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  • What makes you a heretic? Journalist Andrew Gold believes that, in an age of group-think and tribes, we need heretics - those who use unconventional wisdom to speak out against their own groups, from cancelled comedians and radical feminists to cult defectors and vigilantes hunting deviants.

    Learn from my guests how to rebel, think differently and resist social contagion. From Triggernometry's Francis Foster and the world's most cancelled man Graham Linehan to ex-Hasidic Jew Julia Haart and gender critical atheist Richard Dawkins. These are the people living with the weight of their own community's disappointment on their shoulders.

  • Go deeper into the world of Victoria Police with our new podcast, Police Life: The Experts.

    Tune in and get a unique insight into Victoria Police and its people.

    In this four-episode podcast series, hear about the incredible work of negotiators in the Critical Incident Response Team, and the dedication of investigators in the Major Collision Investigation Unit.

    You’ll also get to know a tenacious detective in country Victoria, and the DNA experts within the Forensic Services Department.

    Join us as we shine a light on our people and their extraordinary skills. Episode one is out on February 20.

    Learn more about the work of Victoria Police at

  • Most Wanted is a true crime podcast about history's Most Wanted. Amanda and Lauren combine their research and storytelling skills with the humor only sisters can create to tell a new story each week.

  • Forty six years ago, on a warm summer night in Melbourne, Susan Bartlett and Suzanne Armstrong were stabbed to death in their home in Easey Street, Collingwood. Suzanne's 16 month-old son was asleep in the cot at this time. The double homicide remains one of the most confronting cold cases.

  • The Missing Campers Trial follows the case of Russell Hill and Carol Clay, and the man accused of murdering them, Gregory Lynn, an accusation he denies.

    Bringing you up to date with an investigation that began in March 2020, through to Gregory Lynn's arrest in November 2021, to now.....The Age Crime & Justice Reporter Erin Pearson will be in court each day as he stands trial. With Nine News Reporter Penelope Liersch this podcast will bring to life the testimony and the evidence, giving you an insight into the dynamics of the courtroom - as the prosecution and defence present their arguments to the jury.

  • After midnight on July 6th, 2012, three teenage girls walked into the thick Appalachian woods somewhere along the Mason-Dixon county line. Hours later, under the glow of a nearly full moon, only two walked out.

    The very last time Dave and Mary Neese saw their only child Skylar was in a grainy black-and-white video. In it, she's sneaking out of her ground-floor bedroom in the middle of the night, her purse over her shoulder, her brown hair swinging as she hurries across the small parking lot to a waiting car.

    What happened to Skylar Neese has become gothic American lore: the odd girl out in a vicious teenage triangle. But in the ten years since that fateful night beneath the West Virginia stars, a fuller portrait of what happened has emerged. From award-winning journalists Justine Harman and Holly Millea comes a gripping 10-part series featuring Skylar's family, closest friends, and law enforcement who lived the case—and are still living it.

  • "The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe" was a popular radio detective show that aired from 1950 to 1951. Based on the fictional detective created by Rex Stout, the show starred Sydney Greenstreet as the titular character, Nero Wolfe, and was produced by the prolific radio producer Himan Brown. The show was known for its intricate plots, complex characters, and top-notch acting.

    Each episode of "The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe" followed the cases of Nero Wolfe, a brilliant and eccentric detective who solves crimes with the help of his loyal assistant, Archie Goodwin, played by Lawrence Dobkin. Wolfe is known for his incredible powers of deduction and his love of gourmet food and orchids.

    The show was noted for its high production values and top-notch acting, with Greenstreet delivering a memorable and charismatic performance as the larger-than-life detective. The show's writing was also exceptional, with each episode featuring a clever and intricate mystery that kept listeners guessing until the very end.

    "The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe" was a critically acclaimed radio detective show that helped to establish the character of Nero Wolfe as one of the most beloved detectives in the genre. The show's legacy has continued to this day, with several adaptations of the character appearing in books, television shows, and other forms of media.

    These episodes have been digitally remastered and are presented by

    For more information about this and other old time radio programs please visit: .

  • Cookie Conspiracy explores the mystery of Starbridge Hollow, where the sudden disappearance of a beloved baker and his famed Midnight Macaroon sparks a series of intriguing questions.

    Leaving city life behind, I found myself in Starbridge Hollow. Here, amidst its charming streets and whispered folklore, I've begun to peel back layers of a story that's as enigmatic as it is captivating. From clandestine meetings in shadowed corners to the unraveling of long-held myths, join me in uncovering the truths that Starbridge Hollow has concealed for generations.

    Stay connected and join the mystery on Instagram @cookieconspiracypod and Twitter @CookieConPod!

    Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

  • Each episode of GRWMurder delves into a different true crime case, from cold-blooded murders to unsolved disappearances. As you sip your morning coffee or apply your makeup, your host — Megan guides you through the details, piecing together the evidence on someone’s darkest secrets. 

  • A true crime podcast where two sisters exploit their worst fears for your entertainment. You're welcome!

  • At age 45, Steve Patterson made a shocking online discovery: his own missing person’s page.

    Desperate to uncover why he had been included on the list, Steve called Todd Matthews, a missing-persons investigator, in search of answers. Together, Todd and Steve discover a sordid family past that includes long-lost relatives, kidnappings, and murders. It turns out that Steve was presumed dead because around the time he was born, his biological mother had married a serial killer who tore their family apart. Along the way, Steve would have to make sense of a personal story with more twists and turns than he’d ever imagined.

