• Podtrash 242 – Elvira, a Rainha das Trevas

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    Horror! Medo! Desespero! Pânico! Peitos!No episódio desta semana recebemos diretamente do Jurassicast a Melina para falar de uma escolha dela: o filme da Elvira lançado em 1988. E além de nossa resenha habitual você ouvirá sobre a carreira da Elvira, filmes B e é claro sobre peitos!Então aumentem seus iPods porque mais um Podtrash está no ar!Duração: 107'28''Média TD1P: 4,8ELENCO Almighty, o Estagiário de Chinelos! Bruno "Gunfree" Gunter Demétrius "Anjo Negro" Santos  Douglas Fricke, o ExumadorCONVIDADO ESPECIAL Melina do JurassicastARTE DO BANNER Marcelo DammEXTRAS DESTE PODTRASH Elvira: Mistress of the Darkness no IMDb Trailer do Elvira a Rainha das Trevas Filme Elvira a Ranha das Trevas dublado no Youtube As Loucas Aventuras de Elvira dublado no Youtube Episódio do Elvira's Movie Macabre The Elvira Show MTV Halloween Special com a Elvira Elvira's Sinema Seánce Capa do Álbum Small Change do Tom Waits The Man From S.E.X. (cena dos peitos giratórios)Playlist no SpotifyFEEDS E LINKS DO PODTRASH Podtrash na iTunes Store Feed completo do Podtrash Feed sem os Lado B Feed do Lado B Canal do Podtrash no Youtuner Participe do Grupo “Esse Merece um Podtrash” lá no Facebook!CONTATOS DO PODTRASH podtrash@td1p.com @podtrash Facebook do Podtrash Caixa Postal 34012 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ - CEP 22460-970CAPA DESTE PODTRASH

