• Episode #247 – It’s Time To Create

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    Carpe Diem… seize the day! In this episode Russell talks about driving home from a family vacation and thinking about how the window of life is a short one and how we need to seize the day by creating. He also talks about his favorite part of Dead Poets Society and why it is important. Here are some interesting things to listen for in today’s episode: Why Russell thinks it is so important to look at life as a short window of time that we have to create something of impact. Why Russell believes that despite being born under different circumstances we all have shockingly similar trials. And why creating things that will help others is the secret to happiness. So listen below to hear what Russell believes about our short time on Earth and why it is important. ---Transcript--- Hey everyone, this is Russell Brunson and welcome to Marketing In Your Car. Alright, alright, I know what you’re probably thinking, “Russell have you forgot about us over here in Marketing In Your Car Land?” and the answer is no. I’ve been going crazy on Snapchat, as some of you guys know. If you haven’t started playing in Snapchat, come hang out with us. If you go to there’s some free coaching showing you how it works and how you can add me on Snapchat, but we’re having tons of fun. I’ve been documenting behind the scenes of all the crazy crap of what we’re doing every single day. So if you haven’t been watching, you should come over there too. But the one thing that I don’t like about Snapchat, is I got 10 seconds at a time, and I feel like if I spend more than 2 or 3-10 seconds in a row talking about a concept it gets really boring. So if I ever want to go deep, this is where I come to go deep with you guys. Because I know you can handle it, I know you appreciate it, so that’s the game plan. We just got back from a week long family vacation and the week prior to that we had 50+ staying at my house for another family reunion, so it’s been two weeks of family and not a lot of chance to work. So I’m heading into the office right now and I’m really, really excited. But I wanted to talk to you guys about was a thought I had as I was driving home from Bear Lake, which is on the Utah/Idaho border, back here to Boise. So it’s probably, I don’t know, if you’re driving by yourself maybe 5 hours, if you got kids that got to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes it’s 8 hours. I don’t know. Somewhere between 5 and 8 hours to get home. And our kids actually did really, really good this time. But as we were driving, you have a lot of time with your thoughts. My wife and I talk for the majority of the time, but after 8 hours or whatever, sometimes you run out of conversation. So I was just sitting there thinking and what I starting thinking about was kind of cool. I was thinking about how many people have ever lived on this earth. And it’s a lot, right. I’ve read different people with different opinions. I think right now if you look at how many people are on the earth, I think it’s close to 7 billion. So that’s a lot of people, right. But if you think about all the people who have lived since the beginning of time. Since Adam and Eve first set  foot upon this planet. I think the number estimates I read were in the 80 or 90 billion people. That’s a lot of people. 80 or 90 billion people have graced this planet, since the beginning of time, and everyone kind of had a shot. We all come on this earth and it’s interesting, it’s almost like, I’ve been thinking about it recently, it’s almost like, not a mousetrap, but something like that. We enter this game, we enter this thing and I believe, maybe I’m wrong, but I believe that we have a Heavenly Father who loves us, who brought us here and placed us here on this earth, and I think that everybody was given different challenges. Now by different I don’t mean bigger or smaller, in fact I believe that when this whole earth life is over we have a chance to look back, I think that we will all be shocked at how similar our trials were in severity. I just think that, again I believe there’s a grand architect to this world, to this life. So I believe that nobody….from the outside it will look like this person was born with a silver spoon in their mouth, or this person lives in Kenya and has a horrible life, everyone’s got different things. But I think that we all entered the game and each of us are given different trials and things and I think that we’ll be shocked when all is said and done at how similar everybody’s trials were in severity. And again, sometimes you may think, oh this guy’s rich, so he doesn’t have any issues. But I guarantee that person who has a lot of money is dealing with all sorts of other issues and people that have no money are perfectly fine with other things. I think that it’s going to be shockingly similar if and when we have a chance to all look back on it. So there’s kind of my belief pattern. So through