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  • 639: Jay Mohr | Mohr Stories

    · The Art of Charm | Confidence | Relationship & Dat

    Jay Mohr (@jaymohr37) is a comedian, actor, Emmy nominee, bestselling author, and host of Mohr Sports from Los Angeles and Mohr Stories. "Desperation has a very distinct scent." -Jay Mohr The Cheat Sheet: How Jay Mohr dealt with panic attacks while working on Saturday Night Live (and how panic differs from fear). Jay's secrets to being a better impressionist. What it's like to start out as a stand-up comic at age 16. The power of sincerity and real storytelling in comedy. How Jay copes with imposter syndrome. And so much more... Full show notes at https://theartofcharm.com/639/ Find out more about the team who makes The Art of Charm podcast here! SmartMouth is the only activated oral rinse clinically proven to eliminate existing bad breath and prevent it from returning for a full twelve hours per rinse. Visit SmartMouth.com to get an in-depth, scientific analysis of how SmartMouth is able to deliver such incredible results! Whether you're a lady or a gent, you don't need to know what MicroModal fabric is to enjoy the comfort of MeUndies; you just need to wear them -- support this show (and yourself) with MeUndies here for 20% off! Today, over a million people use the amazing Ring video doorbell to help protect their homes. Save up to $150 off a Ring of Security kit when you go to ring.com/charm! Does your business have an Internet presence? Now save a whopping 50% on new webhosting packages here with HostGator by using coupon code CHARM! Free yourself from typing notes, reports, and documents by going with the transcriptionists we trust here at AoC: TranscriptionOutsourcing.net -- 99% or higher accuracy guaranteed! HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you dig the show, please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! This is what helps us stand out from the crowd and help people find the credible advice they need. Review the show in iTunes! We rely on it! http://www.theartofcharm.com/mobilereview Stay Charming!

  • 337 – Jörn Mohr – Der Hypnose-Coach der „hilft und heilt“

    · TomsTalkTime - DER Erfolgspodcast mit Tom Kaules

    Jörn Mohr ist seit 2011 tätig als Hypnose-Coach in eigener Praxis, anfangs noch nebenberuflich, seit 1.7.2013 / 1 Jahr selbstständig. Er wurde 1975 in Berlin (West / Spandau) geboren und lebt seit 1996 im Umkreis von Heidelberg. Als er im Jahr 2008 aus Interesse ein Seminar zum Thema Hypnotherapie besuchte, entdeckte er seine Berufung, die er heute mit Leidenschaft lebt. "Mohr - hilft und heilt“ ist sein neuer Slogan, da seine Arbeit schon lange über die reine Hypnose hinausgeht…. Mein Erfolgszitat Wie innen, so außen. Mein größter Fehler war... …Google AdWords via Agentur, doppelte Buchung.   Ein entscheidender Aha-Moment meines Lebens war.... -        2008 als ich im 1. Seminar meine Berufung fand -        für Werbung muss man Zeit oder Geld einsetzen   An meinem aktuellen Business begeistert mich besonders... …dass ich seit 1 Jahr selbstständig und damit unabhängig bin, die Erfolge durch meine Sitzungen – von Ängsten, Gewichtsreduktionen, Rauchentwöhnungen bis hin zu Heilungen gesundheitlicher Probleme.   Ein für mich sehr wertvolles Internet-/ Business-Tool/ Software ist... Online-Kalender www.terminland.de   Meine Buchempfehlung Erfolgreich wünschen: 7 Regeln wie Träume wahr werden; Pierre Franckh – Thema Realitätsgestaltung wie The Secret - mein Einstieg in die Materie und so kam ich zur Hypnose Hol es Dir hier als kostenloses Hörbuch   Kontaktdaten Interviewpartner Hypnose-Coach Jörn Mohr Hirschberg bei Heidelberg www.hypnosecoach-mohr.de Positioniere Dich mit DEINEM eigenen Podcast als Experte in Deiner Branche und verdiene damit Deinen Lebensunterhalt und noch viel mehr! Hier geht´s zum „Podcast Mastery Boot Camp“ von Tom Kaules http://podcastakademie.com/

  • #030 Jay Williams on Why It’s Time to Redefine the Comeback Story

    · 00:59:00 · Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

    Jay Williams is one of the most accomplished college basketball players of all time. And with predictions of becoming the next Michael Jordan, he was drafted number two overall by the Chicago Bulls in the 2002 NBA draft. At just 21 years-old, he achieved his dream of playing in the NBA and became a multimillionaire. But months away from his second season, he suffered a devastating motorcycle accident leading to 10 surgeries, several months in the ICU, and unclear of whether he would walk again, let alone play the sport he loved. But in spite of all that, Jay leveraged the darkness in his life as a stepping stone to claw his way toward physical and mental reconstruction. Today, not only is he thriving, but he has carved an incredible new path as one of the most popular ESPN analysts. Listen in as this sought after motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and member of the board of USA Basketball opens up to Tom Bilyeu about what it means to redefine the narrative of the comeback story in this episode of Impact Theory. SHOW NOTES Jay walks through his mental reconstruction and building up a board of accountability. [3:30] Jay talks about setting his own performance standards and learning to appreciate the process. [9:15] Jay describes his relationship with his accident and the steps he took toward making peace. [12:00] Tom and Jay dig into cultivating belief and why you have to be crazy to be great. [15:39] Jay shares details about his mental and physical recovery and rebuilding self-identity. [20:36] Jay discusses how he leveraged darkness and anger to recalibrate his life. [24:15] Jay opens up about setting audacious goals and redefining the narrative for the comeback story. [31:30] Jay reveals his heartfelt desire for impact over financial gain. [36:40] Tom and Jay discuss the power of choosing to stay stuck. [39:48] Jay demystifies the notion of clawing your way out and shares the best advice he’s given himself. [44:30] Jay gives his advice for people who are in pain and how to focus on the silver lining. [48:05] Jay defines the impact that he wants to have on the world. [53:53] MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE BOOKS Life Is Not an Accident: A Memoir of Reinvention - http://amzn.to/2uiKoib [2:25] PEOPLE Carl Lentz - http://bit.ly/2tzfJwT [5:43] Carl Liebert - http://bit.ly/2ueBteQ [5:58] Tim Grover - http://bit.ly/2tzjXED [19:43] Elon Musk - http://bit.ly/1tNavZk [35:12] Steven Hawking - http://bit.ly/1wgZPkp [38:47] Mike Krzyzewski (Coach K) - http://coachk.com/ [58:01] FOLLOW JAY WILLIAMS TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2rTcZWW INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2tfqd1L FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2tB7BvA SNAPCHAT: @jwillsinyacity

