• Better late than never! The 3rd installment of this week's GTWM Podcast trilogy is a day late -- cuz life happened and there's still a tonne to get excited about with tonight's episode cuz A LOT of life is happening with our caller. This is a big-time show and Mo brings along his bigger than life wife, Chopper, in studio for it. Here are the calls:

    Caller #1 is Issa who is a 19yr old DLSU student from Manila. Issa is having a lot of sex with men so she can feel appreciated, not ugly, validated from different guys from all age ranges. She also got an STD from them and she isn't sharing this with the guys shes banging.

    Caller #2 is JB who is 39yrs old from Manila. JB is cheating weekly on his much older boyfriend with random guys he meets online. Hes cheated well over a hundred times. Naturally, he's come to a point whether he should just be single and continue to get it, but what about the older boyfriend whom he says he loves?

    Caller #3 is Ray who is 32yrs old from Manila. Ray's crazy wife stole his son from him and took them to the province where he hasn't seen them in years. Now the girl wants back into his life and he wants to see his son so badly that he is asking Mo if he should entertain the idea of reconciliation.

    Caller #4 is Geb who is 23yrs old from Tokyo. Geb's girlfriend has a bunch of red flags and he wants to know which of the flags he should pay attention to and whether they are dealbreakers in dating his much older girlfriend.

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  • Let's wrap up this week's batch of GTWM Podcast episodes with Route 66! Come and take a international trip with Mo as he answers 4 calls from Filipinos abroad in an all-international caller lineup. There are some interesting calls tonight so let's give them a look:

    Caller #1 is Allan who is 27yrs old from London, England. Allan just moved to the UK and he was pleasantly surprised to see a fellow Cebuano working in the same hospital as he is. Allan was familiar with the guy from Cebu cuz he was a good looking guy that hung in the same circles. Long story short, they hooked up, a few times. Let Allan tell you the rest of this juicy story.

    Caller #2 is Jay who is 27yrs old from Houston, Texas. Jay cheated on her super hot GF w/ another stunner from her workplace. After her GF left her, Jay is now developing feelings with this new girl. The problem is, she doesn’t believe in exclusive relationships. She also wants a threesome. Should Jay give in to her demands?

    Caller #3 is Jaime who is 27yrs old from San Francisco, California. Jaime is in an LDR with her BF being in Washington D.C. Luckily, Jaime just got a job in DC and is leaving for her new career and BF in a month. However, she doesn’t know how to tell her super strict mom that she is going to live in with her BF. Should she come clean or just lie about it?

    Caller #4 is Michi who is 30yrs old from Calgary, Canada. Michi's boss is cheating on his wife with another girl at work. Her boss tells all the juicy sex stories about their affair to Michi. Well, kabit found out that Michi has been hearing this and she called her a "bitch" for being close to her man. The one occurrence has kept Michi up at night and angry even though it happened a long time go.

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  • Finally! We are the weekend! How was your week coming along?  If it was great, then lets put some icing on that cake with another GTWM POdcast episode.  If it was shit, perhaps some chit chat with Mo can take that away.  We have another stellar episode up and loaded.  Lets get to the calls:

    Caller #1 is Dee who is 32yrs old from San Juan.  Dee fell in love with her co-worker (who is married) and he has recently ghosted her -- but they still work together.  She's brokenhearted about it and is contemplating quitting her job.  Its a freakin' chaotic relationship, and you'll find out why,

    Caller #2 is Eric who is 23yrs old from Cebu.  Eric has a gay bestfriend who broke up with his very first boyfriend and he wants to help out with the moving on or the get back together process.  Eric is a good guy and who says that gay bestfriends are only for girls?!  Thumps up to Eric!

    Caller #3 is Al, 25yrs old, from Brisbane, Australia.  Simply put, Al wants anal sex with his girlfriend.  He needs help on how to get it done. 

