• Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 10 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The songs we feature in the recap: Se-ri’s Choice by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee and The Hill of Yearning by April 2nd.How Se-ri and Captain Ri have had 5 partings and 5 reunions.In the end, it was easy enough to get Se-ri home since Captain Ri and his men were back at the DMZ.Why Captain Ri asked Gu Seung Jun for help and why Gu Seung Jun decided to help Captain Ri get Se-ri back to Seoul.The Grief Bowl and how the cracked and empty bowl outside the rundown house in the DMZ is a metaphor for how Captain Ri is feeling.How Se-ri gets back to Seoul and takes back her company, but she is clearly a changed person.The amnesia game that Se-ri is playing with her family, but Yoon Se-hyeong is not fooled since he and his wife knew that Se-ri was in North Korea.How Captain Ri gets his brother’s watch from Jung Man Bok, who is guilt-ridden over his part in the killing of his only friend, the man who saved his son.The trial that got Cho Cheol Gang convinced of multiple crimes, but he is rescued by two Kamaz trucks and is now threatening Se-ri back in Seoul.How Gu Seung Jun and Seo Dan met at the Pyongyang Hotel and Gu Seung Jun explains how he helped send Se-ri home.How Se-ri finds Captain Ri on the sidewalk outside her house. He had been looking for her!How Captain Ri’s men and Jung Man Bok are kidnapped by General Ri and given the mission to find Captain Ri in Seoul and bring him back.Kim Soo Hyun’s amazing cameo as a North Korea spy posing as a Chinese food delivery man. This is a role he played in Secretly Greatly.The background and roles of the handsome and talented Ha Seok Jin, who plays Ri Mu Hyeok, Captain Ri’s brother.


    Vanav facial massager, used by Se Ri when she got to her own apartmentThe Grief BowlBowing in Koreahttps://koreanpractice.com/bow-in-korean/https://daebak.co/blogs/magazine/south-korean-etiquette-bowing
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 9 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong Hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. The amazing Ernabel Demillo is back to help us recap and analyze this episode! We discuss:

    The songs we feature during the recap: My Companion by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee and All Of My Days by Kim Sejeong.Captain Ri didn’t believe Se-ri when she said she was going home. He was determined to find her!When Captain Ri punched Cho Cheol Gang, it wasn’t very smart, but he was done and he was out of hope. He felt like once again, he had failed to protect someone he loved.The language Se-ri uses when she speaks with Captain Ri’s father. She is very respectful and it’s hard to explain the levels of honorifics in Korean.How Captain Ri’s parents are shocked to find out who Se-ri is, and that she and Captain Ri love each other.How Captain Ri’s men spread the rumor about who Captain Ri’s father is, and this leads the Senior Colonel to release him from the detention center.How Captain Ri works out that his father, General Ri, is probably the one who had Se-ri taken.How Captain Ri and Se-ri discover that they encountered each other in Switzerland and Jeong Hyeok’s Song For My Brother gave Se-ri hope and he ultimately saved her life. This revelation scene was exquisitely filmed and edited.How Cho Cheol Gang convinced the Military Director to have the Ri residence searched because he thinks Se-ri is hiding there. The search ultimately turns up nothing because Captain Ri and his men did an emergency switch at the DMZ.Se-ri’s mom and sisters-in-law visit Se-ri’s apartment. Se-ri’s mom is full of worry and regret, while the sisters-in-law covet Se-ri’s things and her business, Se-ri’s Choice.How our second leads, Gu Seung Jun and Seo Dan, encounter each other at the Pyongyang Hotel bar. They get really drunk and discover each other for the first time.Captain Ri takes Se-ri to a point in the DMZ where she can easily cross over into South Korea. When Se-ri crosses over, Captain Ri decides to cross over and give Se-ri a big kiss!In the epilogue, we see Se-ri organizing Captain Ri’s books so that the top lines say ‘I Love You, Ri Jeong Hyeok.”The show we’re watching now, including Lovely Runner, Itaewon Class, and Red Sleeve.Ernabel’s show, Asian American Life. In a recent segment, she shares that ube is the top flavor trends of 2024. She also interviewed Jeanie Chang, author of “How K-Dramas Can Transform Your Life: Powerful Lessons on Belongingness, Healing, and Mental Health.”


    Article in USA Today about Kim SejeongKorea’s Divided Families70 Years of SeparationHow K-Dramas Can Transform Your Life: Powerful Lessons on Belongingness, Healing, and Mental Health by Jeanie ChangKorean Hamin on Choe Ae, or Best Love
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  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 8 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The song we featured during the recap: Season of Us by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee and Time of Jeong Hyeok for Se-ri by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee.This is the pivotal episode 8 and it ended on such a cliffhanger!How Captain Ri feels compelled to save Se-ri and help her get home. He made a promise to get her home AND this is his penance for failing to protect his brother, Ri Mu Hyeok.He wants to save Se-ri, not so they can be happy together, but so SHE can be safe and happy back in Seoul.Gu Seung jun and Seo Dan are making the same argument: Se-ri should stay away from Captain Ri to keep him safe.Gu Seung jun asks Se-ri to marry him so he can keep her safe and bring her back to South Korea. Even if Se-ri would consider this a fake marriage, he would like to make it more than that.But nothing can keep Captain Ri from Se-ri. He goes alone, unarmed and injured to save her.How their eyes spoke volumes when they said goodby on Gu Seung jun’s balcony.Se-ri makes another fateful choice when she takes the car and goes after Captain Ri.Our new element 48 is talk of first loves.Captain Ri is out to get Captain Ri, especially now that Gu Seung jun has let Se-ri escape. He wants to get Se-ri convicted as a South Korean spy and take down Captain Ri and his father.Se-ri pawned Gu Seung jun’s engagement ring and gave everything in the pawn shop to the village ladies. She took the designer men’s watch she had spotted earlier; she intended to give it to Captain Ri as a Christmas present.We have a double cliffhanger at the end of the episode.The first was when Se-ri taken at gunpoint. She was asked to make a phone call to Captain Ri to say she was leaving North Korea. She says I love you, a gun goes off, and then the line goes dead.The second was when Hong Chang sik, Se-ri’s assistant, and Park Su chan, the insurance agent, try to convince Se-ri’s father that she is still alive.The K Drama elements we see in this episode, including the confession, talk of a first love, lots of crying, lots of wrist grabs, and protecting someone you love at personal cost to yourself.The filming locations for Crash Landing On You, which includes Jeju Island, multiple locations in Switzerland, a department store in Incheon, and Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia.The shows we’re watching now: Lovely Runner for Sung Hee and Itaewon Class for Joanna.


