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    The confidence gap between men and women has been studied and well documented. It was reported that 79% of women admit to struggling with self-esteem and confidence. Chances are that even if you are a confident woman, you have times where confidence is lacking and M.I.A.

    Lisa is exposing why you don’t have to feel confident 100% of the time. Whether you are in a professional setting or in the privacy of your home and family, being confident around the clock sounds stressful and unrealistic.

    It is, however, your responsibility to observe the things you do and don’t do that add and take away from how confident you feel. Taking back your power and showing up confident starts with you and that means not allowing other people in your life or in the room to affect your level of confidence. This episode is packed with tips for better strategies and tactics you can employ right now to start exuding more confidence. Before you show up in the next meeting, before you walk into the next event, and before you leave the mirror tomorrow morning do the internal work needed to be at your best.

    “Walk in the room and freakin’ own it” -Lisa Bilyeu


    Confident Vs. Vain | The line between confidence and being vain about your success [0:29]
    Ditch Other’s Opinions | How to be sensitive to other without diminishing your confidence [5:27]
    Daily Confidence Routine | Lisa’s tips to get suited up everyday to be confident [12:51]
    The Right to Be Confident |Why you have the right to be confident no matter what [18:40]
    Recover From Embarrassment | How to not allow shame to break your confidence [19:54]
    Stop Hating Yourself | Recognize when you’re hating on yourself without judgement [26:46]
    Dress for Confidence | Lisa reveals what you are in control of that makes you confident [35:18]


    “If they're struggling, don't let their struggle diminish your accomplishment.” [2:40]
    “You can be confident that that journey existed, and confident that you were the one that did the work.” [4:59]

    “Do not diminish your confidence, do not fake that you are not confident if you really are, but just be sensitive to the people you are talking to.” [11:11]

    “When I dress up like this, and I step in front of the camera and I play my music, you better frickin believe I'm feeling confident.” [18:32]

    “I don't necessarily want self love all the time. I don't want to be like [...] everything's okay, just love yourself, no, you're fine. No! I'm not, I've got to improve “ [34:53]

    “The days you don't feel your best, you're not showing up as your best.” [35:59]

    “If you're dressing differently because you're feeling differently, you then walk in differently which means your body posture is probably going to be different because of all these other things.” [37:38]

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    Attention and focus may be at the top of every employer’s list and every woman’s dating requirements. We live in a society that highly values attention and praises anyone who can focus long enough to accomplish the seemingly impossible. Yet, many of us continue to struggle with both. Mindfulness is viewed as something that would be nice but very few are actually mastering the practice of being present and attentive in the here and now. With stress and overwhelm overtaking us at every turn in the day our minds are flooded and vulnerable to digital attacks and sabotage initiated by our own self. Amishi Jha is a professor of psychology at University of Miami and author of the new book, Peak Mind: Find Your Focus, Own Your Attention, Invest 12 Minutes a Day. She’s joining Lisa to dispel the rumours that improving your attention and meditation skills means that you have to clear your mind. She’s calling it out, and giving simple strategies and techniques you can start using before this episode ends. It’s time to take back your attention, regain your focus and do it in 3 simple steps.


    Attention | Amishi reveals while attention can be a superpower it is vulnerable too [0:36]
    Prioritized Info |How attention systems helps to prioritize information into subsystems [5:08]
    Flashlight Focus | Spotlight information like a flashlight versus not focusing on something [7:17]
    Suppressing Memories | Amishi shares ways to stop thinking about troubled memories [10:46]
    Floodlight Focus | Information that is not limited but has a broad and receptive range [12:49]
    Emotional Overwhelm | Strategy to manage emotions and overwhelm from 3rd person [15:32]
    Hijacked Focus | When we create a simulated reality and are not in the present [20:29]
    Mindfulness Practice | Ways that mindfulness in 12 minutes a day empowers you [25:32]
    Executive Control | Amishi on the power of your mind’s attention being guided by goals [29:51]
    Overriding Attention | Mindfulness of your attention requires initiating executive control [32:20]
    Meditation | How mindfulness meditation is about staying present without the extra story [34:34]
    Rumination Spiral | Time traveling in your mind and tips to break the lapse in attention [39:02]
    Becoming Aware | Amishi shares simple exercise to find your attention flashlight [43:05]
    Wandering Mind | Amishi on why you don’t need to clear your mind, redirect instead [49:35]
    Well Wishing Practice | Deliberately speak to deep care and concern to yourself [52:55]


    “Whatever it is that we pay attention to recalibrates the entirety of the way the brain operates.” [1:49]

    “Trying to suppress certain information actually brings it more saliently in your mind.” [10:12]

    “Our default is always to simulate reality, make assumptions, conceptually elaborate, emotionally react, and then mentally time travel.” [20:38]

    “If I can practice becoming more aware, moment by moment, I will have more opportunities to intervene, to best advantage what I want to succeed and do in my life.” [34:05]

    “Mindfulness meditation is about being in the present moment without a story about it.” [37:03]

    “We typically cannot think ourselves out of mental challenge. We've got to do something with our attention that is not thinking.” [41:43]

    “The moment you've noticed your mind has wandered away. That's a win! That's the successful moment. If you had never noticed that your mind had wandered away, would you ever have been able to get it back?” [50:10]

    Follow Amishi Jha:
    Website: https://amishi.com/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AmishiPJha
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/amishijha
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amishipjha/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amishi.jha

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    By now, you are most likely aware of narcissistic behavior being grandiose, egotistical and charming. If many of us can describe a narcissistic person, then how do we fall into unhealthy relationships with people that have zero concern for our happiness or well being? If you’ve experienced a relationship with a narcissistic person or happen to be currently living through narcissistic abuse then you are familiar with the frustration, the gaslighting, and feeling totally lost on how to end it or get out of the relationship. There are very clear traps narcissists use to keep hold of the people they want to control. Dr. Ramani Durvasula is an expert in narcissism and clinical psychologist. She is also a repeat guest on the show, joining Lisa for the third time. She’s breaking down all the ways narcissists are trying to trap you, how to heal from narcissistic abuse to move on, and how to create better boundaries and a plan for revenge.


