• What you will learn from this episode:

    Learn how to be fearless in going forward despite the odds, so you continue growing your business. It would be best if you didn't do it all alone, and it is essential to know the value of great mentors for solid support. Learn that the only way to keep going forward is to keep evolving and accepting any imperfections.


    Anne Marie is the director and manager of Permablend. She is a special educator who has worked with children with Autism and their families. Parent trainer focusing on behavioral issues and behavioral techniques to create the home and family environment desired. What gives her the most joy is the time spent with her twin girls.

    Listen to Anne Marie as she shares her life's ups and downs. How she carried it with strength and grace is one thing we can all learn from and strive to attain.

    She shares the time she started tattooing and how she overcame the thought of perfectionism. There's no point in comparing yourself with other tattoo artists or beauty professionals, but instead, just hone in on your craft to be the best you can be. As a lifelong learner, she reminds us not to be afraid of failure. You can always fix things as you move along.

    She mentioned the evolving nature of permanent makeup and the tattoo industry to become mainstream for the public. Young artists who are just starting may not know what women before them have gone through and fought to have the industry they love today.

    She talks about where she finds the strength to get through life challenges like a divorce after a long marriage, coping with her sister's death, and losing other loved ones. She shares encouraging words to other beauty professionals on being fearless and being where their feet are. Allow yourself the grace of time and experience.

    She thinks women tend to compete with each other, not realizing that nurturing women to help each other grow creates more of a significant impact. Remember that everyone is going through something, and you never know if your kind words could change their life.

    Her biggest tip is having great mentors and a strong support system to get you through it all. It's an investment in yourself since no one should try to do it alone. You will always need someone, and we all have something to contribute. Even successful individuals have mentors of their own and see where it has gotten them.

    "You're in the exact place you're supposed to be in this moment of time. Like, where you are, is where you're supposed to be. And you're going to continue to grow your craft and be better. But at this moment, right now, just allow it to be and take it all in and make it part of who you are."

    - AnneMarie Rubino

    Topics Covered:

    01:32 - Having the most beautiful and precious time with her twins
    02:48 - A backstory of her family life having a father who is a tattoo artist and what she went through in life -- the ups and downs of it
    07:20 - How different is tattooing from permanent makeup
    10:04 - How she started tattooing
    13:09 - How she bounced from all the difficulties when she began as a tattooist and PMU artist
    13:32 - A lifelong learner
    14:42 - An evolving industry - products, ink, and technique
    16:32 - What younger tattoo and PMU artists should know about women's role in the industry's evolution
    18:53 - Where do her strength and fearlessness lie?
    22:25 - The choice is only just to go forward
    25:15 - What younger artists can learn from her encouraging words
    27:11 - The value of great mentors and great support
    28:41 - Women nurturing women and growing with each other
    31:42 - Perma Blend is evolving
    32:36 - What she's up to these days
    33:18 - Trends she sees coming and excited about and collaborations with artists

    Key Takeaways:

    “I was so disheartened because I thought that I take so many classes, and I thought that I was just not doing something right, right, because I couldn't get the results that I wanted. And I think just persevering, just really continuing to hone in on your craft, and not really worrying about what anybody else was doing.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “I feel like we always get better, we can always be better. There’s always so much to learn and I'm a lifelong learner.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “I think once we feel like we've arrived, I think that's when we get in trouble. And so I think by continuing to have an open mind and continuing to learn from whoever is in your path, I think is always the best way.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “I don't claim to know, I don't claim to be or do or know anything. I don't know if I don't know, I'm going to tell you that. If I don't know, I'll find out. And I'll make it that I know it now but I'm not going to pretend that I know it. I'm not as good as one artist. I'm not as bad as the other artist. I'm right here and it's my job to make myself better.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “I think to give ourselves the grace to know that we don't have to be perfect. Yes, that was a big life lesson for me, because there were things that I wouldn't do when I was younger because I couldn't do them perfectly.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “A friend of mine said, If you make a decision, and it's the wrong decision, just make another decision.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “When people have to really think about and focus on other people, they also lose concentration on how to better themselves.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    “One of my colleagues here at work, his grandmother used to say, be where your feet are.” - Anne Marie Rubino

    Connect with Anne Marie Rubino:

    permablend.com E:manager@permablend.com Facebook Instagram Twitter

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out how to clearly create an ideal client avatar of your beauty business so you keep attracting the very best clients every time. Understand people's buying mindset so that everything you do speaks directly to them, and you are top of mind when they take action. Learn how to start a client attraction funnel and find the time to do it even when you say you don't have it.


    Jennifer Louise is an Obsessions Salon founder and lifelong hairdresser. She holds over 20 years of experience and is head of reservations. Jennifer keeps the salon in check as the queen of organization and the reason why the salon runs smoothly. She decided to extend her appointment times some years back to make the guest's experience outstanding. Jennifer also coaches business builders for the king of hairdressers education 365 hair. She gives back to the industry that she loves and is CEO of the Successful Salon Club, an online global training academy for salon managers.

    In this episode, Jennifer shares her 17-year journey into the beauty industry with her struggles that made her successful.

    She tells the lessons she learned from buying a salon that is already operating and the challenges she went through and what it taught her.

    Ten years into the business, she realized her salon was not growing as she had hoped. She then decided to rebrand and zeroed in on creating a business for the ideal clients she always wants in her salon. She couldn't stress enough the importance of knowing your identity, knowing who you want to service, and consistently delivering your message, so you attract more of those clients who will help you grow your beauty business.

    She underlines the need to understand the emotional buying behaviors of your clients. Then once you figure that out, clients will become your army of mini-marketers all around you to build brand awareness.

    Learn her Instagram strategy of how she draws inspiration for posts, how she creates a marketing funnel, and how she reaches out to her prospects to follow up for new clients month after month.

    Jennifer's business is proof that defining your dream client and creating marketing for that client is the best asset you can have for growing your business.

    "The secret to growing your business is finding your 'Sue.' Knowing your identity, then knowing your ideal clients so that you can consistently connect with the right people to grow your business, then understanding your core values and beliefs that will layer in up for Sue."

    - Jennifer Louise

    Topics Covered:

    01:26 - How her journey in the beauty industry began
    05:33 - What she learned from directly buying a shop that is already operating
    09:33 - The pains and struggles of growing her beauty salon business
    16:24 - How she rebranded and zeroed in on her ideal client
    19:08 - Why is it important to understand the emotional buying cycle of consumers
    23:09 - Sharing her Instagram posts samples -- how it look like and where does she draw inspiration from what she posts
    30:11 - How do you start a high-end salon
    31:14 - Why discounts cheapen your beauty service
    36:11 - How she runs her Instagram page and the marketing strategies she employs
    39:06 - How she reaches out to clients
    40:07 - How to start a funnel and find time to do it
    47:55 - The valuable lessons she's learned throughout her seventeen-year beauty business journey
    54:00 - What's the secret to growing your business

    Key Takeaways:

    “If you want to buy the shop that you're working in, don't mess around trying to find something else, just get on and do it and don't waste that time and that money elsewhere.” - Jennifer Louise

    “I think because we always strive for that perfection, we just hold ourselves back. And one of the things my mentor always says to me is, Jennifer, perfection is poverty.” - Jennifer Louise

    “The currency of the world is not the Pound, the Dollar, or the Euro, it is an emotional currency. It's the heartbeat in the brands that people buy into.” - Jennifer Louise

    “I do believe that your biggest asset in anyone’s business is the ideal client.” - Jennifer Louise

    “If you look at the very first line of the bio of your Instagram it should be telling you what we do as a business. So, anyone's first line should tell you what do you do as a business? Why should I pay you instead of the person down the street that does the same thing? - Jennifer Louise

    “I use their words in the posts, I make sure that I replicate their language and all of my team do the same thing.”- Jennifer Louise

    “When you discount it you cheapen it massively. People get addicted to discount, they never get addicted to free.”- Jennifer Louise

    Connect with Jennifer Louise:

    obsessionssalon.co.uk/ Instagram

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
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  • What you will learn from this episode:

    Find out some of the mistakes PMU beauty artists make that you should avoid so that you protect your integrity and credibility Discover one trick to doing effortless permanent makeup strokes Hear tips for turning clients into raving fans and keep them coming back again & again Learn how to think and plan long-term for your business to continue growing


    Mary Ritcherson has worked in the beauty industry for over 20+ years & was introduced to Permanent Makeup by a highly respected local Plastic Surgeon in Tampa, FL. Mary began to research Permanent Makeup and instantly fell in love with the idea of helping women feel better about themselves. She completed her Certification in Permanent Makeup in August 2004 & to date, she has completed over 16,000+ eyebrow procedures.

    Her NanoLines technique has gained worldwide recognition allowing her to showcase her work and share her techniques in advanced classes and conferences.