  • Facebook Video for Marketers: Strategy for Future Success

    · 00:48:04 · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Do you create videos for your business? Wondering how to best leverage your videos on Facebook? To explore Facebook video strategy, I interview Jay Baer. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode, I interview Jay Baer, a digital marketing and social media strategist. He authored Hug Your Haters, a book about social care, and also hosts the Social Pros Podcast and the Jay Today show. Jay discusses the differences between video on Facebook and YouTube. You'll discover the tech and tools Jay uses to produce his own videos. Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Facebook Video for Marketers Facebook Versus YouTube Jay says a lot of people do very well with YouTube videos, and just as many do well with Facebook videos. However, not too many people do equally well with both because each platform has a specific use case. People watch YouTube as a replacement for television entertainment or they're searching for how-to videos. On Facebook, videos appear in the news feed and can interrupt people while they're on the platform. At Convince & Convert, Jay says they advise clients to think about what the video is and under what circumstances people will want to watch it. Based on that assessment, choose one of the platforms as the primary home for the video. I mention how views of The Last Jedi trailer on Facebook far surpassed views on YouTube within the first 30 minutes of its release. Jay responds by noting a few factors that might have contributed to that difference at that particular point in time. One is that Facebook allows users to share content with others easily. Also, Facebook defines a "view" differently than YouTube. Although we both suspect most viewers of The Last Jedi are watching the whole trailer, marketers should remember that Facebook counts 3 seconds as a view, whereas YouTube requires 30 seconds. Also, a video on Facebook may receive substantially more views immediately after it's posted but the YouTube video may receive more views in the long run, especially on a strong YouTube channel. To clarify how The Last Jedi example pertains to the everyday marketer, Jay stresses that Facebook drives exposure based on engagement. So if you put a video on Facebook and a disproportionate number of people like, comment, and share, then a disproportionate number of people will see the video in their feed. This visibility gives even more Facebook users an opportunity to share the video with somebody else, and the cycle continues. Jay sees this ripple effect every time he posts a video on Facebook. If he gets immediate engagement, then more people see it. If he doesn't, users' engagement with the video will plateau. Next we talk about streaming live video to Facebook versus YouTube. For vlogging, Jay says that you could use both Facebook and YouTube. Jay does something like this with his Jay Today show. He streams the live video first on his personal Facebook profile and posts the video file elsewhere afterward. Jay explains that Facebook's API prevents you from live-streaming anywhere else while you're streaming to Facebook Live. To stream to Facebook Live, Periscope, and YouTube Live simultaneously, you would need multiple phones or computers. That limitation is one reason Jay goes to Facebook Live first; he can't be anywhere else. He also notes that on YouTube (for now at least), you need to have 1,000 or more subscribers to stream live video from a mobile device. So YouTube's live video feature isn't as widely accessible as Facebook's. Listen to the show to hear Jay discuss his approach t...

  • #016: Jay Samit on the Keys to Radical Disruption

    · 00:54:10 · Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu

    Jay Samit has developed disruptive solutions for brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Microsoft, and he has helped grow multi-billion dollar giants such as LinkedIn and eBay. Serial disruptor, Jay Samit discusses why problems are the solutions to the world’s challenges in this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu. SHOW NOTES   Jay talks about removing limiting boundaries and overcoming issues of trust. [2:58] Jay recounts the unconventional start of his first company. [5:14] Jay shares a simple exercise to help increase insightfulness. [9:47] Tom and Jay discuss the importance of teaching entrepreneurs how to build companies. [14:45] Jay reveals how money is actually created. [17:59] Tom and Jay explore the notion of not being afraid to fail and learning a new skillset. [20:16] Jay talks about solving problems and writing your piece of the story that changes the world. [22:56] Jay walks through how he identifies problems and uses other people’s money (OPM) to launch business solutions. [29:15] Jay explains why leveraging relationships is critical to making insightful connections. [35:17] Tom and Jay discuss classic mistakes entrepreneurs make. [39:41] Jay describes how automation and telepresence is changing the world. [47:11] Jay defines the impact he wants to have on the world. [50:57]   MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Disrupt You - http://amzn.to/2n5Qz6F [19:50] Reid Hoffman - http://bit.ly/1nMwF4m [36:42] Ryan Holiday - http://bit.ly/2n38TNI [41:53] Khan Academy - http://bit.ly/1cbWZj2 [ 46:22] X-Prize - http://bit.ly/2lhQ7xo [48:04] Peter H. Diamandias M.D.  - http://bit.ly/2oztSVi  [48:15]   FOLLOW JAY TWITTER: http://bit.ly/2ozqt9e INSTAGRAM: http://bit.ly/2oPfMP6 FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2nyL5xx LINKEDIN: http://bit.ly/1BEgaVA WEBSITE: http://bit.ly/2n2WVnb   BONUSES DISRUPT YOU FACEBOOK: http://bit.ly/2nytPIG DISRUPT YOU TED TALK: http://bit.ly/1oho5SP