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  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 7 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The song we feature during the recap: the regular and orchestral versions of Song For My Brother by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang Hee.What a joint lock is, in reference to Joanna talking about joint locks in episode 8.6.Se-ri’s decision to drive to Sariwon Hospital instead of the hospital instead of the airport, and her decision to stay and donate blood to Captain Ri, instead of flying out of the country with the national track team.Why Se-ri made these choices and what Captain Ri now means to her.How Captain Ri, at first furious with Se-ri, softens, kisses Se-ri outside, and even confesses his feelings about Se-ri to Seo Dan.North Korea’s health care system, which the government says is free, but in reality, is in sad shape, and not free. Patients often have to bribe doctors to receive care.How Se-ri now needs another way out of North Korea, so she calls Gu Seung jun, who realizes that Se-ri is in danger, and comes to get her at the hospital. She goes willingly, not realizing where he’s taking her.Gu Seung jun and Seo Dan’s meeting and Gu Seung jun’s dating and marriage advice to Seo Dan.Cho Cheol Gang’s efforts to arrest Captain Ri, which are thwarted by the arrival of Captain Ri’s parents.The arrival of Seo Dan and her mother. Seo Dan doesn’t accept Captain Ri’s feelings about Se-ri and tells him that he will forget Se-ri since she’s leaving anyway.Se-ri’s father’s announcement during the shareholder meeting that Yoon Se-ri is dead and Yoon Se-hyeung is now Chairman.Hong Chang sik and Park Su chan’s realization that the recording of Se-ri’s mayday call went nowhere because Yoon Se-hyeung wanted to be Chairman.The back story behind the beautiful Song For My Brother, which Ri Jeong Hyeok played on the pier in Switzerland, just at the moment when Se-ri was on a boat nearby. The song gave her hope and a fresh willingness to live; she’s looked high and low for this song ever since.Se-ri has just realized that she’s been kidnapped. Gu Seung jun tells her that she doesn’t need Captain Ri anyway and contacting him would only endanger him. Similarly, Seo Dan says going after Se-ri would only endanger him.The beautiful Seo Ji-hye, the actress who plays Seo Dan.
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 6 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The songs we heard during the recap: Here I Am Again by Yerin Baek and Picnic by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang HeeOur four leads have all met at this point and there are some interesting triangles forming.Gu Seung jun, Se-ri and Captain Ri are each trying to figure out what’s going on, but each is missing key information.Gu Seung jun is hoping to use the fact that Se-ri is in North Korea as his bargaining chip against Yoon Se-hyeung. Little does he realize that his asking Cho Cheol Gang to keep Se-ri in North Korea is putting her in real danger.How all of our research has led us to believe that listening devices are commonplace all over North Korea, especially in places where foreigners congregate.We’re not sure if Seo Dan loves Captain Ri but she is certainly not going to let another woman take him away from her.Captain Ri is a man who keeps his promises. He promised to keep Se-ri safe, so he goes after the Kamaz trucks at the end of the episode. We also see that he intends to honor his promise to Seo Dan, a promise made seven years ago to marry her.Captain Ri and Se-ri have basically confessed their feelings for each other. She does it through her words, while he expresses it through his actions.Cho Cheol Gang shows Jung Man bok a photo of Se-ri, saying he needs to have her never leave North Korea. Jung Man bok is in agony because he will be party to another murder, this time of someone who has been kind to his wife and son.We see that Cho Cheol Gang is untouchable because he’s done favors for, or given money to, all of the senior officers.Captain Ri protects Se-ri at huge personal cost to himself when he goes after the Kamaz trucks and takes a bullet in the back.
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 5 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The songs we featured in the recap: Sunset by Davichi and My Companion by Nam Hye sung and Park Sang Hee.Captain Ri’s big confession to Se-ri that he has a fiancée, which of course leads her to deny that she is at all interested in him.The lack of love between Seo Dan and Captain Ri; we wonder if she loves him.How the village women rally around Se-ri when they think she’s been dumped by Captain Ri.Chimaek (fried chicken and beer) vs. dried pollack and beer.The story of Gyeonu and Jiknyeo, which is a story from Korean mythology.Captain Ri driving Seo Dan back to her house and then visiting his parents.How Captain Ri again went out on a limb to protect Se-ri when he asked his father to help him get Se-ri out of the country; the plan is to get her out through a track team going to Europe.How asking if someone has eaten is a common way of greeting people in Korea; it’s a sign of caring to ask and then offer food.How Captain Ri always seems to be confident about his future and maybe it’s because he doesn’t think about his future and doesn’t believe he can ever be happy again.The really expensive Chopard watch that Se-ri pawns and the watch she sees at the pawnbroker’s shop.How Se-ri needs to change her appearance for her upcoming trip to Pyongyang. She chooses the “Goodbye” hairstyle, of all things!How Captain Ri has made a HUGE enemy out of Cho Cheol Gang when he rescued his men and opened up an investigation into the Kamaz truck accidents.The recurring goodbyes and partings in this show.The terrible situation that Jung Man Bok finds himself in. He contributed to the murder of Ri Mu Hyeok, who saved him from a beating. He is listening in on Ri Jeong Hyeok, who came to his rescue when his wallet was stolen. And he is listening in on Yoon Se-ri, who elevated his wife’s position in the village and saved his son from the school bullies. The magical scene outside the train between Se-ri and Captain Ri when she fell asleep and Captain Ri covered her with his overcoat and let her lean on his shoulder.How Gu Seung Jun went on one date with Se-ri but she rightly intuited that he was after her money. And now he finds her in a hotel in Pyongyang! He has just found a way to bargain with Se-ri’s younger brother!The amazing Son Ye-jin, the actress who plays Yoon Se-ri: her background, movies, shows, and accomplishments.The shows we are watching now.


