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    PK 152: Want to Become a Magazine Designer or Illustrator?

    · Pencil Kings | Inspiring Artist Interviews with Today's Best Artists

    Full Show Notes at: https://www.pencilkings.com/podcast-home/ “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be done. You can always rework it.” ~ Katie Buckleitner. Want to become a magazine designer or illustrator but don’t know where to start? In this week’s interview, we hear how Katie Buckleitner landed her dream job as a digital designer for one of the world’s most iconic publications, Cosmopolitan Magazine, in New York. You’ll hear how she worked on her skills and transitioned into graphic design after initially studying fine art at college, and you’ll find out how you can do the same by developing standout personal projects to put in your portfolio. And, you’ll get a fascinating insight into the fast-paced world of a leading magazine and what it’s really like to work in this exciting environment. Interview Chapters [00:38-02:10] Introduction and Overview Your host, Mitch Bowler, introduces today’s guest, Katie Buckleitner, a digital designer for Cosmopolitan Magazine in New York. In this chapter, she talks about her background as an artist and designer, including the previous work experience which led up to Katie landing her dream job.   [02:19-02:39] What Does the Creative Industry Mean to Katie? The ‘creative industry’ is a broad term that encompasses many different areas, including fine art, graphic design, illustration, video games and much, much more. But how does Katie define the industry in her own terms...and how does she feel to be a part of it? [02:53-03:05] Did Katie Always Work as a Digital Designer? These days, Katie’s duties involve designing cool stuff specifically for online publication. But did she always work in this area...or did she cut her teeth working as a print designer beforehand? [03:22-03:41] What’s it Like to Land Your Dream Job as a Designer in New York? On paper, Katie’s job sounds ideal. But what’s it live and work in New York...and how does it feel to be part of the team on the number-one young women’s magazine in the world? [03:59-04:48 ] How Did Katie Get Started in her Career? Katie has landed her dream job at Cosmo, but how did she get started as an artist? In this chapter, you’ll hear how her earlier experiences as a fine art student and keen interest in fashion eventually led to her becoming a digital designer. [05:43-19:14] Did Katie Have a Job Lined up Before Moving to New York? Many young artists and designers dream of moving to a big city such as New York and finding their dream role. But does it really ever work out like that? In this chapter, Katie reveals why she took the decision to move to the ‘big apple’...and why the advice of her art tutors in college turned out to be right after all. [06:12-09:20] How Long did it Take Katie to Find her Dream job? Finding her dream job didn’t happen immediately for Katie. In fact, it was only after months of applying that she found her position at Cosmo. In this chapter, she reveals what she thinks helped her land this role...and how you can take the same steps in your own creative career by having a portfolio that gets you noticed. [10:02-11:36] What has Katie Learned From Working on Personal Projects? Although Katie started out as a fine artist, her portfolio gradually developed to incorporate many of the design elements which also interest her. So what did she learn from working on personal projects...and how can doing this help you build a varied portfolio, too? [12:48-13:55] How is Being a Designer Different to Being a Fine Artist? Although fine art and graphic design fall under the same banner of ‘creative careers’, there are lots of differences between these two areas. In this section, you’ll hear how Katie switched from one to the other, but why she still loves to wind down after a hard day at the computer by picking up her sketchbook and pencil. [14:06-14:47] How Does Katie Find Time to Work on Personal Projects? Like many of us, Katie sometimes feels drained after a day in the office and doesn’t always have the mental energy to start working on personal projects. However, she gets around this by motivating herself to do paintings as gifts for friends, or pursuing her other passion for interior design. So, if you work a 9-5 and often find yourself lacking in motivation for making art, this chapter should give you some good ideas to incorporate into your regular lifestyle. [15:21-19:50] Did Katie aim for a Particular Style in her Portfolio? When you’re putting together your portfolio, you might wonder if you should be producing work in a particular style to get noticed. In this chapter, Katie explains why she feels her love of infographics and attention to design principles such as visual hierarchy helped her create a body of work which stood out from the rest. And, in this section, you’ll hear why many of these principles are such a key part of her current role as a digital designer. [20:03-22:53] What Does a Typical day Working at Cosmopolitan Look Like? As the number-one magazine in the world for young women, it’s safe to say an average day working at Cosmopolitan can get pretty busy. In this chapter, Katie describes what her day looks like as digital designer and gives you a fascinating insight into a world of deadlines, huge amounts of content, and having a great team of people to work with. [23:03-23:43] What’s Next for Katie? Where does Katie see her career moving in future? In this chapter, she talks about her current interests (such as photoshoots and art direction), and how she can see herself moving forward to incorporate these into her job in the future. [23:44-25:38] Conclusion Mitch wraps up today’s interview with Katie Buckleitner and tells you where to see more of her work online.

