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  • Ep. 31: Andrew Alliance - Tech, Entertainment, and Games, Oh My!

    · 00:39:26 · Chasing Dreams with Aimee J.

    Chasing your dreams doesn’t always mean doing what you loved as a kid, but for Andrew Alliance that’s exactly what it means. Andrew grew up with a passion for video games. In fact, he wanted a Nintendo so badly, he agreed to clean his house for a week so his mother would buy him one. Since the very first game, it was true love for Andrew. He is incredibly passionate about gaming, which is how he landed gigs as Brand Ambassador for Playstation and Nintendo of America. He is the host of The Show Radio, which showcases his passion for gaming, tech, and entertainment. If you want a glimpse into following your dreams with everything you’ve got, this is the show for you. TWEET: Following your childhood dreams to create a life of purpose and passion. Find out more on this episode A passion for gaming that continued throughout his life. It all started in 1987, when Andrew got his very first Nintendo. Since then, he’s owned just about every system out there. Andrew discovered his passion for broadcasting thanks to attending the Edward R. Murrow High School in Brooklyn, which is known for its focus on theater and broadcasting. Since then, he has always known broadcasting was in his blood. In 2009, he decided to start podcasting using Blog Talk Radio. As soon as he started, Andrew knew he would be doing this forever. To date, The Show Radio has produced 296 episodes centering around gaming, tech, and entertainment. Finding your niche and sticking with it. Andrew focuses on high quality when producing his show. From detailed bullet points to follow to rehearsals, he makes sure he is on point when the show is recorded. It’s this focus on quality that Andrew is known for. He shares his particular passion for unbiased reviews and how he chooses the products and games he’ll review. Andrew focuses on things related to his areas of passion - gaming, tech, and entertainment. He also discusses the difficulties of balancing all areas of life - school, his show, family, church - so that he is fulfilled in all areas. TWEET: Can a passion for video games really create a career? Find out on this episode Maintaining balance in a busy life. For Andrew, his priorities are clear - his family and church come first. But he also has to make time for school (where he’s majoring in Business Marketing), his show, and - of course - gaming. Andrew shares the value of scheduling when dealing with a hectic life and how this can help you stay focused on what really matters. Scheduling things in advance, says Andrew, helps him maintain the balance he needs to be happy. He also shares with Aimee some of the reactions he gets from fans and how powerful they can be. Andrew says this is the biggest reward of what he does. What’s next for Andrew Alliance? When asked, “Are you satisfied with your life?” Andrew made it clear that he will never be satisfied. He is always striving for more, doing more, and aiming higher. Andrew shares some of the things he’d like to do next, including speaking gigs. He also discusses the value of constantly listening to podcasts to expand your knowledge base. In closing, Andrew shares his “one thing” with fellow Dream Chasers. TWEET: The value of continuously striving for more, on this episode of #ChasingDreams OUTLINE OF THIS EPISODE: [1:07] Introduction of Andrew Alliance, [3:01] Understanding what it means to be a brand ambassador. [3:28] When did Andrew’s love of gaming begin? [4:50] Where Andrew went after his first Nintendo. [7:03] When did Andrew decide to share his passion for gaming? [10:04] How he got started in podcasting and how his show evolved. [11:59] The frequency of Andrew’s podcast and the type of content. [13:33] How Andrew decides which products he gives a review on. [15:57] The structure of his show and how he transitions to different topics. [19:33] How Andrew balances his show and passion for gaming with going to school and his other responsibilities. [23:25] The reactions Andrew gets from fans listening to his show. [25:51] How long will you keep doing this? [26:54] Are you satisfied with where your life is? [31:01] How Andrew focuses on quality for his show. [34:58] The importance of making time for what really matters. [35:45] What is one thing you would recommend to someone who is chasing their dream? ANDREW’S RECOMMENDATION: Subscribe to Aimee’s show and leave a review. Whatever you’re interested in, go to iTunes and find that category. Start listening to shows in that category - make it a priority. RESOURCES MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE: The Show Radio Blog Talk Radio Libsyn Andrew’s Bio The Show Radio Resources How to Contact Andrew Find Andrew on Social Media: Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn TWEETS YOU CAN USE: TWEET: Finding balance in a hectic schedule, on this episode of #ChasingDreams TWEET: The value of unbiased reviews in the #gaming industry, on this episode of #ChasingDreams

  • Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd Webber; Gurinder Chadha; Milton Jones; Dr Kevin Isaac

    · Midweek

    Libby Purves meets cellists Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd Webber; comedian Milton Jones; writer and director Gurinder Chadha and diplomat and poet, Dr Kevin Isaac.Gurinder Chadha OBE is a Kenyan-born writer and director who is best known for her film, Bend it Like Beckham. The comedy tells the story of a young Asian woman's ambition to play football while accommodating the demands of family and tradition. Alongside composer Howard Goodall, Gurinder has transformed the screenplay into a new West End musical. Bend It Like Beckham: The Musical is at the Phoenix Theatre in London from May 2015.Julian Lloyd Webber is an award-winning composer and cellist. His career began at 16 with a scholarship to the Royal College of Music. Later he studied in Geneva under renowned cellist, Pierre Fournier. His wife, Jiaxin Lloyd Webber, is a graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and former principal cello of the Auckland Chamber Orchestra. Following the announcement of Andrew's retirement, the couple have created a new show reflecting on his life and career and featuring music from them both. Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd Webber are on tour in 2015.Dr Kevin Isaac is the High Commissioner for St Kitts and Nevis to the Court of St James. A published poet, he has written several volumes of verse - a talent he discovered thanks to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office after he won an FCO-sponsored poetry competition. His latest collection, Breakfast with my Fathers, was inspired by his father and father-in-law. Breakfast with my Fathers is self-published.Milton Jones is a comedian known for his surreal one-liners and deadpan delivery. He stars in the award-winning Radio 4 programme, Another Case of Milton Jones, and regularly appears on panel shows such as Mock the Week. He is touring his new stand-up show, The Temple of Daft, next year.Producer: Paula McGinley.