  • A former trafficking victim gets her life back in southern Mexico

    · Across Women's Lives

    You’ve heard about unaccompanied minors from Central America coming to the US. But many more of those youths fleeing violence and poverty stop short of our border, staying in Mexico. There, many lack any support and are vulnerable to exploitation, including sex trafficking. In the last decade, Mexico has stepped up efforts to address the problem, busting traffickers and providing services for former victims. But post-trafficking, not everyone is able to move on with their lives. Mona is an exception. She asked that I not use her real name because she's not proud of her story. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Mona’s 24 years on Earth had been good to her. When I meet her, she smiles easily and bounces around in bright white tennis shoes with pink laces. Mona was just 16 when she left her family home in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, out of what she calls youthful foolishness. She made her way through Guatemala to the mountain city of Frontera Comalapa, Mexico, where she quickly found a job waiting tables at a family restaurant — at least, that’s how the gig was pitched to her. In fact, it was a bar, and she was hired to keep male customers company, so they would buy more drinks and pay higher prices. This was the bar Mona worked in after arriving in Frontera Comalapa. It was closed after the owner was arrested for exploiting minors. Credit: Amy Bracken/PRI “It’s weird. It’s ugly, definitely,” is how Mona describes her experience there. “I can’t imagine someone saying, ‘Oh, I like working in the bar.’” Customers felt they could touch her as they pleased, she says. But as an undocumented minor, she saw no other options. At least, unlike other employees, she never had sex with the customers. And it seemed she was lucky because after she took up with the boss’s son, she was able to leave the bar and move in with him. He also gave her money. Soon they had a baby. But there was no domestic bliss. What happened next was a grim, unintended consequence of well-meaning policy. In 2009, Mexico’s first law criminalizing human trafficking went into effect. So, police raided the bar Mona used to work at and arrested the owner — the mother of Mona’s boyfriend — for exploiting minors. To get his mom out of jail, Mona's boyfriend needed money, so he pushed Mona into prostitution. At first, she refused, but ultimately she felt she had no choice. “He was blackmailing me,” she says, “and I was afraid he would take my daughter away.” He was Mexican, she was undocumented, and only his name was on their daughter's birth certificate. Mona was afraid that if she went to the police, they’d have her deported. When the ex-boyfriend moved away with their daughter, Mona could only spend time with her by meeting her daughter and her ex in hotels, along with other men — johns. With the help of her sister, Mona hired a lawyer, but it was fruitless. He drove her back and forth to the courthouse in a city two hours away. Months passed with no progress. “I told him, ‘I need to resolve this. What are we going to do?’” Mona says. Finally, he referred her to an immigration attorney who would help her for free. Meet Elvira. Attorney Elvira Gordillo Rivera is shown in her office in downtown Frontera Comalapa, Chiapas, Mexico. Credit: Amy Bracken/PRI Elvira Gordillo Rivera is a native of Frontera Comalapa. I sit down with her and Mona in Rivera's downtown office. She’s petite, with a short dress, very high heels and a calm focus. Sometimes she wears an army vest with the logo of her employer, SMR, an internationally affiliated Catholic group that helps immigrants and refugees. When Mona met Elvira, everything changed. Rivera recalls their first meeting. “I told her, ‘First, you are a woman, and you have dignity,’ and I said, ‘I promise to get your daughter back.’” Within a month, Mona had her daughter back. The father was jailed for two years for extortion and human trafficking and is now barred from seeing their daughter. Rivera says her ties to a broad Catholic network helped. She threatened the authorities, saying, “If you deport Mona, this will be an international incident.” Mona chokes up talking about Rivera. “She’s a very serious person,” she says. "I explained to her my case, and from the first time ... ” Mona pauses and buries her face in her sleeve and cries. “She gave me a lot of hope. She said, ‘Don’t worry. You’re in the right place.’ She had ways out I had never seen. ... And thanks to God, things went just as she said they would.” Not everyone is lucky enough to find someone like Rivera, but Rivera says it’s also rare to get a client like Mona. She’s tried to work with several victims of sex trafficking, and many services are now available to help them, but often they decline to press charges, and she says about 1 in 5 returns to sex work to support a drug habit. She says bar owners give employees cocaine so they can drink a lot with customers, and they get hooked. I ask Rivera if there’s been a decrease in trafficking since it was criminalized, and raids began. “No, no, no, no, no, no,” she says. “The trafficking has not decreased because, for men in this society, it is a necessary evil. Also, for organized crime, it is very lucrative.” Rivera says Frontera Comalapa is still full of bars in which women are trafficked. Mona also doesn’t see a cure, but she says talking about it helps. She agreed to our interview because she wanted to warn others. So, I ask her what she would say if she could speak to her 16-year-old self. “There are bad people who want to harm those who come from other countries and not give them opportunities,” she says, "but there are also good people, so look, look for those people.” Mona says she’s happy now — that being with her daughter is lo maximo, "the greatest." But the journey’s not over. She still needs to get Mexican residency, which will likely take months. And going back to Honduras is not an option given the levels of violence there now — one reason so many young people like her continue to migrate to Mexico and the US. Once her papers are in order, she wants to go back to school and open a Honduran restaurant. She talks about Elvira Gordillo Rivera with such admiration, I ask if maybe she wants to be a lawyer, too. “It’s more my daughter who wants to be a lawyer,” she says, “because [Elvira] instilled in her the ethic of helping others, and also because she saw all this idiotic stuff I was doing. That’s why she wants to do something good, help people.” Mona says she only spends time now with people she knows she can trust — her daughter, her best friend and Rivera. But when her papers are in order, she plans to move to northern Mexico, where there is more opportunity to work and go back to school, and where there’s a woman who will put her up — one of the good people she has found.

  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

    · 01:10:21 · The Nerdist

    Cassandra Peterson (Elvira, Mistress of the Dark) chats with Chris about weird dreams, the time she went on a date with Elvis and she tells stories about her early days on the road. She also talks about an accident she endured as a kid, where the idea for Elvira came from her and her new Elvira, Mistress of the Dark book!

  • Elvira, gravid med en lillasyster.

    · 00:31:08 · Magpodden

    Elvira kom till mig med finaste magen och underbaraste lilla familjen. Hon och hennes man möttes på internet. Elvira bodde då i Mexiko och hennes man i Stockholm (med rötter i norra Sverige). Så det var inte en självklar väg in i äktenskapet men nu bor de lyckligt tillsammans i Stockholm och har andra barnet på väg. Elvira […]