    Feeling Lost | What does moving on from a narcissistic relationship look like [1:02]
    5 Traps to Avoid | Dr. Ramani breaks down 5 traps in narcissistic relationships [5:39]
    Hoovering Trap | A powerplay tactic narcissist use to suck you in after you’ve left [9:38]
    Avoid Enablers | Dr. Ramani explains how enablers make it harder to walk away [11:44]
    The Hope Trap | Dr. Ramani reveals how narcissist trigger hope to keep you baited [13:44]
    Trapped by Guilt | When vulnerable narcissists trap with the belief you can save them [15:24]
    Responsibility | Dr. Ramani on why responsibility of being treated poorly is not on you [17:27]
    Trauma Bonding | Why people hold onto the good things in bad relationships explained [21:47]
    Breaking Triggers | Dr. Ramani explains why being alone for a whole year is necessary [25:35]
    Danger of Control | Why controlling what someone wears is a dangerous dynamic [35:53]
    Be Cherished | Dr. Ramani reveals why being cherished over desired is important [38:37]
    Rebuilding Trust | Why it’s hard to rebuild trust for with yourself and tips for progress [42:00]
    Boundaries | Dr. Ramani’s tips for setting boundaries when you don’t feel safe [55:21]
    Revenge | Dr. Ramani explains the best form of revenge against a narcissist [57:25]
    Self Efficacy | Dr. Ramani reveals how to heal from narcissistic abuse with indifference [1:04:38]


    “The hope is around, you are a better navigator of your own life, and you had the wisdom to extract the lessons from this really difficult experience.” [5:07]

    “You can retain your empathy and compassion, and you can also preserve yourself, and your job on this earth is not to rescue another capable adult. That responsibility lies on them.” [17:03]

    “Even if you try to teach them how you want to be treated, they ain't listening because they have no empathy. They don't care. You're merely an object to get them what they need.” [20:08]

    “That time and becoming reacquainted while you're not in a relationship is where you find out that your legs can stand on their own.” [32:04]

    “It's not just about the trust of the other, it's about that you have the right to set a boundary, and that's about trusting yourself.” [46:45]

    “You may not be able to like, boom, set this line in the sand with this person, but that doesn't mean you have to sit here quietly and endure an uncomfortable situation, you can give yourself permission to leave, and it ain't your job to school that person anyhow.” [56:06]

    “If you can think of revenge as you being your best self that shuts everybody down.” [59:04]

    Follow Dr. Ramani:
    Website: http://doctor-ramani.com/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/DoctorRamanDurvasula
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/DoctorRamani
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/doctorramani/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/doctorramani
    Podcast: http://doctor-ramani.com/podcasts-feat-dr-ramani/

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    It’s been said that more than 90% of people never achieve their goals. A big part of women and men failing their goals ties into fear of failing and being too scared to even dream of better. Lisa is experienced at handling multi-million dollar companies, leading teams, creating content that makes the world a better place, and becoming a bestselling author. In this Q&A, Lisa is sharing exactly how she prioritizes her goals and what you can do to create a toolbox that will help you stay the course and accomplish what you set out to achieve.


    Goal Setting | Lisa on how motivation impacts achieving your goal [0:26]
    Transform Your Life | How to undertake a complete life transformation and prioritize [8:03]
    Steps to Your Goal | Lisa breaks down exact steps to achieving massive goals [14:53]
    Stick to Your Goal | How to stick with your game plan and if it’s time to change goals [20:26]
    Time Management | Lisa’s strategy for managing time and prioritizing all that she does [22:30]
    Setup for Success | Making sure that you’re able to get back up after failing a goal [35:03]
    Your Own Hero | Lisa reveals why not have family support doesn’t stop your goals [37:25]


    “When shit hits the fan, I just feel shitty about myself, that reminder of what my goal is, doesn't frickin help. It doesn't snap me out of this negative downward spiral” [2:44]

    “Start on one aspect of your life in transforming that. And over time, you will actually start to see it already starts to interconnect with the other parts of your life.” [13:59]

    “People change their path because of the difficulty it is to get to the goal, not because they don't want the goal itself.” [21:10]

    “If you are setting a goal. It won't be easy. If you are setting a goal, you fall on your frickin’ face. [...] now we have to say is Is this the goal unwilling to fall on my face for.” [21:59]

    “Even though you've decided these are the things that you love to do, there's going to be some times that you don't actually act in accordance, and you don't show up for the things that you've said.” [23:48]

    “Break every preconceived notion of how you do things.” [32:14]

    “I realized I'm the hero of my own life. Everything starts and ends with me.” [39:43]

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    The Body Shop launched a global report this year that revealed 60% of women wish they had more respect for themselves. This study is shining light on a self-love crisis. Sexuality, economic status, age, and time on social media were all factors that seem to impact how people felt about themselves and their ability to love themselves. In this episode, we have 7 powerful women who understand the pain of being in a mental space that doesn’t make you feel confident or much like a badass. The throughline here seems to be that self love requires you to take the time to get to know yourself. So, in the next 35 minutes, take notes and think through areas you can start to remove the barriers in place preventing you from loving yourself. Where are you being most unkind to yourself? Where does self-doubt seem to always show up? It’s time to create an unbreakable relationship with yourself, and this is how…

    “I’m my own worst critic, talk a whole lot of shit,
    but I’m a ten out ten even when I forget!
    I wonder when I love me is enough”
    -Demi Lovato


    Tip #1 | Spend Time with Yourself, Radhi finds herself through meditation [0:30]
    Tip #2 | Challenge Yourself, Roxy has loving dialogue and a journal for challenges [4:41]
    Tip #3 | Accept Yourself As Your Are, Cynthia says start with knowing who you are [11:30]
    Tip #4 | Know Who You Are, Patrice anchored to her true self not outward situations [17:42]
    Tip #5 | Treat Yourself How Like Your Best Friend, Najwa on making yourself feel heard [23:43]
    Tip #6 | Humbly Brag About Yourself, Daniele says start bragging on your achievements [25:49]
    Tip #7 | Slow Down, Mel takes pause to be with herself face to face in the mirror [30:07]


    “We never get into relationships with people or friendships without knowing them. We can't fall in love with someone without knowing them.” Radhi Devlukia [1:20]

    “To love yourself is to say this shit’s hard, I'm not comfortable, but I love myself so damn much, and I love what's on the other side of this, this vision that I hold, this impact that I want to make that girl, You better get your ass up!” Roxanne Saffaie [4:44]

    “The most valuable methodology tactic is really spending time in your journal to deeply connect with who you are, and developing a relationship with who you were blooming into.” Roxanne Saffaie [10:59]

    “We're trying to love an idea of who we wish we were not who we are currently, and that's why we fail so much when it comes to this idea of just loving yourself.” Cynthia Garcia [14:18]

    “We have to be fulfilled in different parts of our lives. if one thing goes down, that can't be the end all be all.” Patrice Washington [22:38]

    “Self love is picturing the person that you love the most and telling yourself, I will not treat myself any less than I would treat that person.” Najwa Zebian [23:46]

    “Be seen, so that you can see yourself because I think that's the thing is we're just like coasting through this life, thinking that we're supposed to get to this place, but it doesn't exist because everyone's trying to sell a salvation.” Daniele Della Valle [28:59]

    “Your relationship with yourself is the foundation of every single relationship that you have. If you don't love and respect yourself, how on earth are you going to do that for other people?” Mel Robbins [34:31]

