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  • The Ikonns Podcast is hosted by Alex and Mimi Ikonn. We are here to help you create and live your dream life. Join us as we discuss life and business insights with each other and our special guests. Covering topics such as life purpose, building a life that you love, relationships, entrepreneurship, spirituality, health, parenting and much more.

    New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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  • A show where host, Tami Chin Mitchell, tackles everything from life's biggest questions, to marriage to parenting and everything in between.

  • 当番組のポッドキャストでの配信は2020年9月30日(水)をもって終了し、10月1日(木)以降はYouTubeチャンネル上の配信に絞ってお届けいたします。
    YouTubeでご視聴の際は、“G Style English” とご検索いただくか、こちら(www.youtube.com/gabagstyle)をご覧ください。

  • 突然ですが、「話がうまい」とは、限られたひとに与えられた、特殊能力でしょうか。   人を惹きつける話し方は、才能、なのでしょうか。 …自信を持って言います。答えは「ノー」です。 話し方は、学んで、繰り返し練習をすることで、誰でも必ず磨くことができます。 なぜ、自信を持って、そう言うことができるのか。 それは、まさに私自身が、話し方に悩んできた一人だからです。 学生時代、舌ったらずな話し方だったことで 「アナウンサーになりたいなら、その話し方は変えたほうがいいよ」と指摘され、 滑舌も弱く、自分の名前を聞き間違えられてしまったことも…。 でも、それらには「克服できる術」があり、訓練で必ず良くなることを、私自身が痛感しました。 話し方を身に着けることは、楽器を習得することや、筋トレをすることと似ています。 人前で堂々と自信を持って話すこと、人を惹きつける話しをすることは、トレーニングで必ず身に着けられます。 正直、身に着けるまでには時間がかかります。 あのスティーブ・ジョブズも、何時間も何時間も練習をしてから、 プレゼン、講演のステージに立っていたと言われています。 ですが、この番組では、数あるトレーニングの中でも 「今日から、すぐに実践できる」ことに絞ってお伝えしています。 ぜひ、番組を聞いたらすぐに実践し、継続してみてください! 話し方を磨きたいと思ったあなたのお力になれたら嬉しいです。

  • Балиар өөдрөг подкаст нь өөдрөг үзэлтэй, амжилтанд тэмүүлэх хүсэлтэй, хөдөлмөрлөхөд бэлэн, эерэг өсөх хандлагатай эрүүл монгол "балиар өөдрөг" залуусын сонсох подкаст суваг юм. Таалагдсан бол найзуудтайгаа хуваалцана гэдэгт итгэлтэй байна. Subscribe!

  • アメリカ生活16年目の3人の子供と二人の白人の子供、そしてイボみたいに付いてきた日本人のナルミとその彼氏を育てるしのぶと、アメリカ生活9年目のどこから見ても日本人に見えないナルミがアメリカ生活、アメリカ文化、留学、結婚生活、子育て全てを斬る!

  • 新しいウェブサイト:bilingualnews.jp




    Bilingual News is a free English and Japanese news podcast. Casual and unedited colloquial language learning experience through a weekly review of relevant news topics! Transcriptions for each episode are available via the Bilingual News: Transcripts app at itunes.com/bilingualnews.

    Join us and improve your Japanese language ability!

  • You’ve probably started with great intentions, telling yourself you’ll
    stash away more for retirement and buy fewer lattes (because some
    writer said buying lattes is a bad thing). But life happens. It’s not as
    neat and tidy as the financial experts on TV seem to think. You’ve
    got a lot going on in your life, and you need more than simplistic,
    cookie-cutter instructions to keep you on the right financial path. Kate Stalter escorts you to the right path for your money. She talks to experts and "normal" people who have taken the right steps to make better money decisions.

  • Word Matters is a show for readers, writers, and anyone who ever loved their English class. Join Merriam-Webster editors as they challenge supposed grammar rules, reveal the surprising origins behind words, tackle common questions, and generally geek out about the beautiful nightmare that is language.

  • A women in sport talk series celebrating women working at every level of sport on and off the field.

  • Tiktok/YouTube で活動中のKevin’s English Room のケビンと山ちゃん(英語勉強中)が英語で雑談するチャンネル。ほとんど英語なので、スピードラーニング的な感じで、ナチュラルな英会話に耳を慣らすのに役立てればと思って始めました!

    Tiktok:@kevinthepepperoni ・ YouTube: Kevin's English Room/掛山ケビ志郎 ・ Instagram:@kevinsenroom ・ Twitter:@kevinsenroom

  • This podcast started out as a self help podcast for moms trying to find balance in motherhood and business but morphed into a documentation of Crystal and Sean Escobar's journey out of the Mormon church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). The Podcast has been therapeutic on so many levels for its hosts. They vulnerably share their pitfalls and triumphs as they work to deconstruct a lifetime of indoctrination from the LDS church which they exited in the Spring of 2018. Sexual shame, marriage, parenting, science, spirituality, personal development, healing, sex abuse, are some of the topics they focus on.