  • 869 - Touring Celebrity Homes and Filming Locations

    · ESL Podcast - Previous Episodes

    Come to Los Angeles and meet famous people! Or, if you can’t meet any of them, see where they live. Slow Dialog: 1:20 Explanations: 3:20 Fast Dialog: 15:27 Tour guide: Welcome to Hollywood Tours, everybody. I’m your tour guide for today, and I’ll be showing you some of the most memorable locations in Hollywood history. Every seat in this double-decker bus is a good one, and you’ll be able to see every landmark we drive by. Uh, do you have a question? Elvira: Yes, I do. When do we see the celebrities? I want to get my picture taken with a real Hollywood star! Tour guide: Well, we’ll be stopping at some celebrity homes and it’s possible that we’ll catch a glimpse of a celebrity. I’ll also be taking you to some filming locations where classic and well-known movies were filmed on location. Elvira: Yes, but can we go to some celebrity hangouts? I really want to meet Johnny Depp. Tour guide: I’m not sure... Elvira: If I saw a Johnny Depp or any celebrity walking down the street, I would just go crazy! For sure I’d chase them down! Tour guide: This isn’t a hop-on, hop-off bus and it would be really dangerous to run out into L.A. traffic. Elvira: Oh, what’s a little danger if I can come face to face with a real life movie star? Script by Dr. Lucy Tse

  • Elvira Madigan begeht Selbstmord

    · 00:02:34 · Was heute geschah - BR-KLASSIK

    20.07.4889: Die dänische Trickreiterin Elvira Madigan und ihr Geliebter begehen Selbstmord. Die Filmmusik aus dem nach ihr benannten Film von 1967 - Mozarts Klavierkonzert KV 467 - bekommt daraufhin den Beinamen "Elvira Madiagan".

  • #65 Elvira Lindqvist

    · 00:48:05 · Agendasättarna Krog & Mat

    "Agendasättarna Krog & Mat" är ett poddsamtal mellan Dante Presno Andrén och aktörer i mat- och krogvärlden. I det sextiofemte avsnittet: Elvira Lindqvist   Elvira Lindqvist är köksmästare på Hufvudsta Gård i Solna utanför Stockholm. Hon har jobbat runt om i Stockholmsregionen inom olika slotts- och konferensmiljöer. Matlagning är simpelt och ska inte ta över livet enligt hennes egen mening. Goda råvaror med goda arbetsförhållanden ger den bästa maten då köket inte är en frizon för oschysstheter. Om hon får chansen startar hon egen krog i Hälsingland där livemusik, god mat och levande stämning går hand i hand.   Finns på instagram @eldvira och @hufvudsta_food_meetings   Hör gärna av er med åsikter eller förslag på gäster till dante@agendasattarna.se  --- Credits Redigering: Johan Bengtsson Grafik: Samuel Gonzalez Musik: Torbjörn Weinesjö Ansvarig utgivare: Anders Cedhamre  

  • Don Carlos de Verdi a 150 ans ! (1/5)

