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  • Самый тёплый подкаст про современную литературу.

    Подкаст, который создается при поддержке выдуманных мужиков, отборного книжного стекла и самых спорных современных литературных гилти-плеже. Подкаст про книги, содержание которых проще обсудить с незнакомцами в интернете, чем с близкими людьми.

    А ведем его мы. Две журналистки, подруги и любительницы почитать — Лера и Аля.

    Те самые девчонки, для которых фраза «‎ещё одну страничку и спать» не мем, а жизнь. Которые на вопрос «что ты любишь читать?» нервно пытаются вспомнить какие жанры и предупреждения фикбука безопасно называть вслух.

    Ну а если серьезно: в каждом эпизоде подкаста «‎Книжный ворм» мы рассказываем про одну книгу, которая по каким-то причинам относится к нашим литературным гилти-плеже. Обсуждаем эти причины, разбираем почему тАкОе можно и нужно читать.

    Иногда пристрастно, но всегда честно, смешно и с любовью.

    Для лиц старше 18 лет.

  • „Jak być (nie) mogło” to podcast, w którym dr Jerzy Stachowicz i dr Agnieszka Haska opowiadają o literaturze fantastycznonaukowej przed 1939 rokiem; o tym jak przedwojenni autorzy i autorki wyobrażali sobie przyszłość Polski i świata, a także o tym, jakie poruszane przez nich problemy są aktualne do dziś.

    Podcast zrealizowano w ramach grantu w działaniu 3.3.2 „Promocja badań naukowych”, realizowanego w ramach programu „Inicjatywa Doskonałości - Uczelnia Badawcza” Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego.

  • The heroes have returned! Join Adam Bradford, Hope Lavelle, B. Dave Walters, Meagan Kenreck, Lauren Urban, and Jennifer Kretchmer as they are led on a multi-plane adventure springing from the mind of Dungeon Master Todd Kenreck. Streaming live on Twitch every Tuesday at 6pm Pacific, or via podcast the following week!

  • Welcome to my podcast. Di podcast ini saya akan membahas segala kejadian ataupun cerita-cerita horror yang akan menjadikan siaran hiburan seru bagi kalian. So tunggu apalagi tunggu saya setiap malam kamis pukul 19.00 WIB. A FUTURE PODCAST ARE HERE!

  • - 1000+ audiobooks, all ad free!

    From the author’s introduction: "Blake’s life of Blake … would have been full of symbolic wild beasts and naked women, of monstrous clouds and colossal temples; and it would all have been highly incomprehensible, but none of it would have been irrelevant. All the biggest events of Blake’s life would have happened before he was born. But, on consideration, I think it will be better to tell the tale of Blake’s life first and go back to his century afterwards. It is not, indeed, easy to resist temptation, for there was much to be said about Blake before he existed. But I will resist the temptation and begin with the facts."

  • Cooking and culture, intrigue and debt. Follow food journalist Oscar Yasui on a relativistic road trip.

    Gastronaut is a narrative science fiction podcast about a food journalist’s galactic misadventures.

    Gastronaut airs at the end of every month.

  • From the writer of the #1 Podcast OUTLIERS. In 1961, at the height of the Cold War, an enigmatic CIA operative investigates the source of a mysterious shortwave signal—generated either by Russian double agents/spies and their handlers or originating from extraterrestrial aliens/UFOs, or both—and systematically tracks the source in order to disrupt the possible activation of a thermonuclear “dead man’s switch.” At the same time, a plucky young woman fights to rescue her younger brother—who has the ability to see alien “insect people”—from the clutches of ill-intentioned “government doctors,” while a dogged radio host in Dayton, Ohio uses his UFO-focused show to expose ongoing government-sanctioned conspiracies to hide the fact that extraterrestrial aliens not only exist, but are already living amongst us. Created by Cassandra Wells & Charley Randazzo Written by Cassandra Wells Produced by Fred Greenhalgh and Marco Palmieri Executive Producers: Cassandra Wells, Daniel Kaemon, Molly Barton, and Julian Yap Directed by Charley Randazzo Post-Production Producer: Daniel Kaemon Production Manager: Devin Shepherd Production Coordinator: Angela Yih Sound Design & Editing: Charley Randazzo Music by Quiet on the Set Additional cover art by Heather Mason Executive in charge for Realm: Mary Assadullahi Starring Daniel Kaemon as Swan Perry King as Colonel Sobek Marta Cross as Becky Adam J. Smith as Phillips and Michaels Tracy Winters as Rosemary and Matron and Dr. Elsa Time Winters as Professor Vanyushin and Farmer Harry Gwillim as Timmy Tom Beyer as Dr. Neely and Attendant Jeff Blumberg as Evan Bell Mark Irvingsen as Norman Thorne and Uncle Cole Jaxon Gwillim as Dr. Foley Jennifer Taub as Nurse and Female Voice and Operator

  • When anyone asks Audrey why she moved to Alaska, she tells them for a fresh start. But a lot of the people in Alaska are hiding from something. And Audrey is no different. When she journeyed to Alaska, she found something even more dangerous. Maybe we feel the uncanny valley because long ago, we had to fear something that pretended to be human. 

  • Camlann is a post-apocalyptic fantasy by Ella Watts from Tin Can Audio. It’s a serialised fiction podcast inspired by folklore and Arthurian legends. Alternatively - it’s about three idiots and a dog in Wales, fighting for their lives. This series was funded by Creative Scotland and the Inevitable Foundation.