    Together, the Escobars founded the Mormon Enlightenment community on Facebook which they started in August of 2018. One year later there was 3500 members. Participating in the community has proven to be the silver lining to an otherwise traumatic experience. Mormon Enlightement is also comprised of an Instagram page, and YouTube channel. They feel passionate about doing their part among many amazing pioneers like John Dehlin, who featured them on Mormon Stories Podcast. Their goal around all of this is to normalize leaving the church, and to make it safe and acceptable for their children to be non-Mormon in a predominantly Mormon world.

    Crystal and Sean Escobar are down to earth people who grew up in the heart of Mormonism in the Salt Lake Valley. They were married in 2004 and have 4 children. In 2007, they became the youngest millionaires in Isagenix, an international health and wellness company. Having achieved unparalleled success in their industry, they were able to retire at the age of 35. Since 2011 they have divided their time between living half the year in Salt Lake and the other half in Saint George.

    Crystal’s family is pioneer stock. She served a mission to Germany in 2002. What is curious is that as of 2019, the majority of her side of the family, which is quite large, is out of the Church. Crystal is the founder of the Wannabe Balanced brand, which has presence on all social media platforms, as well as an ongoing podcast, a Blog and periodic Live Events. She is also a published author of the book “My Life as a WannaBeBalanced Mom” and has been featured on many local news media stations.

    Sean’s parents were both first generation converts. Sean’s family, much smaller in comparison, are all still very active and believing. In February of 2018 Sean published a recording between him and the man who had sexually abused him as a child in 1993. That same year the abuse took place, Sean’s perpetrator was offered employment at BYU and stayed on as a Professor of Film for 6 years immediately thereafter. That man enjoyed a prestigious professional career as an LDS Film maker and was also the Director of the most recent Temple Endowment Videos. Those videos were hastily abandoned by the Church one month prior to the story breaking. The 25 year old abuser story went viral and was featured on the cover of the New York Times. Another victim, a child, came forward and the perpetrator was sentenced to 6 years to life in prison in the summer of 2019. Sean has become a powerful advocate for stoping child sexual abuse by giving victims the courage to come forward.

  • ネイティブが話す様々な会話を、教材向けの聞き取りやすい英語ではなく自然でありのままなお楽しみ頂けます。英語と日本語の解説が入りますので、初心者の方も楽しく学習できます。リスニング力とスピーキング力アップに効果的!

  • 相原茂がお届けする、中国や中国語に関するおしゃべり番組です。皆さんからのご質問やご意見などにお答えするコーナーもあります! 皆さんと一緒に楽しく中国語を勉強しましょう。

  • 留学経験の無い日本人そーたとイギリス人Seanとアメリカ人Nateの3人の英会話講師が視聴者さんから頂いた『お題』で即興のディスカッション&レッスンを行う新感覚英会話番組!EP1〜EP135まではアメリカ文化に着目し、EP136以降はイギリス文化に着目しています! アメリカ英語とイギリス英語の違いも楽しんでくださいね☆そーたはアメリカ英語です!レッスン内容は『英会話フレーズ』『文法解説』『発音』など様々ですが、一番の特徴は『文化の違い』を楽しく学ぶ事ができること!そして英語に関する情報だけでなく、視聴者さんや社会に向けて毎回熱いメッセージも配信しています! 色々なトピックについて一緒に考えていきましょう。コミュニケーションの力で世の中を動かしたい。SNSでの視聴者さんとの交流も大切にしています☆ 聞いて、笑って、考え、タメになる、そんな番組を目指しています! 気に入って頂けたら是非シェアしてください♪iTunes Best Podcast2017/2019選出番組です!★英語のそーた&Sean各種SNS!フォローして下さい↓↓↓『英語のそーた』で検索♪】☆Instagram そーたのクスッと笑える日常をストーリーから毎日配信!活動の近況もこちらから☆☆Twitter 英会話フレーズ紹介&解説を定期的に配信! 必ず口から出してアウトプットして下さいね♪☆YouTube 楽しい英語学習コンテンツをモットーに動画をシェア!そーたの英語学習方法もご紹介! 旅レポ動画も配信予定です♪【『seanbradley1986』で検索♪】☆Instagram 日本での生活やイギリス文化を配信してます!

  • 認定NPO法人アニマルライツセンターのボランティアによる記事の朗読などです!

  • 日頃いだいている疑問、味わう感動、怒りや不満を、できるだけていねいに、穏やかに、正しい日本語で話します。日本語を勉強している外国人の方もゆ〜ったり聴いてください。

  • NHK, đài phát thanh truyền hình công cộng của Nhật Bản, cung cấp miễn phí chương trình học tiếng Nhật qua podcast. Qua nghe câu chuyện của Tâm, du học sinh tại một trường đại học ở Nhật Bản, các bạn có thể học mẫu câu hữu ích và tìm hiểu văn hoá Nhật Bản.

  • グリン【朗読の時間】2019年Appleベストポッドキャスト新番組部門 第3位合計550,000ダウンロード達成。ありがとうございます。