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    Max#53: Katie Page ‘I was paralysed, but now I train Olympic athletes’

    · Maximise Your Potential Podcast

    Welcome back to episode 53 of the Maximise Potential Podcast.Throughout the last couple of years, we’ve managed to share some incredible accounts of individuals battling adversity, however, in many ways our interview today takes this subject to an entirely new level.At the age of 19, Katie Page had her entire life, as she knew it at that time, taken away from her. Even worse was the fact that she was given no hope that her situation would ever change.However, Katie refused to accept that this was going to be her life’s path and was determined to create a different future for herself, one that has led her to an incredibily fulfilling life whilst also becoming one of the most respected individuals within her profession.Here is Katie to tell us her inspirational story…Key messages from Katie: I think Katie’s story is a perfect example of how you never have to accept the views and perspectives of others, even in the most extreme of situations.Katie has shown us all that if you are passionate enough, persistent enough and have a clear vision of the outcome you are going to achieve, then anything is truly possible.As Katie said, even now the doctors still don’t know how she managed to regain the use of her arms, body and legs……but as far as Katie’s concerned, her experience taught her that the relationship between mind and body is far stronger than we can ever imagine.Katie is now of the most respected Sports Psychologists in the country, working alongside Dame Kelly Holmes, Jessica Ennis-Hill and an abundance of other Olympic and World Champions.I would thoroughly recommend that you connect with Katie, which you can do if you Google her name plus ‘mind training for sport’ – or you can visit the webpage for this episode and click on the links I’ve added.In addition, on the webpage I’ve also added numerous quotes and statements that Katie mentioned throughout the interview, which are well-worth re-visiting.Katie, thank you again for your time and for sharing your story.Katie Page Quotes: It is essential to have a support team - they helped me to get through the darkest times I created my own outcome, that I wanted The mind doesn't know the difference between if you visualise something or you do it for real Creating boundaries for people isn't healthy I think that we can sometimes miss how much we actually have in our lives Life can be like a tight rope, you can slip so easily and it can be taken away It is so important to embrace life - we can live it, enjoy it and maximise upon it, or we can moan and be negative - and guess what, the outcomes will be very different People come into our life for a reason and we can learn from everyone we encounter Wherever the mind goes, the body will follow The mind and the body are completely connectedConnect with and Learn more about Katie Page: Katie's website: Mind Training for Sport LinkedIn: connect with Katie on LinkedIn Twitter: Follow Katie on TwitterListen to the interview: Click on the following link: http://www.maximisepotential.co.uk/katie-page/ Short url: http://bit.ly/1ckU50dEuropean Podcast Awards: http://www.maximisepotential.co.uk/maximise-potential-wins-european-podcast-of-the-year/Rate & Review the Maximise Potential Podcast on iTunes: http://bit.ly/itunes-maxpotentialSponsors: Jenrick Recruitment - specialists in Engineering, IT and Commercial recruitment services Xerxes Music

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    11: Katie Blackburn - 3 Babies in 3 Years - Her story of motherhood, special needs, and trusting the Lord.

    · Perfectly, Wonderfully Made

    Subscribe I grew up going on family vacations with my friend and guest this week Katie Blackburn. Katie was just a little bit older than I was, and I always looked up to her so much even as a little girl. I looked forward to each winter vacation we would take together and the time we got to spend adventuring as kids. I've loved watching Katie become a mama and raise her three gorgeous babies. I'm so excited to share my conversation with Katie with you all this week. You guys are going to be so blessed by Katie's genuine love for people and her heart to chase after the things of God.  Katie is married to the love of her life, Alex. She has three babies, Harper Kristin (December 2012), Cannon Lee (May 2014), and Jordi Daniel (November 2015).  She had three babies in three years, and loves the life she has been given. Just over a year ago now, in October of 2016, her son Cannon was diagnosed with autism, and she so openly shares about how the Lord has shown up for her and has brought peace to her in every season of her life. Katie is a writing instructor at her local college, a contributor at Coffee + Crumbs, and has co-authored her first book The Magic of Motherhood. Katie also writes beautiful essays about her faith & family on her blog Just Enough Brave.Katie tells us she went into her first birth experience feeling pretty over confident and what she would later find out was very unprepared. She thought to herself, “how hard could this really be?” I'm sure there are many of us out there who can relate to those feelings. With the birth of her third baby, she had different hopes and really wanted to try for an un-medicated birth. I loved our conversation about surrender. How she learned to give her desires over to the Lord in labor with her third baby. She had the hard & beautiful un-medicated delivery she had always hoped for.  Katie shares with us about her son, Cannon’s, autism II diagnoses. She talks about the blessing of being on the same page with her spouse, regarding Cannon, and how time with Jesus allowed her to gain perspective and strength for each day. Katie tells us the most unexpected thing about having a child with special needs was the way it changed her faith. The Lord became so much bigger and so much more real for her. Her prayer for Cannon is that the works of God might be displayed in and through him. I loved listening to Katie talk about hope and how she manages her days with three little ones. You’re going to love our conversation about self care and self comfort on today’s show.You can hear Katie talking about motherhood, faith, special needs, and a so many other encouraging topics on the Coffee + Crumbs podcast, the Open Door Sisterhood podcast, and at Tears of Gold.As always, I would love it if you would share the show with your friends & family. Find me on IG @perfectlywonderfullymade and Facebook @yourbirthclass. I would love to connect with you! Email me anytime with your comments about the show alise@alisemarsh.com  Resources & Links:The Life We Never Expected by Andrew & Rachel WilsonCold Brew Trader JoesClick List Grocery Pick Up at Fred MyerAthleta Studio WrapThe Magic of Motherhood by Ashley Gadd & Coffee + Crumbs Coffee + CrumbsKatie's Blog Just Enough Brave