    In this episode, Mary shares her lessons learned from growing a business and then starting her business again after moving across the country to another state.

    After relocating to a new place, COVID-19 hits, and she pivoted her business plans once again. It is that kind of mindset a true entrepreneur should possess.

    Through the years, she has built good relationships and even collaborates with what others might consider her competition.

    With over a decade of experience under her belt, she shares wisdom for new beauty professionals or those still struggling to improve their skills. Mary even reveals what she wishes she would have done when starting her PMU business.

    Find out her favorite tools and tricks for mastering her NanoLines technique, even what she does to this day that can also help you.

    Mary reminds us to be patient because improving our skills or building a beauty industry is not an overnight process. Practice a lot and seek out training from mentors that will make you better. When you're feeling stuck, don't be afraid to ask for help.

    Always keep that humility in you and keep yourself grounded. Share your knowledge and help as many people as you can.

    As you earn, it's best to save and plan long-term. You will never regret having done it early in life. That way, when you are at the time of retirement, you will be living a good life and enjoying it.

    "I always say to my clients; I don't need your money. I want you to be happy. And if you can't listen to what I'm telling you as the professional, read my forms, then don't spend any money with me today. I'd rather you walk out; we part friends than you knowing I shouldn't be doing something on you. And most of the time, they appreciate that."

    - Mary Ritcherson

    Topics Covered:

    03:16 - Lessons and insights from what she calls a ‘curse and blessing’ of an experience
    04:56 - Planning, taking action, and pivoting
    08:22 - Seeing value in collaboration with competition
    11:26 - How she navigated her business through a legal battle
    14:54 - What she would have done differently when she started her career
    18:51 - How did she learn her trick from doing her NanoLines
    20:09 - Her go-to for machine needle and pigment
    22:11 - Mistakes she sees artist are making that should be avoided
    23:47 - Hone your skills and be patient
    26:21 - What excites her these days and what’s up on her plate
    28:17 - The best ways to think and plan long-term
    31:29 - What she is most proud of
    33:05 - The legacy she wants to leave people with
    34:17 - What to do when you’re stuck

    Key Takeaways:

    “Doing what I know I'm able of doing, so saying “no” to me has been my saving grace. I know that I make the right decisions. I know my limits. I know what I can tackle, and I know what I can't do.” - Mary Ritcherson

    “My trick is I work super duper clean, I pre-draw everything, and I work super slow and methodical... It just takes a lot of practice and mind control, and I talk to myself to go slow. I don't overwork it. I get in, and I get out.” - Mary Ritcherson

    “Life has been good. As I said, I've had sleepless nights, I've had nausea from my clients. I've been there just like every client has been, and I don't care how good you are or how good you think you are. You can't make everybody happy. And I've lived the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hence, the reason why I say ‘no’ to so many people.” - Mary Ritcherson

    “I think I'm most proud of helping a ton. A lot of people, thousands of people. But I think just maintaining my level of humility has made me really proud. Just staying true to myself and those around me.” - Mary Ritcherson

    “I just want to be known as the girl, the technician, the trainer, you know, I hope to be written in a book or two down the road that I was the trainer that shared everything that I shared 110% that I gave 110%.” - Mary Ritcherson

    “When it comes to my trainings, when it comes to my colleagues and my camaraderie, I don't look at people as competition. Some people don’t like me for crazy reasons, and I've learned to get rid of the negative, I've learned to delete, I learned to block, and I don't engage in any of it. For the newbies and the millennials that are getting started, don't engage in a drama, keep all of your personal stuff to yourself. Don't put it out there.” - Mary Ritcherson

    “If you've been feeling stuck, and I'm sure you can vouch, and I can vouch, and a lot of us that are leaders in the industry can vouch, we've all been in those ruts. I would just say, just battle through it. Learn from your mistake. Reach out to people for advice and help. Don't be afraid to reach out to people.” - Mary Ritcherson


    Take your NanoLines machine hair stroke course at https://girlzinktraining.com/

    Connect with Mary Ritcherson:

    permanentmakeupbymary.com Facebook Instagram

    Connect with April Meese:

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  • Summary:

    How do you connect with individuals and stay top of their minds through the content you post? Do you want to grow your network, make the most of your connections, and network for collaborations?

    You can leverage the power of LinkedIn. Try the strategies that our guest, Raluca Topor, used to secure more clients.

    Raluca Topor is a Career Accelerator and LinkedIn Marketing Strategist helping course creators, and spiritual entrepreneurs build magnetic personal brands by utilizing the power of LinkedIn.

    In this episode, Raluca helps you explore LinkedIn to leverage the extra visibility, build relationships, and grow your business organically.

    She shares how early on, that LinkedIn was the one platform that helped her grow her career. She spills the tips, tricks, and how-tos to make the most use of the platform.

    Raluca discusses knowing how to use content creation, what is best to post, how to use Linkedin features to your advantage, leveraging hashtags, and building connections with outreach. She basically covered the popular organic ways to show up on LinkedIn and scale your business.

    You’ll be relieved to know that she recommends trying the least expensive version of LinkedIn to give you the chance before paying for the extra searchability and other tools.

    No matter how small your business is you have to make time to create a company page because it shows people you are legitimate. That way potential clients can learn about you as a permanent makeup beauty service provider.

    “Create a company page on LinkedIn. Why am I saying that? Because it will increase the know-like-trust factor. You will be seen as a legit business. People want to learn more, so they will do all the clicking. Do not leave the company page undone or unfinished. Take the time and do it right.”

    - Raluca Topor

    Topics Covered:

    02:47 - What piqued her interest in LinkedIn and why did she join

    05:40 - What to love about LinkedIn

    07:53 - Tips to help you navigate LinkedIn, what content to post, how to engage with your audience

    11:01 - How connections are made in LinkedIn, which content gives you the best visibility in the platform

    12:55 - Leveraging hashtags

    14:41 - Expanding your LinkedIn content beyond video

    17:26 - Why you need the same professionally-shot profile photo across all platforms

    19:33 - Other features that help you advertise online events

    20:51 - What’s with first degree and 500 plus connections

    21:39 - How to do outreach and create relationships on LinkedIn

    23:13 - Making the most of the filters feature

    25:07 - Practical reason why you have to try out the least expensive version of LinkedIn

    26:26 - What to remember when creating and promoting events on LinkedIn

    26:56 - Why create a company page on LinkedIn and take the time to do it

    Key Takeaways:

    “LinkedIn piqued my interest because I realized I could actually connect with these companies and stay top of mind by posting content.” - Raluca Topor

    “While LinkedIn might not have been in the past the typical platform that comes top of mind to promote your services in your beauty industry, I do think that there are ways to leverage the platform to educate your audience and maybe draw in people that you might miss on Instagram or on other platforms.” - Raluca Topor

    “You don't have to post a lot of content to start being seen, you don't have to even put a weight on you that you have to learn and post constantly. The LinkedIn algorithm is much slower than Instagram, that means that you post something, let's say on Monday, that content will work for you to push you in searches for at least I would say, a week or two.” - Raluca Topor

    You do not have to reinvent the wheel. If you already have these videos created or infographics, posts or reels on Instagram, all of that content can be slowly and strategically repurposed on to LinkedIn.” - Raluca Topor

    “LinkedIn will be that platform that allows you to find people, as I said earlier before they even know they need your service if your content is up to par.” - Raluca Topor

    “A way to repurpose Instagram stories or reels is actually to try LinkedIn stories, which is a newer feature. You can use a percentage for educating the customer, a percentage to sell, a percentage to inspire, depending on what type of personal brand you're positioning yourself.” - Raluca Topor

    “The way LinkedIn works, I would say that video is the type of content that will give you the best visibility on the platform, and maybe asking there and encouraging the conversation to go on in the comments.” - Raluca Topor

    “Another way to educate your audience is through articles. There are long-form posts, short-form posts of content. Articles would be considered that longer-form type of content, where maybe you can talk about your passion, why did you start your beauty business to take that audience beyond what they see.” - Raluca Topor

    “Getting to 500 connections is a must to do. And it's not because I say so, the platform actually prefers the accounts that have 500 plus connections, the maximum you can go on LinkedIn is thirty thousand.” - Raluca Topor

    “The company pages are a place where I send my clients to learn about the company to see, to get a feel of the culture, and to see if they really want to work for a company. The company pages have become a place where potential clients can learn more about you as a service provider.” - Raluca Topor


    Download your FREE PDF - Seven tips on how to make an all-star profile. Click here: https://yourworthonpaper.mykajabi.com/newlinkedintips

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    yourworthonpaper LinkedIn Instagram

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  • Summary:

    Are you a beauty professional that is a perfectionist? Do you find yourself always comparing your photos with someone who's been ahead of you in the industry? Do you feel like your work is never good enough?