  • Natural language analysis using Hierarchical Temporal Memory

    · 00:51:04 · O'Reilly Data Show - O'Reilly Media Podcast

    The O’Reilly Data Show Podcast: Francisco Webber on building HTM-based enterprise applications.In this episode of the Data Show, I spoke with Francisco Webber, founder of, a startup that is applying tools based on Hierarchical Temporal Memory (HTM) to natural language understanding. While HTM has been around for more than a decade, there aren’t many companies that have released products based on it (at least compared to other machine learning methods). Numenta, an organization developing open source machine intelligence based on the biology of the neocortex, maintains a community site featuring showcase applications. Webber’s company has been building tools based on HTM and applying them to big text data in a variety of industries; financial services has been a particularly strong vertical for Cortical. Here are some highlights from our conversation: Important aspects of HTM Time is encoded in the stream of data itself, and the system is only connected to a stream of information. HTM algorithms operate in an online fashion to understand what's actually hidden in the data and what the system might want to extract or how to react to that incoming data. The other aspect is that whatever source the data comes from, it is always encoded in the same manner: data is turned into sparse distributed representations—large binary, and very sparse vectors. A crucial part of the algorithm depends on the fact that data is properly sparsified, thus allowing certain mechanisms to occur very efficiently. Another important aspect is that the brain is not a processor—it's actually a memory system. It's just a different kind of memory system, where storing information is literally processing. What the brain stores are sequences of patterns. If certain sequences of patterns reoccur, the system tries even more to memorize them. For future patterns, when a specific input is coming along and the HTM has seen part of a sequence like this, it can actually predict what next pattern will be coming in. If it's properly learned, and if it was sufficiently exposed to that kind of sequence, the prediction would be correct. Natural language and HTM We first convert text into a sparse distributed representation. What needs to be done is something very similar to what a human needs. For example, to become a medical doctor, you need to go to university, you need to read a certain number of books, you need to listen to a certain number of lectures until you have sufficient data to create a semantic map of understanding in your brain. You need to actually train your brain with input. Now, the difference with training as you might see it in machine learning, for example, is that we humans don’t need to read five million books to become a doctor—we can read a couple of books about a couple of things, and from a learning perspective, we may not know every possible utterance, but we know how to understand utterances in the medical field. After having read my medical textbooks, I know about the medical language and I know about what this language represents. With that knowledge, I can now start to read a paper, and I can understand this paper or the work that has been done and described in the paper. We are training on a relatively small set of training materials. For example, to train what we call general English, we took 400,000 pages from Wikipedia, and from there, we extracted a semantic map. It’s completely unsupervised. You can imagine this like creating a self-organizing map of the training material from the Wikipedia page, and this material is cut into little snippets. Francisco Webber is giving a talk on AI-powered natural language understanding applications in the financial industry at the O'Reilly Artificial Intelligence Conference in New York, June 26-29, 2017. Related resources: AI is not a matter of strength but of intelligence: Francisco Webber’s talk at the 2016 O’Reilly Artificial Intelligence conference. Introducing model-based thinking into A.I. systems (a Data Show episode on probabilistic machine learning and probabilistic programming) The Deep Learning video collection (Strata + Hadoop World 2016) How big compute is powering the deep learning rocket ship

  • 55 Judith Webber: van hokjes naar puzzelstukjes

    · Power Talks met Janneke Stielstra

    Judith Webber is eigenaar van PureHuman en ziet het als haar missie om de wereld puurder te maken. In deze Power Talk praten we over intuïtie, zelfzorg 3.0, hoogsensitiviteit en een revolutie in persoonlijke ontwikkeling en organisatie ontwikkeling Wie is Judith Webber? Judith Webber haar missie is de wereld puurder te maken. Heel haar leven is ze gefascineerd door puurheid. Zij schreef verschillende boeken waaronder: Laat jezelf zien! Tips voor puur ondernemen Kies en ze kiezen jou. Een praktische gids op pure keuzes te maken Klik hier om de shownotes te ontvangen Wat ga je tijdens deze podcast leren? Wat betekent succes voor Judith Webber? Welke levenslessen heeft Judith van haar ouders mee gekregen? Hoe zorg je voor zelfzorg 3.0? Hoe gebruik je hooggevoeligheid als kracht? 55 Power Talks: Judith Webber Wat heb je gemist? In aflevering 54 was Todd Herman te gast. Todd Herman is zeer gepassioneerd, gefocust en gedreven. Hij begon zijn carrière in het begeleiden van topsporters en Olympische spelers. Hij is expert in high performance coaching. Naast top sporters helpt hij nu ook ondernemers met hun performance zodat jouw inkomen, jouw impact en onafhankelijkheid groeit. Wat kan je leren van deze top coach op het gebied van high performance. In deze Power Talk praten we over mindset in de praktijk, de power of scripting en Todd zijn ochtendritueel. Wat ga je ontdekken in de volgende aflevering? In de volgende Power Talk spreek ik met tante Koos. Dit is een heel bijzonder persoonlijk interview. Zij is de meest moderne vrouw op leeftijd die ik heb gekend. Een mooi, warm en ondernemend mens. Abonneer je op mijn podcast zoals je zeker bent dat je deze aflevering niet mist. Instructies voor:       Iphone     Android      Windows Abonneer je op mijn podcast Stap 1: Download op je smartphone de gratis podcast app Stap 2: Zoek naar: Power Talks podcast met Janneke Stielstra Stap 3: Klik op abonneren Deel mijn Power Talks podcast via social media Ik hoop dat je hebt genoten van de podcast. Als je dit artikel over Judith Webber interessant vindt deel het dan met andere ondernemers. Deel mijn Power Talks show via sociaal media. Laat een reactie achter Belangrijk: Laat jouw reactie en eventuele aanvullingen achter. In de onderstaande video zie je welke stappen je dient te zetten. Ik waardeer het zeer als je een review achterlaat via Itunes. Dit helpt mij om een nog groter bereik te krijgen met de Power Talks podcast.

  • 302: Mike Lloyd – How to overcome your fears and find your true passion

    · 00:30:38 · The Business of Photography - Sprouting Photographer Podcast

    Episode #302 of the podcast features an interview with Mike Lloyd. Discussion topics include: Finding your passion, getting more creative and battling your fears. The post 302: Mike Lloyd – How to overcome your fears and find your true passion appeared first on Sprouting Photographer - Business Education for the Professional Photographer.

  • Jay Rayner and the Inheritance Tracks of Julian Lloyd Webber

    · Saturday Live

    Richard Coles in London and Suzy Klein in Bristol from the Bristol Food Connections Festival with food writer Jay Rayner, The Inheritance Tracks of Julian Lloyd Webber, Nick Hunt following in the footsteps of Patrick Leigh Fermor on his 2,500 mile walk from Rotterdam to Istanbul, JP Devlin meeting urban gull expert Peter Rock on a Bristol rooftop, poetry from Elvis McGonagall, Vicky Harrison who is knitting Bristol in miniature and Romy Gill, chef and restaurant owner on the immeasurable joys of modern Indian food.Jay Rayner, food critic, author and jazz pianist joins Richard in the studio. 'Kitchen Cabinet' starts on BBC Radio 4 on 10 May.Richard Smith aka Elvis McGonagall performs poems on Bristol and food. Elvis McGonagall is on Radio 4 on Wednesday nights at 2300 with a new show 'Elvis McGonagall Looks on the Bright Side'.Romy Gill runs Romy's kitchen in Thornbury (near Bristol) and is a chef/owner. Brought up in West Bengal she talks to Suzy about her early life, running a small business and why Bristol is so interesting for food.JP Devlin roams the streets of Bristol to record a crowdscape.Nick Hunt took Patrick Leigh Fermor's epic walk to Istanbul in the early 1930's to heart and followed, pretty much, in his exact footsteps in about half the time. 'Walking the Woods and the Water: in Patrick Leigh Fermor's footsteps from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn' by Nick Hunt (Nicholas Brealey Publishing) is out now.JP meets Peter Rock, the UK's leading urban gull expert, on a Bristol roof with some breeding pairs.Vicky Harrison and a team of merry crafters have been knitting the city of Bristol. Vicky talks to Suzy about 'Briswool' and how communities can come together creatively.Julian Lloyd-Webber's Inheritance Tracks are The March from the Love For Three Oranges by Prokofiev and The Little Beggar Boy by Piazzolla played by Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd-Webber.Producer: Chris Wilson.

