• Lilian’s keen to show Alan the Bridge Farm family’s ideas for a dedicated window in St Stephen’s. Alan tries to explain that any decision would involve a complicated process, and that church window designs these days tend to focus on broader Christian thinking rather than individual or family dedications. Lilian mentions it would be based on a psalm. Alan goes on to point out the sustainability issues around replacing a good window. Later Alan confides to Usha he feels it’s a vanity project. Usha agrees it’s probably not appropriate. How’s Alan going to tell Peggy?
    Lilian walks in on Jolene rifling through Kenton’s old diary. Between them they try to find out what happened next in the story of Kenton and Janet Adkin. They discover he gave Janet an ultimatum and she ditched him. Jolene’s about to reveal the identity of the girl Kenton used to make Janet jealous, when he rumbles them.
    Beth’s pleased to be home from Magaluf. She’s missed Ben. Ben covers his lack of enthusiasm for Vince’s holiday offer by claiming his own gift of Jill’s pendant can’t compete. Beth insists the pendant means much more to her than her dad’s extravagant present. She thinks he’s being weird. Ben confesses the truth behind his mood. When Beth hears he slept with someone and she’s pregnant, she runs for the bathroom. She wonders when he was going to tell her, and wants to know who the girl is. When Ben says it’s Chelsea, and tries to explain, Beth doesn’t want to know and leaves.

  • Eddie updates George on the growing Grundy Borsetshire Bronze turkeys, including his tried and tested sales patter, as they watch the comical poults’ antics. George is impressed with the money they’ll make, and later he asks his Grandpa for a loan of £75 for a ‘business opportunity’. He wants to buy fifteen more turkey poults to supplement their stock. Eddie thinks the price is suspiciously good, but George entreats his Grandpa to trust him. Later when George tells him the deal’s done, Eddie reckons he’s done good. George talks Eddie into promising a ten percent cut of the profits, and Eddie laughs he’s been well and truly fleeced. George wants to start a social media campaign featuring video of the poults – everyone loves pictures of animals doing daft things.
    Ruth worries Ben’s ill, and Josh covers for him, advising her not to fuss. Ben’s horrified to learn Vince is coming over to talk to him. After Vince has discussed putting extra solar panels on one of the barns he raises the topic of Beth’s birthday present; how would Ben feel about a holiday in New Zealand? Beth’s always wanted to go, and there’s no-one she’d rather go with than Ben. Ruth waxes lyrical, and can’t understand Ben’s lack of enthusiasm. Ben tries to tell Vince he’s too busy to go, but Vince announces the trip will be in the Christmas holidays. Josh reassures Ben. Depending on Chelsea’s decision, he might not even need to tell Beth about the baby. But Ben insists he has to, whatever happens.

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  • Kenton confides to Jolene that he’s already missing Shula. He knows it’s silly. Jolene thinks it could be linked to the discovery of his old diary. He admits she might be right, and wonders where all his passion and principles have gone. Jolene asks if she can take a look at the diary. Kenton acquiesces, but she should know there’s lots about girls – and particularly Janet Adkin, his teen crush. Jolene’s soon engrossed – did Kenton manage to get close to Janet on their trip to the cinema? He explains Janet ran out halfway through the film. When Jolene asks what happened next, he becomes defensive and snatches the diary away.
    Ben’s slumped under his duvet on the pretext of a headache. He insists to Josh there’s nothing wrong between him and Beth, but further than that he won’t talk, and shouts at Josh to go away. Later Ben asks Chelsea to the Stables, and apologises for his panic reaction on Friday to her news. She goes over the events of the night of the rave, and Ben listens awkwardly. Whilst he admits he had sex with her willingly, he was hoping not to have to revisit that night ever again. He establishes Chelsea hasn’t made any decisions, and they discuss who knows about it. He offers Chelsea support, in any way he can. It dawns on him he’ll have to tell Beth. When Josh sees distraught Ben he insists on the truth. Ben tells him, and shocked Josh asks him what he’s going to do. Ben just doesn’t know.