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    26. New Year's Shorty (w/ Leah Bonnema, Katie Halper)

    · Fake The Nation

    Katie Halper (The Katie Halper Show) and Leah Bonnema (VH1) join Negin for a willfully positive discussion to ring in 2017. They recap their favorite moments of 2016 and make resolutions and predictions for the year ahead. Also, some deep reflections on drinking water's optimal temperature.

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    23. Minority Prez Donny Twimp (w/ Leah Bonnema, Katie Halper)

    · Fake The Nation

    Katie Halper (The Katie Halper Show) and Leah Bonnema (VH1) join Negin to talk about how to talk about Donald Trump. Meta! They also get into the latest developments from Transition 2016 and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Plus, why nonviolent protesting is anything but a wuss move.This episode is brought to you by Stamps.com code: FAKE.

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    17 Zaftigcare (w/ Christian Finnegan, Katie Halper)

    · Fake The Nation

    Katie Halper (The Katie Halper Show) and Christian Finnegan (A&E's Black and White) join Negin to dive into the dismal final days of the election cycle. They dissect Newt Gingrich and Megyn Kelly's on-air tiff, Donald Trump's newest hotel, and Obamacare's troubles. Plus, Negin heads to South Africa and asks, "How would you describe Americans?"This episode is brought to you by Totes and Foot Cardigan.

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    SJP #029: Katie Davis Major: Daring to Hope in the Face of Adversity

    · Simply Joyful Podcast with Kristi Clover | Encouragement for your Faith and Family

    Episode #029 with Katie Davis Major Daring to Hope in the Face of Adversity   Head to KristiClover.com/029 to see all the Show Notes & Awesome Quotes that we collected for you!   I’m so excited to have this week’s special guest, Katie Davis Majors. Most of you are familiar with Katie by her maiden name, Katie Davis — the New York Times bestselling author of Kisses from Katie. Her new book, Daring to Hope, is amazing. Katie truly is a gifted writer. For those of you who are not familiar with Katie, she actually moved to Uganda over a decade ago, with no idea that it would be the place that God would call her to build her home and her family. Today, she is the wife of Benji and mom to her fourteen favorite people. Katie and her family invest their lives pouring into the people of Uganda through education, medical care and spiritual discipleship. She is also the founded of Amazima Ministries—an organization that cares for the vulnerable children and families of Uganda. They have also recently just opened a new school (which she will talk about in today’s episode). Her first book really inspired us to take a look at our lives and how we are living out the call that God is putting on our hearts. For her that calling was in Uganda. At a very young age she was fostering and adopting children—we’ll get to all of that in this amazing interview. What is interesting that is in the time span from book one to book two, God brought about quite a few tragedies in her life. Her new book really talks through, as it mentions in the title, daring to hope. She talks about how she really questioned God in these really hard times in her life. What I love is she doesn’t simply leave us with “there were hard times and God was there,” she talks about the beautiful intimacy and the character of God that she got to see through these hard times.   I cannot wait for you to hear this episode!   ON A SIMPLY JOYFUL NOTE… Katie says her favorite way to keep things simple is to get rid of unnecessary stuff. She also shares about how she believes it's important to make life more about relationships. Don’t worry about if your house is perfect before you have guests over or don’t worry about cooking elaborate meals. All those things can be beautiful and God-ordained, but it can also be a hindrance. God chose relationship every time.   IN THIS EPISODE… Grab your favorite drink and settle in—you are going to LOVE this episode!    ***Check out the SHOW NOTES to see all the great highlights, quotes, and links!***     BOOKS MENTIONED… Kisses from Katie Daring to Hope Love Does by Bob Goff     HELP SUPPORT THE SIMPLY JOYFUL PODCAST! Anytime you purchase things from my site and my store, it blesses the podcast. The Simply Joyful Podcast is put together not only by me, but my team of amazing and talented assistants! As I prayed about starting this podcast I knew I'd need help to maintain it in order to keep balance in my family life. So after episode #12, I hired three people to help me put all the elements together for this podcast. It's been a tremendous blessing.   When you get your Simply Joyful Podcast mug, be sure to take a picture of it and use #SimplyJoyfulPodcast or #SimplyJoyfulMug. I'd love to see them!   Check out these companies (through my affiliate links): Covenant Eyes **Try it for 30 Days FREE!** Audible **Free Download** Amazon   HELP GET THE WORD OUT… My prayer is that this podcast would be a blessing to all who hear it. If you enjoy this podcast, it would be such a blessing to have you "Subscribe" to this podcast on iTunes or Stitcher and leave me a rating and review. This helps the podcast to rank in iTunes and be more "visible" for people searching for new podcasts to listen to. If you wanted to share this episode with friends or on social media, I've created several great images that are share-worthy.   Thank you so much for helping us get the word out about the Simply Joyful Podcast!   I hope you enjoyed this week's podcast! My prayer is always that you will be blessed and encouraged by each episode.   Live Simply. Be Joyful.     LET’S CONNECT!… My Website Facebook  Instagram YouTube Pinterest Twitter     CONNECT WITH KATIE DAVIS MAJORS… Katie Davis Majors moved to Uganda over a decade ago with no idea that this would be the place that God chose to build her home and her family. Today, she is a wife to Benji and mama to her fourteen favorite people. Katie and her family invest their lives in empowering the people of Uganda with education, medical care, and spiritual discipleship. She is also the founder of Amazima Ministries, an organization that cares for vulnerable children and families in Uganda and the author of the New York Times bestseller Kisses from Katie.   You can check out Kaite's books HERE on Amazon! Be sure to visit her site as well at www.amazima.org.         **This post may contain a few affiliate links, both Amazon & others. Please see my disclosure page if you have any questions

