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  • We all want to live longer, healthier lives.

    The problem is that we’re constantly being bombarded with so many new diets, workout plans, and lifestyle adjustments that it’s hard to filter out what will actually work for us and give us the results we’re looking for.

    If you’re sick of not having the answers, sick of being told your symptoms are all in your head, sick of being prescribed solutions from a pill bottle, it’s time to look outside the cookie-cutter or bandaid approach of the conventional medical industry and discover your own, personalized blueprint for health.

    Join Dr. Stephanie Gray on the Longevity Blueprint Podcast where she explores the interaction of nutrition, genetics, hormones, toxins, and infections using functional medicine principles to help you improve your health and longevity by finding the root cause of your symptoms.

    Listen in each week to learn from experts at the top of their fields sharing progressive, revolutionary, actionable tips, strategies, and resources to help you build your dream health from the ground up.

    Are you ready to discover your longevity blueprint? Let’s live long together! Wellness is Waiting!

    The information provided in this podcast is educational. No information provided should be considered to be—or used as a substitute for—medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always consult with your personal medical authority.

  • The Hormone Heartbeat Podcast is your place to learn about female empowerment through mastering your menstrual cycle health, the true heartbeat of your hormone status. No subject is TMI, from cervical mucous, to the emotional waves of your fertility journey, to the beauty of childbirth. Each week, your host Naturopathic Doctor, Fertility Awareness Educator and Hormone Enthusiast: Antoinette Falco, will explore the fundamentals of hormone health with science, soulful and heartfelt conversations, a dash of sass and feminine pizzazz! Antoinette shares insightful and informative interviews weekly!

  • A podcast by, for and about people on the asexual spectrum - or those simply curious!

  • A weekly podcast where Chef Bianca Osbourne discusses food with her guests, using a conversation about how and what they eat to uncover their journey and life stories. In an era where there are so many constraints and so much anxiety around food and how we it eat, Bianca unearths the secret eating habits of her guests, allowing us to engage and relate with the place food occupies in all of our lives, and further understand how it connects us to our shared human experience.

  • On Reflection Beauty is a radio-format weekly podcast with an intelligent, informed, insider-y global view on beauty. It dissects and discusses current beauty news,   provides efficacious beauty product recommendations and explores the bigger/wider conversations in beauty that run the gamut from fatphobia to racism. It is hosted by beauty journalist and editor, Funmi Fetto

  • Rabbi Yoni Fischer's interactive lecture with students focusing on a positive approach to life, and general self improvement practices; based on the teachings of the Chofetz Chaim (Rabbi Yisroel Meir Kagan ZT"L) and Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto ZT"L).

  • Jenny Eden and Gretta Nance talk all things plastic surgery… breast implants, tummy tucks, mommy guilt, and more!

    Join the ladies of Bustmob! A community of kind, supportive women who are interested in breast and body transformation.

  • Hack the Entrepreneur Top Ten is the ten best conversations from over 200 interviews by Jon Nastor on Hack the Entrepreneur.
    Featured episodes:
    1 Seth Godin: How to Know if You Are an Entrepreneur
    2 Stephen Key: Finding a Multiplier Effect For Your Income
    3 Guy Kawasaki: Understanding the Math of Success
    4 Brian Tracy: We All Start As Employees
    5 Sunni Brown: Refusing to Scale
    6 Brian Clark: The Creativity of Limitations
    7 Dan Martell: Is This Startup Worth My Life?
    8 Benji Rogers: Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable
    9 Jessica Rea: How to Find (and Follow) Your Inner Voice
    10 James Altucher: How to Generate and Execute Ideas

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  • Strength training and progressive overloading. Ketogenic diets and intermittent fasting. Deadlifting, bench pressing and seal rowing. The science, the studies and the so-called evidence based way to build muscle and lose fat. The Leangains Podcast is a show about all these things and more.But more importantly, it's a show centered around the reality of fitness. How do you get from fat and weak to lean and strong? Listen to Martin Berkhan, bestselling author of "The Leangains Method: The Art of Getting Ripped. Researched, Practiced, Perfected" because he's done it all - and he has the strength, physique and knowledge to back it up.Together with Lach, his unflinching sidekick from down under, he shares opinions, experiences and hands-on advice in the ruthless and uncompromising manner that only he can deliver.

  • A podcast by Chelsea Gold, MS, RDN and Hashimoto's Warrior

  • بودكاست عيشها بصحة هو بودكاست بالعربية يقدم لك كل ما هو للحفاظ علي بيئة غذائىة صحية ومتوازنة علي السنة كبار المختصين.

  • Chronic Illness Support is a place for those who are suffering with chronic illness to come together and learn from those who are also suffering. Samantha will be joined by a guest on her podcast to discuss a specific chronic illness the guest is suffering with to help provide education, awareness, and community.

    Chronic Illness Support Podcast is listed at number 10 of 20 chronic illness podcasts by Feedspot! Top 20 Chronic Illness Podcasts You Must Follow in 2019:

  • I wanted to kill myself. I thought about suicide on a weekly basis, for years. I was depressed, addicted, co-dependent, and on my last hope. I took a chance on an alternative healing modality to give one final go at self-recovery before deciding to end it all. What I found on the other side was nothing short of a miracle. My life changed... forever. I've never been the same, and I've never looked back. I recovered my independence, my soul, my freedom. And now, I'm here to help others do the same. This is the story of how I became broken, and how I put myself back together again. Buckle up.

  • Black Blood Heals is an original podcast presented by Be The Match in partnership with iHeartRadio. In this compelling monthly podcast series, we explore the stories of heroic Black donors who have saved lives and Black patients in need of life-saving stem cell and bone marrow transplants. Hear from Black doctors about disparities in healthcare affecting the Black community and learn how you can take action to save a life and change outcomes for patients battling blood cancer, sickle cell disease and other life-threatening diseases.

  • Hi, we’re Lisa and Lisa and we want you to… Always Be Vibing! If you’re curious about how to live with more joy in your life then follow along our journey. We have candid conversations exploring high vibe concepts and tell you how we incorporate them into our everyday relatable lives. We bring you tips, tricks and a bit of science in a playful and honest approach with lots of laughs. I’m Lisa Marie, a Nashville-based songwriter turned Music and Mindfulness teacher living in Ontario with 3 kids, 2 dogs and a fabulous firefighter husband. And I’m Lisa Linden, an unapologetically obsessive dog mom living in BC with a million dollar view and a husband... who’s priceless!We've been living a more joyful and happy life full of unexpected abundance and we're here to take you along our own journey to show you how these mind-body-spirit concepts have worked for us, and how it can work for you too!*** If you’re enjoying the show, we’d love to know! Please Subscribe to our podcast or leave us a review.FOLLOW ON Instagram or Facebook @alwaysbevibing email us at: alwaysbevibing@gmail.comJoin us and Vibe Up for a Better Life!Lisa and Lisa ------ Always Be Vibing Support this podcast:

  • מיינדפולנס, מהו מיינדפולנס? איך עוזר המיינדפולנס לשלווה שלי? איך מתרגלים? מוזמנים להקשיב וללמוד.

  • The Driven by Plants Podcast is designed to help educate you on veganism, a positive mindset, outdoor adventuring, and all things holistic health.. hosted by Kelsey Crookshanks. Kelsey is a plant based wellness entrepreneur helping people thrive and live happy + healthy lives they LOVE! She is the founder of and the Plant Based Blueprint, online resources to help people transition to the plant based lifestyle with ease and joy. She also teaches on mindfulness and helps others to build their confidence through the power of gratitude and positivity.