  • Writer, Tim Stimpson
    Director, Kim Greengrass
    Editor, Jeremy Howe

    Jill Archer ….. Patricia Greene
    David Archer …… Timothy Bentinck
    Ben Archer ….. Ben Norris
    Josh Archer ….. Angus Imrie
    Kenton Archer ….. Richard Attlee
    Brian Aldridge ….. Charles Collingwood
    Lilian Bellamy ….. Sunny Ormonde
    Alice Carter ….. Hollie Chapman
    Chris Carter ….. Wilf Scolding
    Neil Carter ….. Brian Hewlett
    Beth Casey ….. Rebecca Fuller
    Shula Hebden Lloyd ….. Judy Bennett
    Brad Horrobin ….. Taylor Uttley
    Tracy Horrobin ….. Susie Riddell
    Alistair Lloyd ….. Michael Lumsden
    Jim Lloyd ….. John Rowe
    Jazzer McCreary ….. Ryan Kelly
    Elizabeth Pargetter ….. Alison Dowling
    Freddie Pargetter ….. Toby Laurence

  • Alistair has some answers for Chelsea around the practicalities of the paternity of her baby. The father can’t have any influence over her decision whether or not to keep it, but he must support her if she does. Alistair can’t advise her on whether to tell the father or not; that’s for her to decide.
    Meanwhile at No.6 Tracy speculates fruitlessly to Jazzer about who the father is. It’s all she can think about. Brad divulges that he saw some research on Chelsea’s laptop about fathers’ rights. Tracy wonders if this means she’s keeping the baby, and to Brad’s horror she tackles Chelsea the minute she walks in the door. Cornered, Chelsea says she hasn’t made any decisions, and lets slip Alistair’s been helping her with her research.
    Furious Jazzer confronts Alistair, who insists that like everyone he’s just trying to do the right thing by bewildered Chelsea. Grudgingly Jazzer acknowledges this, but tells Alistair to keep his nose out in future. Meanwhile Tracy cradles upset Chelsea in her arms. Chelsea cries that she’s been an idiot; she wishes the baby just wasn’t there. Tracy reassures her. They’ll work it all out. Feeling a little better, Chelsea forgives Brad his indiscretion as they finally sit down to tea. There’s a small spat as Jazzer arrives home and admits he’s given Alistair an earful, but it’s put aside as they discuss the options for Chelsea, who’s still very conflicted. Tracy suggests letting the baby’s dad know what’s going on as a first step.

  • It’s the day of Martha’s naming ceremony, and as the family wait for Jennifer to be ready, Alice is the calmest person in the room. There’s an awkward moment when Brian expresses his surprise that Lilian hasn’t yet appointed a new manager for the Stables; she’s brave to take it on herself.
    Neil’s confides to Chris he’s dreading having to cross paths with Brian, but in the end the two make a good fist of polite civility. Alice admits to Chris she’s aware there was a time when this occasion couldn’t have happened, and she’s grateful.
    Shula confirms with Alice and Chris that both grandfathers will speak, and that Fallon will sing, and the ceremony gets underway. Afterwards it’s clear both grandmothers were moved to tears, and Alice misinterprets Susan’s squeezing of Tracy’s hand as the emotion of the occasion. She comments that Tracy must be relieved to have Chelsea back home, and asks about Blake. Tracy asserts Blake and Chelsea are just friends, nothing more.
    Shula mentions to Neil the delicate issue of their crossed wires last year; she hopes it doesn’t affect things with Susan. Neil insists it’s all forgotten about, and the two warmly acknowledge their mutual friendship. Neil reckons she’ll be brilliant in her new role. Lilian finally admits to Alice it was she who was reluctant to offer Alice the Stables job, not Justin. Alice understands and forgives Lilian, but thinks the Stables would be perfect for her. Lilian agrees. They’ll make a fresh start together.

  • Shula’s struggling to decide on what clothes to pack for her trip, keen not to make the wrong impression. Dan advises her to be herself. He comes to her rescue and soon has the packing efficiently completed. Grateful Shula thinks he’s remarkable, and just like his father, who always travelled light and took just the right amount on their holidays together. Dan suggests a visit to Mark’s grave. As they chat quietly at St Stephen’s, Dan affirms his dad’s grave is important to him. Even though Alistair is his dad to all intents and purposes, he does wonder how things might have been – another possible life. Shula admits she’s wondered about her own life choices recently too. She’s concluded that if Mark was still around, she doesn’t know who she’d be. Dan thinks Mark would be proud of her, and will always be there in her heart.
    Jazzer tries in vain to catch up with Chelsea as she heads off for a walk; she’s still not keen to talk. Alistair finds her wandering and she confides in him. She has lots of questions and he offers to look into some answers for her. Chelsea’s grateful, but makes him promise not to divulge that she’s let slip the baby’s father’s from the village. Later Jazzer shares with Alistair his distress over Chelsea’s lack of communication. Guiltily Alistair tries to reassure Jazzer that whilst Chelsea’s not talking to him, it doesn’t mean her head’s in the sand. Jazzer thanks him for being straight with him; he’s a real mate.

