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    #MondayMix 212 by @dirtyswift - 02.Oct.2017 (Live Mix)

    · Dirty Swift

    ►  Kendrick Lamar - Backseat Freestyle►  Kendrick Lamar - m.A.A.d city ft. MC Eiht►  Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D. City (Eprom Remix)►  Kendrick Lamar - DNA.►  Kenrick Lamar - Humble. (Dirty)►  Kendrick Lamar - Humble. - Skrillex Remix (Dirty)►  Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees (feat. Jay Rock)►  Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) (Extended Version)►  Kendrick Lamar - Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe►  Kendrick Lemar - Poetic Justice (ft. Drake)►  Kendrick Lamar - i►  Kendrick Lamar - King Kunta►  Kendrick Lamar - Alright (Dirty)►  Kendrick Lamar - LOYALTY. (FEAT. RIHANNA.)►  Bhad Bhabie - These Heaux - Jordan Crisp Acap Intro (Dirty)►  Bhad Bhabie - Hi Bich (Dirty)►  Iggy Azalea - Work►  Nabiha ft. Lady Leshurr - Drunk (Dirty)►  Lady Ice ft. Funky Dee, RIO, & Dubzy - Superb - Male Remix (Clean)►  Cianna Blaze - Cemented (Dirty)►  Iggy Azalea - PU$$Y►  Lady Leshurr - Where Are You Now (ft. Wiley)►  EP V1 - Fortune (MASTERED DK)►  Charlotte Devaney & Riff Raff - Lemon Latte (Dirty)►  Paigey Cakey - Boogie (Dirty)►  Lady Leshurr - Juice (Dirty)►  Nadia Rose - Skwod (Dirty)►  Paigey Cakey - Hot Tings (Dirty)►  Cardi B - Bodak Yellow - Saint Moombahton Remix (Dirty)►  Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You (YehMe2 Edit)►  Macklemore ft. Offset - Willy Wonka (Dirty)►  Ty Dolla $ign ft. Jeremih - Dawsin's Breek (Dirty)►  Tory Lanez - Shooters (Dirty)►  Madeintyo - Too Quick (Dirty)►  Rich The Kid ft. Kendrick Lamar - New Freezer (Dirty)►  67 - Let's Lurk (ft. Giggs)►  LUUDE - La De Da►  TroyBoi x Stooki Sound - Warrior►  Travis Scott - Goosebumps (ft Kendrick Lamar)►  Schoolboy Q - Collard Greens (feat. Kendrick Lamar)►  A$AP Rocky - 1 Train (Feat. Kendrick Lamar, Joey Badass, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronso►  Beyoncé - Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar)►  Jidenna - Classic Man Remix (ft. Kendrick Lamar)►  Kanye West ft Kendrick Lamar - No More Parties In L.A. (Dirty)A$AP Rocky - Fuckin Problem (feat. 2Chainz, Drake, Kendrick Lamar)►  50 Cent - We Up (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

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    130- Kendrick Farris: Learn From My Mistakes, "Be Better Than Me"

    · Barbell Shrugged - Talking Training w/ CrossFit Games Athletes, Strength Coaches & More

    This week on Barbell Shrugged we are joined once again by the one and only Kendrick Farris, two-time Olympian for USA Weightlifting, tattoo aficionado, part-time comedian and all around amazing dude.    Just in case you missed Kendrick’s first two appearances on the show, make sure you go back and check outepisode 55, as well as episode 76. Trust me, you never want to miss out on what he has to say.    Kendrick always gets us fired up when he speaks, but it’s quite another to actually see Kendrick lift. Imagine, a man his size easily tossing almost 500 pounds overhead, or easily squatting 550 pounds rep after rep. It’s incredible. On the world stage this guy is as strong as any lifter his size, period. The Olympics are always a really tough competition for the United States, sure, but I for one can’t wait to see Kendrick on the Rio platform in 2016. The Barbell Shrugged crew will be right there in the stands, sipping Caipirinha’s and cheering him on as loud as we possibly can.    To get that damn good, you would think Kendrick has sacrificed everything for the sport of weightlifting. It wouldn’t surprise you if he came off as obsessed, hyper-competitive and all that. But the truth is that he lives a remarkably balanced life. Kendrick’s Instagram feed is not just a showcase for his lifting prowess. It’s mostly pictures of friends, family, and more than a few tattoo sessions. He’s the type of guy who loves and shares openly. He wants you to be better than him one day, which is probably exactly why he’s such an amazing lifter. Attitude is everything.    Kendrick doesn’t compete to impress anyone, especially not himself. He’s just interested in learning what works best for weightlifting. Sure, dominating the platform is the ultimate goal, but only because it creates a platform for Kendrick to inspire, teach, and share his remarkable point of view on lifting and living. It also gives him the opportunity to meet the best coaches in the world, to mix and share ideas, and to push the community forward.    Between Kendrick and the lovely Diane Fu there’s never been a better time to learn the sport of weightlifting. They both have such an amazing, open attitude to coaching and sharing information. Their seminars really are some of the best coaching experiences you could hope to have, really.    You can check out dates for Kendrick’s Bless the Gym Tour here. Also, if you want some Diane Fu in your life, check out her event schedule. You’d be silly not to go, especially when they coach together. Do it!    If you want a summary of Kendrick’s wisdom look no further than his attitude towards weight and diet. Lifters often obsess about cutting weight before a big competition. The rationale is clear enough. If you can cut hard, then regain weight after weigh-ins you will have a clear competitive advantage over the other folks in your weight class. And that’s true, but more often than not the cut leaves you feeling like shit. This is what happens when you spend more time thinking about the competition, forgetting what it is that’s best for you. Likewise, diet is cool and all, but there’s no sense in obsessing over it. The details, demands, and strict food limitations aren’t necessary. That’s time and effort that could otherwise be spent with the barbell, which is a far better way to become a great lifter. Does Kendrick eat Paleo? Does he have a personal chef or catering services provide him meals? Hardly. He seems to spend most of his time crushing bags of trail mix in between training sessions. It’s not ideal, but he seems to love it. Maybe that’s the only dietary detail that matters.    Get with a great coach, or two, or three. Move efficiently, but find out works best for you. There are no hard rules. Do your thing. Refine it. Put together a long-term plan and be patient. Train hard, and with a community of great lifters. Eat what you need to eat. Weigh what you’re going to weigh. Be the strongest possible version of yourself.     If you want more Kendrick in your life, make sure to follow him on Instagram. You don’t want to miss any of his pancake sessions or heavy squat workouts, trust me. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter.    Bless the gym!   Cheers,    Chris Moore  

  • Kendrick Lamar, intouchable ?