    · 01:59:16 · Arabesques

    durée : 01:59:16 - Arabesques - par : François-Xavier Szymczak - ## **♫ Programmation musicale ♫****Giuseppe Verdi** _Don Carlos : Spuntato ecco il dì d'esultanza \- pour choeur et orchestre_ (Acte II \- Partie 2 : Gran finale) Chœur et Orchestre du Metropolitan Opera James Levine, direction Sony Classical 88985381362\-10**Josquin Desprez** _Mille regretz \- pour 4 voix a cappella_ Thomas Crecquillon Carole Magnus erat \- pour chœur mixte à 5 voix a cappella Chœur Pomerium Alexander Bachely, direction Glissando 779008\-2**Giuseppe Verdi** _Ernani_ (Acte III) : _\- Oh, de'verd'anni miei_ (Don Carlo, Ernani, Don Ruy Gomez de Sylva, Jago, chœur) _\- Un patto! Un giuramento!_ (Chœur, Don Carlo, Don Riccardo, Ernani, Elvira) _\- O sommo carlo_ (Don Carlo, Ernani, Elvira, Don Riccardo, Giovanna, Jago, Don Ruy Gomez de Sylva, chœur) Placido Domingo, ténor (Ernani) Renato Bruson, baryton (Don Carlo) Nicolai Ghiaurov, basse (Don Ruy Gomez de Sylva) Mirella Freni, soprano (Elvira) Jolanda Michieli, soprano (Giovanna) Gianfranco Manganotti, ténor (Don Riccardo) Alfredo Giacomotti, basse (Jago) Choeur et Orchestre du Théâtre de la Scala de Milan Riccardo Muti, direction EMI CDS 7470838**Franz Liszt** _Paraphrase de concert sur un thème d'Ernani de Verdi S 432 \- pour piano_ Alexandre Dossin, piano Naxos 8.557904**Johann Friedrich Reichardt** _Klärchens Lied aus Egmont_ Sybille Kamphus, mezzo\-soprano Ludwig Holtmeier, pianoforte Ars Musici AM 1311\-2**Walter Braunfels** _Die Trommel gerühret opus 29 n°2_ Marlis Petersen, soprano Jendrik Springer, piano Harmonia Mundi HMC 902094**Ludwig Van Beethoven** _Egmont opus 84 : Die Trommel gerühret_ (Air de Clärchen) Gundula Janowitz, soprano (Clärchen) Orchestre Philharmonique de Berlin Herbert Von Karajan, direction DGG 419624\-2**Ludwig Van Beethoven / Franz Liszt, Transcripteur** _Die Trommel gerühret \- arrangement pour piano S 468 n°6_ Leslie Howard, piano Hyperion CDA 66481/2**Gaetano Donizetti** _Le duc d'Albe : Angelo casto e bel_ Joseph Calleja, ténor Academy of Saint Martin In The Fields Carlo Rizzi, direction Decca 475 6931**Giuseppe Verdi** _Les vêpres siciliennes : ouverture_ Orchestre Philharmonique de la Scala de Milan Riccardo Chailly, direction Decca 478 3559**Giuseppe Verdi** _Don Carlos : L'hiver est long_ (Acte I \- Elisabeth et le chœur de bûcherons) Iano Tamar, soprano (Elisabeth) Chœur et Orchestre de L'Opéra D'Etat de Vienne Bertrand de Billy, direction Orféo C 648 054L**Giuseppe Verdi** _Don Carlos_ (Acte I) : _\- Prélude : Le cerf s'enfuit sous la ramure_ (Chœur) _\- Fontainebleau ! Forêt immense et solitaire !_ (Don Carlos) _\- Je l'ai vue et dans son sourire_ (Don Carlos) _\- Le bruit du cor s'éteint sous l'ombre épaisse_ (Don Carlos, Thibault, Elisabeth) _\- Que faites\-vous donc ?_ (Elisabeth et Don Carlos) _\- De quels transports poignants et doux_ (Elisabeth et Don Carlos) _\- A celui qui nous vient, Madame_ (Thibault, Elisabeth et Don Carlos) _\- Ô chants de fête et d'allégresse_ (Chœur, Elisabeth, Don Carlos et Lerme) Roberto Alagna, ténor (Don Carlos) Karita Mattila, soprano (Elisabeth de Valois) Anat Efraty, soprano (Thibault) Scot Weir, ténor (Le Comte de Lerme) Chœur du Théâtre du Châtelet Orchestre de Paris Antonio Pappano, direction EMI 5561522**Pierre de Manchicourt** _Hélas amour !_ La Cetra D'Orfeo Cypres CYP 1628**Pierre de Manchicourt** _Laudate dominum \- pour 6 voix a cappella_ Ensemble Huelgas Paul Van Nevel, direction Sony SK 66261 - réalisé par : Céline Parfenoff

  • Episode 265: Elvira: Mistress of the Dark (1988)

    · 02:26:00 · The Projection Booth Podcast

    Special Guests: Frank Collison, Sam EganGuest Co-Hosts: Josh Hadley, John PilateOn a very surprising episode of The Projection Booth, Mike discusses James Signorelli's Elvira Mistress of the Dark with Josh Hadley and John Pilate. The film stars Cassandra Peterson as Elvira, a horror hostess desperate to break into Vegas. She's thwarted by the "good" people of Falwell, MA including her Uncle (William Morgan Sheppard) and henchmen.This episode features interviews with actor Frank Collison and screenwriter Sam Egan. Also, be sure to check out the bonus interview with William Morgan Sheppard.Support The Projection Booth on PatreonLike The Projection Booth on FacebookFollow The Projection Booth on Twitter 

  • #6 #7 and #8 Elvira 10-08 thru 10-10

    · Classic Loveline with Adam and Drew

    Partials - CLL #6 - 10-08-1995 - No Guest, CLL #7 - 10-09-1995 - Guest Elvira, CLL #8 - 10-10-1995 - No Guest. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday of Adam's 2nd week on Classic Loveline, the earliest known copies we have from the 'Spaceboye' fan collection. Source: Spaceboye Tape Collection The three earliest clips we have of Adam Carolla sitting in the 3rd chair on CLL, We get some legit Dr. Drew anger after he gets fed up with the boys and their banter, a solid Elvira clip and the next episode, and these dates are about 99% certain. Adam began hosting CLL on 10/01/1995.