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  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 4 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The songs we feature during the recap:Flower by Yoon MiraeSpring in my hometown by Nam Hye Sung and Park Sang HeeHow desperate Se-ri must have felt when she missed the boat that would have taken her out of North Korea.How Se-ri’s desperation leads her to sneak out of Captain Ri’s house to try and paraglide back to South Korea, but Captain Ri saves her and they both manage to escape the State Security officials. Lots of plot holes here!The finger heart that Se-ri gave Captain Ri. We think she was showing deep and sweet appreciation, but Kim Ju Meok thinks she’s in love with Captain Ri.Is there anything Captain Ri can’t do? He hand roasts coffee beans for Se-ri’s drip coffee and he makes her bean sprout soup for her hangover.How during Ma Yong Ae’s birthday party, Se-ri was there to promote Captain Ri, but she still managed to show a true kindness to Myeong Sun by modifying the dress that Myeong Sun made.How Se-ri is being very clever by calling Ma Yong Ae “unnie.” Unnie implies respect for an older sister, woman or friend, and it also implies a closeness.How South Korean goods are very likely illegal in North Korea and how hard it must be to keep KPop, Korean Dramas and K Beauty out of North Korea!How Captain Ri and Se-ri are showing true kindness to Jung Man bok and his wife. We think the show is setting up a big conflict because Jung Man bok is tasked with listening in on Captain Ri and Se-ri.How we learn that Se-ri is the illegitimate daughter of the Chairman, and there is a sad flashback of Se-ri alone on a beach, counting.Even though the Chairman has named Se-ri’s younger brother as the new Chairman, the Chairman’s wife, Se-ri’s stepmom, says it’s too early to name a successor because Se-ri might still come back.The amazing epilogue where we see how Ri Jyeong Hyeok saved Se-ri from jumping off the Sigriswil bridge. He saved her life!We introduce Malcolm Reilly, an attorney in Portland, Oregon and K Drama Chat listener. We talk about what life must really be like in North Korea.Malcolm’s K Drama journey.What Malcolm is watching now!


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  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 3 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The songs we feature during the recap:Yong ae and villagers by Nam Hye Seung and Park Sang HeePhoto of my Mind by Song Ga inHow Captain Ri is lying through his teeth about Se-ri and this is so unlike him! He’s actually doing so many things that are out of character!How Captain Ri and Se-ri are looking at each other in a new light because of certain incidents, including the beggar boy to whom Se-ri gave food, and Se-ri’s gifts to Captain Ri and his men.Stairway to Heaven, the K Dramas that Kim Ju Meok was watching. How memories that are lost, that come back, or that are revealed over time are more common than we thought and are a new K Drama element!How Captain Ri became a K Drama cliche when he kisses Yoon Se-ri in the boat hold, to maybe throw off the Coast Guard about to barge in on them.How Captain Ri is often so aloof and confident when he’s in trouble. Could this be because of his father? Does this family relationship make him feel untouchable?Se-ri needs Plan C to get out of North Korea and now we have Seo Dan, who’s come back from Russia and claims to be Captain Ri’s fiancee.Gu Seung Jun is now in North Korea but it’s possible that despite his money, he may not be safe, because Lt. Commander Cho Cheol Gang threatens to turn him over to his enemies if he’s not respectful.We get introduced to Jeong Man bok, the wiretapper who helped Cho Cheol Gang murder Ri Mu Hyeok. Now Cho Cheol Gang realizes that Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok is Ri Mu Hyeok’s brother and he wants to take down the entire family.The Korean idea of “noonchi,” which roughly translates to social skills, and literally means eye measure. From an early age, Koreans are taught to be aware of social status and to read every situation very carefully.


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  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 2 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The song we feature during the recap: But It’s Destiny by 10cm and how 10cm got its name.Our gratitude to our listeners who commented on the blog, and gave us a review on Apple podcasts. Thank you!The Korean tradition of doljanchi where babies are asked to pick an object from a table in front of them; the object they pick will influence their future.How Se-ri is is someone who has learned to trust and obey her instincts, but when she turned left instead of right at the fork, after leaving Captain Ri, she made the wrong decision. Or did she?How Captain Ri now thinks that Se-ri is a South Korean spy who managed to evade the land mines and electric fence; how did she do that?How Se-ri uses all of her skills as a woman and business person to get Captain Ri and his men to help her.The story of Heung Bu and Nol Bu that Se-ri tells Captain Ri.How Captain Ri is so upstanding and always ready to deal with wrongdoing appropriately.How Captain Ri goes to Pyongyang to investigate the death of the grave robbers, but is instead investigated until he is saved by General Go Myeong Seok, who knows him and his father.How Pyongyang is the most modern city in North Korea. Much of the rest of the country is without electricity most of the time, meat is hard come by, and life is really hard.How Gu Seung joon is about to become Co Cheol Gang’s newest customer.We learn a shocking fact when we see Se-ri in the flashback, asking a staff person at a Swiss Institute for euthanasia; she was denied and recommended instead to go see the Swiss mountains.Our favorite K Drama elements, including: the food that Captain Ri makes for Se-ri, a connection from the past (and it’s only episode 2), the many product placements, and the K Drama reference.The amazing and hunky Hyun bin. We talk about his education, early career, fame, and military service.


