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  • 387: Geoff Thompson | Watch My Back

    · 01:06:14 · The Art of Charm | Social Science | Cognitive Psychology | Confidence | Relationship Advice | Behavioral Economics | Productivity | Biohacking

    If we change one thing we change everything. "No one gets left behind but not everyone chooses to come with you." -Geoff Thompson The Cheat Sheet: Where do all fears exist? How did writing down all of his fears make a difference? Why he forgave the man who abused him. Why does certainty matter so much? What Buckminster Fuller can teach you about success. And so much more... If you knew all your fears only existed as a result of your belief in them what would you do differently? Would you actually write down every single one of them from smallest to greatest and then face them? That's exactly what our guest for today's show did and it completely altered the course of his life. Geoff Thompson, BAFTA-winning film writer and author of 40 books including his autobiography Watch My Back is here to talk about fear, creating your own reality and so much more on episode 388 of The Art of Charm. Today's show is brought to you by Casper, Get $50 toward any mattress purchase by visiting Casper and using promo code AOC! More About This Show: Geoff Thompson comes from humble origins; he grew up in a working class family and had working class friends and loved ones for most of his adult life. By the age of 32 he was working in factory and was in a deep depression. He knew he was meant for more but every time he tried to rise up his fears got the best of him and he could not overcome them. Deciding it was time to do something about that, Geoff made a list of everything he was afraid of from smallest to greatest fear. And then he systematically confronted each one. On today's episode he talks about what some of these experiences were like including why physical violence was at the top of the list and how he overcame the naysayers who surrounded him. When Geoff was only 11 years old he was sexually abused by a teacher in his community, someone he admired and respected greatly. When no one helped him deal with the experience, not his church and not his parents, he internalized the abandonment he felt and allowed the experience to "possess" him. The abuse he received became the reason he built himself into a fighting machine. He took away anything about himself that could be construed as attractive and made it ugly; he believed the world could not be trusted and everything around him soon reinforced that belief. Eventually Geoff saw he had to let go of all of the story he had created in order to build a new life. And letting go of it happened as a result of writing it down. His autobiography, Watch My Back, tells of his childhood including the abuse, his early adult years and how he shifted from a working class bloke in a bad neighborhood, in a bad marriage to a fulfilled, evolved and transformed, award-winning writer. We cover so much on this show but one of the main stories to listen to is how Geoff received his BAFTA. One of the principles he's learned and now teaches others is to give without conditions. What you give to the world will come back to you, often not from the same place you give it but it does come back. The story of how he wrote the film that later won a BAFTA is a perfect example of this. You'll also want to hear Geoff's perspective on dealing with negative people in your life. After he published his first book his friends and loved ones were calling him pretentious and telling him not to get above himself. How he rebuilt his life and let go of naysayers is a powerful lesson and Geoff's wisdom will resonate with you. Thanks to Geoff for speaking so candidly and with such grace on today's show. Extra thanks to you for being here! We'll see you next time on The Art of Charm. THANKS GEOFF THOMPSON! If you enjoyed this session of The Art of Charm Podcast, let Geoff know by clicking on the link below and sending him a quick shout out on Twitter: Click here to thank Geoff on Twitter! Resources from this episode: Geoff Thompson's web site Watch My Back, by Geoff Thompson Geoff Thompson on Twitter The Art of Charm bootcamps Click Here to Support The Show and Check Out 99 Designs! You'll also like: -The Art of Charm Toolbox-Best of The Art of Charm Podcast Wanna leave a comment? Too bad! Email me instead (we read everything)!   HELP US SPREAD THE WORD!   If you dug this episode, please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! This is what helps us stand out from all the fluff out there.   Ways to subscribe to The Art of Charm   Click here to subscribe via iTunes Click here to subscribe via RSS You can also subscribe via Stitcher   FEEDBACK + PROMOTION   Hit us up with your comments and guest suggestions. We read EVERYTHING.   Download the FREE AoC app for iPhone Email Give us a call at 888.413.7177   Stay Charming!  

  • Geoff Blades on How to Systematize Your Life for Success - Episode #288

    · 00:24:34 · The Less Doing Podcast with Ari Meisel: The Best Life Hacks And Productivity Tips For Less Doing, More Living

    There are few people who have figured out what it takes to systematize life in ways that lead to true effectiveness. Geoff Blades is one of those people. He’s not only figured it out for his own life but helps Wall Street professionals and large companies design and implement systems through every aspect of their existence in order to create greater results and more of what they truly want. In this conversation, Ari and Nick chat with Geoff about his journey to discovering how to get what he wants, why systems are the key for every person, and how systematizing your life can lead to the goals you really want. You should do everything you can to clear out the space to listen to this episode. What does it mean to systematize your career? Here are Geoff Blades’ 5 steps to do it. How often have you thought of your career as a series of causes and effects? It’s more common to conceive of a career in terms of things that happen TO you rather than a series of events that come about because of things YOU have done. But Geoff Blades has discovered that anyone can orient their own career path in the direction of their biggest goals if they are willing to get crystal clear on what those goals are and put the systems in place that will serve those goals. It’s an intriguing concept that makes total sense, and you’ll hear Geoff describe how it works on this episode of Leverage. The power of defining your goal: you can’t go anywhere if you miss this. Many people wind up hating their jobs simply because they can’t see how the job serves the end goals they have for life itself.  But deeper than that is a more significant problem: few people have truly clarified what they are aiming at in life in the first place. Geoff Blades says that you have no chance of attaining anything you really want in life if you don’t know what it is. It’s common sense when he says it that way - and on this episode, he explains how he helps his clients get super clear on their goals and systematize their lives to reach them. What holds people back is the unwillingness to move through their fears. One of the most common barriers to people accomplishing their goals is fear. But a layer down from the fear itself is this reality - most people are so inhibited by the fear that they won’t commit to doing whatever it takes to move through it and overcome it. That’s the real issue. Geoff Blades has come to that realization and has an uncanny way of helping people recognize their fears, learn how to face them, and conquer them for the sake of creating the life they really want. You’ve got to hear this conversation with Geoff. How do you win and how can you systematize winning? When it comes to success in life, Geoff Woods says that it all comes down to asking one simple question: How do you win in life? That’s the issue of getting clarity about your goals - and the answer will be different for every person. But once you have that goal clearly defined you need to go a step further and discover the systems you can intentionally build and put in place to make sure you hit those goals without fail. Find out how Geoff’s book can help you get the clarity you need to pursue and systematize your goals for life, on this episode. Outline of This Episode [0:03] Geoff’s history - from Wall Street to Entrepreneur and Consultant [4:20] How many people working on Wall Street are trapped in the middle. [6:04] What does it look like to systematize your career? [10:04] Why systematizing impacts every area of your life. [12:01] The challenges you need to overcome to excel. [16:20] How are you wired when it comes to your motivation to make life all it can be? [18:25] The coaching model Geoff has created and how he works with corporations. [21:00] 3 systems for every person to succeed. [22:58] Geoff’s 3 tips for being more effective. Resources Mentioned BOOK: Do What You Want BOOK: Do What You Want On Wall Street BOOK: Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway Rescue Time BOOK: The 80/20 Principle BOOK: Eat That Frog Find out more about what we’re doing at Leverage at and

