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  • 102: Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing with Joey D

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    I'm not sure there is a more recognizable face in the world of golf fitness than Joey D (his full last name is Diovisalvi, but we all know him as Coach "Joey D").  You've probably seen him on the golf channel, in Golf Digest, and depending on how long you've been a golf fan, you might even recognize him from his days on the bag (caddying, that is) with Vijay Singh, when we was on a winning train in the early 2000's. Joey is known for his personality and for building champions, including this year's US Open winner Dustin Johnson, and many more!  Along with his A-list of professional clients, Joey works with golfers of all ages on building a better golf body in his incredible facility in Jupiter Florida (I've included some pics below). In this episode of the podcast, we talk about several different topics relating to making you a better golfer. Just in this short interview, you'll get a feel for Joey's passion in what he does with his players, but also what he's trying to do to help golfers around the work make better decisions when it comes to their golf and fitness. Subscribe to the 18STRONG Podcast on iTunes and stitcher by clicking the button below: Joey D's Background Coach "Joey D” Diovisalvi's work in the world of professional golf has contributed to over 30 professional victories and countless top ten finishes. His work in the field of golf biomechanics helped Vijay Singh rewrite the record books in 2004 and produce the single greatest winning season in golf history: 9 tournament wins; 18 top ten finishes; over $10 million in prize money; and the Number One spot in the Official World Golf Rankings. Joey’s resume includes work on the men’s tour with Vijay Singh, Fredrik Jacobson, Rickie Fowler, Keegan Bradley, Richard S. Johnson, Steve Marino, Pat Perez, Jesper Parnevik, Corey Pavin, Charlie Wi, Chris DiMarco, Cameron Tringale, Jason Dufner, Chez Reavie, Ryuji Imada, Tom Pernice, Jr., Brad Faxon and Tommy Armour, III. On the women’s tour, he’s worked with Sophie Gustafson, Alison Walshe, Belen Mozo, and Meaghan Francella. Highlights from this Episode Joey shares his story on how he got into the world of golf and fitness, as well as his introduction to Vijay Singh which led to several years of tournament win after win. We discuss the brain and body connection involved in training and in relation to the golf swing. Joey shares how visualization is a major component in success for the golfer and how the connection between the mind and what the body is doing can significantly be improved when visualization and golf specific drills are incorporated into training. Joey D walks us through some self evaluation tests that you can do on yourself at home Balance Weight transfer Squat and reach Rotation with your butt in the wall Standing 90 degree shoulder rotation test We talk about being on the road working with the players Joey shares with us "one thing that we don't know about Dustin Johnson"! We discuss supplementation and some of the products that Amino Vital has for golfers and why Joey has chosen to represent them as a brand CaddyShack or Happy Gilmore? Happy Gilmore Who would you like to spend a day on the course with? Jack Nicklaus at Augusta What are you excited about in your near future? Working with the everyday golfers (not just the pros) at his academy in Jupiter, Florida. Where to Find Joey D: website: Facebook: Joey D Performance Center and Joey D Twitter: @CoachJoeyD YouTube: Joey D Golf Other Links Mentioned Amino Vital SuperSpeed Golf: The most effective swing speed tool on the market!   Having Trouble Leaving a review from your iPhone or desktop? CLICK HERE to see how on your iPhone! CLICK HERE to see how on your desktop!

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    Special Pro Era, Kirk Knight & Joey Bada$$

    · DJ Enjay : Listen To My Vibe

    01. Kirk Knight - Knight Time 02. Kirk Knight - One Knight (Feat. The Mind) 03. Kirk Knight - Early Morning Hiatuse 04. Pro Era - School High (Feat. Joey Bada$$, Dyemond Lewis, Kirk Knight & NYCk Caution) 05. Joey Bada$$ - 95 Til' Infinity 06. Kirk Knight - 5 Minutes (Feat. Joey Bada$$) 07. Joey Bada$$ - Big Dusty 08. ASAP Rocky - 1 Train (Feat. Joey Badass) 09. Pro Era - Like Water (Feat. Capital STEEZ, Joey Bada$$ & Cj Fly) 10. Joey Bada$$ - Christ Conscious 11. Pro Era - Hail Razor (Feat. A La $ole, Dessy Hinds & CJ Fly) 12. Joey Bada$$ - Hazeus View 13. Joey Bada$$ - Waves 14. Statik Selektah - Carry On (Ft. Joey Bada$$ & Freddie Gibbs) 15. Pro Era - Last Cypher (Feat. Cj Fly, Dyemond Lewis, Ala $ole, Nyck Caution, Kirk Knight, Rokamo) 16. Joey Bada$$ - Unorthodox) 17. Joey Bada$$ - Paper Trail$ 18. Kirk Knight - Give Em 19. Joey Bada$$ - Piece Of Mind 20. Joey Bada$$ - My Yout (Feat. Collie Buddz) 21. Joey Bada$$ - Survival Tactics (Feat. Capital STEEZ)

  • 《那一天,一切都乱套了》One Day Everything Went Wrong (附原文)