    Follow Radhi Devlukia: https://www.instagram.com/radhidevlukia/
    Follow Roxanne Saffaie: https://www.instagram.com/roxylook/
    Follow Cynthia Garcia: https://www.instagram.com/iamcynthiagarcia/
    Follow Patricia Washington: https://www.instagram.com/seekwisdompcw/
    Follow Najwa Zebian: https://www.instagram.com/najwazebian/
    Follow Daniele Della Valle: https://www.instagram.com/yourwellnessacademy/

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    It’s not really a secret that there is a huge gap in confidence in the workplace for men and women. There are reports that show 79% of women lack confidence at work! Too often women play small, are shy about speaking up, and not able to call people out in a business setting without allowing emotions to take over. Tracy Tutor is the Million Dollar LA Listing Luxury Real Estate Agent that shows up to play hard. Though real estate agents are largely female, Tracy is the first female real estate agent to star on the Bravo TV reality series. When it comes to confrontation and holding her own in high stakes, multi-million dollar deals, Tracy runs with the best of them.

    Tracy is giving you high value strategies for better conversations, handling confrontations like a female alpha, and making a statement with your fashion.


    Confrontation | Tracy shares how to check your emotions and communicate effectively [0:34]
    Being Emotional | Being tough doesn’t mean that you’re not dealing with being emotional [6:37]
    Gut Instincts | Tracy’s experience not following her gut, why intuition has to be trained [11:56]
    Conversation Tips | Tracy on how to lead with a question, have the last word, & move on [17:56]
    Processing | Why processing confrontational conversations are necessary [24:11]
    Own the Room | How understanding personality types helps you navigate the room [26:00]
    Different Moods | Tracy shares her tips on how to deal with apathetic and agitated moods [30:34]
    Self Deprecation | Why being able to poke fun at yourself keeps your insecurities in check [37:07]
    Relatable | Why being vulnerable and flawed and revealing yourself creates connection [43:17]
    Power Fashion | Tracy’s rules for dressing to impress and using clothes to empower you [45:45]
    Judgement | Tracy’s thoughts on the need for women to support women not judge them [51:04]


    “It's not about reeling back the emotion, it's about learning how to effectively communicate the emotion.” [6:03]

    “ I should be able to, to wear something that makes me feel sexy and confident and strong, but also be equally talented, still a boss and effective in business.” [11:01]

    “You have to find a way to connect on some level so that they're hearing you and that you're making that connection” [29:50]

    “If you can't poke fun at yourself, then you're more insecure than you should be. I think by having the ability to poke fun at yourself. It actually speaks to your insecurity being at a level that's reasonable.” [37:12]

    “By poking fun at your own insecurities and being aware of them. It's sort of like an exercise in being aware of your insecurities, and thereby making you less insecure” [38:02]

    “I know what I feel good in, and as long as I feel good, then that's going to make everybody else around me feel comfortable.” [46:48]

    “As women, we need to be more supportive of each other and celebrate each other's bodies and celebrate each other's successes.” [53:38]

    Follow Tracy Tutor:
    Website: https://www.tracytutor.com/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs_1Mw8sX8pfh8ARO3JesAg
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetracytutor
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tracytutor/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/losangelesluxuryrealestate/

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    Resilience is one of the most important things you can do for your mental health and well-being. Being resilient is how single mothers go on to raise increible children. Being resilient is how generations that lived through war survive to tell the story and continue their traditions. The problem is that you may not feel resilient, and you may not have taken inventory lately to uncover how much adversity you’ve overcome. Adversity is the catalyst for change and the training agent we all need to bounce back from struggles with a stronger mind.

    In part 4 of this series, Evy and Lisa are breaking down all the ways adversity and resilience make you the powerful badass woman that you are. This is how you can break the patterns that have been holding you back, become more resilient and reclaim power over your life. It’s time to answer the call and become more responsible to yourself.

    Tips To Become Mentally Resilient
    1. Be the Leader in Your Own Life
    2. Taking Ownership Makes You More Powerful
    3. Don’t Weaponize the Other Person’s Insecurities

    Evy’s Nightly Journal Challenge:
    1. Write 3 things you are grateful for
    2. Write 3 things you want to do tomorrow
    3. Write 3 things you could have done better today

    Resilient Terms:
    ● Adversity: Difficult or misfortune
    ● Progressive Overload: Gradual increase weight, frequency, or reps to get stronger
    ● Hypertrophy: Increase and growth of muscle cells achieved through lifting weights
    ● Acceptance: Taking stance of non-judgemental awareness
    ● Ego: A person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance
    ● Disruptor: A person or thing that interrupts an event, activity or process


    Adversity | How adversity creates mental resilience and is better to embrace [0:44]
    Shaped by Adversity | Evy and Lisa share ways they’ve pushed through adversity [6:55]
    The Reframe | Remove the negative, find ways to make it work, & give yourself grace [17:01]
    Take Ownership | Taking ownership makes you feel stronger & requires you to adapt [19:37]
    Solution Mindset | Evy on being adaptable by shifting from problem narrative to solution [23:03]
    Own It | How Lisa kicked herself into high gear and took ownership over her health [40:45]
    Disruptors | 3 ways to interrupt feeling emotional: distance, time, and environment [41:42]
    Lisa vs. Evy | It’s a battle of disruptors, whose disruptors take the win? What are yours? [57:26]


    “When you face adversity over a consistent period of time you know how to manage it, how to withstand it, it makes you stronger, it makes you more resilient” Evy Poumpouras [1:20]

    “I take ownership of how I act and how I show up in the world.” Lisa Bilyeu [20:40]

    “You are the recipient of whatever life is doing to you. You are affected, you are not affecting the world. The world is only affecting you.” Evy Poumpouras [22:07]

    “If it was my fault then it means that I have the power to do something about it. If it’s someone else’s fault, then I’m waiting for someone else to fix me.” Lisa Bilyeu [29:19]

    “It’s not okay to be vicious and mean to people, and it takes a lot of work to control that. It’s easy to lash out and rip somebody and shred them. It is not easy to control it.” Evy Poumpouras [52:27]

    “If you engage with every fool you deal with you become as predictable as that fool. Stop responding to everything.” Evy Poumpouras [56:04]

    Follow Evy Poumpouras:

    Website: https://www.evypoumpouras.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/evypoumpouras
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evypoumpouras/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evypoumpouras/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evypoumpouras/

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    You’re no stranger to pain, none of us are. The heartbreaking reality is that too many women have allowed pain to fester and keep them stuck in cycles of negative thinking and habits that do not serve their higher purpose. Natasha Grano (a.k.a. Natasha Graziano) is no exception. She is a woman like many of us. She’s experienced unimaginable pain from sexual trauma to physical sickness, and barely being able to provide for her baby. She’s opening up the book with Lisa to discuss how she started shifting her thinking and became aware of all the ways her thinking could attract positive change or create more negativity and heartache. She is an instagram influencer with over 7 million followers, a best selling author, a model and so much more. She’s dropping so much wisdom in this episode you’ll want to take notes. The best way to create a new mindset that attracts the success you want starts with the story you create for yourself.


