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    ANGELS – HOW TO PUT THEM ON SPEED DIAL & GET PRAYERS ANSWERED FAST! + Meditation! Marie-Ange Faugerolas | Self-Help | Inspire

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    Have you ever prayed to angel, felt an angels presence, or wondered how in the world to call on an angel in a time of desperate need? Well if so, then you are not alone…and do we have an angelic show for you! Today we’ll be talking with Marie-Ange Faugerolas, best-selling author of over 13 different books, award-winning screenwriter, and an expert in the field of angels. Today we’ll be talking about her new book Angels, The Definitive Guide to Angels from Around the World. We’ll discuss whether angels are real, and if so, how to feel one’s presence, call one too us, and how in the world we can ask them for help. Plus we’ll talk about feng-shui for angels, what clothes to wear and what not to wear, and how we can even take an angelic bath. Questions and Topics Include: Is Los Angeles Really a City of Angels? Making a screenplay on Angels How Marie-Ange’s name came about “Marie Angel” How Marie-Ange first discovered Angels Why a child’s “imaginary friend” may not be so imaginary – and how to cultivate it! How to live from the magic that’s deep inside of each of us What are angels, where did they come from, what is their main purpose? Are angels spirits, ghosts, or departed loved ones? Can pets be angels? Why gut reactions can be angelic guidance. How do we feel or sense that angels are around us? Why angels may do things in our best interest that don’t appear as such in the moment. How do we call upon angels? Example prayer for connecting with angels How to call on angels for energy How to call on angels for peace What are the different type of angels, and what kind of angels are all around us? What is the main mission of angels? What’s the difference between a regular angel and an arch-angel What is a celestial hierarchy? Can angels visit many people at the same time? Do we need to call in a specific angel? Why calling on specific angels may be the quickest, best answer. What is an angelic Task Force? Is it okay to ask angels for money or to help with finances? How to get divine guidance to discover your purpose? How to clear space to allow in angels Why it’s so important to declutter for angels Why angels dance when you set up an altar The importance of angelic baths and angelic massages How to give back to angels What are the best ways to make requests of angels? Can we ask anything of angels? What’s an invocation we can make to send healing to someone far away? How to invoke angels for our kids and cultivate that relationship?  Marie-Ange-Faugerolas on Angelic Help & How to Get It Fast For Health, Love & Abundance! + Guided Meditation! Inspiration | Motivation | Spiritual | Spirituality | Religion | Inspirational | Motivational | Self-Improvement | Self-Help | Inspire To Find Out More Visit: www.InspireNationShow.com

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    36: Can you explain to me the Hail Mary?