    · 冬冬读英文故事

    Billy was seven years old.He liked to do lots of things.He liked to play with his dog.He liked to watch television and to read books.But most of all, he liked to help.He helped his father and his mother.He helped his teacher and his neighbors.He was always looking for somebody to help.Everybody said, “What a fine helping boy Billy is!”But one day, everything went wrong.It was Saturday.There was no school.Billy had lots of time to play.Billy had lots of time to help.He went into the kitchen.Mother was baking a cake.“May I help you, Mother?” asked Billy.“Not now, dear,” said Mother.“The cake is almost done. I am whipping the cream for it.”Just then the telephone rang.Mother went to answer it.“I know,” said Billy. “I will finish whipping the cream.”He whipped and he whipped.The cream got thicker and thicker.It began to turn yellow.Soon Mother came back.“Oh, Billy,” she cried. “You have whipped the cream too long. It has turned to butter!”“I am sorry, Mother,” said Billy. “I just wanted to help.”“I know,” said Mother. “Never mind. I will make a chocolate icing instead. But, please, Billy, go and help somebody else!”Billy sat and thought.“I know,” he said. “I will give Tippy a bath. I will surprise Daddy.”He went into the bathroom.He put water into the tub.He put in some of Mother’s bubble bath, too.Then he went to find Tippy.Tippy had never liked water very much.He did not like it all with bubbles.He jumped from the tub.He was covered with soapsuds.He ran down the stairs and into the street.“Mad dog! Mad dog!” called all the people.They ran into their houses.Somebody called a policeman.When Tippy saw Policeman Bird, he stopped running.Tippy knew Policeman Bird.He went to him wagging his tail.Soon Billy got there.“What happened to Tippy, Billy?” asked Policeman Bird.“I was giving him a bath,” said Billy. “Daddy doesn’t like to do it, I just wanted to help.”“Well,” said Policeman Bird.“Take Tippy home and wash him off. And, please, Billy, go and help somebody else!”Billy did as he was told.Then he sat on the porch and thought.“I know,” he said. “I will help Mr. Dean next door. He did not finish weeding his garden last night. I will do it for him.”Soon he was busy in Mr. Dean’s garden.When Mr. Dean got home, he began to shout.“Who was in my garden? Who pulled out all the flowers I planted?”Poor Billy!He wanted to run and hide.But he didn’t.“I did it, Mr. Dean,” he said. “I thought they were weeds. I am sorry. I just wanted to help.”“I know that you did not mean it, Billy,” said Mr. Dean. “I am sorry I was so angry. But, please, Billy, go and help somebody else!”Poor Billy!Everything was going wrong.And he just wanted to help.“I know,” he said. “I will go to see Grandma. Maybe I can help her.”Billy walked down the street to his Grandma’s house.“Grandma, I have been trying to help people all day. But everything is going wrong.”“Well, I was just going to clean Joey’s cage, Billy,” said Grandma. “Why don’t you try helping me with that.”Joey was Grandma’s little parakeet.Billy loved him.Joey knew Billy and loved him too.First Billy took out the tray at the bottom of the cage.He cleaned it so that it shone.“There, you did that just fine, Billy,” said Grandma.Billy was happy.He thought his bad day was over.“Would you like a bath now?”He filled Joey’s little bathtub with nice cool water.He lifted the cage just a little to move the tub under.In a flash Joey was out of the cage.He flew all around the room.Then he saw an open window.He flew out.Grandma was sad.“Oh, my dear little Joey! I’ll never get him back,” she said.“Don’t worry, Grandma,” said Billy.“Everything is going wrong today. But I will make it all right this time. I will get Joey back for you. I have a plan.”First Billy put the clean tray back in the cage.Then he took the cage out to the porch.He sat on the steps beside the cage.He began to call to Joey.He said all the things Joey could say.He said, “Come on! Come over here! Give me a kiss!”He said, “He’s a good boy! Such a good boy!”He said these things over and over again.He rang the little bell in Joey’s cage.Soon Joey flew out of the tree.He sat on the fence.He looked at Billy.Billy kept talking to him.Soon Joey answered, “He’s a good boy! Such a good boy!”Billy held out of his finger.He called, “Come on, Joey! Come over here! Give me a kiss!”Joey flew a little closer.“He’s a good boy! Such a good boy!” he called.Suddenly he flew to Billy’s finger.Very slowly Billy put him into his cage.Joey went right to his seed cup.What a hungry bird he was!Billy closed the cage door.Then he called, “Come, Grandma! Your Joey is back!”Grandma was so happy!She hugged Billy over and over.But soon Billy was on his was again.Maybe he was looking for somebody to help.

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    Customer Advocacy: How to Get People to Talk About Your Company

    · Social Media Marketing Podcast helps your business thrive with social media

    Are your customers advocates for your brand or business?Want to improve customer satisfaction and advocacy?To find out how to turn customers into advocates, I interview Joey Coleman.More About This ShowThe Social Media Marketing podcast is an on-demand talk radio show from Social Media Examiner. It's designed to help busy marketers and business owners discover what works with social media marketing.Joey Coleman joins us today. He's a customer advocacy consultant and coach who has worked with Hyatt Hotels, NASA, and Zappos. Joey's also a frequent keynote speaker and leads workshops on the customer experience and the customer journey.Joey explores what it takes to turn a customer into an advocate.You'll discover the phases that lead to advocacy.Share your feedback, read the show notes, and get the links mentioned in this episode below.Listen NowYou can also subscribe via iTunes, RSS, or Stitcher.Here are some of the things you'll discover in this show:Customer AdvocacyJoey's StoryJoey has had an eclectic career. After college and law school, he did business consulting before working as a criminal defense attorney in the courtroom for many years. Then he taught executive education courses and ran a division of a promotional products company.About 15 years ago, Joey started his own brand experience and design firm. This led him to speak on stages all over the world, talking about how to create remarkable experiences that take someone from being a one-time customer to a customer for life.In each of his careers, Joey says, success hinged on two things. First, an understanding of human psychology (why people believe what they believe and why they do the things they do). And second, an ability to use that understanding to persuade people to take a certain course of action, whether it's a sales pitch, brochure, website, infographic, piece of evidence introduced in the courtroom, or a closing argument.Looking back, his entire career has been all about the experience; meaning the experience someone is currently having and how to make it better.While marketing firms build ad campaigns, branding agencies design logos, and graphic design firms execute the visuals, Joey looks at brand experience and how all of the different elements of a business work together. Experience is the through-line that connects everything.Listen to the show to discover how the name of Joey's business, Design Symphony, represents brand experience.Why Customer Advocacy MattersJoey thinks customer advocacy is really the end goal for most organizations. It happens when you reach the point where your customers are such big believers in who you are and what you do that they become your external sales force. Customers drive new business and increase the amount of business they do with you because they've become such raving fans, they can't help themselves. They advocate zealously for you and your business.Joey shares a brief overview of the history of business.In the 1980s, he explains, a movement came out of Japan that became known as the Total Quality Management approach to business. It was all about reducing product defects to as close to zero as possible. Out of this came things like Six Sigma Black Belt, as well as a general belief that when you buy something, it's going to work.The 1990s were all about Just-in-Time manufacturing. For example, companies like Dell shortened the supply chain through building things on demand. As a result, the computer giant could dramatically control inventory, while at the same time push prices lower. Companies started to succeed based on being the lowest-priced player in the game, while at this higher level of quality.In the 2000s, it became all about the Internet era. Businesses built websites and could make everything available globally 24/7.Then in the 2010s, everything that happened over the past three decades came together.