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  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 1 of Crash Landing On You, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Hyun Bin as Ri Jyeong hyeok, Son Ye-jin as Yoon Se-ri, Seo Ji-hye as Seo Dan and Kim Jung-hyun as Gu Seung joon. We discuss:

    The song we feature during the recap: Give You My Heart by IU.The title of this K Drama in Korean is 사랑의 불시착, which translate to Love’s Emergency Landing, or Love’s Crash Landing.How this show was inspired by a real event involving South Korean actress Jung Yang, whose leisure boat drifted into the maritime boundary between North and South Korea and had to be rescued.Some familiar elements that we saw in Queen of Tears.We introduce our characters:Captain Ri Jyeong hyeokYoon Se-riCaptain Ri’s men, including Sergeant Pyo Chi Su, Soldier Kim Ju Meok, and Private Geum Eun DongSe-ri’s father, the Chairman of the Queens Group, and her motherSe-ri’s competitive brothers and their conniving wivesGu Seung joonWhy there is a North Korea and a South Korea.A bit about the origins of the Korean War.Sung Hee’s visit to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) in 2011, with her father.How the Chairman has just been released from prison and he names Se-ri as his successor, causing anger and angst among her brothers.Se-ri goes paragliding to test out a new line of extreme sportswear, and she gets caught in a freak tornado.How Se-ri ends up in North Korea, gets caught by Captain Ri, runs away, and ends up in a North Korean village.How Se-ri is almost caught by commanding officer Cho Cheol Gang but Captain Ri grabs her and tucks her away inside his gate in the nick of time.Why Captain Ri would save Se-ri from Cho Cheol Gang.The grave robbers who turn out to be hired by Cho Cheol Gang, and who orders the grave robbers killed after they disclose the locations of the artifacts.How we are up to 45 K Drama elements!What we’re watching right now, besides Crash Landing On You, of course.


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  • Today, we’ll be doing our final review of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, and Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. Ernabel Demillo is back to help us analyze this amazing show! We recap the entire show and then we discuss:

    The song we featured during the recap: Way Home, sung by Kim Soo Hyun.How we rewatched the first few episodes and realized a few things, e.g.,When Hae-in was an intern, Hyun-woo would roll up his sleeves whenever he helped her out at the copier; this is probably when she realized he had sexy forearms.In episode 1, after going out drinking with Kim Yang-ki, Hyun-woo walks home, while pulling leaves of a branchThe character arcs of each of our characters:Soo-cheolCheon Da-hyeHae-in’s parentsHyun-woo’s parentsHyun-woo’s sister and brotherGraceDavid Yoon or Yoon Eun-seungMoh Sul heeHae-inHyun-wooHow the death of Su-won caused Hae-in’s family to unravel, and Hae-in’s miscarriage caused her marriage to unravel.How Hae-in’s mom and David Yoon’s mom both neglected their children, but believed they had time to repair the relationship. In Moh Sul hee’s case, she never got the chance because David Yoon died.How Hae-in had the most dramatic story arc and it’s ultimately Hyun-woo who was the catalyst for her transformation.Hae-in’s feelings toward Hyun-woo change over the course of 16 episodes and there are key moments in the show when her feelings changed.When we think Hyun-woo started to fall in love with his wife again.How the show did a great job of showing the same scene from two different perspectives to show how misunderstandings happen.Our favorite K Drama elements.Our favorite lines from the last two episodes.The show that we will recap and analyze in Season 8 of K Drama Chat. Want to find out? You gotta listen to the episode!


    Way Home by Kim Soo Hyun - this will make you sob!Jang Yoon-ju (Hyun-woo’s sister) on InstagramWomen of LG family take on legal battle over inheritance
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 15 and 16 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, and Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye.

    Ernabel Demillo is back to help us analyze episodes 15 and 16! We discuss:

    The songs we feature during the recap:More Than Enough by Kim Tae RaeHeart Flutter by doriHow crazy it was that David Yoon got to claim that he was Hae-in’s fiancé by donating a lot of money to the medical center.How Hae-in’s notebook was found by David Yoon, tossed into a fire, salvaged, and eventually made it back to Hae-in so she could read her own words about herself and Hyun-woo.How we despised Grace but she did manage to redeem herself by encouraging Moh Sul hee to track down Hae-in, returning the pink MP3 player, and making sure that the notebook made it to Hae-in.How David Yoon’s lies were so evil but because they had elements of truth, they became believable.But despite David Yoon’s lies, Hae-in is uncomfortable around him. Her body “remembers” David Yoon and Hyun-woo.How Hae-in decides to learn more about Hyun-woo because she is uneasy around David Yoon, Hyun-woo is clearly an important piece to her life’s puzzle, and her heart races when she sees him.Kim Soo-hyun’s acting throughout this show, but especially when Hae-in goes in for surgery, when he’s arrested, and when he sees her afterward.How our hearts just couldn’t take it when Hyun-woo is hit by the car and then later shot in the back.We learn more about David Yoon’s dark childhood and the secrets he kept about his mom.The beautiful ending where we see Hyun-woo and Hae-in get married, have a daughter, grow old, and eventually, Hae-in comes to get Hyun-woo and bring him to heaven.Comments from our listeners about Queen of Tears, as well as their recommendations for shows to analyze in Season 8 of K Drama Chat.