    Don't be hard on yourself. Just continue to learn and train more, but don't give up. You are not alone! Listen to Layla's journey to success.

    Layla Hinchen started her career in the beauty industry in 2003 and has run a successful and well-established hair and beauty business since 2004. In 2006 Layla became an appointed permanent makeup trainer, teaching beauty to other salons and therapists across London, Kent, and Essex. Layla now offers a range of courses, providing mentoring in permanent makeup.

    Layla is a multi-award-winning artist and educator with over 16 years industry experience and 12 years teaching. Company director of a successful clinic & training academy, Layla is also the creator of the first online PMU platform & support group - The PMU Circle. Combining educational content with a community feel & continued support, The PMU Circle is aimed at artists of all levels. With a passion to raise industry standards and share knowledge - The PMU Circle is the perfect platform for bringing artists together from around the world.

    In this episode, Layla shares how she started in the industry, her struggles, and how she overcame them. Learn what keeps her striving to be her best, so there is no chance to be complacent. Plus, hear her advice on what she wished she would have known when starting her business and that she now applies to her business every day.

    She's been in the industry for almost two decades and what kept her going throughout the tough years is her passion for what she does. Keeping that passion for what you do, patience, and self-grace is what she recommends because the reward of the pride you feel when you finish the service and the client delight is all worth it. Always have that confidence in the work you are doing to keep moving forward.

    Layla gives excellent advice on getting better at your craft and not judging yourself. There's no reason to compare yourself to other artists you perceive are ahead of you because everyone's journey is different. It can be challenging when you are seeing other beauty professionals posting their best work on social media.

    You don't want to miss the story she shares and a fantastic tip on how to handle a challenging client situation. Knowing what to do when things aren't going as planned with the beauty service is a lesson that everyone should remember. Often we beat ourselves up for wanting to make things perfect. However, there is always room for improvement, so be kind to yourself.

    There is so much to be excited about the world opening up again and all of the online support, but as she says, nothing beats the in-salon training.

    "And even seventeen years in, I'm still faced with challenges when it comes to clients, such as have that confidence to keep pushing forward and just know that not every treatment is going to be a perfect one and accept that."

    - Layla Hinchen

    Topics Covered:

    02:19 - What got her fascinated with the PMU industry

    03:22 - The struggles she went through in her early years in the industry

    04:47 - Why you shouldn't judge yourself against someone else's shiny, glossy Instagram photos

    06:06 - What keeps her going

    07:03 - When did she feel confident about what she was doing?

    07:42 - Her favorite procedure

    07:59 - Favorite machine needle and pigment

    08:59 - Favorite pigment color

    09:55 - What she loves to teach about and give tips on

    10:25 - What she would have done when she was starting out

    13:14 - Her ways of getting clients

    19:27 - What she does when doing her work and there's a power cut

    20:30 - What's the huge shift in training right now, and what's one thing that can not be replaced

    21:52 - What is The PMU Circle Pro all about

    24:04 - Encouraging words from Layla

    Key Takeaways:

    “Don't kind of judge your work against everyone’s shiny, glossy Instagram photos because it's important to remember that we only post our best work. If an artist has difficult skin and the treatments are not photo-worthy, we don't post it. But it doesn't mean that we're not doing them.” - Layla Hinchen

    “I've gotten to the point now where I'm quite happy to turn clients away if we can't come to an agreement. But I think when you're quite new into the industry, it's having that confidence to kind of put your foot down a little bit with them.” - Layla Hinchen

    “If I go on a training course now and I learn a new technique, I do that model post instantly, and it just works so well. And if I learn something new, I like to make sure I do quite a lot of it. And straightaway otherwise I forget things.” - Layla Hinchen

    “Now, if something's not going right, you need to change something. So, just stop your machine and just take a second to think. Otherwise, we just keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” - Layla Hinchen

    “One of my biggest tips to beginners is, just turn your machine off, stop and just think.” - Layla Hinchen

    “I have definitely seen a huge shift in training with the online world now. I don't see the online training going, even when we are kind of back to normal. And I'm actually quite excited by it. I think it does open up a lot of new opportunities. It'll never replace in-person salon training because obviously, you need to do clients and you need hands-on.” - Layla Hinchen

    “I would just say never stop learning. Never stop improving. Always looking at your work, looking at how you can do better. Just don't ever give up. Permanent makeup is a tough one.” - Layla Hinchen

    “Don't be too hard on yourself.” - Layla Hinchen

    Connect with Layla Hinchen:

    laylahinchen.com Facebook Twitter YouTube

    Connect with April Meese:

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  • Summary:

    Are you learning to balance motherhood, family relationships, life, or any other challenge with running your beauty business? How do you rise beyond the struggles and keep moving forward personally and businesswise?

    Look for the opportunities in change and with hopeful eyes to see that there's always something new that you can do to adapt and thrive. The key is to focus your energy where you get a return on investment with less overwhelm. Listen to our guest and find wisdom in what she shares.

    Marisol Medina is the Microblading Hub creator, a digital consulting service for professionals in the permanent makeup field.

    She is a past journalist that fell in love with digital marketing. She loves teaching how to optimize your website, rank on Google, increase your overall visibility, and become less afraid of social media.

    Marisol talks about going through a marital breakup just when she was starting her business. In this episode, find out how she overcame many things to keep moving forward both personally and professionally.

    Just as everything is changing, social media's algorithm goes the same way. If social media is an overwhelming thing for you, find other ways to get your audience's attention instead.

    Time and again, everyone underscores the importance of mentorship. It pays to hire a coach, someone who will hold you accountable for the success you want for yourself and your business. The best in the world have mentors and coaches. Marisol talks about the importance of finding support to reach your beauty business goals faster and investing in advertising with Facebook or Youtube ads. Please don't get discouraged with other people saying they've tried FB ads and didn't work out. There are real-life examples of businesses that are scaling and doing well even amidst this pandemic with advertising.

    She also talks about her excitement with TikTok for growing your business, plus so much more is shared in scaling and growing your business:

    1. Make your customers' experience as impeccable as it can be, and don't cut corners with customer service because people will know that something has changed.

    2. Connect and network with people so that your ideas and knowledge won't age quickly, and you are continually evolving and moving forward.

    3. Learn to delegate because the most significant transformation happens when business owners delegate. That way, you can focus on doing what you are best at, that is -- customer satisfaction with your service skills.

    "Opportunity is exciting, change is exciting. We can look at it through a negativity lens or look at it through hopeful eyes and see that there's always something new that you can do to adapt."

    - Marisol Medina

    What you will learn from this episode:

    00:59 - A backstory of how she ended up marketing her digital strategies

    03:49 - Personal struggle she went through while starting her business and getting through it all

    04:25 - Juggling the roles of a mom, wife, and an entrepreneur with two businesses

    07:23 - Two significant issues that need to be shifted to go forward

    10:04 - Where to focus your energy instead when you feel social media is too much of a burden for you

    13:34 - Trends she foresees coming

    19:32 - Why investing in a coach pays you back

    20:15 - How to look at change and navigate this new normal

    21:56 - What's the number one thing you can do for your business to keep going

    23:21 - Why the hesitation in doing advertising

    26:33 - Make sure that the service that you are providing is perfect

    27:51 - Don't be afraid to connect and network with other people in your space

    28:49 - Biggest transformations happen when you start delegating things in your business

    Key Takeaways:

    "If social media is too much of a burden for you, don't do it and focus your energy instead, on Google ads, or Facebook ads, something that is going to give you return on investment, and it's going to bring in clients without such overwhelm." - Marisol Medina

    "Invest in coaching, is my best advice. It helps so much to have someone on the side of your bench and helping you, listening to you, calling you, asking you how this and this and that are going, and keeping track of your progress and telling you, giving you ideas, and educating you." - Marisol Medina

    "You can look at something and be somber about it, or you can look at something and think about the positive things that can happen from it." - Marisol Medina

    "Invest in having someone on your side, who cares about your development as a business owner and your development as a person, your personal growth, and just establish that connection." - Marisol Medina

    "You can look at something and be absolutely somber about it, or you can look at something and think about the positive things that can happen from it." - Marisol Medina

    "There's always opportunity in change." - Marisol Medina

    "I would say, invest in advertising. I think that's a good thing to do. Anyone that's starting a business, investing in advertising is definitely going to help your business forward, especially now." - Marisol Medina

    Connect with Marisol Medina:

    microbladinghub.com Instagram

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Summary:

    Do you see value in building global partnerships? Is there an opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your industry? It's best to find out how the Clubhouse platform works best for your business. Here are tips that can help you maximize the use of this app.