  • EP 502: 30% Annual Yield AirBNB Investing with Andrew Keene

    · 00:22:50 · The Top Entrepreneurs in Money, Marketing, Business and Life

    Andrew Keene, president and CEO of AlphaShark Trading which is originally founded as in 2011. Prior to that, he grew up working as a proprietary trader at Chicago Board Options Exchange. He began his career on a trade program and would eventually co-found the KATL group. He currently actively trades future equity options, currency options present in commodities, and was a regular guest/market commentator on such networks as Bloomberg, CNBC and Fox Business. His first love will always be trading but he’s arguably even more well-known for building a trading room. He is especially proud of having taught his personal strategies trading for over 50,000 guests for years. Famous Five: Favorite Book? – Automatic Customer What CEO do you follow? –  Elon Musk Favorite online tool? — N/A Do you get 8 hours of sleep? — No If you could let your 20-year old self, know one thing, what would it be? – “Not to date a girl for 8 years and be engaged”   Time Stamped Show Notes: 01:38 – Nathan introduces Andrew to the show 02:32 – Andrew is based in Austin and San Diego 03:17 – Andrew is part of Entrepreneur Organization 03:55 – Andrew purchased a place in San Diego and put it on Airbnb 05:18 – “This year I expect to make $20,000 from that $70,000 investment” 06:24 – Andrew wants to get the “Super Host” status on Airbnb 06:33 – Airbnb advertises Super Host’s properties more 06:53 – Andrew looks at Airbnb hosting as an investment 07:25 – The risk of having your properties in Airbnb 07:31 – Stand-alone is not covered by HOA 07:48 – HOA wants to ban short-term rentals in San Diego 08:10 – Hosts can take advantage of their cash-flow situation 08:50 – Andrew has made $5M from trading 09:30 – Andrew shares how he got into trading 10:32 – Andrew has a place in Chicago, too 10:38 – Andrew is making around $8,000 a year for his place in Chicago 11:16 – Andrew is starting his second deal 11:41 – People ask Andrew how he makes money through the investment 12:04 – Andrew is working on a book with Airbnb 12:11 – AirBNBopen in LA 12:25 – There are around 7,000 people who paid Andrew for trading information 12:35 – Andrew has more than 50,0000 people in his email list 13:09 – Andrew shares how his cash flow works with his property in San Diego 13:45 – Andrew names software that he uses other than Revestor 13:50 – AirDNA is where you can buy reports of any city 14:23 – Mashvisor use to search for rental properties 14:45 – You can use analytics and research by  Revestor to get into the market 15:50 – Standard percentage for payment fees 16:30 – Nathan makes an offer to Andrew 17:55 – Email Andrew to connect with him 20:05 – The Famous Five   3 Key Points: Find the right investment and STUDY it as best as you can. Go to someone who is an expert in a market that you want to be in. Stay independent as long as you can.   Resources Mentioned: Acuity Scheduling – Nathan uses Acuity to schedule his podcast interviews and appointments Drip – Nathan uses Drip’s email automation platform and visual campaign builder to build his sales funnel Toptal – Nathan found his development team using Toptal for his new business Send Later. He was able to keep 100% equity and didn’t have to hire a co-founder due to the quality of Toptal Host Gator – The site Nathan uses to buy his domain names and hosting for the cheapest price possible. Audible – Nathan uses Audible when he’s driving from Austin to San Antonio (1.5-hour drive) to listen to audio books. The Top Inbox  – The site Nathan uses to schedule emails to be sent later, set reminders in inbox, track opens and follow-up with email sequences – Andrew’s email address Show Notes provided by Mallard Creatives

  • Andrew Schulz, Standup Comic and Entrepreneur on Insecurity, Risk, and Making Things Happen - Episode #278

    · 01:01:06 · The Less Doing Podcast with Ari Meisel: The Best Life Hacks And Productivity Tips For Less Doing, More Living

    It’s hard to imagine a profession more fraught with the potential for insecurity than that of a standup comic. Andrew Schulz says sure, it’s there - but you can’t let it rule your life or derail your career. In this candid - and graphic - conversation, Andrew, Ari, and Nick chat about Andrew’s career journey, how he’s fought to rise to the top of his profession in spite of insecurity and fear, and what it takes to make things happen - from a comedy perspective and a business perspective. He's a great example of someone who has ground out his success one step at a time. Andrew Schulz is like most people: He loves delegation and hates management. As Ari asked his guest, comedian Andrew Schulz how he manages his busy life and all the projects he has going, Andrew pointed to Trello as his “to-do list that other people can see,” and mentioned that he loves delegating things to his assistant but hates the stress that comes from overseeing whether she really did the things he delegated. Ari pointed out that what Andrew feels is common, and it's exactly what he should feel. He's talking about the management piece - and every entrepreneur has to learn how to offload that aspect of business in order to create space for the things they really want in life. You can find out how that looks in the life of a standup comedian, on this episode with Andrew Schulz. In any field, you’ve got to learn to deal with risk, insecurity, and the fear of failure. Andrew Schulz says he admires anyone who has absolutely no fear of rejection. It’s a quality that very few people seem to have. He struggles with fear of rejection regularly as he tries out new comedy routines and learns to pivot, iterate, and adapt to the realities of what is truly funny to people - but he also makes the point that every field requires a certain amount of risk. Those who are successful in their field have to face the insecurity squarely so it can be conquered. Find out how Andrew has dealt with the inevitable fear of failure so far, and what he does to keep himself pressing forward in spite of it, on this episode of Leverage. The freedom to do what you want comes from creating independent streams of income.  In this conversation Ari asked Andrew Schulz how he is able to do the things he truly loves and Andrew pointed to a principle entrepreneurs should know very well: You’ve got to create streams of income that allow you to have the consistency and stability you need for life in order to be free to pursue the things you really want to pursue. That’s what he’s done through a handful of revenue sources - and now he’s able to say “No” to commercial or sponsorship gigs that he doesn’t want to do in order to pursue the opportunities that are bigger and more aligned with his brand as a comic. You can hear how he applies the principle to his life and see how to apply it to your situation, on this episode. Assume people like you. It enables you to treat people better. At the end of each episode, Ari asks his guests to share 3 things listeners can do to be more productive - and Andrew Schulz immediately shared that if you can assume people like you, you will be empowered to treat them better - and the results are nothing but good. He gives a few examples of what he means by this that help flesh out the concept, so be sure you listen and learn to be more optimistic when it comes to meeting and interacting with new people. Outline of This Episode [0:03] Parental warning: This episode will be quite EXPLICIT. Be advised. [3:03] How Ari and Andrew know each other and have reconnected. [4:11] The road to becoming a standup comedian. [9:11] Learning to deal with risk, insecurity, and the fear of failure. [16:46] The importance of clearing your head through focus. [22:10] The business side of Andrew’s comedy career. [32:04] How Andrew’s mindset mirrors that of an entrepreneur trying to find product/market fit. [36:15] The comedians Andrew looks up to - in terms of comedy and business. [44:15] The reality of what the internet is doing to hold us accountable. [48:36] Andrew’s current projects and goals: And why he works to create stability and job security for himself. [53:28] The material Andrew is most proud of. [55:41] Andrew’s 3 pieces of advice to be more effective. Resources Mentioned Andrew Schulz Podcast Headspace Haymakers for Hope Trello Best Week Ever (by VH1) Guy Code The Propeller Conference   Find out more about what we’re doing at Get Leverage at and