    Heart Flutter by dori on YouTubeMore Than Enough by Kim Tae Rae on YouTubeStanford APARC Event: The Future of Hallyu: Korean Cinema on the Global Stage | Ji Eun Park
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 13 and 14 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, and Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

    The songs we feature during the recap:Promise by Choi Yu ReeLast Chance by So Soo binHow our predictions about the secret fund didn’t pan out. The most obvious thing actually happened: David Yoon and Moh Sul hee found the money and are using it to buy Queens Group stock illegally.How we feel about Hyun-woo, Hae-in’s dad, and Hyun-woo’s dad keeping a secret from Hae-in about the possible side effects of the operation that could save her life.Hyun-woo’s burden throughout the show. He’s been taking care of Hae-in and her family, and battling David Yoon. All the attention is on Hae-in, but his burden is great.How there’s so much crying in these two episodes – by everyone!The amazingly sweet segments between Hyun-woo and Hae-in, including during their trip to Gurang-ri, scenes from their honeymoon in Germany, and how the couple is always touching while in Hyun woo’s apartment.How Hae-in decides against the surgery because without her memories, she won’t be herself. We don’t blame her!How it was ultimately Hyun-woo who changes her mind about the surgery. When she saw how miserable he was when he thought she had died in the car crash, she decides that she must live.We finally learn the origins of David Yoon’s obsession with the Hong family and how he fell in love with Hae-in.We wonder why both sides are still talking to Grace, who is double crossing everyone.How we’re crushed that Hyun-woo has been arrested and he wasn’t by Hae-in’s side when she woke up from her surgery. The other couples in the show: Soo-cheol and Da-hye + Beom-ja and YeongseongKorean funeral customs.The importance of kimchi and kimchi making.The K Drama elements in these episodes, including all the crying, the food, the realization by Hyun woo that he had met Hae-in in the past, gazing at someone sleeping.The amazing screenwriter Park Ji-eun!


    How to follow Korean funeral customs and etiquettes as a foreign in KoreaHow rural towns in South Korea are saving traditional kimchi making2 composers of K-drama's OST explain their approaches
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 11 and 12 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, and Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

    The songs we feature during the recap:Can’t get over you by Paul Kim From bottom of my heart by Kim Na YoungSome recent comments from listeners and mistakes from last week’s episode.Hae-in’s mother’s regret now that she knows her daughter is sick and she reflects on how she’s been so awful to her daughter all these years.How and why Hae-in continues to reject Hyun-woo, who knows she loves him and is desperate to show Hae-in that he will stay by her side.Hyun-woo and Hae-in appear to be working together to take down David Yoon but they’re still keeping secrets from each other.How Hyun-woo’s small apartment fills Hyun-woo and Hae-in with regret. Could their marriage have been different if they had lived in a small apartment and had to be together at the end of each day?Kim Soo-hyun’s amazing acting, especially when he was playing David Yoon in the car. He had David Yoon’s stare, mannerisms and tone of voice.How Hae-in’s dad and brother are going through a transformation.Cheon Da-hye is back and Soo-cheol takes her back, against his mother’s wishes.How David Yoon is unraveling. He’s lying to Hae-in, he basically kidnapped her, and he ordered that Hyun-woo be killed!The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree because we learn that Moh Sul-hee had David Yoon’s adoptive parents killed, and she burned the orphanage where David Yoon was abused.The chairman’s ultimate sacrifice when he realized Moh Sul-hee’s treachery and killed himself to end her power of attorney over his assets.The hunt is on to find the 900B won that both sides believe is somewhere in the Hong residence. It looks like Hyun-woo leads the Hongs to find the secret panic room, but what is inside?We welcome Naa Evans, aka as KDrama Bingo, to the show! We talk about the K Drama elements in these two episodes and she talks about her K Drama tropes and her bingo cards!

    Find us on Instagram @KDramaChat to see pictures of Naa, Sung Hee and Joanna, and the bingo cards that Naa sells online at https://linktr.ee/kdramabingo!


    Paul Kim on WikipediaCan’t Get Over You by Paul Kim on YouTubeKim Na Young on WikipediaFrom Bottom of My Heart by Kim Na Young on YouTube
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 9 and 10 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, and Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We are joined by Ernabel Demillo, a frequent guest on K Drama Chat and Department Chair of the Communication and Media Culture Department at Saint Peter's University and host of the Emmy-award winning "Asian American Life" show on CUNY-TV. We discuss:

    The song we feature during the recap: Fallin’ by Isaac Hong.Queen of Tears is now the second most popular K Drama of all time on tvN, after Crash Landing on You; both shows are written by Park Ji-eun.tvN has announced two extra episodes at the end of Queen of Tears; what will the episodes be about?Kim Soo-hyun has been nominated for Best Actor in the Baeksang Awards; we feel that Kim Ji-won, Han So-hee, Park Seo-joon, and Kim Tae-ri were snubbed.The Hong family is in a terrible situation. They’ve been locked out of their house, they don’t have cars, their credit cards have been canceled, they’ve lost control of their company, and they’re lost their jobs.Both dads are having an identity crisis: they have lost their jobs and purpose.Hyun-woo and Hae-in are driving us crazy because they won’t communicate with each other!We think their lack of communication stems from the time Hae-in emptied the nursery and Hyun-woo left the marital bedroom. When this happened, they stopped talking to each other and then their pride wouldn’t let them ask the other back into the bedroom.Hyun-woo and Hae-in kept missing opportunities to patch up their relationship, including when Hae-in overheard Hyun-woo talking about wanting to be by her side, when Hyun-woo came home all beat up, and when Hae-in realized the pink MP3 player was hers.There are many in Korea who think the story of Hae-in and Hyun-woo is based on the true story of the granddaughter of the Samsung chaebol who married an ordinary staffer.