    · NoFun

    DAMN, Kendrick Lamar feat. sa conscience et Dieu. A contrepied de son précédent album très politique, prenant de court les attentes du public après l’élection de Trump, Kendrick signe un album très personnel, christique et introspectif. Une méditation sur l’essence de la vie, une discussion sur son rapport à la religion et Dieu, il tisse une réflexion complexe mais accessible, propose une immersion dans un monde spirituel d’une très grande qualité musicale. Avec cet album, Kendrick Lamar prouve qu’il n’est plus en compétition avec les autres, il n’est en compétition qu’avec lui-même. Animé par Mehdi Maïzi avec Raphaël Da Cruz, Aurélien Chapuis et Nicolas Pellion RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L’ÉMISSION To Pimp A Butterfly (Kendrick Lamar, 2015), untitled unmastered (Kendrick Lamar, 2016), Black Hippy, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City (Kendrick Lamar, 2012), Rick Rubin, Inception (Christopher Nolan, 2010), Nation (Kendrick Lamar ?), Rush Hour 2 (Brett Ratner, 2001), Future, Sounwave, Kid Capri, Nas, Mike Will Made It, Run the Jewel, Niggas With Attitude (NWA), The Bomb Squad, ODB (Ol’Dirty Bastard), Organized Noise, Aquemini (Outkast, 1998), Le Grand Bleu (Luc Besson avec une musique d’Eric Serra , 1988), Bitch don’t kill my vibe (Kendrick Lamar, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, 2012), Don’t wanna know (Maroon 5 feat Kendrick Lamar, 2016), Bad Blood (Taylor Swift feat Kendrick Lamar, 2015), Radioactive (Imagine Dragons feat Kendrick Lamar, 2014), Loyalty (Kendrick Lamar feat. Rihanna, DAMN., 2017), XXX (Kendrick Lamar feat. U2, DAMN., 2017), Forever young (Jay-Z, The Blueprint 3, 2010), Poetic justice (Kendrick Lamar feat Drake, Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City, 2012), Jamiroquai, Scred Connexion, Juvenile, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist, 24-Carat Black, Jay Rock, Kid Cudi, Gunplay, Nas, Rakim, Ice Cube, Eminem, Migos, The Black Album (Jay-Z, 2003), The Blueprint (Jay-Z, 2001), The Roots, DJ Quik, Problem, G-Perico, MC Eiht. COUPS DE COEUR ET RECOMMANDATIONS LA RECO DE NICO PEILLON La saison 2 de la série The Leftovers, dans laquelle l’histoire de Justin Theroux ressemble à celle de Kendrick Lamar : l’un décède au début de la saison, l’autre au début de son album, l’un chante avec un orchestre, l’autre avec U2. LA RECO DE RAPHAEL DA CRUZ “Rosecrans”, l’EP devenu album de DJ Quik et Problem qui s’est enrichi de 6 morceaux cette année, dont un avec Mc eiht. Et le morceau “All Blue” de G-Perico. LA RECO D’AURÉLIEN CHAPUIS "Steve Lacy’s Demo”, l’EP de Steve Lacy, jeune rappeur de 18 ans (que l’on retrouve sur DAMN.), qui lance sa carrière solo après avoir débuté avec The Internet. Et le titre “Elm Street” de Jimmy Wopo, qui ressemble énormément à “Humble” de Kendrick Lamar. Une troisième reco ? La dernière mixtape de Jimmy Wopo : “Jordan Kobe”. LA RECO DE MEHDI MAIZI “Brain disorder”, le dernier projet du producteur français Brodinski. Son unique album, “Brava” était assez inabouti. Son EP “Brain disorder” contient de bons morceaux, avec des rappeurs inconnus, mais qui valent le détour. CRÉDITS Enregistré le 25 avril 2017 à l’Antenne Paris (10, rue la Vacquerie 11ème). Production : Binge Audio. Direction de production : Joël Ronez. Chargé de production et d’édition : Camille Regache. Direction générale : Gabrielle Boeri-Charles. Moyens techniques : Binge Audio / L’Antenne Paris. Réalisation : Sébastien Salis. Générique : extrait de "Tyra Banks" de Nodey (Atrahasis EP) par Nodey. NoFun est une production du réseau Binge Audio UN GRAND MERCI À NOS CONTRIBUTEURS Arnaud Théry, Alexandre Tisserant, Stéphane Tomczak, Charles Touboul, Julien Tricard - Brendan Troadec, Damien Vacher, Agnes Vaglio, Sig Valax, Domitille van Kote, Nicolas Vanbremeersch, Julien Vandable, Théo Vanstaevel, Alban Vantal, Johann Vayaboury

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    106 Dr. Anna Akbari: Finding Happiness & Wellness In A Digital World

    · Wellness Force Radio | Discovering Physical & Emotional Intelligence To Live Life Well