  • 全民古典S1E10 音乐剧(下)【本季终】

    · 古典音乐频道

    音乐:Andrew Lloyd Webber-The Music Of the Night (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)Andrew Lloyd Webber-Entr'Acte - Act Two - Six Months Later (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)Andrew Lloyd Webber-Masquerade , Why So Silent? (Live at the Royal Albert Hall)感谢大家的支持!

  • Episode 53 : So Easy - Special Edition - Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC EX Manual Review

    · 00:16:25 · Motoring Podcast - News Show

    THe wonderfully capable Honda CR-V The SUV sector is the biggest growing niche for manufacturers. Everyone is coming out with their own version. We at the Motoring Podcast wanted to know what the fuss is all about and why are they so popular. We choose one of the biggest sellers, the Honda CR-V, to find out more.This is the second car to be loaned to the podcast, for which we would like to thank Honda for their kindness.To be clear the car was given a comprehensive testing by the Cracked Windscreen horde. It performed typical family duties as well as trip away to Suffolk. A wet, very wet Suffolk as it turned out.THE CarThe car in question is a CR-V 1.6 iDTEC EX. So it’s a diesel, with a manual gearbox and top of the range.The OTR price is £33,060, with the actual model I drove coming in at £35,110 due to the Polished Metallic Paint, which is Honda-speak for metallic grey (£550 option) and the Honda SENSING pack (£1500 option) - more on that later.That translates to £299/month, with solid paint, not the metallic Andrew had but includes a £3000 Honda contribution.Honda was one of the originators of the SUV niche, when it introduced the first-generation CR-V soft-roader to Europe in 1997 (they were called soft-roaders back then - a bit of history for all the kids out there!)As every car maker either has an SUV or is developing one for their range Honda cannot rest on any laurels. To continue being one of the main choices it has to make a compelling case for itself.The LooksAs this is an SUV there’s going to be a certain amount of ‘boxiness’ to the shape, unless the designers go down the daft coupé / 4x4 blend, which Honda thankfully haven’t.That’s not to say it’s a brick on wheels. The front end has lots of angles and lines all leading from the car and merging with the front grill and bumper, from a variety of heights. This ensures it’s distinctive, but with the chrome trims on the one Andrew had it was a tad fussy for his liking.Honda has managed to lessen the impression of boxiness towards the rear by tapering the top window line, into the rear quarter lights. This doesn’t involve the roofline doing so, therefore the cabin is not compromised.The tailgate is angled back into the car - again helping with the impression of a sloped roof. But don’t worry, this is only above the line of the luggage cover so, again, internal space is not compromised. Clever design towards the rear helps hide the shape As with the Civic, tested earlier in the year, the LED day-time running lights are a thin strip surrounding the headlights. Andrew likes this as he feels larger LEDs, as found on some cars that emphasise the individual bulbs, looks cheap. As you would hope from an SUV the visibility is very good thanks to the large windscreen and decently sized passenger windows.For the driver, the windscreen was kept clear by the excellently sized wipers. Impressively, they clear nearly the entire area, without the need for clever mechanisms. Andrew was particularly impressed with the wing mirror design. No style over substance here. Form follows function with the nice big, square mirrors allowing for excellent visibility. They can be electronically folded too, so there’s no fear of them being dinged after parking up.  The rear is quite conventional, with access to the boot via a top-hinged door. This creates a large, square opening, with a fairly low lip meaning it’s quite easy to load up.Passenger doors are decently sized and open nearly to 90 degrees, allowing for easy access by children and for adults to buckle them up.It’s a small detail, but such an important one when you have small kids. Shows thought has gone into how will the car be used and by whom.The sculpted lines on the rest of the car are all subtly handled and neatly executed. The results are a car that is not overly endowed with slashes and swoops but neither is it a slab of metal. Andrew thought Honda’s Polished Metal Metallic suited the car well. I also think the Twilight Blue Metallic and Passion Red Pearl are also good choices, having seen them on the road.Overall there is little to object to with the CR-V’s looks, it’s not exciting but there are nice touches, such as how well they’ve hidden the size of the car in profile.The InsideHaving experienced Honda cars before Andrew's expectations were already set for build quality. The CR-V was in a similar vein.  As he has children, Andrew started with the rear passenger area. Any parents out there will know how this area is as important as where you sit in the front, sometimes more so!After getting in the back via the wide opening doors you are met with a rear bench that comfortably seats three, in our case including a car seat, booster seat andstill plenty of space for the third child.The floor is flat, which means all the seats can be accessed even if they get in the other door. Also, this means the middle seat can be used comfortably by an adult without the need to straddle a transmission tunnel.There is a decent amount of storage in the back, with pockets on the front seats and door bins.Another feature we found useful were the vents at the end of the front arm rest/cubby hole, allowing the rear passengers control where the air con should be directed.    Wide doors and flat floor make access a breeze for everyone The car Andrew drove had kick plates with an anti-slip finish to the doorways, helping to protect the paintwork and ensuring there is firm footing when accessing the rear. Especially useful when footwear is wet and people are rushing to get out of the rain!Again, it’s a small touch, but another example of a little thought making a difference to usability of the car. As we know Andrew particularly likes it when small details are thought through.Privacy glass was fitted to the rear windows and rear windscreen. Even though the windows are quite large the ‘shoulder’ line is a bit high for smaller rear passengers. Combining these together could be a recipe for feeling a bit claustrophobic. However, this was not the case as our car had a panoramic roof!As you would expect, and know if you’ve driven with one before, this allows light to flood the cabin. Makes the whole interior feel light, airy and even more spacious. If you travel decent distances with passengers who may feel queasy this is a great feature.Oh, also children love the whole ‘sliding-roof-lining-reveals-the-sky’ event! The sounds of awe and wonder when they first experienced this were priceless.The test car had the ability to open and shut the boot lid electronically, either via the key fob, buttons in the cabin or on the bottom of the boot door.Andrew really enjoyed this feature. One because he is such a child, but two, when hauling the family's luggage and pressing the button would allow access without having to put bags down. Sounds lazy, but means you aren’t then transferring muck into the car.There are sensors in the boot lid which means the door won’t shut if it notices an obstruction. Plus the shutting speed, for the final closing, is slow, there isn’t a risk of people getting hands trapped or the like. You have the ability to override the sensor and ‘slam’ the boot lid shut, if it’s just a bag sticking out, though.The floor area of the boot is flat, as you would expect. And vast By vast, we mean as a family of five, we took what seemed like a mountain of luggage, yet the cover over went all the luggage! That’s what 589 litres of capacity will do for you!There are simple little touches in this area too. Metal loops in the corners, which will allow for a luggage net to be fitted. A small net pocket behind one of the rear wheel arches for small items. A velcro loop to hold items upright. A 12v power socket.Honda again demonstrated their attention to detail with two small, plastic hooks behind each rear wheel arch. This is for small amounts of shopping, such a couple of carrier bags. AND it was positioned