    In 1999, Samsung heiress Lee Boo Jin married Lim Woo Jae.

    Hyun-woo does a great job of convincing David Yoon that he doesn’t know where Hae-in is, even though he did pick them up in a van.The reference to Prince Sado, who was the father of the prince Yi San in Red Sleeve, and who later became King Jeongjo.Instead, Hyun-woo is investigating the land broker, the owner of the data restoration company, the failed investment fund, and the location of the Chairman.Hyun-woo convinced the deceived farmers to sue the land broker, which meant the land broker couldn’t leave the country for his honeymoon. Later, the land broker and his thugs try to beat up Hyun-woo, who manages to defend himself ably because he was a champion boxer in his youth.Our crazy predictions for this show.Moh Sul-hee and David Yoon are now at odds with each other because David Yoon didn’t want the Hong family banished. David Yoon wants to be with Hae-in.We speculate about why David Yoon is so obsessed with Hae-in.Until the very end, Hyun-woo is in the dark about Hae-in’s feelings towards him. He thinks she hates him because he abandoned and deceived her.It looks like Beom-ja will have a romance with the village marriage counselor, who looks like Leslie Cheung. Leslie Cheung is a debonair Hong Kong singer and actor. This prediction came from Laurel, one of our listeners!The theme of regret in this show. Hyun-woo, Hae-in and Beom-ja all express regrets over their actions.Hae-in is so brave when she reveals during the press conference that David Yoon threatened her. In this instance, Hyun-woo finally learns that Hae-in still cares for him.The amazing acting with their eyes by Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won.The K Drama elements we see in this episode, including: all the crying, all the food, all the drinking, the Trip and Catch, the Bulgari Serpenti necklace that Moh Sul-hee wore, and the Subway scene!Ernabel’s recent trip to South Korea.


    A sneak peak into the life and work of South Korean singer Isaac HongFallin’ by Isaac Hong on YouTubeThe Uncanny Similarities “Queen Of Tears” Bears With A Real-life Heiress StoryPodcast episode with Dan Pink on Brene Brown’s show about the Power of RegretLeslie Cheung on WikipediaPodcast episode with Brene Brown and Dan Pink on the Power of Regret
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 7 and 8 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

    The song we feature during the recap: Love You With All My Heart by Crush.Soo Cheol calls Hyun-Woo “maehyeong” 매형, which means older sister’s husband.How Hae-in loses her will to live when Hyun-woo admits that he wanted a divorce.How Hyun-woo decides to make Hae-in hate him so that she has a reason to live.How Hyun-woo wants to stay by Hae-in’s side even if it means being the subject of her rage, humiliation and hatred; he has powerful reasons for wanting to be by her side.Both Hae-in and Hyun-woo are left wondering if everything the other person said and promised was a lie.Through the flashback of the marriage proposal, we can piece together how our couple got engaged, broke up, got back together, and finally married.How we held our breaths when Hyun-woo discovers that Hae-in has lost her memory of Germany and Hyun-woo wanting a divorce, which means Hae-in has to relive this trauma TWICE.The crazy divorce settlement scene with Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo Cassano.How Hae-in realizes that Hyun-woo was suffering during their marriage; she learns this when she overhears Hyun-woo at Grandma’s Home Cooking restaurant.The Chairman wants Hyun-woo fired by Hae-in defends him from the Security Team.How Hyun-woo followed David Yoon when he was following Hae-in. We see a very different Hyun-woo in that scene. We think we will see a very different Hyun-woo from now on.How David Yoon pressured Soo-cheol to sign the resort deal with David Yoon, and then the deal went south, giving Pione Investment the chance to swoop in and pretend to save the deal.But when the investors pull out and the Chairman’s embezzlement investigation comes out, David Yoon ends up with control over Queens Group.Meanwhile, Hae-in turns down the Hercyna deal and rejects David Yoon’s offer (again) to replace Hyun-woo.We feel sorry for Soo-cheol, whose wife double-crossed him, left him, and took their son to New York.Hyun-woo and Aunt Beom-ja have definitive proof, through a DNA test, that David Yoon is Moh Sul-hee’s son!Moh Sul-hee and David Yoon have been playing the long game. Moh Sul-hee endeared herself to the Chairman, whom she tricked into giving her power of attorney, and then poisoned.How the Hong family has been kicked out of their own company and have fled to Yongdu-ri.The hilarious scenes involving Hyun-woo, Hae-in and their secretaries.More Crash Landing On You references and tie-ins!The Koreans’ seeming obsession with the Myers Briggs Personality Types.The K Drama elements in this show, including all the crying, the epic umbrella scene involving Hyun-woo and Hae-in, more connections from the past between Hae-in and David Yoon, all the product placements, and Hyun-woo saving Hae-in from an oncoming truck.Our new, #39 product placement - cameos!Our predictions for the end of the show!We learn more about the amazing Park Sung-hoon!