    Self Talk | How having intentional and powerful talk changed Natasha’s life [1:01]
    Being Worthy | What you focus on expands & changing your beliefs changes everything [5:28]
    Attracting Energy | Your actions attract the energy you give, careful what you send out [9:27]
    Creating A New You | Ways to change how you show up and build your character [13:44]
    3rd Person Journal | How to amaze yourself and create the success you want [22:38]
    Building Instagram | Going from broke and broken to Insta-famous best selling author [30:56]
    Imposter Syndrome | What it took for to get over the fear and focus on the bigger picture [35:30]
    Rejection | Using rejection as a rebound to fall and get back up when you have nothing [40:16]
    Authentic Self | Why you can only ever be the best version of yourself and no one else [43:03]
    5 Pillar Goals | Natasha shared 5 pillars of achieving goals, starting with clarity [46:17]
    Gift of Pain | Why the painful experience of life contributes to your growth and beauty [47:48]
    Law of Attraction | Why it’s not wishful thinking, it’s action that makes things happen [51:21]


    “If you can fix yourself, then you are able to show up in the world as the most amazing person, but if you do not fix yourself first, you can't ever pour out onto others.” [1:23]

    “Whether you have a super positive or super negative thought, you are translating that to the universe through feeling.” [9:39]

    “We can never be first place to someone else. Because they've already taken that slot, we can only ever be second place to them.” [43:21]

    “It was in the failing of trying to be someone else that I discovered myself.” Lisa Bilyeu [45:05]

    “When you look back at anything, in hindsight, it no longer has a negative connotation. It is now something that happened for you, to make you the person that you are today.” [48:23]

    “Your outer reality is a direct reflection of your inner self beliefs. Who do you believe you're worthy of being.” [53:35]

    Follow Natasha Grano:
    Website: https://natashagraziano.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/natashagrano/
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWQ956lc-miVmx5u7twINrw
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialnatashagrano

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    You’ve probably heard “it’s not how you start, but how you finish” and as cliche as it has become, it is such a powerful statement. Just because life starts out rough and harsh doesn’t mean it remains that way. Vanessa Lachey is a wife, mother, actress, model, and so much more and yet having her mother leave at the age of nine has not held her back. She shares with Lisa the perspective she’s developed over the years that has lead to her success and the release of her first book, Life from Scratch. Vanessa wants everyone to know that “creating your own happy ending,” traditions and happiness is always possible and within reach. If a life of shame and darkness or a string of failures and mistakes make it difficult to see how, she urges you to simply start with a time when you were your happiest and recreate from there.

    To Purchase a Copy Vanessa’s book ‘Life From Scratch’: https://www.harpercollins.com/pages/lifefromscratch


    New Tradition | Vanessa explains how she found her way to start a life from scratch [0:46]
    No Regrets | Why living a life with no regrets started with knowing what you want [5:18]
    Friend Traditions | Nurturing bonds with friends being intentional to stay connected [9:02]
    Romantic Traditions | Making sure you don’t let important moments pass by big or small [13:15]
    Saying No | How to say no to stress and anxiety to make room for what matters no guilt [16:21]
    Self Care | Vanessa on what self care is for her to feel refreshed and better for others [19:36]
    Communicating | How communication helped strengthen Vanessa’s family and marriage [23:41]
    Future Rehearsal | Reframing mistakes, reshape the future, be prepared for what’s next [26:32]


    “You can make it happen! No one's going to bring you the job, no one's going to bring you the husband, it's not going to land in your lap. You have to be open to receiving it, to accepting it, but also [...] working on yourself to be ready for when it comes." [3:30]

    “The hardest thing about friendship is reciprocity, where we always want to know that people have our back when we're down, but we don't ever think to reach out to them.” [11:00]

    “In the moments of overwhelm or stress or anxiety, where's like that those are the times you really don't feel like it. But of course, those are the times that you really need it.” Lisa Bilyeu [16:22]

    “Finding ways to say no to other things that will stress you out or give you anxiety to be able to say yes to the things that matter.” [16:32]

    “People are really appreciative when you're like, ‘I'm going through a lot right now, and I think I over committed, can we raincheck, I don't know when ’” [18:04]

    “When you hold it in and you blow up, you end up beating yourself up or you end up hurting someone close to you and then beating yourself up for hurting them.” [23:22]

    Follow Vanessa Lachey:
    Website: https://www.vanessalachey.com/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/VanessaLachey
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vanessalachey/?hl=en
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VanessaLacheyOfficial

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    It seems like everywhere you look, society is constantly reminding us that successful, powerful women are failing at dating. In a survey that was listed this year on mantelligence.com states 64% of women prefer to find a husband who earns more money! So, are successful women raising the bar too high, expecting too much and are men feeling the pressure of having to step up their game and their status way higher than before? Being strong, independent and successful doesn’t necessarily come with an ego or attitude for women. So what is the best way for you to approach dating when you have your shit together and don’t want to be single?

    Tom joins Lisa in this discussion and explores why at the root of this situation is a much needed conversation and a good working insecurity filter. It is important for women to understand that while there may be men that are intimidated by your success, there are also men that are confused by the mix of messages they are receiving from women. While one woman expects a man to pay for dinner another is easily offended. Have conversations while navigating the dating scene and meet people with compassion for where they are.

    Survey mentioned: https://www.mantelligence.com/dating-statistics/


    Facing Reality | Women being successful shrinks the dating pool, men want to lead [0:26]
    Is It Insecurity? | Being intimidated is not insecurity, it can be what you want to be better at [3:55]
    50/50 | Making a safe assumption half of men are insecure the other half aren’t into it [12:40]
    Filter Insecurity | Why it’s not worth dating someone insecure and intimidated by you [14:58]
    Attraction | Being attracted to what matters and enjoying what you’re better at matters [21:17]
    Confusion Dating | Awareness that some women catch offence to a guy paying or not [24:36]
    Feel Good | Understand both of you have something you are good at than the other [29:46]


    “Deal with the world the way it is not the way that you wish it were.” Tom Bilyeu [0:55]

    “Feel good is an angle that people need to look at, instead of just writing everything off as insecurity.” Tom Bilyeu [9:04]

    “With utter compassion, you clearly have insecurities that you need to work through, or find someone that isn't actually successful or wealthy as me, and that's totally fine.” Lisa Bilyeu [15:27]

    “Have compassion for the people that have the insecurities” Lisa Bilyeu [16:40]

    “Guys are judged by their height and access to resources, it's the fucking way that it is. Women are judged for beauty and youth, it's the way that it is.” [17:46]

    “It's the differential. It's being good at something that you're not good at. It's you being good at something I'm not good at. That's what people like.” [24:26]

    “While us women find ourselves in a situation where it's difficult because we want to be our own person, we want to be independent, we want to be around wealth creators, and yet, we still want this.” Lisa Bilyeu [26:32]

    “People should very much avoid for their own reasons, avoid moralizing, or saying this is how people should be and help people move to where it is mutually better.” Tom Bilyeu [28:00]

  • When you hear about influence, maybe you think of influential people or you immediately think of social media influencers. Have you considered, however, your own influence? To varying degrees we all have some level of influence over someone or something. You probably have more influence than you take credit for and acknowledge. So, how are you using your influential power and do you know when and how to activate it and get the most out of it?