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    TLS 65: Stopping the Glorification of Busy with Katie Richardson (puj.com)

    · The Lively Show

    This Lively Show is thanks to a tag @shanderson22 left for me on Katie Richardson’s Instagram photo that declared, “stop the glorification of busy.”I’m talking with the incredible Katie Richardson, a wife, mother of four littles, and the founder of the practical and stylish children’s line, Puj. This episode is more of a conversation than a traditional interview. Katie and I both explore the challenges, triumphs, and limiting beliefs we face when it comes to detaching ourselves from busy-ness.This episode is perfect for anyone who is over-scheduled, overwhelmed, or wants to drop the word “busy” from their vocabulary.    [Tweet ""Instead of feeling guilt when I take time for myself, I try to feel gratitude." - @pujbaby"][Tweet ""I try to feed my mind, body, and soul with goodness as best I can." - @pujbaby"] In This Episode You’ll Find Out About:  How Katie and her family lived on $120 a week in order to start her company, Puj, and how it later became a million dollar business in it's first year. The lessons Katie learned about being authentic in her business, while still being professional. Katie's newest product release that is currently on Kickstarter. How Katie came to the realization that we need to stop the glorification of busy. The struggles Katie and I still face in our lives and careers when it comes to getting help and delegating. The struggles I've had lately overcoming the limiting beliefs that come with comparing our own abilities to other people's abilities. The challenges Katie and I have both faced when putting boundaries on technology, and the habits we have found useful to combat the temptation to check social media all the time. The areas of her personal life that Katie gets help with and how she determined which things she needed to delegate, based on her company and personal Values. How to determine which things to do yourself, and which things to delegate. How Katie weaves her Values into her business and makes decisions based off them, particularly when difficult decisions pop up. What Katie would tell someone just starting out on this journey. SHOW NOTES: Katie got a lot of inspiration from Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of LessPuj.comPuj TubPhillup Cup Kickstarter CampaignPuj NubAwaken the Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial@pujbaby (IG) LISTEN TO THE SHOW  Want more? Check out more Lively Show episodes here. 

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    Katie Farrell: Recovering from an Eating Disorder and Finding Your True Identity in Christ

    · Mind Body Musings Podcast: Feminine Embodiment | Surrender & Trust | Relationships | Limiting Beliefs | Authenticity

    Episode 75: Katie Farrell is the author of Dashing Dish, a healthy recipe website and ministry to help women find their true beauty in Christ. Katie is a registered nurse from the state of Michigan where she lives with her high school sweetheart and husband of five years. Dashing Dish is a combination of Katie’s greatest passions in life...Teaching women to find their identity in Christ, and ending misconceptions about healthy eating. Katie’s desire is to inspire women find the balance between spiritual and physical health, all while enjoying the journey!Show notes: How Dashing Dish became Katie's passion-driven career Where Katie's eating disorder first originated and how it progressed The intervention that changed Katie's path drastically The spiritual steps Katie took to overcome her ED The power of scripture stickies around your house One of the biggest obstacles Katie faced when she began intuitive eating The powerful work Katie's book Devotions for a Healthier You has been doing (find HERE) The detrimental effects social media has on all of us The day Katie came to terms with the fact that her body is her body and God made it specifically for her Her favourite recipes on her website! Connect with Katie: Website Facebook Twitter Pinterest[Tweet "Is your identity in food or faith? Katie Farrell has one inspiring story to share. #ednos #faith"]Become a patron of the show by contributing as little as $1 per podcast and get a mention on my show HERE!

