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  • Meet the mind artists of our time. The change-makers, the innovators, the coaches, and the visionary founders. Learn what it takes to grow your thought leadership around your idea. You have what it takes to change this world, let’s get started! With your host Daria Vodopianova

  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

  • Welcome to Finding Your Niche, hosted by Willow Creek Media’s founder Jake Kranz. On this podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews and monologues centered around two things:

    1. What business leaders have done to find their personal niche’s in life.
    2. What companies do to gain access to and activate their target audiences.

  • Looking for a different take on leadership and personal leadership? This is the podcast for you!
    Luud has over 30 years of experience in coaching CEO's and Leadership Teams of global companies. He specializes in high-impact, engaging and inspiring workshops, seminars and keynotes.
    In this series he shares his personal reflections on Leadership, personal leadership and things related, while trying to simplify the complex.
    For more on Luud Music after April 27th 2020 composed by Eric van Tijn. For more

  • Are you ready to live your life beyond the 9-5? Do you want to do work that lights you up, while wearing your comfiest pants… and get paid well to do it? The real talk, practical tips, and business strategies I’ll be sharing in the Wealth Life Balance podcast will help you get there. I’m Tasha Cochran, a former lawyer turned entrepreneur. I left a six-figure job doing work that I loved, because the future I saw ahead of me didn’t excite me. I wanted freedom, flexibility, and time with my family. In just two years I built a multi-six figure online business (while raising two kids and working my corporate day job) that allowed me to quit the 9-5, take back control of my schedule and pay myself a six-figure salary on my terms. Yes, that can be your life! And I'm going to show you how.

  • The Knowledge. Shared podcast from Janus Henderson provides timely views on market events, insight on global economic and market drivers, which themes are reshaping our world and how investors can benefit, as well as the latest thinking from our investment teams.

    At Janus Henderson, we believe in the sharing of expert insight for better investment and business decisions. We call this ethos Knowledge. Shared.

    For U.S. investors only

  • Preparing, designing and delivering a truly effective presentation is a challenging task. Our weekly podcast sessions are all about us sharing our knowledge in the world of presentations. Each episode is on a different subject so expect the unexpected. Enjoy listening and thank you for the privilege to help you become a better speaker and presenter.
    Find us all over the web:
    Presentation Academy -

  • Svi vole restorane, no malo tko zna kako je voditi restoran i kako restorani funkcioniraju iznutra. U goste dovodimo vlasnike, voditelje i zaposlenike poznatih restorana kao i ostale osobe iz svijeta ugostiteljstva s kojima pričamo o onom što najbolje znaju - ugostiteljstvu.

  • Every week on How She Owns It, we dive into a female CEO's journey as they leave their 9-5 grind to OWN their time, OWN their finances and OWN their joy in life. This is a podcast by Pauline Malubay,Founder of PMVS and formerly of Google.Listen in as they candidly discuss challenges and offer wisdom from experience. Connect with me! ✨Instagram: 💫 Join the Podcast Insiders Group

  • Are you longing to express your unique gifts or discover them? Perhaps you have ideas + dreams that are “whispering” in your heart that go unrealized or unanswered? Do you want to design a life that you love? Tune in every Wednesday for interviews with best-selling authors, experts, and entrepreneurs who share their unique stories and best tips around mindset, making money, self-love, and more. The show is hosted by Michele Lamoureux, the author of “Design a Life You Love: A Woman’s Guide to Living a Happier and More Fulfilled Life”. Michele goes deep with her guests to extract the most value for your time, but keeps it light-hearted and entertaining. To access the show notes, visit

  • All Remote Podcast aims to give space for all remote advocates to share ideas and insights into the future of work. We believe the future of work should create equal opportunities for everyone, regardless of their location, gender or any other category.

  • I made the choice that I wanted to build my own business, build it my way and not have someone tell me what I was worth, when I needed to work or how much vacation time I was “allowed” a year.

    Going through the motions and collecting a paycheck is pretty easy. But building a business on YOUR terms, making money YOUR way? Now that is freaking awesome!

    And I’ve been able to earn multiple 7 figures and I didn’t start with a big social media following or even a clue as to how to build an online business.

    I seriously started my business by putting 100 sticky notes on my wall.

    Using my “sticky note” method, I took some serious action and earned over a million dollars.

    The lessons, the strategies and the game plan (And the badass mentors) are all being shared with you in this podcast. We are digging deep, going behind the scenes and showing you how to make it all happen.

  • Entrepreneurship is hard, right? We’re here to make your dreams easier to reach with no BS tips on how to run your business the SMART way, not the hard way 🌙✨

    Hosted by Alex of High Moon Studio and grounded in the belief that if you’re working hard and thinking smart, amazing things are coming your way 🖤

  • Have you ever thought about starting a podcast? Podcasting is an ever growing ocean covering every topic your imagination can fathom. But what about the podcasters? Why did they start a podcast? What hurdles did they have to overcome along the way? What drives them to keep creating content? How do they define success? Pro Podcaster Stories dives deep to explore these questions and much more.

  • terscast je weekly podcast tershouse community-a gdje pričamo o najnovijim tech gadgetima, software-ima koje smo koristili, appovima, libovima, frameworKcima i trending #2020selfisoluation frizurama. Ovaj podcast nije sponzorisan od strane Squarespace-a, Skillshare-a i Audible-a. For real, niko marke nije dao.

  • The Local Table is a business podcast for entrepreneurs wanting to get after their dreams, start that business or reach their next goal.

  • Biz Chat for Wedding Pros and Creative Business Owners.
    Entrepreneurship is a crazy ride, and it's easy to keep your head down, do the work, and hope and pray that you've got it right. Right? Talk with Renee Dalo brings you the real real talk, straight from the mouth of biz owners who have been there! We get right down to the nitty-gritty so that you can take action and uplevel your biz today!