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  • Episode 404: Building Trust Using Virtual Communication (Free)

    · The Project Management Podcast

    Play Now: Project Management Professional (PMP)® Training on your mobile device: Sara Gallagher and Cornelius Fichtner A large number of projects these days rely on virtual teams. This means that we project managers must master how we communicate in a virtual setting in order to properly lead our teams. But how do you build trust as a leader if nobody can actually see you? This interview with Sara Gallagher (LinkedIn Profile) was recorded at the awe-inspiring Project Management Institute (PMI)® Global Conference 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. It is based on her presentation "You Can Trust Me: Communicating When Nobody Can See Your Face" and explores tools and techniques project leaders can apply to improve communication and convey trust even in digital and virtual settings. Here is what Sara wrote about her presentation: Trust is essential to effective communication across your team and your stakeholders - but how can you communicate trust when no one can see your face? This engaging session will examine how the four cores of trust are impacted in a digital, global communication environment. Participants will be given the opportunity to immediately apply what they've learned to improve communication across their teams. Episode Transcript Below are the first few pages of the transcript. The complete transcript is available to Premium subscribers only. Podcast Introduction Female Voice: In this episode of the Project Management Podcast, we learned to apply specific tools and techniques to improve communication and convey trust even in digital and virtual settings. Cornelius Fichtner: Hello and welcome to The Project Management Podcast™ at I am Cornelius Fichtner. We are coming to you live from the inspiring 2017 PMI Global Conference in Chicago. Podcast Interview Cornelius Fichtner: And with me right now is Sara Gallagher. Good morning! Sara Gallagher: Hello, good morning! Cornelius Fichtner: How are you today? Sara Gallagher: I’m doing great! This has been a fantastic conference! Cornelius Fichtner: You are smiling from ear to ear. You have already presented and they invited you back! Sara Gallagher: They do! Cornelius Fichtner: You’re going to have to give an encore presentation. Sara Gallagher: Yes, I’ll be speaking again at 1 o’clock today. Cornelius Fichtner: Yeah! So you must be ecstatic. Sara Gallagher: Well sort of. It’s funny right after you present, you’re like: "Ah, finally I can relax.” And then you get the call that you are doing it again. And it all starts again and all the prep work and everything. But it’ll be fun. I’m really excited. Cornelius Fichtner: How do you like the energy at this conference? Sara Gallagher: Energy has been amazing! So I’ll tell you, this has been a different conference for me in that I came alone and I don’t always do that. But I haven’t felt alone. Everywhere I’ve walked, everywhere I’ve gone, people have smiled, introduced themselves, taken me to dinner. So I found friends everywhere and in every industry, every state and many different countries. It’s been amazing. Cornelius Fichtner: So to the people at home who are kind of on the edge: “Should I go to a conference? Should I not go to a conference?” What is your recommendation? Sara Gallagher: Oh absolutely do it. Absolutely do it. My first conference was 2015 and I went in both feet in. I came and I also spoke at two presentations. So it’s a first-time conference experience and a first time speaking-at-a-conference experience, and it was fabulous! I get so many great little nuggets of inspiration and ideas I can take back with me, and a great network I come back with. So definitely do it. Cornelius Fichtner: Your presentation is titled: “You can trust me. Communication when no one can see your face.” Which is something that we are doing right now! Sara Gallagher: It is true! It’s true! Cornelius Fichtner: Nobody can see our faces. Sara Gallagher: Yes. Cornelius Fichtner: What’s the story behind this particular presentation? What got you interested in this? Sara Gallagher: Well I think some of the best topics come from personal struggle. In my line of work, I work with high-stakes projects. So these are projects that have a lot of potential business reward but if they’re executed poorly can cause pretty disastrous disruption. In that line of work, I vastly prefer to do it face to face because often there’s a lot of political agendas, complex stakeholder issues and so fewer misunderstandings occur when you can just look someone in the face and really have conversations. And so, I struggle with this for a long time and I kind of made it my mission for a couple of years to just experiment, read, research and get better at it. So, I don’t have all the answers. I certainly don’t have a silver bullet solution but my goal with this talk was to just present some of those ah-ha moments that I’ve had, those insights and get people rolling towards a better to work online. Cornelius Fichtner: What tools do you use to connect to people online where this has grown out of and you learn from? Sara Gallagher: So I’ve done a couple of things. I do a lot of video conferencing and I’m a big believer in that. I think it has limitations still that people need to acknowledge. It is not the same as face to face. We’ll talk about why in a moment. But I do a lot of that both with a fully blown technology solution where you walk into a conference room and there are cameras everywhere and that type of thing. But also just Skype on my laptop which most people now have access to Skype for business or something similar. So in my mind there’s really no excuse, right, not to let people see your face when possible. Cornelius Fichtner: Well sometimes in the morning, 7:30 no, no, no. Sara Gallagher: Oh well that’s true. That’s true. I know. Cornelius Fichtner: I always say, I have a face for radio. Sara Gallagher: So I have been on video conferences with Germany, which is a 7-hour time difference and I’m full hair and makeup at like 5 in the morning at the office ready to do this. So I know all about that. And then of course you know telephone, instant messaging, email, all of those things that people use, I’ve done that as well. Cornelius Fichtner: Let’s take a step back and think about more the not the digital communication but the personal communication. Once you meet somebody if you’re in a meeting room together with them, what are some of the clues that we look for to determine if someone is trustworthy that we talk to? Sara Gallagher: Well you know it’s really interesting and we have an excellent keynote yesterday that talked about this very issue. The fact of the matter is what we do look for and what we should be looking for are usually separate things. What we do look for is body language. What are they telling us with their eyes? Where are they looking, and what are they paying attention to? And the keynote, we learned that’s not always the best clue as to what they are actually thinking. But what’s really interesting about in-person communication is you think about people you work with physically in an office, right? All week long you have all of these micro-interactions with them. You pass them on the way to the bathroom. You tell them a joke. You tell them a story, pass along an idea that you had. And you have accumulated all of this data about this person and what motivates them and what drives them. So when you get into a conference room and you have to argue about something or you have to push your way towards a solution, all of a sudden that person is a human. They are not just a voice or an obstacle on the other end of the phone or on the other end of an email. So in a virtual environment, our goal has to be to replicate the humanity that we have with in person interactions. Cornelius Fichtner: I had an experience once where we have an offshore team and they were just words on the other side of an email chain and one day we managed to finally be able to get them on a video conference. And just that 30‑minute conversation changed everything. Sara Gallagher: It did? Cornelius Fichtner: It brought us closer together. We knew them. We saw them. They were actually human beings over there, right? And they took the time. It was late for them in the evening to come and meet with us and that just personal interaction that we had there, that helped. Sara Gallagher: It absolutely does and that’s one of the first ah-ha moments that I had is number one: The more that can you meet face to face in the beginning of a project, the better. If you can afford it, do it. But as you go along, have those touch points where they can see your face or at least hear your voice, relying more on phone than email. But help them experience that warmth. And another thing that I’ve done is you can actually get in their physical space by simply using the postal system. So I had a stakeholder in a different state who was just notoriously difficult. I mean every interaction with this guy was just horrendous. And finally, I reached across on a video chat and I asked him to stay after a meeting and I said: “Jeff, I get the sense that you are really stressed about this project. Can you walk me through some of the things you’re thinking about with this?” I swear to God this is what he says to me: “Alright, I’ll come clean. I hate project managers.” I was like: “Okay!” Cornelius Fichtner: One way to kill a conversation! Sara Gallagher: Exactly! But actually it opened a conversation because I could see his face and I could see he was kind of half-joking. But we were able to have really honest conversations about his experiences in the past, what I was going to do to be different. I followed that conversation up. I learned that he was a big Reese’s Pieces fan. So I hear you’re a Gummy Bear fan. Cornelius Fichtner: Yeah! Sara Gallagher: Yeah, yeah! So he was a Reese’s Pieces guy. So I mailed him a bag of Reese’s Pieces and a neck pillow with a note that said: “Use this every time I’m a pain in your neck.” And just that act that warmth of him getting something from me in the mail that sat on his desk that he could tap into when he was frustrated was great. And so that’s one the techniques that I’ve kind of found along the way as well. Cornelius Fichtner: And for our international listeners, Reese’s Pieces is a chocolate, right? Sara Gallagher: It’s a peanut butter chocolate. Think about M and M’s that little chocolate round, yeah! It’s like that. Cornelius Fichtner: And isn’t it in ET the movie? Isn’t that what Eliot uses to lure ET out of the shed there? Sara Gallagher: Yeah, it is. If you have a peanut allergy, I would not recommend them, but yeah! Cornelius Fichtner: Ah yes, okay! One of your slides in the presentation that caught my eyes, I go: “Oh, what is this, uncertainty tax?” What is the uncertainty tax?   Above are the first few pages of the transcript. The complete transcript is available to Premium subscribers only. Please subscribe to our Premium Podcast to receive a PDF transcript.

