• Pediatric Emergency Playbook

    Pediatric Emergency Playbook

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    You make tough calls when caring for acutely ill and injured children. Join us for strategy and support, through clinical cases, research and reviews, and best-practice guidance in our ever-changing acute-care landscape. This is your Pediatric Emergency Playbook.

  • Owl and the Pussy Cat

    Owl and the Pussy Cat

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    Thank you for visiting my podcast page! This and other NEW material is NOW available from the iTunes shop! You can easily find it by entering "Owl Cat" in the iTunes Search.The SciFi Opera is a carefully selected, hand-picked troupe of actors and musicians and children who carefully recite recipes and stuff by ancient nonsense poet Edward Lear. Their first critically acclaimed CD of the most popular work also features some orginal songs and some unashamed tributes, in the context of Lear's work, to such popular artists as The Queen, Monty Python, Spike Milligan, Gilbert & Sullivan, Elvis Presley, Brian May, Mr Kipling and Status Quo. The inspiration for the work is that mysterious place discovered by Edward Lear which he called "The Great Gromboolian Plain" which hosts that most most famous of arborial legends: The Bong Tree. It is of course, the land to which the Owl and the Pussy Cat sailed. No live animals were injured in the recording of this CD. Unless you count the one playing the guitars who thought the headphones were a bit loud.

  • Am I Ready To Be A Father?

    Am I Ready To Be A Father?

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    My girlfriend Brigitte is really keen to start a family. It's all she's ever wanted. I'm not opposed to having children, it's just I've never really thought about it and the last thing I want to be is to be a bad dad. In this podcast series you'll hear me learn about work dad balance, how to overcome fears of being a bad dad, what it's like to be judged for being a bad parent and I'll get some advice from well known Aussie Dads, like Jimmy Barnes and Eddie McGuire.I work as a radio presenter in Canberra and Sydney in Australia with Tanya Hennessy. We're on the Hit Network, the same network as The Hamish and Andy Show, The Fifi, Dave and Fev Show, and Em Rusciano. I like AFL Football and listening to podcasts - my favorites are Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, Start Up and Freakonomics Radio. I used to travel around the world playing volleyball but like every 'could of been' I got got injured, turned 30 and now have a dad bod.

  • American Heroes Network

    American Heroes Network

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    It has been said that we are only a generation away from forgetting our history. Disabled American Veterans struggle every day to overcome life-changing sacrifices. Their stories provides a vital part of history that has contributed to our American tradition.American Heroes Network provides a way for individuals, corporations and small businesses to support our Heroes by helping our veterans and their families rebuild their lives. They help aim our veterans, looking for jobs, in the right direction, help provide homes for our troops, assisting individuals and their families who have been severely injured while serving in the U.S. military and providing scholarships for families of our Fallen Heroes. This will be a weekly hour long show joined by our military heroes and people and organizations that make a difference. American Heroes Network airs live Tuesdays at 8 AM Pacific, powered by Voice America Variety.

  • 10 Minute Writer's Workshop

    10 Minute Writer's Workshop

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    A peek into how great writers conjure and craft their work. From creative rituals to guilty distractions, writers reveal what it really takes to get pen to paper.