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    098: HOME BIRTH STORY - Lessons in Surrender, Gratitude and Strength During Home Birth and Postpartum with Katie McCormick Part 2

    · Doing It At Home: Our Home Birth Podcast

    We welcome back Katie McCormick to the show today! She joined us back in episode 73 where we talked about her and her husband Ryan planning a home birth in their cottage in West Cork, Ireland after leaving life in Portland, Oregon. Since talking with Katie McCormick, we spoke with another Katy - Katy Drew, a friend of Katie McCormick’s and a “non-mom” who inspired episode 76. And get this - while we were speaking to Katy - Katie was in labor! So lots of cool connections and happenings since we first connected with the expat mama to be. Now she’s mama to baby River - born 13 days past his guess date! This was of course part of their story - learning to be patient, surrender and understand that babies have their own timelines and ideas of when they’d like to make their appearance. We learn about some of the natural induction options that Katie went over with her midwife: nipple stimulation, essential oils, castor oil in orange juice...anyone else try out some of these methods? Mainly the focus was on letting go. When labor finally did begin, Katie was ready. She was grateful. And she had no fear. Ryan actually gets to join us in the interview as well! And Ryan’s take on the whole experience? He says, “It was outrageous! So amazing!” He says it was one of the most extraordinary events of living. Katie also opens up a little bit on postpartum life and how she’s integrating this new role, finding support in community and finding gratitude in the little moments. Thank you to Katie, Ryan and River for being a part of the DIAH family :) Show Notes: Episode 73 with Katie - An Expat Planning a Home Birth in Ireland with Katie McCormick - https://www.diahpodcast.com/single-post/An-Expat-Planning-a-Home-Birth-in-Ireland-with-Katie-McCormick Episode 76 - Why Non-Moms are Important in the Home Birth Conversation with Katy Drew - https://www.diahpodcast.com/single-post/Why-Non-Moms-are-Important-in-the-Home-Birth-Conversation-with-Katy-Drew

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    051 Getting Real About Trailblazing with Katie Snyder

    · The Couragemakers Podcast | Encouragement, Inspiration & Rebel Rousing for Mission Driven Doers Makers & Shakers |

    Hello Couragemakers and welcome to episode 51 of The Couragemakers Podcast! This week I am delighted to share with you my conversation with Katie Snyder. Katie is a unconventional creative who is based in Atlanta. She  oversees and runs her photography business she started at 18, while on the road, tour managing indie electronic band, Paper Lights. Katie is the owner of Wildfire Company, which was created to help musicians and other artists in a variety of facets, including management, booking, and social media. She enjoys teaching and mentoring about creativity and is currently working on her first book on this topic. In this episode, Katie shares her journey from starting her photography business at the age of 18 and how she decided to start over and pursue different passions as a thirty something. Katie gets really vulnerable about her creative adventures and how she keeps herself inspired, how lonely the experience of being a trailblazer can be, and taking creative leaps of faith. I absolutely loved hearing all about Katie's life, how she finds time to write her book on the road, and how much honesty she has in sharing her journey. I really enjoyed chatting about the non-glamorous side of things that sound very glamorous and how much guts it takes to go against the status quo even when no one around you gets it. If you often feel alone in creating your own path, if you want to feel really inspired to take your own risks and if you want to hear the very real adventures of a trailblazer, this is absolutely the episode for you! Enjoy the show!   About Katie Katie Snyder has owned & operated a photography business since she was 18 years old. During this time, she has been responsible for documenting hundreds of events and humanitarian projects around the world. She now oversees and runs this business from the road, while tour managing indie electronic band, Paper Lights. She also owns The Wildfire Company, which was created to help musicians and other artists in a variety of facets, including management, booking, and social media. She enjoys teaching and mentoring about creativity and is currently working on her first book on this topic. Follow her journey on the road in #RudolphtheRedAdventureVan  Email | Instagram |  Twitter  | Facebook   Things We Talked About How Katie started a photography business when she was 18 and how she made it her livelihood What Katie's life looks like out on the road, managing and touring with Paper Lights How Katie keeps herself inspired and keeps self doubt away Katie's beliefs about creativity   Resources Paper Lights: on Instagram   About Meg & That Hummingbird Life   I’m Meg and I’m the host of Couragemakers and founder of That Hummingbird Life. I’m an INFJ creative and multipassionate who has a bit of a notebook and post-it note obsession, loves foot-stomping country music and likes her hot chocolate with way too much chocolate. I started Couragemakers because I wanted to create a platform for passionate and unconventional women to have honest conversations and to share their stories, struggles and dreams. The intention behind this podcast is to inspire and encourage creative and mission-driven women to live a wholehearted life and follow the beat of their drum. When I’m not recording episodes, writing bullshit-free, very vulnerable and encouraging Sunday emails to fellow couragemakers or making new friends with the wonderful guests, you can find me working on all manners of magic over at That Hummingbird Life. THL is the online home for unconventional creatives and multipassionates who want to show up unapologetically and intentionally as who they are, and really own, live and share their many stories. It’s made for couragemakers who have so much great shit to give the world and want to leave their mark but have too much self doubt standing in the way!

