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  • Welcome to Life In Scrubs Podcast – a podcast hosted by nurses, for nurses! Our podcast is mainly geared toward nursing students and new graduate nurses, however, we hope all healthcare professionals can find our information helpful. Our goal is to inspire, educate, and empower future and current nurses as they navigate the world of nursing. Join us weekly as we share our insights and experiences, answer common nursing questions, and dive into all things related to life in scrubs!

  • Learning how to run your I.T. Business is easier than you think! Join us for this weekly podcast where we discuss different ways to run your business whether it’s Managed Services, Consulting, Break-Fix and anything in between. We discuss topics ranging from how-to, customer service, business practices and more. Be a part of the show by emailing or joining the live chat.

  • Deep dives into building and growing mobile app businesses. Hosts David Barnard and Jacob Eiting interview industry insiders where they share insights, strategies, and stories behind the biggest apps in the App Store.

  • 想率先洞悉商戰思維、創新財富及市場趨勢?《FI:CEO論》帶來各界 CEO 成功之道,讓你飽覽一切商界哲學,擴闊國際視野。

  • The Pharmacist’s Voice Podcast is a weekly, journey-style podcast about Ohio pharmacist Kim Newlove's career change from pharmacist to voice actor. She alternates solo shows and interview shows. The solo shows are about her career change, and the interview shows feature a variety of people who use their voices to advocate, educate, or entertain.

  • Find your psychology of the voice story, learn speak your truth, touch our emotions and command the room.

  • Hamilton Lane is an alternative investment management firm providing innovative private markets services to sophisticated investors around the world. In this podcast series, you’ll hear from Hamilton Laners around the globe discussing our unique take on trends in the private markets. Welcome to Hamilton Lane Live!

  • 這是一位HR談人資、管理、職場、職涯、牌卡的Podcast

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  • This is a student-run podcast dedicated to the mentorship of students pursuing a career in finance. This show is a conversational exploration of stories, career development, ideas, methods, and strategies used by leading industry professionals.

  • 嗨,我是佑達。這個頻道我會記錄下來實際經營社群行銷的過程與我的心得。社群行銷結合個人品牌與銷售漏斗,在國外已經非常的盛行,然而在中文世界裡面,這樣的策略與資源卻非常的少。我希望可以透過這個平台,讓這樣的知識傳播的更廣。讓更多人可以建立自己的個人品牌,建構真正的在家創業,找到對的人發展事業,發展第二份收入,並且還有多的時間可以享受生活。

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  • Why invest? Doug Barnett from Waverton Investment Management looks at why we invest in certain asset classes, regions and financial products in a series of interviews with professionals from the industry.

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  • Welcome to Bending the Future; a podcast for all of the young innovators, inventors and changemakers dreaming up a different future; one idea at a time.

    Each episode, we sit down with an inspiring entrepreneur who launched their first idea whilst they were still in school- unpacking the good, the bad, the ugly, the ‘what’s next’ and everything they’ve learned in between.

    Hosted by Nicole Dyson, experienced educator and founder of Future Anything and YouthX, join us as we bend the future; one youth-led idea at a time.

  • Why are Nike’s Chunky Dunky going for $6k on eBay? How did Mickey Mouse find his way onto a COVID face mask? Who put all that "Stranger Things" gear in your Target cart? Find the answers to questions like these and more in a new podcast from the editors of License Global, The Licensing Mixtape, where we explore what makes consumers click “buy” on the products that stand out above the rest, thanks to a little thing called brand licensing.

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  • Redefining Ambition is a podcast produced by The Women’s Network (TWN), to highlight the unique experiences of women in leadership roles across different industries. In each episode, guests relay their own personal stories- how they have ascended in their careers, the twists and turns their career paths have taken, and how they have found success in facing both personal and professional challenges. The goal of our series is to demonstrate the power of ambition, passion and drive in order to inspire future generations of women to achieve professional success.

  • The Let's talk Sustainable Business' podcast series is aimed at people interested in how corporations can drive sustainable development by integrating sustainability into their overall business strategy and managing for positive impact. The series will feature conversations with experts and practitioners in the field of sustainability. The target audience includes corporate executives, consultants, academics and students as well as people in civil society with an interest to learn more about this complex subject. The series will cover the scope as laid out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the principles of responsible business.

  • How to make more money. It’s the question on every entrepreneur’s mind, and this show answers it.

    Your host Kelly Hollingsworth started out as a housekeeper. She became one of the few women in the world to manage her own hedge fund. Along the way, she cracked the earnings code for entrepreneurs. And she's sharing everything she knows about making money in this show.

    Listen weekly, and you’ll get seriously good at the game of making serious money.

  • I created this show, “She Means Bizness with Stacy Ho,” because I want to contribute to this growing sisterhood movement in the business space. I appreciate how we women are galvanising together; supporting each other to succeed at high levels.

    I especially would like to reach out to women who are embarking on their business journey, women who may be totally new to business and who are taking this giant step into running their own business! If you are reading this and thinking, “oh that’s me!” then this podcast is for you!

    The learning curve is steep and at times overwhelming. My mission is to be with you through this journey as your cheerleader and helpful guide. I want to provide you straight up information on how to win. This podcast will give you tools, tips, strategies, insights and perspectives on running a business.

    Episodes vary in length: Longer episodes of interviews with fellow entrepreneurs/mentors/industry experts and shorter mini-on-the-go episodes with precise content covering business concepts, techniques and strategies.

    I really hope that this podcast can be a place you can tune into to get inspiration, encouragement, knowledge, a-ha moments and friendship. :)

    The Road of Entrepreneurship is one great glorious adventure!
    I look forward to navigating this path with you.

    Rooting for you,

  • 發掘各種網上創業的可能性, 正面學習, 互相交流, 逆境中找出路, 用多方收入脫離奴隸制度, 回復自己的控制權, 提供多元化資訊, 檔案及影像交流, 歡迎大家加入, 一齊參與, 令大家在21世紀不會被社會淘汰, 我會銜接網上網下生意 ,融會貫通, 歡迎唔同地區嘅朋友加入, 走出一條自己嘅路, 我youtube channel係 the Why world, 收費台是

  • Every two weeks I have coffee with a different SaaS founder. We discuss life, passions, learnings, … in an intimate talk, getting to know the person behind the company.

  • 聊天聊地聊聊錢,
    投資老鳥 vs 新手 vs 小白

    For a Better Life.
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