  • Top 6 Sewing Trends for Fall 2016 with Sara from the Sara Project // EP05

    · 00:23:45 · Maker Style

    The Sara ProjectSara's so sweet I had to have her on the show twice in one month. She prepared boatloads of wonderful content to share, and I promise you this is going to be another phenomenal episode. If you're familiar with Sara, you know she has really killer style. Her looks are always stunningly on-trend and a little bit daring, so I knew right away she would be the perfect person to talk about the top 6 sewing trends for fall this year. If you're still searching for fall sewing inspiration, this episode is for you. Even if you've got lots of ideas already, this episode is for you, because Sara is so lovely to chat with you won't want to miss hanging out with us - promise. Listening back to this episode, it feels exactly like two girls geeking out about sewing things, which makes me smile. That's what Maker Style is all about!Sara's a sweetheart, so settle in for a fantastic episode that's bound to leave you feeling inspired. Did you know that you can listen to the Maker Style Podcast on your favourite podcast app? We're live on Stitcher, Google Play, and iTunes! Subscribing is totally free, and will make sure that you never miss out on the latest episode. #SewingWin Stitcher iTunes Google Play Show NotesSara wrote a blog post with more information about ALL this goodnesss!Sara's Top Trends for Fall 2016:1) A timeless jeans pattern you love, like:Safran Pants by Deer & Doe (Check out this gorgeous split hem on Katie's version!)Birkin FlaresMorgan Jeans2) FUR (Don't Fear the Fur!!) Try it with Mccalls M7257 like Sara did. Check for an awesome selection of fur.Here's a link to Sara's Tips for sewing with fur.3) PlaidTry it with: Archer, Sarah, or the Tynni Cigarette Trousers4) Bold FloralsTry it with the Fenn Dress or V9201Or may I suggest a Seamwork Catarina with a turtleneck layered underneath? 5) TurtlenecksTry it with Paola with a Lottie Dress layered underneath OR add one to your favourite tee using my tutorial (It's easy, I promise). 6) Jackets- For a Bomber jacket, try M7100- For a Utility jacket, try Allie Olson's new LoneTree jacket(PS: check out EP04 for more information on how Allie Designed the jacket!) Sara's Favourite PodcastsCrafty Planner Clothes Making MavensSeamwork RadioThread CultModern SewcietyWant More Sara?BlogInstagramEP03Want More Maker Style? Check Out the Blog Hang out with me on Instagram See More Episodes