  • How to Identify, Prioritize, and Do the Most Important Thing in Your Life with Geoff Woods - Episode #281

    · 00:16:59 · The Less Doing Podcast with Ari Meisel: The Best Life Hacks And Productivity Tips For Less Doing, More Living

    None of us want to waste our lives on trivial things. That’s why we care about productivity and working effectively. Geoff Woods says it’s therefore vital that we discover the most important thing we need to accomplish at any given time. It’s the singular focus that has enabled him and the organization he works with to become a world-class leader in their industry. Geoff is on the show to chat about his life-changing experience over the last year as CEO of the new “One Thing” company alongside Jay Papasan and Gary Keller. What he shares on this episode is simple but powerful. You won’t want to miss it. The most important thing is the most important thing.  There are many things that crowd into our lives, seeking our attention and energy. But the most important things are simply that - the most important things. And Geoff Woods would argue that we don’t have the capacity to effectively focus on more than one thing at a time. That’s why we must simplify our “to dos” - boiling them down to one main thing that deserves our focus. It’s not easy to explain in a short paragraph, but you're in luck - because Geoff explains it in detail, in this conversation, so don’t miss it.  You don’t have the right to think of tasks down the line until you complete the first task. I huge mindset shift included in “The One Thing” approach to productivity that Geoff Woods describes on this episode, is that even though you may have decided upon steps you need to accomplish to move you toward a certain goal, you haven’t earned the right to work on or consider the things that are later on your list until you’ve completed those listed first. This concept is at the heart of doing the most important things first so that you are more productive and eventually successful at accomplishing your greater goals. Find out how it works, on this episode. How can you identify your “one thing?”  One of the hardest aspects of productivity is the process of discovering what things are actually the most important to accomplish. Geoff Woods has learned from his mentor, Gary Keller that a singular focus on one thing until it is accomplished, makes him productive at an accelerated rate and moves the needle to a greater degree. How do you discover what is most important for you to do? And is it always a major task, or can it sometimes be a simple, small one that simply must come first? Geoff explains the powerful “One Thing” approach in detail, on this episode. When you say “yes” to other people, you’re saying “no” to yourself.  When Ari asked Geoff for 3 pieces of advice to those who want to be more effective, Geoff's first piece of advice was that most people need to learn how to say “no” to more things. He made the point that when you say “yes” to other people, you’re saying “no” to yourself - and more specifically, to the things you’ve determined are most important for you to accomplish. Geoff has a great way of explaining the nuances surrounding these kinds of decisions, so be sure you give yourself the opportunity to learn from him by listening to this episode.  Outline of This Episode [0:03] Ari’s introduction to Geoff Woods and his history. [1:41] What is “The 1 Thing” concept Gary Keller has written about? [2:05] The life-changing year Geoff has lived alongside Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. [4:37] The framework for identifying your “one thing” in each area of life, and how to choose which one to start with. [6:03] How big or small should your “one thing” be? [8:22] The vital nature of systems to recruit amazing, talented people. [11:07] How the KW team uses their “411” tool to identify the big tasks to do each week. [13:30] Using the “one thing” approach to work effectively as a team. [14:48] Geoff’s top 3 pieces of advice in order to be more effective.  Resources Mentioned The Mentee Podcast The One Thing Podcast BOOK: The One Thing Find out more about what we’re doing at Get Leverage at and

  • Geoff Woods: From Employee to Entrepreneur - The Power of Finding a Mentor

    · 00:45:34 · The Bold Life Movement with Kimberly Rich

    Get ready for an extremely powerful and emotional episode of The Bold Life Movement. Today’s guest is Geoff Woods, host of The Mentee podcast, General Manager of the Publishing Division at Keller Williams Realty, Inc., and currently building a business with Jay Papasan at Geoff worked in medical device sales for five years. He made a good living selling a device that actually saved lives, but he knew he was meant for more. He knew he wanted to own a business that made a massive impact and provided financial security for his family, but he didn’t have a compelling reason to make a change. “I didn’t have a compelling reason to make change. There wasn’t enough pain in my life that forced me to make change.” In one week, things changed dramatically. One of his colleagues suffered a stroke at 35, and then his income was slashed by 40 percent. Geoff was compelled to move forward, and that’s when he heard the Jim Rohn quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” None of Geoff’s five closest people were doing what he wanted to do – owning a business that made an impact in the world and provided financial security – and he realized that he could either take the easy road or the hard road to level up his five. The Hard Road – Setting a goal, settling a plan and figuring out how to get it done. You’re waking up every day and guessing. The Easy Road – Establish what you want, meet the people who already do it and let them tell you what to do. “I can take the easy road or the hard road. Most people are offered this choice everyday, and they don’t realize they’re choosing the hard road.” How did Geoff connect with the mentors that inspired him along the way? He started by gaining clarity on what it was that he wanted and identifying the people who inspired him. Then, when given the opportunity to speak with his ideal mentors, he dropped his ego and made himself vulnerable. There’s two ways to make the initial connection with your ideal mentors: The Six Degrees of Separation – The idea that you can be connected to anyone in the world through six connections. Be a Connector – Go out of your way to add value to the people around you. “If you become a person who goes out of their way to add value, people will go out of their way to be in a relationship with you.” “Extraordinary results are not hard.” Every time I talk to Geoff he blows my mind. I really wanted to share his powerful story because it demonstrates that we can choose to make our lives more Bold, and we can all have a massive impact on the world. Learn more about Geoff and his businesses by listening to The Mentee podcast or heading over to   SOME QUESTIONS I ASK: Did Geoff know at the time that being a business owner was something he aspired to, or necessary for the life he aspired to have? When Geoff first launched The Mentee, what did the podcast look like? How did Geoff connect with his mentors? For people who don’t know what it is they’re looking for, what types of mentors should they be surrounding themselves with? How do people get that mentor-mentee relationship kicked off? What is one thing that has surprised Geoff during his journey? IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN: How Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur in just 10 months How to surround yourself with five people who inspire you How to be a connector How to start a mentor-mentee relationship Plus much more… DON’T STOP HERE… Guest Links & Resources: Website | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: The Mentee podcast The ONE Thing by Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan Profit Factory   Production & Development for The Bold Life Movement Podcast by Podcast Masters