  • Shula and Dan chat in the stable yard, joined by Lilian who heartily approves of Dan’s surprise visit to see his mum off on her travels. Wistfully acknowledging Dan’s confidence and drive, Lilian moves on to business matters. She doubts they’ll recruit a Stables manager before Shula goes. They discuss Alice, who’s spoken to Justin about the role and must think his reluctance is due to her alcohol issues. Lilian emphasises it’s not Alice’s ability to handle the job that’s in question, but more the pressure she’d be under. Shula believes Alice has made huge progress recently; and Lilian would be there as a safety net if she struggled at any point. Lilian sticks to her guns – if she felt confident in Alice, she’d have offered her the job.
    Tracy tries to coax Chelsea into talking about her options, but Chelsea’s reluctant. She needs space and won’t be rushed. Bumping into Jim, Chelsea thanks him for passing on the message that she was safe last week. He’s sympathetic. He knows what it’s like to hide from problems, even though it doesn’t work. Chelsea agrees with him. Dan joins them, and there’s light hearted banter between him and Jim. Chelsea notes their closeness, and learns Dan’s adopted. She reckons Dan’s lucky to have Alistair and Jim. When she gets home Chelsea feels her mum’s still on her case, and that she wants her to have a termination. Tracy denies this, assuring Chelsea they’ll make it work, whatever she decides.

  • Beth’s not looking forward to a hen party trip to Magaluf. Josh reckons it won’t be as bad as she thinks, and Ben promises they can make up for it with a celebration for her birthday when she gets back. They agree a cosy night in will work. Unimpressed Josh raises a ‘no smooching’ house rule for the Stables, but Beth counters with a few household rules of her own, to both boys’ alarm.
    Shula and Beth compare notes on packing up to leave their respective abodes. Shula comments Beth’s better organised than she is, and Ben notes Josh is nowhere near ready either for their move into the Stables. Shula lists all the things she still has to sort out, including Martha’s naming ceremony, and getting Lilian up to speed with running the business until they find a manager. She’s adamant she doesn’t want a fuss when she leaves for Sunderland. She’s not planning a big send-off. David and Kenton meanwhile are pleased Shula’s being kept talking on Brookfield yard – they need to keep her there until a surprise guest arrives. They chat with Josh about their mutual disappointment in Russ, but when Shula comes in to say goodbye she notices they’re acting oddly. They keep her talking but need to stall her again when she makes to go. Kenton manages to stop her on the yard, and hidden Dan emerges from a horse box. Delighted Shula couldn’t hope for a better surprise than her son!

  • Brad declares it’s not Chelsea’s fault that Russ and Lily have split up – it’s his. But at least it’s diverted gossip away from Chelsea . When Brad tentatively asks why Chelsea rang Jim and not him, Chelsea says she was worried he’d be angry. Chelsea tells Brad she thinks she now knows what she’s going to do about her pregnancy, but it makes her feel sad. Later Chelsea asks Tracy if she’d be disappointed if she had an abortion. But Tracy says it’s Chelsea’s decision and if that’s what Chelsea wants, then that’s what she should do. But later Chelsea’s not sure she can go through with it – maybe she would make a good mum. Tracy tells her although it’s scary, she’s going to have to decide one way or another as the clock’s ticking.
    Lily and Elizabeth prepare for the gallery exhibition and Lily wonders whether Russ will come. When he appears he tells Lily there’s a painting he’d like to sell as a late addition to the exhibition. It’s called ‘Prodosia’ – Greek for betrayal. He unveils the painting and it’s Lily’s portrait. He then says he’s resigning as Gallery Manager. Later Elizabeth says Russ really showed his true colours, but Lily says it’s complicated. She slept with Sol at the time when Russ was painting her portrait, and it was the painting that made her fall in love with Russ all over again. Elizabeth offers to buy the portrait if it gets Russ off Lily’s case. Lily agrees but doesn’t want to look at the painting ever again.