  • Sara Sigmundsdottir on Finding Her Happy Place PH63

    · 01:14:29 · Pursuing Health with Julie Foucher ‘[A healthy life looks like} being happy. I think that’s just what matters the most. People often think that healthy is being skinny and looking good. It’s so not true. So many people look really good but are so unhappy. I think when you find the things that make you happy, then you’re living a healthy life." – Sara Sigmundsdottir Sara Sigmundsdottir is a 24-year old Icelandic athlete who has finished in third place at the Reebok CrossFit Games for the past 2 years. Heading into the 2017 Games, she's taken the title for both the Reebok CrossFit Games Open and the Central Regional this season. She has also competed in several weightlifting competitions and broke several Icelandic national records at the 2017 WOW Reykjavik Games Olympic Weightlifting Championships. Sara started CrossFit in 2012 with very little competitive athletic background, growing up with a passion for music and art. After finding her way from bootcamp training to CrossFit, Sara made her competitive debut in 2013 and eventually made her way to the top of the podium at the Meridian Regional in 2015 and 2016. We caught up recently at CrossFit Mayhem, where she has been living and training this season for the 2017 CrossFit Games. In this episode we discuss: Growing up the youngest of five kids, both in the US and in Iceland Sara's passion for art, music, sports and her competitive spirit Finding CrossFit at 17 through bootcamp classes and figure competitions Sara's first local CrossFit competition The 2012 Reebok CrossFit Games Open and the beginning of her competitive CrossFit career Training in Iceland and the influence of other Icelandic athletes Adding training into her normal day Working on weaknesses regularly The 2015 Reebok CrossFit season and the year she broke through The 2016 Reebok CrossFit Games and the mental feat Sara’s mental approach and the importance of a positive training environment Her decision to move to Cookeville, TN to train at CrossFit Mayhem and how her training has changed A typical day and week of training for Sara Sara’s approach to nutrition Three things Sara does on a regular basis that has the biggest positive impact on her health One thing she struggles to implement that could have a big impact on Sara’s health What a healthy life looks like to her You can follow Sara on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook Links: Sara Sigmundsdottir Moved To Central East Region Sara Sigmundsdottir Moving To U.S. For 2017 California CrossFit Regional Sara Sigmundsdottir and Mat Fraser Have Officially Won the 2017 CrossFit Open CrossFit Poipu CrossFit Mayhem Rich Froning's book, First: What It Takes to Win The Untethered Soul Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life Fittest on Earth Documentary Fittest on Earth 2 Documentary Related Episodes: Ep 01 - Rich Froning on Competition, Shifting Priorities, and Discovering his Purpose Ep 08 - Chris Hinshaw on Regaining Functionality and Endurance Coaching and Programming for the CrossFit Community Ep 14 - Camille Leblanc-Bazinet on Moving Foward, Engineering, and Body Image Ep 25 - Christy Adkins on Overcoming Injury, Training for the 2016 CrossFit Games, and the Future Ep 57 - Annie Thorisdottir & Fred Aegidius on Team Work and Individual Performance If you like this episode, please subscribe to Pursuing Health on iTunes and give it a rating. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below and on social media using the hashtag #PursuingHealth. I look forward to bringing you future episodes with inspiring individuals and ideas about health every other Tuesday. This episode is brought to you by MobilityWOD. Do you struggle to get into good positions in your training and workouts?

  • Avsnitt 96 med Erik Lundin aka Eboi

    · Vad blir det för rap?

    Shoo! I detta avsnitt sätter vi oss ner med svensk raps kanske allra bästa textförfattare, Eboi AKA Erik Lundin. Ända sen Babak, mamma i huset som heter RMH, gästade oss tidigare i år och lät oss tjuvlyssna på Erik Lundins Suedi har vi väntat, och längtat, efter mer Eboi-material på svenska. I detta avsnitt bjuder Erik på ännu ett osläppt spår från kommande EP:n samt en acapella-vers rappad live i vår studio. Ni hör ju, detta är ett av våra bättre avsnitt någonsin! Förutom all musik blev det ett samtal om språk, identitet, svenskt rap-mode och om Erik faktiskt sydde sin egen mattebok i skolan. Whatever?! xoxo Sånger från avsnittet: 1. Erik Lundin - Suedi 2. Adam Tensta - Dopeboy ft Eboi 3. Erik Lundin - Araba 4. Erik Lundin - Annie Lööf 5. Erik Lundin - Haffla 6. Future - U Deserve It

  • Sara Gael, M.A., Director of Harm Reduction, Zendo Project, Psychotherapist

    · 01:16:49 · Psychedelics Today

    Download Sara Gael joins us on this week's episode. Sara is the Director of Harm Reduction at the Zendo Project. We get into some great stuff including some of Zendo's biggest wins, how Zendo works, how to discuss harm reduction with festival organizers, and how to manage difficult experiences that arise in the Zendo.  Something interesting that we learned during this talk was how law enforcement at Burning Man has really been interested in learning more about Zendo and their services, and requested Zendo to help train their staff. Sara also shares her experience and insights working on the MAPS Phase 2 MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD trials and how she got involved in psychedelic research. We also explore how transpersonal psychology can serve as an important framework for working with psychedelic experiences. [youtube] We hope you enjoy this episode. Be sure to leave us a comment below and share this episode! The Zendo Project The Zendo Project is sponsored by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Zendo provides harm reduction services to the community and to festivals. Zendo strives to: Reduce the number of psychiatric hospitalizations and arrests. Create an environment where volunteers can work alongside one another to improve their harm reduction skills and receive training and feedback. Demonstrates that safe, productive psychedelic experiences are possible without the need for law enforcement-based prohibitionist policies. [youtube] Show Notes/Link Naropa University - Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Psychology Transpersonal Psychology Navigating Psychedelics: Lessons on Self-Care & Integration Zendo Project Volunteer  Burning Man Working with Trauma MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD Sara Gael, M.A., Director of Harm Reduction, Zendo Project Sara received her Master’s degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology at Naropa University. She began working with MAPS in 2012, coordinating psychedelic harm reduction services at festivals and events worldwide with the Zendo Project. Sara was an Intern Therapist for the recently completed MAPS Phase 2 clinical trial of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD in Boulder, CO. She maintains a private practice as a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and non-ordinary states of consciousness. Sara believes that developing a comprehensive understanding of psychedelic medicines through research and education is essential for the health and well being of individuals, communities, and the planet. Community is an important part of integration. One of the most difficult aspects of integration is returning to a society that doesn’t understand or support psychedelic exploration. In fact, re-entering society can feel like a stark contrast between the interconnected, transpersonal state of the psychedelic experience. Therefore, one of most important tools for successful integration is a supportive, understanding community. We encourage our Guests to connect with and build supportive communities around themselves when they return home from the event. We support them in seeking professional help if necessary. -Sara Gael, Zendo Project Coordinator source Sara Gael - Links Sara's Professional Practice site - Re-membering Sara's Profile on Psychology Today Mikedelic Podcast - October 5, 2016  Understanding and Working with Difficult Psychedelic Experiences - MAPS Bulletin Entheogen Show - Psychedelic First Aid  Be sure to check out our upcoming course: Navigating Psychedelics

  • 164: Dr. Sara Gottfried - The Hormone Cure • Prepare For Menopause • The Importance Of Carbs

    · 00:54:52 · The Ultimate Health Podcast: Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, & Exercise

    Dr. Sara Gottfried is a wife, mother, friend, scholar, seeker, yoga teacher, and Harvard-trained medical doctor with over 20 years of experience. She’s the author of the New York Times bestselling books The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet, which are the focus of this interview. Sara also wrote the book Younger, which we dug into during of our previous chat with her. In this episode, we discuss: Sara's great grandmother Mud Sara was a hormonal hot mess in her 30s The impact of the birth control pill on your hormones The hormonal Charlie's Angels The 3 main jobs of cortisol Chronic cardio (eg. running) raises your cortisol 90% of doctors are addicted to caffeine The adrenal glands are important for maintaining homeostasis The purpose of yoga is to still the fluctuations of the mind Sara's omega-3 evolution Carbs are important, too Reset your thyroid gland by going grain-free Is there a connection between weight loss resistance and grains? 7 hormones that could be influencing your weight Men and women can both experience estrogen dominance Sara bashes paleo?!? What is your estrobolome? CAFO vs. grass-fed meat Menopause... prepare for it Chasteberry can help with PMS Maca is great for anxiety, depression, and low libido for women in perimenopause Decrease hot flashes by 43% using your breath Estrogen dominance tends to be at the root of endometriosis A single bout of strength training improves your memory Show sponsors: Raw Elements