    Start with an intention. How are you going to give value to your audience? Think of collaborations and adding value. Then have an objective, a business strategy on how things will work out for your business. If you listen to a room, create three action steps you need to follow through and when you will do it. Next, start your room as early as now (like starting a pop-up shop); it could be talking about beauty or local businesses around your area. This is how connections are made.

    Think about your client-attraction strategy and how you will nurture these relationships. You might want to create a lead generation magnet where people can opt-in so you can follow up with clients. Having a system for doing things in your business is always critical because systems save you time and sanity. Commit to a schedule in connecting with and following up with the connections you make on the platform.

    When it comes to monetizing, you can do brand partnerships, get them to sponsor your room. Launch new products and services, create clubhouse conferences with paid access, and there is affiliate marketing you can also think about for ways to monetize this platform.

    There are always new things coming out of the Clubhouse platform that you can make the most out of to grow your business.

    "You can have a perfect plan and never execute it, or you can just take imperfect action and make it better."

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    01:59 - How the Clubhouse app has snowballed with big thought leaders using it and what's to love about it

    03:34 - Have the intention and the objective when starting the Clubhouse platform

    04:21 - Currently, the Clubhouse platform is not fully optimized yet for local businesses, but you can start a room in your area

    06:41 - Connections, partnerships, and collaborations: Possible pop-up shop.

    07:30 - What is your client-attraction strategy?

    12:16 - Systemize to maximize

    15:16 - Key for connections: Make a habit of checking your messages on Instagram or Twitter

    for daily DMs

    15:48 - Monetizing the rooms: brand partnerships

    18:37 - Leading with service

    19:08 - Launching new products and services, creating clubhouse conferences and panels, affiliate links

    21:51 - A platform that is based on the algorithm: What does it mean?

    Key Takeaways:

    "What I like about Clubhouse is it's real candid conversations. It's not overly-produced. It's very authentic. And what I also love about it is you can make connections with people all around the world. That's the thing that you should know, basic information about the platform." - April Meese

    "When you're starting on the Clubhouse platform, you want to have an intention. Think about how you can give value, how you can show up and relate, collaborate, and add value. That's kind of the heart of it." - April Meese

    "Have an objective. And this is like the head (from heart & head). So how will this work for your business? What's your business strategy?" - April Meese

    "Currently, the platform is not optimized for local businesses yet, but that doesn't mean you can't be one of the first ones to start it. You can start a room for your area, for your city, your county. You could have it be about beauty, things in the area of beauty businesses. Maybe you reach out to another lashpreneur, dermatologist, or hairstylist, and you talk about what's happening in beauty for your city. That's a great way to get attention for your brand." - April Meese

    "You can have a little pop-up shop where you can share other people's businesses. You can collaborate on, you know, what's happening. And the great thing is once you've made these connections, then you can talk outside of the platform about how you can collaborate in more ways." - April Meese

    "Systemize to maximize--have a system for connecting or following up." - April Meese

    "Making that connection and then, following up regularly, that's what really makes the difference." - April Meese

    "As you're looking about building your business on this platform, one of the things that I've noticed is, I have to check my Instagram DMS daily. Because that's how people connect with this platform, so get in the habit of checking your messages on the platforms. That is key for those connections." - April Meese

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Summary:

    How do you move from just having a successful life to one of significance that allows you to create a legacy that lives on for decades beyond your life?

    The Blackbelt Leadership allows you to lead and live a life that empowers a new generation to make good choices to become a better version of themselves. Ultimately, this type of leadership makes a positive difference in the world around us.

    John L. Terry III is a two-time martial arts Hall of Fame inductee, John brings years of black belt experience to helping people, young and old, discover and develop the Black Belt Leader within and lead themselves with Black Belt Excellence. They can then use their leadership and influence to create high-performance, people-centric, values-based, non-leader-dependent teams and make an impact right where they are.

    He is a best-selling author and in-demand international public speaker, John serves as an Executive Director and President's Advisory Council member with The John Maxwell Team. He is also a DISC-certified human behavior consultant, a Real-Life Management Master Trainer, and a CTAA-Accredited Emotional Intelligence Coach & Practitioner.

    In this episode, John talks about the ten essential character qualities of a BLACK BELT leader. These include:

    Believing in yourself

    Learning everything you can

    Accountability to yourself

    Communicating effectively


    Bold action steps

    Equipping those you lead

    Loyalty to your calling & to those you lead

    Transformation happens.

    Every one of these traits comes into play to create a way of leadership and thinking that becomes you. When you embody all these traits, you become that authentic-genuine-values- based-people-centric leader who serves people the way you want to be served. You will also become a leader who leads by example, who goes first and challenges the status quo to create an innovative way of life that significantly transforms his and others’ lives.

    “The most successful leaders help their team members become leaders in their own right. Because if you can create an army of leaders, and you are leading an army of leaders, what you can do is unstoppable.”

    - John Terry III

    Topics Covered:

    02:27 - A backstory of how John got into martial arts

    03:28 - 10 essential character qualities of a BLACKBELT leader -- what each letter stands for

    03:34 - Believe that there is a leader within you waiting to be discovered

    04:04 - Learn everything you can

    04:42 - Be accountable to yourself

    05:07 - Why communication is important

    05:43 - Be kinetic

    06:21 - You’ve got to be bold

    06:53 - Equip those you are leading

    07:35 - The sense of loyalty that comes into play

    09:23 - Why transformation takes place everyday in a leader’s life

    10:43 - The character trait that is not written in the word blackbelt: Mu-shin

    13:04 - Foundational traits you should focus on

    15:29 - A man-in-the-mirror-moment that he does every morning

    16:10 - The value of bookending your day

    17:31 - Challenging the status quo

    19:36 - The Warren Buffet’s way of prioritizing your day

    21:11 - Let it be understood as you understand it

    23:41 - What happens when we teach people how to communicate effectively

    24:27- Leaders have to be people of action

    27:47 - Action steps you need to take

    29:58 - Accountability and deadline - the concept of working backward

    32:09 - The traits that we see in successful leaders of today

    33:51 - Formation and transformation

    Key Takeaways:

    “No matter what it is we do in life, if we don't believe that we are called to do that, we're not going to be successful. Because what we don't believe in, we don't pursue.” - John Terry III

    “Once you believe that you've been called to do something to make a difference in some way, now, you've got to learn everything you can about that particular topic. Then you become the authority figure and the expert. When people look to you, they look up to you as the leader that you've been called to be because the leader has to go first.”- John Terry III

    “You also have to be responsible to those who are teaching you to make sure that you are being a good steward of the content they have given you, but at the same time, also accountable to those that you're leading. - John Terry III

    “Communication is important. Because if you can't properly iterate to individuals, what you're doing, where you're going, and the calling that has on your life, very few people are going to follow you.” - John Terry III

    “Not everybody learns to connect on a personal level and to speak with someone in their own voice. And one of the things blackbelt leaders do is to learn to speak to people in their own voice.” - John Terry III

    “K is kinetic because leaders are people of action, you can't sit on your butt and be a leader.” - John Terry III

    “You've got to be bold, you can't sit back and let somebody else lead, and then you take credit for it. The leader goes first; the leader has to have those difficult conversations with people. The leader has to challenge the status quo to change things for the better; the leader has to disturb what is, to create what could be that's better.” - John Terry III

    “If you want to achieve success in life, significantly, you've got to equip those you lead because at some point, they're going to take your place. You and I are not going to be here forever.”- John Terry III

    “As we look at where we've come in our journey up to this point, you've got to understand that the calling that's been put inside of you, there's a loyalty to that calling. It is a God-given thing that God put within us that we've got to go live out on this earth.” - John Terry III

    “One of the worst areas that we see in leadership is a leader that says go, and then the leader never goes, or a leader says to do this, and he or she never does that. Leaders lead by example and that builds loyalty “ - John Terry III

    “The leader should be the first one to get there. And the last one to leave at the end of the day and doing everything that's necessary.” - John Terry III

    “If we've done all the character traits up to this point, we began to embody those in our lives. What takes place is transformation.” - John Terry III

    “What happens in the state of Mu-shin is, as we begin to transform, as leadership becomes a part of who we are and what we do, we begin to internalize it. And whether it's makeup and the amazing things that you do, or it's sewing, which my wife does, all of a sudden, as we begin to train overtime, you no longer have to stop and think, ‘Well, what would a leader say?’ Because it becomes automatic, it becomes a part of who you are. I don't have to think, I automatically know because that has become a part of who I am.” - John Terry III

    “When we find our calling and we walk through those character qualities of learning to lead ourselves well and make good choices, there comes the point in our lives when we embrace that. And that is no longer what we do, what we think, what we study; that is who we are. And when we begin to live that out, all of a sudden, we move from having a successful life to a life of significance that allows us to create a legacy that lives on for decades beyond ourselves.” - John Terry III

    “We can't do everything at once. But we can do three things every day. And if we focus on getting three things done, and being accountable to ourselves, to the process, and to ultimately the people that are going to serve, now we have an opportunity to grow.” - John Terry III

    “If we are not kinetic, we not only rob ourselves of the opportunity to see fulfillment, we steal the opportunity for others to be impacted in a meaningful way, by that vision and that purpose inside of us that is not yet fulfilled.” - John Terry III


    Download for FREE the 10 Black Belt Leadership Traits. Click here: http://beablackbeltleader.com/index.html Black Belt Leadership 101: What it Takes To Be a Black Belt Leader in Life by John Terry The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do in 12 Months by Brian P. Moran

    Connect with John Terry III:

    beablackbeltleader.com LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Instagram

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  • Summary:

    It's the start of the year, so what better way to bring it in than with gems of wisdom from our guest Vicky Martin. With her life experiences (shaken and stirred), she has nothing but lessons learned for herself and others, for a better perspective. With her passion for continuing inner growth, she's dedicated to helping others. She inspires us to look within to see the light in every situation that we are in and pursue our ultimate purpose.