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    180: Katie Anthony: When Mommy Goes Viral (for real)

    · The Shameless Mom Academy | Motherhood | Parent | Lifestyle | Inspiration | Motivation | Education | Mother | Full Life | Life of Your Dreams

    Katie Anthony is a writer and mother of two boys, ages 3 and 5. She knows a lot about backhoe loaders, velociraptors, and rage. Her writing has appeared in BUST.com, Scary Mommy, Mamalode, and the PEPS Blog. She swears and blogs about parenthood, feminism, and scotch at KatyKatiKate.com.   I was introduced to Katie via one of my favorite podcasts, For Crying Out Loud.  Co-hosts of FCOL, Lynette Carolla and Stephanie Wilder Taylor, read a piece of Katie’s writing that had me so fired up, I couldn’t help but Facebook stalk her (my favorite pastime and one of my best skills) and beg her to come on my show.     Luckily, she was flattered by my stalking and said YES.     Phew.    Katie is an amazing witty writer and a truly talented truth teller.  I kind of want to live in her head.  I think you will too after you hear this interview.    Listen in to hear Katie share: How writing became her therapy in motherhood Why she just can’t keep quiet about the ways she sees men abusing their power All about her buddy Chad, who you know too, btw How she is managing newfound fame and glory after going viral (for real) a few weeks ago Why she asks her readers for money (gasp)    Warning: this episode contains explicit language and a decent amount of F bombs.  We opted not to edit them out, as they are relevant to Katie’s writing, her personality, and her story.  Enjoy them all!   Links Mentioned: Katie’s Blog (including posts on Harvey, Scott, Kevin and Chad): www.katykatikate.com Katie’s Book: Feminist Werewolf Support Katie on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/katykatikate Katie on Facebook: www.facebook.com/katykatikate Katie on Twitter: www.twitter.com/yokatykatikate Scott Rosenberg article http://deadline.com/2017/10/scott-rosenberg-harvey-weinstein-miramax-beautiful-girls-guilt-over-sexual-assault-allegations-1202189525/   For Crying Out Loud podcast episode where I found Katie  Book: Hunger by Roxanne Gay Book: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay    