  • Easy Tips for Learning to Sew BETTER with Sara from the Sara Project // EP03

    · 00:25:28 · Maker Style

    The Sara ProjectSara is one of those people who's joy is contagious. She's just a lot of fun to be around. In today's episode, we're sitting down with Sara from the Sara Project to chat a little about some easy tips for learning to sew better that Sara has picked up in her years of sewing. It's a fun, informative chat I know you won't want to miss.  Did you know that you can listen to the Maker Style Podcast on your favourite podcast app? We're live on Stitcher, Google Play, and iTunes! Subscribing is totally free, and will make sure that you never miss out on the latest episode. #SewingWin Stitcher iTunes Google Play SHOWNOTESSara's Favourite PodcastsThe Crafty PlannerClothes Making MavensSeamwork RadioThread CultModern SewcietyStores Sara Stalk's for Inspiration MadewellAnthropologieNordstromWhere Sara Looks for PatternsIndie Sew (She's a contributing blogger!)The Fold LineWhere Sara Finds High-Quality FabricFabric.comStyle Maker FabricsIndie Sew FabricsJo-Anne'sFun Patterns We MentionedFen DressArcher Button-UpSeamly Tee (Check our Sara's rad hack!!)Everyday Blouse The Invisible Zipper Tutorial I Watch Every Time Want More Sara?Blog: Instagram:Want More Maker Style? Check out the Blog Hang Out with me on Instagram See All Episodes

  • 282: Dr. Sara Gottfried | Decoding Female Hormones

    · 00:58:39 · The Art of Charm | Social Science | Cognitive Psychology | Confidence | Relationship Advice | Behavioral Economics | Productivity | Biohacking

    When you understand these hormonal changes, it creates grace in a relationship. - Dr. Sara Gottfried Are you tired of not knowing how to cope with your woman's hormonal cycles? Of not knowing when she'll go from zero to crazy in .002 seconds? And what about your own hormones - can you manage them yourself so that you don't feel tired and achy when you get up in the morning and grumpy when you come home at the end of the day? Our guest for today's show says yes to all of those questions. Dr. Sara Gottfried, author of The Hormone Cure, is a Harvard-trained medical doctor, wife, mother and yogini. And she's here to give us the scoop on male and female hormones. MORE ABOUT THIS SHOW: Dr. Sara is, as she puts it, board-certified in everything that can go wrong with a woman's body. She knows firsthand what it's like when hormones go haywire and it was her own personal experience that led her into deeper discovery on the topic. After sorting out her own hormonal imbalances, Dr. Sara decided to specialize in helping others do the same with their hormone levels. Today she treats both men and women. She's also written a book on how to properly treat hormone imbalances and in this episode she shares much of her knowledge, her personal experiences and a lot of "how to" advice on all things hormones. The finer details of this show include: The three words to say to your woman when she's complaining. What is adrenal burnout? What common birth control method can shrink the clitoris by as much as 20%? What's the hormonal cause of Grumpy Old Man Syndrome? What is tilt and why does it ruin many relationships? And so much more! Dr. Sara and I dive deep into these topics and many more. We talk about the importance of knowing your woman's hormonal cycle and how to cope with her different needs at different times of the month. For example, there are certain times when your woman will benefit more from getting together with her friends than she will from being with you. Dr. Sara tells us how to know when your woman needs her friends and when she needs you. We also talk about the three main hormones for men and women. They are different (naturally) and Dr. Sara explores each. For men, the top three are called "The Three Amigos" and they are testosterone, cortisol and thyroid. For the ladies, she dubbed their top three hormones "Charlie's Angels". They are estrogen, cortisol and thyroid. She tells us why each hormone is important to their respective gender, how to know if any of the big three hormones are off-balance and what you can do to reset them to normal, healthy levels if needed. She also explains why you should get them checked regularly, at least every six months. We also discuss the subject of tilt: what it is, why it happens and what to do about it. Tilt is when our nervous system gets overwhelmed. Tilt has a major impact on our overall personal health and also on the health of our relationships. Dr. Sara gives us symptoms to look for when questioning whether we're in tilt or not and how to cope if we are and how to help our woman cope if she is. And two other topics I made sure we touched on are the importance of orgasms in hormonal health and the three types of girls you should run from! Dr. Sara weighs in on both. We packed SO much into this episode of The Art of Charm! I think Dr. Sara and I could've talked for a few more hours; she was an amazing guest with a fountain of knowledge. I really appreciate how generously she shared her time and her wisdom; I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed interviewing her! Resources from this episode: Dr. Sara's web site Dr. Sara on Twitter Dr. Leake on The Art of Charm OneTaste Andrew Weil, MD Imago Relationships Canary Club WellnessFX You'll also like: -The Art of Charm Toolbox -Best of The Art of Charm Podcast   HELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you dug this episode, please subscribe in iTunes and write us a review! This is what helps us stand out from all the fluff out there. FEEDBACK + PROMOTION Hit us up with your comments and guest suggestions. We read EVERYTHING. Download the FREE AoC app for iPhone Email Give us a call at 888.413.7177 Stay Charming!