    The digital world is growing faster than ever, but how it is really helping us to create better wellness, loving relationships, and true happiness in our modern world? On this episode of Wellness Force Radio, sociologist, entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and the author of Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way to Happiness, Dr. Anna Akbari shares how we can and find both happiness and wellness in a digital world. Listen and learn how to bring more wellness into your life as we dive deep into a discussion about career and life choices, relationships, and money in today's modern life.  JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP | REVIEW THIS PODCAST Think Like A Startup To change her life, Dr. Akbari had to start analyzing each of her decisions like a startup company would approach them. Even though Dr. Anna Akbari had a wonderful career in New York City and academia at New York University and Parsons New School for Design, she eventually realized that it was not enough to sustain her happiness and wellness forever. Following just one career path was not all that Dr. Akbari wanted to succeed at during her lifetime. She knew deep down inside that there had to be something more. One day, she woke up and finally decided it was time to pivot her life. Craving nature, new work projects, expanding her career and life possibilities, Dr. Akbari made the plan to move to California. Academia was her comfort zone but she knew she could be happier if she added more practical passions to the mix. Pausing our lives, pivoting, and making a major change isn't the easiest choice, but it could be what changes the direction of our journey forever.  Happiness Architecture How we can design our lives so that we can create the life that we want. Mental models hold us hostage in thinking that there's only one singular path that we have to follow to be happy and successful. Like a startup trying new tactics and finding better solutions, we can invert the truth about how a life should be lived and begin anew. We can afford to take chances, unlearn something, and innovate. We don't need to make a geographical change like Dr. Akbari did by moving from New York City to California, but we can find new ways to reinvent ourselves and be more open take chances. When we get outside of our comfort zone, we can make it easier for ourselves to pivot our lives in order to increase our wellness and happiness.  The 3 Part Formula for Happiness & Success If we get to a point in life where we know we can no longer stay with the same unrewarding job, a lot of us need to pivot our careers or find a new place to live like Dr. Akbari did to rediscover her wellness and happiness. While moving to a completely different location or leaving our work field for another career may not be entirely feasible, there is a formula we can use to evaluate and choose our next move. During our interview, Dr. Akbari shares her 3 Part Formula for Happiness and Success and how we can apply it to our lives. Simply ask yourself the following questions: Passion: What is something that you are passionate about? Practicality: What are you skilled at or could be good at? Audience: What does your audience demand? If all of these three areas successfully intersect, then you've created your own secret sauce for happiness and success.   Listen to Episode 106 as Dr. Akbari Uncovers Why Dr. Akbari decided to title her book, "Startup Your Life" and how it relates to her personal life. What her experience was like during the 2008 recession as a working professional. How "pivoting" can help us improve our careers, relationships, wellness, and more. The biggest pivot that Dr. Akbari has made in her life when she decided to leave New York City. Happiness Architecture: Digital Happiness in our modern world. How Dr. Akbari is able to handle decision fatigue throughout the day. What digital happiness can look like in 2017. How we can design our lives so that we can create the life that we want to create. What Dr. Akbari did to invert all of her assumptions about what would happen if she left NYC and took a chance to move to California. How do we know if we should drastically change our environments or stay where we are? What can we do to get rid of some of the facts that we used to believe about ourselves? How can we get rid of old software to start anew? Why Dr. Akbari decided to include the following quote in her book from Paramahana Yoganana: "Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them.” The 3 Part Formula for Happiness according to Dr. Akbari. How we can strategically spend money to help our feelings of well-being and security. Can love and relationships really thrive in this digital age? How does each gender play a part? How do men and women feel empowered in the world of technology? How do we socialize without technology? Why ghosting is one of the most selfish things a person can do in both their personal and professional lives.  Top 3 Takeaways From The Show Pivoting can help us improve anything we want to actively change in our lives. Our careers, relationships, or wellness can all benefit from pivoting. We can become better "pivoters" when we don't invest in the idea of what our singular outcome will be. If we keep an open mind and if we're experimenting with how we'll get to where we want to be, then the constant feedback will help us readjust our input. It's always good to remember to not be too over-attached to something that wasn't even feasible in the first place. Relationships, both personal and professional, have changed because of all of the new digital technology. We're so used to online dating that for someone to actually come up to us and ask us out in person can seem strange and even intimidating. The digital age has really affected the roles that both men and women play in relationships. Now there are all of these new terms like catfishing and ghosting that are really affecting our relationships with each other. We've gotten so used to moving from one relationship to the next through dating apps, they we don't take the time to really dig deep into one relationship. Conventional pieces of wisdom such as "money cannot buy happiness" is affecting the way we see money today. What a lot of people don't realize is that without money, we don't have the ability to create, thrive, nor relax. How we spend our money can affect our wellness and happiness. If we spend our money more strategically by investing in experiences, it can help build long-term happiness compared to buying objects. If we're worried that a life decision will set us back financially, we have to be honest with ourselves. Will it just slightly lower some of the luxuries that aren't bringing us happiness or will it threaten our well-being and security? Power Quotes From Dr. Anna Akbari [tweetthis]"If you follow your heart and you keep the 3 Part Formula in mind, then you will be happy." - @annaakbari[/tweetthis] "Since you alone are responsible for your thoughts, only you can change them.” - Paramahana Yoganana "The actions I did weren't necessarily glamorous decisions, but they were actions that many people think are out of reach for them. The difference is that I was trying to figure out life hacks and how to do things that might immediately seem inaccessible. That is what startups do all the time. That's what they have to do all the time to be relevant and to beat out the major competition. The more I applied that thinking to my life, the more of an edge I got and the happier I was." - Dr. Anna Akbari on how she was able to startup her life. "It's easier to be happy in the sludge. Much of our life is spent in the sludge. It's not all spent in those top-of-your-game milestones. We think that achieving those milestones will make us happy, but it's really all of those in-between moments that we have to sort out along the way that bring us joy." - Dr. Anna Akbari on how working towards achievements is what brings us purpose and makes us happy.  "As devastating as it was, I think the 2008 recession was actually really liberating for a lot of people. A lot of my friends and peers had been relatively unhappy in their life and career paths. Then everything that they had always taken for granted was pulled out from underneath them. So they thought to themselves, "Well, I should just go do what I want to do if this career that I don't want to do isn't secure anymore." - Dr. Anna Akbari on the effect of the 2008 USA recession and how people realized that they could change their careers to something that they love to do.  "Stop investing in so much of what the initial idea of what your singular outcome can be. If you're always thinking about what you're working toward and if it's only towards one thing, then you're not going to be open to a pivot. Any kind of shift in your focus or in the outcome is going to feel like a failure and an unacceptable outcome." - Dr. Anna Akbari on what can hold us back from pivoting and therefore making a successful change in our lives. "We've been taught over and over again that we should focus on one thing and really excel at it so that we can climb the ranks. But that's not the correct path for a lot of us; especially if we have different interests or just want to diversify our income. Following a singular path is not the only or right path for most people." - Dr. Anna Akbari on why pivoting and changing our paths can be the right thing for a lot of us.  "When I started following my heart and not doing just what was immediately professionally practical, all of these new professional opportunities for success started flowing in." - Dr. Anna Akbari on how her biggest pivot to move from New York City to California helped her find happiness in her career.  "We're at this interesting point in time when technology is such a crucial element of our lives and it affords us so many wonderful conveniences and yet, as we all know, it simultaneously diminishes and deteriorates the quality of our lives." - Dr. Anna Akbari on digital happiness. "Why does this magnificent applied science which saves work and also makes live easier bring us so little happiness?" - Albert Einstein on how technology can bring us very little happiness.  "Wherever you go, there you are." - Josh Trent "The more that we can keep our minds ripe and ready for change, the better we will be. Constantly pushing yourself out of your comfort zone or introducing new variables into your life will keep you fresh." - Dr Anna Akbari on how we can be open to change and be rid of old software or false beliefs.  "Your opportunity for both success and happiness is at this intersection of what you're passionate about, what you're actually skilled at or could become skilled at, and what people are demanding. If you can find an intersection of those three things and use that to interrogate which passions are viable and which aren't, you're going to have a much smoother and happier path." - Dr. Anna Akbari on her advice to clients on how to interrogate their passions for happiness and success. "When it comes to money and happiness, it's less about specific numbers and more about the choices that surround those numbers. Studies find that the amount of money you make matters less than how you spend it. While money alone can't buy happiness, strategic spending can significantly enhance your well-being." - Dr. Anna Akbari in chapter 8 (Hustle and Grow) of her book, Startup Your Life.  "Finding happiness is not so much in trading to a new novelty, but rather digging deeper. Really taking the time to put in the work is the key component with relationships."  - Dr. Anna Akbari "To follow my heart and not just always be thinking about being practical. If you follow your heart and you keep the 3 Part Formula (passion, audience, and practicality) in mind, then you will be happy." - Dr. Anna Akbari's advice on being happy.  "Everyone has their tipping point when they know that something is a breaking point for them. We all have to decide what that is for us and submit to it when that time comes. Embrace it and reflect on it so that we can grow. We don't grow the most when we're actually thriving. We grow the most when we've had some kind of failure and are forced to reflect and make something of it." - Dr. Anna Akbari on what we can learning from trying something new.  "We might not like everything that we see happening in the world and we can't always change all of that, but we can decide how we're going to design our lives and how we want to touch the communities that we encounter on an every day basis. " - Dr. Anna Akbari on what kind of legacy she wants to leave.  "Wellness is about creating balance. Whether it's sleep, diet, exercise, or meditation while also never forgetting the value of spontaneity." - Dr. Anna Akbari on what wellness means to her.  About Dr. Anna Akbari Dr. Anna Akbari is a sociologist, entrepreneur, innovation consultant, and writer.  She is a former professor in the department of Media, Culture, and Communication and the department of Art and Art Professions at New York University, as well as the Art and Design History and Theory department at Parsons The New School for Design. Her research focuses on visual and virtual self-presentation, technology and human intersects, dating and interpersonal relationships, and happiness and well-being. Akbari is the founder of Sociology of Style, which takes an intelligent approach to image and well-being and offers holistic image consulting and life coaching services.  She also created the Sociology of TV, which offers videos and white papers on the social significance of television media in public spaces. She is a partner in HVCK, an innovation consultancy, and the co-creator of the Silicon Valley Insider's Edge video series for entrepreneurs and enterprise employees. Resources Mentioned by Dr. Akbari & Josh Visit the official website of Dr. Anna Akbari Read Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way to Happiness by Dr. Anna Akbari Learn more about Sociology of Style Connect with Dr. Anna Akbari via: Twitter Instagram Attend a New York Tch Karaoke Meet Up Listen to the WFR 099 with Ted Ryce: Eat, Sleep, & Move Your Way to Legendary Health [tweetthis]"Wellness is about creating balance while also never forgetting the value of spontaneity." - @annaakbari[/tweetthis] Get More Wellness In Your Life Join the WFR Community on facebook Send Josh Trent a personal message Tweet me on Twitter: Send us a fun tweet (or a what's up) Comment on the Facebook page Sign up to get an email alert whenever we release a new episode Support This Podcast Leave a 5 star review on iTunes Share this episode with someone you care about Contact Wellness Force Radio for podcast sponsorship and partnership opportunities Rate & Review Wellness Force Aloha! Josh here. Listen, I deeply value your thoughts, now let your voice be heard. I live to serve the Wellness Force even better based on your words, feedback, and requests. (including how these episodes can allow you to break bad habits) Thanks To Our Amazing Sponsor Want to avoid more trips to the store and save hundreds of dollars a year on superfood supplements? Check out Perfect Go to to get your grass-fed collagen from today's show and sign up for a free membership, plus get 10% off your entire order - just enter promo code "wellnessforce" at checkout. Ask A Live Question For The Next Episode Click here to leave a voicemail directly to Josh Trent to be read live on the air.  You May Also Like These Episodes Food Freedom Forever With Melissa Hartwig Nir Eyal:Breaking Bad Habits, Technology Addiction, & Emotional Triggers Healthy, Happy & Harder To Kill w/ Steph Gaudreau of Stupid Easy Paleo Beyond Meditation: How To Get A Better Brain With Ariel Garten Living A Healthy Lifestyle In A Modern World With Dan Pardi Creating A Life Worth Living With Michael Strasner Get More Wellness In Your Life Join the Wellness Force Newsletter: Don't miss next week's show: Subscribe and stay updated Did you like this show? Rate and review Wellness Force on iTunes You read all the way to the bottom? That's what I call love! Write to me and let me know what you'd like to have to get more wellness in your life.  106 Dr. Anna Akbari: Finding Wellness & Happiness In A Digital World