  • Hollywood Ending

    · Astonishing Legends

    Welcome to the first episode of Astonishing Legends!This episode is about what The City of Angels gives back when you come here seeking fame and fortune and includes a death tour among the Hollywood Hills with a visit to a particularly macabre destination at the end. Links for folks who are interested!(Links work best in iOS only on iTunes or on our webpage at URL's shared at bottom of text if your podcast app doesn't show them as clickable.On Dorothy Stratten - A fan site dedicated to Dorothy. The Wikipedia entry on Dorothy.An interview with Peter Bogdanavich from People Magazine in 1989 about Dorothy.Dorothy on Johnny Carson in 1980.Pictures of Dorothy and Paul Snider, the loser pimp and her murderer. More on Dorothy and Paul and her Death.Interesting Fact: Sleazeball Paul Snider had to get Dorothy's mom to sign a waiver so he could have her professionally photographed nude when he 'discovered' her in Canada because she was underaged.Paul, strangely, was also friends with Max Baer (Jethro on The Beverly Hillbillies), and Max, at one point dated Sharon Tate. On the Manson-Tate Murder and 10050 Cielo Drive -10050 Cielo Drive, the infamous house.The Wikipedia entry on Sharon Tate.This day in History (History Channel) Sharon Tate.Find-a-death on Sharon Tate.Interesting Fact: Trent Reznor was the last resident of the house before it was torn down and the address was changed. He recorded 'The Downward Spiral' here in fact, in a studio he named 'Le Pig' as an homage(?) to the murder. He reportedly had not thought much of being in the house past it being a part of 'American Folklore', in his words, until he met Tate's sister by chance and she asked him point blank if he was trying to capitalize on her death. He ultimately moved out before the house was torn down, but he took the front door with him and uses it at the new version of his recording studio to this day.On Lana Turner and Johnny Stompanato -The Wikipedia entry on Lana Turner.The Wikipedia entry on Johnny Stompanato.The Wikipedia entry on Lana's daughter, Cheryl.Lana & Johnny - Crime Library LinkThe Daily Mirror Newspaper from that day. On Yvette Vickers - The Wikipedia entry on Yvette Vickers. A People Magazine Article on Yvette.HuffPo on Yvette's cause of death.A good blog entry on Yvette.Another article.An amazing intimate portrait with Yvette as told by someone who knew her personally.Interesting Fact: Paul Newman's wife, Joanne Woodward was none too pleased with Yvette's on set chemistry with Newman during the filming of HUD and saw to it that she was nearly cut out of the film entirely. This happened to Yvette more than once, who herself confessed to being flirty, but most certainly not a tramp and completely monogamous when she was with someone. Jealousy in Hollywood can be a true monster and it's fair to say that it contributed to the death of all of the starlets featured in this episode of our show. Connections: Max Baer was friends with and briefly dated Sharon Tate. Sharon Tate was murdered in the house that Cary Grant and Dyan Cannon lived in after they got married. Cary broke up with Yvette Vickers to marry Dyan.,,20119405,00.html

  • Episode 019 : Geoff Woods : How to Create Mentor Relationships with the Top in Your Industry

    · Lean Leadership Podcast

    Geoff Woods is the host of The Mentee podcast, and is a medical device salesman by day, and an entrepreneur by night. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and entrepreneurs. Fast forward, he is a now being mentored by many of these heavy hitters and he publishes the real conversations he has with his mentors on in his top business podcast The Mentee.  Geoff has been featured in and is considered the authority on building meaningful relationships with high level influencers and mentors. Today we will do something a little different.... Normally every week we strive to bring you a guest with a technical ability in relation to the fields of Lean, Continuous Improvement or Six Sigma.  We talk about their experiences and their backgrounds. You hear their success stories, the failures, which we all have and then we ask for their advice.  So follow me here for a moment, the recipe is we find someone just like you or where you want to be and then provide you some insight into their thoughts or actions and provide you with some ideas to change your paradigm on Lean or Continuous Improvement.  One of the most common things that we hear from guests on the show when it comes to advice is to go get a mentor.  Today we are going to talk about practical advice about finding, approaching, and developing a relationship with potential mentors. That’s where Geoff comes in… First of all, Geoff is a good friend of mine.  We started our podcasts about the same time and we’ve built a friendship as we share what is working for growing our shows and having a helpful impact on our listeners, what we are struggling with, etc.  What I love about Geoff is why I asked him to be a guest on the show.  Geoff is doing something pretty incredible.  He’s upgrading his inner circle.  You’ve heard the quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”  Geoff really took that to heart and ran with it, and amazing things have happened for him.  Imagine getting advice from the guy who inspired the movie Jerry McGuire…that happened to Geoff, in fact that gentlemen is one of Geoff’s most trusted advisors now. In this episode we talk about: Why it’s important to have a mentor and more than one mentor. The series of steps to develop relationships with mentors. Why it’s more important to be interested than interesting. How to defeat self limiting beliefs. Interview Links: Jeff's Podcast Follow Jeff of Twitter Follow Jeff on LinkedIn Leave Feedback for this episode Get a Free Audiobook at

  • 70: The KEY to LOCKING IN A HABIT with Geoff Woods

    · 00:47:13 · Earn Your Happy Podcast | Motivation | Self-Love | Entrepreneurship | Confidence | Fitness and Life Coaching with Lori Harder

    Geoff Woods is the Vice President of The ONE Thing Team. After hearing the Jim Rohn quote that "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" Geoff set out on a mission to surround himself with high level CEOs and successful entrepreneurs. Fast forward just 10 months, Geoff went from employee to entrepreneur, launching a company with the co-authors of the best selling book The ONE Thing. Geoff has been featured in and is on a mission to teaching people how to live a life of focus so they can have more by doing less. S tarting out in medical device sales, Geoff has found that one of his biggest life transitions happened only about 18 months ago. It just goes to show you that, “it’s never too late!” Leaving a secure job, especially when the pay is substantial, isn't always easy. But what comes easily, isn't usually what’s “right.” Like many of us, Geoff knew something was off, something was missing from his day to day life. Unfortunately, yet luckily, two major events really hit Geoff right where he needed it. After witnessing a young colleague of his suffer a stroke and after receiving a 40% pay cut, it was time for him to make some serious life changes. “You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with.” -Jim Rohn Surrounding yourself with those who can help you reach your goals is one of the fastest ways to success. After launching his own podcast The Mentee, in January 2015, doors of opportunity began to open, bringing him and his family to Texas to work with Gary Keller and Jay Papasan for “The ONE thing.” Flashing forward to today and the accomplishments he has made for himself, Geoff goes on to tell us about the important art of time blocking! “Every single day you are either marching towards your goals or stepping further away.” He teaches us that doing the same one thing a day may not seem significant, but if you stack it up over a period of time, as you know the day will come where you look in the mirror and not even recognize yourself. This could go one of two ways. The reflection you see in the mirror can be someone you've always wanted to be and who you are proud of, or someone you have lost sight of altogether. From this day forward, I am challenging you all to time-blocking. For yourself, your health, your ultimate goals and your dream life. “In all of our research it shows that it takes 66 days to form a habit.” Quit biting off more than you can chew. Whether it be your first time ever or not, set a goal, no matter the size and stick to it! Join the challenge and you can thank me later. In This Episode You Will Learn About: Making changes Facing Challenges Power Habits Commitment Time blocking Identifying your “one thing” Resources: The One Thing by: Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan The Mentee podcast You can find Geoff at and all over “The One Thing” Facebook page. Be sure to pop in on some of his Facebook lives! Follow me on social media @LoriHarder on Instagram and Lori Harder on Facebook. You can also see more at my website:

  • SFN162: Geoff Woods On Strategically Adding Value To Others

    · 00:30:47 · Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.