  • Episode #157 – Guess Who Called Me Today…

    · Marketing Secrets

    One of the top marketing guru’s in the history of planet earth called me today and offered me this… On this episode Russell talks about receiving a call from Jay Abraham and what he learned from him over the years. Here are some cool things to listen for in this episode: How Russell is using what he learned from Jay Abraham in Clickfunnels. And what it was like to talk to Jay Abraham on the phone and how he talked Russell into taking his family to the UK. So listen Below to find out how Russell got a free trip to the UK. ---Transcript--- Hey everyone. I am really excited. First, I’ve got to give you some intro music… All right. Welcome to the Marketing In Your Car Podcast. If you're a first time listener, this is probably not going to make much sense to you, but if you are a faithful, I'm excited and I just want to talk to you guys because you are my people. You listen, you care, and something cool happened to me over the last 24 hours. If you were to ask: “Who were the top two marketing consultants on planet earth?” Not like new internet dues like me. Marketing direct response dudes. There's two that are in my mind are the guys. Can you guys guess? I'll give you a hint. One of them wrote the forward to my book. Yes, you're right, Dan Kennedy, that's kind of cool. Who's the other one? Who's the other person who I would put up in the top two of all time, of the history of the world, I think even more so than a lot of the big names who have passed on? The second person is Jay Abraham. How many of you guys guessed Jay Abraham? I'm sure some of you guys did. I have been a huge Jay Abraham fan for pretty much my entire marketing career. When I first got started, someone wanted me to promote one of his products. They sent me this huge box of Jay Abraham stuff. If I was to buy all that stuff, it would have been probably 10, 15 grand. I had it all and I went through it all, and it was amazing, just amazing stuff. Because I have been a fan for a long time. In fact, I look at ClickFunnels, one of the core principles of our growth right now. I learned from Jay Abraham. This is what he talked about was, he says there are only three ways to grow a business. Number one is get new customers. Number two is get those customers to spend more money. Number three, get them to buy more often. Only three ways to grow a business. You can't do it any other way. To grow your company, it's got to be one of those three ways. More customers, get those customers to buy more, and get those customers to buy more often, or spend more, and to buy more often. There you go. That's huge. ClickFunnel's goal of year one was customer acquisition, which is the first way to grow a business. For year number two is ascension. We are trying to get all of our customers to spend more money. We're trying to get everyone to extend from a $97 a month level to a $300 a month level. That's why we gave Actionetics and BackPack and made this thing amazing because we want people ascend and to upgrade. We're focusing on growth strategy number two from Jay Abraham this whole year. That's my number one focus this year is ascension so you guys will start seeing that a lot. There you go. Even today, we are talking Jay Abraham, and quoting him, and implementing what I learned from him all those years ago. The guy is a legend and just amazing. I get a call from Rich Schefren. He's like, "Hey man, Jay Abraham wants to talk to you." I'm like, "All right." He's like, "Here's his number. Text him and set up a time to call." I'm like, "Okay." I text Jay Abraham. I'm freaking out. This is like texting Michael Jordan if you're a basketball player. I text Jay Abraham trying to act cool. I'm like, "Hey Jay, Rich told me to give you a call. Let me know when's good." He's like, "Call me right now." I call him up super nervous, but I'm trying to be all cool Russell. I'm being all cool and we're talking and he said, "Hey, we never met in person. Right?" I'm like, "No, I've been to some of your events and stuff but I never actually met you." He was like, "I didn't think so, but he's like, I keep hearing about you. People keep talking about you. Rich talked about you and talked about you and talked about you're with ClickFunnels, which is amazing. Then this other guy, one of my clients that we're doing these big events, he does these big events in the UK. I asked him who he wanted to be a speaker on his stage and he only gave me one name. He said it was you." He was like, "I don't know you, but I feel like I should and I wanted to introduce myself and say Hi." I'm like, "Well, I've been a huge fan of yours for a long time. I'm very aware of who you are." He's like, "Oh, thank you." We start talking and he basically asked if I could come speak at this event out in the UK in less than a month from now. Those of you who are my faithful followers know, for me just to drop everything and travel across the world is not easy. I got a beautiful wife, five amazing kids who are in school. One that's just a newborn. It's just not easy. I nicely declined and then gave him an excuse of why I couldn't make it. "I'd love to go but it's short notice and my wife, I've got five kids, and there's just no way I could leave them for a week." Jay, who is amazing at closing deals, comes back and says, "Well, how about we do this. When I was younger, I took my family to the UK in the wintertime and we had an amazing time. I was speaking and I brought them and it was so great." And like sold me on this whole experience. I'm like, "Oh, that sounds cool." He's like, "What if we did this. What if I cover your flights, and your wife's flights, and all your kid flights. Put you guys in business class. Put your kids in coach. We will fly you guys there. You can spend a week. We'll cover your hotel the whole time you're there. You'll live in luxury and we'll give you spending cash as well. Then you can come speak and sell to a group of 1200 entrepreneurs who are most of them are InfusionFoft users. You can sell ClickFunnels to them and keep half the money. I was like, "You're telling me, you're going to fly me, and my wife, and my kids, and my entire family out there. You're going to pay for everything. Plus, you'll give us spending money so we can blow some money while we're there. Plus, I get to sell." Just so you guys know, right now I think the worst I've closed the ClickFunnels pitch in front of a live audience. Well, that's not true, not the worst. The very first time I did it. The very first time I ever did the presentation, I closed 38%. The second time I did 48%. The third time I did 93%. If I screw it up and I only close 50% of the room at 1200 people, that's 600 people times a grand. That'll be $600,000. I get half that. It would be $300,000. And you can say basically he's paying me $300,000 to come and speak. I was like, "How do you say no to that?" I'm like, "Let me call my wife and I'll get back to you." I had to go and call my wife and pitch her on it. Luckily she was closed by the irresistible offer as well, and so we're going to London, we're going to UK, and I'm excited. Anyway, it's just super cool. No real reason to tell you guys for the podcast other than I'm excited. I hope you're excited. Maybe you got a tip or two out of Jay's Three Ways to Grow a Business. It's pretty cool. I'm excited. I'm on cloud nine. I feel like a rock star. It's like Michael Jordan calling you like, "Hey, man, we want you to play basketball for the Bulls. Are you in?" And you're like, I can't do that. He's like, "How about this, you can move into my house and you and your family can live here while you're playing for the Bulls." That's what it feels like. I don't know if that analogy makes sense. I'm not really basketball guy. I am a Michael Jordan guy though. That is one dude who I would love to meet. Actually I should do like a success telesummit just with the only goal of getting Michael Jordan on it. How awesome would that be, just coordinate some really cool event just so you can have Michael Jordan be a part of it so you can talk to him? I might actually try to pull that off because that guy is amazing. There you go you guys. I am heading home to go play with the kids. I hope you guys are having a good time. I know I am excited right now. I'm a little tired because the next 30 days I am going to Australia and now the UK. Actually, this is my travel plan for the next 30 days, which is insane. Then I'm taking six months off. New Zealand, Australia, Arizona, Utah, Denver, Arizona, Phoenix I think, and then the UK. Then we have Thanksgiving right after that. It's nuts, but it will be fun. Helping the world know about ClickFunnels because it's important. That's how much I believe in our mission and what we're doing. I hope you guys believe in what you're selling. If not, start selling something different. If you do, go out there and share your message with the world because you can change people's lives. I believe it. Hopefully I am showing you guys out there how I perform and what I'm doing. All right, with that said, I'm out of here guys. I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day. We will talk soon. Bye guys.