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    963: Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Sorts Out Medical Advice From Medical Nonsense

    · The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore

    Scottish general practitioner, medical research skeptic, and author Dr. Malcolm Kendrick is our guest today in Episode 963 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.”   The current state of nutritional health research is in shambles. With all the medical advice that's being given to patients that seems to go back and forth saying one thing is for you one day and then turning right around and stating that same thing is suddenly bad for you, what is a patient to believe? For a Scottish general practitioner named Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, he's been observing the games that are played with the research and stands up against the way Big Medicine is manipulating the studies towards things that make the most money and not necessarily the actions that will improve the health of patients. Dr. Kendrick has released a new book about this subject entitled Doctoring Data: How to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense. Listen in as Jimmy and Dr. Kendrick have a deep discussion about the intricate role of medical research and the medical professionals who promote it on modern health. GRAIN-FREE REAL FOOD-BASED LOW-CARB SNACKSNOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorshipGET WEEKLY LOW-CARB MEAL PLANS THROUGHOUT 2015NOTICE OF DISCLOSURE: Paid sponsorship LINKS MENTIONED IN EPISODE 963- SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: Check out Katie's Keep It Real Food Co. grain-free, low-carb snacks- SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR: Join Jimmy Moore's Livin' Low-Carb Meal Plan- Dr. Malcolm Kendrick bio- Doctoring Data: How to sort out medical advice from medical nonsense- RELATED PODCAST: The LLVLC Show #263: Dr. Malcolm Kendrick Debunks The Great Cholesterol Con

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    DILEMMA 3 - Vad är musikens roll?

    · Tollans musikaliska

    Tonsättaren Marie Samuelsson och författaren Kerstin Ekman: dilemmat krig och omvårdnad i operan Jorun orm i öga. Anna-Lena Laurin och Anders Bergcrantz om improvisation i ett genomkomponerat stycke. I program tre i serien Dilemma samtalar författaren Kerstin Ekman och tonsättaren Marie Samuelsson om sin helaftonsopera Jorun orm i öga, en originalberättelse inspirerad av kvinnorna i den poetiska Eddan. Hur gestaltar operan dilemmat mellan krig och omvårdnad med de fornnordiska, ofta våldsamma, hjältedikterna som fond?Tonsättaren Anna-Lena Laurin och jazztrumpetaren Anders Bergcrantz luftar dilemmat att improvisera i ett genomkomponerat stycke där alla andra musikers insatser är noterade och bestämda på förhand. Författaren och librettisten Kerstin Ekman har ett otal antal romaner bakom sig. Hon är en av våra mest lästa svenska 1900-talsförfattare och hon har erhållit flera stora litterära priser, som Augustpriset två gånger och Pilotpriset. 1953, som 20-åring, studerade Kerstin Ekman Fornisländska och blev helt tagen av Eddadikterna. Ekman upptäckte en kvinnlig skald och inspirerades till att själv dikta om Jorun, som kallades Orm i Öga eftersom hon efter svåra upplevelser hade fått ett skarpt uttryck i ögonen. - Efter att ha suttit ensam i 50 år, och pulat och hittat på berättelser, betvivlade jag min förmåga att samarbeta. Men det har gått bra och varit upplivande för mig! Jag kommer att sakna det när det är slut, berättar Kerstin Ekman, som kan identifiera sig starkt med det allmänkvinnliga stoffet i librettot. Under tidig medeltid fanns det en skaldekvinna som hette Jorun, fast man vet mycket litet om henne. Det lilla fragment som finns kvar handlar om motståndet mot det manliga våld som ofta skildras i krig- och hjältebragder. Där finns ett kväde som handlar om en kvinna som övervinner sin egen sorg genom att hjälpa en barnaföderska. En annan slags hjältinnedikt som handlar om medmänsklighet och omvårdnad. - Där finns ett intressant dilemma, förklarar tonsättaren Marie Samuelsson. Visst existerar våldet men mänskligheten går vidare genom omvårdnad och medmänsklighet, vilket gör att historien går att knyta an till nutiden. Marie Samuelssons har tonsatt en mängd musikstycken och har fått både Bo Wallnerpriset och Kurt Atterbergpriset och är nu vice preses i Kungliga Musikaliska Akademin i Stockholm. Operan Jorun orm i öga hade premiär den 19 juli 2013 på Vadstena Slott. Musiken framförs av tolv musiker, fyra sångsolister och 12 korister. I instrumenteringen kommer bl a att finnas en teorb, en långhalsad luta som är försedd med 6-8 extra bassträngar. - De två spelplatserna, den mytologiska och den  verkliga, skiljer sig åt musikaliskt, berättar Marie Samuelsson. I den verkliga världen är tonspråket mer lyriskt, rytmiskt och rakt. Medan musiken i sagovärlden är klangbaserad och abstrakt. Det har varit mycket roligt att tonsätta den otroligt fina texten av Kerstin Ekman. Kerstin Ekman, Albert Bonniers förlag: Kerstin Ekman, Nordisk Kvinnolitteraturhistoria: Marie Samuelssons hemsida: Marie Samuelsson, Gehrmans Musikförlag: Tonsättaren Anna-Lena Laurin och jazztrumpetaren Anders Bergcrantz luftar dilemmat att improvisera i ett genomkomponerat stycke där alla andra musikers insatser är noterade och bestämda på förhand. Efter många års jazzäktenskap samarbetar de nu inom nutida konstmusik. Hon tonsätter och han improviserar solon. Efter flera årtionden som jazzsångerska och pianist skriver Anna-Lena Laurin nu orkestermusik. Flera svenska symfoniorkestrar har spelat hennes verk Iphigenia, Persephone och The Painter. Jazztrumpetsolisten Anders Bergcrantz är en av Anna-Lena Laurins favoritimprovisatörer. Han är en av våra internationellt mest ansedda jazzmusiker och har spelat i bl a Carnegie Hall och Sweet Basil med giganter som Victor Lewis, Adam Nussbaum, Dave Liebman, Mike Brecker och Richie Beirach. - I solot i stycket Painter med Norrlandsoperans Symfoniorkester, låter Anders som en fyllebult. Jag älskar hur vulgär han är och att han som solist uttrycker komplexa känslor, inte bara vackra. Det handlar om att förmedla och att berätta med tonalitet, med sound, med frasering och med timing på trumpeten, förklarar Anna-Lena Laurin. Anders Bergcrantz spelar aldrig en ton för mycket. Han älskar att ha luft i det som är runt omkring honom. - En stor orkester som fyller hela lokalen och fyller människornas sinnen med musik gör att jag som solist har ett stort fundament och en solid grund att stå på, säger Anders Bergcrantz, som känner sig väldigt fri när han spelar med så många musiker. - Även om jag i Anna-Lenas stycken spelar med total avsaknad av jazzlicks eller jazztiming så är jag jazzmusiker även tillsammans med en symfoniorkester. Som förresten har en tillvaro som inte går att jämföra med livet som jazzkatt. Gagerna, omhändertagandet, de fina konserthusen. Allting är väldigt safe. Och det är fantastiskt! Anna-Lena Laurins hemsida: Composer Anna-Lena Laurin, facebook: Anders Bergcrantz hemsida: Anders Bergcrantz, Fan Page Facebook: Musiklista;Röstens dotter Tommie Haglund Markus Leoson slagverk. Joachim Gustafsson, dirigent Hymns to the Night Phono Suecia PSCD CD 18 01 The Painter, I. Cypresses Anna-Lena Laurin Anders Bergcrantz Liveinspelning 01 Paths of Sorrow (Sorgestråk)       Marie Samuelsson Caput Ensemble. David Curtis, dir Nordiska Musikdagarna Reykjavik 2006. Commissioned by NOMUS SR Inspelning                  Bastet Solgudinnan Marie Samuelsson Anna Lindal, Violin. Kungliga Filharmonikerna. Mats Rondin, dir Live SR Bastet Solgudinnan Marie Samuelsson Anna Lindal, Violin. Kungliga Filharmonikerna. Mats Rondin, dir Live SR Röstens dotter Tommie Haglund Markus Leoson slagverk. Joachim Gustafsson, dirigent Hymns to the Night Phono Suecia PSCD CD 18 Mrs Hope Anna-Lena Laurin Anna-Lena Laurin, sång, piano. Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet Sapphire Anders Bergcrantz Richie Beirach, piano. Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet In this together 01 The Painter, I. Cypresses Anna-Lena Laurin Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet. Richie Beirach, piano. Norrlandsoperans Symfony Orchestra, jazz trio. Conductor: Per-Otto Johansson Liveinspelning 05 The Painter, V. Twilight Anna-Lena Laurin Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet. Richie Beirach, piano. Norrlandsoperans Symfony Orchestra, jazz trio. Conductor: Per-Otto Johansson Liveinspelning Iphigenia Anna-Lena Laurin Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet. Richie Beirach, piano. Kungliga Filharmonikerna. Thomas Søndergård, dir P2 Live 20110610 1930 Iphigenia Anna-Lena Laurin Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet. Richie Beirach, piano. Kungliga Filharmonikerna. Thomas Søndergård, dir P2 Live 20110610 1930