    Geoff Woods is the host of The Mentee Podcast and an alumni of The Foundation, who went from having a 6-figure sales job to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Geoff was going through The Foundation’s “Idea Extraction” process when he realized that SaaS was not a good fit for him. Instead he made a pivot to focus on something he was much more passionate about building, which ended up being his podcast, The Mentee. Because of the guidance from his mentors, Geoff was able to monetize within three months of launch. In Part 2 of this interview, Geoff breaks down the steps to meet the top influencers in your industry. Plus he fulfills his promise to share the strategies he used to become a contributor on within a mere three weeks, and how you can do it too!     In This Interview I Ask: 2:26 - Take us through the process of what it looked like for you to find your own billionaire mentor. 5:46 - How can you, wherever you are right now, start tapping into people who are lightyears beyond you? 6:57 - How can other people go out and replicate what you’ve done? 8:10 - How did you acquire the energy, conviction and desire to be committed to your actions? 29:25 - Where can I go to receive this type training to replicate what you’ve done?     3 Steps to Strategically Add Value to People Who Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals Get Clarity on Where You Need Help Ask yourself the following questions, and describe each answer in one sentence: Out of everything you’re working on right now, what is the ONE thing that you need the most help with? How would you describe the ideal person who could help guide you with your ONE thing?   Tell People Where You Need Help and They Will Rise Up and Support You. “80% of everything you need is already within your circle of influence.” When you share what you’re working on and where you need help, people can’t resist the desire to want to help you. Either that person you talk to will be the person you need, or you plant the seed in their mind so when they come across a person who fits the mold, they’ll consider making that connection. Example: When you touch based with someone and they ask “What’s up?” you can say, “You know, I realized that I need to surround myself with some really great people who just eat, sleep, breath [topic of expertise].” When you share these needs with the people who care about you, they naturally feel compelled to help you .   Strategically show up every day and focus on adding value to one person at a time consistently. Ask each person, What are you working on? How can I help you? Know that they will share a piece of information, and even if you are not their answer directly, you may know the person who is able to help. Either way, you plant the seed and that connection will eventually happen. Never ask a successful person out to coffee to “pick their brain.” This is basically asking them to give you their free time. The answer is obviously no. The moment Geoff learned to become the person who just look to see how can I add value to them to every relationship, he started to find that people bent over backwards to help him.     How to become a contributor on any publication in three weeks A common rookie mistake in an attempt to become a contributor on any publication would be to try to connect directly with its editor and pitch them your article. Instead, Geoff followed his 3-step process: He became clear on his goal: Geoff wanted to become a contributing writer on He started targeting contributing writers. This was the script he used: “Hey, I’m seeking guidance. I see that you’ve written for Entrepreneur. I’m really curious about your journey, and the impact it’s had on you. I’m going through these crossroads in my life, and frankly I wanted to ask for your help. Would you be willing to spend 10-15 minutes with me sharing your journey? I promise I will find a way to add value to you. PS: I already shared your most recent post.” Finally he was recommended to the editor (which shows incredible valuable). He then asked the editor “Hey, how can I make you look good? What does it take to write a great post?” Then Geoff took the editor’s feedback and went to work.     Playing the “Long Game” When you meet somebody, you may have a long term hope of how they can help you, but if you just go for the ask, it won’t help you. It’s more rewarding to have a long term relationship. “[When] you fast forward to the end of your life, it’s going to be the experiences you shared and the people you shared them with.” Every time you approach somebody, they’re a puzzle piece. You have no idea what role they will play in your life, but you figure out where they need help and you file it away. Over time you start finding pieces that fit together, and when you connect those people, tremendous value is created and ultimately the vision of your life is unfolded.    Show Links: Listen to The Mentee, podcast Download 7 Easy Steps to Meet the Top 7 People in Your Industry, Get Geoff’s FREE Training,

