Psychic medium, spiritual healer & teacher. A Hamilton based psychic medium in New Zealand. Starting at the age of 18 I have dedicated to making this amazing spiritual path as my life purpose. from a young age, I have always been sensitive to energies, people, and noises. I would make out of the world comments coming from someone who is 3-5 years old stating "I love you so much, Life is my best friend" and getting extremely upset by having one of my first haircuts stating "how dare you to cut my hair off, I have had this for hundreds of years!" my mother, of course, thought something is coming through from a past life that I'm still channeling in this life. I would experience very vivid dreams that would later come true like the tornado that hit Cambridge New Zealand.

    I would read people during school lunches and morning teas not fully understanding at that time I was reading I thought I was just having fun! But here we are now after a lot of hard work and dedication.
    I offer a unique way to do readings that are not normally done by normal psychics, this creates a personalized reading/healing for every client I see, I make sure to make my sessions with clients as warm and welcoming as possible and to have a good laugh. I use a combination of divination tools such as cards, pendulums, crystals but mainly myself.
    Spiritual Healings such as Reiki are also offered that allow you to fully declutter your energy system and help reset it back to normality in a loving and safe environment.

    After losing a close friend of mine I have made an importance to try to focus on the Mediumship part of what I offer to clients as hearing from a loved one can be one of the most needed things for clients to truly heal within.
    I warmly invite you to stay and get in contact with me either by commenting on my posts or to send a loving message. I send off this story with love and light to whoever is reading this. May you be blessed in your future endeavors.
    We have now just opened an online store selling crystals and other amazing spiritual gift ware so do check it out!

    -Jared Bennett

  • Welcome to Heavenly Foods for Young Working Saints! The Purpose of this Sharing is for the Young Working Saints and Servings ones to be Nourished, Cherished and Perfected by the up-to-date Speaking from the ministry for the Building up of the Body of Christ

  • Sanatan Dharma, aka Hinduism, was present throughout the world in ancient days. One can find evidence of this in almost all the countries. In the forthcoming Podcasts, I shall be sharing researched information on this point. For more detailed information on this subject,you may visit

  • A beginners podcast on Kabbalah. Do you find yourself asking questions like “What’s the meaning of life?” or “Why do I exist?”. This podcast has the possibility to help you start the biggest change in your life.

    Lots of content added weekly from multiple Bnei Baruch English department members.

  • We are Mark and Katie Martinez. We’ve been married 10 years and have 4 children. Mark’s a therapist with the Center for Healing in Kansas City, Katie stays home with the kids, and together we like to discuss theology, spirituality, psychology, parenting, and lots of other things! We hope we can bring you some light and encouragement through our conversations and tips. Thank you for listening!

    Cover photo credit: Joan Cinotto

  • Theological Discussion for Christ's Church

    The Pactum is shorthand for the Latin Pactum Salutis. The Pactum Salutis is the trinitarian covenant made before the foundation of the world spoken of in texts such as Ephesians 1 and John 17. It is also known as the covenant of redemption. According to the pactum salutis, the triune God who works all things after the counsel of His will commits to save elect sinners. Since the pactum salutis is the basis for all of God’s work in human history, we find The Pactum a fitting banner for our conversations of all things theological.

  • On each episode of our show, hosts Joyce Koo Dalrymple and Sasha Parker invite a guest to share their stories related to adoptive, foster, and spiritual care of children. These stories reveal much about who we are, who God is, and how we’re transformed through the process of sacrificially loving others.

  • Renee Watt, a professional psychic, witch, and creator of the “Witch Doctorate” podcast, brings you a listening experience like no other! Featuring celebrity ghost stories, past lives, astrology, cults, murder, mysticism, and some of the most prominent voices in the spiritual community. Together, we will explore anything and everything from tarot, to ghosts, and even aliens! Nothing is too taboo or off topic when you're listening to THE GLITTER CAST.

  • The Sharpening Report, hosted by Sam Johnston, is an internet show that promises to dig out the raw, uncut, Biblical truth.

  • Know my Faith podcast is about learning the cultural background of our Biblical knowledge. We host a variety of speakers from that shed light of mystery of the Word, and help believers get to know God Better.

    If you have a question you can contact us at

  • How should Christians engage with the world? Can we reconcile differences of opinion? And how should we engage in an ever polarising society?Join Jeremy Kendall and various guests as they discuss all these questions and more. How we, as christian believers, are to live and work in this sinful world (Babylon). Listen as these questions are discussed through the lens of scripture. Welcome to Babylon.

  • Change of Air is a weekly resource that offers a safe community, practical tools and powerful mind+body practices for adult children of alcoholics. Change of Air is hosted by Callie Miller, daughter of two alcoholics. She grew up in a home that was disordered, dysfunctional, unsafe for her and her brother, and deeply confusing. It took her years to unpack how growing up in an alcoholic home can affect every aspect of your life. She's now offering all of the tools, both traditional and modern, eastern and western, that helped her heal. This podcast will be a light to you as you navigate your own healing. You are seen and known and loved and supported. It is safe here.

  • Welcome to the Level Up Podcast with Aaron Petty & Paige Taylah.Our goal with this podcast is to dive into how we as humans can live more intentional, ethical & sustainable lives. And also how we can come into harmony with, ourselves, others & the earth in the process.

  • Oaks Church Brooklyn is a non-denominational Christian church in Brooklyn, NY. We live out the vision of In Brooklyn as it is in Heaven by our three pillars of Formative Encounter, Merciful Presence and Pilgrim Community. Gathering are Sundays at 10:30 a.m. Visit us online at