    Evy Poumpouras, a former secret service agent, is sharing her own strategies of influence so that you can find creative ways to connect with people and stop getting steamrolled over. Having influence and knowing how to activate that influence is another ingredient for becoming unstoppable. In the first episode of this series, we talked about confidence, in the next episode Evy and Lisa took a deep dive into the skills you need to start using your voice. In this episode it’s time to add another layer and look at how to effectively off balance people’s perception of you and better adjust and navigate to the people and situations all around.

    You can use these strategies to get people to say yes, stay in the forefront of their mind, and connect in a more authentic way.

    Influential Terms:

    Priming: exposure to one stimulus influences how a person responds
    Reciprocity: exchange of something between two or more people where something is given
    Stereotype: widely held and oversimplified idea of a particular type of person or thing
    Common Ground: opinions or interests shared by two or more people

    If you didn’t catch it the 1st time:
    1st Episode of Unstoppable, Be Confident As Hell: https://youtu.be/kZ7R1T2GCQA
    2nd Episode of Unstoppable, Use Your Voice: https://youtu.be/_vG_OcS5QiA


    Priming | Tips for priming people you need to influence [0:57]
    Pink Is Life | How to influence Evy into wearing pink on set [12:32]
    Do Something for Them | Evy explains the idea of reciprocity [14:35]
    Branding | The way you see yourself vs. the way others see you [24:08]
    Swag Bag | Lisa reveals what’s inside Women Of Impact’s Swag Bag [31:27]
    Common Ground | How to find common ground or create it [33:28]
    Influence in Action | Evy shows how all these strategies work [48:32]


    “This is not about manipulating people, this is about setting you up so that you understand people, understand behavior and put them in a space where they feel comfortable and feel connected to you.” Evy Poumpouras [6:34]

    “As long as you’re not manipulating or as long as You just don’t want this stuff to come off as disingenuous when you use influence techniques” Evy Poumpouras [41:35]

    “We are resistant to things we don’t understand, we are negative towards things we don’t know, and we really want to break down those barriers and find the threads that connect us.” Evy Poumpouras [46:25]

    “If you can just simplify people and find ways to connect and find that human element [...] how can I make you feel good about being with me and because I do that now I’ve influenced you to want to have a relationship with me.” Evy Poumpouras [48:12]

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    A study referenced by the National Organization for Women, states that 53% of 13 year-old American girls are unhappy with their bodies. By the age of 17 the percentage of girls unhappy with their body increases to 78%! This isn’t a fad that ends when you reach womanhood, at least it doesn't seem to be the case for 60% of women surveyed in the U.K. How you feel about your body affects your confidence when you're dating and when you become more sexually active.

    “Hands down, men and women say confidence is the sexiest trait in and out of the bedroom” Dr. Emily

    So if you’re not feeling confident with your body image what are you supposed to do? Dr. Emily Morse returns to Women of Impact to give a lesson on confidence and some practical tips you can try right away! Being confident about your flaws and the parts of your body that you feel most insecure about is critical.

    3 Ways To Boost Your Sexual Confidence (In and Out Of the Bedroom):
    1. Make eye contact with yourself in the mirror
    2. Look at yourself in the mirror in the nude and admire yourself.
    3. Sign up for a pole dancing class or sensual dancing


    Self Confidence | Dr. Emily on the importance of taking time to learn about yourself first [0:58]
    Body Confidence | Why getting to a place of body acceptance is important to feel sexual [4:59]
    Insecure Flaws | Acknowledging your physical flaws isn’t attractive or the right move [10:40]
    The Journey | How confidence is a practice, and a tool you use to get what you want [14:42]
    Aging Body | Celebrate your changing body and know that you deserve sexual pleasure [18:12]
    Reprogram | Dr. Emily gives practical ways to surround yourself with realistic images [22:15]
    Dating Confidence | How to show the real you when dating and not be confidently fake [26:39]
    Body Counts | Dr. Emily warns you to never discuss how many people you slept with [31:24]
    Good For You? | Why you should stop performing to please your partner and speak up [35:07]
    Sex Positivity | Becoming sex positive and sex confident with no judgement [43:07]


    “We're not going to pick always the best partners, if we're just coming from desperation, or coming from a place of lack, or coming from a place of a deep insecurity that this person is going to complete me.” [1:51]

    “A lot of women, too, are also focused on the external part of sex, which is how they look, and we're in our heads the whole time. But when we're in our heads, worrying about sex the whole time, the blood is washing away from our journals, and it's going to our head.” [13:15]

    “I am my own worst critic, we are our own worst enemies. If we can also remember that, it's just really important to take a step back. Your thoughts are not the truth, and your thoughts are actually something that is keeping you from living the life that you want and finding the partners you want.” [21:47]

    “You're choosing somebody whose difficulties you can work with, who's challenges you can work with.” [30:59]

    “Never have this conversation, the body count conversation, or it used to be how many people you slept with [...] you should never have this conversation because we are setting ourselves up for failure.” [32:03]

    “Find the partners that are invested in pleasure that have a growth mindset around sex, and pleasure..” [39:31]

    “Before we go inward and start to beat ourselves up, just have a conversation, have a healthy conversation and remember to be open, and to be curious, and to be non judgmental, and to be an active listener.” [42:50]

    Follow Dr. Emily Morse:
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sexwithemily/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/sexwithemily
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sexwithemily
    Website: https://sexwithemily.com/
    Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/6rOdElQl90RMJq3rlwwGmK

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    When was the last time you felt triggered? Was it a week ago? A few days ago? Within the last hour (no judgement here by the way)? Feeling triggered can not only make you feel threatened but it can also make you feel vulnerable and out of control in a situation. With stress and the potential for added stress on the rise everyday it’s more important than ever before to learn what’s triggering you and how to deal with it.