  • Episode 4-322 – Geoff Smith -1984 & 85 Boston Marathon Champ

    · 00:56:46 · RunRunLive 4.0 - Running Podcast

    The RunRunLive 4.0 Podcast Episode 4-322 – Geoff Smith -1984 & 85 Boston Marathon Champ(Audio: link) [audio:]Link epi4322.mp3MarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks - there my strange running friends. How are you? I’m great. Fantastic. Nothing to complain about. Full of joy and abundance. Which, if I’m honest with you, takes a lot of work. It’s officially the end of summer in New England. The nights are clear and cold. The mornings are crisp like a fresh, clean blanket. The sun sets later and comes up later, noticeably each day. When I was a youth in school I would hate this time of year. School starting meant the end of a summers’ long and languid lethargy. The weather would turn but not enough to be interesting. There wouldn’t be any snow to sled on or build with for weeks. The days would be short, dim, cold, windy, rainy and filled with work. Now, Buddy and I, in, perhaps the autumn of our own times feel somehow reborn into the crispness of fall. He roams the house wild eyed and vocal beseeching me to get up, get out and seize the leaf covered forest trails - for that is where we live if only for another year, another day, another fine afternoon or another run. We pad through the fall forests with the leaves crunching underfoot on the dry trail. The underbrush and weeds spent and brown hanging with their last offering of seeds to be blown on the wind to settle another generation. Only the wild asters weighed down by their purple froth brighten the trail. The bees harry them with suicidal intensity and a lack of humor that is to be avoided by the cautious runner. We run, man and dog, weaving through the trees with the sharp afternoon sun lancing through at us from an acute angle like a photgrapher’s darkroom light. The motes of dust swirling in our mists and settling in our wake. The tang of wild grapes bites at the air and brings a smile to my heart. The apple trees in the orchard hang thick with fruit. Man and dog. Brothers on the road and trail. Buddy still gets along fairly well for an 80 year old. Like all of us he thinks he can do more than he can. He talks me into it and then he regrets it the next day. With the cool weather he feels a need to get out and play and move. What I often hear when I check in from on the road is “Your dog is crazy!” It’s been a long autumn. I’ve traveled every week that I can remember. I’m doing ok. I’m getting my runs in for the most part and feel fairly strong. I’ve started to play with speed work and I’ll talk about that a bit today. You can’t just throw the switch. You have to build into the speed work when you’ve been away for a while. I’ve got a long chat with Geoff Smith today. Geoff won the 1984 and the 1985 Boston Marathon. If you know about the history of the race you may know that these were hard times for the Boston Marathon. It was founded by the BAA in 1896 as an amateur race. The prize was always a simple olive wreath. It was serious race, for serious runners and serious runners were thought to be the amateurs who ran for the love of the race. Geoff was the last person to win the Boston Marathon before there was prize money. He did it for love. The pressure of other big-city races offering prize money threatened to relegate Boston to a quaint artifact of the 19th century. A local financial institution stepped in and kept the race alive as they transitioned to a prize money structure. I didn’t know Geoff was living locally until I got a tweet from him asking me to retweet one of his races. This chat gave me a chance to talk about what is for me, the golden age of US marathoning. I’ll also chat a bit about the power of self-awareness. I’ve been feeling a bit pressed these last few weeks with the level of travel and the amount of stuff I’m trying to do. I also am thinking of mortality as I see my running partner struggle with age. This time of year is a bit of a whirlwind for all of us. The leisure of the summer passes abruptly into the intensity of the school year. Work gets crazy. Personal commitments pile up. People get over-tired. The kids bring home the first good crop of viruses to mix into the social fray. And so we find ourselves in October tired and sick and bubbling with stress. We have strategies to cope but our armor gets dinged from the continuous hits. The car needs work, the house needs repair the kids need new equipment and a ride to practice. We feel out of control and driven mad, losing that grip we thought we had on life. But, my friends, you are not alone. Don’t let circumstance drive you crazy. There is nothing in the environment that you can’t choose to live with and work with and, yes, even enjoy. Just take that time to close your eyes and take one long, deep breath. Exhale the stress and smile at the next person you see. They may need it more than you do. On with the show!Section one - Running TipsEasing into Speed Work - of reason – the conversationGeoff Smith Boston Marathon Winner 1984 & 1985 and 1984 British Olympian.1980 British 10K Track Champion.1982 Providence College Athlete of the Year.1984 and 1985 Boston Marathon Champion.Personal Records800 meters 1.511500 meters 3.401 Mile 3.552 Mile 8.235K 13.2210K 27.42Half Marathon 61.39Marathon 2.09.08• Smith's best time in the marathon was 2:09:08, when he finished 2nd to Rod Dixon in the New York City Marathon in 1983. Smith only lost by nine seconds.• Smith was a senior at Providence College when he won the 1984 Boston Marathon.• Both of Smith's wins at Boston were by strong margins. His 1984 win was by over four minutes.• Competed in the Olympics for Great Britain in the 1980 10000m race and the 1984 marathon• Works as a middle school teacher and lives in Mattapoisett, Massachusetts as of 2004.[1]• Has not run at the Boston Marathon since 1990• Worked as a firefighter for ten years in the United Kingdom after his high school graduation. Entered Providence College in 1980 at the age of 26.• Ran a 3:55 mile in Wales in 1982• Was the last person to win the Boston Marathon before the race organizers began giving out prize money to the winners.[2]• Stopped running in the early 1990s having suffered hip problems since birth. Had both hips replaced and has started running again in June 2013. Is coaching local runners South of Boston.AchievementsYear Competition Venue Position Event NotesRepresenting United Kingdom 1980 Olympic GamesMoscow, Soviet Union7th (Q) 10000 m 30:00.011983 New York City MarathonNew York, United States2nd Marathon 2:09:081984 Boston MarathonBoston, United States1st Marathon 2:10:341984 Olympic GamesLos Angeles, United States— Marathon DNF 1985 Boston MarathonBoston, United States1st Marathon 2:14:051987 World ChampionshipsRome, Italy— Marathon DNF Well summer is over. Now it is time to think of fall running. We have a great new event on Shrewsbury street. Worcester. An Oktoberfest 5k October 11th Our main charity is “Genesis Club an Accredited Mental Health program that provides education, employment, housing and wellness services to those in recovery Join me and let's make Shrewsbury Street rock. RACE INFONEW BEDFORD SANTA RUN OVERVIEWDate: Saturday December 12, 2015Youth Run Start: 12:30 p.m. for ages 14 and under.Santa Run 5K Start: 1:00 p.m.Start Location: TBD (Near Union Street)Thanks Geoff SmithSection two – Self-awareness – the smartest person in the room - Closing commentsMarathonBQ – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks - faster? Feeling more self-aware? Feeling like you have made it to the end of episode 4-322? Yes you have. If you’re in the New England area consider Geoff’s Santa run. That sounds like fun. And you get a Santa suit. Believe it or not we had our first Groton Road Race meeting. April is just around the corner. It will be our 25th anniversary. Wow. This old dog has run every one. It’s my swan song race too. I’ll be passing the baton over to another race director. I’ve learned a lot in my tenure. I’m grateful for the tribe that kept this race a grand and glorious spring ritual for my old home town. I’m testing myself a bit with some speed work. But I feel strong. I think my plan of a January qualification race with the Groton Marathon as a last long run is a pretty good idea. I’d love to get some of you out for the Groton Marathon. This is a self-supported 26.2 mile run that we invented for December because there weren’t any good races around the holidays and we wanted to get a marathon in. Let me think on that some more. I’d prefer not to have to spend any money on it but maybe I can put up a web-page and make it official enough to have it recognized by the Maniacs or something. I’ll probably run Boston. I’m not qualified but these things have a way of working out for me. If I get the privilege of running it again this year, and God help me, I can’t how many I’ve run, I’m going to use my talents to do something really big for the charity and the community and the sport. The more I work through my self-awareness process, the more I find myself thinking that I’ve been playing a small game. I know people see me form the outside and maybe see untapped intellect and wonder why I haven’t done more. At least that’s what I wonder. I think that we all can do more than we think. I read a book by fellow runner Bill Dowis this week and his narrative is similar to my own and so many others and maybe yours. The narrative is that we are muddling along with our lives, doing ok, and somehow, somewhere, sometime find endurance sports. It catches us by surprise. It catches us by the shirt collar, slaps us in the face, stares deeply into our souls and says “you are capable of more than you think!” I think YOU are capable of more than YOU think. I beginning to know I am. I’m not talking about running a marathon. I’m talking about finding something in your life that you don’t think you can do and going after it with ferocity and hard work. Not being afraid to fail and not being afraid to succeed. Go into that thing with only one object – to learn about yourself and what you’re capable of. And maybe you’ll be surprised. And I’ll see you out there. – How to Qualify for the Boston Marathon in 14 Weeks -

  • SPOS #256 - Developing A Sustainable Strategy With Geoff Livingston

    · Six Pixels of Separation - Marketing and Communications Insights - By Mitch Joel at Mirum