    In this ten-episode narrative series, Todd Matthews, an amateur sleuth from Tennessee, tells the story of a family torn apart by tragedy and his quest to bring them back together. From Revelations Entertainment, First and Last Productions, and Neon Hum Media, "Hello John Doe" is a winding, poignant tale that explores what it means to be lost and found

  • From the Salem Witch Trials to O.J. Simpson, trials have always revealed hidden truths about our world. History on Trial digs into famous legal battles from American history, uncovering the real story behind the headlines, and exploring the powerful cultural contexts that shaped the verdicts -- and still impact us today. Fans of true crime, legal dramas, and history alike will be captivated by the unbelievable cases that played out in the courtrooms of history.

    Hosted by Mira Hayward. New episodes drop every other Thursday.

  • Online Child Sexual Exploitation. The Truth. The Toll.

    Hosted by retired Phoenix Police detective Eric Oldenburg, this podcast tackles the hard truths about child sexual exploitation. Eric walks listeners through his experiences investigating online child sexual abuse cases and highlights the intensifying threat posed by advancing technology. He emphasizes the mental and emotional toll this work takes on investigators and discusses the urgent need for better support systems to protect these frontline heroes. Eric vows to provide an open platform for discussions that society typically shies away from, incorporating personal stories, shared struggles, and dedicated efforts from around the world in combating this ever-growing issue.

  • Tales from Incredible Tales is a new video podcast series that takes a look back at the beloved TV show that terrified a whole generation. Join Ria897 DJ Raihan Yacob, horror creators Kyle Ong and Wayne Rée from HANTU as well as special guests such as Utt, Hafidz Rahman and Eugene Tay, as they share their experiences and their own incredible tales.

    New episodes go up every Thursday evening at 8pm SGT.

    Send us your thoughts and tell us which Incredible Tales episodes you want us to cover at [email protected]

    Brought to you by Mediacorp, and produced by HANTU

  • The Recalling is a patchwork of untrustworthy memories. The story of my life is not linear. Instead, it comes to me in a series of horrific flashes and cherished moments and if I'm to tell my story honestly, I will have to share both.

    The stories feature creatures that may be recognizable but most you've never seen or heard of. 

    The tales unravel in places that may seem familiar and locations that can be found on no map and suffer no names. 

    Some memories will be disturbing, others may be wondrous, yet all will be dark as light is not a place I've spent much time in.

    Before we begin, I must ask you to be careful.

    My memories may become your nightmares and my experiences may prove your cautionary tales - but that will only serve to bring us closer together as parts of this podcast are quite interactive.

    If you enjoy the podcast, please rate, subscribe, and leave a review to help others find it.

    Presented in immersive 3D audio - Headphones and discretion are advised.

    If the mood should strike you, I encourage you to reach out to me via social media:

    Mastodon: @HansonOak
    Threads: @Hanson_Oak

  • O jornalista Rodrigo Pereira, do g1/eptv, reconta um crime brutal cometido em Piracicaba, no interior de São Paulo, no final da década de 80. Um menino de 9 anos de idade foi encontrado morto dentro de um freezer durante um almoço festivo nas dependências de um colégio católico da cidade. Uma história cheia de mistérios, injustiças e reviravoltas.

  • This podcast takes a deep dive into the court proceedings of the gripping trial into the murder of a South African soccer star. We bring you analysis from a legal expert, as well as your contributions from the EWNReporter twitter space. If you would also like to make your views heard, join the Above the law: The Senzo Meyiwa Trial twitter space, every Sunday that the trial is in session.

  • Shamsa. Latifa. Haya. -- Why do women risk their lives to flee the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum? #FreeLatifa #FreeShamsa

  • Welcome to "Creeps and Creeps," the podcast that delves into the dark and mysterious realms of true crime and the supernatural. In each episode, your host, Cece Delaney, will guide you through haunting tales and real-life criminal cases that send shivers down your spine.
    So, grab a warm cup of coffee, turn down the lights, and join Cece as she ventures into the mysterious realms on our world's fringes.
    New episode is available every Monday, and videos are available only on Spotify and YouTube.

  • Welcome to Wrongful. This podcast seeks to provide a public defense for individuals who have been wrongfully convicted. 

    Our first case is out of Kenosha, Wisconsin. 

    Zachariah Anderson, or “Zach”, was convicted this March, on two counts of stalking, homicide, and hiding a corpse. He was accused of stalking his ex girlfriend and her new boyfriend, and of murdering said boyfriend. No body was ever found, and Zach maintains his innocence. 

    Zach wanted to testify, but he was urged by his attorneys to utilize his fifth amendment right. He put his trust in the system that was put in place to protect the innocent, thus his story never was heard. 

    We are here to tell his side of the story. We will be utilizing the information from the trial, looking at the evidence presented, scrutinizing testimonies, reviewing unseen evidence, and information we learned about Zach from his own journals and from interviews with his family. 

    Listen along with us as we review this case and look at the evidence and decide for yourself…could he be innocent?

  • Hosted by Tyler Measom and Liz Iacuzzi, Was I In A Cult? is a documentary-style podcast showcasing individuals who have been in, and most importantly, successfully left a cult. Told first-hand by the experiencer themself, these are raw, riveting and inspirational tales of what it means to be a survivor. Using levity and info-tainment, the show humanizes the cultic experience and may leave some of our listeners asking themselves…“Wait…Was I In A Cult?” If you or someone you know has been in a cult and want to share your story, contact us at [email protected]. We'd love to hear from you.