  • 169: Jay Mohr

    · Industry Standard w/ Barry Katz

    JAY MOHR is a comedian, actor, best-selling author, executive producer, radio and TV host...with a career that has spanned several decades. After landing his dream job of "Saturday Night Live," 2 years later, he was cast opposite Tom Cruise in "Jerry Macquire" and that same year co-star with Jennifer Anniston in "Picture Perfect." Jay has appeared in over 25 films with some of the greatest actors and directors of our generation including "Go" (with director Doug Liman and actress Sarah Polley), "Pluto Nash" (with Eddie Murphy), "Suicide Kings" (with Christopher Walken), "Simone (with Al Pacino), "Playing by Heart" (with Ellen Burnstyn and Angelina Jolie), and "Herafter" (with director Clint Eastwood  and actor Matt Damon). He also starred in his own groundbreaking TV series produced by Joel Silver and the late Ted Demme ("Action") for FOX and starred in the critically acclaimed CBS scripted comedy "Gary Unmarried." Additionally, he wrote the best selling book "Gasping for Airtime" and "No Wonder my Parents Drank," which was optioned by ABC for development of a sitcom based on its content. Jay has guest starred in over 50 different television dramas and comedy series episodes and is currently hosting the LA Rams live pre-game show on ABC in Los Angeles, "Jay Mohr Sports" which is part of a murderers row of Jay, Dan Patrick, Colin Coherd syndicated all over the country in over 150 markets, and his own top-rated podcast, "Mohr Stories" which has been downloaded 40 million times.   

  • Taking Note #10: Jay Acunzo on the Power of Intuition

    · Taking Note: A podcast by Evernote

    Jay Acunzo is an award-winning podcaster and dynamic keynote speaker. Before creating the popular podcast show Unthinkable, Jay was a digital media strategist at Google and head of content at HubSpot. But realized he was unhappy, and that this highly sought-after path was simply not for him. This experience sparked an interest in intuition and unconventional thinking that we explore in this episode. On the show, Jay discusses why our intuition plays a huge importance in our happiness and well-being. Everyone has unique experiences and unique perspectives, which means that the status quo may not always be the best path for us. But it’s not about trusting your gut or following a muse. It’s about using self-awareness to empower ourselves to do more. You have infinite access to the tools that reveal what direction you will find most fulfilling and meaningful in your work, so use your intuition and unconventional thinking to get yourself there.   Key Takeaways: [1:35] How does Jay personally define intuition? [3:10] How did Jay first get introduced to the subject of intuition and unconventional thinking? [4:10] When working for Google, Jay felt like he was not unleashing his full potential there. He was unhappy and searching for more. [5:20] What makes everybody different is their intuition; the ability to think for themselves, and that’s the key to how they can unlock their full potential in life. [5:35] There are infinite roads and paths you can choose from. You don’t have to rely on conventional wisdom for you to figure out ‘What’s next?’ [6:15] With the increase in technology and how-to videos, the focus is no longer on expertise. It is on self-awareness. We need to be conscious of which direction we need to take in this fast-paced world. [7:15] How can we be better at becoming more self-aware? [8:55] How does intuition help you be more productive? [9:45] Does Forrest remember the formula for calculating the slope of a straight line? [11:50] What’s so wrong with following the best practices/traditional advice in your business? [14:45] Use conventional thinking and the status quo as a jumping off point, but it should never be considered the solution. Everybody’s case is different. What works for them, might not work for you. [15:15] How important is looking at beyond your social circle for inspiration and new solutions? [18:40] How does Jay figure out if an idea is worth pursuing? [23:30] Why did Jay decide to create a podcast? [27:30] What has been Jay’s favorite episode so far? [31:15] What does Jay’s daily routine look like? [34:15] How does Jay like to structure his Evernote notebooks? [36:50] Who inspires Jay?   Learn More: Unthinkable.fm Unthinkable.fm — Grado Labs Unthinkable.fm — Merriam Webster Sorryformarketing.com Jay on LinkedIn Deathwishcoffee.com Tettra.co Trello.com Calvin and Hobbes Anthony Bourdain

  • 20VC: VC / Founder Fit with 3 Things Founders & VCs Must Agree Pre-Investment & Why Having No Company Budgets Creates Internal Entrepreneurs with Jay Desai, Founder & CEO @ PatientPing

    · The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

    Jay Desai is Co-Founder and CEO of PatientPing, a company that connects health care providers across the country with real-time notifications to seamlessly coordinate patient care. They have raised funding from some of the best in the world including Google Ventures, First Round Capital and SV Angel. Prior to co-founding PatientPing, Jay worked at the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation where he helped design and implement ACO, Bundled Payment, and other innovative payment models funded by the Affordable Care Act. Jay's previous experience includes Triad Isotopes, Parthenon Capital, and Lehman Brothers.  In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Jay came to found PatientPing? What was the a-ha moment for him? 2.) How does Jay assess the chemistry and alignment of VCs and their portfolio founders? How can founders detect if the VC is right for them? 3.) We always hear the importance of focus. How does Jay decide the single most important thing? Does this vary with stage and size? How does Jay look to balance such focus with a broader vision for the company? 4.) How important is internal entrepreneurialism for Jay? How does that play out in his management style? What boundaries need to be set? Does Jay agree with Suster, 'constraint enforces creativity'. 5.) Why does Jay have not internal budgets at PatientPing? What are the benefits? How does that affect the team's approach to spending, responsibility and accountability? Items Mentioned In Today’s Episode:  Jay’s Fave Blog: The Morning Consult Jay’s Fave Book: Pastoralia As always you can follow The Twenty Minute VC, Harry and Jay on Twitter here! Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC. The Twenty Minute VC is proudly sponsored by Luma, Luma is the world’s first ever Surround WiFi system that brings speed, security and control to the home network. And Unlike traditional routers, Luma comes in a pack of two or three sleek devices to place in different rooms in your home. Luma then creates a mesh network that work together to create an outrageously-fast, ultra-secure Surround WiFi network.  Lastly, Luma’s app lets you easily see and control which devices, users and content are on your network. To buy your Luma, simply dead to getluma.com or amazon.com. So many problems start with your head: stress, depression, anxiety, fear of the future. What if there was some kind of exercise you could do, that would help you get your head in shape. That’s where the Headspace app comes in. Headspace is meditation made simple. The Headspace app provides guided meditations you can use whenever you want, wherever you want, on your phone, computer or tablet. They have sessions focused on everything from dealing with stress and depression, to helping you eat more mindfully. So download the Headspace app and start your journey towards a happier, healthier life. Learn more at headspace.com/20vc. That’s headspace.com/20vc.