    · Pints With Aquinas

    PintsWithAquinas.com Get the book here: https://www.amazon.com/Pints-Aquinas-Thoughts-Angelic-Doctor/dp/0692752404/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1478524461&sr=8-1&keywords=pint+with+aquinas --- THE ANGELIC SALUTATION by Thomas Aquinas translated by Joseph B. Collins “Hail Mary” We must now consider concerning the first part of this prayer that in ancient times it was no small event when Angels appeared to men; and that man should show them reverence was especially praiseworthy. Thus, it is written to the praise of Abraham that he received the Angels with all courtesy and showed them reverence. But that an Angel should show reverence to a man was never heard of until the Angel reverently greeted the Blessed Virgin saying: “Hail.” In olden time an Angel would not show reverence to a man, but a man would deeply revere an Angel. This is because Angels are greater than men, and indeed in three ways. First, they are greater than men in dignity. This is because the Angel is of a spiritual nature: “You make your angels spirits” [Ps 103:4]. But, on the other hand, man is of a corruptible nature, for Abraham said: “I will speak to my Lord, whereas I am dust and ashes” [Gen 18:27]. It was not fitting, therefore, that a spiritual and incorruptible creature should show reverence to one that is corruptible as is a man. Secondly, an Angel is closer to God. The Angel, indeed, is of the family of God, and as it were stands ever by Him: “Thousands of thousands ministered to Him, and ten thousand times a hundred thousand stood before Him” [Dan 7:10]. Man, on the other hand, is rather a stranger and afar off from God because of sin: “I have gone afar off” [Ps 44:8]. Therefore, it is fitting that man should reverence an Angel who is an intimate and one of the household of the King. Then, thirdly, the Angels far exceed men in the fullness of the splendor of divine grace. For Angels participate in the highest degree in the divine light: “Is there any numbering of His soldiers? And upon whom shall not His light arise?”[Job 25:3]. Hence, the Angels always appear among men clothed in light, hut men on the contrary, although they partake somewhat of the light of grace, nevertheless do so in a much slighter degree and with a certain obscurity. It was, therefore, not fitting that an Angel should show reverence to a man until it should come to pass that one would be found in human nature who exceeded the Angels in these three points in which we have seen that they excel over men—and this was the Blessed Virgin. To show that she excelled the Angels in these, the Angel desired to show her reverence, and so he said: “Ave (Hail).” “Full of grace” The Blessed Virgin was superior to any of the Angels in the fullness of grace, and as an indication of this the Angel showed reverence to her by saying: “Full of grace.” This is as if he said: “I show you reverence because you dost excel me in the fullness of grace.” The Blessed Virgin is said to be full of grace in three ways. First, as regards her soul she was full of grace. The grace of God is given for two chief purposes, namely, to do good and to avoid evil. The Blessed Virgin, then, received grace in the most perfect degree, because she had avoided every sin more than any other Saint after Christ. Thus it is said: “You are fair, My beloved, and there is not a spot in you” [Sg 4:7]. St. Augustine says: “If we could bring together all the Saints and ask them if they were entirely without sin, all of them, with the exception of the Blessed Virgin, would say with one voice: ‘If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.’[1 Jn 1:8]. I except, however, this holy Virgin of whom, because of the honor of God, I wish to omit all mention of sin” [De natura et gratia 36]. For we know that to her was granted grace to overcome every kind of sin by Him whom she merited to conceive and bring forth, and He certainly was wholly without sin. Christ excelled the Blessed Virgin in this, that He was conceived and born without original sin, while the Blessed Virgin was conceived in original sin, but was not born in it. [as in Summa, but otherwise in I Sent., c. 44, q. 1, ad. 3]. She exercised the works of all the virtues, whereas the Saints are conspicuous for the exercise of certain special virtues. Thus, one excelled in humility, another in chastity, another in mercy, to the extent that they are the special exemplars of these virtues—as, for example, St. Nicholas is an exemplar of the virtue of mercy. The Blessed Virgin is the exemplar of all the virtues. In her is the fullness of the virtue of humility: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord” [Lk 1:38]. And again: “He has looked on the humility of his handmaid” [Lk 1:48]. So she is also exemplar of the virtue of chastity: “Because I know not man” [Lk 1:34]. And thus it is with all the virtues, as is evident. Mary was full of grace not only in the performance of all good, but also in the avoidance of all evil. Again, the Blessed Virgin was full of grace in the overflowing effect of this grace upon her flesh or body. For while it is a great thing in the Saints that the abundance of grace sanctified their souls, yet, moreover, the soul of the holy Virgin was so filled with grace that from her soul grace poured into her flesh from which was conceived the Son of God. Hugh of St. Victor says of this: “Because the love of the Holy Spirit so inflamed her soul, He worked a wonder in her flesh, in that from it was born God made Man.” “And therefore also the Holy which shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God” [Lk 1:35]. The plenitude of grace in Mary was such that its effects overflow upon all men. It is a great thing in a Saint when he has grace to bring about the salvation of many, but it is exceedingly wonderful when grace is of such abundance as to be sufficient for the salvation of all men in the world, and this is true of Christ and of the Blessed Virgin. Thus, “a thousand bucklers,” that is, remedies against dangers, “hang therefrom” [Sg 4:4]. Likewise, in every work of virtue one can have her as one’s helper. Of her it was spoken: “In me is all grace of the way and of the truth, in me is all hope of life and of virtue” [Sir 24:25]. Therefore, Mary is full of grace, exceeding the Angels in this fullness and very fittingly is she called “Mary” which means “in herself enlightened”: “The Lord will fill your soul with brightness” [Is 48:11]. And she will illumine others throughout the world for which reason she is compared to the sun and to the moon. “The Lord is with you” The Blessed Virgin excels the Angels in her closeness to God. The Angel Gabriel indicated this when he said: “The Lord is with you”—as if to say: “I reverence you because you art nearer to God than I, because the Lord is with you.” By the Lord; he means the Father with the Son and the Holy Spirit, who in like manner are not with any Angel or any other spirit: “The Holy which shall be born of you shall be called the Son of God” [Lk 1:35]. God the Son was in her womb: “Rejoice and praise, O you habitation of Sion; for great is He that is in the midst of you, the Holy One of Israel” [Is 12:6]. The Lord is not with the Angel in the same manner as with the Blessed Virgin; for with her He is as a Son, and with the Angel He is the Lord. The Lord, the Holy Ghost, is in her as in a temple, so that it is said: “The temple of the Lord, the sanctuary of the Holy Spirit,” [Benedictus antiphon from the Little Office of Blessed Virgin], because she conceived by the Holy Ghost. “The Holy Ghost shall come upon you” [Lk 1:35]. The Blessed Virgin is closer to God than is an Angel, because with her are the Lord the Father, the Lord the Son, and the Lord the Holy Ghost—in a word, the Holy Trinity. Indeed of her we sing: “Noble resting place of the Triune God.” “The Lord is with you” are the most praiseladen words that the Angel could have uttered; and, hence, he so profoundly reverenced the Blessed Virgin because she is the Mother of the Lord and Our Lady. Accordingly she is very well named “Mary,” which in the Syrian tongue means “Lady.” “Blessed art you among women” The Blessed Virgin exceeds the Angels in purity. She is not only pure, but she obtains purity for others. She is purity itself, wholly lacking in every guilt of sin, for she never incurred either mortal or venial sin. So, too, she was free from the penalties of sin. Sinful man, on the contrary, incurs a threefold curse on account of sin. The first fell upon woman who conceives in corruption, bears her child with difficulty, and brings it forth in pain. The Blessed Virgin was wholly free from this, since she conceived without corruption, bore her Child in comfort, and brought Him forth in joy: “It shall bud forth and blossom, and shall rejoice with joy and praise” [Is 35:2]. The second penalty was inflicted upon man in that he shall earn his bread by the sweat of his brow. The Blessed Virgin was also immune from this because, as the Apostle says, virgins are free from the cares of this world and are occupied wholly with the things of the Lord [1 Cor 7:34]. The third curse is common both to man and woman in that both shall one day return to dust. The Blessed Virgin was spared this penalty, for her body was raised up into heaven, and so we believe that after her death she was revived and transported into heaven: “Arise, O Lord, into your resting place, You and the ark which You hast sanctified” [Ps 131:8]. Because the Blessed Virgin was immune from these punishments, she is “blessed among women.” Moreover, she alone escaped the curse of sin, brought forth the Source of blessing, and opened the gate of heaven. It is surely fitting that her name is “Mary,” which is akin to the Star of the Sea (“Maria--maris stella”), for just as sailors are directed to port by the star of the sea, so also Christians are by Mary guided to glory. “Blessed is the fruit of your womb” The sinner often seeks for something which he does not find; but to the just man it is given to find what he seeks: “The substance of the sinner is kept for the just” [Prov 13:22]. Thus, Eve sought the fruit of the tree (of good and evil), but she did not find in it that which she sought. Everything Eve desired, however, was given to the Blessed Virgin. Eve sought that which the devil falsely promised her, namely, that she and Adam would be as gods, knowing good and evil. “You shall be,” says this liar, “as gods” [Gen 3:5]. But he lied, because “he is a liar and the father of lies” [Jn 8:44]. Eve was not made like God after having eaten of the fruit, but rather she was unlike God in that by her sin she withdrew from God and was driven out of paradise. The Blessed Virgin, however, and all Christians found in the Fruit of her womb Him whereby we are all united to God and are made like to Him: “When He shall appear, we shall be like to Him, because we shall see Him as He is” [1 Jn 3:2]. Eve looked for pleasure in the fruit of the tree because it was good to eat. But she did not find this pleasure in it, and, on the contrary, she at once discovered she was naked and was stricken with sorrow. In the Fruit of the Blessed Virgin we find sweetness and salvation: “He who eats My flesh... has eternal life” [Jn 6:55]. The fruit which Eve desired was beautiful to look upon, but that Fruit of the Blessed Virgin is far more beautiful, for the Angels desire to look upon Him: “You are beautiful above the sons of men” [Ps 44:3]. He is the splendor of the glory of the Father. Eve, therefore, looked in vain for that which she sought in the fruit of the tree, just as the sinner is disappointed in his sins. We must seek in the Fruit of the womb of the Virgin Mary whatsoever we desire. This is He who is the Fruit blessed by God, who has filled Him with every grace, which in turn is poured out upon us who adore Him: “Blessed be God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with spiritual blessings in Christ” [Eph 1:3]. He, too, is revered by the Angels: “Benediction and glory and wisdom and thanksgiving, honor and power and strength, to our God” [Rev 7:12]. And He is glorified by men: “Every tongue should confess that the Lord Jesus Christ is in the glory of God the Father” [Phil 2:11]. The Blessed Virgin is indeed blessed, but far more blessed is the Fruit of her womb: “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” [Ps 117:26].  