    Caller #4 is Sara who is 28yrs old from Dubai.  Sarah wants regular sex from her girlfriend who is nearly a decade older than she is.  But GF can't hang with the frequency demands.  Mo talks about the need to fulfill needs but also the need to compromise with how much sex a person can actually have. 


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  • It's one of those rare weekday episodes of GTWM Podcast!  Mo and Chopper will be taking the kids on vacation this weekend so to make up for it, we get 3 straight GTWM Podcast episodes, which we can't complain about!  E34 is the breakup show.  Every caller tonight needs to move on from the shitty situation they are in.  If you listen to this episode and you can relate to anything said, you need to end your shit right away. Here are the details:

    Caller #1 is IC who is 26yrs old from Tondo.  IC's LDR girlfriend cheated on him with 7 different guys.  2 of them she had a steady fuck buddy arrangement with recently, with her fucking the 2 of them at an unheard of 5 times per week.  GF came clean about the frequency and that she swallowed cum.  TMI, if you ask me.  IC says he loves her and wants to build trust again. I know, I'm laughing hysterically as well. 

    Caller #2 is 39yr old Nancy from Los Angeles.  Nancy called in E30 and Mo told her that she needs to break up with her crazy ass boyfriend right away.  Well, 3 weeks have gone by and she still hasn't done it.  She calls back tonight to try to get more drive to finally pull the plug on this awful environment.

    Caller #3 is Josh who is 27yrs old from Makati.  Josh's GF is also cheating on him and he wants to know if he should get some revenge on the batch.  Mo has eased up on the revenge talk through the years but he's always willing to make an exception. 

    Caller #4 is Yago who is 30yrs old from Manila.  Yago and his best friend (who he works with) have recently been drifting apart with no explanation.  Yago goes on to say that it's hurting him because he has fallen in love with her.  She told him things need to be professional now and she is unwilling to even talk to him.  He wants to know how to move forward with this. 

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  • Hey hey hey! It's episode 19 of this season of GTWM!  We have a great episode here, full of PBA player chismis!  Before we get to the details, Mo announces that he will likely post new episodes of GTWM on weekends moving forward.  You still get the 3 eps per week, but having a regular release sked works well for the show -- so expect new episodes on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Did I say chismis? Oh yeah, let's get to it:

    Caller #1 is Alia, 25yrs from Kuwait.  Alia met a Serbian guy on Tinder and decided to have sex with him when they met.  The problem? He's BIG. In all places.  He ends up tearing her vagina so bad that she required stitches.  The problem?  Well, in many Middle Eastern countries, you can't just walk right in an ER and ask for medical care due to casual sex.  That shit ain't allowed.  So Alia and little Jokic had to run around the city looking for a hospital that would keep her secret before she bleeds out.  What a story.  It gets even better but I don't want to spoil any further. 

    Caller #2 is Jonas, 37yrs from Cavite.  Jonas is a return caller and has a new dilemma at work.  Two girls are showing heavy interest in him.  One is a girl his age who is in a same sex relationship and the other is a 19 year old.  Both girls have been engaging in heavy sexual flirtation and Jonas needs to ask Mo where to put his boner. 

    Caller #3 is Michael, 32yrs from Sydney, Australia.  Michael has been married with his wife for 3yrs; however, they haven't had sex in over a year.  Admittedly, most of the blame Michael puts on himself -- he is no longer sexually attracted to his wife.  The reason being is that she got fat.  It's a very unique situation because he is still in love with her and they have gotten to a point wherein anything that can/may lead to sex becomes awkward.  Wife even bought him a fleshlight to see if he can get his sex drive back.  This is a can't miss call. 

    Caller #4 is MJ who is 42yrs old from Saitama, Japan.  MJ met a guy on Tinder and after a few months of chatting (but nothing on video), MJ decided to meet up with this guy.  On their scheduled meet date, MJ went to the parlor to doll up and she swears she saw the guy there and he looks considerably older than in his photo -- let's all say it together, SHOCKING! She wasn't completely sure it was him but when it came time to see each other that day, boy didn't show up.  She wants insight on what possibly happened. 