    Lisa’s taking your questions and opening the floor to discuss emotional triggers so you can be better equipped and prepared the next time it happens. The best part is that in this Q & A, Lisa is being completely honest and transparent about how hard it really is to tackle your triggers while remaining cool, calm and collected. In this episode, we’re going to give ourselves permission to try, fail and escalate when the situation demands it of us to honor ourselves. It matters how you feel about yourself at the end of the day. When you lay down at night to rest, you want to be proud of how you showed up, how you stood up for yourself, and how you
    responded without shame or embarrassment. Losing control, being mistreated and taken advantage of is a choice you make every day. Now Lisa is going to show you how to make that a conscious choice you can be proud of.

    Lisa’s Empowering Tips & Takeaways:

    1. Remember how you felt the last time you lost control and use it to rewrite how you'll
    respond next time.
    2. Empathy can be a superpower when you have the right boundaries in place.
    3. Don’t allow someone else’s emotionally charged stay to dictate your emotional response.
    4. When you need to show up for yourself, ask yourself, what's more important, being there
    for yourself? Or not offending people?
    5. Know what kind of language to use in sticky situations so you can better handle them
    and honor your boundaries to get the results you want.


    Anger | How to not be triggered by emotions but stay cool, calm and collected [0:15]
    Empathy | How empathy triggers boundaries needed to avoid being mistreated [8:08]
    De-escalation | How to not get triggered by someone else’s emotional turmoil [15:03]
    Guilt | How to stop being triggered by the guilt of being too assertive [24:48]


    “When you meet anger with anger, there's nowhere to go but up” [3:45]

    “When it comes to people crossing your boundaries when it comes to you feeling like you are mistreated by your friends or people are taking advantage of you, that is a freakin 'choice.” [10:10]

    “Stop dictating your actions based on how other people are going to perceive you, or whether you've hurt them or upset them or not.” [28:18]

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    If you have ever dated someone and created expectations long before a commitment was ever discussed, or fallen victim to being gaslit and thinking you were crazy because of the person you were involved with, this episode is for you. Being single is great when it’s your choice, and you have other goals that rank higher on your list of priorities. But, when being single feels like an involuntary life status and no one you date seems to be working out, what are you supposed to do? We’ve pulled together 7 Tips for dating and getting rid of unreasonable expectations to help you find love in a healthy relationship that allows you the space and environment you need to thrive. These 6 relationship experts break down everything from why you have to stop trying to be the problem solver when he tells you why he doesn’t have time for you to reasons why you have to start prioritizing sex and stop getting too far ahead of yourself.

    “Instead of going in with a curiosity, we go in with a conclusion.” Matthew Hussey

    Also check the full episodes from any of these amazing clips here:
    Matthew Hussey, Relationship Expert:
    Spirit, the Professor: https://youtu.be/2dkk3D8tXDs
    Steph Purpura & Emily Morse: https://youtu.be/uTKIe8iVKls
    Najwa Zebian: https://youtu.be/xWWSgnIGIRg
    Stephan Labossiere, Relationship Coach: https://youtu.be/V96AzU8JZXA
    Emily Morse: https://youtu.be/KLukArHg-vk


    Tip #1 | You Get Ahead of Yourself [0:38]
    Bonus | Matthew Hussey’s 4 Stages of Importance [5:10]
    Tip #2 | You’re Not Actually Compatible [10:54]
    Tip #3 | You Don’t Know How to Communicate [19:07]
    Tip #4 | You Ignore Your Past [27:04]
    Tip #5 | You’re Not Mature Enough [32:33]
    Tip #6 | You Don’t Prioritize Sex [36:53]
    Tip #7 | You Lack Self Awareness [41:18]


    “Instead of watching a story unfold, we've created the story before it's happened [...] so now what happens is our mind takes the 5% of what we know and uses it to build a story for the next 95%.” Matthew Hussey [2:06]

    “You are hiring for the most important position on Earth. And that position is for your life mate. And that's how we have to see dating” Spirit [13:45]

    “I had to understand how I got myself to a point where my whole self worth and my whole image of who I was, and understanding of who I was, was in someone's hands” Najwa Zebian [30:38]

    “Just because someone took advantage of those needs, and of those dreams, it doesn't mean that something was wrong with me for wanting them, we all want love” Najwa Zebian [31:31]

    “Recognize the difference between the person who does not belong in our life and continues to do wrong, and the person who does belong in our life, but makes mistakes.” Stephan Labossiere [35:36]

    “As soon as you're having sex with somebody, it's time to start talking about it.” Emily Morse [40:19]

    “At least allow your knowledge of how long you've been in the past to create the space for you to be curious instead of rushing to the end of the story already.” Matthew Hussey [45:10]

    Follow Matthew Hussey: https://www.howtogettheguy.com/
    Follow Spirit: https://www.instagram.com/talk2spirit/
    Follow Steph Purpura: https://powerful-u.com/
    Follow Emily Morse : https://sexwithemily.com/
    Follow Najwa Zebian: https://najwazebian.com/
    Follow Stephan Labossiere: https://www.stephanspeaks.com/