  • Lilian’s surprised when Lynda turns up with Monty to see Justin. When Lilian explains it’s not a good time because Glenda Belcher from the BL Board is due any minute, Lynda says she knows – it’s all part of the plan. Lynda explains that as Glenda’s on the board at Berrow, Justin’s hoping to get her vote to get out of their contract with the meat processor so they can negotiate a better deal elsewhere. That’s why Monty’s here – Glenda loves dogs and Justin thinks she might also hand over some dosh for the dog shelter while she’s at it. Later Justin and Lynda congratulate each other over Glenda’s donation and her support for Justin’s vote. Lilian’s nonplussed and even more so when Justin invites Lynda and Robert for dinner in their new kitchen.
    At the Bull, David winds Kenton up about the discovery of his 1974 diary and its contents, particularly Kenton’s unrequited love for Janet Adkin. Kenton’s annoyed that David read his diary but admits he would’ve done the same thing. When David says it’s obvious from his diary that Shula’s Kenton’s favourite sibling, Kenton admits he’s dreading her leaving. David reminds him she’s only going for a year, but Kenton says it’s a twin thing. When Kenton asks what he’d written about Shula in his diary, David tells him that he’d said she was the best sister in the world. Talk then turns back to Janet Adkin and David asks if Kenton ever sealed his love with a kiss. Kenton replies that some things need to stay a secret.

  • Tracy tells Kenton that Jolene’s been really great over Chelsea’s disappearance and that from now on she’s going to be totally reliable. Kenton knows she’ll be good, but asks if something comes up again, to let them know. Leonard chats to Tracy and afterwards asks Kenton whether he thinks Tracy’s alright. When Kenton says no, Leonard has an idea. Later he asks Tracy if it would help if he took over the cricket training until the Darrington match. Tracy says that would be great – she’s got a lot on and needs to keep an eye on Chelsea.
    Russ appears at Lower Loxley and tells Lily he just wants to collect his stuff and go. He’s going to find a new flat. When Lily asks what she can do to make it right, Russ reminds her that he gave up everything for her – his job, his relationship with his parents and on top of this Freddie hated his guts. When Lily mentions that Freddie didn’t believe the stuff about Chelsea, Russ questions why Lily didn’t have faith in him. Russ asks Lily when she slept with Sol and realises it was when he was painting her portrait. He tells Lily she can have the portrait because he doesn’t want it. He’s not sure about coming back to work either, or the exhibition opening on Friday. Lily really hurt him, and he hadn’t ever shown any interest in Chelsea. When Lily says she knows that now, Russ wants to know why she didn’t know that then and didn’t trust him when he promised it wasn’t true?

  • Josh is upset when David asks him to sort through his things from the loft. When Josh wonders why it can’t all be left in his bedroom, David says they’re planning to turn his and Ben’s bedroom into B and B accommodation. Josh is hurt that they’re thinking of doing B and B so soon. David says that although he’ll miss them, it’s long overdue for Josh. Josh says that’s because David and Ruth are such good parents. Later they accidentally knock a bit of skirting board off in Josh’s room and find an old tobacco tin, a magazine and Kenton’s 1974 diary. They can’t help reading Kenton’s teenage thoughts, including his crush on Janet Adkin.
    When Lily asks Freddie’s advice about Russ, Freddie reminds Lily that she accused Russ of getting Chelsea pregnant. Russ will contact Lily if he wants to talk. And if the baby was Russ’s, he would own up to it. Lily can’t believe that last week they had a bright future and now it’s all in ruins. They’re interrupted by Chelsea who tells them her pregnancy is nothing to do with Russ and it’s obvious that Russ was mad on Lily. Lily thanks Chelsea for coming and Chelsea asks them not to tell anyone she’s pregnant. After she goes, Lily’s desperate to contact Russ. When Freddie reminds her that Russ loves her, Lily admits Russ knows about Sol. Russ might not believe her if she tells him she loves him, like Lily didn’t believe Russ about Chelsea.

  • Jazzer tells Blake he’s a hero for looking after Chelsea and bringing her home and it’s brilliant to see him looking so well. Having heard that Blake’s at Tracy’s, Lynda calls round. Blake tells her he’s now working at an animal sanctuary and apologises for running away from Lynda’s, when both she and Robert had been so kind. Lynda’s understanding – he’d been through so much. He also mentions that he’s having counselling and now realises that Philip Moss manipulated him. When Lynda offers to give Blake a lift home, he accepts.