  • Hi, we're Sean and Vib and together host Expertise is Overrated, the podcast that takes the time to answer those questions you didn't know you didn't want the answers to.

  • Erotyczne ( i nie tylko ) opowiadania ze świata fantasy i science-fiction. Tylko po Polsku. Bez pruderii lecz w dobrym smaku. Fantasy. SF. Erotyka.BDSM.

  • Travelling Light is a science fantasy podcast from the creator of Monstrous Agonies. Follow the Traveller on their journey through the stars as they collect stories for their community archive, and help shape their world through audience submissions and choose-your-own-adventure decision making.

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Piszę straszne historie i później je sobie czytam (kiepsko)

    mail: [email protected]

  • Witajcie w "Obcy: Tajemnicze Loty – podcast, który powstał z pasji jednej osoby do rozszerzania uniwersum "Obcy" poprzez autorskie historie. Tutaj każdy odcinek to podróż w nieznane, gdzie znajome potwory kosmiczne mieszać się będą z zupełnie nowymi. Wszyto to w fascynujących pełnych akcji opowieściach
    Podkład dźwiękowy , dzięki uprzejmości

  • Soul Operator is a multi-genre, multi-season podcast that can be described as an actual play-narrative fusion. The podcast was created with the intention of highlighting amazing solo ttrpgs that exist in the space by presenting their gameplay as a fleshed out story. Follow Tessa Whitlock as she navigates these strange new worlds, for better or for worse.Updates bi-weekly. Support this podcast:

  • The Adventures of Tom Sawyer revolves around the youthful adventures of the novel's schoolboy protagonist, Thomas Sawyer, whose reputation precedes him for causing mischief and strife. Tom lives with his Aunt Polly, half-brother Sid, and cousin Mary in the quaint town of St. Petersburg, just off the shore of the Mississippi River. St. Petersburg is described as a typical small-town atmosphere where the Christian faith is predominant, the social network is close-knit, and familiarity resides.

    Unlike his brother Sid, Tom receives "lickings" from his Aunt Polly; ever the mischief-maker, would rather play hooky than attend school and often sneaks out his bedroom window at night to adventure with his friend, Huckleberry Finn ­ the town's social outcast. Tom, despite his dread of schooling, is extremely clever and would normally get away with his pranks if Sid were not such a "tattle-tale."

    As punishment for skipping school to go swimming, Aunt Polly assigns Tom the chore of whitewashing the fence surrounding the house. In a brilliant scheme, Tom is able to con the neighborhood boys into completing the chore for him, managing to convince them of the joys of whitewashing. At school, Tom is equally as flamboyant, and attracts attention by chasing other boys, yelling, and running around. With his usual antics, Tom attempts to catch the eye of Becky Thatcher, a new girl in town, and persuades her to get "engaged" by kissing him. But their romance collapses when she learns Tom has been "engaged" previously to Amy Lawrence. Shortly after Becky shuns him, he accompanies Huckleberry Finn to the graveyard at night, where they witness the murder of Dr. Robinson.

  • Аповесць Васіля Быкава "Бліндаж" упершыню была апублікаваная ў 2006 годзе на старонках часопіса "Дзеяслоў", а выдадзеная ў 2007 у Бібліятэчцы таго ж часопіса.

    Выдавец: Міжнародны саюз беларускіх пісьменнікаў

    Запіс зроблены на студыі HUKAPIS кампаніі

  • Аповесць «Пакахай мяне, салдацік» — лірычная трагедыя, у якой канфлікт героя з ваеннай рэчаіснасцю дасягае псіхалагічнай напружанасці і экзістэнцыйнай вастрыні. Быкаўскі твор прасякнуты болем за чалавека, яго зломлены, скалечаны лёс і адначасова напоўнены пафасам асуджэння вайны.

    У аповесці В. Быкаў надае значную ўвагу вобразу жанчыны. Дзеянне ў аповесці «Пакахай мяне, салдацік» адбываецца ў апошнія дні Вялікай Айчыннай вайны ў ваколіцах невялічкага аўстрыйскага гарадка.

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    Тэкст агучыў акцёр Нацыянальнага акадэмічнага тэатра імя Янкі Купалы Ігар Дзянісаў.

  • Васіль Быкаў пісаў так у мемуарах “Доўгая дарога дадому” пра сваю аповесць “У тумане” (1988), якая стваралася ім у Доме творчасці ў Нідзе: “Сюжэт “Туману” быў гатовы даўно. Ідэя чалавечай безвыходнасьці нязрушна сядзела ў маёй сьвядомасьці і час ад часу дамагалася рэалізацыі. Некаторыя казалі: пэсымізм, фаталізм, розныя іншыя ўпадніцкія ўплывы. Можа, і так. Але колькі ў людзкім жыцьці здараецца канфліктаў – з сабой ці з грамадзтвам, якія разьвязаць немагчыма. Не паддаюцца ніякім разумным высілкам. І ня толькі ў сытуацыі, калі дабро супрацьстаіць злу. Але і тады, як пісаў Гегель, калі канфлікт ляжыць у адносінах правага з правым. Тое ўжо трагедыя. Як паглядзець, дык усё чалавечае жыцьцё – трагедыя, бо ўсе пачуваюцца правымі. Ніхто ня лічыць сябе вінаватым”

    Чытае Ігар Дзянісаў

    Выдавец: Міжнародны саюз беларускіх пісьменнікаў

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