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    #147 - Grimerica Talks Everything Angels with Marie-Ange Faugérolas

    · The Grimerica Show - Not Your Grandparents Paranormal Conspiracy Podcast

    Interview Starts 39:15   Marie-Ange Faugérolas Ss, author of Angels: Definitive Guide to Angels From Around the World. Marie is an award-winning French author.... Throughout history, angels have played key roles in some of the world’s most significant spiritual events. Featured in the ancient texts of our most popular religions, angels have fascinated and inspired devotees for millennia. They appear in every major world religion ─ from Christianity to Judaism, Islam to the native American Thunderbirds.    But what do we really know about these celestial beings, and is it possible to connect with them? Marie-Ange Faugerolas references religious texts from multiple traditions in order to understand angels’ purpose and relationship to people. Offering several techniques to help readers connect to these divine intercessors, Faugerolas shows readers how to: meditate, visualize, perform ceremonies etc to connect with our angels.   ANGELS is a celebration of all the world’s divine messengers and a definitive resource containing all of the knowledge collected about these awe-inspiring beings. Thoroughly researched and accessible, this encyclopedic tome will guide anyone who wants to increase the angelic presence in his or her life. Designed as a user-friendly handbook to be referenced on a regular basis, ANGELS will transform the lives of those that incorporate its practices.   We chat about the belief systems of women vs. men, how angels like to see us laugh and love, personal experiences and also about the fallen angles. This controversial phenomenon is another one that is pervasive throughout most cultures and religions.    http://marieangefaugerolas.com/    Red Pill Junkie joins us in the intro and we dig into that podcast we mentioned a few episodes back. The BoA 'Binnall of America' episode with Adam Davies and John Carlson. It's a very honest and interesting chat with two guys who had a two night encounter with unknown entities and some sort of interdimensional doorway.  RPJ also talks about the upcoming book from Greg Bishop and a couple of upcoming conferences.   http://www.binnallofamerica.com/2015/10/05/adam-davies-john-carlson-boaaudio/   https://www.facebook.com/events/769825469790499/    http://ufocongress.com/   http://www.excludedmiddle.com/   http://books.simonandschuster.ca/Hunt-for-the-Skinwalker/Colm-A-Kelleher/9781416505211   http://dailygrail.com/blogs/red-pill-junkie    https://twitter.com/red_pill_junkie    Grimerica’s Honey DoBeDoBeDo List: !! – Please Help support the show. Grimerica is fully and solely listener supported. We adhere to the Value for Value model.  0 ads, 0 sponsorships, 0 breaks, 0 portals and links to corporate websites… just many hours of unlimited content for free. Thanks for listening!! Check out all the other donation types, and get a Grimerica email addy: http://www.grimerica.ca/support/ Leave a review on iTunes and/or Stitcher https://itunes.apple.com/ca/podcast/the-grimerica-show/id653314424?mt=2# http://www.stitcher.com/podcast/the-grimerica-show    Sign up for our newsletter http://www.grimerica.ca/news Leave a comment, ideas and guest/topic suggestions under any episode or blog http://www.grimerica.ca/ Leave a voicemail http://www.grimerica.ca/ SPAM Graham = and send him your synchronicities, feedback, strange experiences and psychedelic trip reports!! graham@grimerica.com Tweet Darren https://twitter.com/Grimerica Send us a postcard or letter http://www.grimerica.ca/contact/   Thanks to Wayne Darnell for help with the website. http://www.darnelldigitalink.com/   MUSIC Grimerica Theme - Lock & Key Angels - Inglorious Beats Human Sins - Alter/Ego Angels - Zach Benton