  • Check out our sponsors: Athletic Greens: Go to https://athleticgreens.com/lisa and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Blinkist: Go to https://blinkist.com/woi Try it FREE for 7 days and save 25% off your new subscription. Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. More than 70% of people say they have regrets related to their ideal self. If you’re a human, you’ve most likely been in relationships and situations that spark regret, shame and confusion on what to do and who to be in the moment. So often, people spend time trying to please everyone around them. The way you dress, the way you style your hair, where you sit in the meeting, all of these decisions are so easily influenced by a want and desire to be given approval from the right people. But what about you? What do you want? How often are you spending time apologizing for feeling, and even better how often are you downplaying that you even feel anything? Najwa Zebian is an activist, poet and celebrated author. She joins Lisa for a second time to discuss how she came to radical self acceptance, and share the startling fact that we may actually be gaslighting ourselves when we diminish and disregard the pain we feel when vulnerability has been betrayed in the hands of the wrong person. Najwa’s Questions for Self-Acceptance: 1. Who are you? 2. Why do I believe what I believe? 3. Why do I live my life the way that I do? 4. Why am I scared of X, Y and Z? 5. Why are you so afraid of feeling pain? “When you build your home and other people you give them the power to make as homeless” -Najwa Zebian SHOW NOTES: Gaslighting Yourself | Why diminishing your painful experience lessens your self-worth [0:40] Homeless | How we build homes in others and end up homeless when they walk away [6:37] Toxic Savior | Trying to save someone doesn’t mean you’re owed anything, that’s toxic [9:47] Proof of Love | Examining the real cost of having someone love versus what you receive [16:03] Self-Aware | The need to be aware of your triggers and the filter you’ve created for life [19:56] Self-Acceptance | Self-acceptance versus indifference and know who you’re accepting [25:59] Identity Crisis | Najwa shares the personal crisis that made her question her identity [33:59] Being Hurt | Why you need to acknowledge the hurt and know healing in your power [39:30] Vulnerability | How to be open to vulnerability after being hurt even in protection mode [45:24] Unwinding Triggers | Finding the origin of your triggers and allow yourself to feel it [51:56] Self-Judgement | Not blaming or judging yourself for allowing things to happen [55:36] QUOTES: “You should never be okay with being treated that badly. You should never be okay with being betrayed. You should never be okay with having someone you trusted so much to turn around and treat you as if you never meant anything to them. You should never be okay with that.” Read by Lisa [0:46] “Don't push yourself to a point where you gaslight yourself out of your own pain” [2:09] “When pain knocks on your door, if you keep it out the door, yeah, it might stay there for a while, but you're adapting your life to noise in the background.” [5:45] “The foundation of your home is self acceptance and self awareness. Once you have those two elements, you can build whatever home you want within” [9:23] “Let me separate what I've chosen to give you from what you've chosen to reciprocate” [12:47] “You don't deserve someone's burdens to be placed on your back for them to believe that you actually love them.” [17:18] “Once you become aware of yourself, historically, and in the moment, you're golden” [25:49] “The one who broke you cannot heal you. You have to heal you. You can't expect the person who broke you into pieces to bring those pieces and say I'm gonna put you back together.” [42:32] “Vulnerability is beautiful, it is what's needed for connection to happen, but vulnerability [...] is being open to injury” [44:14] “Boundaries aren't about being in protection mode. Boundaries are about knowing that what you have within is so valuable that you will not allow certain people to come near it or hurt it or whatever. Boundaries stem from self worth.” [48:46] “The ending itself is not what you need to change, the storyline is what you need to change and that's in your hands.” [1:01:20] Follow Nejwa Zebian Website: https://najwazebian.com/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/najwazebian Twitter: https://twitter.cokkfdlk dfmlkfd m/najwazebian Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/najwazebian/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/najwazebian1 Podcast: https://najwazebian.com/stories-of-soul-podcast

  • Check out our sponsor: Athletic Greens: Go to https://athleticgreens.com/lisa and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Building a successful business takes confidence and some level of skill no matter who you are. As women, there are sets of challenges we face that have to become part of an intentional way through to success. Natalie Ellis and Danielle Canty are the genius inspiration, muscle and energy behind the infamous online community for ambitious women, BossBabe. Even after building an 8-figure business they share how imposter syndrome is still something to be dealt with at every level of success. They share the lessons and wisdom they’ve found along their journey and explain how to start having the right conversations to change your upper limits and reimagine what is possible. This episode is about having the understanding of the many forms of confidence it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and a Badass BossBabe! SHOW NOTES: Imposter Syndrome | Why imposter syndrome meets you at every level of success [0:35] Mindset | What it looks like being all in, getting resourceful, & deciding where to go [6:54] Competence | Finding confidence in what’s unknown through growing competence [9:06] Capabilities | How women doubt themselves more and ways to have more confidence [12:39] Confidence | Recognizing what your good at and celebrating yourself and others [14:32] Receiving | People struggling to receive compliments without deflecting back [19:26] Recognition | Why being recognized is important and can create positive spiral [22:28] Communication | Being open to conversation, being more efficient, avoiding triggers [25:19] Managing Emotions | Advice to manage emotions in business & personal relationships [29:15] Triggered | Being triggered and learning to work through it and not taking feeling as truth [34:33] Lifestyle | How lifestyle decisions impact confidence, productivity, and your responsibility [37:00] F.O.M.O. | Pursuing your goals and sticking to your decisions over what you miss [46:03] Money Talk | Why women are uncomfortable talking about money & the need for more [51:04] Upper Limit | Pushing through upper limits to find success without overwhelm [1:02:09] QUOTES: “Give yourself a reality check and do it anyway. There really is nothing that is going to set you up for success more than just being willing to do something, getting resourceful, leaving your excuses at the door and not waiting for anything to be perfect.” Natalie Ellis [1:28] “A lot of my imposter syndrome was doing the things that I actually wanted to do, and the thought of not doing them then became worse or like the thought of not achieving the goals became worse than the imposter syndrome.” Danielle Canty [3:09] “You have to own how you're feeling. So that you can start addressing it head on.” Danielle Canty [5:51] “If you're all in with something, you get resourceful. I can't say that enough, getting resourceful being the kind of person that just figures it out.” Natalie Ellis [7:31] “When you look at people who are famous or experts in the industry, they start at nowhere, like they started at the beginning to” Danielle Canty [12:17] “The people around me that actually matter will celebrate that I'm celebrating myself. And if they don't, I can't be around them.” Natalie Ellis [15:54] “If you struggle to receive, it's actually very hard, [...] like you actually repel that too, because you're just not good at receiving anything: knowledge, money, love any of it.” Danielle Canty [21:18] “You have to take responsibility for your words, your actions, everything. If you want to change your life, if you want to do something new, if you want to, if you don't like the situation, you have to take responsibility.” Danielle Canty [27:17] “Your only success was going to be mentally and physically capable of being.” Danielle Canty [39:16] “I don't have FOMO so much because whatever I'm missing out on is a choice.” Natalie Ellis [46:54] “Choosing an easy life now leads to a harder life later. Choosing a hard life now leads to an easy life later.” Danielle Canty [50:38] “If women are serious about building wealth it's important to really acknowledge that, and claim that, and not be ashamed to talk about it.” Natalie Ellis [53:40] “You get to change your narrative around money, you get to learn about money, and you get to understand how other people use money is part of the process.” Danielle Canty [55:39] Follow Natalie: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iamnatalie Follow Danielle Canty: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/daniellecanty/ Follow Boss Babes: Website: https://bossbabe.com/ Podcast: https://bossbabe.com/podcast/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bossbabe.inc/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teambossbabe/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6h1nurnE-9auq41a5oiPnA