    Welcome to episode #256 of Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast. Geoff Livingston just released his sophomore business book, Welcome To The Fifth Estate. His first book, Now Is Gone, was way ahead of the curve in terms of introducing Social Media and Digital Marketing to the greater masses, and his newest book looks at how to create sustainable and powerful Social Media strategies. Geoff also has a passion for making a difference, and it's that bridge between social causes and Social Media that truly keep him and his company (Zoetica) energized. This is Geoff's second appearance on the Podcast (his first is right here: SPOS #164 - Buzzing With Geoff Livingston). Enjoy the conversation... Here it is: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #256 - Host: Mitch Joel. Running time: 46:19. Please send in questions, comments, suggestions - Hello from Beautiful Montreal. Subscribe over at iTunes. Please visit and leave comments on the Blog - Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to connect to me directly on Facebook here: Mitch Joel on Facebook. or you can connect on LinkedIn. ...or on twitter.  Six Pixels of Separation the book is now available. Look for episode #38 of Media Hacks coming soon and it might feature:  Chris Brogan - New Marketing Labs - Co-author of Trust Agents, Man On The Go, Human Business Works, Third Tribe Marketing and Escape Velocity. C.C. Chapman - Managing The Gray - Digital Dads - Content Rules. Hugh McGuire - LibriVox - iambik audio - PressBooks. Christopher S. Penn - Blue Sky Factory - Marketing Over Coffee. Julien Smith - In Over Your Head - Co-author of Trust Agents. In conversation with Geoff Livingston. His sophomore business book is called, Welcome To The Fifth Estate. HIs first book is called, Now Is Gone. His company is Zoetica. Follow Geoff on Twitter. This weeks music? Well, that's a surprise! Download the Podcast here: Six Pixels Of Separation - The Twist Image Podcast - Episode #256 - Host: Mitch Joel. Tags: advertising bite size edits blog blogging blue sky factory book oven cast of dads cc chapman chris brogan christopher s penn digital dads digital marketing facebook facebook group geoff livingston hugh mcguire in over your head itunes julien smith librivox managing the gray marketing marketing over coffee media hacks new marketing labs now is gone online social network podcast podcasting pressbooks six pixels of separation social media 101 social media marketing strategy trust agents twist image welcome to the fifth estate zoetica

  • Ep 85: Geoff Tate Carries the Podcast Because Doug Can't Talk

    · The Doug Stanhope Shotclog Podcast

          Geoff Tate carries the podcast because Doug can't talk. Geoff is touring the US with Emma Arnold and he wants to play your town. Email him at and include your city in the subject line. Recorded July 05, 2015 at the Four Points Sheraton in Tucson, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Geoff Tate (@GeoffTate96), Sidney Stanhope, and Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Produced and Edited by Ggreg Chaille. Links- "Everything Is Bullshit" - Geoff Tate - @GeoffTate96 Emma Arnold - @iamaroadtrip Chris Maddock - Junior Stopka - David Heti - Stanhope's Youtube Channel - Closing Song, "Another Like You" by Hayes Carll. Available on iTunes. Doug's DVD/CDs are all available at

  • 21: Geoff Wilson - 3 x World Adventure Record Holder

    · 00:49:09 · The Physical Performance Show

    In this episode of The Physical Performance Show I have a fire-side chat with 3 x World Adventure Record Holder - Geoff Wilson Listen in as we delve into the following: Geoff’s scariest thing that happened while free falling and why he prefers staying on the ground! Antarctica Expedition Geoff’s mindset during the crossing The Boob Sled fundraising for the McGrath Foundation Body preparation for an adventure The longest journey Emotional family goodbyes Geoff’s take on devices and planning Geoff’s thoughts on hardship and character Why Tenacity wins over ability Who Geoff admires Growing up in Kenya Geoff’s passion and love for the wilderness and why he became a veterinarian Geoff's dedication to teaching kids about the world around them. If you have enjoyed the show please hit SUBSCRIBE for to ensure you are one of the first to future episodes. Jump over to POGO Physio - for more details Follow @Brad_Beer Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat Please direct any questions, comments, and feedback to the above social media handles.  Powered by POGO Physio, Mermaid Waters, Australia 

  • How to Find Your Ideal Mentor to Raise Your Game with Geoff Woods

    · Marketing Access Pass | Web Marketing | Work From

    Subscribe on iTunes | Listen on Stitcher Have you heard the saying that “you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” so choose wisely? In this episode I chat with a man who made shift in his career and success by simply following this philosophy. We talk about strategies on how to find your ideal mentor and how that can open more opportunities for you in life and business. Episode Featured Guest: Geoff Woods Geoff Woods was on a quest to transition successfully from employee to full-time entrepreneur. He internalized the Jim Rohn Quote: “You’re an average of the five people you spend the most time with. “ He shares this message and how important is to have the right mentors to guide you as you make that transition on his podcast called “The Mentee” He is a top contributor for and has been interviewed on podcasts like the Art of Charm, Order of Man, Conscious Millionaire and much more. In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn: Why you’re traveling the hard road in entrepreneurship and how to overcome it How to upgrade the 5 main people you surround yourself with Where to find your ideal mentor to help you take your business to the next level Why sharing your goals and asking for help can help you find your solution How to engage your existing network How to provide value to big-time influencers that you meet at conferences Why investing in yourself can be the difference between success and failure Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show: - Geoff's Free Course - How to Engage Your Existing Network - Geoff's Blog & Podcast - Geoff's Calendar - Schedule a Free Call with Geoff Today Twitter - Follow Geoff on Twitter! Facebook - Connect with Geoff on Facebook! Don't Miss an Episode.  Subscribe to One of the Links Below: Click Here to Subscribe via iTunes Click Here to Subscribe via Stitcher Click Here to Follow via Soundcloud Thank you for Listening to the Podcast! If you've found value in this episode of the Marketing Access Pass Podcast, I would love to hear about it!  Please head on over to iTunes and leave me a Rating and Review (5 stars would be awesome!) so others who are interested in starting an online business can find the show and learn how to escape the "rat-race".  Click here to learn how to leave a rating and review.  If you have any questions or comments about this show, please post them in the comments area below and my guest and I would more than happy to answer them.

  • Ep. #123: Post Super Bowl Depression

    · The Doug Stanhope Shotclog Podcast

    (L to R) Emma Arnold, Stanhope, Andy Andrist, Chaille and Geoff Tate. The firepit (L to R) Stanhope & Emma Arnold Pre Order Doug's book "Digging Up Mother: A Memoir" on Amazon     Post Super Bowl Depression. Recorded Feb. 08, 2016 in the new Funhouse Studio in Bisbee, AZ with Doug Stanhope (@dougstanhope), Geoff Tate (@geofftate96), Emma Arnold (@iamaroadtrip ), Andy Andrist (@andyandrist ), & Ggreg Chaille (@gregchaille). Produced and Edited by Ggreg Chaille.LINKS -GEOFF TATE - @GEOFFTATE96EMMA ARNOLD - @IAMAROADTRIPANDY ANDRIST - @ANDYANDRISTMISHKA SHUBALY - @mishkashubaly 25-26, 2016 - Sean Rouse, Andy Andrist & Junior Stopka at THE JOKE FACTORY – DAYTONA BCH, FL - TATE'S “MSHD PODCASTO” -, ID - Pre-Order Doug's book “DIGGING UP MOTHER” through Amazon at - Brian Hennigan's book, "Patrick Robertson: A Tale Of Adventure" Available now - Songs, "I Can't Remember When You Were Mine", from COWARD'S PATH by Mishka Shubaly. Available on and iTunes.Doug's DVD/CDs are all available at