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    New Beginnings Meditation With The Angels of Light

    · Free Angel Messages from Ask-Angels.com

    New .MP3 Angel Message from The Guides and Angels of The Light! Are you ready for new beginnings, empowerment and to more fully step into your light and authentic purpose! I'm happy to share with you a FREE MP3 Angel Message from the Guides and Angels of the Light to help you with just this! […] The post New Beginnings Meditation With The Angels of Light appeared first on Ask-Angels.com.

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    Guides and Angels of the Light

    · Free Angel Messages from Ask-Angels.com

    The Guides and Angels of Light, connect through this channeled angel message, which will guide you to connect with your inner source of light and power… to replenish your energy, and lift to new heights of Divine Love! From this perspective you're able to view your life and your current situation with new eyes, to clearly see how […] The post Guides and Angels of the Light appeared first on Ask-Angels.com.

  • Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Music Video

    · Christmas Carols, Hymns and Songs Free

    Our Version Of the Well-Loved Christmas Classic: Hark! The Herald Angels Sing Lyrics BelowCheck out our Christmas Carols, Hymns and Songs Free at the iTunes Store for you to enjoy during the Christmas Season from Shiloh Worship Music as we remember that "Jesus Is The Reason For The Season". https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/hark-the-herald-angels-sing!/id478047965?i=104723730&mt=2Many different styles of Music from Traditional to Contemporary. May you have a Blessed Christmas Season as you contemplate and celebrate the birth of our Savior the Lord Jesus! Although our music is copyrighted ©2000-2012 Shiloh Worship Music, to prevent misuse, feel free to pass this music around for any and all non-commercial use. Jesus said, "freely you have received, freely give!"Hark! The Herald Angels SingFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" is a Christmas carol that first appeared in 1739 in the collection Hymns and Sacred Poems, having been written by Charles Wesley. The popular version is the result of alterations by various hands, notably George Whitefield, Wesley's co-worker, who changed the opening couplet to the familiar one, and Felix Mendelssohn. A hundred years after the publication of Hymns and Sacred Poems, in 1840, Mendelssohn composed a cantata to commemorate Johann Gutenberg's invention of the printing press, and it is music from this cantata, adapted by the English musician William H. Cummings to fit the lyrics of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing", that propels the carol we know today.[1] [2]TuneIn 1855, English musician William H. Cummings adapted Felix Mendelssohn's secular music from Festgesang to fit the lyrics of "Hark! The Herald Angels Sing" written by Charles Wesley.[3] Wesley envisioned the song being sung to the same tune as his song Christ the Lord Is Risen Today,[4] and in some hymnals, is included along with the more popular version.This hymn was regarded as one of the Great Four Anglican Hymns and published as number 403 in "The Church Hymn Book" (New York and Chicago, USA, 1872). [5]In the UK, Hark! The Herald Angels Sing has popularly been performed in an arrangement that maintains the basic original William H. Cummings harmonisation of the Mendelssohn tune for the first two verses but adds a soprano descant and a last verse harmonisation for the organ in verse 3 by Sir David Willcocks. This arrangement was first published in 1961 by Oxford University Press in the first book of the Carols for Choirs series. For many years it has served as the recessional hymn of the annual Service of Nine Lessons and Carols in King's College Chapel, Cambridge.[6]1. Hark! the herald angels sing, "Glory to the new born King, peace on earth, and mercy mild, God and sinners reconciled!" Joyful, all ye nations rise, join the triumph of the skies; with th' angelic host proclaim, "Christ is born in Bethlehem!" Hark! the herald angels sing, "Glory to the new born King!" 2. Christ, by highest heaven adored; Christ, the everlasting Lord; late in time behold him come, offspring of a virgin's womb. Veiled in flesh the Godhead see; hail th' incarnate Deity, pleased with us in flesh to dwell, Jesus, our Emmanuel. Hark! the herald angels sing, "Glory to the new born King!" 3. Hail the heaven-born Prince of Peace! Hail the Sun of Righteousness! Light and life to all he brings, risen with healing in his wings. Mild he lays his glory by, born that we no more may die, born to raise us from the earth, born to give us second birth. Hark! the herald angels sing, "Glory to the new born King!" COPY FREELY ©2012 Shiloh Worship Music-This Music is copyrighted to prevent misuse, however,permission is granted for non-commercial copying only. www.shilohworshipmusic.comThese videos are works of Video Artwork created to accompany our original music as an educational and research vehicle to teach others about Jesus Christ and Christianity.COPYRIGHT NOTICE: images used for nonprofit, educational purposes only under the "fair use" provision of U.S. Code, Title 17, section 107.