at just the right height that the bag stood upright with the handles fully stretched out, yet the bottom of the bag rests on floor.Andrew concedes that he may sound a little obsessed with these tiny details, but how often do you nip out to the shop to get a couple of things? If those hooks weren’t there your shopping would be all over the place. An example of not making your life more difficult than it needs to be.Another bonus to this car is that there is a proper spare wheel, stored below the boot floor, which on a car such as this, is a good thing. Lack of optional nerf gun-rack a missed opportunity for Honda As with the rear, the doors open nice and wide to the front, enabling easy access into the leather, heated and on the driver’s side, electrically adjusted seats. With the bonus of having memory functions in case you share the driving.Andrew was surprised that the passenger’s seat wasn’t electronically controllable, though.He also found the side bolsters particularly cosseting in combination with the lumbar support. There were no complaints of aches or feeling tired after driving - and Andrew is a father of three so physically he's a broken man!As you would expect in a car this size space is good. Visibility out the front and sides is excellent.The rear screen is a smallish, which is fine on the move when you combine it with the large wing mirrors. The reversing camera and parking sensors allow you to tackle spaces you may not wish to try without. Makes using the car so much easier. This is the sort of tech I approve of.Materials in the cabin were a mix of soft touch and harder plastics, metal trim and leather. All in all it’s a perfectly inoffensive, comfortable place to sit.THE CONTROLSWith a reassuringly expensive sounding ‘thunk’ when shutting the door you turn your attention to the controls.The 3-spoke steering wheel felt lovely in hand, and had buttons to interact with the infotainment system, make calls if your phone is connected, change settings to various displays as well as cruise control and lane departure safety activation.Behind that is the conventional looking binnacle. In the centre is a large speedometer. Right in the centre of that is a digital display, one of three in the cabin, that can show you average mpg, instant mpg, cruise control settings and so on. To the left of the speedo is the rev counter, to the right are the fuel and engine temp gauges.The gearstick is just to the left of the steering wheel, raised up, so it sits between the transmission tunnel and the bottom of the dashboard, therefore it’s easy to reach.Above that is the climate control. SWITCHES! Honda uses switches! Other manufacturers take note. Please. No daft touch screen only here!Climate control is split between passenger and driver. Which is handy when, say, the driver likes it about 20 degrees cooler than his front passenger! Who knew Honda were working on continued marital harmony and not just things with engines? Spacious, comfortable and easy to use interior and controls Above the climate control, erm, controls, is the touch screen.Now, if you remember the Civic review (and of course you do) you’ll know I wasn’t a fan of the touch screen and software.However, this one was a revelation! No lag, it was responsive and everything worked as expected.Sat nav was great, especially combined with traffic updates and automatic suggested route alternatives.Connectivity was excellent and worked, again, as you would expect. Clarity of the speakers was tested, as we sat on the M6 in a traffic jam with AC/DC, Guns n Roses and MIA, blasting out!Behind the screen there is even a CD player, you remember those, don’t you! But, Andrew is glad they haven’t abandoned this tech as not everyone can or wants to connect their phone to a car.Above the touch screen is another display. This time revealing similar information as the one in the middle of the speedometer.Below the centre console and gearstick there are two/three cupholders. Place to leave you phone. The hand break and a, frankly, massive cubby box.The box has the connectivity/charging points for USB, HDMI and 12v cables. All your needs should be met in there!The driver’s door houses the electric window’s controls, including switching off passenger window operation privileges. I was a bit surprised that this included the front passenger as well as the rear.Also, the electric mirrors are controlled from here, including the electronic folding feature, as long as you remember to do it before switching off the ignition.THE DRIVEWhat’s it like to drive, you ask? Well, it’s “nice”. It’s not exciting, but not many people buying an SUV are after exciting. Everything was just easy to do.The steering is light, if a little bit numb, but not vague or wayward.Using the pedals and changing gear is easy, Honda haven’t felt the need to make doing so an event.The car was surprisingly quiet on the move. Andrew expected that there would be more wind and tyre noise.Having driven Honda’s 1.6 IDTEC engine before he already knew what to expect and was impressed with it. Once it’s above 1500 rpm it really pulls you along.The official combined mpg is 55.4 for the manual and 55.3 for the automatic, in EX 4wd trim. This results in CO2 of 133 and 139 g/km respectively. That makes it VED Band E.Fully laden, with the family and all the luggage that entails (you do remember the Horde took a lot of stuff don't you?) we averaged out at an indicated 43.4mpg.There is an Eco setting which does your typical eco driving things, such as encourage a smoother style (with the warning lights), encouraging you to change up sooner than you’d think (with gear indicators on the dash) etc.But just because it’s in eco mode, it doesn’t penalise you if you need to put your foot down, to, say, get around something. This is a modern eco system it doesn't inhibit response.The ride was a decent mix of firm and comfortable. You can feel the worst of the road, but not so it’s an issue. You and your passengers travel in comfort.Proper tyres will have helped with this. No silly low profile jobbies here!Andrew was pleasantly surprised by the level of body control in the corners too. It is an SUV so there will be some wallowing but he was expecting more.THE TECHNOLOGYTechnology is being used more and more by manufacturers, as well as being demanded of by legislation. Well, this CR-V was packed with it thanks to the £1500 optional extra Honda SENSING, mentioned earlier.In that you get Traffic Sign Recognition, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot info, Forward Collision Warning, Collision Mitigation Braking System, Lane Keeping Assist and Intelligent-Adaptive Cruise Control!We’re talking about tech that was the preserve of exec barges not so long ago, now it’s in a family car.Andrew can attest to all of it working too, apart from the braking system as he didn’t get into a situation where it would kick in and we're all quite happy about that!The Lane Keeping Assistance deserves a separate mention. Through rear facing sensors the car will keep itself in a motorway lane. Being thorough, Andrew tested it out, when it was safe to do so and without his family aboard, and it’s amazing. The car steered itself around bends on the motorway. It’s witchcraft!With all that tech it made driving so much less stressful. The warning indicators and occasional noises were informative but they weren't too obtrusive. Which is a fine balance that Honda have managed.Andrew drove 1100 odd miles, in just over a week and he didn’t feel tired. He didn’t feel stressed. AND that’s with driving his kids.THE CONCLUSIONHaving spent time with the car The Motoring Podcast can see why SUVs, and CR-Vs in particular, are so popular.The raised sitting position, giving you a more commanding view of the road is attractive.The feeling of extra safety, which is now backed up by the technology, is compelling.  The ease at which it took Andrew's family around is tempting. For many people getting from A to B is the objective. They’re not after engaging dynamic driving.For helping to get around in as safe and stress free way as is possible, with some excellent little touches that make life easier then the CR-V makes a strong case for itself.Let’s put it this way, Mrs Cracked Windscreen didn't want to give it back. And some may say there is no higher praise than that! Cracked Windscreen Horde sad to see the back of the CR-V

