• It's a Thursday night and we have another weekday episode of GTWM coming at ya!  There'a s nice variety of calls in store for you all and I suggest you listen to the entire show and then head to the GTWM Reddit page to discuss it with your fellow listeners!  Here are the details:

    Caller #1 is 28yr old Hazel from Pasig.  Hazel is a mistress.  And she initally wanted to call in the program to ask Mo about what is the proper etiquette of a mistress -- yes, I know it's a hard question to ask but this call turns away from the how to's and tips and becomes more of the profile of the manipulative men like Hazel is involved with.  It's a great call.

    Caller #2 is Jake who is 29yrs old in Manila.  Jake has been in a band for the past 4 years and he averages about 6 gigs per week.  The problem with Jake is that he needs to masturbate immediately before he takes the stage and that has led to some awkward places he has jacked off prior to performance time.  Jake has a big event this Saturday and his band is getting fed up with his routine.

    Caller #3 is Joe who is 27yrs old from Manila.  Joe is a nurse who is on the verge on getting his visa to move to the US.  He has never been there before and he has a few cities that he can choose to locate to.  He wants to ask Mo about the USA life and whether he should pursue an amazing girl he likes even though he is leaving soon.

    Caller #4 is Mary 26yrs from Las Vegas.  Mary feels like her career is at a standstill.  She has a job but no real bright future work-wise.  So she is deciding on whether she should join the Air Force.  Her worry is that deployment will take her away from her husband but the military is always a good way to jump start a dull career,


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