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  • 獨居在香港的台灣女子,與她腦子裡的小宇宙。many random things here!
    find me: imclumsycynthia@gmail.com

  • 生活苦悶嗎?光良和朋友們Cool Talk,輕鬆閒聊生活大小事。讓我們用聲音陪伴大家。
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    (工商洽談請聯絡:sam@xymusic.com / hans@xymusic.com )

    FB | https://www.facebook.com/michaelwong.guangliang/
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    官網 | www.XYmusic.com

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  • Just a pair of married couple talk about THINGS. 雖然講唔出咩大道理,但希望你會笑住聽。
    Follow us for a laugh at: https://www.instagram.com/notaromanticstory/

  • A weekly podcast that is dedicated to helping you unwind while you journey into the swamps, jungles, and seas to learn all about your favorite animals from all around the world. Sleep, relax, or be attentive; its all up to you. New episodes available every Monday at 2:00 AM EST.

  • On this podcast your Host Gage will be beyblading with his Dad and deciding which Beyblade is the best in his opinion

  • The Andy Jaye Podcast is a 'podcasted' version of the weekly radio show, The Andy Jaye Show on talkRADIO. Each episode of the podcast is uploaded weekly, every Tuesday and often includes previously unheard bonus content not played on the radio.

    The Andy Jaye Podcast is created in partnership with Paramex Digital.

    See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

  • 大在播🎧|大大正在廣播🎙️|daijoibor 🇭🇰
    談夢想💭 談想法🔆 談愛情💕 談生活📚
    IG: daijoibor

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  • 歡迎來到OT 做乜諗野 overthinger,我們是澳門本地播客小團體。

    你可能唔識我|由三位自稱「霉體」行業澳門90後青年組成。佢地因爲亂諗野而OT,係OT時間刷出無限火花。#播客 #粵語


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  • 電影、遊戲裡的那些神話題材曾讓你深深著迷?還想知道更多有趣的內容嗎?讓Emu用輕鬆無厘頭的方式,與你分享各地精彩的神話故事。

    【Emu YouTube】:


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  • Defy the status quo and NEVER settle! Learn how the best companies empower women--and how empowered women empower others.

  • 你好 , 我是 Iris ,喜愛畫圖和寫作,期待在Podcast用聲音認識您。

    荷蘭生活週記/ 有感而發。

    FB/IG : irismuyu
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  • 主播張瓊方和張懷慈,兩個個性截然不同的好友,唯一的共同點是有著隱藏版的搞笑性格和想法,但行動力超低,有趣的想法都只愛講講亂聊;經歷了人生許多大小事之後,兩人決定這次不再只是講講,而是要把親身經歷拿出來大家分享交流,包括職場、愛情、婚姻、育兒,不同的人生過程碰撞出獨特火花,給聽眾不一樣的女性觀點!

    瓊方 https://www.instagram.com/katiechangfang/
    懷慈 https://www.instagram.com/coca_chang/


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  • The Naked Truth, TNT Podcast is exactly what the name implies. These are conversations you don’t often hear discussed within a public forum...until now. You will hear real stories that will help you to succeed as an interior design business owner; how to better navigate business relationships; learn proven marketing strategies and much more. Join host Claire Jefford, an Award-Winning Interior Decorator; Dynamic Business Coach & Public Speaker, known for her straightforward approach and energy that is ridiculously contagious. Claire believes that sharing real-life experiences in this way is the BEST WAY to learn. Whether you tune into episodes that are roundtable style with other design guests, or you listen to Claire on one of her solo rants, it’ll be dynamite!

  • Working with Lucinda Green's on line XC Academy in 2020 has reinforced my belief in the power of on line learning and podcasting as a valuable way to connect with ideas and with other people. In this podcast channel I share practical ways to get better control of your mind and its unhelpful habits! Low on jargon and at times contentious and provocative I aim to stimulate new thinking to help riders of all levels put the relationship with themselves and their horse joint first. Having a sense of humour and balanced perspective is key so if I loose either do get in touch and let me know! I hope like me, you'll enjoy solving puzzles and helping your horse do the same. Thanks for tuning in and dream big!

  • The Anime UK podcast covers all things anime & manga. This is a journey to voice the opinions of anime fans in the UK and across the globe. Talking about the latest in seasonal anime and what’s hot in shonen jump. Look out for special episodes that focus on Japanese culture and much much more 👀

  • Darren除了是古典占星師的身分,也具有文學研究所的學歷,節目中結合大學法律系背景、研究所的文學背景、占星本業三者交織對話,也介紹現代占星的入門知識,名人案例分享,總之歡迎喜歡命理、星座、神祕學的人收聽!

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  • 嗨嗨我是Agnes(揮手),身邊的朋友和資深讀者們通常都叫我AG。從大學時期愛上用影音紀錄生活,和大家分享日常穿搭、美妝保養,以及日本北海道留學、跨領域研究所、初出社會的點點滴滴。


    歡迎到Apple Podcast底下留言,會不定期回答大家的Q&A唷!


    - Clubhouse:cestagneswu
    - IG:https://www.instagram.com/cestagneswu/
    - YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcxWIjBJL-zkZr4EM8rJM8A?view_as=subscriber
    - FB:https://www.facebook.com/cestagnes

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  • 聽一本CITY BOY & GIRL都能上手的使用說明書,dato將從生活、旅行、選品、音樂、電影、運動、閱讀、美食等自身關注的事物切入,讓我們一起在日常生活裡,添加更多迷人的元素。





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    instagram| www.instagram.com/datorick/
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    e-mail | datoworker@gmail.com

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