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  • Before the Philippines votes in Bong Revilla, Jinggoy, Bato, Bong Go, and Imee Marcos into the senate, let's try to find something positive in this world.  I think I have the cure, a brand new episode of GTWM: The Podcast!  This episode is full of really good calls that I think you're going to enjoy.  Mo starts the episode with a topic from the Magic morning show this week.  He is asking listeners if they can name ONE fashionable fat guy.  Just one.  Mo believes that fat men are not capable of looking good in clothing.  It's true.  Can you think of one? While you marinate on that, let's check out the calls:

    Caller #1 is Arya from Niagara Falls, Canada.  Arya's friend, who recently moved to Canada from the Philippines, just got fired from her job -- for MASTURBATING at work!!  Eh di hell yeah.  She was double clicking her own mouse when her employer could hear her moaning in the room having a video sex chat.  Arya wants to know if she should tell her friend the reason for her termination. 

    Caller #2 is Jonel who is 38yrs old from Dubai.  Jonel lives in a one bedroom apartment with his wife and 3 kids -- two of them are teenagers.  One afternoon while the kids were on the TV, Jonel and his wife decided to sneak into the bedroom for some hair-pulling hardcore doggystyle.  The problem? They forgot to lock the door.  Teens walked in.  Scarred for life?

    Caller #3 is 38 year old Thomas from New Mexico, USA.  Thomas lives in a very remote part of an already remote state.  He's longing for a social life, hasn't had sex in years and he has never been in a relationship in his life!  He wants to know if he should relocate to a bigger, livelier city even though he has a good paying job.  When you live in a city where boredom is the second leading cause of death for people 35 and below, yes, get the fuck out. 

    Caller #4 is Victor from Mandaluyong.  Victor broke up with his girlfriend in January but he is having difficulty moving on.  He is currently banging 3 girls and he is making it a point to post on IG that his life is great but there's still something missing.  He constantly checks if his ex has viewed his IG stories and if she hasn't, he feels bad about it.  He needs some help to get out of this rut. 

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  • It's Monday, funday! #SaidNoOneEver

    But hey, at least we have a new GTWM Podcast episode for you! Before I give you the details, let's us ask for your patience.  Some people have reached out and said that the audio of the callers tend to be a little low.  We know.  Sorry about that.  Many of these calls that are airing were recorded some time back and Mo was using two computers at the time and each unit had different settings, one for calls and one for Mo -- they didn't sync up so the sound was a bit compromised.  Pasensya na, tao lang po. Wala namang perpektong tao kundi si Lerd. LOL  It should get better soon once the remaining calls from that time airs.  That's the bad news, now here's the worse news: people's life problems. Let's get to it.

    Caller #1 is Mary, 37 years old from Q.C. I warned you, it gets worse.  One of the tougher GTWM calls to take in this early season,  Mary is a return caller from Season 5.  2 years ago she called saying she caught her pre-teen son molesting his little sister.  Cut to present day, she caught him doing it again. I'm not sure there are words that anyone can say to help out in a situation like this but perhaps there's some solutions to be had. Told you. It's fucking miserable.

    Caller #2 is 37 year old actress Kaye Abad calling in from Cebu! 3 years married with a baby, Kaye opens up to Mo about the challenges in her marriage and what her pet peeves are about her husband, actor Paul Jake Castillo.  If you think you are a patient, trusting wife -- be prepared to meet the Queen Bee of trust.  

    Caller #3 is Lara from Atlanta, USA.  Lara, 23yrs old, met her current boyfriend on Tinder while she had another boyfriend at the time. Current boyfriend was also on Tinder while he had a girlfriend. While they were dating, they both too were seeing and living with other people. Boyfriend even got another girl pregnant.  Now, they have some trust issues. Who would have thunk, right? If you like math and riddles, this is the call for you.  There's a lot of variables going on.