  • 00:30:48

    47: How to Slow Down and Take Care of Yourself So You Can Be a Happier Mom (Anna Seewald)

    · Vibrant Happy Women | Get happier! Inspiring stories from real moms and happiness / self-love experts like Brené Brown, Gretchen Rubin, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Glennon Doyle Melton

    Anna Seewald was forced to grow up quickly when a devastating earthquake killed her mother and destroyed her home town in Armenia when she was only 13 years old. Today Anna strives to live a mindful, slow-paced life that allows her to concentrate on enjoying every moment and being the best mom she can be. Listen to get some great tips on saying “no” to the unnecessaries, taking time to do nothing at all, and how critical it is that we as moms know ourselves deeply and choose the life that makes us happiest. Anna Seewald is the founder of Authentic Parenting®. She is a speaker, author and a parent educator. She is a mom to a vibrant 8 year old who doesn’t approve of her fashion choices. With a strong passion for helping children, Anna has dedicated her life to working with abused, neglected, orphaned and institutionalized children and juvenile delinquents. After nearly 20 years she realized that it is through helping parents she can help children. Today she is supporting parents around the world by moving from traditional ways of parenting into more peaceful, conscious ways by helping them make sense of their past life experiences, heal from trauma, build effective communication, practice non-punitive discipline and learn to set limits with love and kindness. Nuggets of Wisdom from Anna: "At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by the spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us." -Albert Schweitzer "'The past is never dead. It’s not even past. The past defines who we are.' (William Faulkner). We cannot forget where we come from, who we are. We bring in all our unresolved issues, our traumas, all that attachment history comes into play. If we forget and move forward, we never look back. The past will crawl out, and it will haunt you in your present day. So we need to make sense of our life stories, resolve our unresolved issues, and heal from our traumas in order to live vibrant, happy and fulfilled lives.” Some of Anna's Favorite Things: Personal habit: "Just having alone time, solitude, in the morning. Every morning, I wake up, I make myself a cup of coffee, I sit in my favorite chair in my living room. And then I just sit there and do nothing for a specific amount of time. It could be 15 minutes, 10, 20. Even if I do not have that time in the morning, I still get up early, just to have at least a few moments with myself because looking inwards for me has been the most powerful and empowering, important life lesson. Because no one can make me happy. I cannot expect my husband to make med happy. I am happy. I have to be happy on my own before I have fulfilling relationships with others." Easy meal: "Omelette.  Any kind of omelette. I throw in some vegetables: spinach, feta cheese, mushrooms, or one with scallions and parsley." Possession: Cuisinart Food Processor Anna's Favorite Books: The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Best advice received: "Do not sweat the small stuff, and it is all small stuff." -Anna's husband Anna's Happiness Formula: "Meaningful relationships, connections, attachments, friendships, family (one category). Doing the things that make me fulfilled. Expressing myself through art or doing something that I love. And perhaps, taking care of myself.  We need to take care of our body first and foremost. To be healthy, to have good relationships and to do the things that you love most. " A Challenge from Anna: "I want parents to take a piece of paper and write down five things, big or small, or it could be really big. Something in your eyes, in your own opinion that makes you a great parent. Be honest with yourself. Give yourself credit. " Resources Authentic Parenting Cuisinart Food Processor The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 15 Powerful things to Say To Your Kids Anna's Podcast - Soundcloud Anna's Podcast - iTunes Parenting Conversations Authentic Moments with Anna Seewald Subscribe to Vibrant Happy Women:  

  • 00:30:30

    S1E12 – Hood Politics by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    Our season long examination of To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar continues with the album’s tenth track “Hood Politics.” “Hood Politics” begins with a voicemail Kendrick receives from an old Compton friend. He calls out Kendrick for never answering his phone, dressing differently, and forgetting about his friends. The voicemail triggers Kendrick’s survival’s guilt for escaping Compton. Earlier […] The post S1E12 – Hood Politics by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 01:09:22