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    January 2011 Full Moon Channeling from The Angels of Light

    · Free Angel Messages from Ask-Angels.com

    I am excited to share with you this light filled channeling from the Angels of Light.  You can either listen to the .MP3 recording set to the beautiful music of Thaddeus, or you can read the transcription of the channeled message below. Greetings beloved one we are here we are angels of the light we […] The post January 2011 Full Moon Channeling from The Angels of Light appeared first on Ask-Angels.com.

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    079 Connecting with Angels, Interview with Madeline Giles

    · Just Stay Curious

    Madeline Giles communicates with the angels now, but that wasn’t always the case. During her dark night of the soul, Madeline’s choices didn’t take her own health and safety into account. One day she woke up and said, “No more.” This led her to the discovery of the angels. Madeline Giles envisions a world where communicating with angels is easy for everyone. She founded Angelic Breath Healing as a fast-acting method for people to feel better by consciously connecting with their angels through breath. Madeline teaches classes internationally and offers 6-Month Mentorship for people interested in incorporating angelic guidance into daily life. Why do you think self love is important? Self love is important because it is the foundation of anything else we want to experience. Are we acting from a place of love? Or acting from a place of “I need to find love outside myself.” What was the number one thing that was holding you back from accepting self love? Awareness. Moments where I am not in self love, I am not really present. Who is one person who has changed your life for the better? My teachers that I have been blessed to study with. What is the best advice you have ever received? “If it feels good, you’re doing it right.” What is a self care habit that you practice regularly? I call on my angels every day. I acknowledge their presence. The angels can only intervene in our lives if we ask, so I make a point to do that every day. Do you have a favorite quote? “Never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.” Can you share with us a resource or an app that we can use to help our own self care practice grow? I am a huge fan of Oracle Cards on my phone. You can get them from the app store. I really like Doreen Virtue. What book are you reading right now? Healing with the Angels, by Doreen Virtue. What is the one thing that you are most passionate about? Listening. Listening to my heart, opening spaces, and holding spaces for people to listen to their own hearts. 1:45 Madeline has her first paranormal experience that led her to learn about angels 6:52 Madeline talks about the time, starting when she was in high school and lasting many years, her mother’s battle with cancer, and the alcoholism that ran in her family. This led her to extreme disconnection from self and spirit. 10:04 Madeline talks about some of the coping mechanisms she used at the time, how she found ways to recharge. 11:05 Madeline talks about embracing the polarity of life- honoring the light and dark in life 13:25 Madeline offers advice for anyone trying to disconnect, or “numb out” from their life. 15:51 Madeline talks about how she ignored her inner voice because she wasn’t in the right space to hear it. 17:05 Madeline talks about her “shooting star moment”, when she realized that she was meant to do angel work, Angelic Breath Healing in particular. 19:13 Madeline talks about how she first took action after her shooting star moment. She mentions the divine timing, and the small steps she took. She worked through her fear and nerves. 21:25 Madeline talks about how her community was essential in anchoring her to her path even when she had doubts and resistance. 23:27 Madeline shares that the biggest lesson from her experience was to appreciate the dark that makes the light possible. 25:03 Daily Insights and Q&A Madeline talks about how she started using alcohol to disconnect from her life when she was in high school. She also learned that she needed time alone to recharge. After a paranormal experience, Madeline started to learn about angels in an effort to feel safe. Eventually she realized that working with angels, and sharing that experience with others was meant to be her life’s work.

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    #112: Channeling Your Passion into Profits - Cimi

    · The Awakened Goddess Show: Powerful Conscious Conversations on the Leading Edge