  • This episode is brought to you by Evy's new course Becoming Bulletproof: How To Read People And Detect Deception. Go to http://Bulletproof.ImpactTheory.com to learn more. Though we all know how important communication is for literally every relationship you have, very few have taken the time to learn how to do it well. When communication is not done well, relationships suffer, individuals suffer and the consequences can be high stakes. If there’s any chance of your communication needing improvement, you’re in the right place. Grab and pen and paper, you’ll want to take notes and add this to your favorite playlist to listen to again. Evy Poumpouras is a former secret service agent and an Unstoppable Badass, here to lay out everything you need to know about communication alongside Unstoppable Badass, Lisa Bilyeu. Spoiler Alert! This is about you, and the tactics you can learn and practice to improve your communication skills to build rapport. It’s not about what the other person should do. Unstoppable Women of Impact Tips: ● Build rapport ● Tell the other person exactly what you’re looking for Evy’s Strategies for Building Rapport 1. Acceptance: recognize what is being said without trying to change or protest it. 2. Adaptability: able to adjust to new conditions or circumstances. 3. Autonomy: having the capacity to make informed and uncoerced decisions. 4. Empathy: ability to see from the other person’s perspective Unstoppable Communication Questions to Ask: ● Who are you speaking to? ● Who is that person? ● How do I speak to this person? ● What is your goal and what is the best way for you to achieve that goal? Unstoppable Key Terms: Rapport: The ability to understand and communicate with people Mirroring: When one person imitates how the person across moves, talks or acts Identify Based Motivation: Where perception of self motivates you to take action toward a goal Instrumental Based Motivation: The end state is what’s motivating the person to take action Relational Motivation: The way that two or more people are connected Order Evy Poumpouras’ book, Becoming Bulletproof: https://amzn.to/3hDQ4e4 SHOW NOTES: Build Rapport | Eva on why established rapport is a ping pong match for communication [0:45] Strategies | 4 ways to build rapport and keep people talking and communicating [1:41] Using Strategies | Example for using these strategies with close relationships & situations [8:07] Building Blocks | How building rapport establishes connection, trust and faith [10:23] Close Relationships | Handling rapport and these strategies with close family & friends [13:28] Being Adaptable | Not being so rigid, allowing people the space y build rapport [16:15] Lisa’s Rapport | Lisa shares behind the scenes ways that she builds rapport with guests [17:51] Get In Synch | Identity motivation vs instrumental motivation & getting to cooperation [19:26] Cooperative Zone | When you find a way to move the conversation forward together [26:53] Motivation | Eva explains how to use base motivations to get in synch and adapt [33:20] Identity Vs. Instrumental | Lisa and Eva showing you how it’s done [34:03] Choose Your Words Thoughtfully | Define words that you use, comply vs. resist [35:40] ‘No’ | Improving ways that you say no with compassion and without being harsh [41:38] ‘Sorry’ | Ways that language diminishes you when you apologize for everything [43:13] Word Play | How words land with people: powerful, shut people down, provoke reaction [46:25] Word Challenge | Lisa & Eva share how different words make them feel [47:13] QUOTES: “When it comes to communication, rapport is king. When you have rapport you have trust. When you have trust you have cooperation.” Evy Poumpouras [0:48] “I have someone who’s giving me no trust, and I want to move that relationship forward, I do it through rapport.” Evy Poumpouras [8:00] “People don’t remember what you say to them, what people remember is how you make them feel.” Evy Poumpouras [26:23] “Rather than me trying to change you, I’m going to adapt to you.” Evy Poumpouras [29:23] “Language can also diminish you and there are some people who their language is littered with, ‘I’m sorry’ and I think when you use that language when it lands on that person, it lands in a negative way for you.” Evy Poumpouras [43:39] Follow Evy Poumpouras: Website: https://www.evypoumpouras.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/evypoumpouras LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/evypoumpouras/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evypoumpouras/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evypoumpouras/

  • Check out our sponsors: Athletic Greens: Go to https://athleticgreens.com/lisa and receive a FREE 1 year supply of Vitamin D AND 5 free travel packs with your first purchase! Best Fiends: Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Girls begin going through puberty as early as 8 years old. From the moment you become aware of your body and people begin commenting on your changes, shame, discomfort, and confusion begin to settle in. While we all settle into our bodies in different ways and at different ages, the harsh reality is that 53% of American girls are not happy with their bodies by 13 years of age and by 17 the amount of unhappy girls grows to 78%! Behind the onslaught of body image issues and societal pressures that mark the barometer of where you fall on the ‘acceptance meter,’ are a mounting number of quietly misdiagnosed hormonal issues. Dr. Sara Gottefried is a Harvard and M.I.T. graduate, medical physician, and NY Times bestselling author of, The Hormone Cure. She shines light on the issues women are having with being properly diagnosed, treated and even heard on health issues that have been sold as not being related. As females, the number of factors that impact our hormones, our moods, our ability to function and feel like we have worth and value is mind-blowing. Dr. Gottfried is sharing some of the issues, their sources, how to resolve them and most importantly how to speak up confidently for yourself. She’s debunking myths about what’s the best diet for you and misconceptions around the “man hormone” testosterone and why it’s so critical for female health. “Genetics loads the gun and food pulls the trigger” SHOW NOTES: Misconceptions | Ways women can take ownership of their health and transparent risks [0:51] Testosterone | Why testosterone can cause problems with confidence and empowerment [4:15] Hormones | Identifying hormonal issues, and why cortisol is a big concern to watch for [7:13] Precision Medicine | How it starts with diet, lifestyle, & nutrition observed with wearables [13:34] Average Treatment | Dr. Gottfried shares reality of how medicine for the average works [16:58] After 40 | How hormonal changes affect women and allows us to speak our truth more [20:35] Food Plan | How to use elimination diet to assess how food is impacting your health, [24:15] Eating for Hormones | Connecting the dots between your food, hormones and mood [32:05] Body Messages | Stop ignoring the messages your body is sending you [38:33] Antibiotics | The havoc antibiotics caused Dr. Gottfried’s microbiome, changing it by 87% [43:28] Feeling Shame | How shame is holding you back from being honest about your health [46:29] Confidence | Feeling okay with challenging your doctor and getting hormones checked [52:38] Fertility Value | Women not given full evaluation and tests based on not wanting kids [54:52] Gut Related | Dr Gottfried explains why gut health has everything to do with estrogen [57:10] Nutrigenomics | How genetics predict food and nutrient response to gluten, salt, caffeine [58:30] QUOTES: “Whatever you're experiencing, is your truth, and you don't need a doctor to validate that for you.” [2:35] “When it comes to your hormones. Your food is the backbone of the hormones that you make.” [32:10] “What is a perfect meal for you today might be different than 10 years ago might be different than five years from now.” [36:32] “Women have such clear messages about what's going on in their body, and yet were invalidated when we bring them to our doctors.” [38:56] “It is normal for women to be moody. I just want to normalize that right now, that is totally cool, like that is our superpower to use our moodiness to use our willingness to speak our truth...” [47:56] “A big part of stepping into our power is not just not allowing a physician to disrespect you, but to not do it to yourself, like not reinforce the habit by putting up with it.” [54:11] “Medicine is set up to reinforce fertility in women.” [55:34] “Genetics is part of the story. Environment is a bigger part of the story. So, the way that we sometimes think of it is that genetics loads the gun, but environment pulls the trigger.” [1:01:27] “So much It is under your control the choices you make with food, the time that you go to bed tonight, the amount of morning sun that you get the, the people that you feed yourself with…” [1:04:59] Follow Sara Gottfried: Website: https://www.saragottfriedmd.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrGottfried Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saragottfriedmd/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DrGottfried/ LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drgottfried/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DrGottfried

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