  • Elisabet Hermodsson i minne

    · P2 Dokumentär

    Författaren, visdiktaren, konstnären, filosofen Elisabet Hermodsson gick ur tiden 11 maj i år. P2-medarbetaren Eva Sjöstrand tecknar ett porträtt från ett möte med Elisabet Hermodsson 1994 på Fårö. Elisabet Hermodsson delade sin tid mellan Uppsala och Fårö. Med sina visor skrev hon in Fårös stränder och karga hedmark in i den svenska visskatten. Hon var en pionjär med sina bilddikter och många böcker där hon för fram en civilisationskritik som värnar människan och naturen gentemot teknokratin och vetenskapen. Bara några veckor tidigare i våras dog hennes man, också en Fåröprofil, konstnären Olof Hellström. Producent: Eva Sjöstrand, Sveriges Radio P2 och P4 Gotland Musik i programmet: 1) Elisabet Hermodsson: Längtan. Elisabet Hermodsson, ordlös sång, Erik Liedholm, gitarr. Inspelning Vattenringar Ingrid Thunegard Utbildningsradion 1986. 2) Elisabet Hermodsson: Sommardoft. Elisabet Hermodsson, sång, Rune Gustafsson, gitarr, Arne Domnerus, altsax, klarinett, Henry Gustafsson, flöjt, Claes Rosendahl, flöjt, Georg Riedel, kontrabas. Inspelning 1973. Album: Vad gör vi med sommaren, kamrater? Proprius PROP 7724. 3) Trad från Fårö/Erik Fröberg: Fåröbornas aftonbön. Herbert Kärren Olsson, tal. Inspelning 1977. Album: Musik på gotländska, Wessman&Pettersson skivor, Visby. 4) Elisabet Hermodsson: Visa till Fårö. Elisabet Hermodsson, sång. Gruppen Näsvisa: Yvonne Biresack, Staffan Bergman, Staffan Karlsson. Inspelning SR Gotland 1970-80-tal. 5) Elisabet Hermodsson: Visa till Fårö. Arne Domnerus, klarinett. Rune Gustafsson, gitarr, Georg Riedel, kontrabas. Inspelning 1973. Album: Vad gör vi med sommaren, kamrater? Proprius PRCD 7724. 6) Elisabet Hermodsson: Visa om en framtid. Elisabet Hermodsson, sång, Rune Gustafsson, gitarr, Arne Domnerus, altsax, klarinett, Henry Gustafsson, flöjt, Claes Rosendahl, flöjt, Georg Riedel, kontrabas. Inspelning 1973. Album: Vad gör vi med sommaren, kamrater? Proprius PRCD 7724. 7) Elisabet Hermodsson: Samtal på heden. Bengt Lundin, arrangemang, gitarr och konstnärlig ledning, Jan Kling, flöjt, Leif E Hellman, klarinett, Irene Sjöberg-Lundin, kontrabas, Bo Blixten Dahlman, gitarr. Inspelning 1974. 8) Elisabet Hermodsson: Vackre Apollo. Bengt Lundin, arrangemang, gitarr och konstnärlig ledning, Jerker Halldén, flöjt, Larsolof Loman, klarinett, Leif E. Hellman, klarinett, Peter Höglund, fagott, Bengt Belfrage, horn, Hubert Reinholdson, violin, Gunnar Klinge, violin, Urban Graedén, viola, Per- Ola Claesson, violoncell, Iréne Sjöberg-Lundin, kontrabas, B o Blixten Dahlman, gitarr. Inspelning 1974. Album: Vakna med en sommarsjäl, Caprice CAP 21568. 9) Elisabet Hermodsson: Visa i vinden. Karolina Andersson, sopran, Göteborgs Kammarkör, dirigent och arrangör Gunnar Eriksson. Inspelning 2013. Album: Vi kom från jorden, Footprint Records FRCD 075 10) Elisabet Hermodsson: Sommarkväll på ön. Musikhögskolans kammarkör, Göteborg. Arrangör och dirigent: Gunnar Eriksson. Album: Bara drömmare och dårar Inspelning 1992. Proprius PRCD 9037. 11) Elisabet Hermodsson: Vara ingenting. Bengt Lundin, arrangemang, gitarr och konstnärlig edning, Larsolof Loman, klarinett, Eric Dybeck, violoncell. Inspelning 1974. Album: Vakna med en sommarsjäl, Caprice CAP 21568. 12) Elisabet Hermodsson: Längtan. Elisabet Hermodsson, ordlös sång, Erik Liedholm, gitarr. Inspelning Vattenringar Ingrid Thunegard Utbildningradion 1986.

  • Ex-ordföranden Niklas Lundin gästar: ”IKO behöver gå i genom ett litet stålbad”

    · ickedickedoa's podcast

    Vi fortsätter att spotta ur oss poddar på löpande band. I dag har vi bjudit in Niklas Lundin som gäst. Lundin var ordförande i IKO mellan 2002 och 2010 och har flera gånger upplevt liknande saker som det klubben nu går i genom. ”Jag tycker absolut att komminen bör köpa mediakuben av IKO”, säger Lundin. • • • Det blir givetvis mycket snack om den rådande IKO-krisen, men också mycket annat. Som... ...att Lundin ångrar att han kickade Daniel Broberg: ”Det var idiotiskt att sparka honom”. ...en stor genomgång av alla tränare som kom och gick: ”Jag och Tommy Salo skiljde väl inte som vänner direkt” ...vem han tycker är IKO:s bästa spelare genom tiderna. Med mera. God lyssning!

  • Augusta Lundin och Märthaskolan – Sveriges första modeunder

    · 00:54:30 · Stil

    Svenskt mode har en gång i tiden inneburit mer couture än konfektion. För det har funnits en tid då svenska kvinnor, om än de lite bättre bemedlade, klädde sig nästan lika flott som de franska. I veckans STIL synar vi några kvinnliga modepionjärer i de välklädda sömmarna, Augusta Lundin (1840-1919) och Marg von Schwerin (1899-1992). För med hjälp av nål och tråd och en brinnande entusiasm byggde de upp en sorts modeimperier i Sverige genom att erbjuda kvinnor kläder av exceptionell god kvalitet, och med hög modegrad. För mönstren till många av deras klänningsmodeller kom direkt från de flotta modehusen i Paris, med vilka man samarbetade. Augusta Lundin hade till och med en direkt koppling till vad som kallas för världens första riktiga modehus, huset Worth i Paris etablerat 1858. Grundaren Charles Fredrick Worths närmaste man och kompanjon var nämligen en svensk man vid namn Otto Gustaf Bobergh som bistod med kapital och kunskap och organisering av rörelsen. Huset hette till och med Worth & Bobergh ett tag. Han lämnade dock modehuset, och Paris, efter tolv år. Han fick kalla fötter när det franska kejsardömet föll, han trodde bristen på kejsarinnor att klä skulle innebära slutet för couture. I Sverige ­blev han granne med den driftiga Augusta Lundin, vars potential han genast såg. Hon hade på egen hand drivit fram en framgångsrik business. I tidningen Idun slogs det till exempel 1892 fast att: ”Augusta Lundins storartade modeetablissemang, beläget vid Brunkebergs torg, är huvudstadens förnämsta och känt över hela landet”. Augusta Lundin förstod tidigt att kvinnor vill ha unika och personligt utformade plagg, och inte bara kopior på dem som fanns i dåtidens modejournaler. Med Boberghs hjälp fick hon tillgång till likadana klänningar som de som fanns i Paris. Även Marg von Schwerin hade goda kontakter med den franska modebranschen. 1927 grundade hon Märthaskolan i Stockholm som inte bara erbjöd avancerad undervisning i sömnad, utan även kläder att köpa. Flottast var den franska avdelningen där plagg från Paris modehus syddes upp efter originalmönster, som skolan köpte. Redan från starten kunde man där visa upp egensydda klänningar designade av Vionnet, Patou och Chanel. Men till Märthaskolan vände sig inte bara glamorösa damer i behov av tjusiga aftonklänningar. Där handlade även många yrkeskvinnor som behövde fungerande garderober. Politikern Alva Myrdal var en av dem, det första kvinnliga statsrådet Karin Kock var en annan. Marg von Schwerins talang för mode, stil och sömnad smittade av sig på barnen. Den äldsta dotter heter Ebba von Eckermann, och nästa vecka öppnar en utställning om henne på Hallwylska museet i Stockholm – Vävda modedrömmar: från Ripsa till New York. Ebba har nämligen haft sin alldeles egna modekarriär, om även en oväntad sådan. Om det får vi höra mer om i programmet. Vi har också träffat Fadi El Khoury, mannen som ligger bakom det nya couturemärket Fadi Khoury Couture. Det grundades 2010. Han är född i Libanon, uppvuxen i Sverige och utbildad i Paris där han även har arbetat för både Alber Elbaz på Lanvin, och John Galliano hos Christian Dior.  Veckans gäst är Lena Kvarnström, designer och tidigare lärare i design på Beckmans designhögskola i Stockholm.