    Anna-Karin Lundin - SimCoachen

    · The FLAWD Podcast

      I avsnitt #013: Anna-Karin berättar om sin bakgrund som simmare, hur hon tog sig till OS 1988 och hur därefter tröttnade på simningen efter missat OS kval 1992.  Anna-Karin driver företaget simcoachen som hjälper och stöttar människor som vill lära sig simma. Anna-Karin har slutat simma 2 gånger! Vi får praktiska tips för nybörjare som vill simma. Vi lär oss vad en bogvåg är. Hur vi ska hålla nacken när vi simmar. Vi får lära oss olika tekniker för simning, såsom: Total Immersion och SwimSmooth, drills, focal points. Vi snackar också lyssnarfrågor, såsom frisör!  Anna-Karin är coach och medmänniska. Vill du lära dig simma? Då har du kommit till rätt avsnitt!  Prenumerera: iTunes | Android | RSS Anna-Karin beskriver coach och medmänniska och har en brinnande känsla att pedagogiskt hjälpa andra nå sin fulla potential.   Utvalda länkar: Vi diskuterar Hur och varför började Anna-Karin simma? Efter 1992 la Anna-Karin av med simning och Anna-Karin berättar hur det är att tappa sin identitet när man har levt ett liv inom simning.  Anna-Karin berättar om hur hon via Masters tävling hittade tillbaka i simningen 2010 i göteborg Vad kan man göra utifrån glädje och effektiv träning? Efter Masters 2010 så la Anna-Karin av igen!! :) TI - Total Immersion Total Immersion: ta hand om vattnet, kämpa inte emot vattnet. Att vara så effektiv i vattnet. Ett steg i taget. Det finns många olika svar på simning.  Anna-Karins system kallar hon "effektiv simning". Vi pratar om Swim Smooth Simcoachen #IngenVanligCrawlkurs Max 10 i grupperna. Teknik! Vattentät iPad Earbone technology Det vanligaste misstagen som simmare gör! För att få luft behöver du balans! Vi får praktiska tips för att åstadkomma balans i vattnet. Vilket vi MÅSTE ha när vi ska andas. För vi behöver andas! :) "Andas med ögonen" Tips 1: Var horisontell position var i rotation - då blir du aerodynamisk "höft som är hög". Är du för mycker över 45grader så tappar du balansen 2: Ha en arm/hand framför axeln 3: Simma nerförsbacke (inte som en sjöhäst) Bogvåg! 4. Håll huvudet still när du inte andas och följ med i rullningen när det är dags. Andas som Popeye  - karl-alfred   Split face för att ha   Vi kallar det focal points i SimCoachen Det finns 10 st coacher. Anna-Karin berättar om de olika kurserna som SimCoachen erbjuder Nybörjarkurs Steg 1 Steg 2 Speed Race Master Open Water Swim Frihet luft natur Sol "Jag vill alltid leva det jag levererar" Anna-Karins egna utmaning med träning och då ska hon utmanas på frisim långdistans!   Anna-Karin beskriver Största motgång och lärdomar kring det Fokus Framgång   Boktips Dostojevksi - Brott och straff Hjalmar Söderberg - Dr Glas Topp 3:  Lyssna på magkänslan Gör det du vill. Glöm jante och måsten. Våga va lycklig. Gör dig av med sånt som inte tillför någon positiv energi. Framtiden: Simresa till Playitas. Öppetvatten säsongen. SwimRun. I skrivande stund (2016-02-20) så planeras också Simresor till Thailand!   SimCoachen på social media: Facebook: SimCoachen Instagram: SimCoachen Tacka AK där!   Personer vi nämner Truls Plate Anna - Simcoach i stockholm Eva Simcoach Martin  SC Mattias SC Annika Sjöström - PT Paul Newsome grundare av Swim Smooth Lars-Erik Unesthål Sara Svensk - Underläkare och triathlet från Göteborg på väg mot satsning om att bli en av Sveriges bästa medel-och långdistanstriathleter. Oskar Olsson - driver O2tri och är  Öloppsvinnare Peter Ohm Martin Flinta - med i Team Snabbare Emma Igelström - känd för 5 VM-guld i simning och första tjej att spränga den historiska gränsen 30 sekunder på 50 meter bröstsim. Pontus Flingdal - Norges Swimrun Ambassadör - avsnitt 6 : Har ni samma frisör? FLAWD: Subscribe:a på vår podcast i iTunes Gilla vår FaceBook sida - bli en aktiv deltagare! Ansök att bli med i vår tighta Facebook Grupp: FLAWD Ambassadors Har du Twitter? Dör hämnar nyheter och sånt vi inte kan blogga om eller ha med i podcasten TwittyTwittyTweeet! :)

  • 01:13:49

    E18: Kendrick Lamar

    · Mellan Raderna

    I artonde avsnittet av Kingsize-podcasten ”Mellan Raderna” dyker vi rakt ner i Kendrick Lamars redan omtalade platta ”DAMN.”. Vi ger initiala reaktioner, diskuterar låten ”DNA” och försöker reda ut hur musiken berättar om Kendricks sinnesstämning 2017. Vi gör vårt bästa för att reda ut de otaliga konspirationsteorier som redan börjat utvecklas och går igenom en del av symboliken som omgett alltifrån titel till kontext. Detta leder oss till frågan: är Kendrick en av de bästa rapparna någonsin?    LÅTLISTA:   Kendrick Lamar - DNA Kendrick Lamar - FEEL Kendrick Lamar - DUCKWORTH

  • 00:29:45

    S1E20 – Mortal Man (Part 1) by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    We continue our serialized examination of To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar with album’s final song “Mortal Man.” Kendrick reached the narrative conclusion of To Pimp a Butterfly with the live performance of the song “i” in his hometown of Compton. In a full circle moment, Kendrick embodied the leadership role he was so reluctant to […] The post S1E20 – Mortal Man (Part 1) by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 00:31:18

    S1E14 – Complexion (A Zulu Love) by Kendrick Lamar

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    We continue our season long analysis of To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar with the album’s twelfth track “Complexion (A Zulu Love).” After battling depression, survival’s guilt, temptation, selfishness, and suicidal thoughts, Kendrick was humbled by an encounter with god on the album’s previous track “How Much a Dollar Cost?” Kendrick’s repentance represents the album’s axis […] The post S1E14 – Complexion (A Zulu Love) by Kendrick Lamar appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 00:29:54

