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  • Hey Roma's Army warriors! Tune in to my new podcast on your streaming service choice and join the fight for true equality!

  • Walking Together Fiercely is a fun and bouncy podcast, hosted by Psychic Medium, Michelle Morrison and Naturopathic Doctor, Tara Drummond. Together, they bring forward numerous topics about well being, health, Spirituality and just being human in a diverse, busy and sometimes chaotic world. Celebrating our differences and the things we have in common, all with a sense of humor and compassion. With guest speakers bringing their amazing wisdom and talents forward, we are creating a safe space where we can talk about a variety of topics and learn and grow in positive and empowering ways. Being more in tune within, more intuitive and aware in all areas of life and living the best life you can live. Our intention is to create a beautiful community of amazing souls who want to hold one another up as we all walk our journey with kindness, laughter, compassion, love and joy. We are so glad you are here and we look forward to taking this journey with you!

  • Do you believe you were made for more? Do you struggle to push through hard things?
    Are you living with the awareness that your life is defined by your choices.

    This is a vulnerability podcast showcasing real people and their real stories of hope. Stop feeling alone and join the community of subscribers who are taking charge of their life and getting real and pushing for more.

  • Diary of a Gen Z. Lexie Lombard spends half her life on the ground, and the other half in the clouds. This coming of age podcast will answer the real life questions, but explore your daydreams too ☁️✨

  • As-tu l’impression d’être trop ordinaire pour vivre une vie extraordinaire? Après y avoir cru moi-même pendant plus de 30 ans, je veux t’aider à te libérer de ces croyances.

    Tu aimerais passer du rêve à l’action mais tu te sens paralyser par la peur et le doute? Je suis aussi passé par là et aujourd’hui je veux te donner des stratégies et des outils qui t’aideront à trouver le courage nécessaire pour à vaincre tes peurs et passer à l’action.

  • Agency owner + creative by day. 30-something-year-old girl navigating adulthood at night. Join Ally Pintucci for real, relatable, and unfiltered conversations on everything from being an entrepreneur to dating, spirituality, and everything in-between.

    @UnfilteredWithAlly // #ThisIsUnfiltered

  • Pour une p'tite dose de transparence !
    Conversations intuitives.
    Vulnérabilité, réflexions entre gars !
    Le genre de conversation qui fait du bien et qu'on aborde pas à tous les jours.

  • Apprivoiser l'enfance les doigts dans le nez est un balado créé pour TOI : le parent bienveillant-aimant-généreux-dévoué, mais aussi pressé!! Nous comprenons ton rythme de vie où tout va vite, puisque nous sommes parents et nous le vivons aussi! Mais nous savons aussi que comme nous, tu as à cœur l'éducation et le développement sain de tes enfants et que tu souhaites leur offrir le meilleur de toi-même. Ouikid t'offre la possibilité de garnir ton coffre à outils de parents, tout en étant sur la route, en te préparant le matin, en prenant ton bain, en t'entraînant ou en pliant des bobettes.

  • You may know her as Allana Blumberg, Lani B, Allana Rae - the average millennial, university student, YouTuber, Instagramer, TikToker, and lover (or at least trying to be, still #single). She is the queen of morning routines, balancing EVERYTHING, productivity, health, and wellness. Allana is here to give you a reason to be excited about Mondays. Tune in on Monday mornings to start your week off right with a new episode of the Morning Rae. Cover art by Lea AndriolaProduced by Lea AndriolaAdvertising Inquiries: Support this podcast:

  • We all want to be a little bit healthier, but what does it mean to be “healthy,” anyway? We know the basics—exercise, sleep, nourishment, and so on. But the details can get confusing. And weird. And honestly, pretty damn messy. In Checking In, we tackle your most personal health and wellness questions—no matter how thorny, complicated, or embarrassing. Hosted by SELF magazine Editor in Chief Carolyn Kylstra and featuring questions from real people answered by real experts, Checking In goes deep to help you understand your own body and health journey and know that you're not alone. From vanishing sex drives to doom scrolling, drinking problems to dating with chronic illness, no topic is off limits. We’re here for you.

  • Could you use a friend about now? Anxiety & Depression are being called The Echo Pandemic. The time is right for THE HAPPY MOLECULE. The title refers to DOPAMINE, our brain’s HAPPY hormone. Kevin Frankish & guests present the latest information on Mental health along with realistic & practical suggestions for you to take a weight off your shoulders. It’s about hope and knowing that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

  • The Ramsey Call of the Day is a quick, daily dose of advice on life and money in under ten minutes. Hear from experts like Dave Ramsey, Ken Coleman, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan, Christy Wright, Anthony ONeal, and Dr. John Delony. Part of the Ramsey Network. Delivered to you every weekday.

  • L’École d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce (EEB) est une école pensée par et pour les entrepreneurs. Un partage authentique et intime, des décisions humaines et points tournants qui caractérisent ces grands dirigeants.

  • Réflexion quotidienne avec Francois Lemay sur l'art de vivre et d'intégrer la pleine conscience dans notre vie.

  • Join three first year physical therapy students (Prabhav Gogna, Michael Porreca and Waleed Mushtaq) from the University of Toronto as they use their newfound pandemic time to navigate and discuss topics prevalent in the lives of graduate students in the health care field. Whether it's mental, physical or spiritual conversation you're looking for, this podcast will be going over various different aspects of well-being, lifestyle and modern culture. Stay tuned in for new episodes from The PT Three every 2 weeks! If you have any questions or want any more info feel free to email us at and we would love to have a conversation!

  • A podcast for the woman who desires to evolve and powerfully show up in her relationships with an unmatched confidence. Discover how to lead yourself through your own growth and calibrate to a whole new level of confidence. In this podcast you will learn everything you need to master your emotions, build meaningful and deep connection and rise up to your own challenges with courage and confidence. This podcast is all you need to CHOOSE CONFIDENCE every day! I am so glad youre here <3

  • Dans ce podcast, une chercheuse du CREFO rencontre personnes, chercheuses ou actrices dans le domaine de l'éducation. Elles vous ouvrent leur coeur et leurs pensées sur l’avenir de l’éducation. Chaque série propose un thème particulier. La première série tourne autour de de l'éducation, les francophonies et la diversité.

  • Join Allure as we explore the inextricable link between science and beauty — and don't be surprised if you discover your next favorite serum, hair mask, or scalp treatment along the way. Michelle Lee, editor in chief, and Jenny Bailly, executive beauty director, are asking the tough questions and getting the straight answers from dermatologists, cosmetic chemists, and at least one expert on climate change (we said the questions were tough). So if you’ve always wondered what a wrinkle actually is (and how retinol can make it go away), or why your hair is curly (and which polymers will give it the most spring), come get nerdy with us!