  • Podcasting for Business: Why Marketers Are Betting on Podcasts

    · 00:49:13 · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Have you considered starting a podcast?Would you like to discover how to use a podcast to grow your business?To explore why marketers are placing big bets on podcasting, I interview Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi.More About This ShowThe Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.In this episode I interview Jay Baer and Joe Pulizzi. Jay is the host of the Social Pros podcast and Jay Today. He's also the man behind MarketingPodcasts.com. His company is Convince & Convert. Joe podcasts at This Old Marketing and Content Inc. He's the founder of the Content Marketing Institute and the man behind the Content Marketing World conference.Jay, Joe and I explore how podcasting has evolved since we all started.You'll discover how podcasting can help your business, how to work with sponsors and more.Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below.Listen NowYou can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. How to subscribe/review on iPhone.Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show:Podcasting for BusinessWhy Joe and Jay started podcastsJoe, who has been podcasting since November 2013, explains how encouragement and research led him to start a podcast.His company did a gap analysis to find out the biggest difference in tactics between the most and least effective marketing professionals. Two tactics—books and podcasts—are the factors that made the difference. He noticed the audio version of his book Epic Content Marketing really took off, so he figured there must be something to audio.Joe shares how his and Robert Rose's podcast evolved. Joe recalls how once after their weekly phone call about what was going on in content marketing, he said, "We should have recorded that." Robert asked, "Why don't we?" They launched This Old Marketing the following week.Jay started podcasting in January 2012, and just finished the third season of his Social Pros podcast, which totals about 150 episodes.Jay explains that Tristin Handy, who was director of marketing at Argyle Social at the time, said, "Did you ever think about doing a podcast? We should do a podcast." And Jay thought, "No and okay." They got together and decided to create a show that paid attention to the unsung heroes of social media. Jay says it's grown far beyond the expectations he had for it at the beginning.Listen to the show to discover which podcasts I listened to when I started the Social Media Marketing podcast.How podcasting helps their businessesWhen Joe looked at the behaviors of those who attend Content Marketing World, he realized his core customers engage in at least three different content vehicles, such as the newsletter, magazine and/or webinars. It's the third thing that's the tipping point, so he figured the audio content could be what gets people to the event.Jay says the Social Pros podcast allows them to spotlight their corporate clients, as well as interview potential future clients. Podcasting has become a strong lead-generation business strategy. It's also helped Jay from a personal branding and awareness perspective, because it positions him (and his company) as a leader in the field.Listen to the show to hear how podcasting builds customer loyalty.Their new venturesJoe's releasing a new book called Content Inc., which will be out in time for Content Marketing World in September. Rather than just doing a book, he's creating a platform."If it's important enough to be a book, it's important enough to be a bigger media property," Joe explains. "You can launch an entire platform off of a podcast." The Content Inc. podcasts are 7-10 minutes long, and reuse and repurpose his other content.Jay recently launched Jay Today,

  • Being Useful: New Marketing Techniques That Work

    · 00:39:47 · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Are you wondering how your business can be more useful?Do you provide youtility?To learn about youtility and a new way of thinking when it comes to marketing, I interview Jay Baer for this episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast.More About This ShowThe Social Media Marketing podcast is a show from Social Media Examiner.It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.The show format is on-demand talk radio (also known as podcasting).In this episode, I interview Jay Baer, the founder of the award-winning blog Convince & Convert and co-author of The Now Revolution. His brand-new book is called Youtility: Why Smart Marketing Is About Help Not Hype.Jay shares the many different ways companies are already providing youtility to their customers.You'll learn the three categories of being useful and how to implement them into your business.Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below!Listen NowYou can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher.Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show:New Marketing TechniquesWhat's changing marketing that everybody needs to understand?Jay believes that marketing is harder than ever. With the incredible growth in the number of media outlets, it makes it very difficult to achieve top of mind awareness in the ways that we used to be able to do.Blogs and podcasts didn't exist before, but today they have huge audiences.Companies now have to compete for attention—not just against other companies, but against everybody and everything.Jay explains that if you take a look at your Facebook news feed, Twitter account or email inbox, you'll find a combination of both personal and professional relationships. Companies are competing for attention with consumers' friends and family members and are forced to use the same technologies to get on their radar.Since 1994, Jay has worked online and remembers how people freaked out when they bought advertising on the web for the first time. He says at the end of the day, all these things are almost free, but somebody has got to pay the free. The guys who pay the free are businesses.Listen to the show to find out what you need to do to succeed against everyone and everything.The story about @HiltonSuggests and what the take-home message is for marketersJay talks about certain people who are an exception to the rule when it comes to being amazing. But he feels that most of us aren't amazing. So the best approach for us all is to be useful.You need to create youtility. Jay defines youtility in his book as marketing that is so useful, people would want to pay for it.Jay shares the story of Hilton Hotels' program called Hilton Suggests on Twitter and how the program came about.You'll hear a great example of how they helped a guy on Twitter who was looking for a vet in the area. They helped him when he needed it most, and this will probably lead to him booking a Hilton hotel in the future.Jay says the difference between helping and selling is just two letters, but in modern business those two letters make all the difference.At a recent conference, Jay heard Gary Vaynerchuk say, "Everybody wants to be a hunter, but nobody wants to be a farmer." Youtility is about long-term play. If you sell something, you make a customer today. But if you help someone, you can create a customer for life. You need to start to think about marketing, customer acquisition, loyalty and retention over a longer time horizon.You'll hear why Jay wishes that more businesses were less self-serving and more useful.Listen to the show to hear how Columbia Sportswear uses indirect marketing and provides youtility to their customers.What youtility is and what marketers need to understandJay says you wouldn't necessarily charge for youtility because it's marketing...

  • Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder Pt. II: 8/11/15

    · The Moment with Brian Koppelman

    Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder, the two comedians that host The Bonfire on Sirius XM’s Comedy Central Radio, talk about the long road to finally landing their deal on satellite radio and everything that has transpired in their relationship since Mr. Oakerson’s last emotional appearance on the show. Plus, Brian talks with Big Jay about the actions he took during an altercation at New York City’s Comic Strip, how the comedian chooses his words, and honoring the comic’s code. Spoiler alert: Big Jay did finally get those A/C’s for his apartment. People Mentioned:  Big Jay Oakerson Dan Soder Rob Zombie Joe List Amy Schumer Richie Tienken William Stephenson Steve Byrne Keith Van Horn Ari Shaffir Kurt Metzger Gary Gulman Joe Vecsey Todd Lynn Lenny Marcus Ardie Fuqua Dustin Chafin Mike Vecchione Dave Attell Michael Che Sam Morril Domenic DeNucci Topics Mentioned:  Sirius XM's "The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson and Dan Soder" The Moment with Big Jay Oakerson: (2/24/15) The Moment with Dan Soder: (5/27/14) MTV's Guy Code Legion of Skanks Comedy Cellar Casino Goodfellas The Devil's Rejects Billions Patrice O'Neal on WTF with Marc Maron Patrice O'Neal on Mohr Stories with Jay Mohr The Bridge on the River Kwai CSI: Miami First Blood Rocky Comic Strip Catch a Rising Star Larry Zbyszko turns on Bruno Sammartino Howard Stern on podcasts Dan Soder on Conan Dana Gould at Just for Laughs The Hardcore Diaries by Mick Foley Forrest Gump   This episode of the Moment is sponsored by Braintree. If you’re working on a mobile app and searching for a simple payments solution, check out Braintree. With one simple integration, you can offer your customers every way to pay. Period. To learn more, and for your first $50,000 in transactions fee-free, go to braintreepayments.com/moment   Twitter: @BrianKoppelman iTunes: itunes.com/themoment Email: themomentbk@gmail.com