    Caller #4 is M.A. a 30 year old from Taguig.  M.A. is a fairly well known YouTuber with a 30k following on Twitter. On occasion he'd use that popularity to get some ass, because of course he should.  Well, he banged a guy that his friend likes. That's a clear and present Bro Code violation.  However, M.A. is gay so the question needs to be asked, "Is there a bro code within the gay culture?" What do you think?

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  • Closing out week 2 of this seasons GTWMPodcast, we have a meaty episode! Mo's wife Angelicopter shows up for half the episode and anytime you get a husband and wife talking about roles in a marriage, you can expect things to get heated and hotter than April summers in Davao.  We need to remind everyone that at the end of each Podcast month, Mo will post a poll on social media and you guys can vote who was your favorite caller of the month!  That caller will receive an awesome new TV from Sharp Philippines! 

    Now let's get to the drama!

    Caller #1 is Jonas, 37, from Cavite.  Jonas is in some shit.  His wife cheated on him 4 years ago when she was working in Dubai.  She decided to leave her husband and 3 kids for the "new guy."  Well, they didn't work out and mega brokenhearted wife, who has no money and no job, wanted to move back into Jonas' home.  They agreed they will no longer pursue their marriage but Jonas now has the burden of having to support his unemployable wife, along with her smoking and drinking habit, while trying to move on from the drama so he can be a single guy. Before you guys say 'FML' when it comes to your relationship, remember Jonas' situation. LOL.

    Caller #2 is Ritch from Laguna. Ritch is 29yrs old and working in the banking industry.  Ritch is a Hugot Queen. She's one of those that likes to post bikini shots on socmed and attaches hugot lines with the pic.  Ritch has a manager at her bank who has a husband.  Husband is now messaging hugot shit to Ritch everyday.  Ritch doesn't know what to do.  The moral of the story? Don't hugot when posting hubad on IG for some likes, you're gonna regret it. 

    Caller #3 is 27 year old Nikki from Virginia, USA.  Nikki is 3 months pregnant and wants to ask if she and her husband should move back into her parents home so they can help her with the kids.  There are different schools of thought in a scenario like this.  Are you, A) Team Yours Kids Your Problem Not Your Parents Problem or are you B) Team Lola Can Also Be Yaya For Free?  Mo and Chopper give their thoughts. 

    Caller #4 is Franco who is 28 from Makati.  Franco feels emasculated by his new girlfriend.  The fault predominantly falls on his shoulders as Franco has the inability to assert himself into the relationship. And now, its affecting his dick. Remember, problems of the heart and the mind often becomes a problem with your balls. Science. 

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  • Welcome to Abril, kids! What a huge month for the history of the world as the greatest TV show ever made/aired comes back in 2 weeks.  Will we go down as the greatest podcast ever aired? Or will we suffer a Starkanian death at some point? Time shall tell but let's start the month with a bang! Here are the episode deets:

    1st caller is actress Jasmine Curtis Smith, 24 years old from Melbourne, Australia.  Jasmine calls in to talk about the challenges of finding time to balance a busy showbiz career and a serious boyfriend.  At 24, Jasmine wants to capitalize on her prime earning years in the biz but her live-in(!) boyfriend would like more of her.  What does she prioritize? Let's find out. 

    2nd caller is Mark, 40 years old from Texas, USA.  Mark is getting married and he wants to know if he should erase ALL the sextapes and nude pics he has of his exes now that it's time to settle down.  If he says yes, that's going to be the slowest delete button in keyboard history!

    3rd caller is Boyet 26yrs from Dubai, UAE. Boyet is dating a girl who has had cheated a few times in past relationships.  It has him (as the kids say it) shookt! LOL.  He wants to know if there's any truth to the saying, "Once a cheater, always a cheater."  Do people have infidelity in their DNA? What do you guys think?

    4th caller is Dee 28yrs from Laguna, PH. Dee just got back from the UAE where she was arrested! Hot damn! Dee breaks down what life in a Dubai female prison is like and how she is coping with her return to the PH after being deported.  

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