that lens I was looking at this, 90 billion people come to this earth and when we come here we each get different tools. We’re all born the same. We all come out of the womb and we’re butt naked, we’re crying and we’re all identical, but obviously we’re in different situations. Different parents, different situations, different lifestyles, different religions, different parts of the world. So everything is different, but we all come into this world and we’re given initially, a set of tools. And then we have this little window of time to see what we’re going to do with and the windows not very big, it’s really small. Think about the 90 billion people. All of them who are now dead came to this earth like, “Oh the world’s in front of me.” And then they’re dead, they’re gone. They don’t even exist anymore. The only people that exist are the 7 billion or so that are still here today. And every day there are probably hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that disappear, their window ended. My window might end today, it could literally end in the middle of this podcast, for all we know, we don’t know. We had a guy on our team just a week or so ago, who was driving home, a young guy and had an aneurism while he was driving and wrecked the car and died. Boom, gone. The window was closed. We all have this little short window, and I was thinking while I was driving home. I’m in the middle of that window. I am right now, in the middle of that experience. It’s my turn. This is my experience. And 70 or 80 or 90 billion people have already gone through that and it’s come and gone and it’s over for them. And I started thinking about that movie, Dead Poets Society, I remember that movie was super slow and boring, but there was one scene in there and I just loved it. It’s when the new kids came in, Robin Williams is their teacher, and he takes them into the hallway and he shows them the picture on the wall and it’s black and white and it’s all these people. He said, “look in their eyes. Do you see that in their eyes? That’s hopes and dreams and desires and passions and things that they want to do and things that they want to accomplish change the world. And you see it in their eyes.” I can’t remember the words, but its like, “These guys are dust now. They’re dead, they’re gone. Their shot, their window is over.” And then he’s like, “They’re worm food now.” Or something like that, “But if you listen carefully you can hear them say something.” And then he says, “Now listen closely.” And they all lean in and then Robin Williams in his voice goes, “Carpe diem. Carpe diem. Seize the day.” And that was the message from this group of people who have died, calling from the dust saying, “Look, this is your shot, this is your window. You’re in the middle of it right now.” So you can go watch TV or go and slack off or whatever or you can seize the day. You can take this life and this opportunity, this window that we have and do something with it. And I was just thinking about that, I’m like how cool it is, I’m driving home and I’m in the middle of it right now. It’s going to be gone soon. Could be gone tomorrow, could be gone a year from now. I don’t know when. It could be gone 100 years from now, but I was saying on my best guest-imates, you know right now, I’m 30…..I don’t even know how old I am, 30 something, 36. So let’s just say I live to be close to 100, I’m a third of the way through this life. And the last third you are pretty much just hanging out. I assume, I don’t know, maybe not. I’m in the middle of it, this is it. So I was thinking. What do we want to do with this time? I feel like I have these hands, I’m looking at my hands right now, and hopefully you guys are as well. I’m looking at my hands and these hands that we have, these are tools of creation. We can create anything we want. You can literally create life, we can create families. My wife and I created 5 little amazing kids. I’ve created a business, I’ve created, you know I look at my yard, the things we do in our yard. We’re creatures who need to create. That’s what one of our instincts that God gives us is, we’re given these hands and this thing to create. So I was thinking what am I creating right now? What am I creating that’s not just for me? It’s always like, I want to be happy. That’s important, but a lot of times we can be happy at the expense of other people, right. It happens all the time, it’s a sad thing and it’s a selfish thing. So it’s not how can I be happy? But it’s how can I create stuff that makes other people happy? And by doing that I’ll become happier, it’s just how the laws of nature or whatever you want to call them, how they work. And I started thinking; we’re in this time where we get to create. So my question for you is what do you want to create? You’re in the same spot I am. And maybe I’m a year or two ahead of you or maybe I’m a year or two behind you, I don’t know, but you’re here on earth and y

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