  • With an Evidence-based Curriculum, Improving Outcomes for Minority Male Youth

    · The Center for Court Innovation - Podcasts

    This podcast is part of a series highlighting innovative approaches to reducing violence and improving health outcomes among at-risk minority youth at the nine demonstration sites of the Minority Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. One of these demonstrations sites is Cabarrus Students Taking a Right Stand (STARS), a school-based male youth leadership program based in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, that seeks to create a healthy, positive school community through mentorship and positive role modeling. Katie Dight and Rolanda Patrick, program managers at Cabarrus STARS, and Sue Yates, chief financial officer for the Cabarrus Health Alliance, joined this week's podcast to discuss Cabarrus STARS' evidence-based curriculum and program results, and why STARS believes strong male role models are critical for program participants.    The following is a transcript RAPHAEL POPE-SUSSMAN: Hi. This is Raphael Pope-Sussman of the Center for Court Innovation. This podcast is part of series we are doing with people seeking to curb violence and improve access to public health for at-risk minority youth as part of the Minority Youth Violence Prevention Initiative. The Initiative is a partnership of the Office of Minority Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services at the U.S. Department of Justice that encourages collaboration among public health organizations, law enforcement agencies, and community-based groups. Our podcast series highlights innovative approaches at the nine demonstration sites that have received funding under the program. In this week's podcasts, we're looking at Cabarrus Students Taking a Right Stand or STARS in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. STARS is a school-based youth leadership program for males aimed at creating a healthy, positive school community through mentorship and positive role modeling. Key activities for this initiative include youth development, academic enrichment activities, service learning, tutoring, case management, and in-home parent resources. Through Cabarrus STARS’ partnership with local law enforcement, the police department's student resource officers serve as mentors and assist with youth programming. We're focusing this podcast on the specialized curriculum Cabarrus STARS uses with its youth, as well as the program’s use of a range of evidence-based tools. POPE-SUSSMAN: Hi. This is Raphael Pope-Sussman of the Center for Court Innovation. In today's podcast we're looking at the Cabarrus STARS, or Students Taking a Right Stand, program in Cabarrus County, North Carolina. Joining us today are Katie Dight and Rolanda Patrick, program managers at Cabarrus STARS, and Sue Yates, chief financial officer for the Cabarrus Health Alliance. Katie, Rolanda, and Sue, thank you for speaking with me today and welcome. ALL: Thank you. POPE-SUSSMAN: It's great to have you here. To start out, can you describe how Cabarrus STARS works? KATIE DIGHT: This is Katie Dight. We are a three-tiered program. We have tier one, which is systems level training and change within the schools. Tier two, which is our positive youth development piece of it where we have a group-level intervention. Then tier three, where we have intensive individual services both for the students, and then a parental engagement piece. POPE-SUSSMAN: The program partners with four schools. Can you talk me through those partnerships a bit? I know you focus on school climate and bullying as part of that. PATRICK: Yes, sir. In regards to the four schools that we currently work with, two are located in Kannapolis City, so we actually work with two different school systems. The first being Kannapolis City and the second being Cabarrus County Schools. The schools in general are Kannapolis Middle School and A.L. Brown High School, both in Kannapolis, and Concord High School and Concord Middle School in Cabarrus County. We're able to work with a minimum of 15 students, 15 to 17 students, at each school for 15 weeks. We begin in September, our first session will end in January. Our second semester will begin in January and end in May. During that time, we're able to implement an evidence-based curriculum called Too Good for Violence at the middle school level and Too Good for Drugs and Violence on the high school level. At every school, we're able to work with them for 15 weeks, a minimum of two hours. Our other partners include our local law enforcement agencies, so that would be Kannapolis City Police Department, as well as the Cabarrus County Police Department. We also have partnerships with the Youth Educational Services Society in Charlotte. They actually serve as our facilitators for our program. We also have a facilitator that comes from the Boys and Girls Club. DIGHT: In addition to that, each of the four schools also receives case management services. I'm sorry, this is Katie Dight. They are given to about eight students per year at each of the four sites. Those students are selected from our group and they might receive something like an interactive journaling program, some of them get a mentor. We try to team them up with mentors who are either connected to their school or local public servants, either firefighters or police officers. This year we expanded our mentoring program a little bit. We now work with more teachers and coaches than we did last year. PATRICK: We have a total of 13 mentors. POPE-SUSSMAN: I'd love to hear a little bit more about interactive journaling and the mechanism behind that part of the curriculum. DIGHT: Sure. This is Katie Dight and I oversee the case manager who uses the interactive journaling program. It's called Keep It Direct and Simple, or KIDS for short. It's a series that's divided up into different needs that the student might identify. We first meet with the student before we select a journal. Once we kind of get to know them, talk about what they see as some of their biggest challenges, we help them select a journal that might be most useful. For instance, a lot of our students select the one that is called Anger and Other Feelings, other students opt for the one called Personal Relationships. It's really a great system that walks the student through each of these problems that are really in-depth but in an easy to understand way. Our middle and high schoolers both use it. We've seen some pretty good results. There's a pre- and post-test for each of the journals. They ask things--for instance, for the Anger and Other Feelings, they'll ask students to name five major feelings that they've experienced. For a lot of our students, it's difficult to name anything other than maybe angry or sad when we first start, but by the end of it they're able to identify other ones such as grief or shame or guilt, which just helps the students really expand their vocabulary and put words to what they're feeling rather than just always resorting back to anger as their number one. We really aim to have each student who's in case management complete one journal at least. Most of them I can at least get onto the second one and like we said, we let the students kind of guide which one they're interested in, which one they think will benefit the most. In addition to the KIDS series, we have another one we pull a few different extra assignments from. They're totally up to the student but we find that they kind of complement one another. It's aimed towards an older crowd, particularly a crowd that might be in the juvenile justice system. Most of our kids don't have that involvement but we do find that some of those different activities have been helpful for the students to kind of go over in depth with our case manager. POPE-SUSSMAN: Are there other evidence-based tools that you have in use right now or that you plan to use? PATRICK: This is Rolanda. For the program, yes. Again, the evidence-based curriculum that we utilize for the group-level component of our program, Too Good for Drugs and Too Good for Drugs and Violence. They were both created by the Mendez Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia. POPE-SUSSMAN: How do those operate? PATRICK: Each curriculum has ten weeks of sessions. The topics include: conflict resolution, healthy relationships, goal setting, decision making, identifying and managing