    Tracy and Chelsea go for a walk and Tracy admits she’s worried she’ll say the wrong thing and then Chelsea will run away again. Chelsea reassures her that she won’t do that again. When Tracy asks if it was her fault, Chelsea says no, explaining that she ran away because she needed to put the whole situation on pause. She went to Blake’s because he was outside of everything and not judgemental. When Chelsea says that it was Blake who persuaded Chelsea to ring Jim, Tracy wonders why Chelsea didn’t ring her. Chelsea doesn’t have an answer. Tracy brings up the subject of Chelsea’s options saying whatever she decides, they’ll face it together. Chelsea needs to get this right for herself, nobody else. She suggests it might help her decide, if Chelsea talks to Russ because he’s the baby’s father. Horrified Chelsea says he isn’t. Tracy’s really embarrassed about accusing Russ and Chelsea despairs.

  • Lynda and Lilian reminisce about where they were on the day of the Queen’s coronation. There is a book of condolence at St Stephen’s for the death of the Queen and the two women become emotional when Lynda shares what she wrote.

    Chelsea’s at Blake’s flat where he kindly tells her it’s been really nice having her to stay, but Chelsea needs to go home where she has a lovely family worrying about her. Blake offers to hitch back to Ambridge with her. When Tracy opens the door to Chelsea and Blake she’s overjoyed. Chelsea quickly explains that Blake’s not the dad and Tracy says she didn’t think he was. She thanks Blake for bringing Chelsea back. When Chelsea worries about people knowing about the reason for her running away, Tracy makes it clear that no-one knows about the pregnancy and Chelsea doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone. Tracy invites Blake to stay the night with them and he accepts. With that sorted Tracy asks Blake what he’d like for tea.

    Lilian’s desperate to get home to her new kitchen but has difficulty getting Justin to leave Ambridge Hall, while he’s in the middle of yet another interesting debate with Lynda. When Lynda mentions fundraising for Monty’s old dog shelter, Justin’s happy to help. Back at the Dower House, Lilian’s keen to use her new kitchen, but Justin suggests having a takeaway. Undeterred, Lilian says she’s making a meal. Justin asks whether they can invite Lynda and Robert over to eat with them, as thanks for their stay at Ambridge Hall. As Lilian’s pointing out that they did pay them for it, Justin’s already on the phone and Lynda accepts his invitation for her and Robert.

  • Tracy’s appreciative of Fallon covering her shifts at the Bull. Susan thinks Jolene and Fallon should get a medal constantly rallying people and coming up with new ideas. Fallon says it’s the least they can do. Chelsea’s absence affects Jolene too and she tells Fallon she will never take her for granted. Later Tracy tells Susan she can’t do this anymore and breaks down in tears as Jazzer arrives home. He tells Tracy how much he loves her.

    At Jim and Alistair’s, Jazzer explains that any leads about Chelsea have dried up, but the police are still busy behind the scenes. Tracy’s a wreck and he doesn’t know how much longer they can cope with it. The police also think yesterday’s text might be from a scammer. Jim reckons if they could work out why Chelsea left, they could work out where she is. Jazzer hesitates before telling him Chelsea’s pregnant. When Jazzer thinks Russ knows more than he’s letting on, Jim counsels focussing on being there for Tracy, not flinging around accusations. Jim can see it’s all taking its toll on Jazzer and tells him he’s welcome at Greenacres for respite any time.

    Later Jim sends another text to Chelsea. He’s already sent a few messages in the hope she turns on her phone and sees them. She might contact a neutral person. Suddenly Jim’s phone rings and it’s Chelsea. She asks Jim to tell Tracy she’s ok, but she can’t come home. She’s safe and staying with someone, but she has to go. Chelsea then hangs up.

  • Jolene tells Jim and Alistair she’s got a lead from the Chelsea social media campaign. Someone who looks like Chelsea has been spotted working at a soft play centre, and they need a volunteer with a car. Jim’s keen to go with Alistair. When they arrive it turns out that she’s just a doppelganger. But Alistair says they will find Chelsea. Jim agrees, because the alternative is unbearable.

    Oliver notices Tracy’s looking tired. She admits she’s barely slept all week and won’t feel better until Chelsea’s home. They’re interrupted by a text from an unsaved number. It’s Chelsea saying she’s fine and not to worry about her. When Oliver expresses his relief, Tracy worries who’s sent it and why it’s not from Chelsea’s phone. And when she rings the number the phone’s turned off. Oliver suggests passing it on to the police. Brad accepts when Oliver offers to take him his dad Den’s to double check whether Chelsea’s there. Den is a dead-end on the Chelsea front. However when he hears that Oliver used to own a hotel, he suddenly becomes interested in visiting Brad. He just needs a couple of hundred pounds to fix his car first. Oliver declines and suggests they leave. Later Brad admits to Oliver that he’s missing Chelsea. When Oliver says he’s sure she’s missing him too, Brad asks why hasn’t she come home then? And there’s no proof the text came from her. What if she’s gone off with someone who won’t let her go?