  • 7 Spring 2017 Sewing Trends and the Patterns to Make them with Sara from the Sara Project // EP26

    · 00:32:40 · Maker Style

    The Sara ProjectToday we're throwing it back to EP05! Sara from the Sara Project is back on the show again to share her top seven spring sewing trends and some incredible pattern ideas. If you're getting ready (or in the middle) of your spring sewing planning then you are going to LOVE this episode. It's always a huge pleasure talking with Sara because in addition to being incredibly stylish she's also super sweet. I hope you enjoy listening to today's episode just as much as I did recording it! Did you know that you can listen to the Maker Style Podcast on your favourite podcast app? We're live on Stitcher, Google Play, Castbox, Satchel and iTunes! Subscribing is totally free, and will make sure that you never miss out on the latest episode.Show NotesRuffle ManiaSuzon tutorial, double vertical ruffle topM7573 Laura Ashley TopTrack HappyKommatia Patterns Boxy Hoodie Sweatshirt Geodesic by Blue Prints for SewingSloane by Named ClothingLinden by Grainline StudiosVirgina Leggings by Megan NielsenStatement SleevesAnsa Butterfly by Named Clothing (I'm obsessed with Lindsey's version)Dove Blouse by Megan NielsenFarrah Pattern by Chalk and Notch Easy DressesAllie Olson's latest pattern (coming tomorrow)Lodo Dress by True BiasReeta Midi Shirt Dress by Named ClothingStylish PantsGinger Jeans by Closet CaseNinni Elastic Waist Culottes by Named ClothingM7547 Overalls (I mention being obsessed with this pair from Burda)Knit TeesAnneli Double Front Tee by Named ClothingSeamly Tee by Indie Sew + SeamlyBriar Top by Megan NielsenLight OuterwearBlackwood Cardigan by Helen’s Closet (I'm OBSESSED with this one too)Masia Denim Jacket by Named ClothingLone Tree Jacket by Allie Olsen ("YES AGAIN!" - Sara)Want more Sara?Check our our episode last fall!BlogInstagramWant More Maker Style Check out the Blog Hang out with me on Instagram See more Episodes

  • 117: Mia Lundin – Hormonell obalans, lyssnarnas frågor

    · 01:18:15 · 4Health med Anna Sparre

    Hormonell obalans! Ett avsnitt som är helt baserat på era lyssnarfrågor. Idag pratar vi med Mia Lundin om hur man balanserar sina hormoner och signalsubstanser; och kommer in på saker som klimakteriet och förklimakteriet, endometrios, utebliven mens, och hormonell migrän. Vi pratar mat, stress, tillskott, hormonpreparat och till och med om saker som tex ADHD. Och som vanligt kommer vi in på sköldkörteln och binjurarna ???? Era frågor har fullkomligt … läs mer

  • 94: Mia Lundin – Är det hypotyreos eller binjureutmattning?

    · 01:10:31 · 4Health med Anna Sparre

    Sköldkörteln och binjurarna pratar vi med Mia Lundin om idag. Fantastiska Mia är alltså tillbaka i podden! Är du trött och energilös ska du definitivt lyssna idag. Är du stressad ska du också lyssna. Och vill du lära dig om din kropp och dina hormoner ska du lyssna. Du får lära dig om stress, hormoner, signalsubstanser och hjärnan. Om näringsbrister som kan påverka den hormonella balansen. Om sköldkörtelhormonerna och mycket … läs mer

  • 86: Mia Lundin – Hormonkaos, förklimakteriet och klimakteriet

    · 01:35:50 · 4Health med Anna Sparre

    Idag ska vi prata hormoner, hormonkaos, övergångsbesvär och signalsubstanser med ingen mindre än Mia Lundin. Du som har hormoner som åker berg- och dalbana, en orolig hjärna som inte går att stänga av på natten, du som känner dig nedstämd, har sömnbesvär eller bara av oförklarliga skäl inte mår som du borde. Lyssna idag! Vi fokuserar på kvinnliga hormoner, men avsnittet, särskilt början av det, är också högst intressant för … läs mer

  • Anders Lundin 2009

    · 01:02:06 · Sommar & Vinter i P1

    Programledare, artist och låtskrivare I sitt Sommarprogram hoppas Anders Lundin på att han ska lyckas förklara hur man kan påverka ödet genom att imitera det man önskar. Det kan även hända att en snöleopard letar sig in lite här och var i manuset... Om Anders Lundin Hyllad programledare under sex säsonger för SVT:s Allsång på Skansen. Välkänd tv- och radioprofil för program som Expedition Robinson och Bullen i SVT, Sommartoppen och Glädjetåget i Sveriges Radio. Är en del av komikergänget R.E.A. Fick en Grammis 2004 för albumet Mycket känsliga bitar, en barnskiva som han spelat in tillsammans med Lars In de Betou. Våren 2009 släpptes debutalbumet med egna visor – Buckliga ord och knyckiga låtar. Anders Lundin har varit Sommarvärd 1995, 1999 och 2009. Producent: Ludvig Josephson