  • Episode 227 - One Mohr for the Road (Philip Marlowe & Nero Wolfe)

    · 02:04:06 · Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

    From 1948 to 1951, Gerald Mohr turned in a star performance as Raymond Chandler's L.A. private eye Philip Marlowe and gave us one of the best detectives of the radio era. But there was more to Mohr than his celebrated turn as "crime's most deadly enemy." In honor of his birthday, we'll hear Gerald Mohr in two radio mysteries as Marlowe - "The Long Rope" (originally aired on CBS on February 5, 1949) and "The Strangle Hold" (originally aired on CBS on October 15, 1949). We'll also hear him as Archie Goodwin (opposite Sydney Greenstreet) in "The Case of the Killer Cards" from The New Adventures of Nero Wolfe (originally aired on NBC on January 12, 1951). And - as a bonus - we'll hear Mohr playing for laughs as French teacher Jacques Monet in an episode of Our Miss Brooks from October 9, 1949.

  • Episode 172 - More, More, Mohr (Nero Wolfe, The Whistler, & Philip Marlowe)

    · 01:36:54 · Down These Mean Streets (Old Time Radio Detectives)

    With his powerful voice, Gerald Mohr was equally effective as both hero and heel on radio. Listeners may know him best as Raymond Chandler’s hard-boiled shamus Philip Marlowe, but Mohr logged nearly five hundred performances during the Golden Age of Radio playing everything from slapstick comedy to high adventure. We’ll hear him as Archie Goodwin – opposite Sydney Greenstreet’s Nero Wolfe – in “The Case of the Phantom Fingers” (originally aired on NBC on January 26, 1951). Then, Mohr is a mob boss with a secret in “Caesar’s Wife” from The Whistler (originally aired on CBS on June 2, 1947). Finally, Mohr is Marlowe in “The Grim Hunters” (originally aired on CBS on March 12, 1949).

  • TLS #115: How to Get Clarity, Embrace (Good) Fear & “Play Big” in Our Lives with Tara Mohr

    · 00:56:26 · The Lively Show

    Today on The Lively Show we are speaking with coach and author, Tara Mohr, about the work she does helping women worldwide to “play big” in their lives - based on their own unique Values. In the show, Tara guides us through a visualization exercise to uncover the wisest course of action for any situations we might be struggling with. And we discuss: the two different types of fear - and how to live more with the “good” fear, unhooking from praise and criticism, and a bit about the findings from my work and worth book research.This episode is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to get clarity on a situation where they might be staying “small” and find a peaceful way to move past those limiting beliefs or circumstances.[Tweet "“You are alive at this moment.” - Tara Mohr"][Tweet "“Playing Big is all about shifting loyalty to your dreams.” - Tara Mohr"][Tweet "“Listen to the voice of your inner critic.” - Tara Mohr"] IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL FIND OUT ABOUT  Tara tells us how her childhood, specifically her mother, guided her to the profession she is in today. She tells us the external and internal barriers that affect women when “playing small” in their lives. Tara describes how she started on a journey to understand why women were playing small and what helps us play big, from the inside out. Tara describe the concept of Playing Bigger and how women can shift their loyalty to their dreams. Tara works with Jess on applying the “Playing Big” concept in Jess’s life. She goes over the concept of the inner critic and how to quiet her voice. Tara talks about the two types of fear people face and how to respond to each fear. She describes how being “hooked” by both positive and negative feedback limits women’s playing big and how to get rid of that. She tells about the difference between the should goals and a gift goal. Tara tells us some strategies to unhook ourselves when we are caught in praise or criticism. Tara tells us about how the inner mentor has the answers many of the biggest challenges within oneself. SHOW NOTES Playing BigThe Power of NowYes PleaseGet a free 2 week trial of PrepDish.com LISTEN TO THE SHOW   PS - Join me for one of my two upcoming free online Intention Setting Workshops to learn how to set Values-based intentions for every area of your life in 2016! 