  • Tracy keeps trying Chelsea’s phone to no avail and no-one’s seen or heard from her. Tracy checks Chelsea’s room once more to see if she’s missed any clues. When Brad goes up to investigate, he stops Tracy in her tracks when he says he may know something that might help; he thinks Chelsea had a crush on Russ.
    Tracy surprises Lily and Russ when she turns up unexpectedly at Lower Loxley. She accuses Russ of taking advantage of a teenager with a crush on him. He must’ve won Chelsea’s trust when he tutored her and then made his move at the rave. She wonders if Chelsea told Russ she was pregnant. As Russ tries to deny it Tracy leaves, saying she’s going to the police. Lily’s unsettled and later admits to Freddie that she wonders if Russ could actually have done it – Freddie used to call him a cradle snatcher. When Russ gets back from the police station Lily asks if there was anything going on between him and Chelsea. Is this what he does – gets bored and seduces teenagers? Russ tells her he’s had enough, but stops when Lily says she had felt so guilty after… Russ fills the gap and guesses that Lily slept with someone. Lily admits it was a stupid one-off with Sol. When Russ asks when it was, Lily retorts when did he get a 17-year-old girl pregnant? As Lily goes, Freddie appears and offers to talk to Lily. Russ says it’s too late to do anything. He’s done with Lily. It’s over.

  • Susan and Freddie help with the search for Chelsea by printing missing posters for volunteers to distribute. Susan’s really worried as there hasn’t even been a text from Chelsea; Tracy’s beside herself. When Freddie wonders why she’s gone, Susan’s lips are sealed.
    Tracy thanks Harrison for getting the ball rolling so quickly last night. He says just because Chelsea hasn’t been in touch, it doesn’t mean that she’s not safe. The most likely scenario is that she’s with a friend. When Tracy worries about whether she’s injured or lost, Harrison says Chelsea has her head screwed on. He’ll contact Chelsea’s dad, Den, in case he knows anything. Tracy tells Susan she’d give anything to hear Brad and Chelsea bickering again like normal. She’s really scared; every day Chelsea’s away makes it less likely she’ll be found.
    Freddie and Lily discuss missing Chelsea. Lily thinks maybe Chelsea’s got a secret boyfriend. She’s sure she’ll turn up later today wondering what all the fuss was about. When Lily admits to being nervous about her university induction, Freddie’s says he’s glad she’s going back, she’s too good to get stuck selling kitchens. Lily admits that last time her heart wasn’t in it, but this time she’s excited. Later Russ apologises to Lily for postponing a back to university celebratory drink with Freddie. Instead Lily and Russ are in Borchester handing out missing Chelsea flyers. Russ admits it’s horrible to think of her out there and Lily comments he was always really sweet to Chelsea. She’s glad they’re doing their bit.

  • Oliver and Harrison chat about the upcoming Flower and Produce show. Clarrie’s making chutney and Oliver will be burying underpants for the ‘soiled pants’ competition. When Harrison comments that Oliver’s not the first person he’s caught doing that today, Oliver explains that everyone who’s taking part has to bury a pair of new cotton pants between nine and midday today. Later Harrison and Fallon have to cancel a romantic meal out so that Fallon can cover Tracy’s evening shift because she can’t make it. Jolene doesn’t think Tracy would let them down without good reason.
    Anxious Tracy goes up to Chelsea’s room to wake her. When she’s gone Brad admits to Jazzer that he heard them chatting last night and he knows that Chelsea’s pregnant. He thinks Bert might have overheard too. They’re interrupted by Tracy rushing in; Chelsea’s not in her room. Jazzer’s reassuring but when Tracy rings her it goes straight to voicemail. Later Tracy notices that all Chelsea’s things have gone including her rucksack. Jazzer thinks that might be a good sign; she’s probably staying with a friend. But Tracy’s messaged all the friends she knows, and no-one’s seen Chelsea. Tracy’s worried she’s run away because she made Chelsea feel really rubbish about herself. She contacts Harrison who takes all the details, including the fact that Chelsea’s pregnant. He tells Tracy she’s right to report it and is keen to get things moving. Jolene offers her support and tells Tracy if Chelsea’s not back by morning, she’ll get everyone in the village on the case.