  • Anders Lundin 1995

    · 00:58:34 · Sommar & Vinter i P1

    Programledare och artist Anders Lundin i sitt första Sommarprat från 1995. Om Anders Lundin Hyllad programledare under sex säsonger för SVT:s Allsång på Skansen. Välkänd tv- och radioprofil för program som Expedition Robinson och Bullen i SVT, Sommartoppen och Glädjetåget i Sveriges Radio. Är en del av komikergänget R.E.A. Fick en Grammis 2004 för albumet Mycket känsliga bitar, en barnskiva som han spelat in tillsammans med Lars In de Betou. Våren 2009 släpptes debutalbumet med egna visor – Buckliga ord och knyckiga låtar. Anders Lundin har varit Sommarvärd 1995, 1999 och 2009. Producent: Fredrik Wadström

  • 144: Dr. Sara Gottfried - How To Look And Feel Younger

    · 01:08:51 · The Ultimate Health Podcast: Wellness, Nutrition, Fitness, & Exercise

    Dr. Sara Gottfried is a wife, mother to two incredible girls, friend, scholar, seeker, yoga teacher, and Harvard-trained MD with over 20 years of experience. She’s the author of the New York Times bestselling books The Hormone Cure and The Hormone Reset Diet. Sara has a brand new book titled Younger which is the focus of today’s interview. In this episode, we discuss: How at 44 Sara had the telomeres of a 66 year old woman The impact of short telomeres What is healthspan? Epigenetics - turning genes on/off Genetic testing... it's still the early days Aging begins in your muscles Your hormones start to decline in your late 20s The importance of defining your why Floss at least twice a day Purslane is loaded with omega-3s Grass-fed collagen can help with sagging and wrinkles on your face Incorporating collagen into your intermittent fasting routine Berberine can help you regulate your blood sugar Managing your melatonin and growth hormone The connection between vitamin D and your sleep Sleep, shampoo for your brain A benefit of sleeping on your side More sleep isn't always better A 20 minute nap = 1 hour of sleep at night Exercise changes the look of your skin, for the better Why Sara is a big fan of HIIT What is fascia and why is it so important Stop skimping on stretching The shocking health benefits of saunas Activating your vagus nerve Create new neural pathways by using your non dominant hand Lavender essential oil can help relieve anxiety Bone broth and coconut oil both benefit your brain Think about exercise as information for your DNA Related links: Sunwarrior

  • 36: Sara Haley - Stop Peeing Your Pants (Postpartum Core!)

    · 00:56:02 · The Shameless Mom Academy | Motherhood | Parent | Lifestyle | Inspiration | Motivation | Education | Mother | Full Life | Life of Your Dreams

    Sara Haley is a mom of two little dudes and personal trainer with a specialized focus on the postpartum core.  She helps mom heal Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.  She is on a mission to get more moms talking about these very normal conditions.  She is also a ton of fun – which makes it really easy to talk to her about postpartum peeing and such.   Warning: Sara and I talk (and laugh) about all things peeing and vagina related on this episode.  You’ll find it very informative.  You’re welcome.   In this episode, Sara shares:   How to squeeze workouts into a busy schedule 3 reminders to motivate you to workout 5 things not to do after having a baby How to get started with diagnosis and treatment of pelvic floor and core dysfunction Tips, tools (and toys!) that help heal diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction The risks associated with letting pelvic and core injuries go untreated     Links Mentioned:   Belly bandit – belly wrap Elvie Pelvic Floor Exerciser: video with discount code! Say No To Crunches Challenge Healthy Choices Food Challenge Sara’s Website: Sara on Facebook Sara on Instagram Sara on Periscope Sara on YouTube (tons of excellent videos and workouts!) Sara’s Postnatal YouTube playlist