    In the early 1980’s, Cimi experienced a Spontaneous Awakening, Spiritually. It was an adventure Cimi will never forget! This spontaneous awakening created an incredible and illuminating experience for Cimi, who had absolutely no idea of what clairvoyance even was! In fact it was a real Awakening of not only Spiritual gifts for Cimi to utilize, but it was also and Educational Adventure about what being Spiritual truly is. Just following our Divine Plan... CIMI’S SPONTANEOUS AWAKENING Cimi was at home alone on a Friday evening reflecting on her day being physically uncomfortable. early that morning Cimi recalls sensations of an upset stomach distracting her. Driving home, Cimi noticed feeling pressure in her body just below her rib cage. Not feeling very well, Cimi decided to go to bed early. Upon lying down, Cimi began to feel great pressure in her chest. It seemed like 10 strong men were pushing her downward. Suddenly, Cimi placed her hands over her heart and silently said to herself...”My God, am I having a heart attack?”Well, to Cimi’s great amazement an answer to her silent question came back loud enough, Cimi thought someone had come into her home uninvited!There was a very gentle man’s voice telling Cimi “Do not be afraid, we are here with you!’ Even though this voice was very kind and gentle, Cimi demanded, ”who the hell is with me, and where are you?” Unable to see the Angels at that moment proved to be very unnerving for Cimi for a brief time. The gentle male voice began to explain that there were many Angels assisting Cimi in what was explained as her Spontaneous Spiritual Awakening. Cimi was able to hear that the Angels (Clairaudience) in the beginning, and in a very short time Cim was able to se the Angels who were present (Clairvoyance). By the next morning, Cimi could sense the Angels being present (Clairsentience) even when they were behind her. By the mid-day, Cimi could go into the future and view events that had not happened as of yet, or back into the past lives to review events for herself and others. Cimi’s hands began to be very hot, so hot the 14k gold in her rings began to melt. Cimi could also scan a body and tell where disease was and what the original cause was to the disease. All of the events the Angels guided Cimi through were happening just as they assured her they would. Each of the special gifts came one by one, over a 28 hour period of time. Cimi recalls feeling at total peace listening to the Angels guide her because it felt genuine. Now the Angels truly had their work cut out for them, because Cimi not only asked a gazillion questions, she also requested that the Angels prove everything to her even though it felt right when they were giving her the information. This adventure proved to be the beginning of a heartfelt healing journey of learning , listening, and love for Cimi and those she encountered or worked with. Within a few weeks of the Spontaneous Awakening, the word began to spread among Cimi’s friends. People started coming to her for healing sessions. After several months Cimi was scheduling healing sessions and reading with Corporate executives, Foreign diplomats, Airline Pilots for high blood pressure, Fortune 500 companies, and even Police departments for the Medical Intuitive and healing work that she offered and that the Angels were teaching. As you read further you will discover some of the many areas that the Angels have guided Cimi to expand her potential and knowledge of the healing and intuitive abilities she gained from the Spontaneous awakening. Prior to the Awakening, Cimi did not even know that alternative healing tools existed! Cimi has more than 52 trainings and certifications that she has been awarded in the healing arts and self-improvement area. Since the early 1980’s Cimi has had a passion for expanding her insightfulness and intuitiveness. When doing a reading or healing for an individual, Cimi relies upon the Higher Wisdom of the person she is working with to guide her in choosing the healing modality that best suits the needs of the client.   Click HERE for bonus content from this episode.

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    28: Using Recycled Computers to Change the Lives of Young People in East Slovakia

    · Good News Shared, conversations with inspirational people giving back to the community

    Eric Wiltshire tells us about the difference refurbished computers is making on the lives of children in East Slovakia and their community in episode 28 of the Good News Shared podcast. In this interview you will find out about Digital Angels, the charitable organisation Eric helped set up in June 2015. In just six months Digital Angels have changed the lives of many children in East Slovakia. Digital Angels get computers donated to them from companies who would otherwise scrap them (which would cost them money!). The team of Digital Angels volunteers then refurbish the computers and give them to disenfranchised children and people who are in real need in East Slovakia. Listen to the interview to find out: - What led to Digital Angels being startedHow many computer systems Digital Angels have given out in just over six months - How - together with the local Mayor - Digital Angels helped a 70 year old woman *meet* her grandchildren for the first time - About the young people in East Slovakia who are making the most of the opportunity Digital Angels is giving them - How to send your old computers and laptops to Eric in Slovakia for him and the Digital Angels team to refurbish and then distribute to people who need them. - Some good news from Digital Angels ... And much more! To find out more about Digital Angels please visit their Facebook page.

  • 01:43:15

    Daredevil S02E13 A Cold Day In Hells Kitchen Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 69

    · Defenders TV Podcast The home of Punisher, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Thor Ragnarok

    We reach the finale of Season 2 with our LIVE Daredevil S02E13 A Cold Day In Hells Kitchen Podcast. We went live on YouTube to discuss our top five points about the Season Finale of Daredevil. From a rooftop battle to two calming scenes, the final introduction of the Punisher to the final outro of a centuries Read More The post Daredevil S02E13 A Cold Day In Hells Kitchen Podcast – Defenders TV Podcast Episode 69 appeared first on Defenders TV Podcast.

  • 03:34:00

    ALTAMONT-Joel Selvin

    · True Murder: The Most Shocking Killers in True Crime History and the Authors That Have Written About Them