  • Gen Pop Ep. 18 - Punching Up (GUESTS: Tiq Milan and Geoff Tate)

    · Gen Pop - A Pop Culture Podcast

    David and Joanna discuss the transphobia in Dave Chappelle's new Netflix specials, "The Age of Spin" and "Deep in the Heart of Texas." Tiq Milan joins us from Buzzfeed. Check out Tiq's article on Chappelle's special here: Check out Tiq's website here: Geoff Tate joins us. Check out Geoff's website here. Buy Geoff's latest album "Again" on iTunes: Shownotes: (0:20) Intro (16:15) Tiq Milan joins us (36:15) Geoff Tate joins us (54:00) Pop culture recommendations Subscribe to this show via iTunes: Subscribe to this show via RSS: Support this podcast at Email us at All music is used under Creative Commons from Intro music - "RSPN" by Blank Kytt from the album "Heavy, Crazy, Serious" Interval music - "I'm Going for a Coffee" by Lee Rosevere from the album "Music for Podcasts 3" Ending music - "Enthusiast" by Tours from the album "Enthusiast"

  • Hommage à Sir Jeffrey Tate

    · 00:58:57 · Lirico spinto

    durée : 00:58:57 - Lirico spinto - par : Stéphane Grant - {% embed youtube UnU_TYK9CxU %} **♫Jacques Offenbach**_ Les Contes d’Hoffmann_ Acte IV \- Barcarolle \- "Messieurs, silence !... Belle nuit, ô nuit d’amour… Et moi, ce n’est pas là… Amis, l’amour tendre et rêveur" Francisco Araiza, ténor Anne Sofie von Otter, mezzo\-soprano Cheryl Studer, soprano Rundfunkchor Leipzig Staatskapelle Dresden, dir.Jeffrey Tate Decca 478 4151 (1987\-1989) **♫Engelbert Humperdinck** _Hänsel und Gretel_ Acte I \- "Suse, liebe Suse, was raschelt im Stroh ?... So recht ! Und willst du nun nicht mehr klagen… Brüderchen, komm, tanz mit mir" Barbara Bonney, soprano Anne\-Sofie von Otter, mezzo\-soprano Hanna Schwarz, mezzo\-soprano Symphonie\-Orchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, dir.Jeffrey Tate EMI CDS 7 54022 2 (1989) {% embed youtube 1F90TfN0xh8 %} **♫Richard Strauss** _Arabella_ Acte I \- "Mein Elemer !… Nach dem Matteo sehnt sich" Kiri Te Kanawa, soprano Gabriele Fontana, soprano Orchestra of the Royal Opera House, dir.Jeffrey Tate Decca 478 3460 (…) {% bounce 4 151c464a-c1eb-49ff-932e-f5d0d35c3473 Le%20chef%20d%E2%80%99orchestre%20Sir%20Jeffrey%20Tate%20est%20mort %C3%A0%20lire%20aussi %} **♫Richard Strauss**_ Elektra_ "Elektra ! Schwester !... \- Ob ich nicht höre ?... \- Hörst du denn nicht… \- Schweig, und tanze" Anne Evans, soprano Gwyneth Jones, soprano Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, dir.Jeffrey Tate Claves 50\-2514/15 (Grand Théâtre de Genève, 10 mars 1990) {% embed youtube 7vHHxsq7pXI %} **♫Richard Wagner** _Götterdämmerung_ Acte I \- Siegfried Rheinfahrt (Voyage de Siegfried sur le Rhin) Tunca Dogu, cor solo Hamburger Symphoniker, dir.Jeffrey Tate ES\-DUR ES2044 (19 février 2012) {% embed youtube pUWFFvI2Jn8 %} **♫Alban Berg** _Lulu_ Acte II \- "Sein Vater! \- In Paris ist Revolution ausgebrochen… \- Wo ist denn der hin? » \- Lied der Lulu \- « Nieder, Mörderin! In die Knie!... \- Du kannst mich nicht dem Gericht ausliefern!" Patricia Wise, soprano Wolfgang Schöne, baryton Peter Straka, ténor Bodo Schwanbeck, basse Brigitte Fassbaender, mezzo\-soprano Cynthia Clarey, soprano Orchestre national de France, dir.Jeffrey Tate EMI Classics 54622 (Théâtre du Châtelet, sept./oct.1991) - réalisé par : Marie Grout

  • SFN161: Geoff Woods On the Importance Of Mentorship

    · 00:25:02 · Starting from Nothing - The Foundation Podcast | Building your business ENTIRELY from scratch.

    Geoff Woods is the host of The Mentee Podcast and an alumni of The Foundation who went from having a 6-figure job to becoming a full-time entrepreneur. Geoff was going through The Foundation’s “Idea Extraction” process when he realized that SaaS was not a good fit for him. Instead he made a pivot to focus on something he was much more passionate about building and that was his podcast, The Mentee - which Geoff was able to monetize within three months of launching. In Part 1 of this interview, Geoff recalls the moment when he realized it was time to take the leap into entrepreneurship. He shares how he was quickly able to connect with successful people, get mentored by them, and then later interview them on his podcast. Geoff also talks about the importance of adding value, focusing on ONE thing, and taking continuous action in order to move closer to your goals. Also joining us in this special interview is tactical marketing extraordinaire, Ryan Twedt.   In This Interview I Ask: 5:58 - Back when you were a medical device rep, what would you say was your skillset in life? 7:34 - When you were considering the jump to entrepreneurship, what types of skills did you feel you were you lacking that you went to build out? 8:56 - When you were going through The Foundation, how did you that software as a service (SaaS) wasn’t for you? 13:34 - What’s the founding story of [The Mentee Podcast]? 16:39 - Tell us a story about the wackiest way you actually went about getting in contact with one of [your guests]?   Surround Yourself with Mentors There’s a Jim Rohn quote that say, “You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Take account of the five people you currently go to for advice. Are they qualified to help you accomplish your goals? If not, you need to find new mentors to surround yourself with; mentors who’ve already accomplished what you desire to accomplish.   Pro tip: If you want to surround yourself with millionaires and get them to mentor you, you have to find ways to add value to them. Example: IdeGeoff knew he didn’t need to know everything about podcasting to build his podcast; he just needed to know the people who did so he set out to become friends with Pat Flynn (Smart Passive Income) and Jordan Harbinger (Art of Charm).     Focus on One Thing “You have to win a gold medal at something.” - Jeff Hoffman (Priceline) There’s so many different options of paths to take as an entrepreneur, so many different types of business models. You need to figure out that one thing to focus on, and go win that gold medal. You need to eat, sleep, and breath that one thing before you scale out. Example: Amazon started off with books and won a gold medal buying and selling books. Today they could care less about books because they’ve been able to scale into something different.   Learn About What You Really Want by Taking Action You have no idea what detours you’re going to have to overcome. All you can focus on are the six feet in front of you at a time, but you keep moving. Slowly, but surely you end up getting to where you’re supposed to be going. Example: Geoff joined the Foundation and began working on his SaaS idea extraction for The Foundation until he realized that Saas was not for him. He was more passionate about his podcast so he he pivoted his focus towards that path.    Show Links: Listen to The Mentee, podcast Download 7 Easy Steps to Meet the Top 7 People in Your Industry,

  • Chris Tate: Understand The Science of Change & Create a Life Full Of Abundance

    · 00:50:52 · 180 Nutrition -The Health Sessions.