  • Giorgio Crana - Mondovisioni

    · Il posto delle parole

    Giorgio CranaMondovisioniTutto pronto per “Aspettando Collisioni – Premio Giornalistico Fracchia” a Mondovì sabato 2 e domenica 3 luglio, con tanti ospiti e attività di animazione per le piazze della città. Il nuovo appuntamento culturale monregalese regalerà alla nostra città un ricco programma di ospiti e incontri, aggiungendo al cartellone di attività tanta musica e animazione per le strade del centro storico. Una soluzione convintamente sostenuta dalla direzione di Collisioni, dall’Amministrazione comunale, dalle associazioni dei commercianti e dai tanti sostenitori dell’iniziativa per favorire la promozione e la valorizzazione in chiave turistico-commerciale del salotto di Mondovì. Una grande kermesse di letteratura e musica da tutto esaurito.LE LOCATION E IL PERCORSO IN CITTA’ “Aspettando Collisioni” quest’anno sarà interamente gratuito e invaderà direttamente le vie e le piazze della Città, interagendo con il riqualificato centro storico pedonale di Mondovì. In Piazza Cesare Battisti (Piazza Blu) verrà allestito il consueto palco dedicato agli incontri con gli scrittori e i giornalisti e ospiterà i concerti di Roberto Vecchioni (sabato 2 luglio) e Gino Paoli (domenica 3 luglio). L’animazione di strada coinvolgerà tutte le vie di Mondovì, a partire da Piazza San Pietro, con spettacoli di circo da strada, trampoli, trucca-bimbi, spettacoli di giocoleria e un format di spettacoli e improvvisazioni molto amato dal pubblico con attori che leggeranno pagine di libri ai passanti, trasformando la parola scritta in situazioni comiche e molto coinvolgenti per il pubblico. Il percorso di animazione proseguirà lungo via Sant’Agostino per arrivare a Piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, la location dedicata alle giovani Band Emergenti (Piazza Verde). Ecco di seguito il programma e gli orari del palco letteratura.PALCO LETTERATURA - SABATO 2 LUGLIO - PIAZZA CESARE BATTISTI Alle ore 14 ad inaugurare il cartellone letterario di Aspettando Collisioni a Mondovì sarà Guido Catalano, torinese classe 1971, e caso probabilmente unico in Italia: ha venduto migliaia di libri (di poesia) ed è stato capace di collezionare oltre centocinquanta readings all'anno in tutto il Paese, uno più affollato dell'altro. Guido Catalano presenterà il suo primo romanzo “D’amore si muore, ma io no”, leggendone le pagine più esilaranti. Una storia piena d’amore, di sesso, d’inseguimenti d’auto, di ansia da prestazione e probabilmente uno dei pochi romanzi d’amore dove il primo bacio arriva a pagina 195. A moderare l'incontro sarà il vincitore del Premio Cesare Augusto Fracchia 2016. A seguire, alle ore 15, a salire sul palco sarà Serena Dandini, ideatrice di programmi tv come Avanzi e La Tv delle Ragazze e conduttrice che più di ogni altra in Italia ha saputo portare avanti un progetto di satira di qualità e spessore a partire dagli anni ‘80 ad oggi. Serena Dandini presenterà il suo libro “Il futuro di una volta” (Rizzoli) in cui una madre che non ha mai smesso di sentirsi una ragazzina e una figlia che vive all'insegna "del minimo del rischio con il minimo delle soddisfazioni" vengono raccontate con l’inconfondibile vitalità e lo spiccato senso dell'umorismo della conduttrice. A moderare l'incontro sarà Elena Masuelli, redattrice de "La Stampa". Il pomeriggio di incontri prosegue alle 16:30 con Valerio Massimo Manfredi, archeologo classico che ha insegnato e tenuto seminari in varie università italiane e straniere. Ha scavato e condotto spedizioni scientifiche in molti Paesi collaborando con prestigiosi istituti di ricerca e ha pubblicato numerosi articoli e saggi in riviste scientifiche internazionali. Come autore di narrativa ha pubblicato diciannove romanzi e il 24 marzo scorso sono cominciate le riprese de "Lo Scudo di Talos", un film internazionale tratto dal suo romanzo omonimo. A Mondovì parlerà del concetto di tempo per un archeologo che “è materia, è il trascorrere dei pensieri e delle civiltà”. Alle 18 sarà la volta di Gene Gnocchi: il noto comico e conduttore TV, autore nel 2015 del libro "Cosa fare a Faenza quando sei morto" (Bompiani) allieterà il pubblico di Mondovì con aneddoti e racconti della sua lunga carriera televisiva e teatrale. A condurre l'incontro Enrico Anghilante, fondatore e direttore della testata di news online TargatoCN. Alle ore 19:30 Aspettando Collisioni ospiterà Renato Pozzetto. Il comico milanese, con la sua ironia surreale e stralunata, è sicuramente uno dei più amati e noti del panorama italiano. A Mondovì Pozzetto si racconterà ripercorrendo la sua carriera e le sue gag più famose, in cui di fronte alle situazioni più assurde esibisce la più assoluta freddezza e 'nonchalance', scatenando un umorismo davvero irresistibile. Con lui sul palco l'attore Fabrizio Pagella.PALCO LETTERATURA - DOMENICA 3 LUGLIO - PIAZZA CESARE BATTISTI Il palinsesto letterario di Aspettando Collisioni riprende domenica 3 luglio alle ore 14 con Philippe Daverio. Il celebre critico d’arte, giornalista e conduttore televisivo salirà sul palco di Mondovì per rilanciare il suo movimento Save Italy, a favore della salvaguardia del patrimonio ambientale, una ricchezza enorme, tanto naturale quanto storica, che va custodita e valorizzata come elemento di immenso valore artistico e culturale. A seguire, alle 15:30, Il fotografo milanese Oliviero Toscani, conosciuto internazionalmente come la forza creativa dietro i più famosi giornali e marchi del mondo, creatore di immagini e campagne pubblicitarie, pronuncerà la sua arringa contro “i professionisti della creatività” e il loro conformismo burocratico presentando il suo nuovo libro "Dire Fare Baciare." (Rizzoli). A moderare l'incontro il Caporedattore de "La Stampa Cuneo" Gianni Martini. Alle 18:30 sarà il momento di Marco Travaglio, che porterà il scena “Perchè no. Tutte le bugie del Referenzum", uno spettacolo per denunciare il silenzio delle televisioni rispetto al Referendum costituzionale. Travaglio chiede da mesi che sia offerto ai cittadini un confronto in tv con il Ministro Boschi, ma invano. Dunque, ha deciso di portare in scena le ragioni del No contrapposte a quelle del Sì con l’attrice Giorgia Salari nei panni della Boschi (con le frasi testuali della ministra delle Riforme). Lo spettacolo è prodotto dalla Società Editoriale il Fatto S.p.A.I DUE GRANDI CONCERTI - PIAZZA CESARE BATTISTI ROBERTO VECCHIONI - SABATO 2 LUGLIO ORE 21 GINO PAOLI – DOMENICA 3 LUGLIO ORE 21 Non mancherà di certo la musica. Sabato sera sarà la volta di Roberto Vecchioni. Artista a tutto tondo, non è soltanto uno dei più grandi esponenti della canzone d'autore in Italia, ma anche romanziere, saggista, professore. Roberto Vecchioni si esibirà in concerto intervallando alla musica alcune letture tratte dal nuovo libro “La vita che si ama” (Einaudi) con i suoi musicisti per uno spettacolo studiato appositamente per il festival. Domenica sarà la volta di Gino Paoli a salire sul palco accompagnato dal grande Danilo Rea, il pianista che ci invidiano di più all'estero. Prosegue, infatti, la preziosa collaborazione tra il cantautore e il pianista, in uscita nel 2016 con il loro terzo album, dedicato alla canzone d'autore francese. Il concerto vedrà duettare uno dei più grandi interpreti della canzone d’autore italiana e uno dei più lirici e creativi pianisti di oggi.IL PREMIO FRACCHIA ED IL NUOVO PREMIO AL MIGLIOR REFUSO Anche quest’anno l’appuntamento sarà legato al Premio Giornalistico Fracchia, istituito dal Comune di Mondovì per ricordare una figura di spicco del giornalismo e della cultura monregalese, Cesare Augusto Fracchia. Alla base del Premio la volontà di continuare il lavoro di Fracchia: promuovere la città di Mondovì che insieme a Collisioni è diventata bottega creativa e cantiere di idee per ridefinire e sperimentare l'identità cittadina. La cultura, espressione di tradizioni e specificità del territorio, si incontra, nel caso di Mondovì, con l'arte declinata in tutte le sue manifestazioni al fine di educare le giovani menti ad un pensiero poliedrico e eclettico. L’iniziativa quest’anno si arricchisce di un nuovo e originale premio, quello al miglior refuso, ovvero all’errore di stampa più simpatico e curioso. Per la sua prima edizione verranno assegnati due riconoscimenti, uno a rilevanza nazionale e l’altro riferito espressamente al refuso apparso sui settimanali monregalesi. I riconoscimenti ed i premi verranno consegnati in occasione del festival “Anteprima Collisioni 2016”.INFORMAZIONI / tel. +39 389 2985454 / twitter: @collisioni #collisioni16 | facebook: Collisioni FestivalCollisioniwww.collisioni.itIL POSTO DELLE PAROLEascoltare fa