    Nineteen years ago that was when Vicky Martin became a tattooist. In 2000, she learned how to tattoo and began to specialize in the art of Micro-pigmentation. With over 19 years in the industry, Vicky has been able to develop her expertise. In 2010 she became a trainer for a London company, and in 2012 she started her training school with her sister.

    She's also passionate about giving breast cancer survivors the very best medical tattooing results to finish their long, challenging journey and leave them feeling whole again. Fueled by this passion and using her experience, blended with the global techniques she has learned, she created her own method for tattooing the areola. She now teaches her 3D Areola (VICKY MARTIN METHOD VMM®) all over the world.

    Her love of learning is not restricted to micro-pigmentation techniques… She has studied neuroscience. She's also a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP practitioner, hypnotist, and even done Stand Up Comedy!

    In this episode, Vicky shares snippets of wise thoughts gleaned from a life lived in introspection and a deep sense of finding beauty even amid darkest situations. Having been a recluse herself for a moment in time, she's come out of that shell long ago to attest that something beautiful happens in life if you train your mind to think differently. It is always a matter of perspective, creating a thought in your mind to help you believe in yourself a little bit more and see the world in a much better way.

    As a beauty entrepreneur herself, she has those times when she almost quit. But now, in hindsight, she can only look back and say that things only got better and easier as time went on. She points out why we shouldn't be scared to make "mistakes" as there is gold in it; it helps us grow. What is worth having takes time, and it is not an overnight success. Remember, the only way to get past the fear is to get started.

    Affirmations are big in Vicky's life. It sets the tone for the day. It's as simple as just having to say to yourself, 'I am enough' or whatever something positive you want to say. You should believe Vicky when she says that the moment she started to think differently, that's when she found the opportunity.

    She has unstoppable energy inside her. See for yourself what a different way of thinking can do for you!

    "I think if you can start living your future, in a thought that you want to happen rather than a record of the past, it can really help you see things differently or feel differently, and it creates new neural plasticity in the mind that just helps you believe in yourself a little bit more."

    - Vicky Martin

    Topics Covered:

    01:10 - An intro to today's guest

    03:19 - A go-getter, competitive, beautiful soul Vicky Martin

    05:00 - Relating some highlights of her life

    09:05 - Stepping into subconscious dominance

    11:21 - Vicky's most straightforward trick to help yourself possess a positive outlook

    14:37 - Think differently and notice beautiful things happening for you and others

    17:39 - It's about changing filters in your mind

    19:57 - Were there times in her career, she almost quit?

    24:04 - Breakthroughs that made her the better person she is today

    27:50 - Why you need to forgive and stop torturing yourself for something that can't be undone

    32:48 - Standing up for what she believes in

    36:31 - That innate courage inside of her

    38:10 - How to turn a bad situation into a blessing

    40:20 - It's all about perspectives

    45:21 - A recap of Vicky's gems of wisdom

    48:26 - Think and say good things all the time

    49:58 - Empowering someone through conversations and questions

    Key Takeaways:

    "I've been studying the mind; I've been studying how to get over something that I went through years ago; I realized that we can all help people on the outside to look good. But what I really wanted to tap into is the inside because all of our inside is where all our beauty truly comes from." - Vicky Martin

    "I started to realize that your life is what you think it is. And if you start thinking differently, you start noticing different things, that there's a lot of beauty in the world, there's a lot of opportunity in the world. I cut myself off from everything because I just had this belief. So, I started to realize that there's a better way of thinking." - Vicky Martin

    "I actually think I enjoyed the attention; I got significance from being the person that moaned a lot. All of a sudden, I recognize that actually, I want it to be the person that could show the world that even in the darkest times if you look hard enough, find some little diamond, this has maybe given me the strength or this has given me then the power to help other people because I've walked that path." - Vicky Martin

    "I think it's about recognizing what you're thinking about and just setting goals, setting a plan, knowing where you want to go and knowing what you want your life to be like, because then your mind will start noticing opportunities." - Vicky Martin

    "There were definitely times I almost quit over the years but most definitely, the more you do it, the easier it gets." - Vicky Martin

    "I think one of the most important breakthroughs for me that have helped me become a better person is to know that I am enough. Because when you truly feel that you are enough, you don't really worry about someone having something better, their eyebrows being better, their training being better." - Vicky Martin

    "If somebody does something to you, I think it's about understanding why they're the way they are. And they're probably just like, they're hurting, or they're outing, it's making them feel better. And I think the best thing you can do is literally just send them love and just be like, 'I hope you're okay." - Vicky Martin

    "If you're bothered about something in life, and it's playing on your mind, you're like, why did I do that wrong? You have to ask yourself, can I change it? And if you can't change it, you literally have to stop torturing yourself. You've got to think there's a lesson in here because that's how we grow through our mistakes." - Vicky Martin

    "I think the biggest problem a lot of people make is they're frightened to make mistakes. But ultimately, that's the only way we grow, isn't it?" - Vicky Martin

    "If someone says it can't be done, then I'm like, I'm so gonna do it." - Vicky Martin

    "I think what's really good for your mind during COVID -- do anything, if you've got something that lights you up, that you're passionate about, and I'm lucky I've got a passion for it. Then it distracts everything else." - Vicky Martin


    All the information you need to become an incredible areola artist and have the confidence to change lives. Click here: http://bit.ly/37r3jdl

    Connect with Vicky Martin:

    vickymartinmethod.com Instagram

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Summary:

    One vital thing that you must know about Facebook ads is that they have changed since Apple changed their privacy settings. If you try to run your Facebook ads on Facebook and Instagram, you won't be able to track conversions for those that click on your ads while using Apple devices. Ultimately, it seems that Facebook ads are a bit less effective, which only means the cost will be going up, too. The same is happening with Instagram; Instagram feed is mostly dead now as it is all about stories (after they copied Snapchat) & IG Reels as they are competing with Tiktok.

    That is why it is an excellent opportunity to get on the Clubhouse now as it is early, and you have a chance to build your network with the app while it is in its infancy stage.

    You might be wondering what this clubhouse app could be about. Will this be another shiny object out there that is just a distraction? Can you add more to “your plate” right now?

    Do you see the value of global connections for your business? The earlier you get on this app, the more exposure you have and the more chance to build yourself and the opportunity to develop your authentic community.

    When it comes to this Clubhouse app, you also need to ask these questions: Is your business focused on building relationships? Or are you wanting to position yourself as an expert?

    This platform is a good platform for those things mentioned above, as many connections and collaborations are happening in real time. I firmly believe in connections as a core concept of what I teach in my Amplify Method, leveraged marketing, leveraging other authority referral partners' audiences to build your network.

    In this episode, we will discuss the Clubhouse app, take you behind the scenes, break it down for you, and give you all the information.

    "It's a great opportunity to get in on the Clubhouse app because it's new, and you can really build a following while the clubhouse app is still in its infancy."