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    Circulation October 10, 2017 Issue

    · Circulation on the Run

    Dr. Carolyn Lam:               Welcome to Circulation on the Run, your weekly podcast summary and backstage pass to the journal and its editors. I'm Dr. Carolyn Lam, Associate Editor from the National Heart Center, and Duke-National University of Singapore.                                                 We know that excessive sedentary time is bad in terms of health outcomes, but does it matter how that sedentary time is accrued, whether in short or long bouts? Today's feature paper gives us some answers. More soon, right after the summary of this week's journal.                                                 The first original paper in this week's journal provides insights into the mechanisms underlying neointima formation in arterial restenosis. Co-first authors, Dr. Cheng and Shi, corresponding author Dr. Li from Wuhan University in China, and their colleagues, performed an elegant series of experiments in which they demonstrated that interferon regulatory factor 4, or IRF4, which is a member of a family of key, innate, immune regulators known to play a role in cardiometabolic disease, actually protects arteries against neointima formation.                                                 They further probed the mechanism underlying this protective effect and found that IRF4 promoted the expression of Krüppel-like factor 4 by directly binding to its promoter. Genetic over-expression of Krüppel-like factor 4 in smooth muscle cells reversed the neointima promoting effect of IRF4 ablation. Whereas, ablation of Krüppel-like factor 4 abolished the protective function of IRF4, thus indicating that the protective effects of IRF4 against neointima formation were Krüppel-like factor 4 dependent.                                                 These findings suggest that the previously undiscovered IRF4 Krüppel-like factor 4 axis plays an important role in vascular proliferative pathology and thus may be a promising therapeutic target for the treatment of arterial restenosis.                                                 The next paper highlights that high-spacial resolution in gene expression signatures can reveal new regulators, genetic pathways, and transcription factors that are active in well-defined regions of the heart.                                                 Now we know that traditional genome-wide transcriptome analysis has been disadvantaged by the fact that the signals are derived from tissue homogenates. Thus, the authors of this current paper, including Co-First authors Dr. Lacraz and Junker, corresponding author Dr. Van Rooij from University Medical Center Utrecht in the Netherlands used tomo-seq to obtain genome-wide gene expression signature with a high spacial resolution, spanning from the infarcted area to the remote areas to identify new regulators of cardiac remodeling.                                                 Using this technique, they identified SOX9 as a potent regulator of cardiac fibrosis. In vivo loss of SOX9 reduced the expression of many extracellular matrix genes, which coincided with a blended cardiac fibrotic response upon ischemic injury.                                                 These data therefore were able to unveil currently unknown relevance of SOX9 as a key regulator of cardiac fibrosis, thus underscoring that tomo-seq can be used to increase our mechanistic insights into cardiac remodeling, and to help guide the identification of novel therapeutic candidates.                                                 The next paper reports the primary results of the effect of ferric carboxymaltose on exercise capacity in patients with iron deficiency and chronic heart failure, or EFFECT-HF study, which is a randomized control trial of intravenous ferric carboxymaltose, compared to standard of care on the primary end point of change in peak Vo2 from baseline, to 24 weeks in patients with symptomatic, chronic heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and iron deficiency.                                                 In this report from Dr. van Veldhuisen from University Medical Center Groningen and colleagues, intravenous ferric carboxymaltose was shown to significantly increase serum ferritin and transferrin saturation. At 24 weeks, peak Vo2 had decreased in the control group, but was maintained in the group receiving intravenous ferric carboxymaltose.                                                 Although a favorable effect on peak Vo2 was observed with ferric carboxymaltose, compared to standard of care in the primary analysis, this effect was highly sensitive to the imputation strategy for peak Vo2 among patients who died.                                                 They also reported that patient's global assessment and functional class, as assessed by New York Heart Association, improved on ferric carboxymaltose compared to standard of care.                                                 Whether ferric carboxymaltose is associated with an improved outcome in these high risk patients, deserves further study.                                                 The final study provides important long term clinical data to guide lead management decisions in patients with cardiac implantable electronic devices.                                                 Dr. Pokorney from Duke University Medical Center in Durham, North Carolina, and colleagues, analyzed over 6,000 Medicare patients and found that device extraction was associated with a lower adjusted five year infection rate, compared with a cap and abandon strategy. There was a lower absolute five year mortality with extraction, but after adjustment there was no association between extraction and a lower five year mortality.                                                 In summary, therefore, elective lead extraction for non-infectious indications in this Medicare cohort had similar long term survival, but lower risk of device infections at five years, compared to capping and abandoning leads.                                                 Patient and provider preferences are critical to decision making when considering extraction versus capping and abandonment of leads.                                                 Well, that wraps it up for your summaries. Now for our feature discussion.                                                 For today's feature discussion, we are talking about sedentary time and a metabolic risk of having too much of it. But, today's paper is so interesting because it tells us that it's not just the total amount of sedentary time that may matter, but how we accrue the sedentary time. Very, very novel concept in my point of view and I'm so pleased to have the first and corresponding author of this paper, Dr. Keith Diaz from Columbia University Medical Center with us, as well as Associate Editor from Johns Hopkins, Dr. Wendy Post.                                                 So pleased to have you both. Keith, could we just dive right into it? Tell us what population you were looking at, and what you found. Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Sure, so we were studying a population of participants enrolled in the Hispanic Community Health Study, so it's a US populations of over 16,000 Hispanic adults. And essentially what we found was that sitting for prolonged bouts, so sitting for one, two hours at a time, was associated with poor glucose regulation. Dr. Carolyn Lam:               Well, yikes. I've actually been sitting for a few hours in a row right now, actually. I think these results are phenomenal, but could you maybe expand a little bit on the details, like how long is too long? And, how often a break needs to happen for you to see differences in the metabolic risk? Dr. Keith Diaz:                    It's a good question and, to be honest, we don't know. I think that's where the research needs to head, but right now it seems to be that taking a break every 30 to 60 minutes could be beneficial. I think that's what we've found thus far. Dr. Wendy Post:               Keith, we were really excited to get your paper in. I think everyone on the Associate Editorial Board was especially interested in it because we can all relate. As Carolyn said, she's been sitting for a long time and when we have these meetings we have two hour meetings at a time and maybe we need to start saying that in the middle we should all stand up and take a break. So we can all relate to this.                                                 But I think one the biggest questions that we had related to data itself, was the association between the total sedentary time and the sedentary bout duration. Maybe you can tell us a little bit more about those correlations in the interaction and tell us also how you also measure sedentary bout duration and total sedentary time in this observational cohort. Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Sure, so I'll start with that latter question. So, we measured sedentary time [inaudible 00:09:32] subjectively. So we actually used an activity monitor called an accelerometer to see how sedentary they are. And how we quantified sedentary bouts is we just looked at how long consecutively a person sat without moving. That was considered sedentary bout. In terms of correlation, what we found is that there are very closely linked. So, people who sit for long hours during the day for total volume, also sit in long bouts. And so what we wanted to do was try to figure out and piece apart, which one is more important? When we're trying to ... If we're thinking about guidelines and what we should be doing about our sedentary time, is it important to reduce our volume or interrupt our bouts? And so what we found is that they're not independent, and that they're in many ways synergistic. And that the association of prolonged sedentary bouts with glycemic biomarkers varied according to how much total volume you sit and vice-versa. Dr. Wendy Post:               Can you expand a little bit more on that? So tell us about the interaction that you found between sedentary bout duration and total sedentary time. Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Sure, so we did find that there was a specifically significant interaction between the two variables and so what we tried to do is actually categorize people as to whether they were high for both characteristics or high for just one of them. And so what we found was that those participants who are high for both, so they had high volume and sat in long bouts, they had the worst glucose regulation, and that those individuals that were high for just one of the characteristics had a little bit better glucose regulation. And so really what we thought the take home message was when thinking about how do we improve our sedentary behaviors is that it's targeting both. It's not sitting for large volumes during the day, but also making sure to take frequent breaks every 30 or 60 minutes. Dr. Wendy Post:               And tell us about the glucose measures that you included in your study. Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Yep, we had a couple glucose measures. One we had people do a two hour glucose tolerance test, so they took a glucose drink and then we measured their blood sugar levels two hours after having that drink. We also measured their H1Ac levels as well as their fasting glucose and fast to link insulin measures from which we can then derive measures of something called HOMA IR, which is a measure of insulin resistance. Dr. Wendy Post:               And the associations that you saw were primarily with the HOMO IR and the two hour glucose levels but less with the hemoglobin A1c? Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Correct. Dr. Wendy Post:               So it really appears to be that insulin resistance that's most affected by the total sedentary time and sedentary bout duration. Tell us about potential confounders and how you factored that into your analysis. Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Yeah, there was quite a number of potential confounders between this relationship of sedentary behavior and glycemic biomarkers. One of them in particular that we were concerned about most were things like body mass index or exercise or physical activity levels. And so we took a look at what we adjusted for those confounders how the relationship changed. And what we did find was that there was an attenuation and association between sedentary behavior and the glucose markers, but there was also ... were still statistically significant. So suggestive that maybe they're partly in the pathway of body mass index or exercise but they didn't make the relationship go away. I should add that we looked at a couple other confounders, we looked at things like inflammation, C-reactive protein, as well as whole bunch of other measures of cardiovascular risk factors. I'll stop there. Dr. Wendy Post:               And what about the fact that study is cross-sectional, are there any caveats related to the study design that you'd like to point out to the audience? Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Yeah, I think that's an important point, that this is cross-sectional, so by no means can we infer causality that sedentary behavior causes glucose dysregulation, it's just purely an association. So I think anyone listening to this podcast should keep that in mind when reading this paper or listening to this podcast. Dr. Wendy Post:               So if you were writing the next set of guidelines what would you recommend in terms of how you implement these findings into guidelines? Not to imply that we think that these cross-sectional observational data mean that we're ready to change guidelines but, if these were replicated in randomized trial or some other more objective data study design, how do you think we should use these results to change our behaviors? Dr. Keith Diaz:                    I think these guidelines point ... or, with the current guidelines are, sit less, move more, where the guidelines that came out from AHA in October of 2016. In part, they were not as specific because we don't have quite the quality of guidelines or data that we need for more qualitative guidelines, or quantitative guidelines. I think if we're able to replicate these data with [inaudible 00:14:10] or point us towards at least is, also, that we should be interrupting our sedentary bouts. And so what I'd like to see hopefully if we can replicate something I'd like guidelines that say every 30 minutes or every 60 minutes of sitting you should stand up and move. And hopefully with future studies that are coming out that we can make them even more specific and something along the lines of every 30, 60 minutes you stand up and walk for 5 minutes or you just stand up for 1 minute. That's where I'd like to see the science head and I think this study points us in the that direction of maybe we have to start thinking about breaking up our sedentary bouts. Dr. Carolyn Lam:               All right you guys, I don't know about you, but I am literally standing up right now while I'm listening to you both. This is so interesting and I love the way, Wendy, you reflected the robust discussions we had as team when we were working through this paper. Congratulations again, Keith, for just this remarkable paper. Actually, maybe I could just ask, Wendy, what do you think? What do you think our next steps that may need to get these kinds of recommendations, perhaps into guidelines? Dr. Wendy Post:               I think as was alluded to before, these are observational data so they're important for hypothesis generation, but really to have evidence that would lead to changes in guidelines maybe having a randomized trial, where obviously you can't have very hard outcomes, but randomized trials of some duration that could potentially lead to changes and important outcomes, would then maybe lead to changes in guidelines. But there isn't anything that we would lose from trying to implement these kinds of behavior, changes into our lifestyle since the downside and the risk is pretty low. So even if they don't make the strongest level of evidence at this point, I think we can still all be mindful of this and so.                                                 One thing that we've been trying to do in our preventive cardiology group at Hopkins is trying to implement walking meetings. In fact, I just had an email discussion with one of my colleagues about meeting tomorrow and she said, "Well, where do you want to meet?" And I said, "Well, why don't we go for a walk? The weather should be nice." And so I think if we're all mindful of trying to, not only increase our amount of physical activity, but trying to limit the sedentary bout duration by being creative and trying to change, sort of, long standing traditions of having meetings sitting in an office, then that could be helpful.                                                 So, just something for our audience to think about as well. Dr. Carolyn Lam:               That's brilliant. You know, the one thing that I was thinking, though, just thinking about the reception of these data in my country, in where I practice, in Asia. This was a purely Hispanic or Latino population. I suppose there is a perception that that population may be predisposed to cardiometabolic disease and so on, and so you know, what's the applicability to us in Asia? So, I'm really happy, particularly to hear how you've taken it on. I mean, it's a simple thing, why not, right? Just to be more active. There's surely can't be something wrong with that. What do you think of that? Dr. Wendy Post:               Totally, I think it's important to emphasize the unique nature of these data and that they come from a Hispanic study, which is a really important addition to our literature in epidemiology and cardiovascular disease and certainly there are significant differences in lifestyle among different communities within the United States and across the globe, as you've experienced having lived in different countries. And so, I think we need obtain more data about how there might be differences based on various traditions and different lifestyles, and try to target those who are at greatest risk. Dr. Carolyn Lam:               Keith, did you have anything to add to that? Dr. Keith Diaz:                    Yeah, I think Wendy is right on and certainly I don't think we have any reason to suspect that sedentary behavior acting differently in Hispanics versus other populations, and so I still think going forth with this notion that we all should be reducing our sedentary behaviors is important to highlight. Dr. Carolyn Lam:               Fantastic. Well, thank you both for a really wonderful discussion. This is really cool, I think a lot of people will be talking about this.                                                 Listeners, you've heard it first, though, in Circulation on the Run. Thank you for joining us today and don't forget to tune in next week.  