  • Marc Maron & Randy Bryce

    · 04:02:09 · David Feldman Show

    Howie Klein, Professor Corey Brettschneider and Dr. Jay Sutay. Marc Maron stars in the new critically acclaimed Netflix series "Glow." Randy "Iron Stache" Bryce is running for Wisconsin's first congressional district intent on defeating Speaker Paul Ryan. Howie Klein on Randy Bryce and the fight for Medicare For All. Professor Corey Brettschneider explains how Donald Trump Junior violated campaign finance law by taking that meeting last year with those Russians. Marc is the author of two books: The Jerusalem Syndrome: My Life as a Reluctant Messiah, based on his solo show and is available for purchase on Amazon.com, and a collection of essays titled Attempting Normal, which was released by Spiegel and Grau in 2013. His first four albums, Not Sold Out, Tickets Still Available, Final Engagement, and This Has To Be Funny are comedy classics. Marc released his stand-up special Thinky Pain on Netflixin 2013 and as an album in 2014.  His most recent special, More Later, premiered on Epix in December 2015 and is also available on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Randy Bryce is a U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, and union ironworker. He joined the race for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District because his values are our neighbors’ values, and Washington has gotten way off track. Randy was raised in southeastern Wisconsin, and went to public schools. After graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Army, and was posted to Honduras, where he earned the Army Achievement Medal. Randy’s father was a police officer, and his mother worked in a doctor’s office. His brother is also a police officer, and his sister is a public school teacher. After returning stateside, Randy was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He didn’t believe he could ever have children, and now calls his only son Ben, his “miracle child.” Ben is a public school student like his dad was. Randy found his way to an apprenticeship as an iron worker, and has now been helping to build America for more than 20 years. He’s been active in Ironworkers Local 8, serving as political coordinator for the union, and until recently as a member of the Milwaukee Area Labor Council board of directors. “My mother has multiple sclerosis, my father is in assisted living, and I survived cancer in my 20s to have a miracle child in my 40s,” said Bryce. “What Paul Ryan and the Republicans are doing to take health care away from millions of us, to make it cost more and cover less, and to allow the protections we’ve gained to be stripped away – it’s just unacceptable.” Randy currently serves as President of the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce board of directors, and as Chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Veterans Caucus. He resides in Caledonia. Howie Klein is an American writer, concert promoter, disc jockey, music producer, record label founder, record label executive, progressive political activist, and adjunct professor of music. He is perhaps best known for his role as President of Reprise Records from 1989 to 2001. He appears occasionally as himself in music-related film documentaries and has received accolades for his stance against censorship and for his advocacy of free speech protection. Corey Brettschneider is professor of political science at Brown University, where he teaches courses in constitutional law and political theory. He is currently also a visiting professor at the University of Chicago Law School. Brettschneider was a visiting professor at Fordham Law School, a Rockefeller faculty fellow at the Princeton University Center for Human Values, a visiting associate professor at Harvard Law School, and a faculty fellow at Harvard's Safra Center for Ethics. Brettschneider received a PhD in politics from Princeton University and a JD from Stanford University. He is the author of When the State Speaks, What Should it Say? How Democracies Can Protect Expression and Promote Equality (Princeton University Press, 2012) and Democratic Rights: The Substance of Self-Government (Princeton University Press, 2007). These books have been the subject of several journal symposia, including one most recently published in the Brooklyn Law Review. Brettschneider is also the author of a casebook, Constitutional Law and American Democracy: Cases and Readings (Aspen Publishers/Wolters Kluwer Law and Business, 2011). His articles include "Sovereign and State: A Democratic Theory of Sovereign Immunity," forthcoming in Texas Law Review; "Value Democracy as the Basis for Viewpoint Neutrality," in Northwestern Law Review (2013); "A Transformative Theory of Religious Freedom," in Political Theory (2010); "When the State Speaks, What Should it Say? Democratic Persuasion and the Freedom of Expression," in Perspectives on Politics (2010); and "The Politics of the Personal: A Liberal Approach," in the American Political Science Review (2007). Dr. Jay Sutay, the self-proclaimed “Hardest Working Pediatrician in Comedy”, is a frustrated pediatrician from South Windsor, CT, who brings his tales from the exam rooms, his experience working with kids and their parents, as well as his own tribulations as the father of two daughters to his stand up comedy. His cutting and sometimes incisive commentary about society, parenting and raising kids, has left audiences laughing.   Dr. Jay Sutay began doing stand up comedy in 1983 while attending Fairfield University. He was a regular at Open Mic Night at the Treehouse Comedy Club when it was still located in the basement of the New England Motor Lodge in Westport. While in college, Jay had narrowed his career choices to two. Medicine or Stand up Comedy. A chance encounter with comedian, Jay Leno, on October 31, 1983 sealed Jay’s career path. Leno’s advice was to go to medical school and become a doctor. Insisting that after medical training, at the very least, Jay would have a job. Sage advice. Comedy offers no guarantees.   After graduating from F.U. in 1985, Jay took a year off to mull over his options. Realizing that pizza making by day, and stand up comedy by night was probably not the best use of his college education, medical school seemed the likely option. Jay completed his medical school training at The University of Connecticut School of Medicine, and delivered the valedictory address at his graduation in 1990 (clearly selected as the speaker not because he was the top student in the class, but because he was the funniest). After completing his residency in Pediatrics at Hartford Hospital, he has been in private pediatrics practice in South Windsor, CT since 1993. He has been named a Connecticut Top Doc by Connecticut Magazine each year since 2006. Dr. Sutay is Board certified in Pediatrics, but has no documentation that he is a comic, or for that matter, funny.   After 20 years away from comedy, Dr. Sutay resurrected his long dormant stand up act in December 2006 by taking the stage at Hartford’s Brew Ha Ha Comedy Club. According to those in attendance, he did not suck. Since that night, Dr. Jay has performed at clubs throughout the northeast, and clubs and casinos as far away as Nevada, California, and the Bahamas. Dr. Jay was a finalist in the Pro Division of both the 2012 Funniest Comic in New England Contest, and the 2014 Funniest Comic on the East Coast Contest held at Mohegan Sun Casino. He was named one of Hartford’s Best Local Comics in the Hartford Courant’s CT Now 2015 Reader’s Poll.  Dr. Jay was a regular contributor to The Miserable Men Show on Sirius/XM Radio, and can be heard monthly on “The Dad Podcast”. Dr. Sutay has consistently been named a “Top Doc” in Pediatrics by Connecticut Magazine. In addition, he has performed his stand up comedy for medical and pharmaceutical groups, and at many charity benefits including: Golf Fore the Kids, Autism Speaks, Cherish the Children Foundation, Crayons for Cancer, Griffin’s Friends, Stand Up 2 Cancer, The Leukemia Lymphoma Society, The Alzheimer’s Association, The Fidelco Guide Dog Foundation, and Stand Up to CF. Listen to entire episode here: https://goo.gl/xxgnjP Tell us what you think in the comment section below. More David @ http://www.DavidFeldmanShow.com About the show: http://bit.ly/2rqp5un Tune in every Tuesday and Friday for brand new episodes of our show featuring a diverse mixture of comedians, actors, professors, comedy writers and journalists talking about your world. Check out our new You Tube channel. More about David: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0271017/?ref_=nv_sr_1 David writes for Triumph The Insult Comic Dog's series on Hulu and Maya and Marty on NBC. David has also won three Prime Time Emmys for comedy writing, as well as four Writers Guild Awards. He has also written on ABC's Roseanne, HBO's Dennis Miller Live, HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher, Comedy Central's The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Academy Awards, The Emmys, and countless roasts on Comedy Central. Get Social With David: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/davidfeldmancomedy?ref=hl Twitter: https://twitter.com/David_Feldman_ Subscribe to his audio podcast: iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/david-feldman-show/id321997239 Become a subscriber to our podcast! When you join for only a $5 monthly subscription donation you’ll gain access to the David Feldman Premium Content, featuring bonus material from the funniest comedians who have been guests on the show. We accept all major credit cards. Join today and help support the show!

  • Jay-Z, toujours pertinent ?