    S1E11 – Momma by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    Our season long examination of To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar continues with the album’s ninth track “Momma.” On “Momma,” Kendrick returns home to Compton for the second time on the album. On his first return, he gloated about his success and status on the song “King Kunta.” This time around Kendrick shows signs […] The post S1E11 – Momma by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 00:22:06

    S1E7 – These Walls by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    Dissect’s season-long analysis of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly continues with the album’s fifth track “These Walls.” On “These Walls,” Kendrick speaks of various metaphoric walls to express the confinements of vice. It interweaves a complex threesome between Kendrick, an unnamed woman, and an imprisoned man serving a life sentence. Each deals with their own personal […] The post S1E7 – These Walls by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 00:29:51

    S1E6 – Institutionalized by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    Our season-long examination of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly continues with the album’s fourth track Institutionalized. After the introduction to the album’s ever-important narrative poem, Kendrick begins to unpack the complexities of his new life of stardom. It begins with Institutionalized, a bouncing, head-nodding track that details Kendrick’s frustrations with his Compton friends’ behavior at […] The post S1E6 – Institutionalized by Kendrick Lamar from To Pimp a Butterfly appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 00:34:30

    S1E2 – good kid, m.A.A.d. city by Kendrick Lamar

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    Dissect podcast continues its preface of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly with an overview of Lamar’s major label debut good kid, m.A.A.d. city. good kid, m.A.A.d. city spans one pivotal day in Lamar’s teenage upbringing in Compton, California. The album’s protagonist, Kendrick himself at age 16, is jumped by gangbangers in front of Sherene’s house, Kendrick’s […] The post S1E2 – good kid, m.A.A.d. city by Kendrick Lamar appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 00:20:40

    S1E1 – Compton, K Dot, and Kendrick Lamar S1E1 - Compton, K Dot, and Kendrick Lamar

    · Dissect - A Serialized Music Podcast

    Episode 1 of Dissect examines Kendrick Lamar‘s To Pimp a Butterfly with the history of Compton, California and Lamar’s transformation from K Dot, a young mixtape rapper, to Kendrick Lamar, a true artist. The post S1E1 – Compton, K Dot, and Kendrick Lamar appeared first on City Scout Magazine.

  • 01:22:00

    THE KENDRICK JOHNSON MURDER-Fred Rosen and Beau Webster

    · True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History and the Authors That Have Written About Them

    On January 10, 2013, Kendrick Johnson's parents reported their 17 year-old son missing. The next day at Kendrick's school, Lowndes High School in Valdosta, Georgia, in the gym students saw what they thought was a pair of socks sticking out of a gym mat, but when they approached they told investigators they realized it was a body. According to Lowndes County Sheriff Chris Prine, Kendrick Johnson died while reaching into an upright gym mat in the old gym on Jan. 10 trying to retrieve a sneaker that had fallen inside, instead Kendrick fell in, couldn't get out and smothered to death from positional asphyxiation.  The original autopsy report ruled Johnson's death an accident, stating that the teen suffocated after getting stuck in a gym mat while reaching for a sneaker. However, Johnson's parents weren't convinced it was an accident, and they got a court order to have their son's body exhumed. The second autopsy report showed the teen's death was not an accident, stating that Johnson had sustained "non-accidental, blunt force trauma." During an autopsy, internal organs are removed and examined before being returned for burial. But when the private pathologist who conducted the second autopsy on Johnson opened up the teen's remains, the brain, heart, lungs, liver and other viscera were missing. Every organ from the pelvis to the skull was gone and had been replaced with newspaper.Federal prosecutor Micheal Moore is reopening the case. THE KENDRICK JOHNSON MURDER-Fred Rosen and Beau Webster      

  • 20VC: How To Create FOMO For Investors, How To Manage VC Conversations & A Repeatable Process For Learning New Things with Anna Shedletsky, Founder & CEO @

    · The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

    Anna Shedletsky is the Founder & CEO @ Instrumental, the startup that helps consumer electronics companies ship high-quality hardware, on time. They have funding from some of the best in the business including First Round Capital and a huge thanks to Phin Barnes @ First Round for the intro to Anna today. As for Anna, prior to Instrumental, Anna was a product design lead and manager for the Apple Watch and before that, a product design engineer for the Apple iPod. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Anna made the move from working on the Apple Watch to starting her own startup Instrumental? 2.) How does Anna approach the learning of new things? What is the methodology? What elements in particular has Anna found most challenging to grasp? 3.) Anna has experienced 2 very strange and different fundraising processes? What was strange about them? How did they differ? What did she learn from this experience? 4.) How can founders create a feeling of FOMO within their investors? What is core to this? What should founders be careful of when doing this? How should this be structured? 5.) Coming from Apple, Anna did not have a network among VCs and Founders. How did Anna build her network of VCs and founders? How can others founders do this? What is required for this to be done in a non-transactional organic way? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Anna’s Fave Book: The Lord of The Rings Anna’s Fave Blog: First Round Review As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC and Anna on Twitter here! Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC. Foundersuite makes the leading CRM for raising startup capital. Since March of 2016, Foundersuite customers have raised over $130M in seed and venture capital. Foundersuite’s CRM sits on a database of over 50,000 investors, which will help you quickly populate your fundraising funnel including a beautiful and easy-to-use investor update tool, and the recently launched a new portal that helps investors and accelerators track their portfolio companies on a single dashboard. For a whopping 40% off a Monthly or Annual subscription use the code “20MinuteVC” at checkout. Greenhouse Software designs tools that help companies hire great people and ultimately build better businesses. Greenhouse works with over 1,500 of the world’s most innovative companies such as Airbnb, Slack, Snap Inc. and Lyft. A wrong hire is not only costly for a company but can also turn an employee into an unhappy one. With Greenhouse’s Applicant Tracking System, companies can make well-informed decisions and hire qualified candidates who are empowered to do the best work of their careers. Anybody who has a company that’s scaling quickly but has trouble hiring and retaining the right people. Visit today to discover how your company can grow.