  • S05E01 Speak Out Edited Version

    · 01:36:13 · JW Podcast

    This is the edited version of the original podcast, ‘Speak Out’.We received a complaint from someone who is not Richard Kelly and who is not Lloyd Evans, objecting to the statement that ‘Richard bankrolls Lloyd’. Here at JW Podcast we take complaints very seriously, and we feel it would only be fair and reasonable to remove the statement that ‘Richard bankrolls Lloyd’ from the podcast, despite having no evidence to refute the statement that ‘Richard bankrolls Lloyd’. We have been told verbally by the person who is not Richard and not Lloyd that Richard stopped bankrolling Lloyd in 2014, and therefore we are happy to take it on trust that Richard no longer bankrolls Lloyd.We have not been contacted directly or indirectly by Richard so we have no idea if Richard is upset by the statement ‘Richard bankrolls Lloyd’ nor are aware why he might be upset by the statement ‘Richard bankrolls Lloyd’. Inde [...]

  • Chatbots: Marketing Automation via Messenger

    · 00:44:33 · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Wondering how chatbots can improve open and click-through rates on Facebook?Want to build funnels into your chatbot messaging?To explore how to develop marketing messaging that works in Facebook Messenger chatbots, I interview Andrew Warner.More About This ShowThe Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers, business owners, and creators discover what works with social media marketing.In this episode, I interview Andrew Warner. When Andrew was younger, he built a company to $30 million in annual sales. Today, Andrew is the founder of Mixergy, a site and podcast focused on tech startups. Andrew's newest venture is called Bot Academy, a site focused on chatbots.Andrew explains the many advantages chatbots offer compared to email.You'll discover how tags and the right content can create interactive and engaging chatbot conversations.Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below.Listen NowHere are some of the things you'll discover in this show:ChatbotsHow Andrew Got Into Chatbots Since 2008, Andrew has been running Mixergy, a podcast and website focused on helping newer tech entrepreneurs learn from a variety of experienced tech entrepreneurs and exploring topics like their backgrounds, how they built their businesses, and why those businesses worked.Although Andrew had made angel investments in chatbot software companies, he didn't really use them in his work until his company had a problem with its email open and click-through rates. A big part of Mixergy's business is growing their email list for relationship-building with future customers. To improve those rates, Andrew tried many things including adjusting their funnel, but nothing worked.Then Andrew realized he was complaining to his team about the problem not with email, but via chat apps such as Facebook Messenger, iMessage, and Slack. Although Andrew was communicating with people he loved and worked with using chat, he was using email to communicate with prospective customers. He began to question whether email was the issue.Andrew decided to test how communicating with customers via chat would impact the metrics for his business communications. When they communicated with customers via chat, open rates rose from 20% to 30% with emails to 80% to 95% on Facebook Messenger. Click rates rose from 5% on email to more than 50% on Messenger.Andrew recalls driving from San Francisco to Napa to get away from work for the day. Two different people called him during the drive and said, "Please show me how you're reaching people on Facebook Messenger." That's when Andrew realized chatbots were the future and he could build a business based on chat.The first company Andrew invested in was Assist, founded by his friend Shane Mac and the founder of Geek Squad, Robert Stephens. One of their tests was this chatbot that at first worked on SMS text messages and then Facebook Messenger. They were so plugged in that when Facebook was thinking about chatbots, the duo went to Facebook's offices to talk about it.Then when Mark Zuckerberg announced chatbots at F8 2016, Andrew asked himself, "Why am I not paying more attention to what Shane and Robert Stevens are telling me?" That's when he started to get really lit up by the idea of chatbots.Listen to the show to hear about other efforts that didn't help Andrew improve metrics for his email list.What Chatbots Can Do and Why Marketers Should CareChatbots can provide a sense of immediacy that email doesn't. Marketers can use this immediacy to share timely reminders and links. For example, someone who registers for one of Andrew's webinars receives the message, "Press this button and my chatbot will remind you on Facebook Messenger." When it's time for the webinar, the chatbot reminder makes the recipient's phone vibrate and ...

  • 171: e169 - I still think I've got something special: The Stuart Webber Interview | The NR F1 Podcast

    · The NR F1 Podcast > Your Formula 1 Podcast from Norfolk, UK

    Now this is something special. Fresh from his NR F1 Podcast debut in e168 - our Monaco Grand Prix review podcast ( - the man dubbed "the most powerful sports professional in Norfolk" Stuart Webber sits down for a chat and a diet Coke.Edition 169 of the pod sees Michael Bailey joined by Norwich City's new sporting director, who talks of his love for F1, the Formula 1 connections flowing through his life, whether he still fancies being a racing driver and what F1 and footballer (or soccer, if you like!) could possibly learn from each other.Michael also asks how Webber is settling into life in Norfolk and whether The Rushcutters has a new fan - but obviously he definitely doesn't talk Norwich City Football Club. Not at all. Sort of.* * *The British county of Norfolk is where the iconic success of Team Lotus was cultivated, where Ayrton Senna, Martin Brundle, Mark Webber and more honed their race craft - and home to The NR F1 Podcast. Find all you need to know about The NR F1 Podcast and how to join in with the fun by visiting our website: http://nrf1.ukJOIN IN | Follow and be a part of our Formula 1 prediction league: | Find your podcast player link:* ITUNES - Subscribe, rate and review us:* GOOGLE PLAY - Likewise:* RSS - For android and other devices via audioBoom: IN TOUCH | Follow our social media feeds and join the fun:* TWITTER |* FACEBOOK |* EMAIL | nrf1podcast@gmail.comSUPPORT | Become an NR F1 Podcast supporter: | Take in The NR F1 Podcast's lovely new YouTube channel: | RACING | Why not sign up to our lovely new partner's racing game:* * *As for our most popular recent podcasts, try these:* 1 > e160 We take on the entire 2017 global fans survey -* 2 > e155 McLaren the disgrace and Max the idiot -* 3 > e146 Jake Humphrey sorts F1 by shouting from his kitchen -* 4 > e144 Sipping wine? What are McLaren playing at! -* 5 > Some 2016 best bits bonus podcast - #F1 #MonacoGP #Formula1 #2017 #Formula12017 #F12017 #GrandPrix #GP #Motorsport #F1isBack #FIA #Stuart #Webber #NCFC #NorwichCityFC #Canaries #Soccer #Football #Norwich #City #Norfolk #McLaren #Honda #Sauber #RedBull #RedBullRacing #Ferrari #Max #Verstappen #Kimi #Raikkkonen #Fernando #Alonso #Williams #Mercedes #Lewis #Hamilton #Daniel #Ricciardo #Sauber #Pascal #Wehrlein #Valtteri #Bottas #2017 #Damon #Hill #Jenson #Button