  • tspp #315- Knott's Haunt 2015: ELVIRA, Lisa Heath, Gus Krueger & John Cooke! 10/30/15

    · The Season Pass: The Essential Theme Park Podcast

    *Subscribe @ iTunes* TSPP Returns to the OFFICIAL HOME of The Season Pass Podcast, Knott’s Berry Farm.  Discussion on the 2015 version of Knott’s Scary Farm’s Haunt, Plus plenty o’ guests: Elvira Returns for Elvira’s Asylum Lisa Heath- Knott’s Stage Director Gus Krueger- Designer of Dead of Winter John Cooke- Designer of Paranormal Inc/Special Ops: Infected HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! Enjoy! The New TSPP After Hours: Japan Theme Parks-Told by Robert Coker and Robb Alvey is now available for $4.99.  Almost 5 hours of audio! WARNING: there is Explicit Content in this special for purchase episode. Buy It Here! Links: Knott’s Berry Farm 91 Reasons Touring Plans Walt Disney Birthplace  MiceChat Pixie Vacations Season Pass Closing Song - Wheels by Enuff Z’nuff on iTunes   Check Out The Season Pass Podcast Website at: www.seasonpasspodcast.com   Follow Us On Twitter! - www.twitter.com/theseasonpass Like the TSPP Facebook page! - www.facebook.com/theseasonpass Contact us: doug@seasonpasspodcast.com brent@super78.com robert@robertcoker.com  Call the Hotline with Park Trip Reports, Podcast Comments, or Anything else you would like to announce. –1-916-248-5524 Thanks to each one of you for listening to the show.  Your support is extremely appreciated. © 2015 Season Pass Podcast

  • Avsnitt 22 med gymnasieeleverna Emma och Elvira från Östra Real och Södra Latin.

    · 00:35:17 · Anna och Philips lärarpodcast

    Denna vecka gör vi det som vi borde gjort från början, vi har träffat elever som får säga sin mening om skolan och om lärare. Vi träffar fantastiska elever som har så många kloka idéer om skolan som de vistas i. Detta avsnitt är oerhört viktigt för alla inom utbildning att lyssna på. Både Elvira och Emma går i år 2 på gymnasiet, Elvira på Södra Latin och Emma på Östra Real. Båda två med många kloka tankar om skolan och ett enormt engagemang i hur man kan förändra skolan.Vi får i veckans avsnitt lyssna på dessa kloka ungdomar som diskuterar NÄR man lär sig och VAD som påverkar detta. Tjejerna berör viktiga ämnen, vad en bra pedagog är och vad en bra pedagog har för egenskaper. Hur gör läraren som lyckas få eleverna att utvecklas och blomma, hur gör en lärare som lyckas fånga eleven och göra så att hen lär sig utan att tänka på det. Vi pratar om vikten av att se eleven och hälsa i korridoren. Här kommer även fantastiska hyllningar av lärare som dagligen gör skillnad för elever i skolan. Tjejerna får även klura på vad de vill förändra i skolan om de fick chansen.

  • Retrogeek #70 - Abracadabra, Convenção das Bruxas e Elvira, a Rainha das Trevas

    · 01:33:07 · Retrogeek Podcast

    Aqui no Retrogeek ainda é Halloween. Nesse podcast falamos de 3 filmes que marcaram as tardes da nossa infância com a temática bruxas: Abracadabra, Convenção das Bruxas e Elvira, a Rainha das Trevas!

  • Halloween Special with Elvira, Andy Daly & more!

    · Bullseye with Jesse Thorn

    Good October to you, boys and ghouls! It's a very special Halloween Spooktacular edition of Bullseye! First we have Cassandra Peterson, the woman behind Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. She'll talk with Jesse about where her iconic character came from, her childhood growing up in the midwest and what it's like to have a pinball game bearing your likeness. Then, a very special visit from comedian Andy Daly (Review, Reno 911, Silicon Valley), with the song that changed his life: the Monster Mash. Plus spooky and ooky movie recommendations from the team at Maximum Fun's Who Shot Ya podcast, and Jesse recommends a Halloween song that's so good... it'll give you chills! Mwahahahaha!