    Park Sung-hoon on WikipediaMyers Briggs Personality TypesCrush on WikipediaLove You With All My Heart by Crush on YouTube
  • Today, we’ll be discussing episodes 5 and 6 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We recap the episodes and then we discuss:

    How some Korean families have a pattern where the children share one syllable of their name. An example would be: Baek Hyun-woo and Baek Hyun-tae. This helps us keep the characters straight and know who is related to whom.How Hyun-woo is increasingly ambivalent about his wife. Despite his anger and hate toward his wife, he can’t help it, he begins to fall in love with her all over again.What is probably the root of the couple’s problems: Hyun-woo came home one day to find staff clearing out the nursery. When he got a cold response from Hae-in, he ordered his things moved to the bedroom and the couple started to sleep separately.Hyun-woo and Hae-in keep missing opportunities to patch up their marriage.Hyun-woo’s sister says Hyun-woo likes soft women, women who need to be taken care of. Is this why he was attracted to Hae-in in the first place and why he’s falling for her again?Hyun-woo’s confession about his tears when he found Hae-in Germany was his last ditch attempt to figure out his feelings toward his wife and to see if they could patch things up in their marriage.Hae-in doesn’t understand why he’s pulling away. She keeps saying, “I never said that.” Hae-in’s tough armor is starting to crack. She is being nice to others and noticing happy, loving families around her.Hyun-woo keeps abandoning Hae-in and Hae-in, for her part, has been abandoned by her husband and family.The crazy plot by David Yoon, Grace, Cheo Da-hye and the former employee. We think David Yoon has a ponzi scheme that he’s running, that he doesn’t really have a fund that is returning 90% to investors.The evil things that David Yoon is doing to the Hong family, especially Hyu-woo, including installing hidden cameras, searching Hyun-woo’s room, planting the microwave receiver in Hyun-woo’s room, and getting Hyun-woo’s safe opened.We learn that David Yoon and Cheon Da-hye grew up in the same orphanage and even met the Hong family when the Chairman gave a speech at the orphanage. So when did David Yoon and Cheon Da-hye start plotting against the Hong family?We learn that Moh Sul-hee had a different identity thirty years ago, that she was in prison at some point and gave birth to a baby boy while in jail. Could this boy be David Yoon?Hong Beom-ja is turning into a really likable character because she’s the one who seems to care about other family members, including Hae-in.We learn how Hae-in’s brother, Soo-won, died in a boating accident, while saving Hae-in. Hae-in’s mother never forgave Hae-in for the death of her son.Hyun-woo and Hae-in’s sweet time in Germany is coming to an end because once Hae-in turns on her phone, she sees the photo of the divorce agreement sent by her mom. The numerous K Drama elements in these episodes, including lots of crying, crying while kissing, the umbrella scene, Hyun-woo’s confession about his tears, the product placements for Mercedes-Benz and other products, Hyun-woo tending to cuts on Hae-in’s hand and knee.All the references to Crash Landing On You in this show, which makes sense the shows share the same writers.Kim Ji-won’s background and acting career! We love her!The shows we’re watching now: Doctor Slump and Captivating the King.


    The Frankfurt Love Lock BridgeKorean Family Naming ConventionsControversy Over Mercedes-Benz product placements in Queen of TearsChoi Ae-Ra aegyo compilation, Fight For My Way
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 3 and 4 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

    The three versions of the song Tell Me It’s Not a Dream by 10cm.Why the show is called Queen of Tears.How our leads seem not to care about each other much BUT they defend the other to anyone who criticizes them and Hyun-woo definitely doesn’t like seeing Hae-in with David Yoon.How we learn that Hyun-woo was a sharpshooter in the military.How the Netflix website says that Hae-in has never stopped loving her husband and she can’t understand why he’s pulling away. We see lots of things to back this up: she seems happy that Hyun-woo is jealous of David Yoon, she defends him against her family, and she wants to cuddle with him.David Yoon turns out to be quite the snake. We think he’s out to gain control of the Queens Group. He’s plotting with two associates; the three of them have bought shares; they’ve convinced Queens Group directors to purchase shares in a fund and use their Queens Group shares as collateral; they plan to have the Queens Group Chairman investigated for embezzlement. David Yoon may also be setting up Hae-in to fail.Hyun-woo seems to be the only person who is suspicious of David Yoon. Even if he says he doesn’t love Hae-in, he won’t lose her to David Yoon.Joanna thinks there is some nefarious connection between David Yoon and Moh Sul-hee, the Chairman’s mistress and she explains why.Hae-in’s seems to be looking at Hyun-woo differently since the reception with the Hercyna Chairman. She is definitely hot and bothered when she sees Hyun-woo in just a towel after his shower.Hae-in and Hyun-woo have a sweet scene in bed and we see a sweet flashback from when Hae-in visited Yongdu-ri.We also learn about a tragedy in their marriage: that they were expecting a baby on October 31. The baby clearly never came and now Hyun-woo sleeps in a separate bedroom, the former nursery.Hae-in’s crazy family, including the estranged son, the crazy aunt, the mother who doesn’t seem to love her, the inept brother, the caring by ineffectual dad.Hyun-woo’s crazy family, including the siblings who go to Seoul to try to convince Hae-in not to divorce Hyun-woo but end up creating a lot of trouble for Hyun-woo.How Hyun-woo’s sister messaged Hae-in to come to Yongdu-ri to support her father-in-law; as a result, Hae-in came with gifts, food, drink, and even a chef!Hae-in finds her old MP3 player and we see that she and Hyun-woo had crossed paths briefly in high school; that’s when she had dropped her MP3 player, and Hyun-woo had kept it all these years.Hae-in had another cloud cytoma incident that causes her to wander around Yongdu-ri, get lost and not remember what happened.When Hyun-woo finally finds her, he is really mad until he realizes she’s really sick.