  • 20VC: What Larry Paige, Mary Meeker and Ben Horowitz All Have In Common, Why You Have To Build A Movement Not A Brand & Why This Really Is A Great Time To Be An Entrepreneur with Joey Zwillinger, Co-Founder @ Allbirds

    · The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch

    Joseph Zwillinger is the Founder @ Allbirds, the startup that makes the world's most comfortable shoes check this out, made out of wool. They have funding from the likes of Maveron, Lerer Hippeau and Slow Ventures and an army of loyal fans that includes Larry Paige, Ben Horowitz, Mary Meeker and Dick Costolo. Prior to co-founding Allbirds, Joey enjoyed a range of careers from investment banking with Goldman Sachs to venture capital with Industry Ventures to working at next generation food and nutrition company, TerraVia. In Today’s Episode You Will Learn: 1.) How Joey made his way from investment banker to venture capitalist to Founder @ Allbirds, Silicon Valley's hottest brand? 2.) How does Joey view the core tenets to creating a successful brand? Why must brands today go further to more of a movement? How can companies look to create movements within their customer base? 3.) How does Joey assess the effects of Amazon on retail? How does Joey evaluate the economic ramifications of Amazon's flea market approach on the brands behind the products? Why does Joey want Allbirds to stay far away from Amazon? 4.) How does Joey look to prioritize what he and Allbirds focus on? What is the one core metric that guides all their decisions and behavior? How is this applicable to every company of all stage and sector? 5.) Why does Joey think that not enough VCs are people orientated? How does Josh assess the VC class of today? What does he look for when deciding which investors to choose? Items Mentioned In Today’s Show: Joey’s Fave Book: Man's Search For Meaning Joey’s Fave Blog: First Round Review, Dan Primack As always you can follow Harry, The Twenty Minute VC on Twitter here! Likewise, you can follow Harry on Snapchat here for mojito madness and all things 20VC. Pendo delivers the only complete platform that helps companies create great products. The Pendo Product Experience Platform enables product teams to understand product usage, collect user feedback, measure NPS, assist users, and promote new features in-app - all without requiring any engineering resources. This unique combination of capabilities helps companies improve customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase revenue. Pendo is the proven choice of Salesforce, Cisco, Optimizely Citrix, BMC and many more leading companies. Start a free trial at Treehouse is an online school where you can learn how to build websites and apps. Their course library has thousands of hours of content, where you can learn all sorts of topics, including Javascript, iOS, Android and more.  With high-quality video instruction from real industry experts teaching you all you need to know, and quizzes and code challenges keep you engaged and on track. Learn on your own schedule and go from beginner to pro. Go to to start your free trial.