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    00:57 - Thoughts about the new app called Clubhouse

    02:22 - The phone you need to have to download the Clubhouse app: iPhone

    02:40 - What you need to know about the Facebook ad changes

    04:24 - Why is it an excellent opportunity to get on the Clubhouse app now

    04:38 - What is a Clubhouse app

    05:43 - Key things you need to know about Clubhouse: etiquette, do's and don'ts, terminology used

    09:05 - April talks about how to download the app, walking and navigating through the Clubhouse app

    10:54 - What is a 'Ping'

    11:23 - What is a 'room' and what are the different types of rooms

    12:34 - What are 'clubs'

    15:31 - A calendar of upcoming rooms

    16:15 - A walkthrough on how to join the room

    20:37 - How the clubhouse app is accessible by the blind and deaf

    21:49 - How to have a chance to follow a speaker on Instagram or Twitter

    24:16 - What you need to do for you to connect with people in the room

    25:50 - What happens when you start to follow people

    29:53 - How to follow speakers in the room, how to get notifications when they're on stage

    31:48 - Where to find your profile and how to edit your bio

    33:02 - Why the first line of your bio should be the six words that you want somebody to know about you

    33:42 - What it means to 'reset the room'

    35:45 - The moderator's role

    36:28 - What I love about the Clubhouse app

    Key Takeaways:

    "When I experienced it myself, I'm like, 'Alright, this is something I can get behind.' And you have to have an iPhone or an iPad to be able to download the app. So I have an Android phone, but I have my iPad." - April Meese

    "It's a great opportunity to get in on the clubhouse app because it's new, and you can really build a following while the clubhouse app is still in its infancy." - April Meese

    "What I love about it is, it's real candid conversations, it's not overly produced as we see in this world where things are glossy. It's a natural conversation; there's not going to be a replay. And so just as you see, Tiktok broke away from the curated type of reels, and they're going for more of the authentic -- that I feel like people are just craving more of the authentic." - April Meese

    "You could get into a room with top business owners and ask them questions, or might be, there's a lot of celebrities that are on the platform if that's important to you. But you're able to get proximity to people that you're unlikely to get proximity to before." - April Meese

    "It's physically, in my opinion, impossible to fake it. Like, it's you authentically on there. There's nobody faking their photos, there's no way to fake boost your numbers right now, or straight-up lying about what you've accomplished, maybe people can put lies in their bio, but when they get on the stage, people are going to know like, 'Are they real or not'?" - April Meese

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Summary:

    Are you a beginner or an experienced permanent makeup artist and beauty professional who wants your business to be on top of Google searches? How do you go about landing in Google's 3-pack?

    Build your SEO and get reviews for your business.

    Ana Perrone was voted one of the best microblading artists in the United States. Ana is the only one in the U.S.A. holding three certificates from all major international microblading schools; Phibrows, Biotek, and Swiss Color®. With 18 years of experience in Brazil and U.S.A., Ana is the creator of the number one most downloaded Microblading app in the world. In 2019 she was invited as a special Master Speaker to showcase her "Chiaroscuro Brows" at the most prestigious Worldwide Eyebrow Festival, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. In 2020, Ana Perrone attended as an invited international speaker at The Global Permanent PMU Conferences in Russia twice this year, these events were held in the cities of Moscow and Sochi.

    Also, in 2019 Ana Perrone was featured in the cover of three of the most prestigious Micropigmentation magazines in the world; at the English version of "Permanent Makeup," where she explains step by step how to achieve her "Chiaroscuro Brows" technique and at "Silam Book Magazine" and "PMU International" where Ana talks about how her Microblading App has been helping over 15 thousand artists and students all over the world.

    In this episode, Ana talks about getting started on your SEO, whether you are a beginner or a more established professional. Other than getting reviews, she points out the need to first set up your business on Google My Business Page and how you should start the process of getting verified by Google.

    Learn why it is essential to have SEO-friendly websites. Ana suggests which platform you will want to know about to have a mobile-friendly website that Google prefers.

    Functional over fancy websites is what she advises as these are more effective and efficient, and Google likes it, therefore a plus point for your SEO.

    Backlinks are essential; thus, she highlights what you should know about the various types (white hat and black hat backlinks) for your website & business to be found by prospective clients.

    If you want to invest in content, blogs, and keywords, Ana introduces a service she uses called SEO CPR and Yext.

    She has a business that helps beauty professionals with SEO, and she gives tips on artists looking to hire for this service. She tells about the crucial questions you need to ask yourself about SEO and what you need to prepare to set it up.

    "The advice that I have to give to everybody is to let go of social media a little bit and focus on Google. Get those Google reviews. If you're shut down right now, now is the time for you to get those reviews and build up the SEO."

    - Ana Perrone

    Topics Covered:

    01:19 - Ana's professional background

    02:38 - Talking about SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

    08:01 - How to get your business on Google 3-pack

    09:17 - How to create Google My Business Page for your business

    10:04 - Get your reviews after you verify your Google My Business Page; why is it important.

    15:30 - Why you want to focus more on SEO and not so much on social media

    18:36 - Why is it essential to have SEO-friendly websites

    19:22 - What builds your SEO

    20:20 - Suggested websites that are SEO-friendly: WordPress, Mobirise, AMP

    21:21 - Why your website needs to be mobile-friendly

    22:25 - What beauty professionals with a bigger budget should focus on other than Google my business page and reviews

    23:02 - Backlinks: White hat SEO versus Black hat SEO

    26:04 - How Google Analytics lets you check fake backlinks

    27:04 - How you can buy or get for free legitimate backlinks

    29:18 - How Apple is trying to take over Google when it comes to search

    32:07 - Why you need to have a Yelp page

    34:20 - Learn about SEO CPR and Yext

    37:06 - What you want to know about keywords

    39:42 - The critical questions you need to ask for setting up SEO

    41:24 - What you need to be prepared for in terms of setting up your SEO

    44:34 - Tips for artists who are looking to hire for SEO

    47:00 - Advice for permanent makeup artists and beauty professionals

    Key Takeaways:

    "What I advise first that they can do, which is easy, it's free, is, before you even go there and create a Facebook page for your business which is also free, I recommend they go and create Google My Business Page for their business." - Ana Perrone

    "The second thing immediately after you verify your Google My Business is to get those reviews. And in the beginning, maybe you don't have that many clients or if you're doing the models just to build up your portfolio, get the models to review you. Get your teacher to review you, saying that you did well in class. It's very, very important to get the reviews." - Ana Perrone

    "Reviews are a huge part of SEO. And again, it's something like, 'Oh, yeah, reviews are good to look good because you have five stars. Oh, yeah, the client sees that. But in reality, those reviews are also building blocks to your SEO." - Ana Perrone

    "They need to be open-minded because you know how we are, especially women; we like pretty big things. We don't like certain websites, because it's fast, we like a website because it's pretty, and we don't want to change our website -- we took so long building, putting the cute little flowers in there. But your website sucks for Google, and you need to write these words. You should listen to us and do what we tell you because we know what we're talking about." - Ana Perrone

    "There are many things I tell my students like, don't worry about social media so much, focus on Google because most of SEO is from Google's search engine. If your prospective client wants to get the service that you offer, they're not going to go to Facebook and look for it on Facebook; they're not going to go and look for it on Instagram -- that is social media, they're not search engines." - Ana Perrone

    Connect with Ana Perrone:

    miamibeachmicroblading.com Facebook Instagram Pinterest

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Summary:

    Year 2020 has put all of us in a situation none of us would have imagined happening. Business-wise, my beauty business shutdown as well as those of my students’ business. Despite what happened I still continue to find ways to help them with their business and myself, too. Since starting my beauty business, I have always been juggling family duties with work, but by the end of 2020, I felt my body was getting worn out. I had been sick with a sinus infection and hives from the family tension and anxiety that came about with quarantine. So I’ve decided to take time off from social media to create memories with my family and to get a clearer perspective. Even after a rough start to the new year I am hopeful and have a positive outlook for this year. Taking some time off gave me space and grace I needed. It helped me to get clarity about important matters and reprioritize. I have always believed that you have to build your life around your business and not the other way around. That’s what I did, I walked the talk. I’m hoping these revelations will help you, too, in any way possible.

    Tactics can only get you so far. I pride myself in teaching sustainable marketing strategies that give you the real results and built my business while raising twin toddlers. That’s why you want to go with leveraged marketing. As you know, Facebook and Instagram have changed a lot since even a few years ago and it takes a lot more effort and time to get clients organically. In order to help you with your beauty business, I will continue to show up for you on my Facebook Business Page and the Beauty Marketing Simplified Podcast with free content. You can also expect low-cost workshops to give you tools for quick wins and business boost. One thing for sure is, the best way I can help you most is when you get a higher level of support. Investing in yourself gives you significant changes in your business and makes you step up on a different level. I have seen the most progress in my students in the Elevate Your Beauty Business program and the Mastermind Excel-erate Program. I would love for you to reach out to me for a success strategy call and see how I could support you. Hoping for a fantastic 2021 for all of us!

    “It's important to build your business around your life, not build your life around your business. And I need to walk the talk. So that's what I needed to do. And I pride myself in teaching sustainable marketing strategies.”