    This week welcome to the show Chris Tate. He is a coach who combines the latest scientific research with a process of self-discovery that provides people with the knowledge, skills and support necessary to experience a life full of abundance. He applies and teaches skills like metacognition and tools like meditation to recondition the body and subconscious mind to develop new habits and beliefs. Questions we ask in this episode: After 17 years in the corporate world, how did you make the transition into coaching? What is neuroscience? What is metacognition? How do we apply metacognition? How is it going to benefit our lives? What are the 3 key things we could start today, to enhance our lives? Shop: Our fantastic guest is Mr. Chris Tate. Now Chris … This was genuinely a podcast that was close to my heart and I was very, very excited about him. Just to fill you in the picture a bit. I’ve first met Chris working at a Dr. Joe Dispenza workshop last year and from that point he’s become a good friend and a mentor to me as well. I love his work and everything, what he’s about and what he’s doing. [00:01:00] Essentially, what Chris does is coach the understanding of neuroscience, metacognition, quantum physics, and meditation, so we can use these new ways to create change in our lives. Ultimately it’s the science of creating change if we’re feeling trapped, if we’re feeling a bit stuck in our lives or we want to make change or we’re in a to stress-response all the time, Chris has the tools and the understanding and the background behind it, of what’s actually going on, the chemical level within the body, and then once we have that understanding how we can actually create real changes in our lives. [00:02:00] Now I’ve been doing the work personally for over a year and it has been a game-changer for me. There are some big words that is used, neuroscience, metacognition, don’t worry about all of that, once we get into the topic today it will become much clearer. Once you can get beyond that the stuff is actually quite simple, but it’s not necessarily easy to implement because it’s quite challenging, but a phenomenal episode. Chris is a great guy, I’m so excited about being able to give this episode to you today and enjoy it. It might be one you might need to listen to a couple of times of course, just for it to sink in. I’m certainly going to listen to it again after I finish recording this, once it’s up on iTunes as well. Don’t forget as well, guys, I’ll just quickly mention, I haven’t mentioned it for a while, we do, do this in video and they are transcribed as well, so if you want to just sit down and see our pretty faces for a while instead. We do have different mediums, and of course the transcripts can be read and that’s all back on, and of course we’ve got a host of other things there as well from free downloads to [inaudible 00:02:23] articles and everything to the products. You name it, it’s all in there. [00:03:00] If you’ve never been back there before go on have a sniff around and see what you think, and simply drop us an e-mail as well, and of course if you get a lot out of this podcast please share it on with someone that you think might benefit from this and get them to listen to it, because it is changing people’s lives and it’s phenomenal. By leaving a review on iTunes as well and subscribing to the podcast and five-starring it, it’s a simple action, but it really helps spread this message along with us. Everything you do, guys, is greatly appreciated and I hope you’re enjoying the episodes that we are bringing to you because I’m pumped, I’m loving it. We’ve got some amazing guests coming up very shortly too, including Mark Divine, Gregg Braden, and Amy Myers as well, are all booked in, and there’s more coming up as well. Anyway, I’ve got to stop talking, let’s go over to Chris Tate. This is awesome, enjoy. Hey, this is Guy Lawrence, I’m joined with Stuart Cooke as always. Hey Stu, good morning. Stu Good morning, Guy. Guy Our awesome guest today is Mr. Christ Tate, and I should say good afternoon over there. Hey, mate. Chris Hey mate, how are are you? Guy Welcome. Chris Good to see you, guys. Guy Welcome to this, it’s wonderful. Chris Thank you. Thank you. Guy Apparently it’s snowing where he is, mate, we’ve got it good over here. Stu Did you say snow? Chris It is. It’s white outside. Stu I’ve heard of that strange phenomenon, but I haven’t experienced it. Chris Well, I’ll send some in your way, we have plenty. Stu Please do. Guy [00:04:00] Chris, look, first of all, thanks for taking time out and joining us today, it’s really appreciated. Topic, I love personally and to be able to share it today on the podcast is going to be phenomenal. The first little question I’m going to ask you before we get into it is, if you were on a cocktail party and you were in a room full of strangers and one came up to you and said, “Well, hi, what do you do for a living?” What would you say? Chris [00:04:30] I’d run. You know, I tell people that I’m a translator. I teach a form of life coaching, which is basically just a way of saying how to live life that incorporates neuroscience, quantum physics and meditation, really, all I do is I share my own personal story with folks. I’m not a scientist, I’m not a doctor, I’m literally just a guy that identified a place in his life that needed to change and I did it. I did all the steps that all the gurus said to do, and lo and behold I learned a lot and now I have an awesome life. I really just share my own path. Full Transcript & Video Version:

  • GSMC MMA Podcast Episode 21: UFC 202 Preview Show (8-20-16)

    · GSMC MMA Podcast

    Tate previews UFC 202 and gives his predictions on who will win between Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor Conor McGregor vs. Nate Diaz (Tate's Prediction: Conor McGregor KO Round 3) Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira (Tate's Prediction: Anthony Johnson KO Round 2) Donald Cerrone vs. Rick Story (Tate's Prediction: Donald Cerrone TKO Round 3) Mike Perry vs. Hyun Gyu Lim (Tate's Prediction: Mike Perry win) Cody Garbrandt vs. Takeya Mizugaki (Tate's Prediction: Cody Garbrandt TKO Round 2) Follow the GSMC MMA Podcast at

  • Episode 54: Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm, Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor

    · Let's Get It On MMA w/ Big John McCarthy & Sean Wh

    Episode 54 - On this episode we will discuss the co-main event and main event of UFC-196 in Las Vegas, Miesha Tate's win over Holly Holm, and the upset victory recorded by Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor. As always, Big John answers your questions, submitted on Twitter using #AskBJM or via email at Don't forget to vote in our weekly poll: "Which victory at UFC 196 surprised you more: Meisha Tate’s win over Holly Holm, Nate Diaz’s win over Conor McGregor or Neither, I thought that both Tate and Diaz would win." Vote on our website at Plus, find us at and on Twitter at @PodcastMMA - plus, you can find Big John McCarthy at @JohnMcCarthyMMA and Sean Wheelock at @SeanWheelock The post Episode 54: Miesha Tate vs. Holly Holm, Nate Diaz vs. Conor McGregor appeared first on Let's Get it On MMA w/ Big John McCarthy & Sean Wheelock!.