    Tell Me It’s Not a Dream by 10am on YouTubeUnderstanding titles and how to refer to people in positions of authority, including sajangnimKim Soo-hyun on WikipediaKim Soo-hyun on Instagram
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episodes 1 and 2 of Queen of Tears, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Kim Ji-won as Hong Hae-in, Kim Soo-hyun as Baek Hyun-woo, Park Sung-hoon as Yoon Eun-Seong, Kwak Dong-Yeon as Hong Soo-cheol, Lee Joo-bin as Cheon Da-Hye. We discuss:

    The song we featured during the recap, The Reason of my Smiles by BSS.We introduce the characters of this show and stumble over their Korean names.How there appear to be five main leads, which seems to be common in K Dramas.The show is set in the modern day, in Seoul and the village of Yongdu-ri.The central premise of the show, which is that Baek Hyun-woo and Hong Hae-in are locked in a loveless marriage. Hyun-woo wants a divorce but nobody is on his side on this matter. Then Hae-in announces that she has a rare brain tumor and she has three months to live. Hyun-woo sees a way out of this marriage and maybe a chance to inherit some wealth, if he can convince his wife of his love.Whether the couple was actually in love at the time of their marriage, and their motivations for marrying.How Hae-in was initially suspicious of Hyun-woo, but between his actions, his Internet searches and his shooting of the wild boar, she is looking at him differently.How cloud cytoma doesn’t appear to be a real disease.The origins, structure and power of the chaebol conglomerates in South Korea.How this show is a real study on marriage because there are so many different perspectives on marriage, many of them not very positive.How village life is so often romanticized in these K Dramas.Arranged marriages and whether the practice still exists today.How the royal tradition of having sons-in-law prepare the food during jesa appears to be made up by the Hong family in this show.Kim Soo-hyun’s amazing acting and comedic timing in this show.How these first two elements showcase so many K Drama elements, most notably crying, drinking, food, flowers, protesting someone you love at personal cost to yourself, a funeral, and a confession.How Sung Hee had so many favorite lines but Joanna made her pick just two.The many questions we are looking forward to exploring, like: What is the chairman’s girlfriend’s real motivations? What happened to Hae-in’s brother? What happened between Hae-in and David Yoon?

    We are recapping and analyzing Queen of Tears in real time. Each episode will drop on a Friday and cover the two episodes from the previous weekend, hopefully giving our listeners the insights they need before going into the weekend, when the next two episodes drop.


    What to know about the chaebol families that dominate South Korea’s economyCan South Korea’s untouchable chaebols change?An economy of human sacrifice: the practice of sunjang in the ancient state of KoreaThe Reasons of my Smiles by BSS, with Korean and English lyrics
  • Today, we’ll be discussing Episode 10, the finale of Gyeongseong Creature, the hit K Drama on Netflix starring Park Seo-joon as Jang Tae-sang, Han So-hee as Yoon Chae-ok, Wi Ha-jun as Kwon Jun-taek, Kim Soo-hyun as Lady Maeda, Ji Woo as Myeong-ja, Jo Han-chul as Yoon Joong-won, and Kim Hae-sook as Nawol daek. We discuss:

    The song we feature during the recap: Forever, instrumental version, by SUHOHow Yoon Chae-ok is nowhere to be found until Beom-oh says he knows where she is. Mrs. Nawol and Mr. Gu are dubious but Jang Tae-sang believes him.We have a disagreement over who Jang Tae-sang intended to use the tickets to Shanghai. Did he intend for Yoon Chae-ok and her father to use them? Or did he hope he and Yoon Chae-ok would be able to go to Shanghai?The sadness, loss and betrayal Yoon Chae-ok must have felt when she learned that her father had gone to her mother and blown up the hospital.How Sachimoto helps Jang Tae-sang and Yoon Chae-ok escape the hospital. He is the only Japanese character who apologizes for the atrocities being committed at the hospital.How Yoon Chae-ok tried to break things off with Jang Tae-sang because she didn’t want to be a burden to him and she just can’t see a future where she can be happy. She’s been on a suicide mission for most of this show. He, however, can’t live without her, so he will devote himself to keeping her safe.Lady Maeda’s confrontation with Jang Tae-sang and Yoon Chae-ok and her orders to her men to kill our leads. There is also a language shift here, with the conversation starting in Korean and shifting to Japanese.We learn that Lady Maeda lost a friend because of Seishin. Does this explain why she’s in Joseon and why she had Seishin taken prisoner so many years ago?How the creature escapes the fire at the hospital, tracks Yoon Chae-ok, slices through the Japanese thugs, and ends up accidentally killing her own daughter!How Yoon Chae-ok told her mother that it’s time to stop, and confessed that Jang Tae-sang is the man she loves.How Jang Tae-sang is wracked with sobs and anguish when Yoon Chae-ok dies. He finally has someone he is willing to risk everything for and she has just died!How Col. Kato delivered Myeong-ja’s baby, probably by performing a C-section that killed Myeong-ja. We also see that the najin is in the baby!How Jang Tae-sang and the rebels blow up the funeral hall where the Ishikawa memorial service is being held. Lady Maeda is badly burned as a result and Col. Kato asks her if she will return to Japan or stay in Joseon.How Jang Tae-sang and Kwon Jun-taek finally have their drink, but Jang Tae-sang still refuses to join the independent fighters.How we see Jang Tae-sang sitting and waiting on the steps of the House of Golden Treasure.How the war ended in August and Jang Tae-sang says “we finally recovered those that were taken from us” presumably referring to Koreans who had been taken prisoner by the Japanese.The K Drama elements we see in this episode, including lots of crying, lots of flowers in the funeral wreaths, and how Yoon Chae-ok and Yoon Joong-won sacrificed themselves for their loved ones.The cryptic and ambiguous ending where we see that Yoon Chae-ok is alive again after investing the najin from her mother, and we see a man named Ho-jae who looks remarkably like Jang Tae-sang.What we ultimately thought of this show.How we’re excited to dive into Queen of Tears starring Kim Ji-won and Kim Soo-hyun, in Season 7 of K Drama Chat.