  • EP164: Ghost Stories, Elvira, & Confessions of a Funeral Director

    · 01:14:21 · The Brain Candy Podcast

    Today's show is suuuuuuper spoooooky! We asked our listeners for ghost stories, and you guys really delivered. You people are creepy. Hear about a ghost who rubs a woman's butt, a heavy breather, and a pissed off grandma. We debate whether fun size candies are in fact fun (or a lie). We talk about the badass bitch, Elvira: Mistress of the Dark, and why we think she's super cool. Plus, we interview the amazing author, Caleb Wilde who is a funeral director. He talks about how dealing with death every day changed his faith and his outlook on life. Today's episode is brought to you by Brooklinen. For $20 off these amazing sheets, go to brooklinen.com and use code BRAINCANDY. And for a special treat for your pup, visit Barkbox.com/braincandy and you'll get a free month when you choose a 6 or 12 month subscription.  

  • Cento ali di libellula (L’erudita)

    · 00:21:59 · I podcast di Radio Incredibile

    Donne che raccontano le donne. Marcella, Anzhelika, Alice, Eva… Storie vere. Storie di sacrifici e dolore ma anche di dignità e coraggio, di anime in lotta con la disperazione, la violenza, la malattia, la pazzia. Cento ali di libellula (L’erudita) è il romanzo scritto a quattro mani da Elvira Apone e Olga Merli, due scrittrici […] L'articolo Cento ali di libellula (L’erudita) sembra essere il primo su Radio Incredibile.

  • Artist Elvira Nikolaisen leter etter sine egne ruter både i byen og i livet

    · NRK – Sommer i P2

    - Å velge ruter gjennom byen med omhu holder fremmedfølelsen på avstand. I sommer i P2 forteller artist, musiker og låtskriver Elvira Nikolaisen om hvordan hun har funnet sin egen helt spesialtilpassede metode for å finne roen og sin egen vei i en kaotisk etter-Trumpsk tid. Produsent: Janne Kjellberg

  • H files 17 - Conferencia 'Leyenda Negra y prima de riesgo' en La Térmica por María Elvira Roca Barea

    · 01:49:10 · HistoCast

    Autor y propietario: Maria Elvira Roca Barea. Fue la segunda de ellas del ciclo El Mundo en Llamas. Se trata de la conferencia sobre 'Leyenda Negra y prima de riesgo' celebrada el jueves, 9 de Marzo de 2017, a las 20:00 horas en La Térmica.

  • 30:MIN #187 – Duelo de Titãs – Cecilia vs Vilto

    · 30:MIN - Literatura

    Sejam bem-vindos, leitores e leitoras ao 30:MIN. Nesta edição, Jefferson Figueiredo irá mediar um duelo de titãs, uma batalha épica entre Vilto Reis e Cecilia Garcia Marcon onde serão invocados escritores para o campo de batalha.   Nos recadinhos dessa semana. Hora Alucinógena 8 - Futebol Sorteios de Abril e Maio Seja do nosso coração e ajude no financiamento coletivo no Patreon e no Padrim Colabore conosco no Padrim e também nos ajude a crescer     Autores invocados nesse duelo: (Twitter) Elvira Vigna (Companhia) Elvira Vigna (Companhia) Svetlana Aleksiévitx (Homo Literatus) Elizabeth Gaskell – o ouro vitoriano esquecido (Pedra Azul) Elizabeth Gaskell (Companhia) Mary Shelley (Bertrand) Ernest Hemingway (Wikipedia) J. D. Salinger   Agora é sua vez: Quem venceu? Quem é o próximo? Você decide! Feed do Podcast: homoliteratus.com/feed/podcast/ Assine o feed do Podcast 30:MIN no iTunes Participe da Lista Negra do Paul Rabbit, o grupo do podcast 30:MIN no Facebook! Spotify do Beber (ouça as trilhas do 30:MIN)   Envie seu e-mail com dúvidas ou sugestões para: podcast@homoliteratus.com ou deixe seu comentário no post! Editado por Luis Beber