  • Episode 19| Getting Radically Motivated with Joey Gonzalez CEO of Barry's Bootcamp

    · Radically Loved Radio | Wellness | Health Coaching

    Joey Gonzalez started his career as a top celebrity trainer in both Los Angeles and NY and is now the CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp, known in the us as the “best workout in the world”. He talks about his journey from being a trainer to becoming the CEO of his own company, the self-care routines that keep him going, and finding the dedication to make it all possible. I really loved catching up with Joey. He’s always been such an inspiring mentor in my life. I feel so honored to have seen him build something that is changing lives out in the world! I first attended Joey’s class in 2005 and it really inspired me on my path to health and wellness. I am so excited to share this with you all! Radically Motivated Joey Gonzalez Finding the magic of Barry’s in the environment How he saw his career path years ahead from his beginning at Barry’s Operating with tenacity as an entrepreneur and boss Watching a brand change lives day after day Why Joey still teaches even as a CEO Finding balance as a new dad and business owner Radically Inspired Clarity Choose dreams that you’re truly passionate about. It will be so much easier to work hard when it’s something you love. We’re going to fail at things, and the one thing we never want to be afraid of is trying. Recognize what self-care makes you a better person or a better parent and schedule time for that. Joey Gonzalez Answers… What holds people back from achieving their dreams? What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur so far? What continues to inspire you after the success you’ve achieved? What does a good self-care day look like to you? Radically Loved Quotes “It’s all possible, it’s just a matter of what you’re willing to give.” “You have to fail to succeed. That’s true in the studio and out.” “The one thing you’ll share with everyone in the room is that they had a first time. Nobody’s going to judge you.” “Just like everything in life, it's always going to get better… hard work pays off. The biggest mistake is not to value exercise and fitness in your life. It’s the only thing that is proven to make us happier, and make us live longer” A Little More About Our Guest Joey Gonzalez started his career as a top celebrity trainer in both Los Angeles and NY and is the CEO of Barry’s Bootcamp known in the us as the Best workout in the world. Joey first began his tenure at barry’s first as an instructor, in 2004 then worked his way up the ranks ultimately becoming a founding member of the Barry’s Bootcamp Franchise Co. While continuing to teach several classes per week, Gonzalez has dedicated his life to expanding the brand across the country and overseas – opening new studios, collaborating with fashion designers on retail offerings and overseeing the training of new instructors. It’s locations expand from New York, California, Boston, Florida and even in Norway and the U.K. Joey has appeared on behalf of the brand in several influential news outlets such as People, MAXIM, Details, OK! Magazine,, Women’s, Life & Style Weekly, Well + Good NYC,,, The Daily Beast, Yahoo! and more. Barry’s Bootcamp on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Joey Gonzalez on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

  • 01:41:07

    #258 - Terrie Diaz, Joey Diaz, and Lee Syatt

    · The Church of What's Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz

    Terrie Diaz, Joey's Wife and Mercy's Mother, joins Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt live in studio. This podcast is brought to you by: Use Promo code CHURCH for a discount at checkout. 
Nature Box. Visit and use promo code Joey for a free trial box Go to for 20% off. Iron Dragon TV. A New Roku channel with all the best martial arts films. Use Code word joey for two free rentals. 
Recorded live on 02/18/2015.
 I Want You - Marvin Gaye Delivering The Good's - Judas Priest

  • 02:04:02

    #411 - Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt with Liz Carmouche

    · The Church of What's Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz

    Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt talk about growing up spoiled, Hot Wheels, and Joey gives advice to open mic comedians. Liz Carmouche, Current UFC fighter who fought Ronda Rousey for the Bantamweight belt, calls in to talk to Joey about her upcoming match in EBI 8 on September 11, 2016.  This podcast is brought to you by: Club W. Go to to get $20 off of your first order of wine curated just for you and Club W will pay for the shipping on orders of four bottles or more.    Datsusara: Go to and check out all of their great products, like gi's and rash guards, that are made with high quality hemp textiles. Use code Joey to get 5% off of your order. Go to for 20% off of your first order and shipping is always free in the US and Canada.      Recorded live on 09/07/2016.

  • 00:24:04

    EP118 | Dear Joey

    · Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

    Joey Sturgis provides the answers to your most pressing questions. Want Joey to answer your questions? Send them to with the subject line “Dear Joey.” The more detailed the better! “Don’t record if it sounds like crap!” – Joey Sturgis ON THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: – Joey’s approach to producing a project he didn’t mix – Recommendations for ... Read More The post EP118 | Dear Joey appeared first on Unstoppable Recording Machine.

  • 00:24:46

    EP110 | Dear Joey

    · Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

    Joey Sturgis provides the answers to your most pressing questions. Want Joey to answer your questions? Send them to with the subject line “Dear Joey.” The more detailed the better! “All we’re doing is making music, and anything that makes that easier is great.” – Joey Sturgis ON THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: – Joey’s motivational slogan – When you ... Read More The post EP110 | Dear Joey appeared first on Unstoppable Recording Machine.