  • Inside Line F1 Podcast - Raikkonen To Red Bull Racing In 2014

    · Inside Line F1 Podcast

    The Inside Line F1 Podcast is produced by Rishi Kapoor and Kunal Shah. This F1 podcast offers a unique and humourous view in the latest happenings in the world of Formula1. This podcast can also be accessed via (Image Courtesy: Lotus F1 Team)A BIG (and we mean BBIIGG) thank you to all for making ‘Multi21, Team Orders and PR Talk’ one of our most subscribed to podcasts across all our platforms. (Hear:’s what is in store for you in this podcast: (YouTube channel: V6 = DJ Tiesto! (No, this isn’t some weird logic!)- Overdose on multi21, team orders and Webber; did you suffer from one too? - Mark Webber was wearing wool in the heat and humidity of Malaysia. Rishi explains!- We discuss Webber’s race options for the 2014 Formula1 Season. A few obvious and interesting ones. - And when Webber moves, who will replace him? Hear our options. - Will Ferrari lose one more driver from their Driver Academy to a rival team? We think so…If you were Mark Webber, what would you do? Which team would you choose to go to? And of course, if you were Red Bull Racing, who would you choose to replace him with? Share your views with us.And of course, next week, we will have our 2013 Chinese Grand Prix preview podcast. Till then, Keep Racing!Our earlier podcast ‘If Schumacher Turns TV Commentator’ received some rave reviews. If you’ve not heard it already, go ahead and do so. (Hear: For those keen to read, here’s the latest on Narain Karthikeyan and Karun Chandhok:1. Narain Karthikeyan Switches From Formula1 To AutoGP In 2013 ( Karun Chandhok To Race In the FIA GT World Series In 2013 ( my favourite post on Newey and Brawn: ‘Will We See Adrian Newey vs Ross Brawn Finally?’(Read:

  • Selling Right Channel Radios

    · 00:26:37 · eCommerceFuel: Build, Launch and Grow a 6 Figure Plus eCommerce Business | eCommerce Fuel

    New post from The eCommerceFuel Blog: It's been eight years since Right Channel Radios first opened its eCommerce doors. After a cart migration, major website overhaul and lots of lessons learned over the years, the business has officially been sold. Today we're talking about the biggest takeaways Drew and Andrew walked away with after selling eCommerce businesses. It takes more planning, strategizing and moments of doubt than one might think. Subscribe:  iTunes | Stitcher (With your host Andrew Youderian of and Drew Sanocki of Andrew: Welcome to the eCommerceFuel podcast, the show dedicated to helping high six and seven figure entrepreneurs build amazing online companies and incredible lives. I'm your host and fellow eCommerce entrepreneur, Andrew Youderian. Hey guys, it's Andrew here and welcome to the eCommerceFuel podcast, thanks so much for tuning in today. Joined by Mr. Drew Sanocki, the man from New York City consultant and business owner extraordinaire. Drew, how are you doing buddy? Drew: Good, how are you doing? Andrew: Good, I was looking at Nerd Marketing and things are looking sharp over there man, you've got a pretty beautiful brand and site with some awesome content. Drew: It's getting there. I read some book on design for founders, I think it's called "Design for Founders," taught me a lot about typography which I got into, you can sink a lot of time into that but I love it now, it's really interesting, I recommend it for anybody who is looking to brand a site or a blog. Andrew: Yeah, it looks super sharp, I was jotting a bunch of notes down and stuff that I'm totally going to swipe for the eCommerceFuel site, yeah it looks sharp man. Drew: Oh fun, good. Andrew: But yeah, today talking about some kind of crazy, crazy news. I sold the business. Drew: I know. Congratulations. Andrew: Yeah thank you. Sold Right Channel Radios which is the business I've had for, man, I guess where it all started back in 2008 so owned it for eight years and just this last couple of weeks ended up closing on the sale. Drew: So is this the first official announcement? Andrew: Publicly it is, I've been chatting with people in the community about it, the private community but in terms of public announcement, yeah, this is where it's getting broken. Drew: Well that's great, well congratulations, this is your second exit. Andrew: Yeah. Drew: Isn't it? Andrew: Yeah, thank you, this is my second one, sold a couple of years ago and this is number two. Drew: That's great, got all sorts of questions for you. Andrew: Yeah, hit me man, it's kind of strange doing a podcast about selling your own business but you were kind enough to come on and help me do it so it wasn't just me talking to people. Drew: Well I'm happy to be here, I sold my first business, it seems like ancient history now, but back in 2011, 2012. Andrew: Yeah, Design Public, right? Drew: Yup and then we sold a business where I was the CMO, Karmaloop, we sold that about a month ago. Andrew: You're partnered up with a private equity group for that, right? Drew: Yes, I mean they did the deal, I did the diligence on the deal, came on board, helped return the company to profitability and we sold, they made most of the money off of the deal unfortunately, but yeah. Andrew: Probably it's safe to say they probably brought most of the money to the deal, right? Drew: Yeah, I was a mere pawn. Andrew: Yeah so I thought it would be kind of fun to just kind of talk quickly about why I sold, who I sold it to and then get into some lessons, both kind of some lessons I learned from the sale and also get your kind of thoughts on it. Drew: Sounds good. Long-Term Prepping Before Putting Up a "For Sale" Sign Andrew: So probably the biggest takeaway for me, and this is something I realized after the fact,

  • Show 1275 Part 1 of 2 The Revolting Truth with Andrew Klavan- Funny Guy-Check it out