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    00:55 - Why she took time off from social media and podcasting

    02:37 - Finding that work-life balance

    03:15 - Starting a business, helping beauty professionals, and becoming obsessed with their results

    04:15 - Teaching her students leveraged marketing

    04:34 - A wakeup call, getting clear and reprioritizing matters

    05:43 - How to get a life and enjoying the process without overwhelm and stress

    06:42 - Understanding and knowing that principles are permanent, strategies are sustainable and tactics are temporary

    07:19 - What you can expect from April to help you in your business

    08:03 - Invest in yourself - how April can help you the most

    Key Takeaways:

    “I took some time off to heal my body to make some memories with my family and to get grounded on what's really important and focus on those things. And I gave myself the grace and space, to not worry about social media like I usually do, or letting people down because I said I was going to do this podcast weekly or not showing up on social media.” - April Meese

    “Principles are permanent, right, and strategies are sustainable, whereas tactics are temporary.” - April Meese

    “I appreciate you guys taking this journey with me as I share with you what I've learned and what's helped me grow my beauty business and my students. And again in that leveraged way, meaning we can still have a life and we can still enjoy the process without the overwhelm and stress.” - April Meese

    “I will continue to show up with free value both on my Facebook business page and my podcast, beauty marketing simplified with real guests and topics with tips to help you grow your beauty business, and maybe inspirational stories.” - April Meese

    “The strategies that I teach work for everyone, and I've had it work for people in other countries across the world and people at different stages in business. And it's worked across the board.”- April Meese

    “One of the things that became crystal clear to me is the way I can help you the most is with the higher level of support. And there's something that happens energetically when you invest in yourself on a higher level. That is when you get lasting results and significant changes in your business, you show up on a different level.” - April Meese

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com E: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook

  • Summary:

    Many beauty professionals are so passionate about many things they end up with no results because they become a jack of all trades but master of none. Most successful brands/beauty professionals that you may follow started with one main service skill. After they mastered that primary skill, then they eventually expanded. However, many beauty professionals are scared that they will limit themselves when they narrow down to offering just one "thing" when they start their business. The opposite is true in that you have the chance to market your strength and become the go-to person at the top of your prospective client's mind.

    If you don't see any growth in your business, there are only two reasons for that: visibility and value. Make yourself and your brand known. Craft a marketing message showcasing your value to your target market. Let your marketing resonate well with your clients. One way to start the process is for you to niche down. Be the best at one thing first, be known for it, that instinctively, when people have a problem, they would think of you as the solution.

    "The goal with marketing is to help you stand out, not blend in, and niching is where you become that known person, that first person that comes to mind, that go-to person. That's key."

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    00:14 - Two reasons why you are not experiencing growth in your business

    00:55 - Why the idea of narrowing down is scary to most beauty professionals

    01:19 - What do successful brands you follow are known for at the start?

    02:45 - Why many beauty professionals are doing everything with no result?

    03:45 - What is the goal of marketing?

    Key Takeaways:

    "Odds are if you are not experiencing the growth in your business that you would like, it's probably because of two reasons, visibility and value, meaning that you are unseen or unknown, or that you are not able to convey the value of your services." - April Meese

    "When you have a focused area of expertise, what I call your signature service, that it's easier to get known. That's not to say that you don't do other services, but you are marketing your strength." - April Meese

    "You don't want to be the jack of all trades, master of none, you've probably heard the expression, you can do anything, but it's not wise to do everything." - April Meese

    "If you're not able to get the traction, it's that perpetual hustle mode instead of that focused momentum." - April Meese

    "Remember how you talk to a 20 or 30-year-old about their problem is going to be different than how you speak to a 40 or 50-year-old with similar but different concerns." - April Meese

    Valuable Resource:

    Join our Beauty Business Bootcamp, ‘How to Create a Vision for Your Beauty Business and Actually Achieve It’. Click here: https://april-meese.mykajabi.com/offers/2CGBFwh3/checkout

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Summary:

    Like Black Friday, December is also one of those holidays people worldwide look forward to. It is probably one of those days when people are likely to spend more, however tight the situation may be.

    As you look forward to this month, you can't help but also think of what you can do for your business. Saving time and energy should be on top of your list. That is why it is best to have your systems in check. Getting a checklist on what to do next makes for speedier action. Think about your documentation for your client gifts, team appreciation system, and don't forget about your vision and planning for next year.

    If you are planning to have holiday promotions this year, make sure that you not only plan on having discounts. Holiday specials do not only mean discounts. You can think of creative ways to bundle up packages or give some bonuses for purchases made on selected items. Understand that giving specials is also a way to test how your market responds to it. If you experienced offering promotions before during this time and it didn't pan out, then look at where you've been missing on not doing enough to catch their undivided decision. Or maybe you haven't been posting enough in all media available for them to know all about it.

    Today is also a good time for you to think of ways of getting testimonials and strengthening your social proof. Or you can actually make contests out of liking or sharing photos to elicit active engagement among them.

    It is an excellent time to go over your content checklist. You must be posting valuable posts. Do your clients find enough value that it addresses their objection, leading them to take action?

    Also, get this time to show gratitude to your clients by having an appreciation post, talk about self-care. It has never been more relevant to be talking about this topic at this time. Or else go all out with your planning next year.

    How about gift-giving ideas you can think of? Homemade goodies and self-care kits are welcome treats for customers. Throw in making a holiday beauty gift guide or collaborate with other businesses in the area.

    There is just so much to look forward to and so many things you can do that you won't be running out of creative ideas. Be sure everything's strategic and not just any random plan.

    "The best plan, I think is to have a plan and think of ways that you can just improve."

    - April Meese

    Topics Covered:

    02:04 - The best plan to do before 2020 is finally over

    02:42 - Getting your systems in place to get things done and save you time

    04:38 - Making sure about your business holiday hours

    05:37 - Have you thought about a system or documentation for client gifts, team appreciation system, your vision, and planning for next year?

    06:47 - Research says that people spend more during December even if finances are tight

    07:08 - Specials do not only mean discounts

    07:29 - Understanding the idea of specials

    08:31 - What you should know about holiday promotions

    10:31 - Ways of getting more testimonials and increase your social proof

    11:20 - What to do on days when the market slows down

    13:16 - Check your content checklist and pay attention to your gratitude exercise

    13:35 - How to do your holiday beauty gift guide

    14:21 - Spotlight and collaborate with other businesses around the area

    15:52 - Are your posts valuable? Is it something that you would tune into? Is it something that is just promotional, or is it just talking about general things?

    18:10 - Holiday gift-giving ideas

    Key Takeaways:

    "You might also just need some systems, right systems as we always say help you get things done systems save you time." - April Meese

    "You probably have already made sure that you have your business holiday hours, which days you are planning on being off and if you are making your hours a little shorter, and hopefully you've also not only decided that but you've also posted that to let others know." - April Meese

    "Specials do not mean that it has to be a discount. You can bundle your services; you can work with other referral partners to bundle packages together with them, you can get creative, you don't always to discount your services." - April Meesel Meese

    "Remember, the idea of a special is to show extra value and give people a reason and incentive to spend the money with you or also just to make a decision to buy." - April Meese

    "The other thing about holiday promotions is, you are testing things. You see what your audience responds to." - April Meese

    Connect with April Meese:

    aprilmeese.com E: support@aprilmeese.com LinkedIn Instagram Facebook
  • Asking important questions that concern your beauty business peel off layers of more important issues that need to be addressed. It will not only help you dig deeper and deal with what matters most but that it will help you move closer to your goal easier and faster.

    You must be always on track to where you are supposed to go and asking these questions helps a lot. The questions you ask yourself matter a lot depending on what stage in your business you are in. If you are just in the beginning stage, what concerns you most is getting clients in. What are clients thinking about, what are they dealing with now? How to overcome the client’s objections to your service? Which leads us to ask, what stories do we need to be telling them to take action and get past those objections? This brings us to the idea of social proof, which is putting out there success stories of people you’ve helped with in the past. This is how you build brand visibility that is making more buyers and not just followers.

    It is also important to ask how you want your future with your business to be like. What should you let go of to focus better on something more rewarding? It‘s helpful to imagine yourself already at the top of success, try asking yourself what you created to be able to reach there? What strategies did you employ that worked for you? What systems did you set up in place to make things efficient?

    Less is actually more. Try to declutter your marketing strategy. Doing more in your beauty business sometimes doesn’t make sense. You just need to focus on the one that works and do more of that. That which you put your attention more grows. Be sure to find out which will bring big returns to your investment.

  • Black Friday or Cyber Monday is just around the corner. Statistics point out that people spend more at this time of the year because they are already preconditioned to spend more. It is just a matter of standing out with your offer and grabbing their undivided attention.

    As the holiday promo frenzy is getting nearer, it is best to weigh the pros and cons of offering promotions. The opportunity to earn more is the main reason and it builds brand awareness for sure. There's a big chance to hit your goals that you could not do at the start of the year and months earlier. Besides, it gives you a continuous plan on what to do over again if something works. At the same time, you must ask yourself, are you up for the big task at hand? Yes, there is some work involved here. You need to promote it correctly; otherwise, it will just be a waste of time and investment.