  • 00:23:16

    #4: How Joey Kissimmee is Crushing it With Facebook Ads Retargeting

    · The Art of Paid Traffic | Proven Online Advertising Strategies You Can Implement Today

    In Today’s episode: we’re talking with Joey Kissimmee. Joey's an online entrepreneur, podcaster, and a software developer who does iPhone apps and premium WordPress themes. I invited Joey on because he’s a great case study in that he’s using everything we talked about in Episode 3, with Facebook ads website custom audiences (Facebook retargeting).  If you haven’t already listened to that, definitely have a listen. Joey’s crushing it with Facebook’s retargeting and today you’re gonna learn how he’s making big profits with website custom audiences and how he’s found his sweet spot when it comes to changing the length of time he’s tracking users to his website.  He’s been really smart about this and his results show it.  We’re going to break it all down for you today, discuss his exact strategy as well as his results. In this Episode You'll Hear How Joey is getting huge ROI by using Facebook retargeting to make special discount offers to people who have visited his sales page within the same day. Which website custom audiences duration is working the best for Joey after testing several different combinations.  Hint: one duration has been working best for sales and another duration has been crushing it for webinar registrations. How Joey is using tracking codes and the special strategies for tracking unique sales coming from his Facebook ads. The special ad copy that Joey includes in his Facebook ad that has increased CTR and conversion. Which Facebook ad objective Joey is using to get more conversions (this might surprise you!).

  • 02:45:51

    TAZ-GATE or LET'S GET FUCT UP (Wrestling Soup 08/18/11)


    RUNNING TIME: 165 minutes. -Show opens with Joey's greatest ever Song. Crazy Bitch!!!!! Joey rejoices. -Mish contemplates a move to Florida. New TNA champion maybe? -Joey is now hated in West Virginia. Then declares he would make love to a rainbow. -Numbas is a lover of all races, especially of the female variety. -No Hungarian/Italian/Japanese people in Boston? Who would thunk it! -The guys discuss The Mothman and CM Punk. Mothman is a just a syndication of his former self. -Kevin "Mothman" Nash saved wrestling. According to the Mothman. Don't think he is sure he realizes it is 2011. -CM Punk verbally raped Kevin Nash and the boys reveal in it. -BREAKING NEWS ON THE SHOW! Mothman will take on CM Punk. The guys are rejoicing. -Kevin "Mothman" Nash does not equal ratings, just ask Dixie Carter. -Triple H has a new creative partner. But shhhhh it is a secret. The boys think it is Kevin Nash. -Is Vince Russo secretly booking WWE? -Cena is not a babyface, he isn't a heel. WTF is he? He is John Cena. Boooooo. -Cena is doing a Taz on Twitter. Having a go at fans. God Bless John Cena. -Pimps are American Heroes. -John Cena doesn't like Alberto Del Rio cause he is a meanie. -Is Cena more of a common man then Dusty Rhodes. -They guys play the theme music of Great Americans, strange no Jim Duggan. Hoooooooooooeeeeeeee. -"Shut your mouth bitch" makes you feel like an American. -Melina wants $3000 for Indy dates. Oh and also first class flights and a rental car. She thinks she is worth $9000 worth of gate receipts. She is worth 600 people to come see Melina. (FOGHORN) You could get 15,000 chicken nuggets from Wendy's for the same price. Numbas prefers the nuggets. -Where did Melina come from? UPW, thx Espio. -Riots outside of Summerslam, Religion vs Wrestling. Wrestling won. -Jesus tends to no sell. Not a great tag team partner. -The Cosmic Zombie "Jesus Of Nazarath". -Ultimate Warrior is inspiring people. Apparently Head Attacks are good for you. Calling people fucking pathetic, works too. -Warrior cuts another classic promo, sounds like death metal. -Phenomenal! -Wrestling Jesus cuts another a great clip. Soup fans are better then. -Wrestling Jesus fans, let's leave it like that. -Matt Striker cuts a Wrestling Soup promo. Lisa faints with excitement. -Zack Ryder also cuts a Wrestling Soup promo too. Woo Woo Woo. -TNAISGAY started World War 3 with Taz and Joey Numbas. -TAZGATE 2011: Joey Numbas is apparently a parasite according to @OfficialTAZ. -The boys go over the Taz/Joey Numbas feud over TNAISGAY's signs at Summerslam. A must listen. -Joey Numbas shoots on TAZ. A definite listen for any Soup fans. -Should Joey be afraid of a wrestling candy corn? -Joey tried to be nice (didn't work) -Mish analysis's the feud. Taz gets upset on imaginary gimmick infringement. Hmmmm. -Taz created the number 13. -Refs need HGH now? -WWEVSTNA's brother threatens the boys. They are very worried. -Calls go crazy tonight. -Titillating Term Of The Week is: John Cena. -Is TAZ a cabbage patch kid? -Mish is turning into evil Mush. -Shane called in. (crickets) -Mush from the future called in to current day Mish. -Is there a future Joey Numbas? Can he call in? -Future Mush sabotaged the show. -A new show is coming with girls! WHAT! -Talk about UFC. Really? -Mush reads emails from people that date back years.

  • 00:02:03

    JOEY KING Back Again with Piper Reese Talking "BATTLE LOS ANGELES" on the Red Carpet!

    · PipersPicks.TV (Pick Me!)

    Since the Chili's encounter with JOEY KING in PQP #026, you guyz have been asking for another JOEY-PIPER pair-up!!! HERE IT IS!! The Planet's youngest (and kewlest) entertainment reporter & red carpet interviewer met up with JOEY again right before BATTLE LA hit the theaters...the movie JUST ARRIVED on DVD this week, so we're droppin' another PiPeRiFiC Piper's QUICK Picks with one of our favorite young actresses, JOEY KING! OH!!! Piper also saw JOEY KING at the 32nd Annual Young Artist Awards! JOEY won Best Performance for her amazing work in "RAMONA and BEEZUS"!!! YEAH baby! Follow Joey on Twitter: Joey's Website: Title: JOEY KING Back Again with Piper Reese Talking "BATTLE LOS ANGELES" on the Red Carpet! PIPER on iMDB: REGISTER on PIPERSPICKS.TV: ©2011 Piper's Picks® TV

  • 01:56:59

    #423 - Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt

    · The Church of What's Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz

    Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, how one of the best salesmen that Joey ever met sold tape from his garage, and how Joey formed his theories on travel from his early days on the road.   This podcast is brought to you by: - Go to to get your Petnet SmartFeeder, plus free shipping. Texture. Go To to get a free trial for the Texture App. The Texture App gives the use access to hundreds of magazines Go to for 20% off of your first order and shipping is always free in the US and Canada   Recorded live on 10/19/2016.