    · American Conservative University Podcast

    Show1275  Part 1 of 2  The Revolting Truth with Andrew Klavan To watch the entire play list at-   This ACU Show is a collection of many 3-4 minute youTube videos from Andrew Klavans Truth Revolt.   Andrew Klavan  50 Shades of Barack Obama Published on Mar 27, 2015 If Barack Obama doesn't love America, then why is he beating the crap out of her? That's the question our host and voracious reader, Andrew Klavan, explores in this review of the steamy new book 50 SHADES OF BARACK OBAMA.   Andrew Klavan  Magical Leftist Thinking Published on Mar 12, 2015 In which our host explores the art of illusion and the Vegas-style magical thinking of the progressive left.   The Truth Revolt with Andrew Klavan  Attack of the But-Heads! Published on Jan 29, 2015 From writer/director Andrew Klavan... In a world gone crazy, in a world gone mad, a strange new horde of mindless leftist zombies lurk in the shadows. These unthinking undead claim to support your fundamental freedom to think, say, believe and report any damn thing you think, say, believe and report, BUT!!!!   Andrew Klava  Good News, Beheaded Christians Published on Feb 26, 2015 Good news! Our optimistic host, Andrew Klavan, takes a look at President Obama's belief that no religion is responsible for terrorism. Sure, everywhere you look now days savages screaming Allahu Akbar are raping, murdering, decapitating and burning innocents, but hey, Christians did something bad way back a long time ago too!    Andrew Klavan The Obama Conspiracy Conspiracy Published on Feb 12, 2015 The truth is out there, and our skeptical host is on its trail. Andrew Klavan explores the father of all conspiracy theories: The Obama Conspiracy Theory Conspiracy Theory!   Andrew Klavan Should Waterboarding Be An Olympic Sport? Published on Jan 15, 2015 In which our compassionate host, Andrew Klavan, considers the very somber and serious questions surrounding the non-lethal, enhanced interrogation techniques used against murderous jihadi bastards.   Andrew Klavan  Which Black Lives Matter? Published on Jan 22, 2015 In which our daring host exposes the revolting truth about the 'Black Lives Matter' movement - that they don't really care about life at all.   Andrew Klavan  Republicans Are Smarter than Democrats - and More Liberal Published on Jan 7, 2015 In which our host knocks down some of the myths surrounding Republicans and presents instead the Revolting Truth that they are smarter, kinder, more compassionate and more liberal than their Democrat counterparts.   Andrew Klavan  Defend Cancer Against the Jews! Published on Dec 17, 2014 In which our host, Andrew Klavan, stands up for the under-privileged victim of the Israeli occupation of science -- Cancer!  Many more segments from The Truth Revolt are included in this ACU Show.   Visit The American Conservative University Podcast for over 1200 free audio shows from the best Conservative Talent in the world!   Visit- Conservative talk radio, conservative talk, conservative podcasts, conservative audio, conservative, republican, democrat, liberal, libertarian, libertarian talk, libertarian podcasts, libertarian podcast, book, author, interview, audio, documentary, Conservative, freedom, constitution, republican, Obama, Liberty, libertarian, tea party, Obamacare, America, democracy

  • Ruth Jones

    · Saturday Live

    The actress, script-writer and producer Ruth Jones joins Aasmah Mir and Richard Coles. Known for her role as 'Nessa Jenkins' in the BBC's award-winning sitcom Gavin and Stacey, she's now back on our screens in the comedy drama series Stella.Trend forecaster James Wallman describes why we have more stuff than we could ever need. It's cluttering up our homes and making us feel 'stuffocated'. He explains why, rather than a buy a new watch or another pair of shoes, we should invest in shared experiences.Listener Polly Loxton wrote to Saturday Live about the value of a handwritten letter. She explains why they have been central in her own life.Anna Bailey accompanies Julian Lloyd Webber to a football match at Leyton Orient to find out how he spends his Saturday.A visit to his local launderette inspired Luke Jerram to create the 'Play Me, I'm Yours' project - in which he installed pianos in various locations in 46 cities across the world. An estimated six million people have played or listened to the Street Pianos. He describes how the project has led to marriages, a peaceful protest and the film of a homeless man playing which has gone 'viral'.Inheritance Tracks - the singer and actress Beverley Knight chooses: Touch the Hem of His Garment and A Change Gonna Come by Sam Cooke.Ruth Jones stars in Stella, Fridays, 9pm, Sky 1.Stuffocation by James Wallman, is published by Penguin.Beverley Knight stars in Memphis the Musical at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London and has extended her run until July 2015.Julian Lloyd Webber makes his conducting debut with the album 'And The Bridge is Love', which comes out at the end of the month; and he'll also be touring with his wife the cellist Jia Tschin Lloyd Webber, where he'll be talking about his career.

  • Julian Lloyd Webber

    · Inheritance Tracks

    Julian Lloyd-Webber's Inheritance Tracks are The March from the Love For Three Oranges by Prokofiev and The Little Beggar Boy by Piazzolla played by Julian and Jiaxin Lloyd-Webber.


    · Mysterious Topics

    Taliesin means "shining brow" to those of Welsh ancestry, and for Frank Lloyd Wright it was his way of describing his house built into the side of a cliff in Wisconsin. Many people have heard about Frank Lloyd Wright and his architectural masterpieces throughout the world.  And why not, since he designed more than 1,000 structures, and over half of those were completed.   However, many people do not know of the tragedy that occurred at his beloved Taliesin, a house he orchestrated building as a refuge and retreat for his beloved friend, Mamah Borthwick Cheney, and himself and other family members near Spring Green, Wisconsin.  Mystery surrounds the fire and murders that occurred at the three-year-old house and home, and that mystery is still present and unanswered even today. Some would say that the tragedy might even have inspired and motivated Frank Lloyd Wright to produce  better designs after the fire that occurred at Taliesin in 1914.  He was only 47 in 1914, but he lived to the age of 92, and most experts would agree that he produced some of his best work in the latter half of his life. In any event, despite the mysterious tragedy of 1914, the house was rebuilt and today there are public tours of the property available for all to witness the architectural genius of Frank Lloyd Wright. +++ The post FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT TALIESIN MYSTERY appeared first on Mysterious Topics .

  • Find Your Harmony Radio #069 [’MOMENTS’ Album Special]

    · 00:59:52 · Find Your Harmony Radioshow

    Tracklist: 01. Andrew Rayel - Moments (Album Intro Mix) 02. Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn - Forgiven03. Andrew Rayel & Christina Novelli - Lighthouse04. Andrew Rayel & ATB - Connected05. Andrew Rayel & Max Vangeli feat. Kye - Heavy Love06. Andrew Rayel & Jochen Miller feat. Hansen Thomas - Take It All07. Andrew Rayel feat. Emma Hewitt - My Reflection08. Andrew Rayel - Back To The Moment09. Andrew Rayel & Khomha - All Systems Down10. Andrew Rayel feat. Eric Lumiere - I’ll Be There11. Andrew Rayel - Let It Be Forever12. Andrew Rayel feat. Angelika Vee - Never Let Me Go13. Andrew Rayel & Digital X feat. Sylvia Tosun - Winterburn (ID Remix)14. Andrew Rayel & Christina Antuna & Roman Messer & Ruslan Radriges & Gamma - Once In A Lifetime Love & Stronghold (Andrew Rayel Mashup)15. Andrew Rayel - Tacadum16. Andrew Rayel feat. Jonathan Me [...]