    If you decide to make a go for it, thinking outside of the box is highly encouraged. Think of ideas that set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Though you are geared towards holiday promos, the idea here goes beyond that one-day event so that you are making sure that your strategies make a ripple effect on the back end of your beauty business. When set up correctly, these promotions make repeat buyers out of your clients and will make them value your products and service more than they do your discounts. As you know, offering discounts is not always a way to build a loyal clientele but there are ways you can increase your products and services' perceived value. Think about value-adding ways to promote your services other than just offering discounts. You can have discounts on certain products or services that are selling less, the kind which clients are a bit afraid of or not as popular. It's not necessarily that you put your best seller services on promo because they are already selling every time and all the time. Bundling and upselling are also the kind that you have to think about. It increases your average order value.

    More than just creating the special offers you have in mind; you need to promote it wherever and whichever way you can. It is important to let people know about it. Make it known on all social media platforms and you can even make a contest out of it. You can even connect with other beauty businesses about your promotion, promote each other's businesses, or have it on radio or tv.

    If you want to dig in more and find out three strategies that are going to boost your overall revenue without a discount, then check out the mini-workshop that is happening next week. www.aprilmeese.com/bf.

  • How would it affect you when told that you're horrible and no good tattoo artist? What's worst, this rude man tells you to keep ruining people's tattoos so he can make money off fixing your mess? Cowed down, you’d probably be.

    But not this amazing woman. She had been told lies, but she refused to believe them. Instead, that fire within her was ignited that she did her best even more. One day she just proved that she's undisputed because she only believed in her truth.

    Angela Torresiani apprenticed as a tattoo artist in 1997 in NYC and began working full time as a professional tattoo artist in 2001 in Tacoma, WA. She learned permanent makeup in 2003 and has since worked as a tattoo artist and PMU tech in Tacoma WA (2001-2006), Stuttgart, Germany (2006-2010), and NYC (1996-1998, 2003, 2010-present). Her years as a tattoo artist have helped her as a PMU tech in providing expertise in choosing the proper color and technique to obtain beautifully natural results in all skin types and textures. She is certified internationally and keeps up to date with master level training in the latest techniques. Her office is at Flawless Permanent Cosmetics and Spa in Staten Island, NY minutes from all bridges. She is currently the president of the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals.

    In this episode, Angela shares about what she needs to do in her business despite the circumstances. Her resourcefulness got her to practice her skill and become better at it. She believed in her truth, continued her journey, and became the best at what she does despite what others think otherwise. She took action. She went all-in, took her fears aside, and just focus on her marketing and what needs to be done to sustain her business. She looks at a rather bad day into something bright and cheerful. She knows how to pep-talk herself up--showing her best self to every client by putting on that perfect smile to carry her into a festive mood throughout. Best of all, she's got an action plan to make things happen big in her business.

  • How do you hold your head amid life's adversity? Do you cower in fear, or do you soldier on?

    When life throws you one trial after another, that's not something you can just easily shrug off. But this guest we have for today's episode went through the toughest in her life and business but still stands tall despite it all.

    Heidi Rockholm has been in the beauty industry for 29 years. As a successful stylist, makeup artist, and salon owner, she started in the permanent makeup industry about two and a half years ago while recovering from shoulder surgery and opening her BeeQueen Studio. Heidi currently holds 18 different certifications. Eight of them are advanced training techniques. She's very passionate about not cutting corners and giving her clients the best products and services. She also has furthered her education. She does paramedical tattooing for breast cancer survivors. And she says it's the most gratifying part of her career. She currently resides in northern Idaho with her husband, Scott, of 27 years. She's also a mother of three adult children and two grandbabies.

    In this episode, Heidi shares how hard that time was when she got started in the beauty industry. With only toughness and faith in herself, she was able to get it through. She advocates for everyone to be not scared of risks and failures. It teaches you lessons in life that will only strengthen you and make you brave to face life and whatever comes with it. She highlights the advantages of delegating tasks and hiring a team. One can only do so much, and if you have someone else do things for you, you can do so much more. She also couldn't help sharing how nurturing lasting relationships with your co-workers and staff helps you big time and for a lifetime. Mentorship and friendship go a long way.

    Resourcefulness helps you thrive in your business, and furthering your education about your business helps you reach faster where you want to be. What will take more time and money if you do it yourself will only take you less when you enroll in 'The Elevate Program.' She admits to making the long and winding road of self-education, and she doesn't recommend it. That's why she shares the amazing experience she had with 'The Elevate Program.' To her, 'Elevate' is not just any other marketing course you have out there.

  • How do you break through those times when you feel defeated, and the world inside you is crumbling? How do you maintain a composure even when inside you are cracking? It is hard to imagine building an empire amidst the ashes of a burnt relationship.

    Only a strong mindset can see through it all. Our guest for today shares her story to prove that.

    Georgie Westley is the owner of Distinctive Features Cosmetic Tattoo and Beauty. She has extensive experience in the beauty industry, stretching over a 20-year period. She has undertaken a huge range of professionally certified training leading her to specialize now in her passion for the cosmetic tattoo, tattoo removal, and training.

    As a professional accredited trainer, she has taught beauty therapy, makeup artistry, nail technology, hair removal, skin, and science, resulting in the constant development of her knowledge for all things beauty. She makes a concerted effort to keep updated with the industry’s latest trends by traveling overseas and interstate to train with the best masters of the beauty industry.

    In this episode, Georgie talks about how she started building her business amidst a tumultuous period in her life. Instead of dwelling on self-pity, she turned her desperation into inspiration. Out of that misery, she created manuals that became the building blocks of her current business. She’s one living proof of turning tragedy into an opportunity.

    As a seasoned beauty professional in the industry, she shares the best practices, tools, techniques, and trends with us at par with the industry’s standards.

    Don’t miss to find out her tips and tricks to get clients and how to keep them from coming back not once, not twice, but their whole lifetime.

    In this business, building relationships is one essential step to your longevity. She is not without tips to help you keep connected and engaged with your clients despite the lockdowns.

    There is no business without stress. As such, her stress buster activities and techniques will help you pull out whatever it is that’s weighing you down and show up energized once again.

    Who doesn’t want to celebrate? She sure has plenty of wins to be celebrating about. Let’s take a glimpse of how she basks over in her triumphs.

    When it comes to the beauty industry’s future, she’s with the highest hopes that it will boom again since people want to feel good and normal again.

    Pretty much like her life and business - it is booming like never before.

  • How do you put your life together when all you've got is a seemingly crippling situation? You've started a business with your hard work, but don't see a single client around. What rubs insult to injury is the crumbling personal life you've got to deal with without family nearby to help you out.

    With massive faith and steadfast determination, you can beat the impossible odds and reach success. Valerie proves it as she shares her story. She did it, so can you.

    Valerie Weber is the Founder of Dermagrafix Permanent Cosmetic Studio, a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Certified Instructor. She began her journey in cosmetic tattooing, where she felt most at home in her artistic self. After years of striving to learn more to be the best, she realized that it took a great deal of practice and dedication to this craft to be just that. She continued to learn from those she admired and collected valuable knowledge that eventually helped her develop her style. Loving what she's doing is a complete understatement. The idea that a well-executed cosmetic tattoo can positively change someone's quality of life, knowing that drives her to be her best and work side-by-side with other professionals she trusts and shares that same vision as she has. Ultimately, this thought led her to train and mentor others who are also meant to change lives through art. The ever-popular Bi-Fusion Eyebrows and WhipLash Eyeliner techniques were what she played with for years to get just right.

    In this episode, Valerie shares what you need to consider in growing your business, the need to hire a team, the structure you need to create, and what comes with getting one. She underscores how not to sacrifice laws and safety even when you are still starting and doing things yourself. You're putting your brand and name on the line here. Though we are already digitally connected, she points out nothing beats creating personal relationships with your clients. That will last you a lifetime. As a business-minded person, she reminds everyone that your time is your investment. Though she's big on being generous, always learn to draw the line where your business assets aren't compromised.

    As with every success, you start at the beginning, and Valerie shares the most challenging times when she started her beauty business. At that time, her married life was in shambles, she went through a divorce, was left with a 5-year old son she sent to and from school while juggling her work in a clinic. She didn't receive child support; she didn't have a family member to help her out with her son. Her father was dying of cancer. She was all alone and left with no choice. What adds to the awful situation is that she had no clients, but never gave up. With patience and dedication, she painstakingly worked on her portfolio by scrapbooking. She went to every place she could get friendly with the owners and presented what she had. That's when her efforts paid off. To this day, she looks back with pride in her achievements. It was a choice of fight or flight. She chose to fight... and see where it got her today - on the wings of success.