  • 01:37:55

    #415 - Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt

    · The Church of What's Happening Now: With Joey Coco Diaz

    Joey Diaz and Lee Syatt talk about Joey's relationship with his cats, they're trip to Austin and how Joey feels when he goes home. This podcast is brought to you by:   Club W. Go to to get $20 off of your first order of wine curated just for you and Club W will pay for the shipping on orders of four bottles or more. Go to for 20% off of your first order and shipping is always free in the US and Canada.  Recorded live on 09/20/2016.

  • 00:23:34

    EP150 | Dear Joey

    · Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

    Joey Sturgis provides the answers to your most pressing questions. Want Joey to answer your questions? Send them to with the subject line “Dear Joey.” The more detailed the better! “What we do as producers and engineers is not just pressing buttons and stuff; it’s being able to put together content and material in an artistic way.” – Joey ... Read More The post EP150 | Dear Joey appeared first on Unstoppable Recording Machine.

  • 00:20:37

    EP130 | Dear Joey

    · Unstoppable Recording Machine Podcast

    Joey Sturgis provides the answers to your most pressing questions. Want Joey to answer your questions? Send them to with the subject line “Dear Joey.” The more detailed the better! “There’s no mixing magic tricks to make a bad composition work.” – Joey Sturgis ON THIS EPISODE, YOU’LL LEARN ABOUT: – Ensuring your listening environment is translating well – ... Read More The post EP130 | Dear Joey appeared first on Unstoppable Recording Machine.

  • Blind Spot Radio Show 054 | Flavio Diaz & Dr Hoffmann

    · Dr Hoffmann presents Blind Spot

    Blind Spot Radio Show 054 | Flavio Diaz & Dr Hoffmann\n\nDr Hoffmann @ Blind Spot – 15th May 2010 8pm 1, Cari Lekebusch – Macabre /H-Productions/ 2, Ascion & D. Carbone – Panzer /Tora Tora Tora/ 3, Electric Rescue – Money (Citizen Kain & Phuture Traxx Remix) /Amazone Records/ 4, Edit Select – Surface To Air /Edit Select/ 5, Floom – Jura /Synewave/ 6, Atomo - Mins (Matthew Perth Remix) /Criminal Zone Records/ 7, Space Djz – Getting Ugly /Impact Mechanics/ 8, V.X. – Central (Eric Sneo Remix) /Nachtstrom Schallplatten/ 9, Adam Beyer – Antistius /CLR/ 10, Mark Morris & Dj Deh – Xanax /Ketra/ 11, Marco Bailey & Tom Hades – The Race /Intec/ 12, Ben Sims – Hypnosis /Drumcode/ 13, Mark Morris & Dj Deh – Lexotan /Ketra/ 14, Jeff Keenan – Dangerous /Onepush Recordings/ Flavio Diaz @ Blind Spot – 15th May 2010 9pm 1, Tom Hades - Mezzanine World (Flavio Diaz Repitched Techno Mix) /Promo/ 2, Kaiserdisco & Flavio Diaz - Rouge /Drumcode/ 3, Kaiserdisco & Flavio Diaz - Vert /Drumcode/ 4, Kaiserdisco & Flavio Diaz - Avid /Drumcode/ 5, Kaiserdisco & Flavio Diaz - Jaune /Drumcode/ 6, Adam Beyer - Remainings Iii (Original Jesper Dahlback Remastered Remix) /Drumcode/ 7, Dany Rodriguez & Marco Bailey - Vision (Ben Sims Remix) /Mb Elektronics/ 8, Chris Liebing & Green Velvet - Auf Und Ab Und Kinda High (Dustin Zahn Remix) /CLR/ 9, Psycatron - Directions /Tronic/ 10, A.Paul - Cmyk (Ben Sims Disco Trix Remix) /Naked Lunch/ 11, Ben Sims - Hypnosis /Drumcode/ 12, Joseph Capriati - Infierno /Promo/ 13, Dubfire - Roadkill (Dustin Zahn's Enemy Remix) /Kontor Records/ 14, Detroit Grand Pubahs - The Clapper (Jesper Dahlback Remix) /Poker Flat/ 15, Scan Mode & Issie Nixon - Del Reves (Ben Sims Jackin' Remix)

  • Episode 61: Comedian Joey “CoCo” Diaz joins Big John & Sean!

    · Let's Get It On MMA w/ Big John McCarthy & Sean Wh

    Episode 61:  On today's program we have stand up comedian, actor, podcaster, and massive MMA fan Joey "CoCo" Diaz. As always, Big John answers your questions, submitted on Twitter using #AskBJM or via email at Don't forget to vote in our weekly poll: "Do you feel that World Series of Fighting will be in existence next year?" Vote on our website at Plus, find us at and on Twitter at @PodcastMMA - plus, you can find Big John McCarthy at @JohnMcCarthyMMA and Sean Wheelock at @SeanWheelock The post Episode 61: Comedian Joey “CoCo” Diaz joins Big John & Sean! appeared first on Let's Get it On MMA w/ Big John McCarthy & Sean Wheelock!.