emotions, bullying, peer violence, dating, drugs, media, and influence. Each curriculum activity lasts about 55 minutes in general. Immediately following our curriculum lesson, we conduct positive development-type activities with our youth that reflect team building and respect with a local partner, Capstone Climbing and Adventure. That guides the young men through activities like low ropes course, working together, and making the right decisions. We also include positive youth development activities as hip-hop workshops as well as inviting local law enforcement officers in to talk to the youth about current events. POPE-SUSSMAN: So the facilitators are all black men and the population of youth, they're all young men. I'm curious about the philosophy behind that. PATRICK: This is Rolanda. In regards to your question, we believe that our participants will respond best by identifying with a person that looks like them. So in regards to our facilitators, we do have three African-American male facilitators. While the young men do work well with myself and Ms. Katie Dight, when it comes to personal topics and just sharing what it means to be a young man, what it means to be a young man in America, how to conquer some of the challenges that males face, it's easier for them to build this relationship and have that dialogue with a male facilitator versus a female facilitator. DIGHT: This is Katie Dight. In addition to the facilitators, we also have all of our mentors. It is a requirement that all the mentors are male. They don't have to be specifically men of color but we do, like Rolanda mentioned, find it most helpful when the students can see in either the facilitators or the mentors a positive male role model. POPE-SUSSMAN: How do young people respond to that? PATRICK: This is Rolanda. They absolutely love it. In regards to our attendance, we have about a 93 percent retention rate throughout all 15 weeks. I would say that our young men are actually enjoying the program and they are actually suggesting that their friends request to participate in the upcoming semesters. POPE-SUSSMAN: I'm wondering if you might have a story of a young man who came into the program and the outcome for him when he came out of the program. PATRICK: This is Rolanda. Last year it was brought to our attention that a young man, he was a 7th grader at one of our middle schools, he did not respect teachers, he did not respect the administration. He received about 15 disciplinary write-ups last year. This year he's in our STARS program at one of our middle schools. This young man shared about two weeks ago that he did not like the police. He did not like police officers. It didn't matter whether they were male, if they were female, regardless of their race or ethnicity. We also have an activity called Pizza with Police that we host at our four schools. This young man, he participated. He didn't say anything but he was definitely observing what was going on. Immediately following that session, he shared with myself that he was interested in receiving a mentor and that he wanted the mentor to be a police officer. That just goes to show how our activities are actually able to change the mindset of some of our participants. POPE-SUSSMAN: On a more macro scale, I'm wondering how you're measuring outcomes across the program. DIGHT: Sure, this is Katie. We have a couple different ways that we've been measuring it. First of all, we do without group-level individuals, we do a pre- and post-test. The very first day of the program they receive two different evaluations. One is focusing on student knowledge and that could be about bullying behavior, that could be about substance abuse. Then the other one is student attitudes and that's just towards their general attitudes on violence in general. They take that on the first day of the program and then they complete the same two surveys on the last day of the program. So they have a semester of learning between the two. We contract with an evaluator from UNC Charlotte. He'll help us determine if there's significant differences in between those two pre- and post-. In addition to that, we have a group of control students at each of our four schools, so that's about 15 students, who have been matched with the STARS participants in terms of age, race, and their different behaviors at school. Some of them have actually then gone on to be referred for their program for the second semester. They are also given the pre- and post- test at the start and end of the semester. We compare whether or not the intervention group has improved in comparison to the control group. So that's one set that we do. Another one is a school climate survey. That's conducted in April. We did one last April, we'll do one in 2016, and we'll do one more in 2017. We do that at our four target sites as well as two control schools. They have schools that have been matched in terms of just general demographics, poverty levels in regards to free and reduced lunch, the different ethnic makeup of the schools. We try to match them as closely as possible. They receive a school climate survey that's about 60 questions. We've added a few additional ones in terms of their relation with their police departments in their neighborhood to gauge how students and staff are feeling on that. Then 10 percent of the school takes that. So it's not just one grade, but rather all four grades in high school they're asked to take it or both of the grades in the middle school has to take it. That way we get a wide representation about what school climate is in regards to "Is my school a safe place? Is my school clean? Do I feel welcomed?" Then staff is asked to take a very similar school climate. Then we compare our target schools with our control schools to see how school climate as a whole is being impacted. POPE-SUSSMAN: Do you have some of those earlier results? DIGHT: We do. We have our first semester. We did see improvements, particularly within our intervention groups in terms of their student attitude and student knowledge prior to the start of the program compared to the end of it. The school climate, since it was a baseline, we don't have any real data about how we're doing in terms of improving that. When we started, our control schools were actually doing well in terms of their school climate as compared to our intervention schools. So there's definitely room for improvement but we did see a lot of positive feedback from the staff and students in terms of what areas they'd like to see improved upon. POPE-SUSSMAN: What's next? DIGHT: We are working on this second semester, we have three more ... I'm sorry, this is Katie again. We have three more semesters following this so the spring, then the next year will be fall 2016 and spring 2017. We'll continue to monitor school climate for the next two spring surveys. We'll continue to work with three more groups of students. Right now we're just focused on the students that we have, both in our group-level intervention as well as case management. We'll start to think a little bit about our summer enrichment activities. Over the next few weeks those ideas will really start to come together as we plan for the summer. PATRICK: This is Rolanda. Also, building on our tutoring program at our middle schools, increasing the number of mentors that we have, as well as the number of programs and participation that our local law enforcement agencies provide. POPE-SUSSMAN: Wonderful. Do you have anything else to add? PATRICK: This is Rolanda. I would like to add that it is a pleasure working with our four schools. We've had the opportunity to reach over 120 students thus far. Katie and I are definitely looking forward to the upcoming semesters as well as the summer. It's a pleasure to work with the parents, the teachers, the administrators of course as we're building and encouraging our young men to be as successful as possible. POPE-SUSSMAN: Well, thank you so much for taking the time out to speak with me today. PATRICK: It's our pleasure. DIGHT: Absolutely. POPE-SUSSMAN: This has been Raphael Pope-Sussman of the Center for Court Innovation. We've been speaking with Katie Dight and Rolanda Patrick, program managers at Cabarrus STARS, and Sue Yates, Chief Financial Officer for the Cabarrus Health Alliance. For more information on the Center for Court Innovation, visit www.courtinnovation.org.  

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