    In this breathtaking cultural history filled with exclusive, never-before-revealed details, celebrated rock journalist Joel Selvin tells the definitive story of the Rolling Stones’ infamous Altamont concert in San Francisco, the disastrous historic event that marked the end of the idealistic 1960s.In the annals of rock history, the Altamont Speedway Free Festival on December 6, 1969, has long been seen as the distorted twin of Woodstock—the day that shattered the Sixties’ promise of peace and love when a concertgoer was killed by a member of the Hells Angels, the notorious biker club acting as security. While most people know of the events from the film Gimme Shelter, the whole story has remained buried in varied accounts, rumor, and myth—until now.Altamont explores rock’s darkest day, a fiasco that began well before the climactic death of Meredith Hunter and continued beyond that infamous December night. Joel Selvin probes every aspect of the show—from the Stones’ hastily planned tour preceding the concert to the bad acid that swept through the audience to other deaths that also occurred that evening—to capture the full scope of the tragedy and its aftermath. He also provides an in-depth look at the Grateful Dead’s role in the events leading to Altamont, examining the band’s behind-the-scenes presence in both arranging the show and hiring the Hells Angels as security.The product of twenty years of exhaustive research and dozens of interviews with many key players, including medical staff, Hells Angels members, the stage crew, and the musicians who were there, and sixteen pages of color photos, Altamont is the ultimate account of the final event in rock’s formative and most turbulent decade. ALTAMONT: The Rolling Stones, The Hell's Angels, and the Inside Story of Rock's Darkest Day-Joel Selvin

  • 00:27:28

    Angel Message With The Guides and Angels of Light

    · Free Angel Messages from Ask-Angels.com

    Tune into the Light Wave of Positive Change There is no doubt that change is happening now and things are continuing to shift on a physical and energetic scale. Tune into from the Guides and Angels of the Light. Simply relax, breathe, and listen to this free angel message to cleanse and uplift your energy to […] The post Angel Message With The Guides and Angels of Light appeared first on Ask-Angels.com.

  • 00:26:53

    Life With The Hells Angels

    · The Agenda with Steve Paikin (Video)

    As the sergeant-at-arms for the notorious motorcycle gang the Hells Angels, Dave Atwell was involved in its dirty dealings, from violence to drug trafficking. He now lives in witness protection because of his cooperation with the police. He chronicles this journey in his book "The Hard Way Out: My Life with the Hells Angels and Why I Turned Against Them," co-written with author and journalist Jerry Langton, who joins The Agenda in the Summer to discuss Atwell's story.

  • Life With The Hells Angels

    · The Agenda with Steve Paikin (Audio)

    As the sergeant-at-arms for the notorious motorcycle gang the Hells Angels, Dave Atwell was involved in its dirty dealings, from violence to drug trafficking. He now lives in witness protection because of his cooperation with the police. He chronicles this journey in his book "The Hard Way Out: My Life with the Hells Angels and Why I Turned Against Them," co-written with author and journalist Jerry Langton, who joins The Agenda in the Summer to discuss Atwell's story.

  • 00:38:09

    How the Hells Angels Work

    · Stuff You Should Know

    In this episode of Stuff You Should Know, Josh and Chuck discuss the notorious Hells Angels Motorcycle Club, more commonly referred to as the Hells Angels.

  • 00:23:25

    #145: "Join The Angels" by Matthew West

    · More Than a Song - Discovering the Truth of Scripture Hidden in Today's Popular Christian Music

    Christmastime is here! I love this season! I love the music, I love the traditions, I love the decorations, I love the food, and I love taking extra time examining the reason we celebrate this Holy Day. This week I am excited to use Matthew West's new song, "Join the Angels," to inspire us to pore over the Christmas story. The angels had a pretty important role in the story of Christ coming to earth as a human. Let's delve into exactly what they had to say together! On this episode I discuss: Drawing near to God by staying in Scripture Taking a B.I.T.E. out of Scripture - our Bible Interaction Tool Exercises this week are: Read in context Explore a topic The role, message, and response of angels in the Christmas story - Luke 1-2 Gabriel's message to Zechariah - Luke 1:11-17 Zechariah's response - Luke 1:18-20 The idea that we have some of the same privileges as angels Gabriel's message to Mary - Luke 1:26-33 Mary's response - Luke 1:34-38 The difference between Zechariah's question to Gabriel and Mary's question to Gabriel The angel's message to the shepherds - Luke 2:8-14 Our response to the angels...will we join the angels?   Additional Resources Lyrics and Chords This Week's Challenge Read Luke 1 and 2 and ponder the experiences of Mary, Zechariah, and the shepherds with angels. Think about the angelic messages and what they mean to us today.  And then let's "join the angels" this Christmas season, sharing the good news of the gospel, glorifying God in the highest, and delivering messages of peace on earth.

  • Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

    · Christmas Carols, Hymns and Songs Free

    “Hark the herald angels sing” Christmas Carol was written by Charles Wesley, brother of John Wesley founder of the Methodist church, in 1739. “Hark the herald angels sing” was sung to a different tune initially. Over a hundred years later Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) composed a cantata in 1840 to commemorate Johann Gutenberg's invention of the printing press. English musician William H. Cummings adapted Mendelssohn’s music to fit the lyrics of “Hark the herald angels sing” already written by Wesley.Hark the herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!
Peace on earth and mercy mild
God and sinners reconciled"
Joyful, all ye nations rise
Join the triumph of the skies
With the angelic host proclaim:
"Christ is born in Bethlehem"
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Christ by highest heav'n adored
Christ the everlasting Lord!
Late in time behold Him come
Offspring of a Virgin's womb
Veiled in flesh the Godhead see
Hail the incarnate Deity
Pleased as man with man to dwell
Jesus, our Emmanuel
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"

Hail the heav'n-born Prince of Peace!
Hail the Son of Righteousness!
Light and life to all He brings
Ris'n with healing in His wings
Mild He lays His glory by
Born that man no more may die
Born to raise the sons of earth
Born to give them second birth
Hark! The herald angels sing
"Glory to the newborn King!"COPY FREELY ©2011 Shiloh Worship Music-This Music Recording is copyrighted to prevent misuse, however,permission is granted for non-commercial copying only.   In the Public Domain

  • 00:16:39

    Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Angel Message

    · Free Angel Messages from Ask-Angels.com

    Lunar Eclipse Angel Message! I'm happy to share with you this Free Angel Message with you which was recorded amidst a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse energy offers a beautiful window to go deep within, look inside your heart and find your answers. The answer is within… not outside of yourself! Connect with the Angels […] The post Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Angel Message appeared first on Ask-Angels.com.