    · NoFun

    Superhéros du rap mondial, personnage hip-hop ultime, Shawn Carter détricote Jay-Z et tombe le masque malgré le faste et les milliards de dollars, et change d’image dans 4:44. Mais tout en conservant son véritable talent : être le rappeur que l’on veut qu’il soit, au bon moment, en montrant une nouvelle facette de son personnage. Jusque là emprisonné dans le rôle de l’intouchable businessman qui ne se trompe jamais, Jay-Z version 2017 parle de sa famille, sa paternité, du coming-out de sa mère de la même manière dont il parlait du crack avant, et signe son album le plus personnel. Alors pas de hits, Shawn fait ça “pour la culture” à travers des clins d’oeils dans des samples de No I.D. Entre les samples et le texte se noue un dialogue fin, une ambiance intime, avec un bon flow prenant, qui n’est pas là pour choquer ou pour la performance technique, même si la prise de risque est limitée et le talent pas réellement forcé. Un album à apprécier comme un nouveau chapitre dans la carrière de Jay-Z. Ou un épilogue. Animé par Mehdi Maïzi avec Aurélien Chapuis, Nicolas Pellion et Raphaël Da Cruz. RÉFÉRENCES CITÉES DANS L’ÉMISSION No I.D., Kanye West, Nas, American Gangster (Jay-Z, 2007), Magna Carta… Holy Grail (Jay-Z, 2013), Kendrick Lamar, Rihanna, Lemonade (Beyoncé, 2016), Solange, Quincy Jones, Hola’ Hovito (Jay-Z & Timbaland, The Blueprint, 2001), The Notorious B.I.G., Def Jam, Vince Staples, Izzo (H.O.V.A.) (Jay-Z & Kanye West, The Blueprint, 2001), Nina Simone, Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, The Fugees, Lauryn Hill, Watch the Throne (Jay-Z & Kanye West, 2011), Nobody’s Smiling (Common, 2014), Rick Ross, The Story of O.J. (Jay-Z, 4:44, 2017), Wesley’s Theory (Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly, 2015), FML (Kanye West feat The Weeknd & Caroline Shaw, The Life of Pablo, 2016), 30 Hours (Kanye West, The Life of Pablo, 2016), Migos, Starlito, Roc Marciano, Vol. 3… Life and Times of S. Carter (Jay-Z, 1999), Kingdom Come (Jay-Z, 2006), Neva Left (Snoop Dogg, 2017), Drake, H.N.I.C (Prodigy, 2000), Mobb Deep, H.N.I.C Pt.2 (Prodigy, 2008), Return of the Mack, Product of the 80’s (Prodigy, 2008), Chief Keef, Lil Durk. COUPS DE COEUR ET RECOMMANDATIONS RETROUVEZ LES RECOMMANDATIONS FAITES EN FIN D'ÉMISSION sur la page Soundcloud officielle des recommandations de NoFun >> @nofun-reco

  • Dealing With Unhappy Customers: What Social Marketers Need to Know

    · 00:41:19 · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Does your business respond to customers via social media? Are you prepared to deal with upset customers? To discover how to turn unhappy customers into happy fans, I interview Jay Baer. More About This Show The Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing. In this episode I interview Jay Baer, the author of Youtility, co-host of the Social Pros Podcast and founder of Convince & Convert, an agency and blog focused on digital marketing. His newest book is Hug Your Haters: How to Embrace Complaints and Keep Your Customers. Jay will explore how to convert social media haters into raving fans. You'll discover why it's important to hug your haters. Share your feedback, read the show notes and get the links mentioned in this episode below. Listen Now You can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher. Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show: Dealing With Unhappy Customers The backstory of Hug Your Haters The idea of customer service and customer experience has been at the front of Jay's mind for a long time, he explains. His company Convince & Convert helps major brands with their social media and content marketing, and they increasingly get involved in issues with customers. It's not just about being proactive and doing marketing, Jay says. You have to be just as good, if not better, at reactive customer service. Jay found even organizations with a lot of resources were befuddled by everything related to digital customer service and experience in the modern world. Jay shares how conducting a tremendous amount of research with Tom Webster from Edison Research changed the focus of his book. Last year at Social Media Marketing World, Jay did his "Hug Your Haters" presentation for the first time. Although he has taken the Youtility concept all over the world, Jay says the Hug Your Haters book is the best thing he's ever done and the speech is the best speech he has ever given. Listen to the show to learn what Tom Webster said he liked about Hug Your Haters in the forward to the book. What are haters and why do people hate Jay refers to anybody who complains about a business either off stage or on stage as a hater. An off-stage hater is somebody who complains in private: on telephone and email. An on-stage hater is somebody who complains in public: social media, review sites, discussion boards and forums. He shares that historically and even currently, the majority of people complain off stage but that the pendulum is swinging the other way because it's much easier to reach out to a brand on Facebook, Twitter or beyond than it is to send an email or wait on hold. When people complain off stage, they almost always want an answer. They have a problem they want to be fixed, and 90% of the time they expect companies to respond. When people complain on stage, they don't necessarily want an answer; they want an audience. They want people to empathize and engage with them around their experience. If they actually hear back from the company, it's a bonus. Even though only 47% of the people who complain in public actually expect companies to get back to them, Jay says their research proved that if you actually answer the person who had a bad experience and left a review online, it has a meaningful and significant impact on your customer advocacy. Listen to the show to discover how content shock also applies to disgruntled customers. Why engage haters Jay says haters are not the problem, ignoring them is. He believes there are multiple benefits to answering every complaint in every channel every time, instead of what most businesses do today, which is answer some people some of the time in the channels they prefer. First, if you answer somebody, you at least have a chance to turn them around.

  • EPISODE 21: Gettin' Gritty with Jay Scott Outdoors

    · 01:13:42 · Gritty Bowmen - Talking Bowhunting, Outdoor Filmmaking, Interviews & Fitness

    On this episode of Gritty Bowmen we meet with Jay Scott. Jay is the mastermind behind the Jay Scott Outdoors Big Game Hunting and Fishing Podcast. He has more than 50 podcast episodes with tremendous guests on a broad range of topics all related to western big game hunting and fishing.    Jay lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife Jeanne. Jay has been a professional hunting and fishing guide in the state of Arizona for 16 years. He spends more than 120 days in the field guiding and hunting across the United States. And Jay is currently a Field Editor for Western Hunter Magazine and hunting editor for Elk Hunter Magazine. As well as being a hunter, Jay’s other passion is fly fishing.    In today’s podcast you’ll hear us discuss the stigma that much of the DIY hunting community harbors toward hunting guides and the use of hunting guide services. Jay and I discuss the use of sponsorships--or, the paid promotion of products--We talk about their value and their sometimes negative impact on the hunting industry. And although we both promote health and fitness, Jay brings up a valid concern which I agree with--that some hunters place so much emphasis on fitness that they fail to learn fieldcraft, how to sit still for hours, how to read sign and track game, and other basic and not-so-basic hunting and fishing skills.   It was a pleasure meeting Jay Scott. I applaud his podcast and I look forward to hearing more great content from Jay and his stellar guests. I am Brian Call and I am your host. And without further ado, here is today’s podcast.