  • 02:10:12

    The Nephilim | Fallen Angels and Demons of the Bible | Gary Wayne

    · The TruthSeekah Podcast | Spiritual, Esoteric & Metaphysical Conversations

    The Bible talks about the fallen angels looking upon the daughters of men and deciding to make wives of them. Hence the Nephilim, which are the Giants of Old, the men of renown. The Nephilim are the offspring between the daughters of men and the fallen angels. Genesis 6 goes into much detail about what happened between the mixing of the angelic and human seed. The Book of Enoch also acts as a companion guide to this story and explains the detail about how angels and demons operate in the lives of men and women on earth. Once the children of the fallen angels and women (Nephilim) died their spirits could not return to their heavenly habitation but were forced to make their abode in the aether in between heaven and Earth. This is also where we get evil and tormenting spirits from because they wonder to and fro seeking rest and finding none. The only please that these disembodied spirits receive is when they have a human host. A willing vessel that they can influence to do their bidding even if in subtle ways. The Book of Enoch tells us that they are able to feel again when they have a host. They are also able to taste meats and wines and have the pleasure of causing their human much strife in their life. The new testament also goes into much detail about these demonic and unclean spirits. About 90% of Jesus's ministry was dealing with the foul entities and leading people back to a state of true freedom and influenced by the fallen spirits. In the book of Matthew Jesus also lets us know what happens to the spirits once they leave a persons aura and lets us know how to stay free from future oppressions. Buy Gary Wayne's Book Here The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: http://amzn.to/2ggbJg0 SOCIAL CONNECT WITH TRUTHSEEKAH ON SOCIAL MEDIA iTunes - Facebook - YouTube - Twitter - Email - SUPPORT THE SHOW BECOME A MEMBER via PATREON AND GET REWARDS!!! We do not exist without the help of our Patrons! Running a professional podcast is very costly and has many monthly fees. If you enjoy the content please consider coming on board as a partner at any level. You enable me to continue to bring you content and you get tons of Patreon Only Rewards on the Patreon page. Choose Level - $1 - $5 - $10 - $25 - $50 - $100 - $500 - $1,000 BUY A SHIRT | GET MERCH CLICK HERE FREE AUDIBLE AUDIO BOOK Get Yourself A Free Audio Book And Support The Show At The Same Time!  You often hear TruthSeekah drop the names of a few books that have motivated him in his spiritual journey, two being The Final Quest by Rick Joyner and The Alchimest by Paulo Coelho. These books are available on Audible.  Click Here To Get Your FREE Book For fans of the work of David Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Manly P Hall, David Wilcock, Michael Tsarion, Santos Bonacci, James Gilliland & ECETI Ranch, Dr.Steven Greer, Coast To Coast AM, Alex Jones, Project Camelot, Project Avalon, Red Ice Creations, Graham Hancock, George Noorey, Art Bell, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, Whitley Strieber, Rupert Sheldrake, Michael S Heiser, Erich von Däniken, Zecharia Sitchin and everyone else dedicated to the furtherance of revealing the TRUTH. tags: Esoteric, Third Eye, Astral Projection, Meditation, Dreams, Chakras, OBE, NDE, UFOs, Angels, Demons, Reincarnation, Karma, Dreams, Purgatory, Angels, Demons, Initiation, Ascension, Alien sightings, ExoTheology, UFO Religions, Abductions, Close Encounters, Extraterrestrial, Extraterrestrials, Occult, Aleister Crowley, Wicca, Witchcraft, Divination, Healing, Magic, Rituals, Enlightenment, Real Truth, Subliminal Messaging, Illuminati, 2012, Maya, Atlantis, Lemuria, Annunaki, Sumerian, Hidden history, Secrets, Holographic Reality, Vibration, 4D, 4th Dimension, 2012, Amon Ra, Ancient Aliens, ancient History, Annunaki, Atlantis, Awakening, Awaken Your Inner Self, Beginning, Bible, Conspiracy, Deception, Demons, DNA, Doomsday, Earth, Ego, Emerald Tablets, Thoth, Hermes, End of Days, Energy, Enlightenment, Exposed, Fibonacci Sequence, Freemaso, Holographic Reality Hopi Illuminati, Illusion, Interdimensional Beings, Jesus, Legend, Lemuria, Light, Magic, Maya, Meditation, Mind Control, Multidimensional, Nephilim, Nibiru, NWO, Planet X, Raising Eden, Sacred Geometry, Satanic, Science, Secret Info, Secrets Self Awareness, Shift, Atlantean, Transcendence, Truth, UFO Sightings, Universe,